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I had An opportunity to do a lot of studying a lot of this weekend and A lot of things. Lot of synchronicity. That happened First of all there was a video that was broadcast here in portland. talk pediatrics. Rpd talk and it was a video that i did back in two thousand seven at the ground zero lounge Fourteen years ago. I was on stage and i was talking about cove. Nineteen believe it or not. I was talking about a contagion that I was talking all the way down to the idea that they'd get us to wash our hands and to Avoid each other and I didn't know the got in so much detail. Because i don't i put in so much work in to the shows and i do them every day and i sometimes don't have the opportunity to to see some of my work here my work performed or what have you I don't i don't go back and listen to my show that i'm listening to me unless i'm doing research but It was amazing that fourteen years ago the audience of ground zero lounge that Had a chance to watch it the watched it now. Got to see how you know. Ground zero. the show has been around for so many years and every time we've come on the air we've tried to provide you with show that would give you insight as to what's happening in the future and we've been pretty accurate you know you know. It's not easy to get everything down to the t. But using history as your guide and using numbers and using. I don't know there are all kinds of resources. You can use to try and figure out what's coming it's on the map it's all in the it's all in the patterns. It's all in for example on april eighth. There was a curious article that was published. I saw it on page six. And i saw it In the guardian which is a british tabloids and it was all about prince harry and meghan markle it said in the headline were called to prince. Harry meghan markle's Southern california home nine times nine months. That was a headline that the police were called to harry and megan's house nine times in nine months so once a month they get a phone call f for the house Harry megan in california. That was april. The eighth and on april ninth. It was announced that prince. Philip duke of edinburgh died at the age of ninety nine on april ninth which was ninety nine days into the year. April ninth twenty twenty one digital. Es four nine twenty twenty one now if you add that together for plus nine plus to plus zero plus two plus one it equals eighteen. Now when you do numbers like this you have to reduce it down so you reduce down one. Plus eight is nine. Four plus dine plus to plus zero plus two plus one eagles eighteen oneplus. Eight is nine. So april ninth ninety nine hundred hundred a year. Prince william i mean sorry. Prince phillip was ninety. Nine years old digitally. The date reduced down was nine and it was interesting because no matter what is done through the most complex multiplication of nine by any other number in the end the final question is nine and nine stands for for example a lesson civil multiplication shows that when we multiply by nine the answer would reduce will always be nine nine times one nine. Nine times two is eighteen. Oneplus eight t oneplus eight eagles nine nine times three is twenty seven two seven nine nine times four. His thirty six three equals nine. Nine times i was forty five. Four plus five is nine nine. Nine six is fifty four. Five plus four is nine nine times seven sixty three six plus three is nine all the way down to nine times. Eleven which is ninety nine. Nine plus nine is eighteen. Oneplus eight is nine and then of course nine times twelve one hundred eight one. Zero eight equals nine. One plus zero plus eight equals nine. So it's written in the bible that jesus died at the ninth. Our the number nine is also known. The bible is the number of also nine generations from adam to noah and also from noah to abraham lincoln in the bible that abram was ninety nine years old the moment when he got the name abraham and when he received the covenant from god. It is also said in the bible that cornelius. Who was the century and of rome. Had a vision on the ninth hour of the day and he was told that he should contact the apostle. Peter is also important to say there were nine groups. Who used to practice sorcery. And they were mentioned in the old testament. Nine is a mystical number. Nine in numerology is a portent number prince. Philip's death discharged it. Uncanny coincidence a trip listrik numbers nine nine nine so a numbers triple like this. It means there's a major event in the works so something big is supposed to go down as was mentioned during the time we were working the itc white circle technology. When we had guns florida on the program talking about these asked. god's the voices came forward saying something big was going to happen and some saying that it had to be. The bloodline will that it was probably something to do with Something to do with prince philip. We didn't know because we had no idea that prince film was going to die. But you you. You follow the pattern of nines right. We may see some significant changes I think April the eighteenth be looking for some significant stuff. Going down or april the twenty third. You may want to keep those on your calendar because these are two dates that stick out in my mind is being multiples of nine. So these things can be one big coincidence. I will admit but they still fascinating the nine nine nine symbolism has been debated in around the internet. I mean there have been a lot of people who somehow determine that the number nine is the inverted six six six and has to be. Somehow the number of meaning is the opposite of. You know what i'm saying. It's a i. I don't know how they come up with that i i. It's a misconception. Okay we need to open up the numeric flash in the psych and understand that the number nine applied to the end of the numeric line. It's important that that is what it is remember. I was talking about during the ides of march. The no nece the known as are the end days nine known a means nine. No nine no. It's negative it. Means the end of one timeline or the end of one numeric line and many people while you read some you know lighthearted you know flash anomaly flashy getting you know kinda the the fluffy New age stuff. They'll say nine is a great number for this. This this this this reason. But if you read the satanic bible and you read anton levay you find that anton levin and many others satanic orders councils but mind you. They think that the number nine is the devils number. And there's a symbol is a symbol that both forward and backward six six six nine nine nine is the number of evil it has been given a sinister nature again by anton. The vague church of satan the number of the forces of destruction when you look at the number of forces destruction. It's always nine in book of inuk. An apocryphal book in the was supposed to be in. The bible was written that god asks ten angels to oversee the creation of the earth but one had turned away leaving nine. Who was the angel that turned away. Yeah it was then. The number of nine became the number of rebellion. Nine applies to the rebellious angel. And who was the rebellious angel lucifer. Nine is the number of the ego nine always returns into itself. That's why i did this. Multiplication tables nine will always turn unto itself when multiplied when nine is used in magic. It creates chaos. When you triple any power number you increase its value. And many people put a great deal of significance in numeric sequences. Because there are many who understand that god and the devil always speak in numbers and there are many inscriptions denote goodness and wholeness while others are tricky and deceitful. The number nine has always remained a mystery number that mesmerizes people in many times. We are aware of the power of numbers upon the collective consciousness. Having nine nine nine or the number nine nine nine vigilant publicity showing up in public consciousness in the past has indicated that chaos is underway or about to take place. Now you remember. Prince died before what is going. On in minnesota to the young man forte. Right was shot by a police officer. And now there's curfews. In minnesota there are riots in minnesota. And we know anything about the triple kitted numbers. This is going to get worse before it gets better like i say. Be looking for april. Eighteenth april twenty third. I'm sure there are other dates. But we have this window. Eighteen th through the twenty third and there may be other windows beyond but be prepared. April is the cruellest month. Five zero three two two five zero eight sixty at five zero three two five zero eight sixty. I'm clyde lewis. You're listening to ground zero and we'll be back. I'm played lewis. And you've just listened to a segment of ground zero in order to access. The complete archive shows podcasts. You must sign up on our secured server at aftermath dot media. It's only four ninety. Nine a month for the archive shows podcasts. Or you want access to the ground zero online library which includes videos audio clips e books documents a social media platform plus the archives shows podcasts. It's nine ninety nine among again. That's aftermath dot media at aftermath dot media. Thanks for supporting ground zero.

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