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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Shay Stevens. Us House Speaker. Nancy Pelosi says bipartisan. Congressional leaders are near agreement on emergency funding to deal with Gerona virus. Pelosi also says she spoken with Vice President Mike Pence about her concerns that he's overseeing the administration's response to the disease. We have always had a very candid relationship. And I expressed to him the concern that I had of his being in this position while I look forward to working with him about his at when he was governor of Indiana slashing the Public Health Budget Pelosi says congressional leaders want to work with science-based professionals to find ways to prevent the spread of Corona virus in the US Asian stock markets have fallen even further on virus fears after wall. Street's biggest one day drop in nine years. Tokyo shares are down nearly four percent. Paul stocks in Hong Kong and Shanghai or down around three and a half percent the major. Us indices tumbled over four percent in yesterday's trading and US futures are lower on the eve of the South Carolina primary. A number of the Democratic presidential hopefuls are in the state to make their final pitches. Npr's sauce Mukalla reports that Joe. Biden's campaign is banking on a boost from black voters. Joe Biden needs a win in South Carolina. He has staked his campaign on the theory that none of the other Democratic candidates in the race can win as many black voters is him. Biden has multiple events in the State today as does billionaire entrepreneur. Tom Steyer former south. Bend Indiana me or P Buddha Judge in Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren pull show Biden in the lead here though well. Some of his rivals have been campaigning and other states biden his spent the entire week campaigning exclusively in South Carolina. It's a sign of how much he needs. A Victory Bernie. Sanders was widely seen as the front runner will also be in South Carolina for an afternoon. Rally though he's been darting around on a plane trying to campaign in a number of Super Tuesday states where over a thousand delegates are at stake us. Npr News Sumter South Carolina. Turkish defense leaders have taken positions near the Syrian border to direct around ground. An air assaults against Syrian forces the BBC's Paul Adams reports that uncle. Tom Is retaliating for the Syrian Air. Strikes that killed at least thirty three Turkish troops and it lip. Turkey is furious about yesterday's strike which killed at least thirty three of its troops possibly more in response. It says its forces inside Italy. Province are hitting all known Syrian government targets but no details have yet emerged. Turkey blamed President Assad Syrian army for yesterday's attack on its troops. But it's Russian jets that have been carrying out almost all s strikes. During the recent fighting President Edwin is clearly trying to catch the attention of his Western allies. His government warning last night that it would no longer stop Syrian and other refugees from crossing into Europe the BBC's Paul Adams reporting you're listening to NPR. News plans to open. The Nation's first medically supervised injection site for addicts. Who use illegal opioids? Philadelphia is on. Hold THE NONPROFIT GROUP SAFEHOUSE says it will determine its next move after meeting with and hearing the concerns of local residents who strongly opposed the idea. The delay came a day after a federal judge cleared the way. For the group's plans organizers. Say they believe an injection site would save lives in a city that seemed roughly eleven hundred overdose? Deaths a year federal judges cleared the way for millions of consumers to sue two major drug companies over the high cost of epipens. Dan Margulis of member station. Casey you are has details. The litigation against mile and Pfizer was consolidated in Kansas City. Kansas and twenty seventeen and alleged companies violated racketeering an antitrust laws when they raise the price of epipens by more than five hundred percent epipens auto injector devices containing epinephrine which is used to counter the effect severe allergies and people at risk of going into life threatening and lactic shock. The judge certified the case as a class action under the federal racketeering statute and state antitrust laws. The drug companies could not immediately be reached for comment but lawyers for the plaintiffs. Call the judge's ruling a big win for consumers the case has not yet been set for trial for NPR. I'm Dan Margulis former Baltimore. Mayor Catherine PUGH has received three prison sentence for conspiracy and tax evasion. She sold herself published children's books to nonprofits to promote her political career and campaign. I'm Shay Stevens. Npr News in Washington.

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