[033] Know Your Enemy free agency edition: Atlanta Falcons


Welcome to the buccaneers observer podcasts as row Phillips and Molly day and today, we're gonna start the first of our no, your enemies, serious free agency edition and today. We're going to talk about the Atlanta Falcons. Yeah. They're like, the least I hate them. The least of the. Yeah. Claim your right mediate the most. Oh, I don't know. That's a tough one Carolina. Probably. Yeah. I'd probably have to go CAD. Cam Newton just the pretty white teeth. He'll get knocked out. So bad. Can't stand New Orleans coach Sean page on pay. Yeah. I can't stand who sell whiny. You know, what did it for me? When he Josh Freeman dash bring then to ask for in Manhattan is like finger route and interview or something giving a press conference, and Sean Payton, we were playing them that week in office. He was like, hey, yeah. He wind to the league that Josh Freeman wasn't on the injury report. No, just some whiny. It's just so whiny all the saints and saints fans are all whining. Yeah. Fair enough. So Atlanta's head coach, Dan Quinn. They didn't do great last year. They went seven to nine didn't make the playoffs. So I think he probably felt the heat to make some changes, coaching wise. Otherwise, it was probably going to be him that got fired. So the biggest one, of course is cut are being hired. As offense coordinator back to his his old job wonder if we'll get Mike Smith is defensive coordinator. Now Dan Quinn fired the defensive coordinator, coordinator, Marquand manual and Dan Quinn. He no, he's a defensive guy. He came from Seattle. He coached their defense Alesina, boom. I think I think is that. Right. Okay. I know he came from Seattle. But I don't want to give him credit for the legion. Booms and doesn't. But so Dan Quayle is gonna take over the defence now though he's going to be the defensive coordinator. Yeah. He's not gonna have a defensive coordinator. Now. He's thinking all. Yeah. That's good for us. Right. So they running cutter he was offensive coordinator under head coach Mike Smith at Smith is well I received running backs coach or special assistant office coordinator, and you know, cut our he is familiar with Matt Ryan he's got Julio Jones bound lit up with gutter was there. Yeah. So and they have that familiar to you. So we'll see what happens and it remains to be seen whether cutter will still be bucks fan. We'll have to doping all this stuff at the thrift store. I don't think he's I don't think he was serious about it. Mike malarkey was hired as the titans coach and this. He was. Yeah. His he's to be the titans headcount. Yeah. And this is actually his second sent with Liana. He was their offense coordinator from two thousand eight to two thousand eleven and he actually started his career in Tampa Bay in nineteen ninety four you know that. Did you know that? Oh, I don't know what he was. He was ask hard questions. I need to look at my notes before and ask my questions. So that I can amount smart. And I'm like a true reporter, man, I s a hard hitting questions. I try to stop I should act like a pundit and bullshit my way through. It's the question. You woman. And then Keith Armstrong who cut are brought in as special teams coordinator, he was fired. And they brought in Ben cotton Wicca as special teams coordinator, he came from Washington. Now, he wasn't fired he elected to leave. He got the Atlanta job and left. So I don't know what the deal is there with their special teams. Can you think of anything of now like why they felt the need to replace her special needs special needs? Especially bush. Whole team. I shall teams coordinator were there special teams that bad don't recall. I don't remember when they had Matt Ryan now head met that brings up a question. Let's talk about Matt Ryan, which is on that subject. We know. Keith Goodwin is now or special teams coordinator, right Keith arms. Sean. He's Armstrong Goodwin's are of Lyman trying to gain rigging cow given here all given here. Okay. We got the we got the there's a lot of names there. Hey, we got a lot to catch up on. And remember. Okay. So this guy Keith Armstrong. All right. So Keith Armstong comes to Tampa from Atlanta. He was there special teams coordinator. Now he's God for like ten years. He was there. All Tom ever. I was there. Yeah. So he comes to Tampa. And all of a sudden Matt Bryant gets released by Atlanta. He hasn't officially been released. But they let him know that when when it's time, they're gutting. So he's going to be released. What do you think are we going to get him? And it seems to be aligned the stars land up. Well, we we hired that. Danish kicker. We already signed that's just to do tryouts during the preseason. And all that good stuff and get in get competition in there the big deal. We do it every year while I was bringing in kickers. Maybe that's our problem. I think you can make an argument either way, I think, ma'am, Brian. He's Bryant he's forty four years old. He missed him games last season because of an injury. I don't know. I mean, he's definitely on the tail end of his career. If I was any team in the league. I would wanna pick mitt Ryan up. This is where the buccaneers and we fired him. And it wasn't on good terms. He left pretty bad as well. When we got a new Nugent. Right. We was. Yeah. Heat it. Okay. But it was during the preseason. Remember they were going to let Bryant kick and had nudie kit with Nugent was doing good and Bryant gave an interview somewhere. And he was like, I don't understand why even in the competition two why why they're making me compete, basically. And then they didn't let him kick. And then they got rid of him. Yeah. It was not a clean cut. And that my friends is why don't want brought back. I just I'm not a big. Fan of cutting people on bad terms, or basically, cutting people in then bringing them back years later, or whatever. Because even even if they say, hey, I'll hold on hold grudges subconsciously. They hold a grudge. You know, they remembered they remember getting fired half to move out of town. I mean, his family loves Tampa. He's got people. Here's wife loves it. They got a house in Tampa. And all that good stuff. They've been. So so consciously, you know, he might be like ask who the buccaneers? And I don't let that when he's out there kicking, you know, so consciously because I mean kickers that the big deal any little route. I mean, look at Taylor in canton zero like once it got in his head that he was going to miss it. He hit or Glasgow. Yeah. I look at lovey Smith made lovey Smith. Is the perfect example when they hired him. I was like, no, what are you doing? And I don't know what the deal was with him. But to me if you look at it, objectively he came in. And he destroyed this team you he'd immediately got rid of all our whole offense of line. Who does that? I a head coach come in and get rid of our offense of land. It's not like we had a ban off his line either had one down here. But I mean, they were good players. Anyhow, he comes in blows up a whole offensive line, and we've been dealing with that ever since. And you know, he brought in all these free agents. He bad nepotism going. I mean, he hit his son as a secondary coach, it don't know infiltrators whatsoever. So I'm just not a big fan of bringing players. Once you mean, anyhow, I think we should just move on. And not bride is a great kicker Greg guide and everything I think he's still got some left any, but I don't I don't want to take a chance with it fair present because we're gonna have to pay them. Yeah. I mean, that's Atlanta's point was that they gotta pay him three million dollars. Right. He's gonna get his money and be like, I don't care. Yeah. Maybe so I don't know. I'm just not a big fan of hiring players that you cut before. Interesting point, not true. Try to have interesting points every now and then so aside from their shakeup at special teams the fire defensive coordinator, we talked about that they also fired their defensive assistant and defensive backs coach Charlie Jackson, and they also fired. Todd neil. Oh, this one was weird. So he's football research and development front office guys numbers guy, clipboard older. Yeah. Which is funny because cutter, and that's what we always said. He is he was the advanced statistics guy in Seattle years ago. And Dan Quinn. The season was criticized for ignoring game in a Lennox. So they fire their spouts guy. Do you do we have a gay man, Louis guy? I know we did at one point. A perusal of the website tells me we do have aid director of analytics seem as Tyler overly a new. We had some big analytics stuff going on here for a while. We also have that VR crap that J James Winstons been doing one few teams in the league. There's been doing that don't know how much it's open right because he still can't he's. Viana? How they got rid of their governor their football, research and development guy. Just in all the stats out the window. Screw go play football. Yeah. I kind of screams of desperation to me. Dan quinn. How much shaken up his staff? I wonder how much longer he's got if they don't do. Well next season. When shock me if he got caned will it's it's strange day because Mike Smith he was defensive guy. Dan, Quinn was defensive guy. And when Mike Smith was their defense was pretty good at tackling. I really liked the way they tackled but other than that they were that special and with Dan Quinn. They haven't been that special their defense last season was like as bad as ours was pretty much mirror images of each other. So it's like it's like with the when you got Matt Ryan and Julio Jones and their running game in you could put any any head coach in there, and they're going to do good. He's got like Mike McCarthy with Green Bay. I don't even know if the guy ever said anything or did anything you just stood there. He was like he could have been a cardboard cutout. And you know, they they've gone the route with defensive coaches, I don't know. I don't know what the answer is. But yeah, I think you're right. I mean, they they just not did not do well last year nothing. Dan, Quinn is in panic mode extinction burst. Yeah. Was they're still near football. Hang or they're Super Bowl hangover to that is true. Absolutely. Losing when you're up twenty eight to three was last year the first year after the Super Bowl for them. Or was it dear before it was the year before last year when the eagles beat the I want to say, yeah. The year after they gutter but looked in the Super Bowl. They did pretty good. I think they went back to the playoffs. Then I remember, maybe all blurred together. So free agency. They've got twenty one players total. We had twenty five. Yeah. So they've got night on offense. Eleven on defense in one on special teams end. They've got a several starters that are up for free agency. So we'll go through one by one. And then I wanna talk about who on the buccaneers squad that darkens fans are actually eyeballing because there was a pretty good article. I read about that burst up for free agency. We've got their guard. Andy Levin trae, he's the starting left guard. He was placed on I r in September for a torn triceps. He is thirty three years old and made seven point eight million last season. He's an unrestricted free agent. So well, you know, I feel like the last few years they've had issues with their offensive line. I feel like they're always injured marian's always getting murdered out there. And he's not the only one we got guard the starting right guard. Ben garland is up for a free agency to. They're back up. Oh, this one's given. Matt Shaab you remember Matt job. He's still playing these still play code. He's Matt Ryan's backup. So he's up for free agency. They'll be in the market for Matt Ryan, every can you recall getting hurt? Now didn't even need. Did. He have any injury one time. I don't remember. It just seems like he never gets her. How is he a robot? He acts like many a I. Okay. So next we've got defensive end Eric Shelby second-stringer, but he was placed on I r last he's in in November for a groin injury made two million last season. So then we got cornerback Justin Bethel. He's a backup. I feel like I know all these names though, because we play them twice a year. He's me. Even under backups. No. By even though their backups. We'd see you know, like, Justin Bethel. I recognize that name in any case he made one point seven five million last season. He's aged twenty nine that can't be as rookie contract unit. No, okay. And then we've got defensive tackle, Terrell McClain. He played behind Grady Jarrett. He's his backup. So he was actually a starter at the beginning of the season. And then yeah was benched. So he's been in the league. He's thirty one. He's been the leaks since two thousand eleven so next week got defensive end Bruce urban he was only signed in November and was third string. I think they needed some depth facts air in their defensive line because they got injured. Oh there long, snapper. Jon condo. There. Other long, snapper. John Harris was placed on IRR December four like what is their long snapper Newin that they're getting injured? Now, we're this a weird one. So anyway, they signed John condal which that sounds like a ruthless character. Yeah. So John Connell up for free agency next. Their tight end Logan Paulson. He's thirty two. He was a starter. Also at the beginning of the season. And then he moved down the depth chart in favor of Austin Hooper Mex is strong safety Kamal Ishmail. He's a second-string twenty years old next is left tackle ties some Briley. Oh, is that how you say it? He's the backup to Jake Matthews. D do you recognize him? I feel like the name what he big at replacement. Donovan smith. No, we'll just I don't know. Not an upgrade. I just remember seeing seeing him get whooped up and down the field by feta. So I remember your the name because I remember you bring it up in the podcast before I think, and that's usually not a good thing. When you hear the office online those name strong, safety, Jordan Richards. He's a starter. He's up for contract looks like it's the end of his rookie contract. Inside linebacker. Bruce carter. He's a backup guard Zane Beatles to recognize the same. Okay. He's a backup. Boba believe we hear Wilson. Thank you quarterback bleed. Even Ray Wilson third-string cornerback bleeding bleeding bleeding, b l I d I next is. Okay. This one's a good one starter will not really start Kevin Coleman. He's up for free agency. He started after devante Freeman was injured Freeman was put on. I r he's starting guy. Now, they just pay. Devante freeman. They just paid him got him a forty million dollar contract. When did they last year? They signed him in two thousand seventeen Freeman said that right after. He gets hurt. And it's really up in the air. Whether they're gonna resign heaven Coleman because Colman's gonna get, you know, at least, a thirty million dollar contract will the before the film is paid two running backs to huge contracts. Right. Who knows if they learn their lesson or now, I don't have. But what do you do? Do you think they anything? They let him walk. Probably. I mean, if he's gonna want thirty million. Yeah. You just can't can't see them doing that again where they've got. I mean, they're having to pay Matt Ryan what twenty three million dollars? Julio Jones is getting good Lord Jones, get thirteen and a half million true flops getting fourteen million. They're gonna pay. Devante Freeman getting on the seven million. You think they're gonna pay Tevin Coleman six million five million. Yeah. They just don't have it is that I I don't know they a bunch of dummies. They might do it. I think they have too many other needs. If you already got one good running back. Well, he got injured last year and the ad golden stepped up so true enough. But I think he's replaceable. Like, you could get a serviceable running back for three million and not have John. No, let's have been doing it for you. Running-backs everywhere as serviceable backup running out. How about that? There. We go. Next. We got defensive end Stephen me's, former buck. Twenty nine years old. He's unrestricted free agent. He's a backup they got wide receiver. Justin hardy Nonni backup on a lot of these guys. Play the rotational players. I played quite bit. Stephen means playbook quite a bit. Well, they're not first on the depth chart. That's what I mean. So they're not a starter listeners wanting to say just because he's got does it get back up. So me, they didn't play good caller, not backup defensive tackle Grady Jarrett. He's up for contract is the last year was rookie contract. I would go if we could. But I know they're going to sign. Yeah. He is is good. That's why they can't spend money on Tim and Coleman resign Grady Jarrett safety Bryant poll, he's second-string. And then wide receiver more of an hall third-string. So that's the end of their free agent list. We've got to bed for the free agency rain bird Grady jerk in couple linemen Coleman their offense. They're not hurting as far as their first stringers are going, right? We're we're not doing well for stringer was pledges. So there was an article I read speculating about what players cutter might bring over. You know is going to be Ryan Fitzpatrick and jockeys Rogers, those two almost guaranteed go to Elaine. Yeah. Anybody would take what's her third string quarterback name again? Ryan Griffin Ron Griffin. They might even get hill because they cut. I don't know what he saw. I never saw the gallon field. Right. What's his he ever thrown? An NFL pairs in a regular season game now. No, I don't think. So. So maybe that'd be good for that guy. You always feel bad for those guys kinda like Mike Lennon where they kind of their their one coaches guy. And then that coach gets fired forget the chance to develop other brings. Huge opportunity when he with the Chicago. Boy, did he stick there. He was a horrible quarterback game manager. I guess, but he just had no no own foot. So ever even horrible. I would say thing he got sick so much because he would he would take a sack before. He would he doesn't really conservative. She's considering please like Southern Baptists quarterback conservative was. Our there. I all in Adam Humphreys, get your filthy hands. All right. Keep your filthy. Then birds don't even have any get your filthy wings off. Or Adam Humphreys, dirty dirty Atlanta Falcons, Danny bad's third. I'm going to be so upset if he doesn't get resigned. I'll tell you what if he gets on somebody in our division. I'm gonna be furious. Yeah. Falcons. Can you actually actually would be worse if he went to New Orleans order Carolina? He would he would chew it up. It a Carolina. Yeah. That's what I was thinking to that. Would be worse case. Would you imagine Hillman McCaffrey fairly his name size to say, why style? He's so mad. Bernard. Really, this one's we're. So we didn't really keep him. But doesn't know the Falco hallock noted that the cutter in the buccaneers really liked him. They kept bringing him back on the practice squad signing letting him go re-signing them. So maybe a possibility for they got some third string wide receivers that are up for free agencies that may be to replace them. They might be an option. He mentioned Luke Stocker ruin. Yeah. Go ahead. Go ahead, bro. Another team who's he with like the jets? I think I know he's not on the plug now. Now, I think he's with Tennessee titans. Same thing like the jokes. Yeah. They're lengthened. Falco Hollick said Leonard Wester brought him up. He's he is the backup. Right. Tackle for Johnson. Keeping a dirty filthy wings rain for littered western for free agent. I think so you just did this the free. Remember, we're like the worst meal booking your. In your last one. And this is actually a Washington guy is linebacker Zach vigil. He was a notable special teams player, but they're new special teams coordinator came from Washington. So this is one of his guys that maybe they went through trying to shore or special teams. Yeah. Kind of looks that way. And so they're drafting at number fourteen Atlanta's they went seven nine this season that this point with all the trades and stuff for the drafting of teams get shuffled all turn at this point. They're number fourteen. So they are looking to shore up the trenches offensive and defensive line, particularly at the defensive tackle position. Even though Grady Jarrett is he's a free agent. And they're probably gonna resign him. He's still needs a defensive tackle beside him. There's also talk that Vic Beasley has been underwhelming. So maybe they consider a defensive end, but in general consensus is they're going after defensive line road. Yes. So Atlanta's cap salary cap situation is actually pretty decent. They've got about twenty eight million in free cap space more than us. Yeah. Gosh, I hate this being cap strapped. I know this is the first time in a decade that we've had to worry about cap space. Delighted when we're gonna have to cut good players. Yeah. Probably watched them go on other teams that probably win the Super Bowl yet. What they get lipstick. Matt Ryan like I said he's making twenty three million Julio Jones a course fourteen million fifteen half-million Vic Beazley's up there at thirteen million. He's making his much Julio Jones. That's crazy. That is crazy. So I can understand them being a little underwhelmed by him when he pay on that much money. But I don't know how he's been performing. But will doing okay, I'll tell you what when they played against us, the mar- Datsun through Beasley around like he was the second potato he'd say so small. Yeah. I mean, he's he's kind linebacker Cise. So do they play three or four? Okay. Cake play a kind of same. They were going to be doing right. We flipping it around. But did they got Greg Jarrett defensive tackle? He. About far the best player on defense. I got really underrated. He's good. Yeah. Then market value for him is gonna be about fifteen million which paid that much for him pay McCoy thirteen which pay grain Jarrett fifteen that's a tough one. Yeah. Probably not now. No. I'm telling you we could put. In general, which you pay not just the buccaneers. Oh, oh, no for you. I mean, if you if you needed the defensive tackle yet. That's that's pretty decent price. I guess I guess I don't know, man. I mean, how much is how much is air Donald kitten. He's topped here. He's a top of the line until Vida dethrones him. It's coming. It's common. Yes. Iran. Donald is. He's making seventeen million this year. Good lord. That's how okay. So if you're going to say that and you Greg Jarrett was going to be around fifteen. I don't know even still he's not air Donald level. Okay. So then next year. Okay. Fair enough next season air Donald makes twenty five million. Holy crap. Are you serious enough to that? It's twenty eight million in that. That's like quarterback money. Well, I mean during MacOS may has made more money than any quarterback. We've had since he's been here. And because we don't keep them. We definitely don't recital. Well, I don't know how much the Josh Freeman Meglena. Yeah. Yeah. Me josh. Josh Freeman was only making a million any went to six and a half million in two thousand twelve and you know, he wasn't making anything. So Jeremiah was making all the money when our two tomorrow, I think Vince Jackson was up there with Jeremy McCoy. Yeah. Probably Revaz after that. Yeah. Yeah. But McCoy's always been the the top moneymaker on our team. So, you know, Greg Jarrett. I couldn't see painting fifteen million. I could see tan, but fifteen little steep and in funny how we get like this about other people's money. Many. It's it's how it is. When you are having cat problems. That's when you start worrying about before that. I was always just like. Yeah. Pay up whenever they want. I don't care. We got we got the money. So I heard people talking about cutting, Brian anger. Why money it plus he didn't do that? Well as year, I mean and do bad. Okay. All right. Have we learned nothing from the kicker situation keep Brian anger, even if you have to pay money. Well, he's not gonna work for rocks. I would pay him an extra million dollars or whatever. He just I mean, he was fantastic. But of course, we had good special teams guys too. That were helping out and last year we were kind of we got rid of all of them. Well, it's he's not bad. He's not terrible. No. I mean, he he's been great. I think he's been great. But you know, worst case he's been a little bit above average. Word a little bit above average, really get rid of him. That's what people are talking about. That'll nice doesn't make any sense. When people talk about getting rid of the kicker Matt Ryan, I was like he was great and we're like asking right on 'cause he getting older he missed field goal. Or what you know? Now. You know, you got somebody special special teams at least do an average just keep them. Right. What about came and break his name got popped up. Oh, see that's a tough one on the one hand, you're like, well, we got OJ. So you don't really need bright. You can get rid of break. But OJ has had injury problems last two years. He's gone into reserve and brain apparently this hip injury. But good now he played through that he played for. So I think when you're in pain like that it really does affect you. Yes. So we know this experience we down we play football it word paying. We're just not able to get as many touchdowns normal. Yeah. That's that's a tough one for me. He's making more than OJ Howard. Is. Yeah. Came a break. He's up in like six million. Yeah. OJ Howard's making these on his rookie contract. Okay. Well, that's the that's the nature of the bees. Yeah. But why pay camera break that much money? I don't know. That's a that's a tough one. I like Harry brain did you know, he went to Harvard play basketball. The it's just so hard. You have a player that maybe mediocre maybe with original. Yeah. Winston has chemistry in the red zone. Right. I mean, maybe he's mediocre maybe a little above average. But you get rid of him. And then what do you get? I mean. We've gone through. We had Alan cross we had Luke stop. I mean, there's a whole long list tight ends that just aren't doing bore me. A don't recall for the game food. Just doesn't look like areas us tight ends nothing. Like cut did interesting. So I I'm worried AJ might not even get the amount of balls. He did last year. I don't know it might be just because they didn't have the town tied in like OJ. Maybe so. Ahrends supposedly, you know, big about devising his plan system around players talents. And if he does that he's going to be used tight ends lot. Because we have talented tight ends. Yeah. Don't know. We'll see if that cap space money at six million, or what is it that seventy now he took him to make a seven million dollars could go to some much needed area. We tight end situation is not bad. I don't know. That's a tough one. Do we really need to good tight ends? Well, yeah. When you're starting titan is injured all the time. That's a tough one though. How about this Freemont is out of play Brown? Signed him today. When your contract they must have had to to priority or something. I don't know how they got got. You know, everybody every team in the league was trying to go after Kareem hunt. That's a surprise to me that the Browns went after him. I know they got chill there. I didn't go. They got a already a good stable running backs. But you know, he's going gonna be suspended for the first six seventy eight said, then, you know, you're not in a bind when he's suspending. Because you've already got a good running back not to shame. I was kinda hoping we jump on that bandwagon really even with Peyton barber. We've got Peyton. Yeah. I paint Barbara. I think he's going to do well, especially we chore bar offense ladder earliest get those guys playing right? But you know, you you can't ever go wrong with the skilled running back back there like Kareem hunt. Did they have to pick up his contract? I wonder not know there hasn't been any details given out other than they just signed him to when your contract. So apparently. No, okay. You know, they can sit cutting me probably got him for a good price too. I don't know, man. I think I think he was gonna go station with a lot of teams. So they probably they probably paid. It's going to be just see what they've they're paying. I think that's going to tell everything. I mean, if they're popping off, you know, ten million to him, and you know, that there was a lot of teams, and they were just a highest bidder. Did you you didn't watch it? But did you the af league af league now, but I saw a lot amounts to doesn't Clinton. Some good hit. Yeah. It's like, faster paced. I didn't watch it. You know, it's a series one and watch college football gist is too much. It takes up to Tom me watching NFL just don't have time to what she thing L. Right. But I know I might dabble in this a little bit. See what what is it like eight teams in this league? Yeah. And then we got the XFL league coming up. So it's gonna be a full year of football. Now. I don't know if I can handle it. I'm used to hibernate in from February to September. Nope. Up your energy to again, Joe Bloggs fan headed an interesting podcast the other night, and one of the things I took away from it was admitted they talked quite a depth about a kind of bragging about how the owners, and the coaches and everything read their articles and talk to them about it is that they won't tell anybody, especially the coaches, you know, they'll be like add and read it, and whatever, but they will actually call they'll and got a bitch them out or discuss things that they've written. Now, we know appear to report Scott Smith, the Scott Reynolds, he's had players calling before I know that you know, in chew him out for articles the one they got his personal cell phone number. But I just find it interesting because because to me that big gives a different take on the whole meeting. Could you imagine working down there? You've got you have to worry about your access because I pulled your access at anytime, you know, that, you know, getting into the press passes not stuff, and then, you know, the reading your stuff, and they're listening to your podcast. And then, you know, could you imagine how hard it would be to to say negative stuff about them. Right. You know? And you can't I've noticed this a lot, especially with the entrenched guys down there Ville talk about things, and they'll they'll ask you chose that cannot talk about this. Should I talk about this? What are they know a lot more than they tell us is what I'm saying? Yeah. You know, and I don't like that. Now, Joe bucks fan to their credit. They actually they're pretty negative. Yeah. This is true. They talk a lot shit. I think yeah, they do especially when it's time for a coach to get fired. You'll see Joe box van Impe report. What you're saying? I the that. Is usually I think they're the ones that started Peter or gain Andro bucks fan. I think they both. We don't want to teach over there. There was some I wanna say lawsuits whenever because Peter ports got the forum. And they were they kept posting Joe books articles in the forum in a full length. Word for word articles have users redoing it and Joe bucks got his and they sent pew report a season desist letter. Oh my God. I don't know. How far went all this. But I think that that they're not real friendly with each other. I don't think but it just makes me go. There's stuff they know like the two thousand eleven book. And here's what happened there the Noah, Spence. We know. They know what happened. They just don't want to tell us that stuff like with Sean Jackson. Rick Stroud talked about something a year after it happened. And I'm like, why don't you tell us when it happened? Now, why why save it until you're trying to get rid of him right now. It's just to me. That's just no, it's it's a weird reporting. Just don't like it. Well, then it don't get me wrong. I like Joe book saying like report, I like all these guys. But I I just really wish that sports reporting was different and better and more festive like cramp their fans. They're not reporters. Will let's not true Joe books. They have reported background. They're both from I. Yeah. They both started off the Tampa Bay times the Tribune. Oh, yeah. Well, seem on them. Not journalism. Well, you know, they're doing good doing a good service for the fans to so I just really wish that we had some good investigative reporters. Got. Mason like they just quote people. Then they give a lot of opinion on what these people are saying. Yeah, what will do is? They'll get a quote from coach, you know, and in the no like build a whole article around in what they think the coach, man. Yeah. You know? And it's just like, I don't I don't like we know when you quote is kinda like it'd be kinda like if reporters though, the Washington Post economic times all they did was listen to Sarah Sanders at the podium, and it just quoted her, you know, that's all they ever. Did. They didn't do investigative journalism. Get down dirty and find right the stuff that nobody's talking about. If they wanna keep him. You know? So I don't know. I'd like to see more of that. And I don't feel like the reporters in Tampa. They don't take any risks with what they're writing. Yeah. Yeah. They're not breaking any stories. They're not Rijo box broke the areas getting hired they call dente week before. But everybody kind of knew it was happening. They just happen to have a source that conferment. They're not they're not putting their career at risk or their credentials at risks to do anything. There's no nobody's going to biscuit. Yeah. It's it's that's why it's kind of almost parasitic that. You know, because they have to kind of do they can't go against the Dorgan ization because organization will pull access you know, in that. And they really depend on access because that's how they get you know, player will relax room quotes. And and, you know, get to note general manager is not good stuff as to access, and I understand their point of view. It's just I would like to see more of a down dirty get greedy, you know, find out about inner working stuff and share it in a not a National Enquirer style. But a kind of like a TMC style. You know, we went to. I wanna know what's up with no expense is basically what I'm kidding. What was this situation there? All right award sap said that he was invited to TA's by the coaching staff of the buccaneers. Oh, yeah. That's awesome. Bruce Arians have said he wants to bring in ex players, you know, and have them come in for practices and stuff, which is awesome. I think that's. Beccles there. Oh, I see Beccles in German Koi fight. That's awesome. Mcqueen picking Michael. Beccles is old right? He played back in early nineties eighties nineties. So anyhow, I think that's anything that was on the fanatics view dot com did an interview with Warren Sapp, and he was talking about. So what is he gonna do TA just go out there and act like a born Sam? I follow him on Instagram like all he does fish. Okay. So it was hashtags on our sap, fishing and sap, not fishing. So those are the only two things he's got fishing is fishing and not fishing hip surgery. Dead during Harris, tag, no fishing, Sapna, not fishing fishing. Yeah. He'll probably go. And we'll just give speeches and all that good stuff. And I think that's cool. I like that with areas I remember in Xiang. Oh and Shanas period. They went let anybody in matter of fact, one guy got kicked off. I can't remember what I think it was Dexter Jackson the Super Bowl MVP came in for something to a practice. And they were like, no it out, you know, made big stink about it. But that was during that period when everybody was trying to run shadow out of town. So he could've done anything, right? Interesting. I wonder I wonder who else will get their books. You know, he's he's gonna be there. Vinton Jackson will be there. He's still on Tampa Jesuit show girls. You know, he's he's me works at front office as beg. He he was lamb Becker Beckwith Sam. Okay. John Lynch, Tacoma. You know, he can't because he's he's Geel before. Yeah. That's it. Comey me be like, okay. Here's what you do guys just lay down, especially when you play in the forty Niners ground don't take this game series. Made. You're gonna hurt yourself. We might. Their division are we planning? Now, we don't play the west, but you play the bottom whoever the two divisions that way. Yeah, he played the same team in the same position. You were fully got to list of people were playing team still apply. If look at that real quick, so yeah, we do play San Francisco, and we play the why we play the west as your other. There's not the powerhouse. They were division last time we played in which I think was during Jonah's thing to thirteen. I think. Did they were more settled division was monsters that was an areas is there I now. So that'll be fun him getting a play against his own division. Oh, man. That's excellent. Yeah. And that'll be cool. Get storyline to oh. You know, the NFL's going around with that the Bill all week air is plain as there's corridas. So I think we talked about the buccaneers and everybody else as much as we did Eliana. Well, and I'll tell you who will see your podcast all about the Atlanta Falcons. Nobody a falcons fans don't even want to hear a podcast about the falcon stop. We have to do this. No your enemy. We're learning. Our enemy Ralph that. No yourself and know your enemy, and you will win every battle is that how he said it to you probably should it in Chinese. All right. Well, let's going to wrap it up the next who we're going to do next for their free the enemy Carolina, neck Carolina next the Panthers Cam Newton mister smiley. I think he's going to be not the same Cam Newton anymore with his surgery. Second land second surgery. Yeah. They're really killing him over there. Yeah. He runs away too much. Yeah. But they can't defend on glowing. Right. So what do you do run off? Yeah. That's we got a quarterback at hand the ball, real good. All right. So tune in for next time. We're going to have the know your enemy Carolina Panthers mile is going to do research on that. And I'm just going to sit back and enjoy it with the rest of you anything else. Now. That's it. All right, guys. We will continue to bring you the buck news breaks. We'll probably jump on here and give you the shadow for that. Until then guy backs.

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