Lakers vs. Nuggets Game One Predictions


This is the scanlon bells podcast with NBA champion Brian scelo brainy informer, NBA General, manager, and Executive Ryan mcdonagh. Ryan mcdonagh back. With the hurons Colin, Powell's on radio DOT COM as I bring back in the store of our show. Brian scallop brainy upscale we only have six or seven minutes left in the show. So let's get right to it. That is a huge game tonight in the Western Conference game one between the La Lakers and Denver Nuggets, a rematch of the two thousand nine Western Conference finals to see who goes to the NBA finals. Obviously, the winner will play the Miami Heat or Boston Celtics for the NBA. Title. Scowl few injury notes from tonight's game that impact the Lakers dion waiters doubtful I don't think that's a huge issue played a significant role for them. In this year's playoffs of John Rondo is questionable with Max Baz we mentioned that on our show yesterday scale. That's something. We'll keep a close eye on leading up till game time scale. Who Do you like in the game tonight with Ron? rondos injury on the other side, we'll Barden is out for the nuggets as he has been the nuggets hopeful. There will come back at some point in this year's playoffs although the more time passes that looks less and less likely to he will return. SEATTLE. Who Do you like in tonight's game one with Rondo questionable in our friends at Bet rivers having the La Lakers as seven point favorites. So you think Lebron will be his staff that you got the MVP or will mope around that would determine my locker the day it's all about Lebron you you call it will the Bra you have to give me one or the other is going to be pissed or is going to. Be Like Oh man I can't believe this. He'll be pissed off. All right. I got locked day. Lakers super. SCOUSE lock the day. He don't want to Piss off the king he's going to be pissed he going to go for forty no. Mike Malone it's like, dammit. Lakers. Lebron, the Broncos pissed, and he wants to send a message to everybody in the world. He will do that and he will do it against the Denver Nuggets. And keep in mind Mike. Malone knows Lebron as well as anybody he coached him I think it was five years as an assistant with the Cleveland Cavaliers. There's a lot of mutual respect between those two guys Lebron talking about his admiration for Malone and. Vice versa upscale I think that's what makes Lebron. One of the all time greats we were just talking about Michael Jordan who anybody who watches the last Dance Watch Michael Jordan play at all during his career. Knows that anything that was even not even if it really wasn't a slight, he perceive it as a slight use it as motivation, and then seek out and destroy whoever it was either internally or externally scalise. Jordan was wired, which is why arguably the greatest player in the history of a basketball Lebron has a lot of that to scale from what I've seen in his past and his history I think it's kind of bad luck and bad timing for the nuggets. Tonight that this announcement you know happens seven or so hours before game time that you know now it's. It's been reported that it's not gonNA, be Lebron. James He's probably going to be the runner up it is going to be honest. So I think Lebron will use that as motivation however I'm going out eleven here on. Scallon Pals. I may be applying for an internship at the scale family farm if this does not work out but I'm GONNA, go with the Denver Nuggets. To cover the seven point spread tonight I don't know who's going to win I, think it'd be close I. Guess the Lakers, probably will win what I'm going to go with the nuggets to cover the seven point spread and in a surprise in a shocker I'm going out on a limb and saying the Denver Nuggets are going to win the western conference title and advanced to the NBA finals. Oh. I'm so is it the way that they're playing it Yokich? Is it like? Is it because Gary I what? What is it? That's making you do that. Maybe too much red wine last night but you know. I think. I think it's more. The fact that I've said it before I've waited the entire playoffs for the Lakers lack of depth to be exposed. It has not yet but a lot of that scale is due to the. Tremendous performances from Roseanne. Rondo and Alex Cruz coming off the bench for the Lakers, I'm not sure they can keep that up against against a deep talented nuggets team especially with Rondo being limited with back spasms. If he doesn't play tonight, I think the nuggets have a good chance to win if Rondos not able to play. So I just think without Avery Bradley now with that looks like the waiters would be out. He is doubtful maybe without region Rondo at some. Point the lack of talent in the back court for the Lakers is going to catch up with them and I think the Denver Nuggets have a lot of talent depth in the back court and the front. Court the million dollar question in the one that's extremely difficult to answer is, can they slowdown? Lebron James and Anthony Davis enough. To have a chance to win the series I personally think they can. I'll although I understand why most people feel the other way? Yeah I mean I just feel like. They're not going to be able to stop Lebron I feel like with the way that Denver plays defensively but listen I hope I'm wrong I want Denver Nuggets Win I liked the way they play and I love watching Yokich play but I just think Lebron's too much anti Davis is. A freak of nature you know. So he can match up. He's not mantras herald here like yoke is GonNa outscore anti. Davis. By forty nine points in thirty seven minutes when when he's on the floor with him so i. If Yo- if obviously it's just I, just don't think that matchup is great I I wonder do you think the Lakers? We'll play Dwight Howard and Javale McGee and this series or you think that they'll have to go small you think that those guys will be on Yokich because I feel like that's a huge disadvantage for the Lakers. Frank. Vogel said he would play those guys. They want small lot against the rockets as you know, match small for small that worked out very well for the Lakers winning the conference semifinals against the rockets and five Games Vogel is said now that he will go more traditional at least initially against the Denver Nuggets Yeah I feel like that's not gonNa work out for them I. Actually really think that you're gonNA put Lebron James on Yokich and that's GonNa Create A. Problem for them. Especially, if Lebron goes back, it's the rebound and now you're cross Mash and you've got to figure out how to do this. So I'm really curious to see how they're not that. They're going to start him and play the whole game like that. I just think that you'll see Lebron Yokich and be tough for. DENVER. But we'll see if the bronze pissed off they're going to win and I think they're going to win big. So that's why they play the Games but don't listen to me man I've been awful in the bubble. Awful. Scallon I. Both have the Celtics winning the eastern. Conference are down Oh two in that series he has the Lakers. Nuggets winning this series. A OF US has to be raised mathematically. One of us has to get it right. We'll see who it is for that we're out of time for today I join US late Sunday. Night we'll have a mini pod after game two. We'll talk about games one and two from the nuggets and Lakers. He is Bryant's brainy I am Ryan mcdonagh thanks for watching and listening to Scallon Pals on radio DOT com.

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