Bachelor Recap - Ep 9: Fantasy Suites with Megan Gailey


What is going on everybody? Welcome to another episode of the vow files batch through recap addition Well what an episode. Yeah what an episode and we have an even better episode. Recapping it for you. We have the very funny and charming Meghan Gaily with us. helped bet longtime Bachelor Fan L. E. N. Very funny comedian helps us. Break down this episode So I think you guys will enjoy that. Yeah before we get into that. I do have a bit of a story. I want to get the the. The opinion of our listeners was Milwaukee by the way Which is part of the story in people came up. I love the Pike and they. I'm a VI- fire via filers. The people were like trying to identify. What are we what are what are you know people people are were there? Trying to identify is is something I don't know but it was great. Thanks for thanks for listening. Thanks for saying hi so anyways. I'm home Wisconsin. Unfortunately I had to go back for a funeral. Bummer and sometimes with groups of friends this group friend drama. Yeah for sure right little fringe so one of my other. Good friends Great Friend Best Friend. has a wife And your best friend. Well it was my best my very hesitant to say best friend. My very best friend is that's the his is his father passed away. That's I don't know like another very good friend of glass as a wife as wife is without getting into the detail she's a lot younger Kind of always involved in drama. Always I mean she's been with with me or anyone else just. It's always something with her. She apparently doesn't get along whatever that means with My best friend and his wife. And that's whose father passed away so we are at the funeral. My friend came to support my other. Good friend His wife income didn't show up. No one was totally surprised. I was irritated. Because I'm just like really you couldn't even show up to pay your. You made your husband come by yourself and it made me wonder What people think out there when it comes to funerals and friends in like is it time to just set your differences aside and shove and pay respect or are in from my point pretty petty and Pretty Catty. But are there situations where were you? Don't WanNA show up because you don't get along with people who you might see at a funeral and I I was just like really irritated about it and I was like. You couldn't just set your differences aside or or do you think this performance to make you upset. Why do I I mean I didn't lose sleep over it but I was just like me again. She's caused other drama. But I thought it was just kind of petty and it just I'm not personally affected by it but I just wanted to like well. She justified and not coming not feel like she got along with The the family who whose father passed away. What would you think I think funerals are such a high intensity emotional time? Like I've gotten a lot of fights funerals actually and I know friends who have to because it's like the the height of I don't know there's just a lot going on so I just think maybe better avoid going and start something but why do you have to. That's why I asked the question. I just thought she. Would you go my condolences. Even if you're there for forty minutes she. Her husband ended up going by himself. Yeah and it was like you know what there's not also there wasn't like we don't go. Why don't they get along? Was there some crazy nothing? It's all silly silliness. It just seemed kind of a bummer. But I that was my question. I'm curious what the audience thinks. Is Our funerals a timer. We just swallow our pride and show our respect. Someone who passed away even. If it's like your enemy you know like can you just show up and there's no can? Yeah Yeah I feel like we should try to do that. No what have you got it in a funeral. Getting wild funeral. What my grandma's funeral I got in a violent. My sister like it was just like misplaced. Sure no yeah that make your sister. I'm missus yeah but not the time now. At the time wasn't about me you know that that was kind of my point. Just like this isn't about you or them it's just about like someone's father died and your husband is close enough with this person to come and pay respects and like you decided not to come to what like at to me. It only makes makes it worse. What what to me? I was like what a great opportunity to. Just you know. Bury the hatchet so to speak and common. Show your support love and now it all it ends up being as you know and then we went out that night you know. They went to the they went to the bucks game. Like she's clearly not sick. She went out and hung out like she was obviously clearly fallen interest. Kind of like it puts a bad taste your mouth. You'd be like Oh were you like why don't you come? I don't know this manifestation of that but maybe I'm wrong maybe other people have different points of view but I thought I would check in with the old The listeners see what they think anything else before we get to. Now I have my prediction of how I think tune for that. It's pretty good. I'm pretty sure nailed it very detailed and just hope that you didn't nail it just so I just don't want you to have the satisfaction of figuring it out but fair enough pretty sure unspoiled. I have this is all based on what I'm seeing as a Fan. I'd have no inside information but I'm he's trying to beautiful mind the season I am so i. Yeah lots of talk about. Obviously the situation at three dates the women living with each other and like I said Meghan gaily helps us break it down so without further Ado Megan gaily and fantasy suite recaps their gun new friend of show. 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I'm a huge fan. I've called you dirty dog behind your back. We want to get into that. I because I think that you you've had an ARC. America has seen it and I wouldn't be here if I thought you were still dirty dog. Now I would be. I would be like. Let's get into it point. Where are the dirtiest of dogs? I think when you were like on the show as a contestant if that's what you feel okay contestant the term because people do win I like there's a sweeter. Did they get engaged? Well they won. They won jeopardy doesn't suitor. That seems to be sort of your peak dirty doggedness but I think as a bachelor you were actually pretty. You made all the you made the in the final choice that I wanted to to. I loved Vanessa Love Char. I'm not I actually met her in Montreal. She from her no from Canada. No I'm from Indianapolis which feels sort of Canadian. Ask Kind and nothing else. But she was at just for laughs at one of the after parties and no one knew who she was but I ran up and was like Oh my God. You're so beautiful gray opener and we chatted for a little bit and she only had nice things to say about you because I did ask this after we broke up. Yes after you broke up. And how long have you been watching the bachelor? I know I remember Tristan and Ryan but I wasn't allowed to walk like that wasn't something but I ju- I remember watching the very first episode in the entire season of Jesse Palmer. Vac you've watched ever since I've taken some off. I took you in a brown completely off. Oh Yeah is there a reason why there's two reasons one makes sense and one does not sure the first reason? I felt like she was really forced on us. Like it seemed like when they went to her to be on the season they were like. Hey if you don't win you'll be the Bachelorette it felt too. It just didn't feel the will of the people. I did not want her. I just don't understand why this is the girl they picked. And then when her season premiered it was kind of peak time politically in Alabama. Where something I did not like what's happening and I was like. I cannot hear roll tide one more time or I will strangle myself so I just for my own sanity took it off but then when I see her when I've seen her on Peter Season Ajoy I'm happy to watch her cry all of her makeup off and not wipe it so. I'm finding it was a good season. I know and I'm very attracted to a lot of those men I was you know about the windmill. Still kind of cultural lexicon was still bleeding in from it but I it was not appointment. Tv FOR ME. Do you think you'll ever go back and binge that I just have so much to what like. I've never watched breaking bad. Wow Okay I know so we authorities make. I've never watched mad men what I do think at some point I'll be on bed rest of some sort and I will go back and watch Hannah Brown and you have a you ever watched breaking bad. You have must feel good like it must feel good. Sometimes you know you have things to binge I've seen all of Jesse Palmer. I have my priorities as you should. I'm doing lined all of it. Yeah I love temptation island. I Love Trash TV. They call it. So how do you feel about this trash? Tv This season so far getting back. A Peter is almost like pre. Pugh bessant you like. He almost feel talking Personality or looks like he feels like a hot eighth grader to the point where like when I see his nipples. I'm like no no not for us. It's just I don't think he was a friend's boyfriend and I got introduced to him. I'd be like Okay and probably forget his name and just like you don't he's not gonNA cheat on you. I wouldn't have a lot of takeaways for him. He doesn't make me pitter-patter in any of the places but the season itself has been pretty dramatic and wild despite him okay. Do you end you in. Some people have been critical of the youth of the group. Had the the drama is too much for you or are you enjoying the trash because it's been trashier it is? His interest is very young in a way that makes me feel almost confused and obviously when these twenty four year old girls being like I want to settle down that they don't mean that I hope and you also have to look at where they're from and then when you meet their families you're like okay. Well this add some perspective to it. It does feel so young. And I think that doesn't bode well for Peter because it makes you get the impression that he's immature and wants a woman who does not like intellectually challenged him. Yeah I mean the bachelor. Is You know stuck hoping to find love with the women that other people pick for him so there is a layer of that every season every more the bachelor gets criticized for their choices. And it's kind of like what do you want me to do? And also a lot of it has to do with most of the time it's like they have their top few people and all the other choices that we criticize them for doing. They don't really care we don't care. I mean but didn't I feel like he liked Kelly but it just like physically never once he saw all these other crazy hot Babes. He was like. Oh Yeah I mean. The code thing is kind of interesting just because they had that connection and I think that's what's got him got her that far because there's a level of comfort there that you just meeting one night at a wedding when regardless if they'd just danced or they did more that's huge in that world because you're you have no comfort in a very awkward situation so to have some familiarity with. Anyone is a huge advantage. It's a huge event to go back to that hotel. I loved that I was like. Oh my God. I can't believe we're at the scene of the crime and that is yet. Because if you've been on a bad first day but then you go back to the place with the person and you're like you still have memory totally but I think eventually it just off it just kind of wore off at Peter is. He's a useful twenty right and. I think I really liked Peter This episode. I think he he finally started pushing back and ways. You didn't see you know whether you agree with him or not. He just was like. Hey I wanna be clear understanding you before. It seemed like he was really trying to please everyone and got him in trouble. I think he didn't do that this episode but he lives at home. I mean he's a sweet guy. I've gotten to know him. I think he's got a lot of character he's young and I think he's on the younger side of his age and I think that's kind of Nice good guy. That's why when I say like if my friend was dating him a book you've got nothing to worry about. He's a good guy he just doesn't like jump off the screen. And it's kind of crazy. Because we know that he has this like sexual prowess that was like his whole windmill thing going. On the Coleman Holton a virgin I was like he seems like he wants to rip some clothes. And you just like that impression from coal. Maybe that's just like about Colton shower. See Yeah Yeah. Yeah Yeah and I love I love a ballplayer and Peter. It's you know it's just like planes and play like I saw hotter pilot last week. Did You yes? There are some hot pilots. Peter just doesn't do it for you. He doesn't do it for me personally but he seems we don't have any shower this season. Did you notice Peter has like he? Has this trim? He's got a bod but he doesn't have ball now he doesn't Lusa shower bod even almost sort of like a runway ball. You know it's not like a it's like a thin trim audit. He's an author. It's totally in shape totally nice but you know it's like you're not no one's world is not stopping when the world stopped for that Virgin. Yeah but in person You I would like you to meet Coleman Peter in person okay for like a scientific experiment in terms of like just energy and and that people have you. Don't think Colin Sexy in person. He's just I know I could. I met the backstreet boys and I was like I know my favorite and then I was like totally in love with. Aj by the which. I never would have believed it and I saw a great looking guy but no I don't think there's some hearing way you're describing. I think I think you would Kudos to the show. 'cause THEY SOLD SEX SYMBOL ON. Colton did they. I think they did. The showers showers out of showers. All right well should we get into this. What we kick things off Wait we kick things off with Mattie at the end of the Rose ceremony sits Peter Down in kind of lays the groundwork of episode which will be all about fucking or the lack thereof or and she sits down and she doesn't really say anything Peter again for the first time. This season is kind of almost is he. He holds his ground so to speak. He knows what he's been waiting for literally. Just Victoria arose for the sole purpose of of having sex with your crafting. My style here. Mattie what are you do you really see his face like Oh God. I can't just have one week of peaceful sack with women. I'm going to break up with a but she you know she tells them she's so very careful about how she says it you know. I thought I I felt myself. I kept forgetting that. She had not told him that she was a virgin. She because we all know and so I kept being like well he knows as Wanna point out and she never said she was a virgin. She said she's saving herself for marriage. She did say that. Which could mean born again doesn't necessarily I don't know I'm guessing and she's a virgin but I find it unique That every other time we've had a virgin. You hear the word version over and over and over until E. Sei Colton with her more. Saving myself calling wasn't saving himself. He just didn't get around to IT member. He was just too busy playing football. Just I'd right. I'm assuming she's a virgin but I noticed that never ever says she's a virgin but you're right. We kind of assume that he knew. Yeah and he's just sitting there like what is she. I mean she's in this like Diana. Ross jump sue which was beautiful trying to tell me to have sex with anyone outside of this airplane. Hangar and he he I think I think she showed her age in that by almost just not being able to articulate to a partner what she was expecting of them and then I think he just seems so confused and bummed out and as the episode goes on my feelings. Something I got choked up. I was trying to swallow some air my feelings towards her kind of soften because she does sort of get to the point at the end where she let me explain what I meant. Yeah we'll go to. Yeah I I've I've points of view. I didn't think I necessarily would after watching it. But Yeah so she tells Peter. Don't fuck anyone but that's not what I'm saying. Like I understand why he is. Berry conflicts interesting format like Shaun. I've talked about this. We relate I mean I relate to madison in that moment specially if I think back to twenty-three-year-old I grew up in a very traditional Catholic household. Rachelle she saving yourself want hometowns. It was kind of an awkward situation because it was Maddie's parents being like does he know your choices Mattie. Both our parents reminding for other choices that she's made in her own right so into it. Hits clearly a family decision down attitude all and talks about how she's on national television and there's a lot of pressure to live up to the expectations of her own things and her parents and she's in a tough spot. So I I'm I'm not critical of necessarily Mattie. A lot of people have started making comparisons of the will you watch. But there's this guy named Luke P he he showed up literally thirty seconds into the season saying how he met God in the shower after fucking all through college and now he's now he's decided to save himself. It was kind of like a really. It sounded grows and it was just like. Oh good for you that you had to have all this sacks and now you've decided to not avert and so and then fast for the season it was a lot of like gas leading hand on a lot of shaming and it just. It came across so like hypocritical and weird. This is a very different. Let's assume she's a virgin and she's just trying to like you know do her thing and just kind of say what? Hey this is the relationship I want. I agree too. I wanted to like be angry with her not angry. I just was like come on girl. Like don't let your dad control but then and I didn't feel that the only thing I I did and obviously it's not her fault that they cast her but it is like you know this has come up like you know this going on American idol and being like. I don't want to sing live. It's like well this show sure I mean I have points on that when we get into Madison. But it's not. You never know yeah. You don't know how you're going to get that and you don't really even know what it's what you're going to feel the structure of the show and you're not even thinking that far you don't necessarily know if you'll get that far. It is interesting because I think of Madison and Hannah and at least in their upbringing and sort of like their persona is very similar. Identical being like southern morals. Sweet pretty girls and then you have one of them being like very strong in her stance and Hannah and it's an event and Hannah Brown kind of did this colts to where it's like. Listen I'm a southern woman with values but like I have? I have with the devil. Madison's family is very like she's she has a great family but also a little to not say too close. I'm not here to criticize her family dynamic but it's it's a bubble it's a bubble. It's clearly a bubble. It's a bubble within the family. It's an above within the whole college community. It's you know. My parents were like that. Too very protective. They wanted us to be. Have this perfect life. That was their approach and Cornell Madison. She like I watched this episode thinking you know whatever whether I agree with Madison or not. She has a lot of character. And I've been hard. I'm asked him with the whole Internet thing in in. You know I can empathize with those decisions. But I think she has a lot of character and I think she has a conviction on her. You know and that's a great thing to have hands. Dad watched it what I didn't ask out there so yeah so now we're in Australia. And the producers. The devils at they are have decided to stack the dates perfectly. Not only that. Well that's that's easy but they've decided to have these women live together which shot. That's that's evil. I mean I love the my my producers friends and They're not setting up Peter for success. Now I cannot believe. This is the first time they've done it because at this point it's it's it's about it. They want they do want great. Tv But they want love. They want love to happen and the fact that they are doing that is making it harder for it to happen. The more competition. It's more competition because now it becomes again. It's still there making it more about the women and the potential drama within the the House and then more drama with Peter and past seasons. You've had the drama and now it's about the lead figuring it out you know and these women are trying to get on board with engaged this person and so for them to do that it. It really kind of stunts. That and there's there is such a time warp in that world where every day feels like a week and every week feels like a month and kind of your competitors during this later extra emotional time and also the added layer is Victoria and and know that Mattie took Peter and had this conversation but have been what they've had no idea and she's not really she's like I just had to like get some things off my links to it could have been like Peter. Wait for the fantasy suite like they just don't know or you know maybe she told him. I've Exxon I hope that you never really know. Don't you think Hannah and new? I feel like she might have told him. And I'm I'm sure they suspected right. I am sure that you know these little. The girl chats that they're having you know it's not like Victoria APP is like I'm GonNa go sit out in like drill mad at the Madison or Hannah and saying this now. Hey we should. That's what you do take us all together. I have all day like think. And that's another thing with these fantasies. Sweet weeks like sitting around at this point. You're just waiting for your one that whole week and now you're sitting around just like before stuck in this house with these this other girl so you have one girl on a date. You have another girl all day long like you think he's fucking wobble wobble. I mean this jackets for more honorable trying to look. Stylish is hard especially. If you're busy you got too much going on or if you're like me not good at it or single. You don't have the girlfriend or boyfriend to be like yeah. That doesn't look good. You know wobbles there for you both to help you fashion and to replace the girlfriend boyfriend that you don't have all of our ads are just about us alone. It's fun wannabe takes. All the the challenge of finding the right clothes for you That you WANNA wear every day very stylish. They have a great I do. I wear a lot of their jim stuff their workout stuff and I gotta say look in High Gem. Am I let yeah? We'll iota but you take a fitness quiz and then they perr you with A stylist who picks out stuff for you and they leave a really cute note explaining their favorite picks in the box. And then the twenty dollar styling fee gets credited. Back to you when you buy some of the items. It's real easy well. Wannabe has taken the challenge of finding the right clothes for me to wear every day. They can help you to go to one dot com slash L. For Twenty five dollars off your first edit that's W. A. N. T. A. B. L. E. dot com slash V. A. L. L. For Twenty. Five dollars off your first edible dot com slash. Vi kept showing their awkward silences. And I was like yeah but like I have awkward silences and people have run out of how hometowns and she's like. Oh good like which come on. You've got a day's worth of gossip to tell them. That was old faith law. It was good yeah. Virginia's awesome. Virginia lovers I duNno I kinda left I had nothing nothing to see here and also like poor Pete like this one. You're almost like now that they're living together. One comes back and then one is like okay. I gotta go get ready. And you're like Damn Peter like even exhausting. I'm curious how they do that because I didn't ask but usually there's a day off okay so you have some sacks faking mute a break we'll not faking it so he needed break we also. It's like all night long. I mean necessarily everyone's always having sex that law. You're talking or like you don't really get private time until like one or two in the morning right and so they're going to wake you up at like eight or nine so so whether it's sex or talking like you're maximizing that alone times you're just exhausted to have peter be able to like. Let's go on a date again after you've had no sleep not to mention most of that next day is talking about your date. All these interviews. It's like oh well like today of Australia Australia. So my guess is is that they probably quarantined like after the days. Hanane and like does her you know last night with Peter was amazing and last night this in same thing and then maybe the next day they insert the girl I don't. I don't know the gist of it but came back and like a cute little peasant top looking fresh as a daisy. So she probably had my Thanh my guesses. She had a day with those girls where she laid out which they notice she probably laid out. Well she probably later Peter. She probably did all her like talking about her date for and then they probably brought her in right win. Say Victoria had a gallon her. That's my guess just so we could see the Turner. Yeah well just just so you can see the awkwardness. Just so and that was probably real. These girls aren't actors in the sense that they probably saw like you. You Insert you'll give just enough time for it to be awkward and not enough time to figure out exactly what went on and create but when Victoria came only Hannah and they were like you look really thin. They're doing the fat wait when Victoria came back date. I'm just talking about around. What could they do these classic hot girl compliments? You Look Tae on. You look thin like it's just like. I don't really I don't want to say anything. That's actually like tangible to who you are a person but like you do look thin you know. And then maybe they're saying like you look thin to be like. Oh Yeah Up. All haven't eaten like trying to get got a lot of exercise really funny compliments that there. It's it is so. I couldn't imagine what that would have been like had you inserted like let's say Sean and Caitlyn. Oh my God you know. What am I going to start really? They're definitely playing with fire doing this. But I was happy to see if anything I was like. Cut to them a little more like. What's going on the House? Cut To all of a sudden. Just like fighting fish whatever ripping each other's hair off Hannah and Hannah an has this she is. She has her game face on she is. She is here to win she. Everyone's she. You know every you know jet skiing. It's Cute I love how Peter China like. Sell it like He was like. Oh so you ever skis just well. We are about to go jet skiing like it's the price is right reveal. I was sad for her. I'm like Hannah. An has jet skied before. She lives wherever she let. There's lakes there there's rivers we're verse Rivers Lakes rivers reservoirs. She's I felt she got. She got low balled on that date. Just Jet Ski in knowing. Oh you don't WanNa know I WANNA Yacht Sundberg? You see sick you get sick you sit there the outside. It's just a lot of L. Please name this episode. That yacht suck it all. Looks good but in a jet skis. Find for things. Weren't going fast enough. A Fun twenty minute thing. I don't know yeah no one really you just you just want to get to the. I don't sense sexual chemistry from them. You don't now when they're rolling in the sand. I I think what you're saying is true. I think Anna's sort of like playing while she. She starts crying when she's like. I don't know if she was like if this was this fall on her being like I know people exit cryer. So I'm going to tell him. It's okay to have sex with as much as people as you want for free while shedding a single tear as she's trying to muscle her like understanding towards Peter Situation hated that I'm here. I'm here for you no matter what. I'm your friend because it almost also felt like in addition to who you have sex with like if you also break up with me. I'M GONNA be here for you to help you through what you need which I have said to a boyfriend before and fully did not mean. There's no way I wanted to kill this. Do you think I mean all jokes? Aside I think a think Hannah an was being really vulnerable and muscling through that and didn't mean it like she doesn't want him doesn't mean course he knows. That's what Peter like. Wow would like respecting someone being like. Wow they really care for me. They won't sweat he. She's playing she's she's playing it well and. I don't think it's as much about Peter. I think she's watched Hanna Hanna. Bc's it or you know and this whole like it was the reverse of American being like well. You know what you signed up for and you have to be okay with this and I think she's trying to be the understanding woke. You know a woman. Does she know Maddie's taking the other route so she's like. I'm going to cover this that. Definitely that element where it's definitely Victoria. F Hannah ad versus Madison. I mean they all seem to get along. But there's definitely this we're going to be understanding and you're going to you're GONNA go different paths. Mattie you know But she did not want to say it it was like it was sad and accorded sweet all the saved. I've made it made me made me kind of like Hannah and a little bit more a little bit more this like watching it now it. It was awkward his speech postures really funny to me sitting like I. It's it's those moments. I get defensive of Peter or it's just like I can't read how many times I'm on these dates and just like how do I put on the Internet have said I have ugly knees. I have sat on things and people have ridiculed. It's like you got to watch the playback Peter. This is not a good concave chest. Look for you. Yeah when I see them rolling around on the sand I just don't feel it. I do heaters yeah. He kissed her hand twice. That we saw. It's just I I don't I. I mean she's obviously so beautiful she's like a classic Disney Star. Pretty and he's obviously very very attracted to her. I think she's like playing the game to try and be the Bachelorette thinks she's out of this I think she's going to win. I actually have. I have a very detailed theory of how I think. The recipes gray D- yeah so anyway so now they go to the fantasy suite She she's just like I'm I'm here for you. There's a scene where they lie in the bed and she has her her legs like locked very awkward. Actually to your point of maybe lack of sexual chemistry. I don't know also that door. The warrior talk with the hand and wonder if that's actually them. I I was wondering the same thing or were they like. Hey we got to get the shot and you put your answers. Maybe but like yeah. Here's what here's what they're producers aren't doing. They're not like go take a shower and have sex film. That's not happening okay. Like that's not lose two okay. Great Mark I mean. They do things differently every season navy but my experience third level of privacy. They're not like saying. Hey go go. Football does hang around. That door is so specific to be like we can see people are hooking up. But we can't see who it is could be any hotel. Has that door? Titanic I mean it was a it was like it was very shocked some and seen setting that went into have a door that kind of operate in the door on this rumor in out could do it. I absolutely think sexual chemistry or whatever we think they actually absolutely had sex. I think they had tax. I mean when Hannah and is talking to Mattie know her like offended nece but what Matt issues like. I'm literally physically recovering from all night of Peter. Just having his way with me and I I have Peter. Stink and I feel like almost judged. Actually it's the judgment of like show. I think she feels like Mattie is talking down to anyone that would have sex with her and now it has sex with him and obviously she's in that camp now. She's being defensive. Peter Herself I. I didn't think that Mattie was talking down I think she your. It's a such a tough position to be in because she is. My guess is manny had no interest in talking to Hannah about her point of view. It's just like she's forced to you. Know they get You know and so. She's like yeah. This is what I said to Peter no judgment in just because Hannah and feels judge doesn't mean they mattie was judgment perception because I had had sex with someone and then the other girl who's dating him was like I can't like he better don't have sex with anyone ever like. I'll go to a higher standard like it comes across as condescending and judgement. Oh but I don't know Mattie actually is like good at not feeling that way. I like the episode liking. Matty really laugh it. Yes the hand really laughing at some of Victoria fs like takeaways from it. let's let's let's next day. Yes Victoria F. What today's they went they went. They did something. He did some day helicopter and then they went to the waterfall. And she said we haven't even thought and you're like Oh Jesus funny I love how Peter Opens up the day and says I have an amazing relationship. Retore the only thing we don't do well as communicate which is like I don't know maybe the biggest thing of any relationship I mean. It's I've said another episodes like I joked because it's clearly a very immature in what we see from the show a toxic relationship. It's a relationship that I know very well and in my twenty s a idea. This peter is a fighter and we confuse like fighting for what we believe in is defending things that are toxic in our lives. He thinks they have passion. And you know you're you're just like not compatible in communication and she acknowledges it too. I mean you can go back to that group date where Victoria F is and lingerie and like seeing paid. Peter's face see her. It's like she's in. You know like he is hot for her. Yeah and then then fighting and then having this thing it totally makes sense and I also think it's something Peter Maybe has experienced a lot of and it's just so different than the other two girls also. Actually I I kind of disagree with that has got to know Peter Little Okay. I don't think I don't think his ex girlfriends have maybe been as aggressive in. Like she's Victoria has verb like hot. Her highs and lows are drastic. I think Peter's Samore us to that than like kits. Not his first girlfriend. Who's made him jump over jump through hoops so to speak and I think he is very that the jumping through hoops realize that and I think part of it is. He likes to do that. He likes to feel like I'm proving. My rider give and again. We get very confused when we're younger of like what's actually healthy way to do that. And not and so. I don't think this is the first time peters had to jump through hoops for love and I think that's where you see this attraction of other than the physical attraction. That's where you see him doing this. I mean it makes a lot like oh we had this patch in the way he talks about it. It's just like yeah. It's very easy to judge him. But I'm listening and being like it's it's embarrassing but like that was me that did that we we all can see ourselves in in this relationship and and there's almost part to where. Victoria F was kind of the least willing to tell him what he needed to hear in terms of. I'm falling for you or whatever and I think some of his like being so into her is kind of A. She feels like she has the upper hand in their relationship to me in a way. That's very strange for him. Being the bachelor and her being a Otr she yeah. I don't know where it comes from but you're right she doesn't this maybe it comes from her inability to control her emotions. I don't know but she doesn't know. Yeah she when she feels. She just doesn't says it at her own detriment most harm yes. It's almost in a weird way. Worked to her advantage. Whether whether you know the people are debating whether she's like this was all calculated or this Wacko. I mean that that atmosphere so insane that I have a hard time believing she would go at mass many. She didn't know that they were going to do that with the musician. I'm the I'm not defending it. But like I think she's just highly emotional and they've never done that before Bra An- EXPEC as a performer would have but the opportunity never presented so if I was on and they were like you're going to go to a comedy show. I'd be like no nope. Nope NOPE Nope I gotta go home. Got a piece in Q. I thought Victoria was going home night. One I thought her like her. She's only thing is I was like. What like hearn Kelsey felt like classic night one. I'm going to have a meltdown and fall in the pool and go home and then they they were in it for the long haul or grooved me wrong. What do you? What do you think of victorious explanation of why she as she says the way she is? God what did I don't even feel like it was articulated clear enough. He'd like who don't understand everything she said that I was like really. She's just like this is just who I am. Ex- bad axe who didn't I watched the whole number. Basically the way she described but yeah he what she said. She's like he didn't. He never asked me about my emotion. Oh yes I am so when you asked me I feel like okay. This is this is why I didn't remember it. Because it's like Yeah Bitch we've all had xs like that like if you have exit who I don't even want to have a hip relation. They had braked. You know like I have stated multiple men who do not trust to like watch a broom. So it's we've all been through things and that doesn't give you. I don't i. Don't even think her behaviors been that crazy. It just seems in the context of the show. If someone behaved like her you'd be like Oh goodbye like he doesn't have to necessarily put up with it. Any is ano- in a weird way. Where like the thing? I don't relate to Peter in for my experiences. He seems like he act when he says. I'm in love with three women. It's like I actually believe in versus like at this point for me. I'm just trying to get through. I'm just trying to survive. It's an impossible week but Peter Peter's trying to get through it by. Oh someone doesn't want me to have sex with anyone I'm definitely going to have sex with everyone And how do I do this? One of them. I only kept to have sex with so I have to have sex with her but I don't know the way the way. Peter is Victoria on this date like it sounded like it is watched and I watched it twice where it's just like he's just like don't don't run with. Victoria's like don't run from me like don't push me away and I'm thinking I'm pretty sure you wanNA break up with her and each day right so it's more like he really is just like present on these dates in like not and I think long term which is I could. Yeah that was hard for me to do so he. He seems like he's very present on these dates and then it's kind of wild. I mean like it's I don't I don't have an. I think he's sending story FM. And I don't think that that's bad. But that could also come across not great for him that he's kept this volatile woman and then I guess anyone you sent home after a C. Suite. It's like you had sex with them and then send them home. That would really even though does happen to all of us to but that would really like be demoralizing for the public to know I think yes but you also keep in mind that when Peters doing this how it plays out in real time he has no idea how it's going to be perceived from a show standpoint. He doesn't know how like he doesn't know what people are. GonNa think of any of these women he doesn't know how like he certainly is aware. Certainly is aware that Victoria after even have a hometown and what that might be what that might look like. But I don't think you know that was me I was I I had a bat. Hometowns is the worst because meeting all the parents but I I'd been on that I had done three seasons did paradise and I was. You know I'm a I'm an analytical person to begin with so I was constantly in my head about what people are. GonNa think they're going to think about it but again also per for better or worse. I I was pretty much pot committed Vanessa. So everything else was going to meet the parents and be as respectful as possible but not say too much and not say anything like if for example if Hannah and was on my season right now and so is Vanessa. And then Hannah and was don't don't do. I would like cool Bro. I won't say that you know like I'm not going to say I'm falling because like Peter believes it. Falling in love means something and it doesn't mean anything he's not when you're in love with three people at the same time falling love right but also you called. Andy out for the thing so you were in a position where you had to kind of not do that right. What do you mean 'cause you got? You are upset with her right well. Upset owes more just why yeah heartbroken. Y- confused so you didn't want to do that to the women the same well. It was what I what meant when I was the bachelor I was at that point. The two time runner up and so I even said this. I don't know if they aired it but I knew that I would relate more to the women who took second or third than I would to the winner. It's the only thing I literally haven't done in that world is to have one and so I was very careful about the things I said and didn't say and I wanted like specifically with Raven I wanted when you're in that bubble I knew that Sh- you know she might be falling and she might be heartbroken but I was. It was important to me that once I broke up with her that like as she process all the things that went as she played it back. There was never something. I said that she goes. Yeah but he said this he did that and I don't get why he would say that I. I was very careful because I wanted her to be like you know what kind of and honestly like. I'm pretty sure she. She knew based off of the things that a conversation we had. But it's also it's also hard. It's hard peterson. A tough position because gives the only one with the expectation to have this work the pressures on him to get engaged. Not anyone else did you ever. Were you ever like buzzed on your season from alcohol. Yeah I'm not a big drinker so I was pretty stressed and I don't. I just feel like I would get drunk and be like I love you. I would go up to a deep love you. I love you someday. I love you and I love you. I mean you see a lot of the. I'll tell your parents the women from this season like them. Kelsey like yeah. Kelsey has alcohol induced as the actual Bachelor Bachelorette like getting drunk and then having loose lips being like. I love every like if I was high and bring them all to me. Let snuggle I love all my boys not as much. I mean not not for me. Everyone's different this is why I wouldn't be on it. I married to but my husband said I could do it okay. I think he thinks that. Make good TV Victoria F. Yeah so she comes back when she's crying with her dress addresses tissue did you. I mean again I did did you. Did you roll your eyes when she when she put him through so much or was there any empathy after all however at least aware that she's been freely they have been on an emotional roller coaster and like I think Victoria. Maybe the type of person who does things and then has remorse for them not even that she's done anything that bad but I don't think she's like void of being like that was a doozy crazy as fuck apologizes over and over which is annoying. Yeah and you don't think the way. She reacted Peter when he brought up. The cheating was bad. No I mean I think this breaking up marriages. This wasn't who she is You know that that's why it's almost just like even crazier that. He's Kelsey hit the road. Okay Wow this. Black widow is staying. I mean that's the thing. It's just the detention and release the way she's doing Peter Falling for it from. I've done it like you. You go crazy and you like you in its in its gas leading totally and and it's just like. Oh what did I got notional new wrong? And then she comes back and then she sorry than she's fighting and then it feels like it's that kind of makeup say sat in a way and so that's how I mean. Yeah MAKEUP SEXIST. Very powerful also. That's kind of what's what's going on. So now we get to the meat of the episode which is all about Mattie. Yeah well because there's that scene where Madison and Hannah aunt or no. I mean betray F and Hannah and Hannah. Kind of filling Victoria in Victoria. F is like I'm like Matt. It's like to be like a mad. You know what you need to have sex with him are mad on behalf of Peter yes how much he's saying but it's like crazy to be mad on him. Yeah No. It's weird because I I probably watching this episode related more to Mattie Than Than Hannah and Victoria definitely did not relate to Victoria like if anything Victoria F sh should be like yes mattie. Go girl don't have sex with. I think that also just kind of shows. Victoria isn't really doesn't have deep feelings for Peter said this to when she was crying when she says Hannah and seems less like angry and more just like why did I think you're right. You're right. Victoria is more like yeah mad. He he's GonNa fuck you and you're gonNA like testimony. She's just like un- that's just like so unfair to Peter. He thought he was going to have sex with three girls. And now he's only going to have yeah. He had to fly to a whole different hemisphere. And the toilets vins another way and Mattie needs to have sex with him. I don't know imagine it's a basketball. Whatever you gotta do girl but like he deserves this you're right. She definitely did that. And he's just like I have a wound on my head. I'm doing the best I can like. Did he get a concussion? Busy fine so yeah so matty calms they do something they want us. Bridge Bridge Free Cool. She is leading him like I was like watching like Peter get in front of her a bunch of metaphors about like the challenge relationship. Sometimes the wind is wins against you and a very dramatic musically all leading to what we've been waiting for is kind of confrontation about Mattie knowing Peter's head Saxon wants to hopefully hear that he hasn't tags peer knowing that she's GonNa ask me if he's had sex here knowing I'm GONNA have to admit I've had sex. And what is bad he do about this. She's like I don't any details. I don't even know position but I just need to hear penetration or not. So what what did you? What did you ladies think again? This is all very in the grey of you. Know we're in two thousand and twenty six positive. It's our own bodies we can do it. We want when it was when I know you didn't watch but one was Hannah be was she's having sex she you know but it was different weekend with Lupi but it was very much in our empowering and you can't tell me what to do with everybody and there are some parallels here and it didn't all go down the same way so like what did you guys think I thought Mattie sort of like speech she gives him a because Peter's I just like this is you can't ask me and she's like okay but like I have sacrificed X Y and Z. I never know that that would like to be able to do. And I've done it because I care for you and I did think that was a very good ended up a little choked useful. I mean the music. It was all very good. It was great TV and I thought she she marries me. She was very eloquent. Yes and and had conviction and I just it made me really like her absolutely Because you I I saw. When she was doing it it she could just. She was filled with so much emotion. Anger confusion sadness in like and she was still trying to talk away and again like she was saying. I want trying to put myself in your shoes because like she is really struggling. Because here's what's interesting about this like this for all. The people are like well Madison. You knew what you signed up for it. She didn't right and so this is Madison's point of view when she's like giving. This speech is medicine like a lot of people before her and sometimes to every season thinks she in her and Peter's relationship is way ahead of everyone else and her mind right or wrong. She feels because again. She's not seeing the details of all these other relationship. She's like Peter not have something different. We have something special so even when she pulls him aside after the hometown rose ceremony she sang this to him is like. I know like you have to do what you have to do. And you're just trying to get to the end but we have something special and I just need to let you know because this is going to be us at the end. She speaking from this like you said like Peter's my boyfriend and he is a surviving this. She's not the first person to have this point of in fact it's every other season like. Why do you think every time the end of the season on the cover of people magazine? It's I knew they were always the one kind of thing in half the time. That's true and half the time it's the lead telling the person who won what they wanna hear. Because how else do you think? People are wrapping their brain on the crazy idea of getting engaged at the end. And that's because they think their relationship is the only real one amongst the sea of bullshit. She makes a very compelling argument to when she frames it in the time. She's like I think it's kind of crazy to ask me to get engaged to someone who had sex with two women a week ago and and he has like a rebuttal but you almost see those three days and you have to give her credit because she is very young and and in some ways not naive but has lived in this bubble. She took those three days and like prepared like she was going to debate team. She later tation had her stance in it wasn't preach it was just like it's. I'm not even telling you not to do this. I'm just telling it like it's hard for me and you feel for her and I'm sure you can speak to this. They had this intense conversation and then he's away from her for five days. She can't text ten that's why she had it. Then because I mean my guess is it was. She was made aware of the fact that we don't know when you're going to have this date but this will be the last time you see him before and he may or may not have had other dates. It is wild that this is the first time that Peter is learning. You like see his face learn that she is saving herself. And he's like I mean I you didn't see it but after it was the same for me on both Andy and Caitlyn season after specifically Andy Season why. I had the first fantasy suite. We wake up that morning and it was a great night except for that morning. I JUST. I was like in my gut. I was like you're going to have sex with Josh. I just yeah I just. I just felt that she didn't say it was implied. And here I am thinking. I think you're going to pick me. I really love you. I'm supposed to stay in. This is the time. We're at a P purchasers. Don't really present engagement. There's no talk of it. They know how insane but towards the end. That's when they're like me Elaine. How you feeling like we're where are you at? You think you could do this. You know and you're thinking and then you actually start thinking about the crazy possibility of from guys point of view getting down to one year or proposing. You're just like I guess I don't know I really love and this is crazy. But I think she's going to have sex with another guy and I spent the whole like it was me and lake three producers and I honestly it was like listen I get it I get the show I understand and I'm not telling you what she can or can't do but like hot. Do I get engaged to someone and it was more like. Listen if she ends up having sex with a guy. I'm I'm fine with like I can. Maybe I guess you can get over it but I don't know if I can get engaged. I dislike why. How do I get engaged? I would rather just like maybe reset and so okay. That was a whole day of conversations of going back and forth with the producers trying to wrap my brain around this like well how can I this? A man who had more life experiences had lived more of a life than Mattie to. Madison is in this crazy show. But it's this is real life for these people like they are seeing past like they realized totally delusional like in two weeks. This is going to be done and I ended up with Peter. We're going to be in the real world. That's what I thought of and it's just like I just need to be able to like make my own decision here. I need to be able to if I'm going to do this. I need to like be able to respect my choices. And it's just like for all the people who are going to be criticized Madison or anyone. Who position like unless you're into an open relationship which is cool like this is no different than anyone else because the way madison articulated. So I. It's it's so interesting to that. They keeping like. It's an ultimatum ultimatum. Like that is just like such a bad word to women because like I think of women thinking of ultimate you always hear girls be like well. She gave her boyfriend ultimatum that they had to get married engaged whenever that happens. People like well then they shouldn't. It's like sometimes. Unfortunately it's not an ultimatum. I think she's just saying like I will emotionally not be able to get past that and I'm walking away like she's almost breaking up with him just out of her own sadness and like she knows her parents are watching this her. Dad's how your basketball team watch? There's so many layers win is going ahead. And he's already done it. And that's the argument against mass. It's like you knew the whole. It was the the windmill everyone knew. Peter had sex before the car but that doesn't necessarily mean Madison again. That were Madison. Goes to Peter. She was saying like listen. I have no lesions that you. You're you're not saving yourself and I'm fine with ending up with a guy who's not saving him up. She's not saying that she's simply saying listen. If what we have Israel if Israel is I believe it to be. I just want to know that I'm worth it to you to like not have sex with other people which in any other dating situation which would be totally normal request and Peter's like sorry. It's what's interesting 'cause I only said with Vanessa. Right like wow. I didn't know that I mean and that from I knew I was going to pick her and I wanted to try to make a relationship work so it was. When you didn't have sex with other girls they were like oh it was. It was a tough week to try to go through that and hope that they wake up so thinking. There's a chance my my what I said to them was. I'm not having sex with anyone. I don't need to have sex to like know that physical connection on Etcetera Etcetera. What what are they fought hot for each other but yeah but outdoor hot tub? But I'll say this much if I I my gut tells me that have the sex wasn't a big focal point of the season. They didn't didn't make it a like the time but if let's say let's say they did. Raven the girl who only had sex with one person at that point. Then Rachel I guarantee you they would have been the Hannah Victoria off in the situation in Vanessa by no means was saving herself but if Let's if Vanessa I broke up but if an asset I if an ESA would have found that I had sex with anyone else. I don't think we would have made it to the ball. Yeah I think probably what Dooms Win Win Win? Win Ben and Laura broke up. Whether or not she. She referred to the fact that he had sex with Joe. Joe Like it's not the first time like Josh. And Andy Sean Lynn. That's a mind. Fuck Oh yes sean. Never got over that. Never it's medicines that the missile right Victoria who are now like rooting for peterhead. It's like you're okay. You know like they don't know Hannah and does not know how she's going to. Maybe she doesn't thought or she's also being the cool girl like whatever you need. Peter. I know. I'll be up here with Kleenex. I'll be crying Russo like handing in you may if you end up being the one as you think she is and he's had sex with Victoria. F that may come back to really really make you very upset and you're going to be looking at Madison like Oh yeah girl. You arrive bearing a lot. She's she hurt Mehanna. Ends Focus is winning. I think I don't think it's the bachelor because in fairness you're so deep at this point you're not really thinking about being the Bachelorette you really Because your emotions you don't think she could be a little bit. No no I heard. I heard yesterday that they've chosen the Bachelorette and it. It's not someone from the season. Who did you hear from you? Heard IT'S T. I heard St. There's no who'd you hear that from? I mean a man person you trust with this person have any have a this person like wouldn't even like necessarily know allegedly because like in my dreams but then when I go in I think Kelly I would wanna see Kelly but Kelly doesn't want to do this. She didn't let her go to the women. Tell you didn't let her go. Let her she came out here for it. What do you mean not let her go? You don't do know the details Nick because she wish you knew at that doesn't make sense. That's what makes it means. I'm now happened definitely happy. You don't you don't. You're not top six a fan favorite parts and he met before had not necessarily confrontation with the women. What was like head opposing points of view of women relying how to start and fact? I was looking forward to play a hometown because of the way she left which is kind of like mocking the rest of the women which a lot of people agreed with. America kind of agreed with her and I thought it had been a really interesting dynamic to have her. There are why she wasn't. There is not normal. My yeah I maybe it's because they feel like she was like true critical. Who knows but it's there was a reason to look at the crew that this like and there's been lawyers and it a look there's educated Rachel's brilliant there's very smart like successful women on this but if you look at Kelly situation and the young young girl she's surrounded by it's not crazy for Kelly to be like do says you like rugrats like give me out of here yeah you think she broke something in the contract or something. I mean everyone break something in the contract. It's not yeah it's it's it was definitely a a lawyer too. It's like maybe there's like a legal. I mean her dad is like when I was watching. Kelly was like families rich. That's like one of my favorite sub games to play like their families rich. And then you go to the house and you see an but Lonzo ball something like Kelly saying. She wasn't invited to this. Wasn't Kelly opting out. Because that's the first you can't. They can't force you to go. I mean it's in your contract to go but if you like refuse ago they'll just move on do things like this. Where like the the production as a whole is like this'll make this person look good and it's like you have missed the pulse of America because I hear that and I'm like patches and makes me like Kelly Moore and already she was already my favorite. Yeah by excluding her from you know who? I don't what city they wanted more drama with the women. They thought they wanted to. I don't know who knows how interesting James so you think. I think Madison. I mean they're obviously setting it up. That Madison is the winner. So I so. Here's what I think happens crate. I think man. I'm not entirely sure but like what happened next. And my my guess is Madison recused herself. She leaves the show leaving it down to Victoria. F When did she leave? That's what I'm not sure of. But in the preview they show her not their plea coming in the preview. They imply but could be like literally walking over the hill. What if that is the case? Then I think Victoria I think Taraf is GonNa think she's just late two zero hold her back for like drama and hair and make-up's like we're doing when it's down to those three like yeah they could bring out. Henna an wait ten minutes for him and just standing there bring up Victoria. Quick Twenty like don't mind gain weight maybe case good physical you know and then yeah especially now. You have had an Victoria F standing there. Let's talk for twenty minutes. You'd never know it. See what if anything comes out okay? We're F- goes home. And then they go about it and they're setting it up like Madison just like can't get over it and leaves and then so you. Here's what I think happens medicine eventually at some point leaves whether it's before after Victoria Chris Harrison says before you do what you. Can you know an so madison? Has she's like she can't get to it and now. Peter's with Hannah and but because Madison leaves it fucks Peter up because she leaves and it's not his call at always Fox us all out. Cassie sure like a cassie. But even in life like you know when we think we're going to break up with someone breaks up with those first. We realized I love. You can only so. There's a little bit of that right. So Peter is like torn up about the Madison. He's feeling regret. Should I have not have done this? That I just have sex and now he's just focused on mass and meanwhile Hannah Atas feeling like she's being made aware of this Madison left. Which FUCKING UP MATT A hands? It's like what the fuck like. Why not why not me as a result of Peter? I think he's actually ready to propose a hint here. Peter comes around he comes around is like Hannah has been my rock. She's always been there for me. She let me sex. She could have anyone she cries on. Cue by the way I just wanted to point out Every girl cried on every date on the fantasy so you week this episode like I don't remember like everyone just has figured out like everyone cry So like yeah. Madison's it's me. It's me right. Before Peter's proposing Harrison comes out. And it's just like hey you got something to tell. You Insert Madison. Who's like I know? What Peter I realized I love you and I wanNA to try this. He comes back fucks up Peter even more meanwhile hands like what the Fuck Ya right. And don't let him go. Don't let her go and Peter Realizing I just fucked up and Peter apologizing in these previews and because he's like he realizes it's not mad because he comes back and Peter's like you know what I hear he's confused at first but still wants to be with Hannah and but he's at he. He almost fucks it up. He almost like she almost makes hand. And 'cause there's a there's a sow avoidance Hannah and it's something I don't forget what she said it's just like I've been. I've been the rock the whole time. I WANNA feel like I'm loved and Blah Blah Blah and. I think she's is kind of like what the fuck like. Why are you like? You're chasing too hot for this. Yeah and then. I think he's apologizing to and and he sends Manna home and Peter's with Hanane wow and then with Mattie you think he does. I'm really now this theory. I really like that. You've presented to us with that on your own well and it's almost kind of unspoiled when you're number like we have learned that. Peter does like a little bit of drama. You Know He. He is attracted to that like. It's almost like Victoria. F leaves and then not that Mattias dramatic but like this give and take and tug and pull that almost just steps right into Victoria APPs shoes and he picks up that is as passionate as fighting. What is happening? Why is my head still busted open? So they're they're it's. I still think it's going to be Hanna Hanna. Because otherwise otherwise they're setting it up. Part of it is then. It's too obvious that Peter has been like no one's going to spoil this area so crazy no one and no one does know and like Madison leaving because she doesn't want to have sex and then come back and Peter choosing him as kind of like what you've presented has too many moving parts to be able to nail it down. Which is a spoiler. Yeah I think that's what happened check. I hope leaders Mama's happy eaters. Mom Yelling is like the Colton fence. Jump here. We are like give it it to us. Who is it? What's it going to be a media and bizarre season? Victoria doesn't have a hometown. Madison seemingly doesn't have an overnight. Now which is I actually thought that was crazy again. We don't know if that's what she's walking away and ends maybe the maybe they don't. It's imply that you not definitely not but like also why not. She's not at this point she's not going to go hang out. You can't even look. He's G I don't even yes. She's not going to sleep in and that she doesn't you a lot them early and Howard act like some her release harder. Let's go talk. Let's off camera. Let's go talk it out in the fantasy something. Why wouldn't you take advantage of this? Only opportunity to have this like literal private time to like have a real conversation so madison. Who's trying to be polished and trying to always worry about? Her parents think she can go in this room. And just close the doors and be like what the fuck and like you know what I'm saying. She can just Victoria APPs. You can go Victoria F on Peter and you would think that she would take advantage of that situation because Madison. You can tell how she has bite. She her competitive nature her like you. Don't become a high school state champion by being super demure. All the time I think at this point though she may not even want the image of her going into a hotel room in the viewership like she made us feel like I for my own sanity of no one can ever say well. We don't know like I just don't even want them to have that shot. You're probably let she. She should talk to him. They should take all the time that they can't love is blind. They're just leaving on the table. Sometimes this you gotta go to this week if the chocolate covered strawberries. What Megan there's been a lot of fun? Thank you so much for coming. Where can people find you? You're doing a lot of great things. Ask podcast on. Iheart that actually hosts with my husband's that is a sports podcast. But I do have a lot of female friends specifically told me that they like love listening to it because we talk about sports as sort of gossip a lot less XS knows and we obviously like bicker and you know call each other me names and then. Uh sports my husband and I both worked for the NFL. He works bleacher report. You're like Sporty sporty couple so we've got some gossip and then if you like stand up. I'LL BE ON ALBION DC march twenty seventh and twenty eighth and then I have some road dates in the summer. I tell you to go to my website. I do not update it. So just find me on the social were on the socials on my instagram is better. Meghan gaily and then my twitter's Meghan Gaily Med A. N. G. A. I L. E. Y. And Gosh I'll be tweeting some bachelor opinions. Thanks for calling. There's been a lot of fun at one breaking it down with you. Best of luck who Peter Wrong world and to Hannah Ann's Dad. God bless you honey there on that Thanks everyone for listening See Tomorrow we have a great episode with Mr Drew. Scott and his wife Linda. Make sure check that out and don't forget to send your questions that Ethnic Academy Dot. Com cast with a gay and what anything else all right. See You tomorrow guys. You need something to listen to next. We'll check out this other show from cast media. Hi I'm Jacob Tula I'm Jamie BB and we're your host of circle talking each episode. We're going to bring you a new stalking case covering the INS and outs of each stocker victim and their stories. You have any weapons. Yes what is he did? A gun nine yes. She hated me so much. She found my stepmother Brendan her and then was caught. Making a plan to attack me with my stepmother he shows up to my gallery and he's wearing a space suit. He looks at me and he goes. You Look like Jessica Rabbit and Lulu from the Fifth Element. And then he looked at me very intensely and he goes and I'm going to stock you. We hear about the cops not really unique thing or not really caring about the crime stock. There's a lot of victim shaming the Predator. Who'd been stalking me for. Forty four years was starting to really interfere with my life and my freedom a lot more than he had been one of those random messages on my damn it was like I'm coming in. I'll see you on this day. I was responding to this and then it was like a verification of got set all of a sudden I hear knock at the door so I opened the door and there they six foot something gentleman standing in front of me with a backpack and he looks at me and he said. Are you Erin kind of panicked? Because this isn't Larry he followed me to my workplace and he grabbed me. Push INTO THE DOOR. And we're die. I'm block me unblock me. Why did he blow me? I'm Jacob Tula. I'm Jamie BB. Strictly stalking mayors on January twenty first. We subscribe on Apple podcasts. Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts and like I got. This person won't stop texting me. Stop calling me just keeps showing up everywhere. Then that's when it's like you're like Oh shit.

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