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Is there something that interferes with your happiness or is preventing you from achieving your goals better help online counseling. Is there for you. Connect with your professional counselor l. slur in a private online environment scheduled secure video or phone sessions plus chat and text with your therapist listeners. Get ten percent off your first month by going to better better help dot com slash nightline. This is nightline tonight race to escape the fire runway wreck new video nascar legend dale earnhardt jr. with baby on board his family fleeing is burning plane after balanced scattered and burst into flames the latest investigation scary summer in the skies plus mega mansion marketing. If these walls could talk over the past thirty years i've put my own mark on the place. They'd sound just like michael douglas and say by me. Castles souls palaces and villas for sale. It's a buyer's market. Maybe there's a fifteen million dollars steel and gift. A friendship desert the best birthday present for one football fan good evening. Thank you for joining us dale earnhardt. Jr. knows all too well the risks and rewards on the race track now he knows that life and death decisions on the runway tonight the investigation into a fiery plane crash in the miraculous escape here's a._b._c. stevenson eyewitnesses caught the terrifying moment women on their cell phones a small plane bouncing down the runway and then suddenly it's placed inside nascar legend dale earnhardt jr. his wife and their baby daughter order very seems to be an airplane. That's crashed. They landed completely wrong. The fireball swallows the plane's wing. That's on fire doesn't say mrs. This is call for helen came out of the bill through the senate has bar everyone watching holding their breath and then the planes broken jetway pops open. The baby is one of the first come out as everyone else runs for their lives. It's a daring iraqi lewis escape for the earnhardt family. The plane's two pilots in the family dog everyone watching read the sigh of relief and a dog as the family makes it out with seconds to spare. They were all alert and oriented but the u._s. personnel did put dale on caught and taken to the hospital. I think that was just for precaution. It didn't take long for the whole plane to become become a giant ball of smoke and fire. Dramatic video shows first responders racing to the scene. The claims that can be seen for miles. The first arriving unit found by heavy flames coming from the fuselage of the plane and the occupants were accident applying just before for sure about the eleven seat. Cessna citation is owned by earnhardt. Jr. registered to his north carolina based company took off from states ville north carolina thursday afternoon and landed in elisabeth in tennessee then something went terribly wrong. Authorities say that surveillance video they've collect from nearby businesses show the plane hitting the runway so hard the right landing gear was destroyed. The airplane basically bounced at least twice before coming down hard on the right main landing gear. They're playing continued down the runway off to the end three offense and it came to stop behind me here on highway ninety one. They're telling us the the plane could be here for two days. Investigators do their work now. If you can see it but there's a fence wrapped around the body bet- playing that's the fence that the plane crashed through when it skidded off the runway leg so the real question for investigators will be why after the pilots knew that this land was not going well on a perfectly nice day. They didn't just push the throttles up. Take off again. Come around and try landing was a mechanical failure or was it poor pilot judgment. The plane's voice data recorder is being sent to washington to be analyzed the n._t._s._b. S._p. says they've talked to both the earnhardt family and the two pilots earnhardt sister kelly tweeted shortly after the crash that everyone is safe the earnhardt family who is very lucky that the airplane wasn't damaged to the point where they couldn't open the doors. Everything worked in their favor. After the initial mishap earnhardt's close call follows another stunning running midair save that same day perhaps even more miraculously was the russian crash <hes> outside of moscow why because here we had another sully sellin burger and extremely greenlee rare event all two hundred thirty three people aboard. This russian aircraft miraculously survived after being forced to land in a cornfield. The pilot descended seconds ends after taking off outside moscow when birds flew into both jet engines causing one catch fire. This passenger video shows a seagull outside the window moments. It's before the strike. The pilots made a quick decision. They said we can't fly but we do have a big cornfield out in front of us and so they kept the airplane flying and they brought airplane airplane to a very soft landing inside this cornfield and everybody walked away without serious injury extraordinary airmanship in a very very rare situation seventy six people including nineteen children had minor injuries. The pilot is now being hailed a hero. The russian mishap could have been much worse. It had just taken off so all of the fuel tanks were full. If that airplane touchdown on say a frozen cornfield where maybe there were stumps sticking up or rocks it could ripped open. The belly of that airplane could rip the engines off in a way that could have created a fire with lots of fuel in the airplane. It could have been much much different outcome but yesterday's events highlight a summer of aviation accidents that began with two tragic float plane crashes in alaska killing five passengers and a pilot a month later in june. This skydiving plane crashed in hawaii light. The beechcraft sixty five king airplane went down shortly after takeoff italian five with a down aircraft your circle killing all ten men and one woman on board making it the deadliest accident involving a civil airplane in the united states since two thousand eleven then my forty years as a firefighter here in hawaii. This is the most tragic <hes> aircraft incident that we had. This isn't the first time this plane has had trouble this heroine video from two thousand sixteen shows. The plane packed with skydivers forced to bail out during the emergency. Uh pieces of the plane were falling off mid air. I saw <unk> something fall down from the plane. Incredibly no injuries were reported but the plane suffered substantial damage according to the e._s._p._n. After tale repairs the plane was back back in the air until its fateful crash this summer a wakeup call for people looking to book trips on smaller aircraft's. The safest place you could be is on a commercial airliner anytime you get on some other kind of airplane whether it's skydiving airplane ordered excursion helicopter charter business jet or private aircraft they are are much much more likely more dangerous many times more likely to have a mishap back in tennessee investigators continue sifting through the wreckage. We're going to be releasing a preliminary preliminary report. In about seven days. These are some of the things left behind in the rush a child seat and other signs of what should have been an enjoyable start to the weekend earnhardt who now works as an n._b._c. Sports analyst was supposed to appear at a race this weekend in a statement n._b._c. Sports says he is taking the weekend off to be with his his family for earnhardt jr. The accident isn't his family's first brush with death. The third generation nascar driver comes from a family of dare-devils. He's won twenty six six races including the daytona. Five hundred twice is legendary father. Dale earnhardt senior died in two thousand one after crashing in the final lap of the daytona five hundred earnhardt. Jr. continued racing for years after his dad's death while semi retired now he was scheduled to return to the track for a race at the end of the month. The status of whether he'll compete now is unclear in a statement. His spokesman thanked the public for their concern in the wake of the crash. I look at this though and i'm like someone walked away from that. It's hard to believe it's hard to believe. The good lord was in charge on that flight absolutely for nightline. 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You might need some extra incentives in the competitive mega mansion market. A._b._c.'s marci gonzales revisits this real estate revolution and discovers. There's an art to it is a wild night in beverly hills. They use it pumping on the dance floor. Poolside performances <music> and how big game of vintage dress up wait to it. Golden girls talk about it in a walk in closet almost as big as my apartment admits this incredible thank you but this andy warhol thing bashes just for fun and it is a lot of fun. This event has one goal sell this brand new fifteen point six million dollar house. I think a wine and cheese open houses circa circa nineteen ninety. We never do that in this market. You really wanna make your house stand out. You want to keep the buzz going. There is a building building boom in los angeles mansion size with multimillion dollar sped combs springing up all over l. A.'s pasha's neighborhoods right now. There are sixteen exte- homes on the market that cost more than twenty million dollars with so much supply. Selling high end houses is getting competitive if this would it take to sell a mansion now will. I don't consider this to be a mansion. I consider this to be a luxury home but it certainly helps to go ahead and put this this kind of effort and thought into the home and into the marketing so this is only been on the market for five or six hour yes if you haven't even just try to put this on the mark and see if the buyers come why not try that first before throwing a huge party like this well. That's no fun and and buyers have choices voices and so we wanted to differentiate this house. Differentiating is key with even more luxury homes on the horizon at say and the ten to twenty million dollar range. You probably have about sixteen or so coming on in the next eighteen months and i would say in the twenty twenty million up you probably have thirty maybe forty coming onto the next eighteen months from what jason oppenheim and his identical twin brett are stars of the net flicks reality show selling sunset we are far and away the number one real estate team in hollywood los angeles real estate experts i would say the market is getting saturated with new construction. There's a surplus of ultra luxury homes the random developers that are building these fifteen thousand square foot apple stores asking forty million dollars. Those aren't selling they shouldn't that's the big difference now. I think its quality. There's to echo what he's saying. I think there is a lot of supply but there's not a lot of great it supply landing buyer for the high end requires creativity. Some agents are making professionally produced movies like these showcasing the life you could lead if you bought the house this place the finest house on the harbor campari aid duffy's on their doctors for starters. Aw celebrities are also getting on the marketing game. When i first sauce stock in nineteen ninety i also fell under it's michael douglas himself narrated. This sales video forces daca his two hundred acre estate on the spanish island of my orca. Ah over the past thirty years i've put my own mark on the place but now he's ready to part with it for thirty two and a half million dollars now. It's time for me to let someone else enjoy the privilege the venture stock and if a celebrity spokesperson doesn't entice you to buy making fun of the over the top amenities sellers are now offering will help feel the deal held in newport. Beach california hasn't room to grow and smoke marijuana ana. What are some of the craziest things that you have seen people put into homes <hes> well. I just saw a forty nine dollars on the street that i used to live on and it has an s._m. So that's unique offer extravagant extras that are a bit more mainstream rydin style. Jason takes takes us for a drive. So do you take all of your clients out and rolls royce to one of the properties. They're selling paint. They comes with all the bells and whistles and then some wine cellar yes and curated with some of the best one in the world and that wine comes the house as well this five bedroom nine bath forty plus million dollar dream home in the hollywood hills. This is the view that forty million dollars will get you. The house comes fully furnished complete with a one hundred and seventy five foot. Long pool is poor wraps around the entire the house its own spa. This is better than a hotel. You've got your dry. Sauna your wet sauna. You'd go get your massaged and then you've got your cold plunge and your plunged all looking over the city and place to keep a dozen cars that looks more like a museum cisse's the garage but nothing is for sure in the real estate market this twelve bedroom twenty one bathroom home in bel air used to be the most expensive home for sale in the u._s. I think people really just realize is that they wanna live in this beautiful environment. It's it's absolutely spectacular way of life here. House hit the market in two thousand seventeen a whopping two hundred fifty million million dollars budget. Everything had to be absolutely the best included with the house thirty million dollars worth of incredible cars seven fulltime. I am staff members and copter two years later. The house is still for sale with a one hundred million dollar. Price cut back at the andy warhol house. They are pulling out all the stops to entice buyers. Even throwing in five of the iconic artists prints. Every piece has a story when it comes to war and that's what i love about it and the only car he ever owned this nineteen seventy-four rolls royce go for a quick. I'll be back and you can get this house all the art and the car for a mere seventeen point seven five a million dollars to fire again. It's burgum. It sounds crazy to us but in this luxury space a lot of the homes we sell our bought with the furniture and the art art. It's hard to go to galleries and a master own collection so this homecomings turnkey for those who can afford to live large the party so to speak far from over for nightline marci gonzales in los angeles and finally tonight true friendship connor miller of cumming. Georgia has cerebral palsy connor is also a huge which kansas city chiefs fan so he turned nineteen years old this week his buddies gave him the best gift ever opened up football signed by several pat mahomes travis kelsey miekel hardman honey badger sammy watkins eric fisher desert a sweet sweet celebration for one fan is in wavering band of brothers. What a show of love. It was helen keller who said it is better to walk with a friend in the dark that alone in the light. That's nightline. You can always catch your full episodes on hulu. Thanks for the company. America have a great weekend. Is there something that interferes with your happiness or is preventing you from achieving your goals better help online counseling. Is there for you connect with your professional counselor hausler and a private online environment scheduled secure video or phone sessions plus chat and text with your therapist listeners. 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