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Episode 25: Avatar: The Last Airbender & The Legend of Korra


Hello. I'm Tracy v Wilson. I host the podcast stuff you missed in history class with my friend and colleague Holly fry over the past few years every day on our social media, we've been talking about what happened on this day in history. So buyer dressed in a pacifist and activist who helped plan the March on Washington for jobs, and freedom was born on this day in nineteen twelve or honesty in seventeen Eighty-nine. Women marched on for side to demand a solution to an enormous food shortage. Those things did not happen on the same day, but you get the picture. So for years we've been doing that and it suddenly dawned on us what if this was its own podcast? So that's what we're doing starting July. First, we're launching kind of a little sister podcast to stuff you missed in history class. It's called this day in history class. It's about five minutes a day every day, and it gives you the highlights of something notable that happened on that day in history. So come and listen, you'll be able to find this day in history class on apple, podcasts, Google play, and wherever else you find podcast. Hello and welcome to. I am one half of your host. Danny Fernandez sitting across from me is that boy, that big boy, that young. No, no. I see a lot of women that have been speaking up that you're not as thick as you once. Just thinking a different way. Thick. I'm slim thick now, but I'm still, I'm, I'm thinking certain areas. Got it where it counts. That's true. It's true, but it's me if you want to weigh and kicking it off with a young guest, the guest is not particularly young. A lot of people seem to be confused when I just throw young in front of people names pronouns as just a thing to say like tight. Yeah, yeah. Or like freshly he's a new guest to us. That was the competition I took. Yeah. Yeah, we have comedian and writer producer and host for machina mister. Kyle Shire. Hey. Hey, how's it going? Jurassic Park. Hawaiian shirt. Thank you. Yeah, you don't quite notice the raptors at first. I know. I thought those were just scary roses. No, no, you're alive when you did you see that they closed down the ride at universal. I guess I was like, what? And then it was like, yeah, to make drastic world. I'm like, well, could he you'll calm down. That's like the same thing. Just the Disney thing where it's the same, right? They just add voice lines from the movies and add a Johnny Depp. I hope they do do that. No crisply is it's all drastic world line and Johnny as Jack Sparrow. Disney is like, we're cutting ties with Johnny Depp. We're selling Jack Sparrow and universal. Like we'll take them. Velociraptor voice of the dominance. They have come. If he's so many of our friends posted, I saw like, oh, win on the final ride for drastic park. And I just like what happened? I don't trust universal because I, I grew up out here in LA. I thought I had to burp. I didn't now I do. That's a no better cookie. I like that. That here he brought. I brought I come here. Are you got it from here? Good. I didn't. I do have the cookies. I've added Kito foods all here. Also never by else's on Kito. Sophie. She's on Kito and I guess Jackie's is doing something close. Y'all get off my stuff. I couldn't. Are you gonna eat that junk in the fridge now who's all that Dan REEs aren't producer. News here. I could not eat anything at my own studio because some of us have to be gluten free. And so so went out and ordered a bunch of gluten free stuff in my box is empty box in this office have been eating mice neck. That's that was funny when I just saw that bucks Dino's I man, I feel like everybody all of a sudden got gluten free. Okay. Look what they see are thick bodies, and they're like, what's working. Gluten. That's me. That's what I need. So where whatever you and I both work out, that's what I'll new. Yeah. Every morning at five AM get up with me if you're trying to lift, but. Tangents. We, we even got a listener feedback. I guess they're not listening anymore. They. Civically in the in the message sent a long, long message saying that they hated the tangents that we talk about our experiences with the much. I feel like that's the definition of a podcast, but it's all good. I, I don't wanna hate too much just enough to make you feel bad. Never send me a message like that again, if the I've suddenly I need to say that we are. I don't know if y'all know this a part of how stuff works comedy. We are two comedians and we're not gonna just make this an educational boring podcast. If you want that go somewhere else. The reason why atheist I got picked up and got hired in were sent some monies from how stuff works to be on this network is because our previous podcasts where we had a really good chemistry together. So we like sharing our experiences if you want someone to go over minute details of a nerdy thing, this is not the podcast for you. It feels like some people just want the. Boring part about nerd stuff. I think the fun and I know some people just took their headphones ally. Yeah, I think the fun in nerd them in the information from there is people's reactions, which is why we have tons of guests who are passionate about the source material. We're talking about even if we may not be as well versed in it that way. We have at least one person in the seats jazzed up and also we get to turn around and let them tell us about their experience in gets a share that with y'all, this isn't going to be, you know, I'm a, we'll. We'll give you the rundown on the basics, but we're not. We're not gonna like be like pop quiz. Here's all the stuff because an MS owed thirty, six of feel like if we did a podcast about that, people would only use it for evil. No one would use it for good use it to they really our new in this. Yeah, I do want to say though, are most listened to episode still is r. m. c. you episode with Hector Navarro wear Dan? And I were talking about this earlier where we did go on tangents. We talked about what we loved about the. Films and what we didn't. It wasn't just like, here's a factual and then Thorpe showed up and then this and that like we gave you the main highlights of what you needed to know from each film, but then we discussed and debated about them. And I think that and also laughed a lot. And I think that is what makes his podcast. Great. I don't know. I think you goes should be ashamed of yourselves for having a motion reactions to things that you love absolutely should be ashamed. You really like our comic con episode where I talked about how I got in by pretending to be with party boy from jackass. Then like those are the behind the things that you need to know about how if he got in trouble for like, I don't know you. You were like Sexton with a girl on AOL messenger when the FBI general house for like those are interesting, fun facts to know in nerd culture. So speaking of which we are covering with Kile here today, who is an expert in avatar, the last heir bender you actually have tattooed on your body? I do. I have the symbol of air nomads tattooed on my body with. Words like, oh, because there's the element of freedom, how many people confuse that for a frozen tattoo. Most people confuse it for either six, six, six. Or they think it's a Celtic symbol. Can I see. It's so great because I see how it could be frozen. Yeah, I also have my my French. My phantom tattooed above my wrist to. Oh, yeah. And I got the the biggest meaning. I was trying to think of a non curse word way to describe this character. One of his battle-cries imperious wrecks and we all got it close that's rocks imperious Rex because I wanted a nerd tattoo that would be subtle and cool. Also, I like it being referenced that not every nerd get straight up just speaking of 'gate-keeping, but not even today. People feel bad about it, but like one of those, like if you know, you know, because I'm a big marvel guy really love just the whole aluminum behind it, which, oh, yeah. Sorry. If you don't know by now, imperious Rex is name more the submariners battlecry. That's what he yells when he goes into battle and his, it's Latin for powerful king. It's it's kind of like if you've descended or us ended, depending on your point of view, like level of nerd dumb, you know, like you'll know. And then it's like, okay, cool. You're on my level. But for all intents of purposes. Is the worst and people were looking at me when I had to because everyone knows a huge Black Panther fan, and there was a whole Mark where him and shallow were at odds nearly how do you feel about this conflicted? Absolutely. I, I understand. I'm Emma frost fan from I understand conflicting feelings. You know, it's only about three writers. Got her, right. So to stay your your your feelings? Well, before we totally dive into the timeline of of avatar, the last air better. What was your first introduction to it? How did you did you watch it when it first came out on Nickelodeon? I did not watch it when it first came out and Nickelodeon because I was in high school and I was I was too cool to watch it. But then a friend of mine when I got into college was like, you need to watch the show. You absolutely need to watch it and it had just ended. And so I got a hard drive with the three seasons of the last air bender and I just ran through it and it became. I watched it at such a perfect moment in my life because so many of the lessons just kind of like I dunno emboldened me and made me a better person and a lot of ways. And especially helped me like come into my own as like a queer person. So like I don't know, just a lot of ways. It really helped me out the best. Yeah, I also didn't watch it in high school be I don't know. So I was looking at the time line. It first aired February twenty first two thousand and five. And that's when it premiered in. I was in my junior year of high school. Same thing like the area that I lived in, it wasn't really cool to watch quote, unquote cartoons, and I was still kind of secretly watching drag Mosey. But that was something that I started when I was ten little bit different to trigger balls each in span. A lot of age ranges I feel I should, but it was still weird for me to watch it as a teenage girl over where I was. And then I was looking because legend of Cora then came out in two thousand twelve and I was like, oh, I was getting married. And then it was getting divorced. So like I actually didn't really grow up. I didn't really watch the series at all like, I still haven't really picked it up and that's why I'm really, we brought on Kyle to kind of one because you're huge expert in love it, but also to kind of fill in the gaps for me. You don't need to write me anybody. I know that I need to watch it along with a billion other things that I haven't had time to watch. But I'm just saying those times in my life, we're times when I wasn't when I was married, I would have to secretly like record anime that I wanted to watch. It was so weird. My husband kind of made me feel weird for being adult that watch cartoons, it just a reminder. And again, I'm saying, I know it's not cartoons, but like that's what people call it. And just a reminder to me that they're still so many areas like that where we're really lucky to be in an area. And I think in like part of nerd culture where it's cool or or acceptable, but like they're still so many areas and probably people listening where like they can't even openly talk about it with their co worker. Because they're seen as weird. Like if you don't have children, especially to, I think it's it's I, if I could go back in time and tell myself and high school, like, you know, you need to watch this show because it is a kid show. It is on Nickelodeon, but it was written in such a way because it wasn't necessarily intended to be a kid show, but they randomly got a few chances at Nickelodeon and they kind of turned it into a kid show, but the themes and the stories, so much of it is so dark. Like they tell such an adult story and by the third season, it's like, oh, no, like straight up like you can blood Ben people like it's, it's messed up. Can come on here? No, but. That's cool. Messed up. It is a messed up stuff. There we go. Bending, so water benders when they are during a full moon changes a little bit much. But in the last air bender, water benders on a full moon can bend the water in your body and basically turn you into a puppet which is horrifying. And it also looks extremely painful at it's like once once it gets to that level, it's like, oh, yeah, you're not playing around like, that's that's really messed up your radically. They could pull the blood out of your body if they wanted to. Yeah. No, it's so funny because looking at this time line, everything clicks back. Yes. Oh, it dropped February twenty. First, two thousand and five, which is coming on my birthday and my junior year. Born twenty bring this up like as many times as you can. I love it deep in my weep face, you know, I'm watching cowboy bebop Gordon, which Robin on HHS got the narrow DVD's given to me at this point. So yeah. No, I looked down on avatar, heavy. Just the worst type of. And that's why it's so funny when people get keep because when you when you do that 'gate-keeping stuff, you're only hurting yourself because you do, especially when you do like elitist, things like that. Like avatars, beautiful show. I I, I've popped in and watch episodes, kind of, I think, like during season two and three because it kind of still a gain traction. Am I school when people can award tacking about it? And so like I peeped in and then I graduated and people were openly. So I kind of by never gave it the honest full watch. And that's all because of stuff like that. I think another I've, I've, I was that type of person. It's a, it's definitely a personality type where if something is popping, you wanna find a reason not to like it. I did that with m. f. doom and that's one of my. That's that it was with 'em of doom that I told myself, I would never do it again because everyone loved MFA doom. Like I think round same time junior senior of high school, and I was. I was so like he's overrated for no reason. I did not even know it doom song, but because everyone was so into him, I had to be the guy who was not into them. So then he I did a feature on November has come with the guerrillas and that's when I heard it. And I, you boy loved the rap. But of course, Vareilles setup. This persona that I hate him do since so much so that people were like, this is a dumb thing that if he's doing but okay. And yeah, no, I was like, okay, I'll give it to you guys. His verse on November has come was great. Obviously, at this point that's the only heard and I'm like, oh, man. And then it wasn't until like I graduated high school and I was like, let me just check this out because I really never have and I listened to food which came out in two thousand six. And it was made for people like me. It was literally a rapper. That was made for me. He was. He was supposed to be doctor doom. He'd intercut like old fantastic, four clips into his wraps like stuff that would blow my mind. I didn't know about. Didn't even listen to because of this random need to be superior in my in. I was gonna, say nerd them, but it had nothing to just to be cool because I have to go against the grain. And I feel like that is you see that a lot, especially with shows like avatar, I'm not. I've definitely wasn't the only animated nerd who like looked down on it. And I think to this day, I mean, it's interesting because you bring up like a lot of like staple OG anime is, you know, like witch, hunter, Robin, you know, you bring those up and I could definitely see people within that culture like kind of looking down on avatar, not just because it's a kitchen, but because it's an American show that was that was adopting an anime style, and a lot of people look down on it for that reason and I could. I could understand. That, but I, I really believe that Brian, it's go. And Michael Dunn d. Martinez did it in such a, the revered that style. And you can tell throughout the entire like the consistency and the their commitment to detail like they really were revering that style in such a huge way so. And that's that becomes apparent like after you've watched definitely season two, you know, God, it gets so good in into my roommate is rewatching it right now. So we watching it with them and like, you know, oppa just got kidnapped and I'm just like, well, maybe he wouldn't have gotten kidnapped if you had called him by his real name and not. Yep. Yep. Oh, man, city. You want to get into the actual legend of the the story. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. So so, yeah, we kick off with season one. It ends in December, second of two thousand five, and it goes on for quite some time. It gets. I remember when it was ending that it was like such a big deal. There are all these characters. That's that's the funny thing about popping in and out of a show is like you're like, who who's that person? What did they come from? Yeah, but yeah, so so you know, I want to approach this in a fun way in and I'll follow along just in case you know anything needs. But I, I just wanna bounce off a you and just kit some. So let's pronounce because I. Something I want to kind of recenter around his just having one people who are passionate about the the source material talking about, but also just someone listening never heard of legend. Legend of avatar legend of coral last year bender oak last avatar ear bender and the legend of car crash. Okay. Come on. I did it just like my mom. Legend. Person, those people are going to be doing extra tangent now, just to make people see that person that wrote us when we called LEGO league. I mean, all the people that wrote in. Legos. All my friends and everyone that I know calls it that, but whatever got to prove everyone wrong in the nervous way possible. Linking them to a grammar professor saying that we were right. Also somebody was like, well, that's like your mom, your grandma calling it. Polka manned poke commands or whatever, but but also I wanted to say like, yeah, people, I feel like I know ton of people like, I don't care if my o'boyle says spider-man's like, that's fine. I'm not going to be like, I don't think Tom Holland cares is gonna be angry and correct her, you'd think so who Kyle can you explain to people like the legend and the story behind avatar? The last air bender, yes. So it takes place in a world where just to give you like a setup of the world, there are four nations. There's the earth kingdom. There's the fire nation. They're the air nomads, and they're the water tribe and they used to live together in harmony. And then everything changed when the fire nation attacked, which they say in the opioid analog. Basically they became a colonialist, you know, empire that was expanding and trying to take over the world because it's fire that's draft, fire, age passion, the avatar is this. Person that has the ability to bend all four elements. Now, people throughout the world, you know, people from the water tribe can water ban peop-, you know, the air nomads can air band fire vendors are from the fire nation and earth benders from the earth. Kingdom. The avatar is the person that can bend all four elements, and they're kind of like a spiritual leader focal point for the world. They're above. You know, they're not there to rule their there to maintain balance in order in the world when all else fails. But something happened when the fire nation attacked and the avatar disappeared, and no one knew what happened to him. It turns out that the avatar was a a young air bender named angling who found out that he was the avatar and ran from his destiny essentially. And he escaped one night during a storm, and he crashed him in his sky bison crash into the ocean and the avatar state triggered, and he froze himself in an iceberg for one hundred years and one hundred years in the future to Southern Water tribe, members, Sokha, and Qatar, brother and sister find him in an iceberg, and he finds out that he. He is not only been frozen for one hundred years, but that all of the air nomads have been genocide because the fire nation they avatar cycle goes like this. There's there's an air bender and then there's a a water bender and then an earth bender and then a fire bender than air bender. So when the previous avatar, avatar, Roku who was a fire vendor died, the fire nation knew that the next avatar was going to be an air bender so they genocide it all of the air nomads to bring the avatar cycles so that they could remain in power forever. So that's what happened. So he wakes up. He's been away for one hundred years. What's going on omega in my entire cultures dead and I have to learn all of the four elements by next summer because there's a comment that's coming. And this comment is going to make all of the fire benders, incredibly powerful for a whole day, which is how they genocide the air nomads, one hundred years ago. Wow. No, no, that that is it like everything. I knew that I've watched totally locks up also listening at home. He's that was off rip that was bad. Nothing in front of them should straight knowledge a ham. We are like, we picked the right person talk about this. So here's, here's some questions. I'm going to hit you with some BG questions, which is short for beginning question though. Background questions I though I wanted some background questions. I have some background club you the background Jenner questions. So my beginning question is. So no one from a specific tribe can bend. Another tribes element is what you're saying, the four, that sort of changes in legend of core. But for the most part. Now if you're from the earth kingdom urine earth bender, if you're from the water, tribe your water bender for from the fire nation, you're fire Ben, it's I understand that you know there would be that there probably should be more migration, you know, but in this world for simplicity's sake, no. If you know, I think the only the only people that aren't necessarily always going to follow the element of their nation of birth would probably be the air nomads because sometimes air nomads spontaneously come from other nations and then they go to the air temples. The air nomads are basically Buddhists. Okay. What was the, what was the inspiration for the show or how did it come to be from what I understand Brian kinetico and Michael Dante Di Martina wanted to do a kung FU cartoon and for one. Reason or another. They got a meeting with Nickelodeon and Nickelodeon was like, we love your idea. We want to do this cartoon, but concrete a little. We don't want kids fighting each other. Could you like figure out a way that was there what they? Oh injury were like, well, instead of fighting with kicks and punches, we'll have, you know, be throwing water balloons and rocks at one another, which is sort of eventually they do straight up are fighting with kicks and punches, and you know, blades and whatnot weapons of mass destruction. But for the most part, it was kind of softened figuratively because it's not necessarily fighting. It's batting it's the bending arts. So fascinating while you were saying that I was trying to think of other fighting shows that they might have in all of them that kept coming up in my head have around Cartoon Network. Yes, yeah. Yeah. If you're going to have human kids that that look human, that human names that have human desires, they, you know, fighting is a little bit touchy for them. So the bending was a way for them to kind of maneuver around that a little bit. But by season three, they were straight up like, oh my God, that the stuff that they were getting away with, I can't believe it. The darker, I guess messages are tones in some of the episodes. Well, first of all, been the hit you with genocide in episode. Yeah, that's yeah, that's not a subtle way, but like for something like Zootopia, which tackled a lot of racism and commentary on on that. It was. It's fascinating to see it appearing and other children's programming quote, unquote. I know it's not a child's movie. I'm just saying like for things that children are also watching sure to have something so out there. I mean you you see, I believe it's an episode, three or four, but there's a flashback where hang is showing his mentor has mentors monkey out SU who was sort of like his father figure. They don't really have mothers and fathers in the air nomads. They have like, you know, it's much more communal. But anyway, monkey out see was like his father figure and he has this medallion. And there's this moment where he finds monkey out sues skeleton at it's the first time. But you see him go into the avatar state because he's so enraged by the avatar state for people that don't know in for you guys. Sometimes the avatar goes in what's called the avatar state where. Basically the knowledge and abilities and powers of all of their past lives come into one and it's like a failsafe. So whenever their lives are in danger, they activate the avatar state and they are just incredibly powerful. It's like knowledge and skills from a thousand lifetimes immediately just zooms into your head and your eyes glow white. And it's just, you know, some avatars move continents when they're in the avatar state, like it's crazy like they, they go full super, super, say in kind about to say that, but I didn't want to disrespect. You would've not respected me at all. I z. person, but I respected and I would, yeah, I'm happy to bring that terminology. Okay. Well, you know, that's why I feel like we've really did lay the groundwork. I hope so show, but there was a lot more, you know, there's, you know, we talk about the con we're talking about this. I want to talk about the development of the show how it kind of got dark or maybe some of the things you liked didn't like, but we'll get into all that after these messages. Your body's be different. Danny, they're weird and they're super weird. Everyone's body is different. You know, everyone always asked me for tips for lifting. I'm like, look, I can give you tips, but everyone has different bodies, but we're not talking about lifting. We're actually talking about the opposite. We talked about sleeping sleep is necessary though for fitness. So why would you just get a generic mattress for your weird body? 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So even if you got a boo, it's right for you or if you don't have a boo, but you have a dog who likes to take up half the mattress. If you're Danny. Sleep dot com slash nerdy. Oh, right. I'm back here. Sin. Mankind Shire. You know Danny's here to holding the down drinking her mint, water and celsius back on this on the now. I haven't opened a iffy Ohka. So we're talking about, you know, the the life of avatar, the last heir bender and you know, we touched on earlier how over time it was able to get more, I guess, dark adult, but also you know, over the break you're telling us how progressive it was at the time to. Let's hear more about that. Well, as far as female representation is concerned, I feel like it is it is almost unparalleled in how it deals with their female characters. And you know, there's literally an episode in season one called the water bending master where Qatar, literally fights the patriarchy, and it's amazing stonewall that has patriarchy on it. This this character is meant to sort of be a run presenting of it because, okay, so the bulk of season one is Qatar, who's a young water bender from the Southern Water tribe with her brother Sokha, and their traveling with an north so that he can go to the northern water tribe and learn water bending because there are there are very few water benders in the south pole, if any, because the fire nation killed them all. So they're going to, they're going to the water chiming guitars, really excited because she wants to learn water bending. She wants to learn how to fight. She wants to learn her about her culture and about her people. They get to the northern water tribe. They find the water bedding, master masterpass coup, and he won't Trang Qatar because she's a girl and basically like women, water benders are healers, and that's it. And they, they don't learn how to find my God. I remember this, yes, and there's an amazing episode. There's an amazing moment where Qatar is just fed up. She's like, no, I'm not. You know, I'm not going to do this. This is stupid. If you're, you know, if you really think I'm not not that great of a water bender, then you show up right outside this house and we're gonna. A fight and she challenges him to a duel. This like thirteen year old girl challenges, a water bending master to a duel, and he shows up and he's walking by. He's like, you go back to the healing house, but the other women and she water a whip and hits him in the back of the head. And then they start fighting and there's this at first, you know, he's kind of playing with her because she's a novice and she's kind of self taught. She's an autodial. She doesn't really know that much. There's this amazing moment where he like, throws her into a pool of water, and she goes, and then she creates a stump of ice and then starts flinging these razor-sharp disks of ice Etem and he's kind of he's dodging at first, but then there's this really cool, slow motion like kung-fu moment where one literally comes within an inch of his face and you see his reflection it and his look is like this little girl trying to kill me. Oh, my. It's it's really, really great. And of course he does best her in the end, but long story short, she impresses him so much that he's like, oh, wow, you kind of did you know I'll I'll allow women from now on. I was wondering about that. And then in the second season, you meet as nother central main character, which is tough bay Fong who is of a as far as representation goes, not only she woman, but she's blind. So you have a doubt. She's she's an earth bender and so she because she's blind, she sees with earth bending. So she's kind of like daredevil in a way where she can see based off vibration. So it's one of those great. Like not only she a girl, but she's disabled at everybody underestimates her, but in so many ways, she's one of the most powerful characters in the show, and she literally changes the world after like legend of car, you find out like her impact on the world has been greater than almost anyone else in the show. So good. And also she's like a tomboy. She doesn't give up, give up. I'm trying to not swear. But she's she's so awesome. She's the one that teaches and like because and air bender. So earth is the opposite of air. An an is all about like peace and pacifism. Air is like a very passive element and earth is very, like, it's like you have to in order to bend earth. You have to be like a rock. Yourself doesn't know how to do that, but tough does because she's bad. Yeah. Yeah, but like these names to tough, hang it. So that's one thing I thought was cool about the show is that you know it does seem like it's a all the characters are like Asian. Specifically very much. So. Yeah. And I mean, sometimes you don't even get that inanimate so for sure. So what's? Yeah. So that's what was really cool about the show where they were like we are inspired by the eastern culture, and we're going to stay true to it in all senses of it, you know where I feel like there is a lot of inspiration where people will still take inspiration for cultures in writing and still put, you know, a different culture, white people at the forefront. You know, not even like a homey, you know, like not even a home. He was like, I'm here, which is like now. So so it is cool to see that as well. It seems like you were super spot on earlier when you were like they cared about this culture really wanted to cultivate it and really pay tribute to it. Yeah, I completely agree. Yeah, I think like, yeah, because the fire nation is largely based off of Japan. The earth kingdom is largely based off of China and the air nomads were largely Buddhist. Tibetan monks, and the water tribe is in you it for the most part. If you look at their designs, it's very, very innuendo as far as like their skin color and their names, their culture, it feels very innuendo going to talk about some of their influences that are listed here. So it's key. The character designs were influenced by Chinese art history, Hinduism towels on Buddhism and yoga. The fighting styles employed by the show's characters are derived from Chinese martial arts for which the filmmakers employed Sieff ki-so talking about film, but. Oh. I think this is not the film. I think this is okay. I in the in the show, like all of the bending styles are based off of real fighting styles like water bending is largely based off of Tai Chi. Air bending is based off of Bagua which is like circle fighting because air is all about circle circular, motion, fire, bending, I believe is tigar's style. I think tiger crane wanna, say and earth bending is based off of hunger kung FU with the exception of tough who fights with a tough literally fights with a fighting style, a style of kung FU that was developed by a blind woman. It looks like the shoe, southern praying. Mantis style can be seen practiced by the air bender tough. Yeah, earth bender. Yeah. Does it say your vendor? No. Sorry, earth bender. What did I say? Air to rage? One other thing I just wanted to say. So they also employed cultural consultants. Edwin Zane and calligrapher SU, Yong lung Lee to help determine its art direction and set. Yeah, so they definitely had other people working on this to help them make it what it is. So beautiful credibly off. I wanted to talk real quick about the animation because it was mostly done by a South Korean studio, j. m. animation DR movie. And em Emo animation, which is very common. So even in shows or quote, unquote anime shows that are made here or even Japanese ones are typically, the animation studios are in South Korea, and I'm learning that now is I'm starting to work with animation studios and also our friendless Sean. Thomas who worked on legend of Cora has also said and worked in this field as well where it's like, no, he, I think he actually moved to South Korea to work on some of the projects that he has worked on. So he could be so close to the studio. Wow. But yeah, a lot of people don't know that that will most of the animation is done in in South Korea and then either worked on in Japan or here in America. Just wanted to add that little tidbit. Tie tie the Ted's. So you know, before we move on and start talking about Cora, I really so much to cover. I really want to talk about two things. One I want to talk about, you know the the finale, how you felt, how it hits you watching it live and to. I think a fun thing to talk about is this movie because I feel hats. That's where me and avatar fans really get to to bond. Is y'all also had a monstrosity may? Oh, yeah. Beloved source materials. I, I do want to say this is just I looked on its Wikipedia. Liga Bedia is the most shade says, listen, this is on the avatar. The last air bender, the series thing it says, and the last heir bender considered. One of the worst movies ever made, which was directed by m night Shamlan. Wow, that's actually listed on their thing. It's not wrong and then accepted like nobody, nobody shame shit like possibly. No, it is one of the worst movies ever made. Wow. That's a lot of shade from Wikipedia. I'm no Sean boundaries. NGOs like yeah, about that might have even trying to correct it. To to to to to to go off of what you are saying. As far as the finale is concerned, I did not watch it live because I was watching it on a on a hard drive that my friend gave me, but I cried. It was so cathartic. That's the way I'll put it. I'll say that it meant a lot because the way that you know that the the last heir bender is all about anger. Learning the remaining three elements, water, bending, earth, bending, and fire bending, so that he can eventually defeat the fire Lord before the fire Lord can take over the world. And so you know that each season is him learning new element and kind of progressing along that line. And I'll say that when it gets to the end and he makes his choice, the choice that he makes at the end. It is so wonderful and cathartic because he doesn't change who he is. Ultimately, he's been wrestling with this dark destiny for so long. And it's the reason why he ran away that night when he froze himself in the iceberg. And it's a moment where you're like, no, this, if you ever have something going on in your life where you where you concert thinking like I have to face this dark task, I have to do this thing that I really really don't wanna do. That's completely against me. You find yourself in. There's a moment where you're like, oh, I don't have. I can actually change the rules if I want to, and that's exactly what and it ain't changed rules instead. He was like, I don't have to play this game. I can make my own game. Yeah, and that's and that's like the most beautiful part of it. You know a. So I did want to say ten years since the season. Finale avatar. The last air benders considered one of the greatest shows of all times of ten years since I'm just two quick. It was two thousand eight July nineteen. Yes, ten Dan. So this year that was the ten year. It looks like five point, six million people watched the season. Finale. That's amazing. Yeah, those some real numbers, especially for cartoon. Most watched season finale Nickelodeon history covered Nickelodeon, and they had a lot of shows. It's just really, it's really incredible when you think about it. 'cause like the entire structure and we can get into the differences with corporate. The entire structure of the show of the last heir bender is culminating to a showdown between hanging the fire Lord. And that's what's amazing about it. It's three seasons of a very tight, very concise story. Whereas in legend of Corre which is four seasons, it's four solar self contained seasons. Yeah, it's it's Cora dealing with four very different situations. Yeah. Also like this was this is a wave of I feel like closure that happened because just a year earlier in on the twenty. First of July in two thousand seven, Harry Potter and the deathly hallows was released. So so you got, and I feel like the VIN diagram of Harry Potter fans and laugh. So I feel like, oh, man. Oh man, avatar. Did want to mention one thing before we move on, and that is the last heir bender comics which were a licensed and published by dark horse, which were very popular as well. You get to find out some t-o-n owns goes mom. Interesting. Yeah, yes, you can actually still pick those up. I was going to say, before we move onto legend of Cora, we might need to take a break. Oh yeah. And when we come back from that base with definitely started, what's your trash. What does it mean to be black America in two thousand eighteen? What does it mean to have a seat at the table is voting running for office, the key to black folks getting free. What does it mean to be an activist? What does it mean to believe in the power of black features? This is afropop solution sessions, afro, pumpkin, how stuff works are building a safe place, a blank space to freak out in tickets, struck a new reality to live our lives as we see fit while making sense for the world around us. Here at afropop we have the conversations that matter to us conversation that leads to solutions. I'm eve Steph coat, and I'm Bridget Todd. So what's the solution subscribes? Afro puck solution sessions on apple podcast. Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Okay, I guess welcome back and I was just kidding. No, not going to force you to talk about that movie. I'll I this about the movie. I'll say, okay, I love bad movies. I love me some bad movies. I love bad. Campy got some Neil Breen heads in here. Oh, man. Okay. Then I, I looked in newly Neil Neil Breen is like a like he is a guy who somehow gets to keep making bad movements. Yeah. His movies are so bad that they're cult classics. So people who I watch it like I'll just just give you a quick taste speaking of tangents and then I don't know. And after this will just jump right back into it, but, oh, dear. What is this movie. Editing software. I know that I'm movie effect. What is what is this? Well, what are what have you. This is the date I'll changed. Why? Why are stuck down? Okay. While you're watching that I'm going to drop some quick facts on the last heir bender live action film, which premiered June thirtieth twenty ten. It has a six percent rating on a rotten tomatoes. Wow. The this is the critics consensus. The last air benders squanders its popular source material. I do have to say that's a hard thing to do, which we keep seeing people. Do you have perfect, beautiful source material in a whole ton of fans to back it up and you ruined it that. That's an interesting thing when that happened. So what usually happens is. Yeah, I was gonna say suits. Giveaway how I really feel in who I really am. But you have studios who buy properties like, oh, these kids love this, and then they buy and they're like, well, they're going to see it no matter what. So let's try and make it cool for the cool people. Yeah, when it's already cool, I will say this to complete my thought. I love bad movies. This movie does not have any camp value. It is so bad. You can't even watch it lie. You can't even get high. Like let's move it is so bad. It would say like forty percent of its voice over forty percent of it is just them. And it's so weird what his thinking was like. He thought he could condense an entire season of a show into a movie, and I heard that he even snuck a twist in there. Was there a twist. Twit because the other, the other gross thing is that everyone's white. Remember we were like, it's so great that this show is like, you know. So like there's not a single white person to know hang is white. Guitars, white socks, white. Sorry. Sorry. All is white. So cut is white, right? That's how they've Toka. Toca and the only non white people are the fire benders and the earth. Kingdom people. Well, the thing that makes it rough is like Sokha and Qatar are drawn so dark dark that. So to see them choose anything other than a person of color. Yeah, it's mar. It really is insane. It really isn't saying to me also when the director of the movie is a person of color. That's why, because I will say sometimes people of color when you're a new director, you kind of have to play the ball game to keep your job. Not him nice. Shovel on. This dude is a storied director who loves hanging out with Danny at kamikaze. But like this. So it's like if an eye Shamlan he has that clout where he could have been like, nah, we all we're going to straight up. I don't know. China get in the come FU heaps in this and we rock in it. I don't know. I don't know if he actually can do that all the time. I think that still, I mean. Trek. Piaf directors are still at the mercy of studios that want white lead films. The only thing because we do have to move on as I just wanted to say. The only thing worse in this movie is the critics that are trying to be clever in their rotten tomatoes. And one of them said from Amy Nicholson of eye weekly. I mean, God bless you, but. You're going to credit in throw shots. Yeah. What she said, whatever. Call 'em nights Shamlan a would bender. This kitty cast is a flat and stiff as particle board calling. You're right to call that. I'm sorry to. No, don't do that. Yeah, you need to do better. I need to do better, ma'am. That reminds me of a quote from Cinderella story. What was like, great. A beef will that cow must have cheated on its exam. Okay. Moving on to the legend of Cora because we have to move on, I'm going to be bad cop here. Please. Kyle give us the rundown on the legend of Cora. Yes. The legend Corre is the sort of sequel to the last heir bender and it takes place about eighty years after the events of the last heir bender and it's the next avatar, which is Corre. And so the implication there is that anger anger die. He lived to be an old man. He had children, and now there's a new avatar, and it's this young awesome girl named Cora. And what's great about core is that she sort of an inverse of anger, you know, wasn't air nomad, so he was very spiritual and he was very, like, carefree and. You know he had. He was very developed emotionally Cobra is a very like cool. Tomboy like she is a master of the physical elements of bending, but the spiritual side of being the avatar, she just doesn't doesn't. She does doesn't really get it. So that's a really cool like inverse of like, you know, we saw hang go through this journey of being this gentle boy become this warrior symbol of hope for the world. And then you have this girl who's ready to be that he she's ready to be what angle is at the end of her story. But you know, she she can't because she can't, at least at the start of her journey. She can't tap into that. She can't air Ben specifically in the first season. She's having the hardest time air bending. She doesn't know how she can do it. She doesn't understand it. It's not her opposite elements. She just doesn't have a spiritual side. An air is the most spiritual element, so so. So she is angst daughter? No, she is angry incarnation. Oh, yeah. Yeah. So he's, yeah, we're gonna. We're gonna have to. We're going to have to clear that up just so when an avatar dives, they reincarnate into a new being into a new person. And as I said, it goes into cycle. So the last the last one wasn't air bender. Hang. And so now it's a water bender Cora who's from the Southern Water try which is the same place Qatar and soccer are from, oh, so she is from the water tribe, but she's trying to learn how to air been? Yes, she can't. When you meet Cora, she's already masked pretty much mastered a water bending earth, bending, and fire bending, like she's, oh, she's, she already knows all the physical elements. You know, she's a bad ass. She's really, really good at, like I said, the physical elements of bending and fighting and whatnot, but she lacks the emotional intelligence and the spiritual intelligence that hang started out with. So when you say reincarnated does, does this mean she doesn't have parents narrow she? She does have parents. She absolutely is parents, but her past life. She was saying and. Oh, what's really cool is that you you find out that she learned water bending from Qatar, so imagine imagine the emotional arc there of, you know, being Qatar and being like, you know, ninety years old and your husband dies, and then you have to train his reincarnated self and water bedding, which is what you did eighty years prior. Oh, wow. Wow, it's pretty amazing. Yeah, I did want to say that it aired April fourteenth twenty twelve, yes. And then it looks like the final episode was December nineteenth of twenty fourteen. So does only actually out for two years and will in the final two seasons aired in the same year in twenty fourteen year, right? Yeah. And there is a there is a big kerfuffle with Nickelodeon because Nickelodeon didn't think it was going to do well. And then towards the end of the fourth season, they took it off the air and it only aired digitally, but the numbers were so great that they brought it back to air for the last three episodes, I believe, and it's it's, it's amazing. As I said earlier, you know, the last air bender is a very self contained story about, you know, taking down the fire Lord and the fire nation. But Cora is four seasons of of very different circumstances. And you know, they always have to be like, who was the better avatar? Anger Cora and like I'm biased because like a queer person and course queer. So like I'm gonna. Always going to side with Cora, but my opinion of why Cora is the more interesting avatar is that Cora had to go through four incredibly messed up situations. You know, she had to fight a guy that you know there was a guy named Amman in the first season who was leading an anti bender movement who was, but he was basically like a cult leader and he had the ability to take away people's bending with blood bending you found out later. But she had to fight that which was like there is an anti bending movement like there was a whole group of people that thought that benders and by extension, the avatar were evil, you know. So she had to face that she had to face, you know, a religious Ellen she had to face and the third season probably one of my favorite seasons. Henry Rollins is the villain, and he plays an evil air bender because through a series of events, air benders start to reemerge in the world. And he's one of them and he's not the happy, go lucky joyful monks that we met before. He's an anarchist. It's. The dark side of freedom. You know, because the element of freedom airs the element, you know, it's Buddhism, its detachment and whatnot, but you could also incorporate it with being anarchy with it being about, like, you know, and season three is where you actually see someone die on camera. Wow. Yet he straight up, chokes a woman to death with air bending. Wow. Yeah, it's really amazing. What's interesting here is it seems like also with Cora, Nick didn't really have faith in it. Nick almost didn't want it to win. It feels like I think Nick kind of saw it as a nuisance if I'd have to say. So I don't know. Like just the fact that I dunno, I, I didn't I from fan's perspective like I didn't see like the fervent support that it deserved, you know, like they, I don't know, especially with the fact that they took off, you know, a season four off the air, and then you know, only reacted after they saw the numbers, you know, like it just kinda shows that, like, I mean, maybe maybe the content made them feel nervous. I don't. I'm not one hundred percent. Sure. Like, I, I don't know the whole story there, but like it definitely does seem like Nickelodeon wasn't as supportive as they should have been in that time, and someone who's just got done reading up and research Nickelodeon twice. There's two things you just said that might make me think that Nickelodeon was a little shook. I, I don't know. You can tell me what you feel about this Dame, but it. It is cool doing this after doing the Nickelodeon episode because it seems like they have a very like straightforward brand that they're going for and don't own fear outside of, whereas like Cartoon Network, it went the opposite way with create stuff like to NAMI soon. Come and adult swim soon come, you know, so so to see like the two sides of it and to see that you still with that kind of almost strict point of view, we still got adventure time. You know, like it's it's interesting. It's almost like the creators have to play this weird mind trick with Nickelodeon to make it because if you ask me like things like the regular show was Cartoon Network, but things like also adventure time has Cartoon Network too. Yeah. Well, never will. Battle takes my point as far as dick load is concerned. Like some of the most memorable shows in my opinion, are the ones that like are really risked are the ones that take risks. You know, like in invader? ZIM rock was that was another one where they had an issue with the creator. Yup, that was another issue where he wanted to keep it dark member. Hector was talking about. He wanted to keep a lot of the more his individualistic and like adult elements of that. He wanted his style in there and they said, no, and he took it away, which sucks because invader ZIM was so good. But like, yeah, it was another one where the creators were just like, no, I don't. I don't want you getting this actually to. Yeah, walk back what I was saying. Just before this looking at Nickelodeon, rosters Cora is a standout like I'm just going to run down some of the stuff they have just popped up. When you look at the roster, if SpongeBob then they listed avatar thing got loud house. You got. Fairly odd parents Rugrats legend of Cora teenage mutant ninja turtles, which is definitely leaning more on the kid, friendly side of, hey, Arnold. Danny phantom, Doug, it does feel like the red headed stepchild, all these show completely. Yeah, it definitely does not fed. There's not a single show on there that that is like it at all. Yeah, I did want to talk again about the martial arts. That is in legend, of course. Oh, Chinese martial arts instructor seafood ki-su consulted on avatar. The last heir bender and return as a consultant for the fight scenes in the legend of Cora also MMA fighters, Jeremy, Humphries, and MAC. Dan's egg were credited with providing a lot of the moves. You'll see in the pro bending arena, and Steve Harada, and Jake hung provided these stylized flips and acrobatics of tricking to the series fighting style. So that's pretty yeah. The one of the cool things that they introduced in legend of cora's their pro. Ending. Basically, bending has become a multibillion dollar industry in that. Like, you know, you have people that are like bending to try to like knock people out of rings and stuff, and really wants to be a pro bender and she's learning how to bend in that specific style because you find out that like, you know, pro pro earth benders Ben differently than like how you would traditionally earth bend. They're much more like shadow boxers than like, you know, that reminds me of my hero academia, which is so fascinating to see like how many influences I feel like 'cause they also have people that have special quirks and powers, and they use them in pro arena situations, speaking of influences of little trivia factoid for you. The character peon Dow that appears in avatar is actually dedicated and kind of loosely based off of seafood zoo. That's amazing. That that's Sokha's master. Oh yeah, there's. There's a really great Kasaka is the only non bender in like the team avatar, basically, and he's kind of this the tactician you know, he makes up for it in a lot of other ways, but there's a really great episode where it's called Sokha's master. I believe in Lebed in the third season where he trains with a master swordsman in that's masterpiece Dow. And it's this great moment where you know he, they find out that their water tribe and that they're traveling with the avatar, and they're in the fire nation, and you think masterpiece Dow is attacking him for that reason. And is a great moment where you find out? No, it's because he's testing Sokha and the whole time he's fighting him. You know, he'll be like, you know, adjusting the terrain to combat your opponent. Excellent. Work Sokha while he's trying to kill him basely he's a great character. Masterpiece Dow. Wow. Well, five. That that wraps up a lot of it. I, you don't. Here's a fun place. I think to kind of land for for folks if someone listening to this but sides the beginning, an episode that you think people should see shit miss that would give them a great idea of the series of why they would love it for both of them for for the last heir bender. I would have to say the episode for me would have to be the blue spirit. That is an episode that really shows who hang in Zuko are and how they are Zukas kind of a primary antagonists anti hero throughout the whole series and him and and have a very amazing relationship and the way that they play off of each other. It really does kind of bring into perspective like not only their relationship with each other, but the relationship between nations and about how the fire nation has completely changed the way that they're viewed with the world and everything. And it's it's a really beautiful episode with the legend of Corre. I would have to say the episode I, it's hard to not pick an episode that's not in the first season because I feel like that, you know, they set them up in such cool ways. But for me. I would say for legend of core, I'm going to have to say. That's hard. That's kind of hard because there are also different all of the seasons. I so different, but I will say I really dig the episode. I really dig the finale of season one. There's a, there's a moment in it that like Corre happened at a really integral part in my life. And there are several seasons of Cora that like hit me on such deep emotional levels to the point where I don't necessarily know if I would be here, not necessarily like an dramatic. I would be dead kind of way, but like I don't know if I would still be in Los Angeles if it hadn't been for that show and it had it was it's the, there's a moment in he's in one way or someone says to Cora when we hit our lowest point, we are open to the greatest change, and that is like a spiritual unlocking moment for Cora. And that's someone's you to just say that one. Know like sue sleep because I feel like there could be someone listening that might need to hear that. And that's just one of those banks quotes that I'd like to hear twice. I have another one after that our, yeah, when we hit our lowest point, we are open to the greatest change. And the other quote I don't wanna bring out is from IRO in season. Two of the last air bender in it's in our darkest times. Hope is something you give yourself that is the meaning of inner strength. I have one as well. If he. This is our thing, quote, section fate, rarely calls upon a set a moment of our choosing. Wow. Who said that Optimus prime. His. Say yet not giving anything, but we did talk about in our if you haven't listened to our LGBTQ or queer representation in inner dumb. That was episode right before this one, we talked a little bit about the queer characters legend, of course. So if you want to revisit that because that that is important. Just a quick thing here because I think a couple of fans were. I think we touched on this, but a couple of fans were upset that these two characters didn't kiss, and it said having to do with Nickelodeon, I guess, was the main reason why I will say for what they did do though, was like, I don't think kiss was necessary. I'll go on record and say that what happened was I do believe that there could have been a few more hints in season four that what was going on what's going on. But when it did become a parent, almost felt like, oh yeah, that's none of my business. This kinda don't care of their business. Beautiful moment in general. Yeah, yeah. I think that if he how you feeling. I'm feeling good. I, it was so great having you on coffin, you so much as there anything you wanna plug. Yeah, I'm gonna have a series on mission was happy hour channel. That's going to be a weekly animated series called patch notes. That's kind of a parody of the Jeff Kaplan overwatch updates, and it's going to be animated. It's going to be weird and it's gonna be fun, and they're going to start weekly, October, sixteenth. Danny, how about you? Did I am going to be at New York. Comic con come check out my panel up Tober v. I don't know if I'm allowed to announce it, but that I, I will. I don't know. Follow me on Twitter, please at MS. Danny Fernandes. I know that I said about memes. You can tweet them at me, please don't privately diem. Mean, Bain is over. Me, you know should boy if you why way on Twitter, if you also on Instagram, if dis on twitch. If you wanna come, hang lots of the hashtag nerd FAM come through drop those twitch prime subs want. First of foremost, thank you so much. I love you so much. Second off second. You gotta re up them every month. They don't oughta Mattingly do it. I know. I said I'd do remind every now and then I changed my mind. I'm doing it every episode. And yet if you're in DC I will be in DC the last week of this month with white women for the DC improv fesso buckle up will be there. And when you're if some of y'all in Chicago at the Chicago podcast fest, seeing the daily guys and coach kings live ask them where nerd, if Senate, that's that's all you need. Let's just walked if have open QA just walk up in Miami. I wear nerd dificit at and of course my doing it and we'll. But in this episode. With. Two quotes. I one that every with stay nerdy everyone and the second one power comes in response to a need, not a desire. You have to create them. That was a quote from cocoa. Are you sharing that one of those? Like comic book report, whatever things they like. You know what. It's real. Father is Keith hunter, just percent. He's known as the happy face, serial killer. On the coin, he's a loving family, man. And then on the other side of the coin, he is everything that could hurt. He goes from protected a predator. Happy face a new series from house to forks, premiere, September twenty eighth apple podcasts or wherever you get podcasts. Don't.

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