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The Cold War: What We Saw


By the time the Cold War had finally ended. It had consumed one fifth of the nation's existence for forty three years the United States and and the Soviet Union stared at each other across the nuclear abyss and all he could see wasn't reflection it themselves. The Berlin airlift the Korean War the Cuban missile crisis the Space Race Vietnam Detente Reagan Solidarity Gorbachev Hair Down. This yes woah. Tales of these earthshaking milestones have always been told as a series of individual events completely apart from each other but they weren't individual events. They were individual threads in the tapestry tapestry of the apocalypse that did not happen and because they're all part of the same ongoing story. They need to be treated that way. I didn't see the whole of the Cold War in person but I certainly saw enough up of it to have lived as we all live in a world with no future in twelve F installments. We walk ourselves forward through World War. Three I'm bill whittle and this is the Cold War what we saw.

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