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Welcome back to American billiard radio. Today is Thursday may fourteenth and well while most of the world is stuck under quarantine. Right now quarantined starting to lift here in Arizona. Pool rooms are opening up. They're not. They're not allowing packed houses. But we're starting to slowly get back to normal. I have not just been sitting around eating bon-bons day I've been working on a few different projects and I also found a little movie for people to watch while they're stuck at home waiting out the end of this pandemic personally. I've been working on well. Quick Synopsis I've been working with Jerry breath to help get his video out there. He had asked me to set up a way for people to rent or buy his video online so once I got that set up I figured well I have the the resources now to put these videos up. So I've worked with some other people Diana hoppy Randy Scott Liquor. Scott Lee j effort. What you can do is you can go to pool on demand dot net and you will find videos up there from those people also. Robin Dodson. Sorry Robin Robin was a recent addition to the site and I do have some more video. It'll be going up soon. Basically it's a on demand site where you can rent or buy video. Content depending on how the provider of that content wants to do it whether they want to allow you to buy it or just rented pool onto man's dot net. It's something that isn't the only thing I've been working on. I've been working on a version. Five of easy billiards. It's a slow process. I'm learning as I go but I'm getting there and hopefully we'll have something new to look at here a very soon this week. I say week. That's kind of a rough usage this episode. I have an interview with nils fine. We talked to a couple of years ago when he won the World Pool Masters. But he's also not just sitting around while this is going on. He has created a an instructional course that is based on the mental side of the game. It looks very extensive and he asked me if I would help him Get the word out about it so of course. I sat down with Niels. I'll let him explain of this project and how it came about and what it's all about so I give you know S- fine very proud now to be joined by. This is quite a resume. Thirteen time Mosconi Cup player. How many times did you did you win the Mosconi Cup? Good Question Mike. We all this. I hardly ever watch back any of the matches because I can be something pretty self critical when wash games or like I would. I would say like a patient so I hardly watch him back so I really have. No clue how many times it's gotTa be six seven times but if you ask. Darren he knows pretty much every statistic in the book so okay well in aside from that World Nine Ball champion world straight pool champion. Nils Fine Nils. How how's quarantine treating you Mike? It's been pretty good so far. I mean in Denmark. Numbers are really really good. And that's because then mark was one of the first European countries to really have strict of policy. I would say they were very fast in Europe to do the lockdown and therefore things didn't spread out as quickly as you see in other countries so things are also starting to open up pretty fast again. My kids have been school for three weeks already which was a pretty big step for us because of course the fear nowadays is a country starts up things again. They're afraid of ways number two so we were like okay bye. Would we send our kids back to school and be the Guinea Pigs and then Will we had some pretty big discussions without at home. Like what are we gonNa do and we said we wait now? It's not gonNA change like in a month. It's going to be the same thing so We took a chance to school at some really strict policies on how they were going to do it. They were splitting kits open to two rooms. They were outside a lot They had separate playing areas show a lot of positive signals that they had things under control and things have been going very well and we've been able to be outside with. Of course we were very lucky that it happened in springtime like for the corona. I mean. Of course it's terrible thing but if you dating consideration if it would be in winter than a lot of people would get even more depressed now. At least a lot of people went the chance to go outside Like into the garden or stuff like that. So we've been outside a lot I've been working out a lot. A lot of cycling. You know just Staying active not keeping too much lockdown sort of sore speak and you have access to a table right. Yeah I have access to table so if the if I wanna hit balls I can work to be honest since I came back from Vegas. I haven't hit on ball yet Some people might be extremely jealous and think that I'm crazy but it was just a Ronald how things were going. I was show well prepared for my Vegas trip and OBI events that we're GONNA lead up towards Vegas all the events after that that it took a little bit of the air out of me to be honest. I had the like two major advance than European Championships World Pool Masters and now the corn team and then it was like I felt a little bit. Okay what's the use you know? I just took Took a timeout And I put all my energy into making finishing the course so I've been working extremely hard. The last week's on I'll finish the course and I'm extremely excited that That that's going to launch in light. Would we have thirty seven our search well? And we're taping this on Tuesday. It won't actually BE RELEASED UNTIL THURSDAY. So it'll be released by the time people here this right right before we get into the course which is the main reason that we're talking today. You Talk About Vegas. It was really looking like it was going to be a great twenty twenty four. You know not just you but for the game you know the whole pro game and the bottom just of fell out of it. You were one of the first players to to give up on Vegas. I mean. That's kind of harsh way of putting it but you were one of the first players to head home when the whole thing hit weren't you yes. That's the only correct To be honest we had a European tour event in Italy. Like two weeks before Vegas and I remem Ruby there on the day that the first the first corona case was was found We were leaving at that day from Venice and to be honest I was. I was pretty naive. It was like either one case. They're what's the big deal and I wasn't really following news old bet much We were just really preparing on all these big tournaments that were coming up. Then we get Vegas and we start finding out more and more numbers for like hundreds of people are getting a infected with the virus before starting like pass away from this left and right like a lot of really stressful signals. And I think in forty eight to seventy two hours. I was starting to really follow the news. And it was just shocking. How fast new of bizarre stories were coming out. I think every thirty minutes was it was like numbers going off a panic in distress signals from Italy like people. Please stay home and you're starting to realize like We're here with five thousand. Bu Players One venue like what is happening here and the event just got underway and I played my first match against Mickey Krause from them. Marks are could've played the match here around the corner I went to bed that night at one o'clock in the morning my hotel phone was reading and I I being realized what was going on because I was still jet-lagged and after a while picked up the phone with my dad and he doesn't call for like no reason in the middle of the night and the major some of the major decisions that I have taken in my life were with consultancy of him like selling my house in Holland's Making the decision to drop out of school when I was twenty like night school in trying to pursue a professional career like major decisions in east calling me up and he said. Did you hear about trump statement? That is That there's going to be locked from Saturday and I said never heard about it. My first reaction was actually Can We talk about this tomorrow? I WanNa talk to you now. So the thing was that my airline. Sas put a statement on their website that USA wasn't going to allow him flights coming into the USA. Sas was also not gonNA fly out of the USA from that Saturday now Thursday. So I'm thinking man this is really getting out of hand. I might get stuck here so I wake up my roommate. E for Cyrus we have a meeting with our Coach McDermott. Who's there. You Go from Holland from federation so we have like this emergency meeting. Were calling back to Holland to talk with somebody else from the federation and bottom line. There was just so little information at that time that it came down to a point. Like you have to kind of decide for yourself. What what you WANNA do? You might get stuck here You know it's it's like really weird situation and I thought after like two hours of debating I said. Okay I have a family. I have two kids. I might get stuck here for three months. You never know so i. I said I'm going home is not Lucan. Good it's not feeling good We're here with five thousand players. This things get really serious. I'm going on so I was the first to leave and the day I got back home. There was a statement from the Prime Minister in Denmark. Saying that all people that in Denmark hectic comeback hub in English. They were summoned the return to their own country right. Yeah so it was. It was it was the right decision And then a few days later they canceled the World Dumbo. You're able to avoid the fourteen day. Quarantine that a lot of people had to deal with around that time. Well I took it myself because I realized like I did all this traveling to come back from Vegas to home. I did three airplanes a airports. I'm watching everything less than ride like airport Seats or airplane seats. You name it. So I'm thinking okay I might have something you know so I just took it upon myself like to knock the go shopping to the supermarket. I state inside pretty much with the family and see how things were going to turn out and luckily nothing happened. And you're a healthy yet. Your shows met Edwards and the he returned home any found out he was infected. So it's just it's a very random situation is matt the only pro player that we know of the Was diagnosed I believe so. I know that Christina coach from Russia she got back from the euro to work. And I'm not a hundred percent. Sure I don't think she was infected but she had to stay in quarantine hospital there. Yeah that was pretty pretty rough situation for her. She had to stay there and Didn't look too too cozy so think she had a pretty rough time there that hospital but off the top of my head. I think my own one that we've heard of has gotten infected and recovered and kind of changing subjects here for a second. You mentioned that when you were faced with the decision of coming home you talked to the Dutch coach. That was there is a common thing he would do. Most of the European countries have a coach that would go with the players to something like that. I'm not a lot of countries I think you've seen it in the past like Left for Russia. He's been there a lot of times Yohan when he was still under COMTREX for Russia was with that group. A lot of times. You See Martin or marching from Poland's each traveled with those boys a lot and because In Hall of River Good Program and where affiliated with the Olympic Committee. It is a kind of a rule that a travel companion slash coach has to go along with the mentor. And so the last few years that has been now you go from Ford. The thaw the boy you know. He's there to help us out and Workout with US burt. The atmosphere tries to do what he can a positive way. You know I think of things from the American point of view and I can think of an incident a few years ago when Earl had flown off to a an international events and he had no idea what what the ride situation was supposed to be from the airport to the venue and ended up spending a fortune on a taxi. Cab You guys don't have to worry about that sort of thing do you. Well I think times have changed a little bit. No now with For example the UBER APP You know there's there's more digital tools now to protect yourself. Then I think in those days I've heard also those interviews with earl really entertaining where I think he was also Russia and he ended up in the middle of nowhere. Really really entertaining wild west stories No we don't. We don't really have to be worried about that as march anymore. I think twenty years ago. It was still rougher than now but now with all the technology. It's it's pretty much a no brainer to get the to your hotel all right well if there's any positive specifically for you during this time it's how much time you've been home and how much time you've been able to spend on this project. Tell everybody about this project. Yeah you're right that's the slash Only positive thing about the the corona for me When the year started in January I had a vacation plan to Egypt with my Three ladies are get the girls and At that time I was fantasizing about making course and of course when you're traveling competing preparing. You don't really sit down and go through all the things you you really WanNa put down a paper. I'd so when that fake ation started. I remember I was on the airplane and I had some time in order to prepare for anything and the thing. Just pour out of me. I had been paper and I wrote the entire outline of the whole course which is three thirty three videos and slides makes up and I wrote it down a few hours the thing just. I was just so ready for doing this. My system that it just bored out of me I had. It's actually it's split up into four segments. The first segment is the foundation so our broke down as many things as I could think of about the Mental Foundation for player. Ben CHECK CHAPTER NUMBER. Two is pre match preparation so all the things you can work on to get ready for your matches than chapter. Three is a mental matchplay. So that's all the potential traps and tilt situations in a match. How you can deal with those barry exciting stuff and then the last one is post-match feedback so you've played your matches. How do you analyze your matches? And don't sit in your in your room ruminating for hours on end but put a system in place where you could break down the steps that happened learned from them in maybe ten fifteen minutes and you can go on with your date. All these things just came out of me and of course at to find tuna lot but it was so exciting that like within a half pretty much of traveling and being there and writing I had like a whole roadmap with like. I'm really GonNa do this now. Me and of course then. There was no corona but I already had the blueprint so now. I'm trying to figure out the software. Our I can do this. I'm trying to figure out how to start videotaping. The slides the technical side. But it's still cost me a lot of time which I didn't have and then I came home and I really said okay. I'm going to start hammering this project. I'm going to do with some starting to chip away a few hours a year per day and building up when the kids went back to school I reached started to extend the time put into it restarted. Finalizing the project and Then I could set a date of launch and that's GONNA be This Thursday so it's extremely exciting. It's been five months and it's probably it's probably the coolest thing I've made since Like a road since the creation of my two daughters. Now this is. This is entirely focused on the mental side of the game. There's nothing about your stance or your stroke or aiming or anything like that What what level of play is expected of someone? Who's going to start this course? Well basically it's from it's for beginners all the way up to professionals But it's it's named Mental Edge for competitive players. And I've named it that way because it's the course of course benefits you more if you're competing because if you're competing you're testing yourself and then you can more easily come into this loop of preparing testing analyzing feedback and going back to preparing for the next thing and if you're just playing by yourself at home you're never gonNA really a coming to this mental challenge or this these these You're never gonNA get tested mentally source speak so it helps to be competitive player. That could be playing meeks once a week it could be small. I'm gambling local club or at home. It could be playing major tournaments. Excuse me leg professional traveling players. It's for that loves to compete. So it's very very brought and there's I mean there's amazing confident in there for everybody for professionals for for the biggest leap players until players that have just started like six months and I noticed from looking over your Some information that you had sent me ahead of time. There's also a thirty minutes skype session. What is that all about? Well I put that in because there's content of course in there that people have never seen and Like a set of courses thirty three videos and slides long which is Very very complete and of course at the end of the bright would screw take. You've a few weeks a few months depending on how fast you WANNA do it. You're gone off course. Reflect all course upon yourself and you're going to have some questions obviously like how can I do this I'm stuck on this. How can I trade that? And that's why put the thirty minutes skype in there to help the player that both course so we can go over his personal situation and steer him in the right direction mentally and give him a better of perspective of what he can do what he can work on. So it's a bonus of Of steering into the right direction in the way that you've got a broken down into into different sections where there's prematch and there's You know during the match and there's post-match this doesn't strike me as the kind of thing where someone's just going to purchase it. It looks like it's what about two hours long. I think about two and a half to three hours of videos and slides but for someone to to effectively take advantage of everything that's there it's not the kind of thing they just sit down on a Friday afternoon while they're in quarantine and spend three hours watching it and think that they're games going to go up two or three balls. This is a this is more of a you know you you read or you watch this part of the video and then you you take that with you to the match and then you have stuff that you concentrate on there and then you you summarize it all afterwards. So it's not your typical well for a number of reasons instructional content. Now it's really a course and I wouldn't recommend to go over it in like one session. I think the the biggest adventure for the scores is to take a little piece at a time and build up. This bake big strong foundation for your mental game. That's why I started with the foundation. No things like creating mental space. Picking up perhaps meditation or basic strategies to create more mental. Space you so you can focus better relaxed better all these little steps you can put together in your foundation to build a stronger house. Dan. You go take debt to your matches and you start finding out where you can find to what you can improve on what areas. You're struggling with coming up with inject logics. It's extremely powerful stuff is. This is like from twenty years over twenty years of professional expert personal experience and the I was just ready to put it out. There have been taking classes for years reading books. And it's really exciting to Cheryl this stuff with With other players and like you say. I would recommend to like just blast through it. And then think you're going to be better you have to take. It may be one two three lessons at a time and start working with this stuff. Find out what works for you. Maybe you WanNa do visualization or. Maybe you want to do meditation. Start working on that for a few days or few weeks and start seeing results. You gamma cramp everything together at once. It's too overwhelming. But at the same time you can also go through the course and bake out a few videos that you can. Hey that's me that's me. That's me while you're also working on the foundation so there's multiple ways you can do but knocked too fast cramp do it. Why do you think you were talking about having read a lot of stuff and and there's a ton of instructional stuff out there but there really is very little like this out there? Why do you think it's taken so long for for something like this to get done? Yeah that's that's the question. I asked myself in January when I started this any. I think I felt deeply that the time was right to come up with this force at this time because there is a lot of digital tools. There's a lot of information out there but it's mostly at the table and if you ask any player out there hey how much of. A percentage is the mental game. They're all GonNa say all yes. That'd be eighty percent ninety percent. And I it's just it's it baffles me that people say this which. I understand but they don't they don't train it. They don't train that side of the game so I'm thinking this has to be because people don't know where to start they don't have the tools They don't know how much to train. It's where to begin and then it becomes really gray area in like a little bit like I'd rather not go there. You know to me and I feel it takes somebody that's been through this and that's had the experience and went through all the steps and all these years that can show you a roadmap of something that actually works and then you feel more comfortable with taking this road and I just felt like Like now was my time if if if you would have asked me this fifteen years ago so now. I'm I'm ready for this. I'm in the middle of going year. They're they're Phelps forty three now. I've been a pro for almost twenty five years and I've I've seen a lot of played everybody on the planet in every event possible. I've had great success. Great failure so I've been through it all and I think that's what it takes for you as a as a upcoming play or as a new player. You need somebody. That's been through all of that to guide you on this adventure. That's why did it now just to clarify something real quick when we talked a couple of years ago after you and one World Pool Masters I know you had had concern at that time about some physical aspects of your game. That weren't where you wanted him to be now. This isn't any kind of a transition away from being a pro player into being an instructor is it's no no the the the elbow situation was of course very unfortunate and the wasn't that was re my fault. I had a mild to slightly severe tennis elbow. But I'm still playing pool. I got fifth at the euro and I said at that time eight. My break is hurting. When I'm shaking hands it's hurting. I'm going to see a physio. That's how it all started and that fatio made it worse within three days. He gave me exercises. That were so hard that within three days I wasn't able to hold my cue in my hand. I literally drop it on the floor and from that point on I was deep deep trouble. I couldn't brush my teeth. I couldn't eat with a fork or spoon anymore. I had extremely severe Dennis Elbow and from there on I went into this This process of trying to recover and of course the first six weeks to drop every event. Then I took the cortisol which allowed me to play for six weeks but that doesn't do anything in the end it just comes back And then I take then we full stop. That was of course the full recovery process which led me to Winning the World Pool Masters which was of course amazing but after that in the summer the the elbows fully recovered. And I hadn't. I didn't have a problem with the since Brad. With since so physically. I've been in top form on biking Thirty to fifty miles every other day. And doing exercises sodas no problem so it's not a transition out of physical harm so to speak now. It's more thing that you get a little bit older. Like I'm forty three now and you'd feel You've been on a certain roads for a very long time. And that rope gives you a lot of insights and a lot of information that you can share with other people if you if you just walk onto this road for year to. That's not going to be the case but if you do for twenty twenty five years You have a lot of war stories than love experience. So that's why the time was right. Well I mean from what I've seen from the curriculum. I I definitely think the time is right. As much as twenty twenty has been a letdown with everything that is coming up in the game and that has been postponed. But you know I really do. Think we've got some great Times ahead of us for the pro game and and you know like we've said this this kind of stuff isn't down there it. I'm excited about taking a look at it because I'm seeing just from the different sections of it things that immediately jumped out at me as problems. I have in my game and I'm just a ball banger. Yeah but that's great. I mean that's that's the cool thing about the curriculum you. The topics that are there can have an impact on your personal game right away like you think. Oh like that kind of tilt. I have that or like mistake. Bill or bad luck built or or. You're interested in meditating or you WanNa take a look at the oth match feedback loops and where the book list all that stuff. It's it's very very personal very quick. And that's the cool thing about it okay. And it's a combination of video and slides. You said it's a two and a half three hours long. Yeah approximately and in the free course that our mate That was six lectures and chew of them. Were video and I felt it would be a more interesting to ramp up the videos a little bit. So it's at least fifty percent video at fifty percents lights are for the main course and then on top of that. There's another workbook like in the free course. And then I've added the quake learn guides after every chapter. And then there's the thirty minutes skype session and then. I think also extremely Borgen is that I invested in making subtitles in three languages for all the videos slides and those will be in Spanish German Chinese so for people that are not sufficient with English. They have a really good opportunity to just take the course and read along while on talking in English and they can follow it in their native language. So that's a big big loss. Okay and it comes out again. We're recording this on Tuesday but it'll be released on Thursday so it's coming out today as far as people who are listening to this correct and people can get more information where the link will be out to the sales page on. All's all my social media platform so instagram facebook and There's links in all those posts loss of the mail campaign that I started. That was through the free course. Are Those people will get a really nice emails with information and all the links are also there and you can go directly to the Terminator College Dot Com. Oh okay all right well. It sounds exciting. I'm interested in seeing a everything. That's where I wish you all the luck in the world with it and hopefully you'll be able to get back to the states and get back to winning tournaments here. Pretty soon. I'm really looking forward to Mike. I'm glad that I colossus project is. It's very cool to do at of course I'm I want to get back to the game. Seems possible now and I hope I can start playing Durham. It's again it's all a matter now. Think of waiting for the vaccine and borders to open up airport's open and then the airlines have to give go at it. It and then we can start booking flights again plane tournaments so I think it will be another three to five six months maybe But we just have to be patient and just worked on our game and just enjoy the game. You know starting your own country and Oakland to start traveling by the end of the year. Sounds good I appreciate you taking some time and It it looks like a great project. Hopefully we'll get a chance to talk to you soon. About how people are are seeing it. Go thank you very much for your time on Mike. Appreciate all right. Talk to you soon. All right all right. That was the link is in the show notes. I hope everybody gets a chance to go out and and check out at least to the the free plan that he has and get all the information about the other plan. It looks very interesting. I think you know this isn't just. Hey I'm gonNA give this a cursory look and maybe I'll see something to to help game a little bit this. This is serious and he looks like you've really got to dig deep to to learn what he's putting out there but the link is in the show notes check it out. I appreciate the time. That Neal's gave me this was American billiard radio and Dave. We are thinking about you Dan.

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