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Tools for living room to grow a space of grace to become everything got wants to be. You're listening to the Living Room. Podcast with Joanna. Weaver episode thirty. Wow what a crazy time. Spring Twenty twenty is turning out to be if you're listening to this episode during the months of April or May you know that the entire world has been turned upside down this past month by the Kovic nineteen virus. It can be a scary time but you guys it can also be a time filled with opportunity. When a deadly pandemic hit Rome in the third century nearly everyone scattered to save their lives but it was the early Christians who stayed back to Minister to the sick and dying their selfless act. In time of danger did more to spread the gospel than any any sermon. That could have been preached. And if God's grace was sufficient for them it's going to be sufficient for us in Psalm. Thirty four nineteen. The Living Bible tells us the Goodman does not escape all troubles he has them too but the Lord helps in in each and everyone in today's episode Carol can't is going to talk about a time when an unimaginable tragedy slammed into her family's life but you know what God better there and he not only gave her the gray she needed. He used that tragedy to perform his purposes. I hope you enjoy this interview. I certainly did well. It is always such a joy to talk to carol. Can't she? Is Literally one of my favorite people in the universe. She is an author and a speaker. She's actually the founder of speak up ministries. Which is just an amazing ministry to equip the next generation of speakers and writers. She's also on the founder of speak up for hope a nonprofit organization that benefits a prison inmates in their families. Which you're gonNA understand that a little bit more as we talk. She has written more than twenty bucks and she and her husband. I've had the delight of hearing Carol's ministry firsthand in sitting down and getting to know you guys better and you guys are the real deal. My friend Joanna. It is so good to hear your voice today and thank you for that. I love being with you. I love collaborating with you in ministry and I just feel like our hearts beat together when it comes to doing kingdom work and wanting to give our best for God's glory so that ministry can be multiplied globally and I know that your heart too. Yeah yeah well I'll tell you it was so wonderful to pick up your new book. This is called steam power building a stronger marriage when life sense. Its worst and you co-authored with another couple that I really love Cindy and David Lambert. Can you just tell us a little bit about how the book came to be? I would love to Dave in Cindy have been in the publishing industry for a number of years. Cindy has been my acquisition editor for a couple of projects and they are always on the staff team when we do the speak up conference every summer. Equipping the next generation of Christian speakers and authors. So we get together. We talk we laugh. We go out for meals together and it has become a strong friendship. Well we had a situation where our only child was arrested of a horrible crime and sentenced to life without the possibility of parole and so we had gone through the throes of having a really happy marriage and then in the middle of having our son all grown up we had this shocking thing as a crisis in our lives and David Cindy had a little different situation where they had a drug addicted grown child who had a child of his own and they wound up raising a granddaughter as if they were the parents and so we said you know what for both of us you know. These are things that we never expected and I wonder what kind of resources there are for couples who are in the middle of their marriages and all of a sudden something comes from without and that might be that. You're dealing with a child who has a severely disabled or there might be a financial upheaval. That totally changes your ability to do what you once were able to do as a family and as a couple Or you might as in our case Have an incarcerated loved one or you have drug addicted child or maybe your spouse has an accident and so you wind up being different kinds of caretaker even though you love that person but there are so many things that threaten our marriages and we didn't ask for them. They seem to come out of the blue and all of a sudden we have to make decisions that will impact the rest of our lives and is Christian couples. We want to do that to the glory of God but we don't know how so. We sat down and talked one night and we went way into the late night hours. And we said as a couple David Cindy and Jean Carole Out We need to write a book about this and little. Did we know Joanna that the book staying power would be born out of that and it has been a wonderful joy to write with like minded couple. Who truly believe that. The to today's problems are in the word of God. Yeah and oh how we need that because I think sometimes as Christians. We really think that life should be easy and that bad things shouldn't happen and so not only are. Our marriage is shaken but our faith can be shaken as well and I just love. How practical this book is as you guys just share the different facets of what that looks like you know before we went on you and I were talking about that like I really really think that we've so Americanized Christianity that we've turned it into something that We believe should never involve heartache or suffering and yet it does. Can you talk about that? You know I think many times. We are geared to thinking. Well if I really pray heard about this or if I studied the Bible more diligently everything is going to be much much more easy to understand and in my case Joanna. I remember when our son was first arrested. I was praying for a miracle of mercy now. How many people have heard our story so that they know that Jason is and Naval Academy graduate. He met and married a previously married woman who had two children there were multiple allegations of abuse involving the biological father of the girls and it appeared he was going to get unsupervised visitation and our son began to unravel mentally emotionally and spiritually and we got a middle of the night phone. Call telling us. Our son had been arrested for the murder of his wife's first husband so we went through two and a half years and seven postponements of Jason's trial. He was eventually convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to life without the possibility of parole and I mean our lives turned upside down and so far now almost two decades I have prayed for mercy and you know my idea of God. Answering prayer would be that he would have a release date and that he would be able to have some form of his family life back and an ability to be projected outside of prison walls. But do you know Joanna? God has not answered that prayer in the way I wanted answered and though we were talking earlier about our expectations of what God will do and when we are praying for something to happen instead got his answered in a way that has allowed Jason to be a missionary behind the razor wire the maximum security prison and we are watching him as he leads. Bible Studies and has shares the Gospel with other inmates and he's been president of toastmasters on the inside teaching inmates. Outta communicate and I have to chuckle. Because I teach the speak up conference so I figure he's a chip off the old black and we are watching God open ministries for us as we developed speak up for hope which is a ministry to inmates and their families that we never would have even thought of had this not happened and so in many ways we forget that first of all were living in a fallen world where bad things do happen to good people even good Christian people and we probably have some listeners right now who are saying. That's true in my case it's true in my marriage and that we are not going to be completely free of stress and pain and suffering until we get to heaven and so it shouldn't be a surprise to us that we're dealing with some of these things but what we will find out in the process. Is that if we have staying power if we stay connected to God's word if as married couples we stay connected to each other and really listen to each other and communicate at a level. But here's the heart of the other one that we can make Christ honoring choices that will mean our time is not wasted and that we can use whatever has happened as a platform upon which we can give God glory and further his kingdom work. Amen Amen. I really do think we forget that. This isn't having Helen Cheeses told his like right in front he goes. Listen in this world. You're going to have trouble and yet we keep thinking that it should all be bliss in and Sunshine and Unicorns in and yet what I love about. The Lord is while he doesn't always interrupt and he doesn't always intervene. He always always redeems bats. Just what you are talking about like. I bet you couldn't have even imagined how the Lord was going to unfold this story and redeem this story when you got that initial news. It stuns me every day when I realized what God is doing in the middle of this journey and unknowns to me one out of every one hundred adults in the United States is in jail or in prison wow or per capita than any country in the world and so I never dreamed there was this huge mission field out there and We have talked to so many couples who in the process of having that interruption. Come into their lives. Saved said got his first a new opportunity out of this a new ministry out of this and as you know I'm married to a pretty fun guide. Gene has a good sense of humor and I had been noticing at home that his pilot black T. shirts was getting shorter and shorter. I said honey. What's happening to your shirts. And he said you'll find out soon enough while we were at the prison the next weekend standing in the long lines sometimes up to two hours to get through the security process and I saw a woman turned away and she was sobbing and the rules. Change for what? You can wear inside regularly. And she had on a sleeveless floss in that was against the rules and I suddenly realized Jane had left my the place. Decide me in the line and I saw him emerge from the parking lot where our car was carrying. A black T. shirt. And he walked up to. The woman handed it to her. And said here. Ma'am put this on and go to the front of the line. Have a wonderful visit with your family member. And he came back to where I was standing and I said so. That's what's been happening to your t shirts. He looked down. He said it's ministry and Joanna a month later. I was in Wisconsin speaking and shared the story of the disappearing t shirts and a month later. There was a box on my front porch. It was filled with Black T. shirts note inside said Carol. I heard you speak in Wisconsin and I work for a company that makes T. shirts and I can buy them very inexpensively. Please use this fax of t-shirts toward your husband's t shirt ministry through his trunk distribution program. We hope it helps some families along the way at I had to chuckle. Because so many times we never dream that the unanticipated journey were Unin. Our marriage could actually lead to launching something positive and good and yes fall and that people in the process will be blessed and in one of the chapters in staying power is about serving while suffering and sometimes when we are in the middle of our suffering place with whatever is happening in our marriage maybe it is dealing with the repeated addiction of a loved one. And you've gotten so far and then they go back to wrong choices again and we forget that out of that sometimes springboards the most amazing ministry opportunities and I tell couples. Look around and see one person who needs help worse than you do do a tangible act of loving kindness in. Jesus name for that person and watch what it does to your own heart and you know Joanna when you give to others the joy that comes back to you is just overflowing with encouragement and so suddenly in the process of your own pain. You see God's incredible splashes of joy along the journey and that's what we're experiencing. I love that so much you know. I think that we get. It's so backward and we think that life should be trouble free when God like you said. This is a fallen world. So we're going to have trouble but God harnesses the very things Satan means for our destruction uses it for good and I love. I love that I mean and yet it's so easy and I'd love to have you talk about that. It's so easy to get so inward focused and so overwhelmed by our pain that we we don't know how to get to that place where we can even see someone else's need what would you say. Well it's so true and if you are struggling as a couple with one of those very difficult things that has happened gene and I have discovered that it's really important to make what we call predispositions. And those. We call the non-negotiables Joanna it would be the whole idea of the fact that you know you love each other and so you are going to respect the advice and the wisdom of your spouse and you're going to listen to it and if you decide that ahead of time it keeps you from yelling at each other which helps a whole lot. Yes and and then this one has been very important to us to make that that predisposition of knowing ahead of time even when we're under pressure even when we're hurting we are going to serve our spouse sacrificial and you know when when Jason was arrested. Jean brought me coffee in bed every single morning and he still does now twenty years later and he would bring me coffee and he would put his hand on my arm or he would rub my feet. And it was his non verbal way of saying honey. I know you're hurting. I know you ache all over and so do I but I love you so much and that simple sweet gesture of serving me just increased my love for my spouse tremendously in the middle of feeling the pain of what was going on and then we try to practice what we call automatic forgiveness in what it boils down to is even if gene irritates me in and he does occasionally. Can you believe that I can't I know in my heart? I love this man and I know he loves me in so I know his intentions toward me are good and I am going to forgive him even though he has irritated me right now. I'm going to practice automatic forgiveness because I know his intentions toward me are good and he loves me deeply and that gets us through a whole out of trouble to think. In that way nobody Fiji and says be gentle with one another sensitive forgive one another quickly and thoroughly as guiding Christ. Forgave you in this. One is a tough one. I will control my tongue. I'm sure Joanna. You are so close to the Lord that you've never had anything really negative fall out of your mouth. Ver- advert can be intentional about using uplifting and encouraging words and we have tried to make a habit of saying out loud what the other one is doing well and sometimes on our way home from visiting our son at the prison. Gene will say to me honey. You really listened to Jason Well today. He was struggling over an issue in. You heard him out. Instead of being really quick to give him advice he needed somebody to listen more than talk today. And those are the things that make you feel affirmed they make you feel. Lifted up and encouraged tremendously. And I. I always think back. I'm a preacher's kid the oldest of six preachers kids. Maybe that's why I'm a little bit bossy. And I'm a bit of a control freak. Can you imagine that? And I'm the kind of person that would love to put up dealing with Jason's incarceration on a to do list where I could accomplish something having to do with that and then cross it off like I've taken care of this but it doesn't work like that when you live in a day to day ongoing situation that doesn't change but I was thinking back to my growing up years and I heard my dad. Tell about a couple who had been in a very serious automobile accident and the man was able to walk away but his wife was in intensive care for a long time and she had severe scarring and in the middle of a very intense argument. One day he said to her you old scarface woman. You can't you do anything right. And do you know from that day forward even though he asked for forgiveness and even though he loved his wife dearly she said whenever he looked at her? Whether it was a moment of intimacy or a room. She always envisioned that. He saw her as an old scar faced woman. And there are certain things. We can't take back. We can't remove the memory of things like that. It can soften over time but as couples. We can think ahead of time to choose words that are edifying to choose words setup left and to practice being a firmer instead of discourage irs. And I'd like to be around energy giving people and I like to in my marriage try to lift gene up instead of tearing down and that has been really really helpful reminds me of that verse in proverbs. Thirty one that talks about sheet. Does her husband good all the days of allies as in that little piece of advice the law of kindness is on her tongue. That can be hard when we're under stress and one of the things that I've appreciated about this book. Is You guys? Fill it with your own stories. Sending David Tell their stories but you also have stories of of other couples that have walked through difficult things and and I do think sometimes. We don't realize that when we are under stress when something hits our lives that were not going to react the same way and that that can actually become a wedge Utah One of the couples that you know. They'd gone through something. He saw one way she side another and it. It literally began to destroy their marriage. Did you in gene navigate that tension where you might have you might have been processing at one way and he was processing Another while one of the things that we did was to agree to disagree and that was really helpful to respect the fact that I know Genus Intelligent. I know he knows our Sunbury. Well and I know that he is someone. Who evaluates what's going on and he's a problem solver and so. I had to give him in my heart that leeway of making some decisions that might not be my ideal situation but I needed to show respect for him in that way which was really really important for me to do and And then he did that for me in there were ways. He served me When Jason was first arrested people would call relatives good friends and it would take about an hour to explain what had happened because Jason never been in trouble before he was a good kid and and he had gotten lots of medals from the US Naval Academy and he was a stellar student in so people were not understanding how he could have done this horrible thing and it was mentally and emotionally and spiritually draining for me to take those calls because I would live through the emotions of what had happened with. Every single person in gene instantly recognized that that was a place that was not my strength that that it was just making me fall apart and so he took those calls in would explain as much detail as was necessary. While I had a chance to to get a grip on my life and then something for me that was so important and I think together we learned it as as a couple is that we needed to learn how to take timeouts. And what we what really mean by that in this book. Is that when you are in the throes of dealing with a child with autism or maybe you're having adoption issues with this child that you love so much but things are not going well you you need to be able to step outside for a moment. Take a breath of fresh air. Don't always be so involved in the next decision. You have to make that you never give your chance a self yourself a chance to breathe and then this is something. I had never thought a whole lot about before but normally when we have a situation in our marriages that's difficult. One of us is stronger and maybe more rested at a certain time than the other one is in. So give your spouse a break you know. Maybe they just need to take a walk on a day when you're feeling strong and you can deal with the stress. And maybe edgy needs to say on certain days honey. Have Lunch with your girlfriends. I know it's going to be uplifting for you Allio with us today. I'll handle this and so it's really important to do that. And Oh here's a tough one for somebody. Who's a control freak? Like I am accept help from other people. One of the couples we interviewed for this book had insisted child who began to have severe anger issues and so we They wound up with just a very very hard time. She would smear her bowel movements on the wall when she was unhappy. It was a very very difficult intense time for them and they had a precious sister of her husband. The aunt of this girl who had often volunteered to babysit while they went to a movie or just did dinner together and they had never accepted at thinking. Oh it would just be too much work for her to deal with artistic child and they said we needed to swallow our pride and say thank you for offering we would be so grateful to have you come over and that wonderful sister-in-law of friend began to give them one night a week for a date night where she would take care of their autistic child and they would know their child was safe and well cared for and they actually were able to get away and do some fun things together and we all need to be aware of the fact that we need to take timeouts in our marriage. Yeah I love that. I love that well and investing in our marriages and investing in our relationship. Because I think there's so much life that is so demanding one of the things as I was looking through this book is. I just realized this is not just for couples that are in situations And it's not even for couples just for couples who've been married awhile. I think this has a lot of value for young couples. What do you think I agree and one of the things? I'VE NOTICED IN RETREATING CONFERENCE MINISTRY. Joanna is that when I talk to young women who are about to get married. There are often some stresses because some of them are coming from families where their parents are divorced and they have been living in a culture where it's very common for people who even have been married for a number of years to leave each other and so they have fears and they're so afraid that the pressures of life are going to destroy this love they have and there are some Self evaluation tools and couple evaluation tools throughout the book. There will be some little box two areas where you can ask your spouse questions that will help you get to know their personality What they like what? They don't like how they deal with the need for rest. How they view the importance of taking breaks in so there are some fun exercises that will really increase communication. And I think for that young couple vet has not faced any of the really tough issues of life as a couple yet that it is a wonderful way to prepare themselves for the future. Yeah for sure I love. It's just such a practical practical book in one of one of the things you guys do. Is You have a whole back of the book appendix. That has thirteen crisis helped sheets. They they're so fabulous. Thank you for taking time to do that. How can we use them in our situations? I am so glad you asked about that because if you were to ask me what is one of the most helpful things in staying power. I believe it's the crisis help sheets because when you have a situation that comes up and you might be in the middle of finding out you're going to be caring for an aging parent or You are now on the last threat of your last nerve redick regarding. You're addicted childbirth. Or maybe they're your child is struggling with some gender issues which seems to be so common these days. Each one of these thirteen helped sheets is one page long and it gives couples resources. They can go to two day to be able to get some answer some resources some advice and I think when you are in the middle of a challenging situation. It's really wonderful to know. Hey here's a whole list of action steps. I can take right now. That will get me more informed. It will give me a Bible based resource and impractical helps so that I know what to do next will that is really truly one of the beautiful things about this book. It's so practical and you give advice that we can use right away. One of my favorite ones was the ten second. Can you tell us about that? Well this is one of my favorite things in the book Joanna. So I'm so glad you asked cleared. A graph is an author who talks about the fact that sometimes decision making is hard in marriage and yet every single day is filled with the need to make important decisions in. He says he tries to live by the ten second rule. And here's what it is. Just do the next thing. You're reasonably certain Jesus wants you to do and commit to it immediately in the next ten seconds before you change your mind. Now I don't know about you but I have trouble making decisions because I want to evaluate the pros and cons of every decision. I have to May and then take as many days as to try to come up with what I believe. Best Solution and it keeps me from using my wisdom and my biblical insights in just doing the next right thing. And so what? Jean and I got out of this. Ten second rule is that we are to evaluate what the question is that we're dealing with especially as it relates to our son's welfare and we need to be prayed up we need to seek the wise counsel of people who know us know him and know the Lord and talk about what the options are and then as quickly as possible. Make a choice. Do it quickly. And then don't look back and start thinking all. Why did I do that? Why did I say that? Just move forward because you believe it was the reasonable decision. God wanted you to make at that time. It's what Jesus would have you do. And that has saved me so much emotional. Agony to just follow the ten second rule evaluate meditate. On God's were discuss it with your spouse and then move forward. Yeah and I think that's that's especially powerful when we're were in those places of pain and so much is out of control to try to be able to discern what is within our realm and what can we end. I love that you know one of the things that I I'd love to have you talk about because I think it touches to the heart of women. You know we really do. Have this idea of how we want life to go in. We've got dreams for our children we've got we've got this whole of scenario whether it's conscious or unconscious of how our life is. GonNa look ten years down the road twenty years thirty years and so especially I just. I guess. My Mama's heart is touched to think that this was your amazing sign. Who was so incredible with so much potential? And not only that. But you're only sad how I know you've written a whole book on. Lean my Isaac down her out there. You guys need to to read that. But as I've just been working on this book on trusting God in learning to let go in surrender but then hold on in faith. How have you navigated that personally? Joanna it is a one day at a time way to live your life and I say that because I am so much the goal oriented person who wants the five year plan the ten year plan and I want it to work out in a logical order and I have needed to say Lord today I give you this day and one of the things I love doing pro walking. It gives me exercise. I try to walk about three miles a day on my at home days and often gene and I will do that together and we will start to pray and we will just say Lord Right now today we just lift up Jason to you. Fathers encounters people on the prison compound help him to be an encouragement and blessing to them. Lord would you allow him to use his education his biblical knowledge and in his personal relationship with you to encourage somebody today and Lord. Would you allow jean-ann me to help somebody else? Who is on a difficult journey today because we know what pain feels like emotional pain and and not having your expectations for your child's life. Be Everything that you hoped it would be and do you know out of that comes a kind of rippling enjoy that. I can only explain in the supernatural dimension and To Win I think back to speaking in Griffin Georgia one weekend and I had been asked to share our story on our journey with Jason and a couple of days later I got an email from a woman named Tammie Wilson. She said Carol. Thank you for showing compassion for the victims of violent crime. As well as telling your own story she said my own mother was murdered. Thirteen years ago in a botched robbery in Saint Petersburg Florida. She said I looked your son up on the Internet and I discovered. He's in the same prison where the man who murdered. My mother is serving his lab. His name is Matthew. Ben Rodriguez. She said for the last several years. I've been praying that someone would share Jesus with Matt. Do you think that Jason would try to meet him and share the Gospel Story with Matt while I'm not allowed to initiate calls to my son. I respond to digitize collect calls so I printed that letter mailed it to Jason a couple of days later I was at a visit. I said Jason. Do you know Matt Rodriguez. He smiled. I said mom. He's my best friend. He's in my counseling class. He's the dynamic Christian only to open the same quiet after counseling class. I said he met is your Middle Name. Ben He said yes. How would you know that he said Matthew Ben Rodriguez she said yes he said will then that I have a letter for you? Handed Matthew the letter from the daughter of the woman he shot and killed in this robbery saying she was praying for him to come to faith and he began to weep and Jason said mom. You're going to meet Matt today. Because his sister's coming to visit he'll be out in the visitation area. A half hour later out came his sister. Mattress called came in greeted his sister with tears running down both cheeks. He came over to our table. Get down on his knees he said. Mrs Kent Thank you. Thank you for sending the letter. I had already written a five page letter to Tammie Wilson and her family asking for their forgiveness but he said I have had no address to send the letter to you. Ask Her if she would receive my letter. I said I met. I got home and I. E Mail Tammie Wilson. She emailed to redress back the same day in since that day. Multiple letters pass back and forth between Matt Rodriguez and Tammie Wilson and Matt and Kim. Tami's sister and Matt and the brother Patrick who was in high school when his mother's life was violently taken and there has been forgiveness and restoration and reconciliation. That I can only explain by God's mathematics in Joanna. I just want everybody listening to our voices to know that no matter what is happening in your personal life in your marriage you might feel like God has let you down in that. There's no more hope you might think. Oh I'd never dreamed I could be in this much pain and you might even feel disappointed in God because you've tried to be faithful to him and it just feels like he's not coming through for you. I want you to know that nothing has to be wasted. That what has happened. You can choose to make an offering to the ward in and I just even know as I'm talking to you. I have my hands raised up saying I relinquish to you. My expectations of what? I thought my marriage would look like what I thought. My life is a mother would look like I never dreamed it would look like sitting in a visitation area in a maximum security prison with razor wire all around me. That was not my dream but Lord I will thank you for the surprising joy filled moments and opportunities in ministry. You give to me as a result of what has happened and I make them an offering to you and all the while I am focusing on eternity because I know of this life is not all there is something more is coming Edwards good and we celebrate that e men eight many men. Oh and how much we missed when we get paralyzed at that point of pain and I love. I just loved that you guys have allowed God to get his hands on you to heal your heart to to keep your marriage strong Guys for paying the price. I'm sure there have been many times. When it would have been easier to give up. It would have been easier not to even talk about your situation especially as a public figure and yet you have just giving God access to it all and I. I rejoice with you at the beauty the beauty. That's come ashes and the gold. The gold that has come from the darkness the treasures of darkness that God has for us. But I I keep thinking you mentioned that had none of that would have happened. Had that young woman not been willing to forgive and I think this speaks so much to our marriages because sometimes are hurt comes out sideways at one another. Sometimes perhaps it's the spouse who has wronged us that they've been faithful or they betrayed us. How how do we walk in forgiveness in our marriages and in art lives? I think walking in forgiveness is an UN choice and I love the fact that Forgiveness isn't just a one time choice. It's a daily choice because the enemy comes. Addison says Oh. Don't you forgive him? He made this bad choice. He hurts you. He made your life miserable so when the enemy comes with those negative thoughts we need to Say Lord. I choose to forgive him again today. Lord I choose joy I choose to walk in fe I choose to put my focus on that which is eternal and I believe. It isn't not just a one time. Occurrence forgiveness is a daily sometimes even a moment by moment choice. And what's interesting? Is that it sets you free. And sometimes we forget that unforgiveness makes us a prisoner of our own making and That is a horrible place to be in and we want to say to regarding forgiveness. Joanna that forgiveness does not navigate the wrong done to you but it sets you free from bitterness and anger and ongoing immobility it. Such you to be free to walk in joy and in love and to move forward in a new direction. Amen Amen. I just think of those women out there that are have had their lives. Radically changed by someone else's choices Broken by the evil that we unfortunately have brought on ourselves in this fallen world and yet when we give our hearts accent give God access to our hearts. He really is able to change us to use everything that the enemy intended for evil Good and I just I would. I'd love to have you pray for those people out there that that just feel like everything's been ruined like every thing's been ruined in. I don't see how it will ever be alright which you leftist to the Lord. I would love to. Oh father being in your presence is so sweet you are the God who loves obsess and I lift up to you every woman who hears my voice right now who has been wronged. She's been hurt. She might be in a situation where her once brightly lit. Faith fire. Feels like it's turning into an ass sheep and Lord. I pray that you would be her healer in her hope. Lord I pray that you would hope to see your face and to hear your voice. Say I won't ever leave you. I won't ever walk away from you. I have loved you within ever lasting love Lord. Right now we place the hundreds of situations that are represented by those who are listening right now into your hands and Lord with open hands. We say God. I give up my control over my husband. My child my parent- my circumstances my grandchild my financial issues my health crisis. God we give to you what we cannot control and we we say Lord. Give me the wisdom to make the next right choice based on your truth. Lord Open our hearts to guidance from people who spend time with you and help us to be willing to receive the love and help from those who surround us but most of all help us to put our focus on that which is eternal that heaven is awaiting all of us who know you personally and one day we will walk in a world where there is no more pain no more hurt. No more sorrow no more disappointment and until we get truly home to have an Lord we will be faithful even if in this world. We don't understand why you have allowed certain things to happen. We will still choose to trust you in Jesus name we pray Amen. Amen Amen Amen Amen Carol thank you. Thank you so much for your time I just. I'm so grateful that you persevered and that you continue to persevere at the time gods and girls I just WANNA encourage all of us. You know what this walk of. Faith is the long haul. It is a long obedience in the same direction. And but here's the exciting thing. We don't do it alone. The Lord is there and I just sent so strongly as you were praying Carol that there are women today that are tapping in to stain keeping enabling power of God and something is shifting something shifting in your situation not excuse me not just necessarily in your situation girls something being in you now live in that power live in that ebeling strength of the Lord in Carol. You keep writing books. We need you girl. Oh thank you Joanna. And it is such a privilege just to speak and write for God's glory and I know you feel the same way we have a shared mission and I love sharing this mission with you my friend. Have you noticed how the enemy loves to use difficulty to divide us during this quarantine time in all this quote unquote quality time? We've been given during this crisis. Well it might be driving you nuts rather than drawing you close to the people you love so I hope you'll take time to apply the tips. Carol share today wants to give us a new perspective on this time rather than living in the future and worrying about what might happen tomorrow. He wants to give us peace today to help us. Access that space of grace. I've created free devotional. Call be still finding peace in troubled times you can sign up to receive your free copy over at China weaver books dot com forward slash. Be Still and I hope that you'll check out the show notes for Carol's episode. You can find all the links to our new book and all of the good stuff that she offers. Let's use this time to draw closer to God because here's the deal. You guys the same ingredients that inspire fear. The unknown piracy's health crisis danger there. The same ingredients that are needed to build a great faith in her heart toward guy. We don't have to just survive this difficult time. God wants to help us Thri. He wants to teach us how to live and love. Need like Jesus see you next time.

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