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Three two one and we're live. This is Ted. Hicks late night parents ways to follow. The show is late night. PARENTS DOT COM. We're GONNA try and do this weekly with true armor. Chew arms in the building how you doing. What I what I? This. For a minute, I was just like well. Wait a minute that lose. They're losing on audio. But? No, not at all. I got set my chair Amara. Should. That's good so as usual. WanNa thank you for. Joining us as We do this nightly well. It's not yet a nightly. PODCAST but I would like for it to be eventually A nightly half hour show maybe. Goal. Goal is four nights a week. In a seven. Day period thirty. There's only two hours. That's ought to ours which I think is totally doable. Totally doable. So, would we get started? True. We had a great discussion last week where. You talked about a lot of things I disagree with you. But you. You Stayed The course you got you may. Start by apologizing for the. Holidays got a bunch of topics. I'm going to go into the first one warner media. And I will say this much every time there's a merger. There's a demerger. So every time. There's an acquisition and merger. Within side of a year after that merger happens, it's a demerger meaning. You start to look at the redundancy between multiple operations and you say hey, you know what I'm GonNa shut this amount. To press secretary. Price our goods to pump. Vice Presidents into right exactly. Right began to kill off the redundancies in your. So whether it's back office whether it's accounting and payroll HR. Knowing needs a dual of anything, but what more has done? It dropped about an hour and a half ago the the John. that. Fire less than maybe. Whereby you can? Buy You buy me. Yeah. Oh, okay So actually. What happened was the C. N. N. center in Atlanta. The infamous CNN center Atlanta is going to be going for sale. And Yeah. Yeah, the so what they're doing. Is You know Y Y which is also smart, they consolidating. So. That news was was dropped some your. The left leaners in the the right leaners. Some type of comment. Everyone has a comment about CNN. Of the work at home environment. I think. John Building. I doubted I think it's more on the lines where they have redundant buildings. You had a Time Warner. and. You had a. what's her name? In. Previously before the acquisition you know when you have multiple properties. You GotTa look at it and say okay. We're leasing this building versus where. They merged. This is this is you missed a whole bunch? Hey, your audio is coming in choppy and I'm not sure if it's year lady your your buds. Wait so I'm happy. So I'm not sure if it's more on the lines of. I'm not sure if it's more on the lines of. Yeah, he hear you loud and clear. He loud and clear so I'm not sure if it's more on the lines of the multiple buildings and this just like I said there's just redundancy so. So you? You sound so much clearer. Though the not well I'm lacking, destroy the buds, but yeah I normally use it for running heavy been running in a while. I could've gotten better. use the for actual better communication, okay? Different running. So I next topic I just wanted to mention that with. would CNN I will say this much in L. A.. You can still eat inside a restaurant. You can get on people at the gym. But you can't go hiking outside. On July, the fourth of July. All beaches will be closed due to the alarming of the coronavirus yet does that make any sense that you can be in a close like a gym or a restaurant, but you can't be in the great outdoors hiking me. Like you can't be at the beach I, mean it doesn't make any sense. It really doesn't make any sense. I'm not sure. And and bars before I close beaches, and I would have closed restaurants, bars and beaches by now. It just weird how they I don I wish I understood the larger. And said these people in power would explain to me. They're logic rather than just dictating. where I think this doesn't make any sense, you'd be in a restaurant. And you can be I did yeah, but you can't be on a hiking trail. I. Dunno it it kind of defies logic because you even think you could be outside, but you can't be inside, right? Yeah Yeah Godly. Yet in the simplest way exactly so I'm not really sure. As. We as I've talked about on the last couple of podcasts the fact that masks are. Politicized. At versus where whether you wear one where you probably should wear one versus the people the Karen all the above that I have opted not to wear one league I mean we constantly see. The you know the twitter timelines are just. Filled with people just losing their minds altogether, but I hopefully. I'm hoping before this weekend before the holiday weekend. The federal government comes out and says and I know this is a big reach that. Mass for all man's for everyone mandated down the line. It's not going to happen now. Because everytime like look Audi with the head of the disease, same everyone should wear math, but trump would like. Try to wear a mask. So you're not gonNA tell him. Who is your boss that? He must wear once. Right no matter what state he goes, I. Don't care what the governor says. The governor is not going to write him a ticket or denied him entry he's. The president writes all this grand talk of. Nano man at some of. The trump. Is it always wrong? First of all everyone should wear masks. Everyone should off. You can mandate it though. Right and Guilt works okay. Threats Work Yeah I guess. But at the end of the day you can't threaten the president as a governor or mayor. You know I'm just freaked out so I always wear masks above trust some people just. For whatever reason we did show so the reason why you wear a mask because you're freaked out because of what what Tony thousand she says or you're freaked out about the rate of transmission. Overall people dying in the sense that this this seems like something that you don't WanNa get and it's. It's such a A. Not just a fastball cross a plate, but it's it's I mean. It's just. All the stories you hear about it down, miserable will both know people who've had it. And we know a ton of people. Yeah. We we know people who've passed because of it. Yeah, exactly in it sounds it just sounds like. A horror show right separates family. You should take it seriously suck. Go quickly pass and remember. We had this conversation that he show before, and I was like the black death was around some six hundred. Seventy seventy years ago now that. It hung around Europe for like three years. It wasn't gone in a wave of our cycle of. A few days like telling us and we're. We're pretty big population, man, three hundred plus million of us. The into to put that in perspective as only I think. Seventy million British people I. Think like forty million Australians. Right has got to be like. I mean it's not I. Mean we're? We're big population not. So because you have a lot of land running, you know so I don't know we. I think this could be. is to be really. Wants to wear them, for. Really really bad. It just keep being ridiculous about it, but if we can get to through it if everyone just agreed that it was serious and they didn't want to get it if they. Neighbor is right if they just said this is bad. I don't want to get it so I. I'm going to wear them. ASS, right. Be Selfish in that regard. That behavior. That's action. Protect somebody Versus a guy. Who's you know a symptomatic like Dale Hughley? Who's doing standup shows in in like nightclubs full of people right it's. Just I, if I was present at that show, I would immediately go out that and I mean that next day. To the nearest location to go be tested, yeah. I would've sat him on. The totally I will do talk though lawyer. Really. He he a lot of people. Yeah, but he. Stage, you opted to pay your money. While I go see the show now optics posed by to symptomatic, or you have some fear that some doubt you're supposed to take precautions as not to affecting body. If you're venue is open isn't up to you to make sure that the L. Hughley isn't infected. Right I mean so. This is America's the Land Litigation. Right. Warrior offered enough. To know that this is bad. Right I? Mean people ask for comedy didn't actually exposed to anything. You signed up to be exposed if you left the house. Oh I think that's GonNa be a hard stretch, right? I go back to your your mandatory comment. I don't know why. People in leadership have a problem with saying using that word mandatory. Especially in the in America a serious situation like this, this is America and you're in alien in alienable rights as opposed to be just that fright. Give not forget able to take them away from anybody and they're taking away all the time. Your right to vote is always muck around with. So Yeah You're you're supposed to have? A right to bail, you can afford. And people from the ghettos who do a granted the that you are atrocious, they still should be able to get a bill that they can afford, and they never do two million dollar bails, but somebody you donate. I mean if it. If you in a white collar crime. You'RE GONNA. Get a low amount. But but the thing is. If you're doing a white collar crime and they catch you. Your bail should be what you can afford so jeff, bezos. got into a bar fight in craft. Somebody over the head and he got simple assault. Rifle of maybe not simple salt, but like I'm you know assault in the third degree where you could do some jail Tom to judge like what you gotTa jet and everything you could get Outta here. He's still get bail since he's worth. A hundred billion dollars bail right because he can afford it. Or if you didn't want to let him out of jail, you gotta give them a bail that he can't afford it to like. I, said urban kids all the time. Your bill is three million dollars, which for being able to come up with ten percent of that and you know you've only ever been. You know a project dwelling person. Even if the cops guy wrong, and they're letting people out of jail all the time of year, so getting it wrong. Even if they got it wrong, those people at the time have a jail. They could jail a Bagel, but afford so my my point is at all these rights. Even eligible rights always snatched away from regular. Just both have a right to. To All in worship as you please, but that's not really the case. Some people want to sacrifice animals. We don't allow that. Right that's. Where they cut the head off chicken forever. We don't allow people. Try to go. To sue the Muslims wondering Bell's not bells do a Muslim prayer calls at. They all get up in and that. Excuse me by mother listening but give the chance that they do at the crack of dawn, and they sued, and it was like now, and they were like well. You have bells. carnival-like like. Bells have been in the fabric of this society since the founding of the society. Right before with America, you're not GonNa Undo Bells, but at the while at the same time something that grandfathered in, but we're not gonNa let you. Do, X., Y. and Z which causes, and it was for religious reasons, and they had a problem with, but people also said we don't let the Mormons have nine wise right on the. We put limits on what what you can do, so you know it's inevitable. Rights always run up against about me going and now and now we're protesting and people think that they have. A right to protest and gathering. You're seeing that the cops telling you that that's that's up for debate depending on who is. You know who giving you orders as. How they should engage the populace and the populaces right to redress their grievances against the government. So, let's let's bring it back to mask and so we saw Mike. Pence make some comments. The vice president we. We're hearing in Jacksonville. Florida their mandating mask. Right the GOP convention is going to be you know was originally slated for North Carolina Charlotte North. Carolina is now being pushed to Jacksonville Florida But you know I I was reading the survey. I think it said something like. Fifty eight or sixty eight percent of the people that were polled. I don't remember the name of the poll, but fifty fifty to sixty. Five sixty eight percent said they were concerned about the GOP convention, which is going to be indoors, right? which is going to house center, seventeen or nineteen thousand people. that could be another super spreader incident. Yeah? but we're starting to see various members of the GOP. The Democrats have already have already said that. They're going to wear masks and you. They've been walking around with masks gone. When they can't cloth masks right, but but now you're seeing certain. GOP members with mass verbalizing that hey is time to wear a mask. while. Would you be surprised at this? Little Oil! Pardon it was worthwhile, holdaway. Three months ago on the Republican characters skipped out on Washington Bob. San that the virus Butler threat, they all agreed not to show up in Washington for votes this other stuff and they all went off to their giant houses away from crowds and public. You know what I'm saying, well they. Onboard what would amass? They took the ball went home. When it was time to vote on the stimulus. The first birthday today they tried to pass the lower they could both from home. Remember that and apparently applaud where you have to vote in person in the United States Congress and they dropped to subvert that because they want to be within ten feet of each other when this whole thing broke so now. What is it three, six, nine, twelve, hundred and twenty days later three or four months later. Everybody's all of a sudden talked about. We should all wear masks well. Yeah, because when you, you have a hundred and twenty five thousand Americans that are. Arguing that that their judgment is always sketchy AF is on. His arms that. I mean I. We just saw I'm taking it seriously. I think they're they're so we do incur. We all do something else I mean, but it's different. It's different. 'cause I'm here in left-leaning New York. You know the the liberal liberal capital ever love. Thought? Of you know liberal capital of the world where we all wear masks. And we all run around here and we you know we listen to the governor, and the all liberal all all the above, so it's good that it seems like they're a little late little slow, but they're finally catching on. The. All America shouldn't always be late in slow. Well. Give them any more credit for that. Even the latent slow, they collect the check a giant check. They do when they say forty years the ridiculous. All these sinister character remain in action. LESS TO MY ASS! That's what got Hillary Clinton to be. President right lesser two evils. I love? Argument you say guide. Her to be. President less of two evils argument. Does watching these president right now. Because enough people like whatever lady. The whole thing, but the thing that I think about it. Being a camera thing, but the thing in two thousand sixteen because they know what what the name of the was right. Angry crying women at the the the democratic. Nominating Committee. Of Clinton's on election night while they're all at the javits crying at the Jefferson. We remember we remember come on. Cut The cut the ladies. Some slacks cut them some slack slack. People tell you will leading up to that that this was a bad bet. And you like I like to speak to the manage about my presidential candidate. And now look at us. That's where we are. You know and there's not does not just Karen to a white woman. I wanted to say there's got to be naval black women. Who Do this stuff to write his name for a Spanish women. Do this upset to write. It. Can't automated gotta be a popular name like that form. Let's leave the Karens alone less. Affluent Affluent Apple, but not always the AFLA is this is. On the man that served society tells you. Everything you want. And sometimes you know. You're alive. Tell you this is not bad for us, and you don't care what your allies have to say. And you lead us to destruction because the society takes, they're word about other people were adds more weight to your. Your. Concerns and other people concerns. People aren't going with Hillary Clinton's a bad candidates. You can't cry now for years later that you know. Your bet did not pay off you. Can't blame other people. You Bet calling. People told you it was was not a good bet and not hear Joe Biden. He will tell you the same thing luckily Bahrain. This H. each every pie, Tash. You're on, you somehow slip into Joe. Biden Bill. We're not. GonNa Shoe. You mentioned Joe Biden like. We. Don't have them on a slave I I know I'm not I'm not. I'm not going into your body. I'm saying the idea that people told you thing then like people telling you the sang not same thing, but the same kind of concerns about a different thing now is the same it's it's part. Two of this movie is the sequel. That's all I'm saying. I'm not going in a Joe Biden and his history. 'cause you know could do that but I'm saying people should doing every. Let me. Don't even get me started on. So I can go back the last ten podcast. Yes, we've done, and then you mentioned you've mentioned. Joseph R Biden Junior. He nobody know right. Time I'm all. In the ranch become progressively longer each signed about Joseph Biden Junior. And if the rent dollar durant's aren't true, but land. Well well, I did not say that the ranch aren't true. I will give credit where credit's due right. But I will say some how east time we get. We are. I'm I'M A. I'm a loyalist Right I'm a true believer in in like. Talking opportunity coming coming up to. To what the next best step, but eight five hundred! Vendor the next. Hold on and find the next spects set. You also have to know what your problems are, and once you know what the problems are you have to name those problems and America. Never does is say song, so it's actually the problem and then gets rid of song, so the people who are the problem hang around for third year than politics making. About that's not true. People are being canceled right now every day. Every that's online. That's a new thing and it's only been about four or five years now. Wait. Cancel years ago maybe four years. I'm not talking about me, too, I'm talking about. Canceled, cable. Series Yeah Right yes, that will go well every every once in a while. Someone would get canceled, but it wouldn't be at the frequency. As. In you know. Within the last five years out some, so we'll got cancelled other than the last four years. We'll get away with being drug addicts. Intriguing driver, the women, the only people who they were camping sports play black sports player's. Name me at some. Hollywood person got cancel. Other than this stuff. He thought that I can't. They didn't castle. WHO's the director? They didn't cancel him. So suicide squad I mean for from Guardians of the Galaxy. Note there. Me Too, me too kicked off every everybody's tweets and became a I think he had. His tweets David David Gun gun but gun. Off. Of in the last three and a half four years like the METOO. Thank I'm saying before the ME, too. Thing kicked off. You know you had people who in Hollywood would run a file and they I mean Robert Downey Jr famously still around right. Well it's. The right thing I get involved with that. I guess it wasn't. It wasn't favorable for these young actors and actresses. The say something like a different type of culture. But my point if they did they come back from it then. Nobody was seriously castled in Hollywood before this needs to happen and the only people who were being Catholic before them. I'm sure I'M Ray Rice yeah. sporty. And Marie. Rice stuff was just in baseball that that was hard to watch your rewrite. Stuff is hard to watch I. Know about saying I know. HOW HARD IT IS WATCH! We're also talking about the they were wrong. They were canceled and they didn't. Cancer people in Baseba- A WHO's the guy who? Lived with his mom forever, and then got scouted and went into I. WanNa say the Cincinnati reds he got all touted up and became like a a substance abuse problem in Josh Howard. Howard is. Yet. Since it was Texas Rangers. He's a Texas Ranger and he got traded to the. Today Angels Right. Howard liberal the Hamilton Josh Hamilton. Josh Hamilton was the baseball player had. Substance Abuse Problems. But the multiple chances his right, they didn't give him multiple chances now. He canceled themselves. Wears. Injuries your kill himself yet, but my point is nowadays. They were council him and he didn't get cancelled. Then known I cancelled then. Following! But I think we relating. None of leading. The issue. Were conflicting issues because his issue wasn't like he was a womanizer anything he had a substance abuser weeks our, but he's writing multiple chances to blah. Have a substance abuse problem right right? Well because he had a skilled. You gotta understand with sports. You have its skill if you can run. Jump. Swing swing a bat the they're gonNA. Give you multiple chances, thanks. Dwight gooden and down strawberry. How many chances where they give? My point might coin okay, until about three and a half years ago, maybe three years ago, nobody was getting canceled. For other than like going to do some research shows your scandal brags and Sansone, so it was doing Xyz, and it was good to have the essentially haram going check the archives of the enquirer. About people getting, cancel award this this now I mean it's it's run. Run among people would generally be drug addict. And you would just watch them slide down the rungs, and they would eventually hit rock bottom. no-one just canceled. I think of. And I've mentioned to you, too. I mentioned him to you before Harold for junior. Out How helpful for junior hitting was either got sick of him. No, no can our harrow for junior. Something came up. There was an allegation made. This guy was a partner at right, but that was me to. Anchor Solomon Smith Barney or ACCOMMODATED ON MSNBC right. Yes, he's. From Kentucky say professor. taught adjunct professor at Nyu, or, and then all of a sudden, so all of that the the three or four different revenue streams boom everything I shutdown. Unless I'VE GOT IT WRONG Everything came out. It was unfounded. Yeah. Well guess what. Job that. So now he's A. He's a Mario former congressman with a good name. Right, but When these allegations came out. Boom one-two-three everything you lose everything, go home, you you, Barry. You have a young child. You've got some explaining to do Lucy. You know. And, now as mounted, have you founded? It was founded. It reminds me of the Johnny Depp where rubber like Oh man. He beat that woman amber. Turns out that the whole thing with a sketchy Taleb. Was it. I didn't really follow it. Yeah. It looks it looks to. Well. I'm I'm not one of these teams E. People I'm more of a positive person, but so don't hold me to this, but go look it up for yourself, but it looks like He also had tapes of her. Trying to him in the hitting her and call him all this. Off, being more of a problem than necessary and. You know been off Manson being ridiculous and. He was admitted she was mad. He cut his guitar hand and he had to go. Hold on hold hold on hold on with he or with she on milkshake. Apparently, she was on medication. She was a difficult starlet apparently. She. She i. think she do something more him or something and cut his guitar hand. Does? But by the time, as by the time the cops show up if the woman is crying and you're not bleeding. You're going to jail. That's the way that works. As, you said this a safety because they were just kinda go y'all need to calm down. We don't WanNA. Come back here and then have to come back here the answer for like. Not mentioned that way after murdered off the family. Before we go to the next topic I just WanNa. Do PSA everyone. Take time out. Take five seconds before you bought the leave the house in the morning or the afternoon or evening. If you work the night shift, grab yourself. A mask doesn't need to be in ninety five mask. Some type of face covering put it on. Put It on start. Stop the spreading because this is almost your mug. W You got someplace. Do something take the time. I. Leave them in the car. Aleve additional mask in the car just in case. Slower! I leave a pair of gloves to pair of gloves in the car, just in case. I E, we wouldn't ask anyone to go to that extent, but. Take the time out, look. I'm a game right so. In all these Games, they taught me that one used to be prepared right so. At the very base level of this is I'm be prepared by having a mask and wearing gloves. SANITIZER values. And if the. Blitzer there hand sanitizers football, and keep putting all that stuff in my hand I rather watch my hands at my house I. Wear Gloves. Come home. I wash. My hands wants to not touch my own stuff. That's my thing, but yeah, it's. I mean. I don't know just although hand sanitizing. Just Nagata, washing, midway just. With your hand, which is, you still can't find wipes. You still can't find clorox wipes now. And you blink your eyes. It's going to be July and it's been three months. Good thing all these people using all these wipes Good right, which will be combating germs and penicillin does work so maybe which Kinda like. Maybe this is the product of that. Right. Maybe we have somehow lost our each of the natural world here. To the alternative on on table, so I mean. I put up the name Dan Jones because this guy is being dragged on twitter. Tell me what difference. Tell what he did. That was different. then. When there's a bipartisan law ore order put together that he did versus our our our favorite politicians from both sides on both sides of the aisle. Well I think his problem was. He got caught. Been Duplicitous quite frankly. He. He was founded that he was hoping Jared Kushner. Formulate this bear cop policy. From from the trump administration. Ahead when it came, it was week. Sauce and everybody would like what the Hell is this? And then he came out while CNN. Channel that he he's A. With a column accommodated on a that. He's not a cocky contributor. Contributor that he he's heard Saturday show. He's got a show and I used to be like monthly or biweekly. Well, he's still on the heat. Somehow get a check of those guys and they them up with any. Expert opinion on. Race relations this. So social justice issues right right, so he selfie justice, so he's up there He doesn't talk so just on politics. Anyway so he's up there, seriously spang! that. Is a good sorry. It's better than I think we should give it a shot essentially paraphrasing on CNN without telling you that he crafted. and had a hand in doing it. And now he's trying to to you so once. This came out people were. Not Happily in rightfully sewn they they call them all sorts of off. Turncoats traders. But he's done. Take fire he's. He's done work before Jared Kushner. Been All's where. Derek and That's the thing. With. That, that's. You know. I don't want to say that. That's the opposite of you, but someone. That's not in your airspace. I think that's a good thing to be able to work. That's not. The problem. Solved the problem how people say it is? You didn't close any of this and wants the grind. Claim to be honest brokers and coming across as on like, said duplicitous in and and more standard functionaries for political parties. In the end. He looked like a functionary. Can Make I think he missed. When you're going around the basis, he missed one base. Gave more than the Bolger escape enough to know what the delay of the land is right, but if he gave a full disclosure, would we be a conversation? Was this. Conversation if he gave him full disclosure. Yes, yes, you think so. Yes, police misconduct is on the no on the ballot is whole table. The whole place is discussed now. Be. Well, you just ask me hold on. The police misconduct. Off. Off Is. Noble. But if he had said I. Spoke with administration and try to come up with a jumping off point for how we can solve this problem, no problem with that. Boldest. Said this that she. Only had if he miss, he only missed. One Base I think if he had did a full disclosure, they would still said okay. This executive order intimate swimming is. Look won't base running around and you're still out. Yes. You're still that's yes. Yes and apparently. This is the first time we missed one base. Although! I mean like I said I've seen him on TV. Interview Jared Kushner on his show. And that's fine. That's fine. It's not like he jared Kushner had a conversation at a private restaurant where those were. No one knew it. then. Then that will be a problem, but I mean. You keep talking about. Some light. You know is is the best disinfectant and. You never opened the window. So what's going on here? And when when when we find out, it will always finding out somebody arising star is sort of trying to. Do you worry the curry favor? Right it's just. Look! If he had worked for the trump administration administration that be better. Right you've never had the imagine that. He was coming out a young Democrat working in from trying to bring side to get. You may not have agreed with them. You may have disagreed with him even working there, but at least you knew. What he was trying to do, and you know could quit anytime. Say while I try not crazy or say the whole eight years ago. It wasn't as bad as I thought. We made some good inroads right? None of them's what happened. What happened was he got together with this guy behind closed doors. Together this. Ridiculous, you know A. Series of of. What should and shouldn't be polite. New Police procedures, and then took it out and pass it off as As what? What was going to be progress? To a populist that is absolutely had it with the game that you play with them. Right and even as all this going on, they killed the macgyver forgot his name. It was. Coming home from the grocery store right injected him with. Ketamine Alliance Wayne. Eligible claim, thank you alive McLean. The names comes of veterans. Affairs Forget you forget entrust me. I mean this. This whole environment is is just. Because people only March and Asi when they expect you to come across once. They don't think you're gonNA come across. I think it gets worse. Then, it's like fucking what you for. I'm not trying to. I'm just trying to make sure problem for you. I respect. You and I respect those comments I I still think we would not. Van Jones would not have been getting dragged. If he had made a full disclosure because. Promoting emoting each promoting this executive order. Going around on very CNN shows promoting. It's a great star as this as that. And then for it to come out that he was the one he was like you know he was the brainchild of. You know that's that's he? I mean. As usual, right very simple, he could have just been like listen. I work with them. Down with the. Right. Very simple. Could have like I did this one-two-three? And it's it's this is a start. We're going to build from this. We're GONNA. Take. This is the. And I think you know people were still like I said. People still say you know what this week, but. Then, you can hold your head high. And you could say hey I worked with. It's still different than when you hear politicians. I worked with my colleague on the other side of the aisle. It's it's. It's the same thing, but. He didn't do it the right way. Hey I'm going to I'm going to share the next topic. Is Hey Siri on getting pulled over? But I WANNA. Now you got Siri. I got Siri saying that okay so. We don't want that. Hang on one second I'M GONNA. Go to. Hang on. Hey, Siri. Boom. I. Go too late night. Parents Dot Com, and you'll find the latest and greatest. In podcast. youtube or youtube string facebook in. Overall twitter feed. So I think this is the video. I? Can. You can hear it not. May become a DEA speakers. Man. See. You can hear anything note. Can you. Know. I'M A. HEADPHONE! Played The speakers. But that will cause. So W F. Beheaded in late, but yeah, I get it. Can you hear now? Very low, but yeah. I'll just throw it in their. Post Reduction So. Ultimately what I was going to show, which was a total fail. was there's a feature. That came out in twenty eighteen. Basically built into all phones, all for apple users called shortcuts. Like. I said the APP was launched. In twenty. Eighteen allows users to conduct task on their phones. This will normally require multiple actions, but it's handling single voice command of the iphones. Artificial intelligence. Capability Siri. The sound great. I thought about this actor any but. I had this idea like twenty years ago. WATCH DATELINE EPISODE OF SOMEBODY WHO got trapped in their car fall. Not Too bad, they couldn't yell at it in heavy. Do something like a start communicator, and now here we are being able to activate your phone with a worried. So so so the thing about it is the best thing about it. You run through a couple of steps. so when you say Syria I'm being pulled over the phone. Itself starts to record from that point, right, audio video, and most important a connects to your cloud, and automatically uploads that audio and video. Sir Can't be tampered with if right right. So, on on on most cases, you know by default, you start off with five gigs worth of space on your on your cloud. Think it's. Of course I mean unfortunately in this day and age. This is a feature you need to have available enabled. Yeah, because you never know what's happening. Yeah and then she goes bad fast. You know and and with what we've seen. We've seen over the past several months. I mean the the amount of cell phone content video content on the things that have been happening out there in the streets with with law enforcement with. Protesters with. Peaceful protesters versus to rioters. Is You name it? Scary thing. Any thoughts on that so when you thought of creating. An APP like this years ago. All all I all I needed was a skill some knowledge to do exactly that. But. Yeah, you know you, you know you. Let your mind wander. You Watch all. The SCIFI showed that you know that we are with. Yeah you wonder why you know what happens and like I said what I thought about it years ago because of a day on episode. With Some lady. If I remember this right? Miss like. She. She went off like a like an over sounds. Like. Like the Great North West Indian like to just Kinda like. Sixty feet like down. This ravine distracted apar- and no one had known had gone over there, and she couldn't like. Reach a call crawling Wadi. And like the. Sims someone. A worker stumbled on her I want to say like. Fifteen days later she had been drinking rainwater and like she has a purse, but you couldn't reach a phone like. Fifteen days listening to cause zoom by you know. Luckily some guy was like. some like worker had to go repair something now that she knocked over. You know she had taken out stuff. It'd be one thing she cuticle. The Blackhawks from have found twelve hours. But yeah I was like land. Everybody's got so foam to benching. So the android version. That's a great idea of what the ended up being pulled over Siri and every kicks in automatic. Protect yourself mode that what you can hear. Everything from simple rudeness or simple kindness. To regular heroism or Carbon sinister this some these police officers. Series starts recording all of a sudden. You're random. I'm telling. Give your warning for blindness. The stop sign becomes. Miss Stain your car up in just. Like you're recording some. Do some parole thing. I mean they are those guys out there? This is. But you know. Right now you're going to have to deal with the trach and this is a product of it. You shouldn't need this quite frankly, but you do. You, know quite frankly you always did. Google's android version of this application unfortunately. I hate to tell you the name because I know you didn't go too late night. Parents Dot Com to read my article. Is called stop and I watch. That's even worsening. West. Stop and Frisk Watch stop and Frisk Watch. Why android! A. Watch like I was up for its apple, my watt. Dude. The APP is called stop and Frisk Watch for the lady marketplace right. I think that's even that's even worse name. Then, you you you, you can come up with I will say this much. We all have bad. We all have family friends. Colleagues that are law enforcement that feel in a certain way nowadays. because. I don't want to say they. They're getting a bad rap. But they are. Getting a we I mean. We have mutual friends. They're getting a bad rap because you know you've got. Some, folks out there that you know are not doing the right thing. And all the sudden. The fire becomes you. Start Looking at you. Know anyone in a uniform right in ready to critique them. Right, but but you've got a lot of people that have been you know. Wearing that badge for ten fifteen twenty plus years. Right right thing. Right. So I think the majority of rational people agree with that. but like you always get these. The fringe fringe is say defend. Defend the fund the police in. Nobody needs cops. Those people are idiots on the other end you have. Total at eight Sam same nonsense that nothing is wrong. Right in. You have gradients of the to slowly moving in, so I'm wondering if like nothing wrong. a tick in. It's like well. We just retrain them like what you're saying that whole thing and you tip it from them the other end where people like the funding combine these cops you take it from there and you get you know I mean from the Amer. People, Adonis Complex Susan your ticket from there and people on A. Police their own neighborhood, which you can't do without a trained organization to help you do it once they train you to do it. You become the cops. You know what I'm saying, so so it's weird little round robin. Minds soccer we that they like to play the game with him though Devos. We've seen it come through. Just kind of like a this. So unique cops you can't you can't. You! Know Abolish the police. That's ridiculous, but you can deform the police to take some of that money and put it towards social goods right so you don't have a job I cop. Not Comparable, crime problems. So you and I were I think we agree to disagree earlier today. We were talking and. A couple of times today, and we we, we resort with conversations that right and I put in perspective people one conversation. We had off air early. Today was two and a half hours long, right? Because some of these topics get a little heated in certain, things require not to be recorded. I will shoot my mouth off and. We know each other. You know right remain. Heated when I heated I don't mean Nano eating like yeah I. Know what you mean about the dress like so. Comfortable with you so I I use looser talk. That I would with other people because you know me so well. Yes, so. Recording, you know I, try and clean up my. My my verbiage substantially, but my burger. My verbiage is still a bit loosened in. In. In tree right, it's very. I I like to try to say that it saw. Look Listen Anyway the point is that? I feel comfortable with you, so I have to watch what I say when we when we actually record. because. I feel like could be honest with you, but at the same time also. Number now I'm thinking you know you can always be honest. You can always be honest. I told you. Not Getting brought into. Being I'm wild. Live Gig. Right right right. Now, there's there's no one in in who was dressed inappropriate. You know there's none of that, but what I'm talking about, and and I mentioned to you earlier, and you slightly agree, but you disagree and it was cool because we were talking about okay. There's this magical number in the air and I think you and I were going back and forth and I said. The number is a billion. If the budget is six billion. then. They're gonNA take a billion now. Whether or not you take that. Take that billion over X. amount of years, so you do it over four years, or you take that full billion. You not well hold wait, and if they're getting six year, and you're taking the million over four years. Then you're not. You're not taking six billion. You're taking. Two hundred fifty thousand dollars to fifty thousand now. I'm. Yeah. You having me. There but I'm saying you have to wonder how that number is. Is when you hear specific number. You say okay when they say a billion. Is that, you know. A million of the six, or is that a billion over few years or come out of their budget? Defined you twenty fifty billion dollars is. What I'm saying, but I'm saying. Yes, it's GONNA. Come Out! Is it. We're not involved in those conversations, yeah! That's part of the conversation. We should probably be have other than where this money gonNA. Come from, because you're already short changed the actual argument. It was supposed to be a billion dollars out of their yearly budget now. Fifty million to make a billion over four years. Can Lose my shit. Who who who knows if? You? Battle me and so I took it a step further where I said okay. WHATEVER THE DOLLAR FIGURE! And you know you have X. amount of police officers that are retiring. You got some that acquitting you got you know so if you got to seventy two that are retiring and you got. Seventy five that acquitting. Okay so roughly in my head I'm like you've got three hundred and fifty cops. You do the math on. You know the salaries and overtime and everything else like that to come up with that whatever that number is. Do you. Take that number. That billion and then don't replace that three fifty number because we're talking about thirty five thousand plus police officers that they're are currently out there in. New York, city. largest. Law Enforcement Police Force in the country, so my question is. Do you do it through attrition? Or. How our? How are you going to get to that magic number? Do you say okay? Do we slow up the classes? I think number one. The existing classes will hold on one second I. Think one with the existing classes. It can't it can't. Mirror the factory. And I don't know. I've never been a police officer I've never been the academy or anything like that. You can answer all of that. You were the experts. You are right. You are right so so I. Just WanNa, know. That number is that number I WanNa know that one D. in number and Ju-. Factor in the number of through attrition. To get to that number, or would you take that number and then also knack, there is the. Attitude. Part of is to correct some some institutional wrong part of this punitive I would take it out of their budget. Immediately I'm not trying to wake of fucking. People retire. Get serious about this topic, people. The the unions don't get the get their way right at this point that becoming like a fraternal organization against the people that's supposed to be. You know looking at it to protect so new, York. City and I love about new I the place while. The new state. Police Department has a six billion dollar yearly Of Budget, I would cut a billion of that and I would split between welfare programs and of the criminal justice court systems in all these places that they they let rots for the frigging send people to the American Gulag for thirty years, and I was fix it, and as a the cops coming in Cape, hiring these guys, but I would try. You don't need all these swipe. Guys let those guide retired. Don't replace those guys hire. Morgon or walk through this neighborhood. Neighbor policing is worse. I would have more PR functions right the idea that. If a neighborhood throws frigging block party, and the COP shows embrace it up with fourth because it went on too long. You know you're not. Like police organization if that's what you're doing, you just attack the neighborhood, so God forbid. You want to know who. Who the players are aware Sonia. Whiz no. You should want people to want to tell you that versus you know just sorta rolling on themselves. So all these all these nonsensical things have been allowed to to be at play forever, right? In the most recent. Days, they go back to at least bull connor in the fifties, these clever way of making sure they can violate your rides. And insane charge. So no I mean Tom the ended take a billion dollars off New York City budget. Put it to what is it? Not The PVA Police Powell pal police athletic. League a little more. Those have some for adults, not just the kids I. Can do something. Spend some money on my age group, right? I like at a late night. 'cause I'm not a teenager. Maybe after ten to midnight basketball thing under the SARS where I can have a beer. Nobody gets drunk. Of course, it's going to be cropped there. Everybody's a grownup. If you want to be an idiot, the Karcher away with generally have a beer out under the stars which neighbors. Neighbors and then you know on a weekend, you know. Saturday nights Sunday night, whatever make sure the plates is clean after you Lee and then go you know. Go back the while I love my neighbor. Put I I love Summers in wherever I live my police department. Don't bust my hump. I feel good because they are doing their job and my teenage daughter is hanging out with her friends at. Where the kids hang out that when I? I was a little kid. My sister will go to the roller skating rink and I was envious of that right, and then when I got older The, club I don't know if that'd be a thing by the time you know my Nyayo nieces like twenty five. Whatever maybe that'd be going to? Parties on Mars it what the fuck, but it's always going to be some new thing to explore and. So forth throughout all of history. There's always been. Bad police work to go along with that so people who talking about Mars and the moon the first thing I. always think about it's like to be on the moon. Really you know they're gonNA. Be Asa. Lamar's. You gotta fix these things before you can get people. You know. To kinda trust that that your system. Is is honestly working for them and I think you're at the point now where people are honestly began to give up on this unfair system. So you, no! DOUBT IT'S A. It's that if that makes any sense, so your listeners know it does know what to do. I just want to do a quick hard stop. Yes, A, this is late night. Instead Hicks from night parents with follow. The show is late night. PARENTS DOT COM. We're sitting here with true armor as you can see. He's starting to get a little fired up because he's talking about a few topics. that. Are Near and dear to his heart, and also on everyone's timeline, you can follow true at on. Twitter is a great follow. tru underscore our mo are. And you can also check out his. Videos because there's a whole bunch of you know items that he talks about on Youtube and your youtube feed is. charmer. Tru underscore yet to you, Do. We deal on space s armor. Trauma finding I'm from armor on all platforms true would e. Okay, so there's an absence some time there is it. True Ass- get JURISCO. Stanford truce yes. That's. That's actually is a moth. My Name is Sharm all Mindich have always started with an S.. Often the days and when I was a housing. How everybody clube shining? Armor Shining Armor, Wag nine supposed on be these motifs fall into kind of like. My and we all have nicknames in the hood. Okay? Hey So. We know have nicknamed winner in the group Chat. Hey i. want to talk about the something else, said I I opened up the newspaper. The virtual newspaper today and I saw the rifle-wielding lawyers I saw that. Those black lives matter protesters I'm not sure where this was vizier Kentucky or something like that. I WANNA. Say Minnesota Minneapolis minute okay with it was. Okay, so they're doing a peaceful protests that walking by. And then the only thing I kept seeing was two people standing outside there. Seemed like a mini mansion. One had a rifle in one head of handgun and I'm like what in the world's going on here? This, this seems like all types of wrong in that somebody could get killed. Yeah oppo budget could have got guilty had a are. So. Within A or IM- one anyway. Yeah I mean. People losing their mind man I mean so, so so is it? Is it the coded, is it? Marches is what we're seeing on. TV is the Cable News Logan. That's a good question could be so stressed. Often Kobe that. You've been. On your bigotry and in cost you everything and like including your freedom. But let's be clear before Kobe like God which shooting up kids and And Frankly I was thinking of the young boy who was playing music too loud in the guy shot into his car at the gas station. And then drove off, went home and had pizza. Like. There was no covert when he was ridiculous nothing. Some people are just arrogantly ridiculous, and the longer you grow up being your special ridiculous. You know when that becomes challenge. You react badly. And this is not the first time remember hurricane could was Katrina. The dancing bridge incident right those cops. But, while that was going on there with other people who wouldn't let you drive through that community, they are guards in out of this place so when America of always began to sharp always people like that who've come out of the woodworks with ridiculous behavior. Who on about helping their neighbor or the American way or anything, thereby being afraid and scared and pulling a gun on you and claiming that year the problem so I mean people like to say all together until we all need to be in it together. So the! Arena choice lofty. So, have you? Have you followed up on the story? Like? Where are we at right now I? Mean I know like the press restyled to them and they're. The gun people yeah, are there like any charges be filed or well that? That's looking at that, but apparently there. Bill Lawyers. Forgotten hyper lawyers I WANNA say. Divorced for anything like that, maybe but They may take. And the guy said he saw them break down the front gate and he thought the label wanted to know what was going on. And then he felt that he threatened him and his wife. His Front Gig was broken now. No, the apparently, it's a gated community. The Maryland gated community so that they know much. Show it on TV, but this is what he said in a statement that. They broke the gate and got onto this. I guess it's a gated community where the Maryland. And where he lived too so. But, he was saying how he supports black lives matter and he didn't break any laws and. Yeah. It's you know. After you put the? Gun Down and close your door and then just start trending twenty lake. Like thank you just see all these. Mention your name. Download dangerous rising. And people you know like you don't come into work tomorrow and people from only affirmative like yeah, we withdraw visits from your all of a sudden. You gotta get. Get out ahead of it this, what Tina fey did right. We're GONNA. pull all the black face episodes. To getting ahead of it, so. We'll see what happens. Every our needs to get drama. So are you comfortable with saying this attack? Couples about to be cancelled, or they're not going to be canceled or what? They? Both lawyers lawyers DOT thousand tricks to keep justice at bay, right or to drop. Unfairness on your head because they know how the rules of the level of justice work. So, that's that's a good question. I mean they're not cops, right? Right. and. Obviously obviously, both of those weapons were registered in. You know I. I doubt that they'd make a lazy mistake by having to Right. Right that's what I'm saying. They're not rappers. Wow, but know what I'm saying. Is they the you know? I think they checked all the boxes you. Once the blowback began. They went into. Pr Mo as well as damage control mode, because like I said the both lawyers. Saint Louis Missouri yet to couple reported point weapons outside their Saint Louis Missouri known. But he gave big nothing. A statement statement was pretty good. It was full of ship was pretty good. It was. Able to get support black lives matter when you talk. About black lives matter we do be invaded. But what about black life by a another show eight eight? It was a home invasion. No, not home. They did the like they saw them break. Through the gate into the gated community. That's a form of Deja. No no, he said they broke the gate essentially. Broke through the game. I Kim was sitting on the Veranda having like I'm going to that country music. took. Gate goes down right. They go wild honey. What's going on, so they go to the front door and go? What are you people doing out there? At this damage broken gate, and then the crowd was. Aggressive and Threatening even at like on video this what they're historians and he felt. For Him and his wife safety that they were going to be attacked, so they have go get these weapons and keep the the people at bay. But none of none of the video said any of that shift. and. He's like what about. Wife Love Black. Lives matter. So! This is why everybody. Remember what cameras the new thing the cops? COP did not one. Why, because this? This is where we are now. You really don't need them because everybody's got. And there are some. that. Don't want you to have a camera on the. Oil To cut it off all this other nonsense. They just need the fixed. So I WANNA go to facebook AD boycott continues. It, you know. I spoke about this the other day. And I said it started off with. Nor. Face Rei which are niche type products, which spilled into rising Microsoft McDonnell's. Is through the roof. I think people have been tired of frigging patrol while now. Right so this may be a chance for everybody to just kind of like you know. Bring them down, the because remember. These I'm I'm pretty sure all these people are canceling their. Their! And Revenue Bucks had kids with facebook accounts because like what we to bring people on it. Most Western society easily so I'm sure they're unhappy with their privacy issues right so now. They you know they axel to to. You know in gender some actual change through money, and not because it's just something to do for Good Pr. We don't like the people to think that you know, but because they actually have skin in the game. I'm a see all who worked on. Microsoft's yeah. Okay, I'm CEO of Microsoft and I'm boycotting because not only do I. Have a facebook account my grandkids, my my net. My daughter doesn't like the privacy issues, so maybe I'll head dollars I. think it's more than the private. Sector I. Think it's more than a privacy. Issue is the the the amount of hate speech. On that saying that so many people now, even those people are could be connected in a way that they may actually one change to virtual dress, trying to hide behind PR terms of you know we're. We're for what the people want. Like Amazon Amazon gives you know. Two hundred five thousand dollars. I make black lives matter. is spending like eighty million dollars making sure that there's no union in their warehousing notice other nonsense, so it's doubled. Talk the money's. The money looks good when you. Somebody reports on it in the newspaper you go while that Amazon break-up. The you find out really bad, you know. It was essentially paid advertisement or unpaid advertising, because on the other side of this thing that Kinda undoing people. With way more money. And way more zeal. WHO saw a question was posed to being I'M GONNA poses to you. How long do you give Mark Zuckerberg as the CEO and chairman? Of facebook I think he stays chairman. He used shareholders going no place. How long they? No, no, no, he's GonNa stay chair I'm just thinking of the negativity. That He says okay. You know what let me let me get. Outta this CEO position and I can make the same amount of money as a at that point about money, always control. I mean if it doesn't. It's not about money at that level you've you don't see him moving you, don't you? Don't see him relinquishing. Out of the game to do what cinema yacht. And make money hand over fist, but it's not about money is now is about money. Okay Power I tell them nephew all the fucking time. It's not about money about power. Once you have fucking power. You don't care about money you know who happened money at steam you'll. He got murdered in his jail. Cell New has power. principle. You know where he's going fucking nowhere to bank with Dinners Gospel Power Is. It's not about the money to buy the power. The filming. A witcher or something I Phil Mickelson look. The press lived in California. We went this before. Got Power. What money you get into a fucking street whimsy. What happened here activates a whole country. His Graham runs Britain. Don't think it's a bar fight. He's got power. I. Rape among those actor who has money? I still name. Don't think he gets either takes himself out. 'cause after a while. Here these stays. He's in the game forever. No one can take it from him. Unless he does with a WHO's the porn guy Helps. Right he can. Back let's have. Playboy. PENTHOUSE guide. Guccione. No, no, no, no, that was the other guy. was. Heffler there was. Guccione, and then there was a guy who they made the movie with Rudy Woody Harrelson about and sued for his First Amendment right I think he was housed. One Upright Guccione was hustler. Do Okay, boy, hustle and pin also the pay guy. What chasing the the with my train of thought, so I finally. Grabbed the bone that I wanted and I kind of much. But what we're talking about. We were talking about the soccer and right I'm sorry so right so so husband Hustler. penthouse Guy Step back after he was shot. And he'd let someone else. Run the place for like ten years with the. He came back because. He owned the place. It was his company and it wasn't. It wasn't on Wall Street or anything, but you know he he was the boss. If Zuckerberg. Had minority share. They would have removed him awhile ago. He. They can't remove him. He, he may take a step down. Let somebody run it like when Bloomberg brand! New York. thinking. Of taking a pie in the face. Every other matter a the matter. Okay You know I, I! I. Know Money doesn't mean anything to you. I'm just saying. Each so much easier to say hey, it's that guy's fault right there. That's his issue. Chairman is way easier to say is my company, and it's not my fault or I don't care. WHO SAYS APPLYING TO FACE WHO says I'm embarrassed by? These guys the pine the face. So what it's! Well, it can't be a good feet. I mean because now believe it or not. I I know money doesn't matter you, but these ad dollars Ena these dollars. That's a blow to the EGO. Destroying something you bill. He's still be sitting on one hundred billion dollars right. Right. So if they fired him what he's going to be on welfare line though he's going to be sitting in a giant house ongoing. Hires. For for me. I like like when Bill Gates said Hey. I'm stepping down from Microsoft because I WANNA do I wanNA find the year to AIDS. Yeah, that's different than being forced now. Something else I've done this since nineteen. I'm forty five and forty something else. That's totally different than four out of something. You built guys young and I mean. Why would he leave? The find a woman of his dreams married with three kids. WHAT ELSE HE GONNA? Be Yelled at by woman. You'll be divorced in seven years. He's GonNa. Stay right where he is. He's doing exactly that talking smoke. I was watching CNBC. This morning yet wishes minute minute thing It was one of the CO founders of Instagram was on there. And it was just so funny because he was talking about the beating. Zuckerberg has been taken right, but he was on there to talk about rt live. Arts live? Yeah, share it in the group chat today. Basically, it's like Kind of shows you. I don't WanNa to say is contact tracing. But it's a step towards contact tracing. with with the COVID. He was talking about the tool today he was like in all. It's a free website. And this is some of the stuff that that we're doing and basically just showing you how the cluster is happening what to stay away from? Last week versus this week. A forecasting tool, right? So so it's pretty cool. I thought it was pretty cool this morning. I was just like Oh okay, then just looking at because the. Phone. Yeah. We used to have privacy in this country. I'm just saying. Well, it's. Going here that I don't think you could actually get away with because we are just telling. Give up the. The fact that I you know i. sit down something yesterday. I sent out something that you've giving your privacy away. The minute you turn on location services the minute you grant all these ads access to your personal data, and where you are, and who you are you take. Yes in all the Geo tags and everything else like that, so don't don't don't start with the privacy business. Is You given it the the minute you turned on that I phone? Yeah but see the thing I don't know if you can give it away. I've been thinking about it. Yeah everyone signs include us be signed is just click dot. Yeah, I agree kind of thing I don't know if you can give it away. Putting a really that where? You can sign away these rights with this. You know paper things for this thing that you're going for four hundred dollars. This technological was Mo- brick that we are care around an pockets. Sign away your rights. If if you if I had a piece of paper right here, that's and you signed. It said I ted Hicks agree to be your slave for year. Not Ballots because he signed it. He same. In this is some of this stuff I'm just not like. I wanted to one song away. seriously it. Is You know you couldn't sign away I? MEAN THEY PUT? This country let's put like. Double is in the detail like they say Daniel. Webster all over the place this country. Like. These contracts are just really just. I don't know if I was talking to you. I don't know who I was talking to the other day. It might have been you. And I said do many favor. Look at your bill. Because I think I know I was having a conversation, and the person was talking about the amount of spam calls. They were receiving right. And I said take five seconds look at your bill. In the the reference was looking at my physical bill. No go into your console. which everyone has access to you? Go in? You could see your minutes spent where Halyard data is being burnt, right? There's an option in there that you acknowledged. The day will by default. When you turn that phone on. Right. Because you, said Hey I. Agree to allow XYZ provider where there's verizon north, T, mobile, or or at and T. That you can take my number. Share it with third parties. By that, but now you have to go in there, and you have to turn those features off yet, but there was so much blowback with that before that now that's prominent you cut. You can cut a third parties, but it used to be Berry. Right used to be buried in the, but it was such a problem before that is a prominent, you can turn the problem now. How many spam calls do you get a day? Yeah Yeah Yeah! So, it's a problem now. You. And and as I said before the minute was. The minute the government locks. The minute the we had the locked down for the government. Yeah. All those databases became out of sync. You remember FCC. FDA and everything else I. If there. So it's. A. Physical lockdown. as you know. Kind of are you talking about this pandemic block? No government remember with government. I know there's a lot of lot of lockdowns in in the past year. Note the government remember they couldn't agree in trump was like. Hey, we're GONNA lock it down and low seen Schumer, and all this other stuff and. They were Kinda like they had that. That Evil Grin for the both of them and I'm like well. Wait a minute. Okay? What I'm saying is. All of those a government run. How data is secured all the all the spam calling and everything else like that. When saying is the data? Those databases became out of sync. They had to. Okay. And I'm just going on with saying it's never really caught up. Because at one point, everyone was talking about it like when you know your local news station Channel Says Hey. Are you getting a lot of spam calls? Because remember it was just through the roof. and. But. There was a time when we weren't getting that. Things were shutdown so. I'm rambling, but on the. Joe. Those Robo calls that you know right Golic twenty five years to Robo calls, and then they damp. They tapped down for a couple of years, and all of a sudden came back with a vengeance. Yeah I'm just saying you gotTA do your homework. You GotTA do your homework. And just as you give all these APPs access to allow where you are to know where you are, and you WanNa, know hey, why does my browser know that I was just looking at this on my phone? Is this legal. You know, but. we just got to be smart and we got to be smart. When we see this this facebook ad by boycott, you know why why it's only active. through July. The boycott is only active room I. had the expiration date on it? Yes yet these people on series. Let's. I don't know. They. Don't seem series to make you boycott until you. I mean then throughout. Their boycotting this month and next month? If you listen to this stuff clear because the headlines get you. Hey, all these companies are boycotting. Okay? This read the fine print. Yeah, they're boycotting through through through the month of July. Yes we this. This is the kind of thing 'cause you know why why. That two point five billion User base in facebook is just as important to them. Because they're selling goods. and. Right you know so I'm just saying we. We just got to be mindful. Really got to be mindful. Because a lot of this stuff is word play. And it's Kinda. Apropos because we can go into. you know Amazon? Prime Day. July sixteen. Second. The holiday of this is crazy Amazon. Crime, day, let's see what it is. It is Sudanese. Forty eight. And I just keep saying. I think it's it's more than just. A day now they've spread it across. Forty eight hour Erie something like that. Away now looks was saying now looks like Amazon Prime Day twenty twenty will be delayed until September dacoven. His. Back in eighteen, it was the thirty six hour happened on the sixteenth of July. So. It goes into this topic. It's article. We're going to have on late night. Parents I think on July first. Is Amazon prime two days shipping so worth. Know every everyone will don't be so quick to. Everyone you know there's like a hundred in twenty million. Subscribers. To for Amazon Prime. Shipping. So you got as many people that vote in a presidential election. As Amazon prime subscribers. What does that tell you? Tell You I. Don't know what does that tell me. A company based as big as the voting block of America. I think that's. Good. For US I be. I don't know what you. Got You got three hundred and thirty million Americans. Right. You got a hundred and twenty million subscribers, his three hundred seventy. Okay. You got one basically roughly one third of that because you got to think about about one hundred and twenty million people vote on June, twenty, two, hundred and twenty five. Three hundred twenty nine noise. I think what did I think. This. I told you three thirty. Because you don't trust me, you don't think I do my homework. But it's okay. I feel anyway by. It's okay so You got a huge base. Second my mouth. That's it. England had sixty million the last now. Sixty million I said. That's a real low number She'll be five point nine million people. Close relation. What did I say in Australia's? Forty. Twenty Nine, but I got twenty four ninety nine. Okay, maybe you said twenty-nine. I don't know but dude. So tell me. I've gotTA. have of useless trivia. And Sobriety. WILL TRY TO. To try to covert, I may have thought throat. I said prior to cove I think. The Amazon Shipping Yeah, the greatest idea ever. Why? it took you out of. Having go to the mall. And allows you to the mall. When used to go to the mall. Look at girls when we were young then. The good social gathering place one of the MOGGY August anger. because it's. A mall. It's it's a legacy. It's a legacy property. It's it's a legacy situation. It's it's something that mean. Well, it's something that's that's dying. Right, but I'm saying it shouldn't be like the post office. Freight is dying I. It's to wearing around. It costs more. To operate. Than the actual revenue that you actually have come in, so yeah because. With this with this. I think they I mean the big thing with with Amazon, prime the big. The. I guess the flying. Is. You can't get anything in two days anymore. Period I don't care what it is. Covid right, but thus does not because the technology right that's because of Donald. In ailment breath, but once cove is gone. You can get stuff in two days ago. Yeah, right, yes. We? Lost, technology. It's Scholem it's not a bad. No. That, you know. But I think he's had from Wisconsin overnight into today's. But here's the problem. You look at any car insurance. You look at any insurance company. They're giving you might ask. Why because you're not doing driving? Because! You're not doing this because I I know from from my insurance company alone. I've received roughly one hundred eighty dollars back. In the last few months. You know I'm just saying. Amazon is not offering any money back. They're just there that saying you pay one hundred twenty. We're GONNA. Give you thirty dollars back. They're not saying that right. Right they will want some people start leaving, and then they go, we got. Retention Problem Hey. We're GONNA cut your someone so you don't have to worry about Xyz so the next year took over happens for. They want to keep you on. The docks the dockets. I think they're so big. I think is so they're so big. It doesn't that's true. We just had this conversation about facebook. That's not true. FACEBOOK is bleeding money care because they're trying to same business. FACEBOOK is. By generating income fates. Generate income I know, but I but the. Income for us. FACEBOOK is free for Amazon you have to pay the. Three times that I said I know I, said opposing A. Lesson yet. facebook get free, but. is trying to make money Amazon the not free. It's also in the business of making money so right. So going got them I'm not getting today delivery, and I'm paying for this trap and it's been half a year. People Begin to do that in the people who ever the Chief Executive Vice President. The retention unit at Amazon on this this window of the business will why the WHO? Who's head of the APP? Thing while numbers dropping Bob. We, haven't been delivering and we've got. People trying to unit. We don't care. About excuses. Why they need. To embark, you're like wait. WHOA. Nobody's a hazardous prime. We're GONNA. Suspend your monthly thing until this whole thing bull. That like I said they keep you on the butts. And then what's all the gets automatically? Start recharging you again because you know you a lot of as long as want complaining. Why give you your money back? I read. I can Soviet with. Miss Helen Amazon operative forty, thousand seventy and said. I don't like the way you treat me and my I'm taking my. Shit. By Amazon right, but once you get a couple of. Catches fire like this police protests like the fake protests do not have to go. You know this is. Why Threat, talk business we don't like. This looks like this is bad. Press. Bad mojo! We need to fix this to keep this part of. The business that we like in the band Salei. and. I think that's what's going to happen, but until someone goes. Hey, you guys suck over there for you. No! Charge me today delivery taking in three weeks again here. I was waiting for that fire. Yeah! I knew if I could amount of thinking juice. Off. I was waiting for it. Always. He's called rain. All the sudden you caught fire. And I could see the theory in the rage and it was great. The fury. macy's fireworks show. winning. I think the macy's fireworks show which is going to happen this weekend. has been happening since What Memorial Day. Yeah the instant fireworks every night. I know in New York for me. I've been hearing every night since since Memorial Day. And I'm, not in the boroughs. Long Island and I'm like cheese. I said this again. He got saying. Yes yesterday that there should be happening all over the country. Independence. And everybody was crying about shame. Then what am I looking for over here I don't know. Because you know every like San you every. What every year about the fireworks begin to go off. It's sort of like lease up to Fourth of July and. Says the. four-month. Month usually not a month, but there's a lot of people out of work and at home. That's why maybe a little more. Robust than you staring, but even then you know it's it's. What we Americans do so. There's more people at home right now, so they're spending money on. Kids Sil-. Fireworks frigging dirty, so you sit outside of in my everybody's not getting giant. Bought Record. The most people get firecrackers in skyrocket, so you like them with the old. and that's it, but every you get teenager to WANNA bigger and more ECZEMA. Yeah some you know you get that and that's that's part of. Their right to be. Rebellious American teenagers right, so yeah like I said I had a dog for sixteen years and every year the fireworks ago off. We lived in Brooklyn. She would not dig it. So, I thought a comfort are enclosed a window in like you know. It's it's what we do. Where Americans is what we do It will go away. Talk about putting of fireworks detail and I was like really man more cops in this environment. Into Shit over fireworks. Really is this. Why is? You know is this doesn't make any sense. It seems like a really good way to add some more problems so. Yeah. So, you're okay. The fireworks kept you up at all. No not really, but I'm not a you know. Seventy five year old God streaming MPP off my lawn either. I get that it's July fourth coming up, you know. And expect when I did this work I will with. What di? Thereabouts and we hit a corner, and I will be industry no fiber. Blue their fingers off. We'd let it go because once. You've got out of the car. It was gonna be a neighborhood incident. Showed la La, La Right and you find, and then you come back with someone. Look finger off or you know. Did soccer series like that, but that's looking for trouble. This is one that this is giving people drinking. Some of these on. Thirty first. You expect people to drink wide. Why quotes drama for Yourself? You know with this off of Sutton Zahn. frigging one of those people who the more police having Iraq will walk up. The people go. That skirts too short. You know it's. Like whipping with a across because they had religious authority, this kind of like nonsense, so it's it's delightful. Fourth expected to be loud. In Cranky and put you off a little bit and yet hate it, but at the end of the day remember you grew up in. You did the same thing. And I could prove it because I was witcher. I just got something across my stream. I said. It also it cert-, they soleil filed for bankruptcy action. It also laid off. Roughly thirty five hundred employees. If you heard about that. We are the job doing backflips at. But it makes sense. Nobody's going to keep them up in. Right I mean. Like, Oh, we've got enough money for two months to be solvent dependable far that now they have to deal with creditors in ran landlords in all the other. Stuff ticket ticket holders. With the guy who who owns shares in your company stockholders, and all this other stuff, so yeah. Burger King McDonalds will be doing the same thing if I've gone to those restaurants. But Luckily, most people don't know how to cook. So. This is going to be the last people to go. They'll shot at every man, woman and child out there. That's terrible. Who can't Cook Yeah I absolutely look at. You like to eat it. You should know how to cook. If you like to put food in your face and you know how the? People did not watch. The dish is outrageous. You are grown person and you don't know how to wash dishes. You ought to do laundry. Outrageous. But the people who demand that you'd be. X., Y. Z.. Those. Dump the shakers. Who can't do the basics. Don't get me wrong I'm not Martha. Stewart here, struggle like everybody else, but. Oh My. Dude Ahead of black. We went through. A third a ton of topics. I know I had some. Issues in the beginning. Thank you for walking me through. Those issues I think we'll do is weekly. We'll. You know what's helpful. We we talk politics, we talk other stuff. In for the most part, you did your best job staying away from our. Forty six president. In other states. You know he's he's going to be Sworn in I. Think January twenty first. Is going to. January twenty Joe Savar Biden Junior! Oh my goodness all right. This is Ted Hicks night parents. Eight one thing true armor for coming through your follow him on twitter. Are you underscore A. R.? M.? O. Are you can find these shows on the website late? My parents dot, com, or yeah, sculptured website, and you'll find various feeds and everything else like that near find Give us your youtube page one more time. To Youtube! Around. Liking subscribing, come on through, I'm trying to build A. An interesting experience. So before I click in broadcast. Tell us about the interesting experience. What will we I'm there? What will we find on Youtube page? Trying to do some politics, some cooking some. Gaming but I'm just getting it up and getting starting sort. Organizing organizers but up until then I've been. Speaking in doing podcast for a lot of other people. Trying to do my short. Short. On cooking start from the beginning of the thing to do the whole thing and then. It takes about an hour to cook a meal. Forty minutes from now cook a meal so. I don't do five minute cooking sidelines just yet I. Actually just have one up so I was won't yesterday, but yeah. Way An hour about an hour seven minutes right. Yeah, cookie from. and. Yeah, it's it's. Way Cooking should be done, right. but yeah like I said I'm. In the early throes of it, totally I'll be good at it. Police are buying. Tell me if I suffer not. Don't stop some if Stop Try They could tell you. Long as they click the share, and they they outright exactly. Exactly. All Right? We're out I. Think People.

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