Ep. 45: Knocked Down, Nicked Up, But Never Out Brewers and Cubs Keep Fighting


Well to welcome to the new best rivalry in baseball. Hello again ninety miles podcast fans welcome back for another week. It has been an epic week week and all kinds of different ways yeah that's Ryan Ryan is of course here the cubs fan but around anyway I'll there. It's more like I keep you around for for the three brewers fans listen to this podcast but yeah well. It's Kinda Kinda generous of you in the cubs to keep the brewers around right bad it's been it's been quite a week sir. We've got a lot of stuff to cover today. I was actually going to be nice to you but you're already kind of. I'm already Kinda. Get getting on you a little bit right. Is it already already certain your you. You're not irritating. You're tainted no no. No you better not like okay. That's era tatum WANNA jump in. We're trying to do the introduction here anyway. The anyhow holy cow right what a week this has been absolutely crazy. the emotional roller coaster on the brewers side the cubs are having issues but everybody's tied up at the wildcard yeah everybody's four-game back four games back of the stupid cardinals yeah they WanNa talk a little bit about Yep. Both clubs have had some major losses. Obviously Yell Login Biogas so the parallels of these two squads are Kinda continuing There's some good news though for both clubs that we're GonNa talk about as well unfortunately we're GonNa talk about the cardinals because we don't really have a choice. There's fronts but yeah how's your week been. You've been busy. We haven't chatted as much as we usually do. Yeah yeah been a little busy. I was Outta town. I was in Vegas visiting some family family this week for a couple nights and then yeah to spend you know doing what I can hear but yeah you're excused for not watching the padres absolutely demolished you team right well I wouldn't I wouldn't saves demolished. I mean they split annoying. Split shouldn't Abana split but you know yeah you guys got the padres coming up and hopefully you guys split so then then whatever but but yeah well you got the cardinals coming up for seven so yeah that's going to be a whole different topic to the band cooled down ray when the great when they cooled down the cubs the guide them for seven so that's okay when the cubs heat up so it it'll work out fine so I like your optimism well. What else can you what else can you do? I mean I you know as a cubs fan going way way back to you know the eighties and on through there's been many years. I'm saying well there's always next year. I'm saying that in July so I'm not gonNA it wouldn't even be fair to say while there's always next year. Now you know certainly a chance of either so like you know. It's it's I gotta be optimistic. It's I you know no. I just anytime I get frustrated or upset. I just gotTa think back to when they were the lovable losers in there was really no from doing much and I thought you were going to go back to my mental reset episode and realize that you know that's really the way the way to get through it right. Just that nice realization that the cubs just aren't what you thought they were. Wow they you know they're the brewers aren't what I thought they were either right there. which is which is amazing so yeah and of course you know? There's been a lot of adversity for both squads will cover some of that today. I think we should dive in a little. Where do you WANNA start? Should we start with Do you want to start with the big boys. The big losses get that depressing stuff out of the way and then we can get positive as the episode goes. I suppose I suppose so you know well. No Baya's has done for the earlier and I didn't I did not want that I as an opposing fan I always like beating the cubs. The cubs are at their best that also means you don't have any excuses uses it happens but then of course massive news on the brewers side Yelich goes down breaks his kneecap against against Miami and a foul ball of freakish play the super depressing as a brewers fan to watch that happen he was making a strong case for a second. MVP If he carried that team into the postseason with the kind of numbers he was going to put up. I mean he ends the season with forty. Four home runs and thirty steals. He was a clear candidate to be the first fifty fifty thirty man in baseball ever the historical thing something that I don't think everybody thinks about it the same way that I am right now but growing up you know I remember some historic things I remember the molitor hit streak and I remember that finally even though the brewers never really went anywhere when I was growing up even eighty two I was only three years old. I don't remember that well. This would have been something that I could've talked about with my six year old son for years to come. Hey you were watching games with me. When you were six you saw Christian Yelich you know make history and just that bond that you can build over that and it got cut short by freak injury and that's the saddest thing for me is that why won't be able to you know share that experience with me and more importantly Yelich doesn't get to finish an incredible incredible run this year and regardless of what happens with the birds the rest of the way that's the most depressing thing to me and cubs fans and can have some similar feelings with by going down? I wouldn't say by as was on a historic run but if you're going to go make some noise in the postseason this year and create those kinds of memories. What a key element right right well yeah yeah? I mean it's it's I guess you can make that comparison Harrison and you know I mean obviously by as is is. He's certainly a decent year. Yeah Oh for sure though it's not like last year's. MVP candidacy candidacy released really solid season and the reason the reason. I'd say it's not quite like glasses. I think he's he's evolving and sometimes you gotta go through some growing pains or some adjustments he's making so I you know which is going to favor them more so in the long homerun and maybe this year there's some bumps on the way but still a very respectable season nonetheless and it's going to hurt the cubs not have them. It's going to hurt tonight. Have them defensively. He's seen a little bit of that already. you know they're they're yes in that brewers series yeah in the Bruce Series Addison. I I believe through one away that ended up really sticking in the cubs late in that ball. Oh yeah and that's that's always been a thing with Addison Russell. That's why I she said that going way way way back. When I you know it was old thing well when Addison Rosa comes back or is he gonNA play and I said well he should play second base because he has issues throwing sometimes sometimes has throwing issues and you know and maybe just throwing from second base might be a little better fit for him than shortstop when you got hobby by as like him at shortstop shortstop for sure so so I mean obviously that disrupts that you know a bet right? I have a question for you on Addison Russell. Actually I've seen some some people say that he's a borderline gold glove quality defensive player. Would you agree with that statement or not particularly. He's he's he has he definitely has good range range and good feet good with his glove again. The only negative with okay with his fielding is throwing the when he's he's made airs or almost always throwing heirs and and you know but I otherwise no I mean he does. He does have a good range. He gets to a lot of balls so yeah. I I mean I I go glove. I guess you know maybe with the hit being his throwing issues on that on that shirt. I guess I think Gold Glover's. I don't think I think they make the easy plays look or I mean. The hard. Play is look easy in almost automatic and I'd never really really I know Addison Russell is smooth but never got the vibe that he was Gold Glove caliber shortstop lies so much cubs baseball borderline was so maybe like a so he has the ability to be like a top five national league shortstop that kind of level right. There's fifteen teams so he'd be in the top five if he he was there every day that type of thing I mean yeah I think so and I think if he's in their regular at the short the even the throwing issues settle themselves down on a little bit I that could be part of it. He he hasn't been playing shortstop breaking Yup so but but yeah I mean he's going to be missing now. How a little bit he down your third level right well that so that third level it'll shortstop Nico Horner? Yes yeah who I talked about quite a bit and in the spring because he was spring training yes yeah yeah very exciting very exciting player and yeah. It's Nice I guess you know while it's not not a great circumstance but as we talk about you know usually rookies getting a little bit a major league experience is not because of any good news. It's usually because of bad news typically late but you know we did exactly the brewers went have seen cast in hero if Travis Shaw wasn't an absolute. He's a ghost himself. He's not even a shadow of himself. He's barely vapor of himself so yeah yeah U- usually when these rookies come up especially a guy making the jump from Aa. It's not it's Oh yeah either. A society call up situation worse I mean I didn't even think I didn't even think he'd we'd see him. Sir definitely didn't have any. I you know thought that we'd see them this year and even next year. I thought well maybe maybe we'd see him next year but really it's it's. I mean the a year after that is potentially is like rookie year really where he might get qualify that would be you know my guesstimate on that but who you know again. It doesn't you never know and he's done. He's personnel over the winter. Yep I mean he's he all you can play your way in. I mean Kevin here at for the brewers hand eventually travel shot and help anything and he's not helping anything right now either. I don't even WanNa talk about Travis Shaw horder Nice Start Right. He's got you know. Seventeen Plate appearances fifteen at bats always five for fifteen basically three thirty three average age seventy eight Oh. ps a nice start yeah. Obviously it's only verses I mean for coming up and he was of course done for the season. you know the they'd had wrapped up their season so he I think he was sitting in at home in Oakland and was watching the cubs game and then he gets a phone call. It's like yeah come to San Diego you know so I mean to come up with that situation. Tion com rather unexpectedly and and to you know getting pulled together five hits in fifteen at bats and one of them are triple four R. B. I.'s is some Nice Clutch hits there couple of walks as well and only two strikeouts yeah I mean that's that's very respectable right now the they they don't even know for sure on Addison Russell the most recent news that I've seen is you know it's a nose contusion obviously off the face unfortunate but yeah still evaluated for concussion like symptoms who knows is proud but you know uh-huh okay yeah. That's what was going on because if we're going to if the brewers are GONNA if the bureau plunk anybody it's Addison Russell right. He's he's obviously the scariest of the bats. That's who you go yeah good point right okay. Maybe for other reasons but we are going to get into that. It's fine cheer for that kind of stuff. Yeah did that kind of stuff. If the guy did something wrong. Put Him in jail. That's right right. I mean as far as I I turn on that I mean it's that's another separate subject in this is a a baseball podcast and not so much a tabloid Loyd not a political. I mean jocks. Were Not GonNa sit here and do that. I mean obviously we're by uh-huh that's by no means an endorsement of anything that's happened of course I mean we basically agree with the general twitter fire out there but we're designing. It didn't play baseball but that's yeah no ed rather. I didn't have to see that but then there's cubs fans that would rather they didn't have to see Ryan Braun and that is a different story altogether. Other teams got some some skeletons in said closet so moving along the injury the Baya's injury yeah seriously unfortunate things with these teams doing what they're doing right now. The brewers winning seven straight to get back to even with the cubbies should be the most exciting time you want the best the ball players on the field. It's just going to be the case. There's no Baya's there's no Yelich. Yelich is out six to eight weeks or four to six weeks depends on who you talk to some say it could be backed by the second game of the world series that kind of made me chuckle because they've already reset my mental expectations. I can see the burs getting into the postseason and having a nice little run but seriously world series okay well by as you look out for the regular season they there's a possibility ability in the postseason but you know again. Okay okay well. That's that's good because that's why whenever the cubs ain't making the postseason anyway the right these teams we're GONNA get into the rising in the falling and kind of what's going on right so the cubs have been a little unsteady of the brewers did their damage against them taking five out of seven and then going on a seven game win streak. It's nice to get Miami one. Miami's not hot so that was a Nice four-game Sweetie at Milwaukee's even with the cubs feel about that because I think it was about a week ago you said something to the effect of I'm not worried about the brewers brewers. They aren't going anywhere anyway. I'm only worried about the division. Well Yeah I still I still feel the same way we're here. You know so you swept the Marlins Orlando Congratulations you know and yeah I mean and we already talked schedule even doubt because brewers games you know were there were what they were but good luck was go back and listen to that episode. It's Great Time Ryan's Ryan's in a good mood. You know I you no I you know the cubs now they got. They got the pirates here or this weekend yes and then they got the reds yum so six six easier games so that's going to be important while the brewers meanwhile have the cardinals and the padres the cards and the pods. How do you feel about the brewers weekend series with the cardinals who you rooting rooting for well? I've ever going to get into this in detail a little later. You'RE GONNA save your take on this. Yeah Yeah Okay but we'd get into the yeah yeah so before we get to that. Let's let's talk about I thought we were GONNA talk. About what are we going to talk about. We are well the rising and the falling of these teams yeah Milwaukee obviously super hot. The cubs are basically treading water. They haven't lost ground anybody but the brewers really because the the mets. I think there's still a couple of games back. if I'm not mistaken so are the phillies at two or is it two and a half the phillies to Arizona has fallen off a little bit after the mets swept them so Arizona's three and a half back the brewers have been the ones rising to the top they've got Mike Mushtaq doc is kind of finally healthy again up until two nights ago mistakes. I think had seven at Bats since August twenty sixth so he had been on the shelf casten hero is off off the injured list but he's only available as a pinch hitter currently. They're hoping to have him back on the field for that Padre series. It's you you know. Some people on twitter tried to make the injury feel better by saying what if I told you we traded Christian Yelich for Mike Dacas cast in here on Brandon Woodruff. That doesn't make me feel any better because it's like well what if yellow was healthy and we got all those guys man. You know you're talking about a team getting somewhere. Brent suter has been excellent. We we stock us. When he came back from injury he went three for four two home runs in that Miami game and one of them was at the top of the ninth? Take seventy five lead huge huge stuff. I mean that's that's a Yelich performance. That's what this team's going to need to stay to catch the cubs and stay ahead of the cubs. I'm really excited about the fact that the bruiser healthy obviously I'm crushed on the yellow side my mental reset did one thing for me. It put me in a spot where I'm just really enjoying this this is this is fun the brewers I haven't had a hot streak since April. It's yeah the cubs on the other hand well well you know five and five in their last ten. They're treading water. What's going to have to change which Joe Madden going to have to do to get the cubs back on track here? Well what's Joe Madden GonNa have to I boy what's your team get. What what? What are you gonNA have to do? They're struggling. How do they snap out out of it? Do they wear funky close on the airplane. Does that work this time yeah I don't teasing kind of fun actually definitely need solid. Some solid starts from the starting pitchers. I mean that that's for sure one thing especially laster you know you darvish has been very solid. We're GONNA talk about him. but yeah I mean I'd say that's a big. That's a big thing can can Joe Madden they do a little craig counsel magic where he manages that that oversized roster a little differently to get this kind of ship righted a little bit so heavily reliant on their starting pitching that they can't do the mix and match thing that the brewers like to do with Gio Gonzalez going for three or four innings suitor for a couple can do some of that yeah I mean well. You know the it's nice again. you know Darvish yesterday. He pitched six innings. fourteen strikeouts strikeouts is the IRA has done is under four now and you know you get six innings then you know they're able to do cow Ryan in a couple couple innings and then they had wick finish it up and you know it it just one wicker thoroughbred Wick Rohan Wick who who really has some really good stuff it which is why I could see him you know kind of getting in there in that kind of a situation and you know but yeah that's I'd be pitching wise. It's I think you just need more more length from starters that spent a little low week other than Yu Darvish Irish which which speaking Darvish you know as I've been saying as I said even in spring training talking about darvish is as per nine nine rate. You know your sweat yeah. I can feel your browser and you might you might need one too because you're gonNA get excited about about this. this like you get excited about the way he manages okay yeah. I got excited. What about fielding? I do get excited about feeling feelings fun to watch except when it's heavy by us so on so the thing is that that I think is a big part of why you darvish is such a a really elite strikeout pitcher this this is spin rate and I haven't seen that all along and it's it's just it's it's been climbing. It's I. I haven't disagreed if he can control. He's always had great stuff love. It's just a matter of whether or not he can control it right. I don't think he can sustain the kind of control has right now that he's had for a month and a half almost two months now right. I don't know that he can ever do that over the course of a full seat well we'll see next. I haven't seen him do it in four or five years the next year I think I think he's you know it's it's like Cy Young. Yes yeah aren't too predictions yet all right well next year but but yeah it's for you yeah it's. I think that's a pretty you know. He's been fantastic tastic. No doubt I'm not gonNA argue with that. It's it's been the other portions of the club. That obviously aren't performing to what the expectations speculations were Kimbrell is still down. The cubs are suffering through yeah that lot of Milwaukee already suffered through Milwaukee's getting healthy outside. He yells at the right time. The cubs are dealing with the adversity late in the year. You is actually really. He's your stop right now. He's the one helping to carry the team to stop. The bleeding thing that win. Yesterday was much much needed for the cubbies. If they had fallen behind Milwaukee I think twitter would have broken. I think Chicago would have shut it down by themselves. Now there is a there's a lot of panic on the twitter machine and I don't know that it's necessarily I'm on your side a little bit. I don't think the cubs are in a complete meltdown here I think I don't think so I like. I said I mean it's going to be a fun little struggle. I mean they split with the padres. It's not you you know the end of the world. If they got swept by the padres I'd be a little more concerned and the games against birds we already talked about and it is is what it is that was great yeah a- anyways talking about madden a little bit I mean he has been shaking some things up yesterday did have Rizzo leading off so you know that's always one of his shakeup moves as throw Rizzo in the leadoff spot and yeah you know whether that had a big impact not to get a walk and then score that was in the first inning so that got the cubs you know a run in the top of the first which always helps and then and then with Darvish Darvish pitching and they're able to add on three more through the course that game and and we're able to pull off the win but Bryant Bryant been looking a lot better. I mean that's been one thing that's been an issue you know he he Bryant got an RBI yesterday at a two home run game the other day actually Bryant and Hayward both add to homerun days. Hayward's been looking better. He had a quite a sump for awhile but he looks like he's. He's broken out now. he was two for four yesterday as well all he had double so he's he's seen the ball again. He went through little slump there. That didn't help so you got Bryant. You got if you got hayward picking up again. You Got Rizzo's Ben Ben Okay. Schwarzenegger's Ben continues to be steady CASTANOS. you know if he has he did city heat up in the padres series because I know you went basically Oh for twelve to finish the brewers series. After he hit his Grand Slam he didn't hit the ball again has a heated. Did he heat up a little bit in San Sandiego or is his yeah yeah I mean he threw that no no let me see let me just double check like you know but he's no I mean I think in in the I mean that was just a small sample size on your on that series yeah he did issues. You were so proud of him. After that home run that Grand Slam now he had an okay series. I'm seeing what we got ten to two four one for three the the tend to hit a home run against the padres and then yeah and then he had a hit hit a walk the the next and game. I did having over four but yesterday gotta hit again so you know yeah yeah. His opium has dropped it peaked at eight fifty seven after that Grand Slam Games at eight thirty thirty three now so he's he's cooled off some on the poor side but he did did get a dinger in San Diego. Lets you know whatever good for the cubs who cares but yeah you know just to kind of wrap up what we're talking about one thing I wanted to cover with the managers. I was just trying to see if there's something you thought Joe Madden can do to me. It sounds like it's basically hold steady the one thing I'm really excited about and it's become a trend the last three years with Craig counsel this team gets really good in September for some reason as an and what I'd like to point out that's obviously when the roster size increases the way he manages a large roster is a huge advantage for Milwaukee they've got. They don't have the top end quote unquote talent maybe or priced talent anyway that the cubs have but what they do have is a lot of depth on average to above average guys that can come up and contribute. Everybody underrates that Milwaukee brewers farm system. I'm thinking might actually be a little better than people give it credit for ah when you see their teams know their teams are playoff contenders and in the playoff the last couple of years most of the time and every time those young guys come up they seemed seemed to contribute now some of the retreads that they bring up I in the bullpen or rotation don't always pan out but several of these younger players have stepped up and performed well and you go back to last year had several young players come up and perform well Corbin Burns flamed out this year but last year Burns Peralta woodruff huge contributors so it's fun to watch council manage this I think if last year he deserved manager of the Year award which I believe he did. I think he actually probably deserves it more this year. Forgetting through the incredible amount of pitchers they've used the it's the adversity and the injuries. It's I think it's been a better performance from Craig Council this season and last despite all the detractors that you have out there saying he's not doing things right. He handles that big roster pretty well my opinion so just wanted to spit that out. I'm bored half the cubs fans to death now three of them at least turned it off right. Are you still with me Ryan. You still there. Oh i. I wasn't really paying attention. are you done. Okay yeah all right good. I do sometimes a little bit and let you get that out of your system so so we can move on to more interesting of the podcast otherwise you just saw it. It said it'll hayward all aw come on get all the boredom out and one little chunk there. Now we know the rest of the episodes should be entertaining to stick with us. I'd rather that than you sprinkling boredom throughout the whole episode because then the whole episode just is no good so no yeah okay well speaking of boredom if he ever get bored and into your at home and you know just taking a ballgame. Don't forget about our friends over at gametime blitz at the APP download. I'm probably GONNA actually I'M GONNA. I'M GONNA give it a go tonight. I'M GONNA BE Ninety Miles Jesse that'll be my handle on the game time the GAMETIME APP the brewers and cardinals and the featured game tonight. If you get every question right you can win a thousand in dollars so it's totally worth a shot. It's a good time you basically an hour plus before the ball game starts to get a list of predictions make your choices and then as the game goes new questions will pop up that you have to answer and try and get right and if you're in the Wisconsin area go to the APP find the participating locations because then you can go straight to the location and you can win prizes and things of that nature so go have some fun with that. I'm sure Ryan. You'RE GONNA TRY IT at some point here to work tonight but Yep yeah so definitely check it out. I think it's going to be a lot of fun on Football Sundays to tell you the truth that'll be a blast so and Saturdays with the badgers you bet yeah yeah yeah definitely check that out so go. Check it out and yeah I mean it's yeah you gotTa do better than we do in our plugging that with me there dude what's that got to do better than on our predictions Oh God our predictions are terrible. They're fun but we're really bad at them. Yeah Yeah you know we go out on limbs. You know yeah my prediction tree has a lot of very light thin limbs and a God. We both got the Yu Darvish one wrong. We got you got the electron Ron. I got the sweep wrong. I got update those well he should he he'd hit a home run and a walk off hit. I mean that should count like for two out of the three rate. No it doesn't matter. He didn't hit three in the three APPS. I know oh it sucks. Now is done for the year and the just sucks yeah. How about a little for better for worse? We got the Saint Louis this games coming up right so the cubs got seven left with the stupid cardinals. The brewers start a three-game set with the stupid cardinals who you cheering for Ryan the brewers or the a stupid cardinals this weekend oh boy I mean you know I I you know first. Foremost comes need to win need to keep winning games. I I you know I don't WanNa get overly yeah. I mean I I mean assuming that I don't want to get overly obsessed with scoreboard watching but I guess if if I had to pick if we you know assuming the cubs do just fine which is of course the plan especially against the pirates and the red but the reds are so good Ryan. They're supposed to be better than the brewers. Are you sure well there'd be order line the borderline better we could talk about the gory and win loss and stuff. If you want I could make a case by case because it means a lot. You can not only that but that was with Yell L. Let's all year besides the case could be made but now without Yelich devil's advocate here back Moose Hill Hurrah. I don't care than the matter so okay so I I you know there's two ways to look at it. The safe way to look at it would be probably the the conservative Safeway would be cardinals beating the brewers just to help further at least secure the cubs wildcard spot now the more optimistic but but I didn't care about the wildcard you're concerned about the division right the more optimistic way as far as sites on the division which is not out of the question with four games back with seven games to play against Saint Louis for the cubs. They're Milwaukee's got a chance at the division yeah yeah so I mean for the market he wanted to you. You want to know what would be best for the PODCAST. Oh there you go. We could root for the PODCAST. That'd be fun right. Well that would be the cardinals absolutely collapsing lapsing and not even getting a wildcard spot that sounds good yeah. That's got me as hot as you get for you dervish so that would be the cubs winning the division the brewers getting the second wildcard in Washington now Washington's and other interesting thing because another possibility would be cheer against Washington Ashington and the cubs brewers take the two wild card spots which that's not a completely out of the question. It's not in the hands of the brewers cubs they would be more the for the nationals to lose that but but in any case that is mathematically another possibility sure well the traditional thing to think incorporate. Every manager is going to tell you we've just got to take care of our business and the rest and that's actually technically that's true for both Chicago and Milwaukee if they take care of their business business they're in yeah. They're tied right now. If they untie well right now they'd be playing another game sixty three which would also be pretty good for the podcast by the way if if both these teams handle their business they'll at least get a plan game. That's the minimum in if they don't handle their business then that's the problem but I still look at this with seven games left against the cardinals. The cubs might end up really having a hard time just keeping that slightly above five hundred pace going they really have to handle the pirates in the reds right now. Oh yeah absolutely without on the side looking yeah. I mean if you don't handle the pirates in the car the reds you're not earning your way into the postseason anyway. There's these teams between Milwaukee. The mets Philadelphia via somebody will run you down if you place up five hundred ball. That's just how it's going to be and that go. That's just as true for Milwaukee as it is yeah for sure from group Yup from a brewer's perspective. You know I did the mental reset. Everything has been going good since then the vibes good. I'm just enjoying it but what I would root for right now. I think it's similar to what you're saying for the podcast but I'd probably root for like a four three cubs series win against the cardinals will milwaukee stays hot. Milwaukee walkie can handle some business this weekend though they have not played well against the cardinals of late if they lose if they get swept they all admitted I think that's it you know that's probably probably the end of the season even with the rest. It's not quite over if they get swept but it's pretty damn close if he can take two to three from the re- from the cardinals they should maintain at least well not necessarily they'll be within a game of Chicago minimum for the final wildcards yeah and so I mean and that's I I mean the thing is that I mean the cardinals are playing good. They're still playing good they. I we both are hoping that they cool off here and and they have to weigh team teams that they're not that good I agree. I mean they're not okay okay. They've been twenty one and nine their last thirty are they that good no exactly nineteen and six last episode sewed when we went over there. They lost two of their last three about freaking time. You know it's like yeah Lou or what time six four their last is ten so but you know we're coming back to Earth a little miss. You know they're facing a decent team. In Colorado. They lost the cup and that may be happening with the nationals tells its nationals were twenty or twenty ten their last thirty but they're four six their last chance so there's there's signs of cooling down potentially. They're there but yeah right well. They can't keep pitching lights out like that yeah although they did the to the to rockies losses were two to one ball games so they pitch pretty well I don't know I they can't keep this pace up. There's no way you can milwaukee. Keep the pace up there on you know eighty two in the last Austin I hope so here they seem to do again the cubs I increase their rate and have a better rate than their five hundred fifteen fifteen last ask thirty. They're they're ten ten their last twenty there five five ten they've been exactly five hundred ball and all those ranges I- outside yeah outside of this last seven games or so milwaukee that really the last ten or so they've been ah five hundred club most of the year said April and September. That's what Milwaukee's been very active. The gory and win loss is under five hundred but but anyways the statistic and the wars name. Why would you call it yeah? I don't care anymore having to do with a triangle yeah I the news. I don't know a dead horse. There's a dead horse involved. I think yeah I think last week we found a dead horse. Yeah you take number runs runs and divide by Pie and then times the radio. I don't know yeah we're we're clearly clearly we went to school for music and not for me anyways there's a lot of math and music but not not Eso anyway so I mean the cubs they got the pirates in the reds for six games. I mean I in my opinion. They need to win. Five of the six there needs to be a one sweep and the other two out of three I I they re for me to feel like okay say the fire is there. Let's let's do this they need to do that and then they they make the postseason thing either they have those Oh six games against the pirates and reds and then four against the cardinals and this stretches games are all at home so even more reason that you Galvastan. They got a really really do something these yeah yeah. I'd say eight to seven and three at home if they're gonNa if you shot shadow running down the cardinals if you had any shadow running down the cardinals I'd say eight and twos the minimum seven and three is the minimum if they're just going to hold onto the wildcard they need to be at least six and four you you can't you can't be losing right now because when the cubs go on the road as we know the cubs for whatever they are awful on the end they have a day off and they're on the road three at the pirates three at the cardinals and that's it. That's the impressed by the way Milwaukee is Milwaukee's climbed back to within two games a five hundred on the road so they've really improved of late and their forty eight and forty the against five hundred or plus teams so there are some different numbers to look at outside of the Pythagorean runs stupid right so hey the brewers win generally close games and when they lose they lose big. We've talked about it all year yep for the cubs to do what they need to do. I I would say that is pretty accurate. If we want a breakdown Milwaukee a little bit yeah I mean they they kinda got as Sommese easy other than the this cardinals series I mean San Diego pirates the reds the rockies yup the schedules even though it a little bit for them finally there on the they're on the downside of the schedule right April was a bear they kind of had some medium schedules schedules through there and then it got real tough for awhile again July and August and now they're getting the easier part that four game set against Miami was just just what the doctor ordered especially following the three games against Chicago Milwaukee has got a real chance here but they gotta take care of business. I think it's is telling in what kind of team they are in this cardinals series because that's an actual team. That's like the kind of team I'll be facing in the plane's Artemis and they have all your yeah but I mean yeah so outside April. They've struggled against the cardinals April. They played a whole bunch of games games with them then they didn't see him again till August it was it's it was a very bizarre schedule. especially with the cardinals usually see him once a month. Ish not this year. Oh the last couple of times they've played them. It's been bad little weird with the cubs and the cardinals to I mean to have seven games right air stacked right at the end of the season season yeah I was hoping way back of the year we were talking about that and I I was saying well hopefully those won't matter and the cardinals will be out of it by then but that's not so bad not so much although no no it changed Goldschmidt but then that didn't seem to make much of a difference for a while for a lot of the season but Milwaukee played well in April the they kind of handled the cardinals that four game said I think they went three and one to open the season against Saint Louis Yeah that's obviously this is obviously a much different team both the brewers and cardinals at this point I don't know I'm looking forward to it. It's Friday Saturday Sunday weekend series with the cardinals if they can take two out of three I don't see any reason Milwaukee doesn't secure a playoff spot now. There are a lot of issues but the way council missile manages them with the big roster. I feel pretty good about my team. I feel really a lot better than I did. Let's say three weeks ago. I suppose I'll you know well yeah. That obviously is a killer but the thing is as as I've been saying all season long they've had injury after injury problem after problem underperformance after underperformance all of that is starting to shift and go the other way. Brent suter has come back from Tommy. John is pitching very well. Ray Black looks like find in the bullpen they've had really you some really good performances from several different pitchers actually Jordan lyles. We've talked about Adrian houser. We've talked about You're getting Brandon Woodruff back back. I don't know if he's going to be the same brand woodruff before the all-star break. It was an oblique so it's kind of a funky thing. You're destroying reset your mechanics. Make sure you're not doing things things as you throw to protect that muscle. We'll see how he is but it's exciting because heroes coming back Woodruff's coming back Mustafa's looks healthy and then on top of all of that things were starting to turn. It's a crusher that Yelich is out but even without yell at yes. I think this club is now performing well enough and deep enough that they could make it they could make a serious run to to the postseason do expect them to go anywhere once they get there. I think we'll cross that bridge. If we get to it yeah the ad feel the same way. If I were a cub fan I don't I wouldn't expect the cubs to get out of the divisional round they certainly could you know post the win against the nationals although they're going to have a tough pitching matchup when they get there. We'll see yeah but yes even without Yelich. Answer your question in the longest way I could think I I know I I lost it for a while there again but I thought we got the boredom out of the way but I should have known better to ask a question like that. Oh yeah gotTA bring it back Buddy Yeah I just I love long talks about the brewers. I hope you do too so why we did. This isn't a law kind of for the brewers right. Now is you know what you've beaten it so hard. I think the horse came back to life. It's galloping away from you know just just just saying but anyway uh-huh Yeah I was poor Paul Goldschmidt by the way he's not been a piece of this We talked about that. There's other other players. Step it up he's. He's not really a piece of this. He's it's looking like he unless on fire for the rest of the year he's GonNa end up well. Even then I fear it's still going to be an off fear competitors other years well. This is a a massive here for him yeah. He's there's a legit chance he doesn't have an PS over eight hundred the CC from August. I threw Karoo yesterday. He has four home runs that said he's bad in to sixty three with an opium seven eighty one that's yeah thirty eight games since August first so he's not been a part of this a a big part of of the cardinal success lately which see you remember when we scarier. I don't know if it's Fi- I mean he's I. I don't know I mean if he gets hot not good he while no I mean if he all of a sudden pulls it out of his backside and he's Paul Goldschmidt from two years ago amazing for the next two weeks. That'd be an off your for the rest of the year. you know he's a Gold Glove love caliber first baseman though so no matter remember we talked at the in the pre spring training the other thing we mentioned because I had a big a big old heart on about defense yeah. No it was GONNA fix a lot of the a lot of the cardinals woes just by snagging and digging balls out of the dirt. and it's been a fact they've had I don't know if this is still accurate but as of a week ago I think a week and a half ago they had the least airs in the National League. They were playing much improved defense defense and if you're the cardinals last year they were one of the worst in the national league so just that even his presence like that makes a big difference and he's still a scary bat. The lineup no pitcher is gonNA is gonNA groove on down the middle trying to get ahead of Paul Goldschmidt right. Everybody knows what he's capable of but yeah it's it's been an off off your eight oh nine. Ps Right now he appears to be he and Marcelo sooner or the only two guys with over eight hundred s that play any significant amount of playing time time for the season yeah yeah I still look at this lineup and I'm like I died. I mean Colton Wong's a nice player. Pulled Young's a nice player. Yeah Matt Carpenter has turned into trash well. He's I don't get yeah yeah yeah. It is pretty crazy. I mean as just looking at that is goldsmiths fielding sats and yeah he's right in line with with the other other years so that was a big shore up in this. This cardinals team did need that band right right. They're getting decent starting pitching. I you know I I don't know man. We'll see it's GONNA be fun to watch you got seven games with them. The brewers kick it off with a three-game set. It's going to be a wild ride. Stay with US soon soon. Ninety Miles podcasts fans not all the time and a lot of no far from it. It's actually actually keeps getting better outside of the stupid cardinals yeah yeah let's see did I hear the predictions goes boom top ten cy young award voting darvish it calls by cut and I'm calling with my heart. I'm going with Theresa all right all right so Theresa every time I get hungry at yeah I know well and every time I keep thinking gee not that bad. I wasn't that forever that prediction just off a year but anyways might need You have to get your yeah. You need that rag for your brow again. I know spicy icy brats for me and you dervish for you. I know I you know it's just they just goes to show how many good predictions I made that that was the one that seemed the silliest of of all of them that I made but it's doesn't seem it doesn't feel as silly anymore with how he's been pitching but careful careful with your arm there I don't want you to. I don't want you to strain rotator cuff trying to pat yourself right right. We don't need yes to need emergency myself on the back right yeah. That's something else that I hope so all right. That's well. We may not have been super entertaining for this the rest of the episode but this what are we gonna do for predictions here. We've got you know you've got your seven games. What do you thinking you're GonNa go? I'M GONNA go with Okay so cup. Start Their series against the cardinals on Thursday will review recording on Friday again but you know I actually GonNa make a prediction on the these these six games with the pirates and reds okay five and one for the pirates reds five and one the cubs needed to do basically need this and forego so well well five and one. I think five and one would I I mean I can't sit here and say honestly the brewers. They're going to win another seven in a row right right I mean. I hope they do around here. You'd have a realist. We'll have the cubs win six in a row here but I you know I mean well yeah of course yeah five and one against the reds and pirates the way the cubs have been playing. I think that's fairly bold but I think you're right. It is something they need to do for sure. I mean the brewers. It's if you WANNA maintain the the mets are at the brewers are hotter. It's GonNa be interesting so the birds got the three game set against Saint Louis. Is this weekend with San Diego three with Pittsburgh three with Cincinnati three with Colorado Ho boy that's a lot to cover. I think I'm just going to do a prediction that includes the Saint Louis and San Diego series so that's a seven game shot because they start start the series against Saint Louis tonight. If you're listening on Saturday or Sunday this is all pre cardinals series for the brewers so those seven games. I'm GONNA say the brewers. They're GONNA go five and two. They're going to lose one to Saint Louis in one to San Diego. Okay I'm good with that and I'll specifically yell specifically put that in and they're they're going to win both series. They're going to win the SANDIEGO series three one the Saint Louis series two to one I I do have to give the cardinals some credit just for being stupid hot in okay so you're saying five and seven but five and two five and two rather over those seven to win both both series so they can't lose to win a four right that would wreck the series. That's got to be one one of beach because they can't split right Yep. I gotTa win them right so even if they swept Saint Louis and then lost to to the stupid padres I'd lose the prediction guy so I think that's let's that makes it that makes it bold enough because five and two isn't like super bowl than its own but can win both series. I think makes it specifically bolt now. They could sweep the cardinals and go three three and one against the brain so it's a minimum got it yeah or they could win all seven all right yeah and I think they I think they street that would be. I don't think anybody WanNa play the brewers going into the playoffs if they weren't fourteen yeah but I'm not going to hold my breath either. It's been a very nice seven game win streak. They won they basically they haven't lost the series. Since the Saint Louis Series in August right you know what's interesting is between the three teams the cubs burs and the cardinals the cardinals arguably have the hardest schedule they got they got the nationals in there against Milwaukee seven against the cubs the Nassar and the diamondbacks this so I'd I'd argue those those are tougher than the cubs in brewers schedules. Oh for sure there is a way tougher for scheduled and what what Milwaukee has left yeah and definitely tougher than you know. It's tough for the cubs because it's seven with the cardinals but outside of the cardinals the cubs don't have anything just hire you look at the reds this Lada pirates and read so can handle should be able to read so mine yeah. I wonder if yeah I I've looked at that. I I wonder if the cubs will see Bauer not in those those three against the reds. I hope I hope not but there's a shock yeah. Wow it's amazing. We're an opposite sides yeah. It's a big surprise well. I Guess Fall Anyway. I covers it. I think that's good I think so so thanks for listening and again obviously this is the ninety miles podcast go to the website subscribe that way you get the emails every time that we do a new episode the way it's looking now. It's probably going to be just one a week unless there's a game one sixty three for some reason I will be here through the playoffs for you as well right whether the cubs and brewers are in it or not. We're going to be chatting specific all the way to off-season probably once a week just once a week but but we'll have we're GONNA do some different stuff. That's a little more time out of fun stuff in the off season. Actually it may be actually even more interesting in a way because yeah and it will be potentially. You're on your own might be one of your only sources of any baseball entertainment went off season since everything else shuts down generally and there's no games right so if you think back to early in the podcast and you can always go back back to the website and listen to these the stretch episodes. There's GonNa be things of that nature in the off season to be talking about. It's not going to be rehashing everything else we get right yeah. Oh the cubs do this. The brewers need to do that. We're going to do that but that's GonNa be closer to. Maybe a once a month type thing and the other two three episodes a month author going to be well. You'll see it's going to be with us for that. Subscribe on stuff Yeah Yeah ninety miles per hour has subscribe subscribe to the mailing list is the best way to make sure you don't miss anything and then yeah and obviously whatever your podcast if using a apple podcasts most chance yeah stitcher and all yeah all that different stuff whatever you prefer subscribe on in there so you get them leader review if you want Oh yeah yeah Lisa reviews that helps that definitely helps yeah so uh cardinals are no saucers red sox red SARS. Don't suck hired suck. Sir Iras are terrible saw. Go brewers go cubs and we'll see so you next week Fi- it's

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