Episode 381: Burke and Hare


To escape to the loss casts on the left that's one of the cannibalistic listen started the magic adjective sausage and i know there's a lot of people that say guess. The term would be you. Don't wanna see quote unquote how the sausage is made. That's right because it's disgusting no yes it's interesting and it's food science the sausage right whatever the base meters you add in the spices grinded you add in cubes cbs's fat that does so you can take a meat. It's not necessarily the most luscious of meat but you add a layer of fat with the actual packaging aging of the sausage therefore making the meat itself for juicy all right welcome to the last podcast and this is the relaxed fit episodes from bristol england. We are in marcus hotel room speaking of food. <hes> henry is in love with sausage. He is just recommended. When we go to stockholm sweden we eat a platter of different kinds of sausage from what seems to be endangered animals who you go ooh very interesting. If you could open your imagination and look at zoo zoo like a grocery store you can expand your palate tha that of these speedy show this is why every zoo has a no polish person policy uh-huh and of course because we're in marcus room were also starring. Marcus likes to consume which is not meet related but it certainly is dangerous in the sugar content. It is a brew. I'm looking at you. You have a hob goblin. There's not a hob goblin hobnobs you fucking idiot low. Oh sorry i got both the milk chuck and the regular kind. They're wonderful out cookies. Is it a case of biscuit their biscuits as they call them here all only they call it a biscuit here because i'm here you have to i know because i've already been yelled at the the casino yesterday. Speaking of speaking of what i made a massive mistake where i exchanged my money i did okay and then you leave so you wanna do well. At the end. It doesn't matter exchange my money and i said oh wow you guys as currency is so much nicer than ours and then i made the mistake of making a joke in my head that i said out loud and then i said except of course the queen's face on it i said man i am sorry lover. They looked to me as if i just defended them greatly and then i walked out at the casino or bet if you want to get back on their good side just go and grab yourself a little bag of monster mash monster munch pickled onion flavor though it is all so sick persecution i receive group because when i was originally the opening opening of this we had a very severe discussion and disagreement about bear sausage and again listeners sending us mail until his how like i know bear is not the most most common me. I don't think so at all. I don't think so obviously not i know it's not but how often do you see it in a restaurant especially here in europe right because it's like we see like when we went to perhaps lou went to australia and we ate kangaroo finished and people don't eat predators. Predators don't taste good. You're just making it up. You never had it so when do have these every animal. A predator deers a predator not a predator a dad. You don't eat carnivores still do not. It's a predator junior a high no biology they do because they didn't talk about you. Don't need predators analogy. No one's ever that okay also also have you heard about this plants feel and they eat plants. They are still predators of nature. Jenny from forrest sculptures show up in minutes died. She died. She died but no. We're talking about how you can mix up but that's what we what we all have our own pecadillos here obviously when he eats his pickled onions now is is wonderful cost pressed flower lemonade soda. That's what he likes me flowers overpowering flavor but i think it's absolutely spreads scummy as soon as you put it just determining how paul oh paul holywood. I wish you'd put put mushrooms. Kip side cry pitch. I love you sound like julia child. She has never shat berry berry berry. Apparently they don't like each other but anyway. That's that's a whole nother conversation about the great british break off which is this show is not about technically. It's not we could you want this. A relaxed fit built saw ability is out. We do have an actual good story today but we'll look at that we will. I looked up because we're in bristol number one marcus. I just wanna watch watch. Your kidneys aren't going because you've got to watch your sugar. Good call could go but i know that bristol is the famed home of blackbeard the dread pirate oh leave edward teach bill. I wanted to do but lingus t._v. Show girls. Everyone was like they're so brave. They've they're doing butter lingus but they would his name. Would it be brown beer. I ask her but he had an ireland. I think he could still be black. Yeah those are probably my mixed with pepple biz mall and i thought my shit look like voldemort cubes spiciest carrying korea my life last night and my shoulder started sweating spot. I made sure i had some gaviscon. Double action had a few of those men. The the ship was bad but the heartburn was all gone there. It is your table looks like prince. Albert's fucking writer is just all of listen to your that weird energy drink with the bits and look what the hell is. What are the bids powered by glucose. The put a gives you energy how you're gonna. You're gonna fall asleep on stage tonight. You go out and drink think you're fifteen beers. I have my luke thing which which is better or worse here is worse. I actually don't think that's true true. I i think it is the beer is powered by creativity plus but i try to look history blackbeard because they wanted to know more about it because it was always like that was one of those topics that we've been did about one to do on the show. We wanted to do more pirate favorite laura because we think it's fun and a pirate town right. Pirate bars was term certain like you would endlessly roast us for going inside. I went into one yesterday you dave for fish and chips very pirate the mary nautical theme was that that boat restaurant no not the boat restaurant but it was near the water was very nice. Brisk stole obviously it's a history of blood and slave trade interesting city as you look at it but it's history a bit dirk a dart but all of this stuff about blackbeard is all just all the stories are not true your blackberry. He's done a real person. He's a real person maga mation nation. There's a lot of storytelling. When it comes in a lot of exaggeration he had a lot of pirate a man who fishes for a living with tele lie. No fish issue don't fish no plunder they were. They don't fit me. A pirate doesn't need a fish. Don't fish themselves the whole point of being a pirate so you don't have to deficient just going to go into a village fish. Yeah being a pirate guys so pirates or pirates are the technically at the time. They were actually more accepted than they are now. The actual would use them all the time as a reserves for the navy's so it's all of this stuff where you find out that they actually allowed a lot of dishes to have an essentially they would it would become a site hi to konami and that actually blackbeard was closer to we see businessman then a pirate and he has no problem but yes he did light like <unk> firecrackers under his hat to make himself look more scary could do he wore his beard really long and he the ideas that he understood back then that the legend is more important than the fact and so you'd build up his own legend in order to use use his own reputations leverage so then we show up and his bagel ship with all the kind of people would expect this guy that would fucking kill you and your fucking mother you know and he had sex with little babies and then you find out like none of that he was actually a very good negotiator she ater and all of this is actually better no worse because i think that's actually better that. He didn't do all of those horrific things like you silver metal band. That's now in prison. No it's not as fun. It's not fun because you want the story to be horrifying. It's like we did the donner party yeah. That's part of the donner party was that you realize that the story was so much more medal once you went past the the story of the doner like all of the biographies geography or super boring and super dry where you actually can get into so that's why i was like i was gonna talk more about it and i was like all turns out. He's just a good guy. No he's not a good guy. He's an average guy. He was a man of his time. Interesting sounds like the fifth member of tara the way he dresses pants areas the big time cowboy influenced band or pirate influenced band. Oh yeah oh yeah you know. He was very fashionable. That was kind of his thing because we're all black that's the thing with cowboys and pirates no one it gives them enough credit for being so fashioned forward. Pirates have more buckles than cowboys cowboys. Cowboys just got the one the belt buckle pirates have like six or seven. I have more. I've seen some some boot buckles on those cowboys. They'll put a boot buckle on. Their pirates have more things to buckle to themselves that they have more tools. That's because they had one cool the thing that he did have he was famous for having the sort of like a quiver of guns where he had to strap on that would have three guns just on the back of it which is fucking don't because it took a long time to reload them more guns. You have sounds like cable. That's a pretty cool superhero right there. There needs to be a pirate superhero. Is there anyone pirate influenced. I mean technically night crawler. He had a pirate night. Crawler had a pirate face. Okay yeah also i guess is technically. It's fucking what's his name. Johnny depp oh the caribbean but he's not a superhero. He's just a pedophile who is never seen one of those movies with their everywhere. What was his name jackson. Jack speer rats right. I thought johnny rockets no. They are very much more cartoon version but if you do walk around bristol it does feel a little pirates of the caribbean but if i do say that i feel like to a person on the street in bristol aga punched they say oh yeah absolutely well. I had my little bristol experience. You know what i did this weekend. You know what i did this week. Rather i conquered my fear of heights. I went on a carousel chris. Paul and i sat there were load on the man who put me on the carousel. The you know what the cultural similarities people who work at amusement parks no teeth the car cardi cardi is a car and i got on and i was like i'm real scared of heights is going to break made a little height and weight joke about myself. That was really just a big shirt doesn't fall suba thank god. He spun me around a whole budget. He was laughing like all went up around and i had a great view of the city and i wasn't it was scary but it wasn't that horrifying. It's beautiful. The conquer conquer fear this week. That's that's what i say. Unless of course your fear is doing something like a mass shooting in which case don't conquer that fear your. Why are you afraid of that of. I'm doing it scary. Heavy healthy fear conquer that this week and <hes> do something do something that surprises. Even you see i try to do it. I want to go to try to find a succulent u._k. Meal you find a because he's so henry is on the road. We are every time we come to europe. You always flying to the hipster place. I tried to find something cool to eat a den. It just means the chef gave the this is the coolest place in town but you can't can't trust the just go with the basics fish and chips. I had a great dinner last night. I needed a break from the i needed a break from the purely fried break. My whole body was like vegetables something that you can recognize something not brown and so i went and i was like you know what i kind of want a kind of a classy steak with vegetables and a salad alad thing and it still weird. It's weird. They did something to her made aware hipster place in australia as well they they serve the kangaroo anger route coal. Why do any of these things can blue come. I just can't wait until later on today after i go to our vale cemetery after we record i'm gonna go have a shepherd's pie which i've been dreaming about for days now where you'll buell crush it. You're going to get a good. I also was looking at they have that play that pie meisters places place where i'm going to go to be one of the best pie shops and all the bristol but there's like three of them. You know i really wanna try jelly deal ooh you can try jelly deal. It's exactly as advertised jellied eels jellied deal yes now. Why do you want to try that. Because was it something new yeah. I'll totally all that. England is where all trial the weird foods because england is my ancestral land your various suit as he who you are ninety nine point eight percent ninety nine point eight percent english yes and then as soon as we landed in bristol. Marcus looks like i smell the air. I feel like i belong here. Emails right scott felt like yes yes where my people with all the other their tombstone people. It's the same but i understand but promises. Having a pie in the middle of the day is difficult. No it's fine as long as there's no like sugar bigger in it as long as it's just like duke pastry pie belly ma'am but jellied eel honestly though there's no difference between a jelly deal and a bear sausage hostage in terms of what are we eating here but in terms of loch ness monster. Have you read this. They have absolutely no the l. has a long history of culinary uses uses here. It's a poor person's food back in the day because the river thames used to be full of eels and that's all the poor people would eat and and then eventually they flipped it and reversed it and made e o a delicacy. They made it something where all the rich people could eat it once they saw people. Haven't i can guarantee that the same thing about bear sausage. It's literally the same exact. No it's not no one eats literally have no clue what you're barely henry is a place where they make them into sausages. I mean all you did but apparently like sponsor where they just did. Was this huge re like search exhibition into like these people wanted to really talk about like let's nail down all the possible things a lock ness monster could be did this sort of i guess they could take the water from the lock and they could do we dna sampling. It's called edna environmental dna so they can see everything that's in the environment yet but they didn't see any giant ancient creature d._n._a. Or whatever they still don't know how to identify going to buy that but the newest latest theory of what the loch ness monster could have been is a theoretical giant. He'll well. I think that that's still makes exit. The loch ness monster then. I think so yeah it doesn't have to be. That's a crypt in my books. Were giant aseel. If you saw that shit when you were fucking oh god with the locals are not impressed with this at all like the local loch ness monster experts ev any twelve year. Old boy knows that their heels in loch doc ness. Everyone knows their heels. They're this isn't a big ego. The fuck i love cocky like boutique loch ness monsters like a trinket get salesman yelling at scientists. I don't know what it is. Honestly is they are. They do don't want like their money. Fuck with no they don't of course not because if you fuck you straight up in s- finally say that there's a reason what of what the loch ness monster is that ruins is the missed. I actually don't think that would if it's obviously is a once in a lifetime sized deal gab but that's a pretty cool thing yeah but i'm not traveling from america to loch loch ness to see a big deal. You know what though if i was there already there was a chance to see a biggie. Oh yeah take an afternoon. We still have the rubes. They still have us. All the boys like excited to go see it then we'll user are just tapeworms of the sea. I don't know i actually don't know either. I think there's snakes. <hes> banal crowley have a house on the loch ness as well. Yes he did who did alice crowley now so check out them. Yeah can second think where he did. His most famous rituals like the big big like evil rituals he did on loch ness. Queen claimed that robert plant later bought he was doing that one ritual with that huge email that he pumped full of steroids. He dropped it in loch. Ness allister allister currently was it. It was that's whether the tapeworms of the c o c my words to see what i can do as the tail to slap slap when it gets into five. We'll speaking of traveling around marcus. You've got some research that you did on some of the locations we've been i believe that this story crosses over both our land arlit my grandfather does ireland laura marling they would wear shoes on their hands and gloves on their feet <hes> and it also talks about europe and some grave robbing oh yeah today we'll be talking talking about famed nineteenth century irish grave robbing serial killers burke and hare. This shit was awesome. Marcus and i had a really great tourists day going through dublin and so we went and we went to christ's church <hes> for some reason that's protestant. We've been in a lot of stuff about ireland's streak. This trip was fucking. They have got some stories bloody history however although they were irish serial killers their crimes were actually committed in edinburgh scotland. Oh but it's the inspiration for the story came from arcus and i went on a ghost tour of dublin which was told to plug plugged guy i'm not going to do it was a fine. It was fine okay fine until we discovered that they just took us on the goes. Ios tour was just what a three block circle yes around our hotel room and found out all of these locations. I already knew i didn't realize lies. I knew them until all of a sudden we after the bus tour of walking around dublin being like oh. I just been looking at this shit the last three days. It's all been right around the apartment. I've i've been going to that coffee shop. It's kinda go store. Your mom goes on yes but otherwise the one cool part was that they took us to a cemetery where were they started talking about the idea of professional grave robbing which i thought was absolutely fucking fast and of course synchronicity covering mormonism and joseph smith of course and and this <hes> story came from a book that fan actually gave us in dublin called mood mutiny and mayhem by joe. Oh go to me burke inhere. We're not sexually motivated serial killers. They were completely for the prophet. Although the prophet did not not come from the victims themselves what birkin hair were selling was the victim's body cool over a relatively short period of time burke and hare murdered richard at least sixteen but up to thirty people and sold their sometimes still warm bodies to professor robert knox who was a quote unquote out medical doctor who paid a hefty sum for fresh cadaver you know when he got these bodies and he feels like when you get a fresh loaf of bread from the storm stormy like student warm little kisses. Little kisses like this is still pink. I can kiss it in pretended to lie yeah. What did this guy do with all those bodies. We'll see a doctor. He was a dog and he was he ran. He ran a little medical school and the bodies were still warm. Actually it was his students that would comment on on it. Were they would touch. The body in their bodies aren't supposed to be this fresh. No it's better this way. You'll see wanna see how i could squeeze austin austin juicy known fortunately this was sort of the natural progression for business that have been thriving for decades burke and hare there were known as resurrection men which was slang for guys who dug up fresh corpses and sold them to medical schools is back in the early nineteenth century it it was difficult for medical schools to get a hold of cadavers for medical students to dissect especially in the u._k. After they stopped using recently hanged criminals for students evisceration and as a matter of course so cool off to school monday to be hung over at school because i remember when we did our first fetal pig dissection chin and now it was a little rough for me in the beginning because i wasn't as quite as a culinary advanced man as i am today you weren't looking at but i do think there's something very suspicious about a boutique medical school age. I'm not looking for the indy. 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If you had money it wasn't rare to cover a loved one's grave with a slab of granite or marble or encircle the burial place with high spiked rails. A._o._l.'s and a lot of graveyards had nightwatchman that would shoot trespassers onsite cool not just bury me face down ass up and when they try to dig get up. They got a funny little joke because they gotta look at my but he started having sex with it. I'm not one of those big corp- looks not one of those big bill record record now public. I don't understand the whole like when i'm i'm dead. I want to be cremated. Although i really don't care now david cross actually used to do a funny bit about that gives us yeah yeah use my body for science and see you would have to see how a genius brains looks from the inside just like cutting open by balls like uh spa. Polish com is weird what we discovered was that a lot of times these grave robbers these resurrection men they wouldn't actually dig into the grave themselves they they had armies of orphan children that they would pay to go down into the graves put a hook underneath the deceased person's uh-huh chin and then they put them up. It was really cool because on the tour it was a bunch of people were like shaking their heads because he would use orphaned orphaned children to dig way down to the grave and everyone's like that's horrible and both marcus and i think that's great question is is that when the kids we're doing it. Would they doing all the hard work because they send the kids in to berry and through the no one was asking questions like the cartoon the rescuers yes henry raised his hand. The guy i definitely it was like i usually don't get questions on this part of the tour i understand why does the most fascinating thing the kids would tunnel down and he said because they were they got spans small enough to really get in their place more dirk hack open the top of the casket and get to the face and in those kids their jobs are to remove all the the teeth and scoop up the eyeballs because they couldn't get out because they would choose a hook in the chin right to lift it up but sometimes it would snap the tim bone when we're trying to pull the corpse up through the whole of the casket so then they would have to get whatever items they get so the kids would like literally pop the eyeballs all this shit and we were laughing and <music> scaring me like i was a crazy person and i mean it's weird to say but i think if i was an orphan in ireland back in the day it's probably kind of fun. Yeah it is yeah. What else do you do with your day. Eh pop out eyeballs. You bring them up to old crow and you get you get praised for marcus boy if he's ancestoral boy who tomorrow mike morris do it for free because we really love what you're doing. We really what you do is. Is there such a thing as like doing too good of a job because i do when you know you guys are really big on the grave rub in business here but i've got a couple of suggestions that i think we can really take this to the next level. I like our new business. Partners shark tank well. If you were where the people in the british isles that was rich enough for granite or iron gates or hired help your family or friends were forced to stand guard over your grave for days and tell the body rotted enough where it was no longer useful to medical students interested in eun imagine depending adding upon holden mcnealy watch your ran out of battery i would go blue movin split boozy new full twenty-five flip it and reverse it brings. Some bruce have a good time with your friends. Perhaps have a party. Maybe that'd be a nice wake. Actually i think a graveside wake would be a lot more fun unlike the stodgy funeral home wake. That's a great idea yeah a nice because we all love drinking outside. Yeah beautiful trash can put some wooden. There are get a fire going that will be a lot of fun just hanging out there burned tyres around the grave fucking ripping its book making sure no one gets in there absolutely absolutely not and this was very necessary because resurrection men would stay on the lookout for funeral for funeral processions and would fall in line behind the actual grieving families so they could follow them to a new harvesting opportunity. It's so much fun right and sometimes they wouldn't even have to do that because his resurrection men often worked with the grave diggers themselves who would purposely make the grave much shallower the normal for ease of retrieval. I don't think that's fair. You got to go the full six feet. If you're going to get the body is you gotta work for. I don't know but it's all about shortcuts buddy. You got to find out as this. Is your business business. How we even do this show. We are now sitting here. We're doing relax episode. I don't have a shirt on you. Got your little. You got your toes out which is strange to see the nasty. No but i'm fine. I don't show my feet because my feet are also little goblin feeding i wanted to but we've tried to find a way to do this as with as much as little like look uh-huh as we can if you're a grave robin you go for like you know you're getting marcus still just wrote an eight page script this week that we asked him to take it off. Yes yeah so it's like we we dig our hole like ten feet and then these this week we like. We're only do seven feet yeah. No i like it yeah. He likes he likes it. I know it says here consumes all the sugary all all the pickled. You'll potato chips no pickled onions. Sir walkers monster munch knows does an honestly. It smells so good. Oh i'll smell it dude. I really don't like it's one of my favorite smells on earth. It smells like how a cancer dog tells if you have <hes> so god constables fee. I gets a bag because i knew it was going to one another one media yeah yeah but there is no no. There's so much better than funniest. Findings are nothing compared to talk about grape robbie. Gotta gotta can't wait until this episodes over so i can eat more of them. Keep them right next to me. Song sniffen went on travis. Is we need to change these. Mike covers this his trip. What these people would do they sometimes. They wouldn't even wait until the person was dead. Some some gangs had a network of informants in lodging rooms poor houses and back alleys in the major cities and those informants would summon a resurrection men when it seemed like someone one was close to death. That's fucking along. Why are you guys getting so close to me. Surrounded me like this. Here's more munster go yeah. This is gonna do like we're in for the long haul. We want a nice pickled body and then once the person died the gang would sweep up the corpse and hostile it over to the medical school or the doctor would pay him ten pounds sterling which may not sound like plot but that was half of what an average laborer could make in a year who is a sterling ten pounds sterling silver over yeah silly pounds as in there yet i'm asking i think we'll ten pounds whatever ten pounds worth but that's like one hundred pounds essentially no it. We still just ten pounds. That's what they make for a whole year twenty this would do this was like pence. Don't forget about that. This is the late eighteenth century century. Wow yeah yeah so like ten pounds sterling gap twenty pounds is what most like an average labor like your factory workers or you know horseshoe irs or whichever whatever whatever but it's not a proper thing to name someone who sells shoes to sex worker to boom geico shack alaka goes the dynamite from downtown. All you have to do is get a body. Of course you've become a serial killer the mic slot you're only incentivized to do this would have been dahmer's prime time <hes> well as far as legalities. The courts were pretty wishy washy. When it came to the resurrection men and the official word from the courts that a body was not property. Nobody owned a body so the so the theft of a body was not considered a crime however the clothes or jewellery buried with the corpse were indeed property so if a body was taken clothed and jewelled then you'd have a criminal case okay but since a body was worth more than the clothes the jewelry many resurrection men took the corpses nude and through their clothes goes back into the now empty grave. Oh my god what a waste. That's so funny that was the crime is taking all the jewels. I'd also be very mad. If if i just saw a bunch of really useful jewels just being buried with my fucking aunt. Can we just make some replica jews so she can remember member them and then we can have the gills i agree. I don't understand people who bury themselves with their older treasure now. I don't get it either. I'm gonna have a fucking joint my lips. That's different but sometimes medical students didn't wait for the resurrection mint. Do the dirty work forum. Sometimes the medical students would go out on their own and ed geene himself said that he was inspired by stories of medical students in the eighteen hundreds robbing graves. He said that's what gave him. The idea heard about that. In plainfield wisconsin ed geene was extremely well read yeah yeah he had had a lot of time on his comments he go to the library. He was really really big stories about like cannibals <hes> he read like true crime magazines and he said that it was the medical students going out the gave him the idea to go out into the graveyards at plainfield and dig up corpses over his own because he always wanted to be a doctor. I always wanted to be you. You can just see like lightbulbs flickering above his stan eight years of school. They caused state girl. Don't like me feel an for their side. I love this concept of the people were very we now consider for it to be morbid and insane but at the time i guess society itself was probably also against it. They didn't like it but i love the idea that a doctor's with colds reasoning we're like but silence must cutting in one instance two groups of students hoping to rob the same grave on the same night got into a brawl with pickaxes crowbars in the middle of the night over who would have the right to take comb the fresh corpse that both of them came for so it didn't lady and the tramp where they were both sucking on the same time. That's too bad on on went for sixty years. This eventually became like kind of a part of british isles culture where you just kind of new resurrection men were around the the corner piracy yeah and around like you can actually still the cemetery that i'm going to today. I'm actually going to be on the lookout for those long. Those long iron bars around great grades because you can still see those a lot of british all cemeteries cool but what finally brought the practice to a permanent end was the actions of william burke and william hair. 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It's really nice to have somebody to help you out. That's left elliott offer code laughed at checkout at adam and eve dot com com all though they both come from ireland the two of them met in edinburgh somewhere in the eighteen twenties but while burke had at the very least a mind enough to come up with a scam hair was an absolute fucking moron one witness said he it was quote the most brutal man ever subjected to my sight and at first look seemingly an idiot. This is a good game kissel and i i can play all time. Can we go out and i'm the little you know you always have to pull the of mice and men like do. We always have to pull that always got to that's. That's our scam where you go. Ooh you do that like yams too smart for our scam around people start to assume he's all right but then they don't know that actually you do have a mind of area fun game that you play of your own but to me. That's how i see the big brute with the bowler hat on me like fagin like with my little short pants on a little bushel coin. I was walking walking around the park yesterday trying to talk to the birds but they didn't talk to me. I saw you yelling at birds on your screen and then it was on. I was i was in. I was eating some white bread over there. Because that's the only kind of bread they have around here and then i was like i'm going to bring this out and feed the birds and the guy was like no when he took my plate away because he said they have to be natural predators. He took your plate away yeah because i was done with the soup took this'll hold him feed the birds but all this yeah and then he's like oh. No you can't do that because they need to be natural predators but then he took the food out of your hands that he brought me my fish and chips okay so no he was the waiter the part to okay. He wasn't dislike. The man in the park who takes care of the birds took food at your brain what fucking daredevil would go up to a six foot seven man and just take food out of his guy birkin hair where did not kill in order to support their family or to merely survive. These men were both degenerate. Gamblers drinkers and their only purpose in life was was to feed these two habits and november twenty seventh eighteen twenty seven. They accidentally discovered a scheme that they thought would keep them and poker chips and booze. Who's for the rest of their miserable lives podcasts at night and elderly lodger at hairs place known only as his old donald died. This left hair in a predicament because donald still owed four pounds in rent so hair went into his good friend burke always the brains of the operation and asked him what he should do. What do we gotta do henry. What do we got to tell you what kessel weeping colonel fit well burke said he'd heard tell of a business opportunity at the local medical school in which crazy dr knox would pay anyone ten pounds for body. No questions asked and sure enough when they went knox gave him seven pounds ten shilling for old donald okay but it got kind of a discount on them yeah i. I'm discount making money on money. Man okay and knocks made sure to tell him he always pay good money for whatever corpses they might happen upon a drug dealer gives you that i hit for free and so broken hair went and got their wives told him about the scheme and everyone went went out and got drunk together to celebrate their new career. This is i jog now about a this is a credible night man fly on the wall there man that money went away immediately yeah. That's how you keep yourself in business and then we're learning but that's the norm macdonald trick you have your back against against the wall well naturally it wasn't too long before these two men put two and two together and figured out that it was a hell of a lot easier to make corpses is than it was to wait until old man died in their house or to dig up a corpse from a graveyard think about how moral walk around. It's just like we're corpses purpose but we're all alive you hit you ski. Honestly that's great. That's better insulin dirt. There's people everywhere so burke and hare got to the business of murder near there in december of eighteen twenty. Seven hair had another sick lodger on his hands named joseph miller and the boys figured. They're about to earn another easy payday but when miller started showing signs the city was going to recover birkin hair took it upon themselves to make sure he didn't know so. What are you doing going out for a walk yeah. Actually i think <hes> my fever lever broke last night so i'm actually feeling better what's wrong guys staring in here. The pair actually showed a little foresight. They knew that they wouldn't be able to sell a body if they showed up with an obvious murder victim so they came upon a technique sneak that came to be known as burger king ooh that's cool like fleshing hair would sit on the belching fell she yeah let's hair would sit on the victim's chest while burke would clamp down on their nose and mouth. This is our finishing move kessel. It would suffocate them to death never heard we're just gonna sit here. Yeah that's all you have to do in my big threat and how you'll make make that sweet sweet. I know you will anything to keep him easy and relax this this way. The person would die without any pesky knife wounds or strangulation marks. Got your nose uncles way to kill someone okay. It's only enjoying the ride love it. Knocks took joseph miller off burke and hare's hands with a smile. The two men figured they'd come up with the smartest god damn scheme of the century and got to work dispatching dozens more now knocks himself is an interesting character people would later discover discover that his skill as a quote unquote surgeon was mostly self taught so another boutique uh-huh although he later called burke and hare quote celtic thugs he never asked questions as long as the bodies they delivered heard were clean and they went about this business for months. Birkin people left and right that no one would miss then they'd spend the next week or so getting fucked fucked up and gambling away all their money with their wives until the money ran out and then they go out and do it again they had wives they had wives and the wives were in on that so that's is love that it's not true. I think it's true scumbag or i think it's just a bunch of scummy. Fucking is coming. People love each other just as much as classy lassie. Do i'll show you later. I don't think they did yeah. We'll get to that later on in the story and we know that they did this. At least sixteen gene times because burke actually kept a ledger of each time. They murdered someone along with how much they got paid for each body. There's probably how do you give it an air of business. Yeah i mean honestly technically. It is a business technically. It's a business but it's also very hard evidence for murder yes but unless yes you wrote like burke burke burke and honestly it's possible if is not probable that birkin here we're not the first maneuver come across this scheme but they were certainly the last because they were the first to get caught and as it has been since time immemorial when it comes to serial killers. They only got caught after they murdered someone that people missed because until this point nobody noticed anyone was even missing much less dead because what are the basically they're going after like travelers like people that are away from home and kandara lennox. Yes derelict's tramps people that know people that no one's gonna miss. Your like known knew that they were there. The only thing about using them for medical research is that don't you realize it. Every every single cause of death is strangulation so it's like every single cause of death. Suffocation is the same thing <hes> so if occasion. Let's getting really good at finding coming out who got bert well. They're not looking at these bodies a from a sort of like autopsy standpoint comical. It's totally anatomical. All all these guys are doing because at that point we like the anatomical knowledge is a relatively new thing and of america of world the knowledge we go we were run by various humor's for mayor for a lot of period of time like these weird kind of like also diagrams of us being filled with tiny machines the little boy us to act like a robot at dinner and i eat spaghetti go chomp chomp chomp chomp john tump trump and just pretend like i. I had a bunch of little machine men in my head and stuff. I'm reading levers in order for me to eat. I just don't know why your parents put you in. That special needs class. I was supposed to be because i couldn't tie my shoes. Choose until i was nine but burke in air finally got on the bobby's radar when they murdered a beloved had street entertainer named james wilson street name daft jamie. Oh that's my ancestor this fucking smacking himself in the head with a dead chicken. I fucking love this guy. This is the best he was steve. Oh yeah he was a little slow. Hugh is definitely slow. Oh but people loved him. He later tanner so when he disappeared one cold edinburgh eve people noticed and what was more bark and hair actually usually made more than the regular fee because one of jamie's feet was interestingly deformed at least in dr knox's is so so he gave burke in there an extra five pound. This delegates feet are completely crooked an extra sterling for you kills thugs because you know you just walk in like you know what the street really missing. I'm so used to hearing that man going deep. We'll do with the pants on speed missing. He's yeah he'd have foot. It's i met some great street performers in dublin those men's on the park bench. I thought there were statutes. Yeah those guys are great yeah. Did you meet them or you're just looking at him. I looked at them and give them ten pounds or ten euro and then they moved their hands for me. Sir tip opening up your flight uh-huh start blowing you in the square. Statue is well as soon as daft. Jamie ended up on the table. A few of the students immediately immediately recognize the tail tail deformed foot of their favor street performer to like. I think that's daft jamie. I'm pretty certain because i remember when jamie did that whole bit where he says much of my half kaput on my own. Do you remember that bit man. That was a funny base too bad then he was just spread reddened joy in a time <hes> and but knox quickly brushed aside the possibility that it was daft jamie by making sure to start the dissection and with the face before anyone got a good look he's he always has a plan out a plan and birkin hair might have even gotten away with murder but they went one step too far and murdered a beautiful girl named mary patterson who was rumored to be a sex worker but wasn't fact just the groovy freewheeling chick marry have been lured along with a friend named janet brown to a house rented by william burks brother and they were plied with with whisky until mary passed out agenda figured there was something a little off about this situation show she left and told her landlady what was going on but by the time janet got back. Mary was dead in hidden under a pile of straw in the back room and soon she was on her way to dr knocks out insurgents square. <hes> dr knox got super weird with this one since mary patterson was beautiful dr knox kept the body preserved in a barrel of whiskey whiskey for three months just taking it out every once in awhile looking at it and putting it back in again and i'll look putting it back again i mentioned i'm not much of a corpse guy but you guys could do that with me. Gummy in a bad of whiskey. We got one big enough money here everybody taking entering a roast mood today. I feel like i'm e you say weird but i say this demand was just <hes> being a real scientists ryan tests. What was what was he trying to wasn't being a scientist. He actually brought in a series of local artists to sketch the dead body. Wow all scientists trying to figure out and then after he finally took the body out of the barrel of whiskey and dissect it. He sold the whiskey to a local pub. Oh yeah dead lady jews south bay area. I know that that again inappropriate and i imagine if you drink you'd probably w now feel very good. I think you would get sick unless it made you feel really great. I don't think we're ever going to have that chance but before word of mary's disappearance at burkes brother's house got around to the bobby's burke and hare would commit one more murder that of elderly irish lady mary talker t you know the partnership between the burks. The hairs was already starting to fall apart because the burks had started accusing the hairs of selling bodies on the sly without cutting in the burt. Oh wow this is unreal. Honestly that is because we've already. We have a perennial agreement that the three of us will work on things together and we own when it's willing to the last podcast network name we split equally and so even if we do get the grave robbing business and i'm looking at kissel you're going to we're going to split it up. Equally we have to make make that promise here on the show right now all right that's but this is why serial killers have a hard time having partners owners because they're not the most like i don't know honest forthright players you know because the hillside stranglers right they also had entered tension well the chicago river's also had retention comic a band. It sounds kind of like a band john fighting with each other but again it just seems like zero killing for the most is a solo expedition up the mountain and things only got worse when a couple who were lodging next to the old irish lady started asking why she disappeared so suddenly and they were not satisfied with the excuse that she had been asked to leave after getting unquote overly friendly with burke. Oh no you can't resist resistant way to spend some time went to laney. Yeah i love how big in bovis's knees not satisfied. The nosy couple next door checked docherty's room and found around. Mary dougherty slowly rotting under the bed where she had slept just a couple nights previous. Okay now does the whole town just smell like corpses this because you would think that they would smell a corpse under the bed. Unless the entire dow just smells like the gout she was in the room next door and it takes a couple of it takes a while for for a body to really start through the wall. I have had chicken caesar salad in my hotel room for three days. <hes> not this time but i said no don't come in here and an old chicken caesar salad and by six hours in its smell like a corpse yeah but you're in the same room the person in the room next to you can't smell that caesar set that chicken certain south but they also did smell shit yeah but the time period when we cover jack the ripper remember that people were just dumping their fucking duke out on street. Yeah there was a lot of human filth. Those is that what those little crevices were in the streets of dublin crevices. Did you see the little the little slide. I think that was for the duke. I think there was a duke train back in the day. There's also certain places where a carriage groups or carriages used to go to and they would make groups in the street it could be that could be that could be dumper. Gutters and i'm not sure why people people were great. People decrees people at craze well. After the couple found mary docherty's corpse they went to the police reported the berks and it it all came tumbling down now. Naturally the men both blamed each other but the women flipped immediately and both blamed the the men smart. Don't you feel like we all kind of have an agreement and it's you know you've got. We know you're gonna flip. See you just gotta figure out a way to you. Like kind of alleviate was going to happen in the afterwards a little bit eventually hair. The dumb one was convinced turncoat on burke and burke mark was quickly sentenced to death by hanging for the murder of mary dougherty jamie wilson and mary patterson and as it it wasn't those days twenty five thousand people showed up to watch burke hang in edinburgh's lon market and soon after a mob gathered and burn down the medical school where dr knox was important. That isn't a whole day coach fees that he got a laugh. If you gotta cry and you've got to think every single day what coach vivanco who's coach phil. He died of cancer. You've a very motivational speech at the absolute absolutely the e._s._p._n. You don't need to know he laughed. He says laugh cry and think every week we you you think therefore you are coaches are very motivational. National cry every day. Coach is also tend to say things that are extremely common sense <hes> and then they pass it off as deep wisdom wisdom commonsense. They don't wanna cry every time you cry and right now. Let's go down this. Goddamn hair got off scot free. He did scott free because he turn coat and there was not much evidence because most of the bodies that they had murdered had already gone through the dissection process and we're now. I don't know glue something bad idea like pigeon food yeah g. They were fucking gone you. You don't wanna feed the pigeons the they need to be natural predators. I've never even heard that before. Ashley old me. We're in a different country. We have to follow hair was chased out of scotland and died as a blind beggar in london. Many years later while the women went off to australia and ireland respectively effectively knocks though tried to flip it and reverse it by doing the u._k. Lecture circuit on an as an expert on the criminal mind. That's all you want to be luminous. He wants to be dr. Louis halloween became dr loomis or to me thinks you're you're the psychopath dr loomis. The first words i've ever said is michael mayer. His specialty was racial theory because this was but this was back in a time when they're like oh yes. The irish sure a different race from us anglo-saxon because does he said that he had the inside knowledge. The mind of the ketogenic thug claimed could fool even the most intelligent of saxon. I don't know if that's true. I know but i will say that you could find that that weird inner white people racism and in creating a whole series of conflicts in ireland which made it sort of like a big goal fiddle filled vietnam. It's tense country. It's rising the troubles like you still feel that to this day and it's intense it's of course all of this finally led to sweeping legislation legislation when it came to how medical schools got ahold of bodies finally after sixty years of grave robbing the warburton anatomy anatomy act actually criminalized the practice for the first time and gave medical schools permission to use unclaimed bodies from work houses and hospitals verde section instead of buying them from men like burke and hare is like when i started making it illegal for kids to not wear helmets yeah i mean this is the nanny state and fortunately in edinburgh we we're not going to be able to see it. Burke skeleton is on display in edinburgh in an old museum but it's closed right now. There's actually a notebook made from berks skin on display in the museum but yeah my buddy neil told homemade's fucking closed right now so we can't go. You really wonder why people get so afraid of white people countries and they just did fucked up stuff ashley. Eh louis walk by the marcus and i had a little bit of a sightseeing little walkabout this morning and we walked was the hatchet in hatchet in who walked over there where it's supposed to have a section of the doors supposed to have human skin like imbedded in it and we looked at it then it's just paint it looks just yeah just looks like paint but that's the funny thing about these places that like i just last last night posted on instagram a video of a dog eating traffic cone and then someone commented like go to the in a skit on the door yeah exactly the same. Maybe they should just search beating their animals. Yeah maybe that's when the dog fucked up that cone for for like twenty minutes half on chew toy for dog. I walk past the same dog and it was owned by homeless. Woman in homeless woman was doing this thing she was sort of. There was a elderly taurus couple sitting on a bench well that dog was going and this weird homeless was dancing in front of them and they were both sitting looking as if the thought that this was a show he had smiles and eventually but the woman went and she grabbed the cone and slap the dog dog when the dog bite on the cone and they're pulling back and forth she led the dog have it but then she did this weird whirling dervish like dance in front of the couple and and they're like that's the great great granddaughter of daffy stewart living with that guy was clubbed. John moses daft daft jamie deaths james well. That is a wonderful story mark sharon you might be like the great great grandfather of jamie kennedy. It could be all right. Everyone will thank you so much for listening to this week's episode that we have we have more to come. We have our journeys continue. You know we we realize this. We're going to be your long time buddy. We got really hammered at the very last night in dublin and remember because we were staying at that wonderful fitzwilliam. Oh great hotel uh-huh by here has been wonderful as well <hes> we should we should praise hotels as opposed to just disown the highest place in saint saint paul minnesota oda fuck go corker self. We went there and legitimately. I thought it was kissel lower right because you were like scott twenty four seven bar and i was like i don't i don't believe so yes because i i just thought they were just feeding you. Boos from destroying the lobby then we sat at this bar at the hotel and for people they're saying there. It's twenty four seven where there's no bartender. It's just like the shining really sitting in a bar alone. There's nobody in their silent silence islands. We're sitting there and then put all you do is like i need a drink tail and the person from reception like over drinks and then go back at the reason that they allow it is because it's he says a lot of americans. Stay here. You can do irish people. They said they would not allow it because they don't want like they don't know how to stop drinking. He said but the americans they're very conservative they you'll have one or two and i never heard very happy for us though we did not always happy that americans represented our country so well violent lie knowing yeah no it's not we actually know how we do know how to drink. That is one thing that i've noticed here is that they like to drink until they are monsters. It's funny when he said the irish grew and he's just like because. I don't know how to tell you this but sometimes the irish they drink just a drink uh-huh i certainly don't ever do those aren't our lineage people by any chance so yes we will be out on the road. I can't wait to see everyone. We got berlin. We're close were were nipping it up with berlin before that. We got stuck home when we got london. We got manchester birmingham birmingham birmingham. It's gonna be a blast. I wonder if that a black sabbath museum they have in birmingham. Oh yeah that'd be awesome have to spurs having metal alright. Is there anything else because they get so we got. I think that's it. That's it man we got mormonism part nineteen. We are really like about really the rounding rounding the corner on here. We have learned quite a bit we again. We're going to address a lot of the stuff that people have sent to us. I'm very very excited to continue on this tour. I am oh man. I am just in deep in it. I watched a full mormon ritual last night. I watched <hes> someone brought in a hidden cam into one of the temples and i watched watched all hour and twenty minutes of it and it is it is interesting right and if you want to send us your stories on your experience with mormonism perhaps you are more or an ex ex mormon side stories l. p. o. t. l. gmail.com all the goddamn bear sausage. I want to find out if people have had this thing and how often people are eating it and interview. I guarantee if i get at least because i imagine you're gonna learn. Five people be like i've had it before but that means that like how many listeners did we get about two to three million in an episode now. We're gonna get like zero point zero zero zero one percent. That's what we're looking for. The exceptional laws bears are omnivores so their meet tends to taste like their last meal cool so if a bear eight a bunch of shit or what but honestly now what is the bare eight one of your pickled ginger ales or whatever then you dan were them. We're talking about horse of a different color mayor of a different pants. I love it goods bears honey. Sometimes there's her face off their whole article on. Here's why people don't eat bear me out. That's just the anti-bear campaign. It's going to fuck with the anti puffins meet campaign and it's actually it's kind of what you were saying before before. We started recording that they're invasive species because they're they're called invasive four hours with people that specifically eat invasive species <hes> but they don't eat bears because bears tastes like shit. We'll find out. I just like that though so you didn't read that before we had our conversation but i'm saying my instincts were correct yes but you you just had instincts before an embarrassing carnivores omnivores. They're like us. Oh very not i mean i'll still gonna probably eat it all right. Everyone everyone will we will let you know about our food experiences as we continue to travel and hopefully you don't shame us too much because <hes> you know we love you and we love people right. He's it's like experiences experiences. I'm curious boy. I'm being curious all right. We'll see what the live shows never forget hail yourself. He'll satan hugging relations nations. Let's go down mediscare oxford. This show is made possible by listeners like you. Thanks to our ad sponsors you can support our shows by supporting them for more shows like the one you just listen to go to last podcast network dot com.

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