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Hour 2: Only collusion if LeBron is involved?


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Surprising Friday night, news, dump piece of information as we learn via joint statement from Colin kaepernick's, lawyers, and the NFL that they've come to an agreement concerning capital, and Eric Reid's collusion lawsuit. And we won't get any details on it at least on this get leaked because there is a confidentiality agreement that in that goes in kind with this being settled, and over of course, the conversation surrounding it is not over Spain and Fitz on ESPN radio, the espionage and Sirius XM channel eighty Sarah Spain and Jason Gough Gough filling in for fits, let's out to the shell Pennzoil performance on Wor sports and cultural reporter with the undefeated, Justin Tinsley joins us. I'm sure you've got a lot to say, Justin. So let's just start with what do you find most interesting about this? Well, you know, first and foremost, I thank y'all for, you know, allow your show tonight. I think what's most interesting to me is the fact that it's the actual plea deal. I think anyone who's followed this case or the situation for however long it's been going on the I think you at some point you kind of figured it would it would amount to this. But the fact that you know, I it amounted to it on on a Friday on all star weekend kind of felt like it was up dude agreement, but it just it just feels like at this point where. They the NFL to a deal as where they do. They could never actually win this case. Because right. I if you if you follow this case, I don't think anybody I can't speak for anyone else. But for myself in particular, you can't feel like you thought the NFL would actually win this case because the the argument against him just vote way to agree. Just you can follow just intensely on Twitter. He's one of the better Twitter follows at just intensely and I'd like to contend the trapper winning four times in a row. Nobody's done that besides jeez. That's that's for another time trust. And I gotta know though, where is going to go next like a lot of people who are left feeling happy for Colin Kaepernick, and the the amount of money that is reportedly been than handed over to him. But there also some people asking I what next with this movement. And this this stirred that. Rightfully so's shook some people up at the NFL headquarters. To be quite honest with you. I, you know, I I wish I could be, you know, a legal expert on all of this. But just for me, I if feels like, and I can only speak for myself when I say this. But it just feels like, you know, the the NFL recognized that you know, I don't know if they wanted to take it to intern in terms of like lag-, Asian and taking them to court of law. I don't know if they wanted to take you that far. That's why you know, they figured they should settle court. And maybe cabinets lawyers felt like a maybe we could prove this against, you know, the NFL, and I I've been telling people for a long time this interest felt like if this went to court if this actually got decided in the court of all this could be the biggest sports legal case since Kerr flood in the late sixties early seventies. A lot of people said that the fact that this ended in a settlement. We're talking to Justin Tinsley of the undefeated, the fact that this ended in a settlement means it doesn't prove anything. How do you think the NBA are of the NFL reacts to the ongoing negative PR surrounding this whole cabernet issue? And the whatever this settlement we presumed to be is in order for this to be settled does don't you think there's something to be said for how much this has already affected the NFL in their actions going forward? Oh, absolutely. I mean, I I was in. I was in Atlanta four voters. You know, the says, you know, this past February although still February right now, I can say like if you were in Atlanta right now for the whole arguably say that Colin Kaepernick was the most important or the most. He felt like the biggest player in the Super Bowl is that point. And that's no disrespect to the New England Patriots or or the Los Angeles. Rams. It just felt like that. And I I just don't see how the NFL wins out in in this case at least for right now. Because Colin Kaepernick is he's he's he's make the argument. He's been the biggest the biggest force in the NFL over the past two, you know, and and it's just like that. Because there's no way to talk about the NFL since you know, he took his last night. And I believe it was January two thousand seventeen there's no way you can talk about the NFL that point without talking about karma cabinet. And it the same remains true right now, we'll be the rebuttal to people that believe that air green. And Colin Kaepernick will give him money to be quiet and the situations that they were fighting will still manifest themselves in other ways throughout this country. And especially in the NFL and how they treat their players political. Protests. I mean, I if you're making if you're making that argument, then you probably make the argument that if common competition Eric read to the plea deal right now, then those problems would just go away. I think we all know that those problems have been manifested long before, you know, Colin Kaepernick or Eric Ries were drafted into the NFL. And I think you would I think you could say that like, it's just lead. These issues have been going on long before these players have come into the league. And you know, if you I I've I've been telling people this. If you look if you go back to the archives, and whether it's New York Times or the Boston Globe. But what whoever you wanna look through the archives of the rue like these issues of the manifested themselves long before, you know, Colin cavern, it took me or Eric re to Caen all of these things have been going along before these guys have taken a knee. And I think you I think you need to like go back to the archives and understand this isn't just a common Catholic or air read issue. This is this is a societal issue. Yeah. One hundred percent. And also anyone who would argue that again as not understand the difference between the cause that they're fighting for in the case that they're fighting. They are not the same thing. If you fight the case that you lost out on employment because of what you were doing that is about money that was lost an opportunity that was missed that doesn't any way take away from the cause that you are continuing to fight because whatever amount of money, they took it wasn't gonna fix it. It wasn't going to end police brutality or and equality of treatment. To means is just about whether or not you want to find criticism with the way these players handled themselves by protesting or not. And if you've decided you're going to then whatever the result of this case is other than if the NFL had one, and you could champion that. There was no collusion. You knew it all along the only way you're going to read this as a money grab because that's the only way to negatively view that these players have won this by virtue of the NFL settling. And that to me is what you hear people doing. Here's the thing too. I I did this a couple of months ago, and I just asked people Colin carbon guy asked about Eric Green. If you know if you're so upset about this. Can you recite the lyrics to the national anthem off the top of your head right now? And I asked about twenty people nineteen of which could not recite the national anthem of the top of the head. And I was like it's never been an anthem issue. It's never been a flag issue. It's been the military issue. It's been an issue. What makes you of comfortable if the moment, so? Well, that's beginning. Right. This is you know, it got to represent something that it was never to stand for. And we all know that was we've all been in a sporting event, and we've all been standing in line buying beer or taken a whiz during the national anthem and no one has cared. It was never about that. Hey, thanks so much for your time. Justin. Appreciate it. Thank you so much. You can follow him at just in Tinsley and follow his work on the end defeated. ESPN radio is presented by progressive. Insurance. Drivers switched to progressive can save an average of six hundred sixty eight dollars coming up some late breaking news on Thursday that should've told us about something that would happen today. It's coming up next on Spain and Fitz. I can't believe it that Gerald is presenting the quarterly budget report with finger puppets. Look here comes a one point seven percent decrease in fixed overhead know, everybody. No. I can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on car insurance with guy go you though, projected increase in organic three revenue. Believe it. Geico could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance Spain infants on ESPN radio the SPN app and Sirius XM channel eighty Sarah Spain Jason Gaw filling in for fits on this Friday night. Lots of conversations surrounding the Colin Kaepernick NFL, Eric Riedel, so settlement concerning his collusion lawsuit, and the timing of it very interesting coming on a Friday night as we head into all star NBA's festivities, but. Long on Monday. Very smart of you to mention that as well. And then also coming right on the heels of a last minute breaking news that we were talking about at the very end of our show last night that was about the American alliance of football or the alliance of American football AM. It's football. Af is what it is. So let's make the straight talk. Brought to you by straight talk wireless. Best phones, best networks, no contracts. Something that we may be did not think about last night when we initially reacted to the reports that leaked out that Colin Kaepernick told the AFL only play for you for twenty million dollars. I don't think that twenty million dollar number. If indeed he said, it was arbitrary at all he believes himself to be good enough to be a starting NFL quarterback. And that number is exactly halfway between the average salaries of all the starting the top thirty two quarterbacks in the NFL. He knows the af could never pay a player that much. He's just reiterating that he belongs in the NFL not a development league. So he's using that. Number two state his worth which is starting quarterback in the league. And as this was leaked out. It was being read as we guessed. It would be as just proof that it's all money. Don't wanna play football. You actually want to play. He just wants the money, and we didn't take deep enough to think about the fact that the af games run on the NFL network. If you have an af deal, you are allowed to try out for the NFL and be released from that contract to plan the NFL these two entities are working hand in hand. So what a surprise that the night before this deal hits? We get one last bit of news. That makes anybody who already wasn't on Colin Kaepernick side doubt his intentions. I it seems like the trickle of information whether it'd be the Adam silver inquiry that leaked out and then you get this. It seems like the owners have known about this, obviously if they're cutting the check they've known about this for a little bit. Now, you gotta get your lawyers and not you got to get your financial people in order because each day. Mm-hmm. Has to I'm sure provide a little bit of money to go into this kitty to give to him. But it it's the opposite of a low ball deal. Right. If you go, I don't know. I don't know if there's such thing as a high ball deal, not your tells in it. You know, there's a draft joke in there somewhere as well. But if you're sitting there in your cabinet going. Okay. You know, what my worth is? You know, what I mean is I'm going to bring to your little league. This'll this'll be the number right? You can't pay cool. And then you keep it moving. Now heard. We'll canes auG is saying why would you why would you would would you put a number out there, you know, other than, you know, not knowing how to decline something with here's? Well Kane on the Stephen a Smith show. He was actually filling in hosting for Stephen eight today. It's ridiculous. If you wanna get a deal done, it's ridiculous. If you wanted to actually play it's ridiculous. If you thought that was an opportunity for you that you were going to entertain, you know, what's not ridiculous. You could have saved both the type face in every article written, and you could have saved the amount of ink spilled a newspapers if you just said, no, thank you. Because that's what you're saying by asking for twenty. Dollars. No, I'm not interested in a much shorter. And more efficient way you're saying, no, I'm not gonna play in the af. And fine. If that's what you don't wanna do. That's fine. You don't have to. But you don't have to be a quarterback either. You don't have to play in the NFL. You don't have to play. If you don't have to play at all. I'm beginning to think. That's what Colin Kaepernick once. Okay. So if he doesn't wanna play in a developmental league for money lesser talent for three hundred and twenty five thousand dollars over the course of three years, I'll be more checks to where the goalposts they're just gonna move where people are going to say. Well, we don't know if that kind of good play at that level would translate to the NFL, right? And if the reason he isn't playing in the NFL was never his talent. Then talent isn't what needs to be demonstrated to earn him a job in the NFL, especially not at a lower level surrounded by lesser talent for lesser money. If he is not in the NFL because he's not good enough then playing well would be the answer to. Back in. But that's never been the reason countless other quarterbacks have signed who have lower ceilings and lower lows than him. So playing at that level is not going to get him a job. And if it's not about getting a job in the NFL, if it's just about wealthy really love football. He would play would we say that about anybody else who has been you know, that level of quarterback in the NFL and say wouldn't he wanna play in this league that that's that's an offshoot developmentally would never say that will is worried about the efficiency of words, he used by the way to like how how Colin Kaepernick is spending. His time reacting to two ridiculous. Yeah. No doubt about it. We'll never get those back. I listen. It's it's one of those. It's the weird vibe of an kind of ties into the Colin capital thing with the the love it or leave it attitude will if you if you really wanna play then you do this. And if you don't then you really must not wanting how about he wants to play in the also understands his worth to how about how about he he feels like to use of something that he loves was taken from him for a peaceful political protests. So those are the things that you have to throw back into the soup. You can't just you can't just present it out there and say consume this without throwing the rest of the stuff in there as well. So yeah, if I got a little offer and received them before I nod politely say, no, thank you. I keep it moving. Other people have ways of dealing with those things this is Colin capital way of dealing with it. And and on top of it, Colin kaepernick's, people didn't leak the fact that they came to him. Right. And then what they did for a little extra sauces. Oh, by the way, Tim tebow declined as well. Just to keep you off the scent. No. But that's also the point is that and we miss this last night, too and someone pointed out to man, social media. And it's absolutely right. The publicity that the af get for floating around the names capper, Nick and Tibo knowing full, well, they're not gonna come play for you. Shook him then right? Wow. The kind of league that would get the talent of the likes of capper, Nick and Tibo I might tune in. There's all sorts of reasons for this leak, but it's disingenuous of will or anybody else to genuinely say that we can decide that capper Nick doesn't wanna play football because he said no to the af. And because he demanded the twenty million because as I said before that number is not arbitrary will is right. If he really just didn't wanna play he would have said, no. And that would have been the end of it the reason he gave that number is because he's wanting to say, this is what I'm worth this is what's been taken away from me. This is the salary that'd be making at the level. I would be playing at if not for the collusion that took place. Why in the world would I need to go into a developmental league? And listen, you're probably if you're at home listening to me, and you think our conversation is one sided, and you think I'm carrying water for Colin Kaepernick, all I would ask you is are the things I'm saying not make. Being sense logically. You might not like the tone of voice, you might not like my position. But try to find a way to argue with me using sense rational relaunchig because all that I ever here all day today and throughout this Colin Kaepernick situation is a bunch of inaccurate statements. Well, he got offered a deal by Denver note that was before he started kneeling. Well, you know, he got offered a deal by Seattle actually know Pete Carroll said he was too good for them to sign him because he should be a starter not a backup. Because that's usually why teams don't sign really talented quarterbacks. Right. Oh because he wasn't good enough to play even though he had a four to one touchdown to interception ratio in his last year. And we've had guys pulled out of insurance jobs to come back. Recur number one wide receiver and crumbling around things that went wrong with Tarzana contract. Oh, by the way. Oh, we didn't actually though because the forty nine or said they were going to cut him, and he needed to get into free agency earlier versus picking up a player option that he wasn't gonna make any actual money off of and sit around and then have it be cut. So then he was late to presiency all of the uninformed takes that you have to enforce your opinion on him serve only to do one thing which is to prove to us and anybody else listening that you've made up your mind, and no amount of facts will change it and fine. We're not going to change it. But with the new information, we have I refuse to not give you the logic behind the decisions that are being made, and you need to then find a new way to convince yourself that I'm wrong. I wanna present you a couple more obstacles that you have to get around in order to find the place that you wanna be in which is one where Colin Kaepernick played the longest con ever by kneeling years ago, hoping that he would get blackballed. So that he could get a Nike con. Attract, and then he could get a settlement because it was always about money. Meanwhile, this is the guy that was already making millions and millions of dollars playing football had a Nike contract already had been to a Super Bowl was going to get picked up by somebody. Who was looking for a starting quarterback? We talked about there's not enough starters in this league. As is. Yeah. That that would have been quite the wishful bet did he play my ham because you know, this guy he doesn't like football doesn't wanna play doesn't want to put the work in what he wants to do is set into motion a series of completely ridiculous things. So that they are certain to happen. And then he will end up making a lot of money to do nothing because that's what he wanted. But but Blaine gabbert beat them out though. Yeah. That one time and then and then the nobody wants to run in quarterback except for maybe the ravens who got rid of their starter. And that guy got another job too. But the team didn't like him the forty nine. By straight talk wireless, nationwide coverage on America's largest and most dependable four G L T networks. I'm sorry. If my logic bothers you find some new excuses coming up is it only collusion when LeBron or his agent are involved. We'll talk about it coming up on Spain and Fitz on ESPN radio. Oh, I can tell you quickly. When I got my husband for a Valentine's Day couldn't mentioned it last night. I fostered an on an elephant for a year. You fostered an elephant for your new. So you do you. And it goes to the wildlife foundation that houses these orphaned, elephants and helps take care of them in eventually releases them into the wild. We're big fan of African animals, particularly that's where we got engaged and we're going back there next year. And we love elephants. They're really smart and beautiful creatures engage in Africa. We didn't and this little elephants. Name is Turk. Well, and Brad once rescued a cat on thanksgiving in the name to Turkey certain so found this elephant that has the same name, and you guys are both big fans of Turk window and his day. One hundred percent that was the biggest part of it. It'd be a reliever for the fact that you guys got engaged in Africa, pretty sweet home. My God you've been back to the motherland. And and I don't know anyone who has that allow that was amazing. The barbecue. I just told you as long as you open the raisins advertising salad and as long as you don't call the police for people who try to drink from the water fountains. So I actually was making this African curry for this dinner party. I had as for raisins African your life. It it's delicious. I'll say it asked raisins, and I was like oh, hell, no, Karen. Stay true. I'm actually you're taking I'm taking them out of the rest because I will not be the white woman puts in the African. Call. I was like absolutely not. I mean, you know feel. Assume that I put it in. The course everyone at the party not just African American people trying to justify. Yes. I would never arbitrarily. In fact, that will take them out. Everybody would stop turn around. It's got to be changed. My name to Karen. On ESPN radio. If you haven't seen it. That's a now blacked everyday raisins Robeco out. Karen? It's Jason gov. Things. Like, I knew Sarah. But knows they're like in really good. Sir. Can you play spades? No. That's okay. She's the moon shoot the moon. What kind of? Utah. When you realize that you're so far behind. I've never heard. Oh, tried them. Get zero. Yeah. See that's on the computer version. I've never been taught me I realized years ago never been around anyone in the community. Turn. And now, I know more about spades. This is true. Anyway, speaking of sort of golfing, a Spade a Spade Ray transition, very LeBron James and his buddy Rich Paul from clutch boards alongside Bruijn Rondo in a couple of people went to go recruit Zion. Williamson check at Duke game in person, and he's gone some criticism for go to recruit them. Well, according to LeBron and we will hear this because dictate mcmenamin sums up LeBron's take on this is that he didn't go to recruitment just appreciating talent the way that older guys league came to his games when he was a kid, and they just wanted to appreciate the talent. Well, here's David Benham. ESPN Lakers reporter on the twelve pm. Sportscenter say with Kerry champion, sorta summing up. Lebron's take on why people are threatened by Rich Paul and they're misreading this visit design Williamson. You know, whenever LeBron and Rich Paul seemed to do things in business today. There's all sorts of criticism that follows it. He pointed to the example of Shaquille O'Neal and Alan Iverson both came to see him play and ice school. And no one was saying that shack was trying to recruit LeBron to be with his agent or Alan Iverson who's trying to recruit LeBron was their appreciating the next generation of basketball player coming up into the sport. And that's the same type of thing that LeBron was trying to do he expressed that he felt like there's kind of a threat. That's how people view Rich, Paul. And that's how there's always seems to be some sort of reaction to whatever he's doing as he tries to make his bones as an MBA agent. Okay. I want to get to the fact that Rich Paul is African American has a different background all the pasta stuff. I I just wanted to say this, and what Dave said is exactly what LeBron wants us to believe in the NBA even investigated. The bronze involvement in clutch sports to find out. He was improperly benefitting from feels being made in whatever I get that. They did not technically find that. He was benefiting from each deal that anyone -rupt by clutch sports nutrition. That deal. Right. But he very clearly benefits from being able to manipulate the league the players within it player movement and be essentially the shadow face of this of this clutch sports universe, and that's not bad. There's nothing wrong with that. But you understand then why he has to take such great pains to explain why this was just a trip to go. Appreciate talent. Well, as you mentioned Rich, Paul is a young African American entrepreneur put together something in the back in the days when he was selling jerseys and got close to LeBron James, they became friends, and I cringe at times when I hear people talk about Rich Paul because they don't like you agree mentioned in the in early on the show how important nuance and context is a lot of people. Don't talk about Rich, Paul the way, you do with giving the background and also making sure that people understand that you're not saying in this men are a lot of people just say, it's rich Paul's, you know. Uh-huh. Posse and LeBron's people. And they are for young black men who are the you know, the heavy hitters in the league right now in maverick Carter. Lebron James rich pollen or he Rommel's who does a lot stuff in the background. But these guys are still businessman. So if the James has to go to lengths to to make you understand that he's not getting a cut off of the Devon Booker money, or whatever whoever they've got signed over there. That's fine. Now, of course, you can jump to whatever conclusions you want because he is the most problem for play on the league. And this is quickly becoming one of the more powerful sports agencies and not just basketball. But also baseball taking their cut there as well. It's it's funny to me though, you can tell who's uncomfortable for what reasons right. You're not uncomfortable. So you talk about these things in a in a very like you mentioned logical manner. There are some people who are not used to seeing business done in this way. And I'm not just talking about white guys. They're old black guys who who have come out and say these traits need to be veto. They shouldn't have this much power. You know, why is crabs in a barrel. They didn't have this much power. So damage why we didn't have this much power. Why can they have this much power? I think there's a there's a hint a vet and a lot of these a lot of these talks that are had about Rich Paul and about LeBron James. There's a little bit of jealousy and a little bit of envy that they are willing to move and able to move so publicly in their relationship and also so powerfully him walking out of an arena with Anthony Davis behind him as they go to get an MRI after everything that's happened over the last two weeks that is a power statement. Like, we we kind of think we know like if I showed you a picture of Mark bartlestein right now aren't telling right now and ask you, which one was which most people would have trouble. Rich Paul is right there in front. Lebron James, obviously, an icon out there in front maverick cargoes. Exactly. So I think there are people who are one envious too jealous and also legitimate questions have been raised. But it gets thrown all in the same sarahspain Jason Goff. Spain and Fitz on ESPN radio. I think that there are. Absolutely questions to and discussions to be had about the way. He came up who he is what his quote, unquote, resumes, richer Libro polka bothers people, right? To work in American agents in the league, right? So it's not about him being black alone. It's about brothers. Right. It's about him being an African-American agent with this much power has acquired with as much dominance as clutch sports is now asserting itself across the league and doing the relationship with LeBron the way they did it like a lot of people and LeBron there's a famous quote that we asked actually has maverick Carter about when he was at the SPN w summit this year about when LeBron said, I'm dropping my longtime agent. Well, it wasn't longtime because he hadn't been in the league long, but a longtime agent who'd Benavente of the industry, and I'm picking up this guy maverick Carter and said he's gonna rep. And somebody said, you know, next thing, you know, he's gonna call up a friend when he needs a plumber, and that was the analogy that gave was it was just as as surprising and crazy for him to put his faith in his in his career into this guy. And so I understand those things. But I think it's it's less about just straight African American and more about what we already know about what LeBron. Wants he wants to be seen as a mogul. As a defacto GM when the Cleveland cavalier sees sign those one plus ones. So he can have say over who comes he's gotten the guys that clutch sports some pretty big deals playing alongside him. So it's not that surprising that and then there's a little bit about the fact that the Celtics think Rich, Paul planted, the kyri story to to make things more awkward that the idea that kyri would be eyeing up New York that that would be about trying to get you know, the the Davis thing figured out. Right. When you've got so many different interests in so many highest levels across the league. It can be easy for people to buy into you manipulating variety of things, including the media and the and the rumors out there to get what you want. But the the the refrain or the rebuttal would be there have been people that have been doing these things they won't time. And now that these characters who come from a different background look a little differently speak low differently doing them. There's all this on. Always issues. It's kind of like the Scott Boris and Roc nation thing is like you're getting the same deals as them, but we're teaching them to do something different. So if you're not worried about clients being leaving you in the dust and everything should be. Okay. The question is whether or not, it's okay. And it's fair in the rules for LeBron James to be as involved as he is in that. And whether he's really a separate from it as he claims to be you don't never goes out of style. Surprising, a friend or loved one with buy one. Get one free multicolored rose bouquets for twenty nine ninety nine from one eight hundred flowers dot com to order, go to one eight hundred flowers dot com slash ESPN, coming up spring trainings getting underway and one star player is already predicting a strike it's next on Spain. And fits a couple of quick baseball stories to hit. Let's start with Tim Kirk, Sean, Golic and wingo. This morning talking about why there is so much anger from the players in MLB and why the threats for striking keep escalating, here's Tim Kirkman. Too much discussion lately is about the guys who aren't here as opposed to. The guys who are here. And that's the danger that baseball is facing right now. It's not just Harper Machado. It's over one hundred free agents are out there still and the players are clearly frustrated, and there's this growing discontent among the players. At least that I've spoken to what is going on here. And I think we all better acknowledged there's been a sea change in baseball. Now that you know owners, and these young brilliant remorseless general managers are just doing things their way now, and they're not saying we're going to do this like we did at five years ago. And I think the players at need to understand that and at the same time, I think the owners and the GM's need to understand that the game can't be at his best. When the best players are not even in camp, great points from Tim there. Now, our own Jeff passan said I want to tweak that a little bit one hundred jobless free agents is a sexy talking point. But it's not really true. There are about twenty five legitimate big leaguers without major league deals, a number of them vary. Hi pro. Oh file and it is a problem. But crying wolf about something and making it bigger than it is isn't necessary for players who have a legit talking point to make. So that's worth noting. So combine those two now with that Wainwright who is on five ninety the fan. Okay. I don't see why they'd walk out mid season because the CBI is not going to change. But combine all those things so it might not be a full hundred. But curtains right players are GM's and owners are doing things their own way. The players are not happy about it. And it's resulting in some of these holdouts and some very awkward situations as people should be getting fired up about spring training. You know, what I don't Wayne? Right. And max Scherzer, and some people who have been outspoken this spring training about this really wanna put their money where their mouth is. Then you do walk out you do strike in which ask for media Lee. Is you can't wait seven years to pay somebody? And we talk about baseball primes in baseball windows, being opened a lot earlier these days, we we talked about minor leaguers being in the minds for two years three years. And then all of a sudden come up. Now, you got first round picks who show up at the end of their first minor league season ready to play some ball. So if I'm a minor leager, and I'm being told that I'm not really going to get paid outside of my bonus baby status. If I am a bonus baby until I'm twenty six twenty seven years old and on top of it Twenty-seven-year-old free agents don't really become available that often Jason Heyward a couple of years ago. Fans don't how that has turned out got a World Series, but he's under vow. He's underwhelmed a little bit in his plate. And then you've got these two guys Machado and Harper. It doesn't happen very often that that big time free agents hit the market at twenty seven. So if you're going to tell me that I gotta wait till twenty seven and then after thirty you don't wanna pay me much, then I gotta get paid before twenty six twenty seven so four years or three years of arbitration eligibility, and then you get onto the free agent market. That's how baseball players can change the way baseball owners, and general managers, and I loved him coach and putting it that way remorseless general managers do business. If you want to really change something then you gotta start with the guys who you are going to benefit from it, not not so much yourself. And that's the thing to looking out for people who aren't here. Yeah. That's what I was gonna say is we saw this last year. There was a very long stretch where some of the biggest names in free agency did not have teams it felt just like this year. Maybe not quite as big a name anymore. And the vice hopper, but pretty close, and what we heard last year from older players was we made all these sacrifices for you guys and set up a CBA that worked in that moment and was incredibly beneficial to players you are not willing to do the same. You've been banking on what you're getting and not realizing that you were going to get to a point where you've lost power and control because you are not willing to make the sacrifices that we did. And I think now what's happening. If you believe Adam Wainwright, and you believe kind of what's floating around is that players are saying, we've hit a breaking point. We are now starting to be willing to make those who make those changes by whatever means we need even if it striking or losing out on on potential playing time ourselves. Yeah. Baseball. I feel like in. I am a more than casual baseball fan. Right. I used to watch baseball a lot as a kid, and I got right? I we we're holding hands. And that kind of thing I got into baseball late as a kid because my my parents are from this country. And I think baseball's usually handed to you by your dad, you know. Or mother grandmother. But I'm just talking about the boys that I knew love baseball is usually because their fathers took them in baseball games or they got them in a little league. My pops another country soccer was a big sport. So I got into a late when I got into it was fun to be a White Sox fan because everybody was a cubs fan. And I grew up with starting players baseball is younger and more athletic and more phenomenal in terms of the the personality than a lot of people. No, I think the gatekeepers and the people who who control the powers that be in baseball have been choking the life out of it. Even though there's so much life. They're the reason why basketball is the second. Biggest sport in the world is because their players are on social media. You know them they're active. They they are out there talking about the music. They listen to in the clothes. They wear. They they are pushed forward whereas baseball just is coming around to embracing the youth and the young star in the brashness. I mean, heck who who was it that the Toronto Blue Jays player? Jose Bautista 's bat flip a few. Yeah. That was a seminal moment. And there were people in the sport who were upset about it. Right. So I think of baseball continues to stifle the creativity in the youth. And and all the cool things about it. This is like one of those things there's no way in hell that I shouldn't have a Bryce Harper. Manny Machado jersey, ready for my kid who's five or six years old if they wanna root for certain team, right? There's no way. And you mentioned, you know, that it's it's forcing the players to react differently than than maybe they showed her that we're focusing on the wrong things because we're listening to these old gatekeepers. Well, one of the kinda younger dudes Trevor Bauer has a fix. He just thinks everyone should always just signed one year deals, and that would be great because Harper would be worth a ton. You could just get forty million dollars for a year. Okay. He didn't think this through because you can drive everybody salary down. If the marketplace is flooded every single year that means no one ever gets to play in the same place for longer than a year at a time. You have to pick up route your family every time that means if you get hurt or your play declines, then you're next year salary is crap. There's no safety. It's just a terrible. They thought that went through this is what you usually do when you have to settle for a one year deal because you're unapproved deal. Because you're not as good anymore because you're older you coming back from injury. Nobody wants that. Like, I understand a little bit just a tiny bit. I don't want to say understand much of what's going on in Trevor Bowers, especially when he's harassing young women on Twitter just wanna make minded people chase. You forgot forgot, but I understand a little bit that the reason that he's getting into this is because there is so much of a struggle between players and owners and GM's right now. And so he's trying to think outside the box. The problem is this idea is already been floated by people and it exists, but not in a positive way for the people who are trying to help. Do you have your chest ready? That's the problem when people talk about striking. You should have probably been saving up money for a couple of years now as a player named all of his money on drone injury. I'm not saying Trevor specifically, but I'm saying do you have the you is the players. Are you ready to roll? Yes, right. You had has had his issues with remote controls situation. It's speeding sarahspain and Jason gov. Coming up we're going to go after the horn. We had some great conversation today about the NFL settlement with capper Nick and read on around the horn. We're gonna have Goff give it a shot. 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