Show 46 "1992 Comedienne of the Year" Cathy Ladman


This is another episode of standup comedy. Your host and emcee celebrating forty plus years on the fringe of show business stories interviews and comedy sets from the famous and not so famous. Here's your host and mc scott at words and welcome to this week show before we get started with a great interview inset from a terrific comedian. I just want to remind everybody. If you have any comments or request you can reach me at laughs. History edgy mail dot com. That's l a u g. H s history at g. Mail dot com all right. Let's get ready for a great show. Ladies and gentlemen a very very special day for the podcast we have on the line. One of the funniest comedians in the business. She was irregular laughs unlimited for a few years. But she's been so busy. We'll talk about that but let's make her feel welcome. Ladies and gentlemen are starved for the day kathy landman. The crowd goes nuts. Yes we're so excited to have you on the podcast. Thanks so much for doing this so just to let everybody know kathy. Lagman was a star performer. Still is a star headliner on the comedy stages and has been for several decades in back in the late eighties. And i don't know the exact date and into the early nineties with lucky enough to have her at the club several times and then fame took her away from us as she is a very successful actress and entertainer. And we'll get into that for a little bit but it has been about thirty years since we've seen each other and you sound amazing. Oh my god thirty years. Well if i'm doing the math right pretty close card. I think you're right. I well maybe a little radio lesson paul. I think you're right. It's it's it's a little bit less. It's probably twenty seven twenty eight years but you know it's amazing. I saw you on facebook the other day. And i've been doing some research and you look amazing. You gotta be what fifty now. You look great on out by tomorrow tomorrow. Happy birthday while we're great timing. I can't believe sixty five medicare come and get me medicare rate. I couldn't believe it. And then i was driving home tonight and i saw this like place which is for like home home assistance for seniors. And it's like. Oh my god i'm running really. I mean i'm like. I am definitely a senior now. I mean there was some places. I consider you a senior sixty or sixty two but now i am absolutely. We can't lie about it anymore. No allied anyway. But there's no. There's no i mean i get into any movie theater being whether are some advantages when it comes to restaurants and movie theaters. They take care of us old people but you know what's amazing is they cut the senior discount menu or something on my god. You know. i can't believe it. I went i with my daughter. I went yosemite I must've been about five years six years ago and we were at this restaurant. And there was a children's menu and a senior menu for people over sixty over fifty five and she and i both order off the menu. Let's see there's a benefit. How did you have a good time. At yosemite oh my god. We had such a great time. I don't know this but my wife. Jill works for the national park service in her home park because you semi taxi was just arm season intelligence analyst and she was just there yesterday as a matter of fact and but We have we have already gone off track which is fun but we need to bring it back. So if you guys don't know kathy is originally and you can tell on the voice from new york city right while new york queens new york born and raised that's that's a whole different experience from The california life. How did you like growing up in new york was a unique or just. You didn't know any different so you loved it. Well i i didn't know any different and i am i being new yorker i love. I love having grown up in new york. One one thing that i will never know however is the thrill of seeing manhattan skyline for the first time because i grew up with it was just became part of the fabric of my life. But it's so amazing. Like when i when. I go back to new york which hasn't been since january. Now you know driving into the city from the airport just so thrilling to see the skyline and I love. I love being new yorker. It is a badge that a lot of people were with honor. I recently saw a couple of interviews of jerry seinfeld who it was defending New york and saying that whatever. The governor does whatever the mayor does. New york will always be new york. And we're not going anywhere. And i thought that was i mean not only is a proud new yorker but he was. He's like fighting for it. I think that's impressive to. Yeah now did you start your comedy career in new york or did you. What got you into comedy Well i wanted. I always love comedy come on. I was like eight years old. I used to on to my parents comedy albums and i was very inspired by one. Particular album nichols may examined authors and I decided consciously at about h. Thirteen that i wanted to be a standup comic. Wow that's early for decision. Yeah yes but then it took me willie another almost thirteen years to do it because i was afraid will. It's a tough thing to get into but once you do there's the fear and the exhilaration that kind of not only Forces you get up there but keeps you up there once. You're there so you didn't do your first say open mic until you're twenty six well. I didn't open mic. When i was like twenty one but then i it. It didn't stay with me. I i and i moved out to los angeles. I thought i would started out here and i. I laughed at four months ago near a comedy club. And then it took me like another four years oh four i Actually started in earnest. I started on the june twenty. Eighth nineteen eighty-one. Wow well i should explain to the audience. That i'm not aware of this because when you came to laos unlimited you were really already established act. I remember your first time in sacramento. I can't remember my what my first time. I thought i can't. I can't tell you. I thought my one and only standing ovation at will we have great audiences here and i'm not surprised what does surprise me. That was your one and only i mean. You're a very very funny lady. Well thank you but who knows knows that That was a very thrilling experience for going back to your route. So you start off kind of a open mike here and there and a little bit of work in la. What club did you decide to make your home. Club was at the improv. The store would you kind of develop palm. Well aca kind i was. I was living steve. Middleman he was my boyfriend whom i right. We were together for three and a half years. Oh wow he's a funny man to. He's very funny and we're still very good friends. He had come now to la in. Let me see it was like it was at nineteen eighty five spring of eighty five. He wanted for pilots. And and i and i decided to join him for a month and he said up an audition for me at the comedy store. Since that's where he. I guess where he was starting out at in. La and past the dishes at the comedy store so that that was my first club here. But then i started doing both the improv and the comedy store. I just did quietly because there was this rivalry and terrible. It's telkom it's that they can't work one five. You know mitzi and bud you know. I would go at it but it was in the long run it. The that competition may have Actually improve the quality of standup comedy at the time. But it was also difficult for the entertainers like you said you had do. You wanted to work both rooms and there were there. Were others in the area and you at the same time. You didn't wanna piss off. Mitzi mitzi was the most on edge i think but there was a lot of clubs and you you just wanted to. Yeah but what has he remembers. You know i remember one time. I was working Used to working with the comedy store again hotel. And i never work the improv in vegas at the time the improv in vegas is the rivi era and you had to Twenty one shows a week. Three shows a night of every single night. There were there were short shows. But but it's like crazy and one time i was. I was working for bud in atlantic city. And he was there and we were talking and he said yes. You work the other room and he was kind of you. Know to dig it me and i. I said hey. I'm just trying to make a living you know. It says it's not it. They i don't think they should. Use a warmers to get back at each other like that. No and then you know either no. I'm just agreeing with you that for example To bring it to to me laughs. Unlimited was the only club in this part of the state for a a few years and i kinda established myself but then john fox opened up the punchline about oh i'd say twenty minutes thirty minutes away from my club in its both clubs are still with. Both clubs are still operating. But i took a different approach. Instead of competing i would call up the booker and say look. This is who i have coming in. I wanna make sure we don't step on each other's dates and we actually worked cooperatively to make certain. We wanted to make sure that if if you were if slayton was working over there i wasn't going to bring him in early and trying to kill their excitement for the act and and we never had a combative situation. But i'm sure that's somewhat unique. I mean look when you when you start to work clubs like in like those kind of those kind of cities they would. They would say that you couldn't work another world with a certain period of time. It was like a three month. Period of time was something and that's understandable because they didn't want you to the lose the business from the week that you had a fear club you know. They just wanted to kick it kind of separate. Not that's understandable. Yeah and that's what we did. A two or three month break baton axe and we were able to share acts like will durst and bobby slayton using that kind of format but it was also interesting that each club had its own pool of entertainers. There were people that worked for me. That never worked for the line and vice versa so it goes a lot of different ways but you got a good start at the store. Mitzi is certainly somebody that can make a star out of somebody. I know that you went on to do a lot of tv. And i'm still jumping ahead because really when we started booking you you were already and this is only four or five years after this work at the comedy store so you all ready established headliner. I don't remember featuring you. I think you came in as a headliner. I started headlining. Look this is the eighty so you could really move up if you had. If you had you know the time the return you could move up pretty quickly because there was so many places for work I first headlines in canada was very first. Headlining gig in winnipeg. I actually got a nice big out of that. But my my sense of canadian that i found that kid that was nineteen. Yeah that was nineteen eighty. Six and and that is scary. I remember that first time off. He's going to have to be on stage forty five minutes and and And then i just started headlining around the country and you know i mean i don't get a i mean i'm since i've had that kind of safes on that yet when i was twenty twenty two twenty five shows a month and it is different in once you reach a certain level as an entertainer when you're on the road which is a different beast from television and other things You have a qualified headliner. Should be doing forty five minutes minimum except for any johnston who had thirty seven minutes and fifty seconds every night. But i mean most headliners and then some you know. We had jay. Leno do an hour and a half and dana correctly. Do an hour ten. You know it just depends but it is true. That when you get to showcase clubs like the store and the improv where there's not there's so many acts it was a big deal to get a twenty minute sat. I mean other than robin williams. I don't know anybody that could go up on stage and do as much time as they wanted ever. No not all. But when i used to open for j in the i guess it was the mid mid eighties. I would open for jay and road and Which were great gigs. Because he's audiences fantastic and he initially. He was doing two hours and twenty minutes. Wow which is insane. And then we cut it back for an hour and a half. Yeah he is just a comedy machine. When it comes to stand up in fact He still loves getting out in doing long sats in the as the material for it and i can totally understand that you enjoyed opening for him because like j. Your very talented manala gist but clean as well and i think the two of you would be a terrific team. Onstage a trumpet. Yeah yeah. That's that's a better term complementary to each other yes Not not not that. We pay so the compliments. No the kato compliment but But i remember this one time i was opening for jay south of chicago and it was such a was like labor day weekend. Something in there was such horrible traffic. I was stuck in traffic. I ended up getting to the theater. Like like fifteen minutes or twenty minutes before i get on stage and i was and i was you know i was grinding from travelling and i tried to i was i had a shower in my dressing room and i. I opened the shower curtain towel and getting ready and opened the shower curtain. And there's like no handle to turn on the water and was just like a like a like a pipe sticking out and i'm like going around back they'd have meet alone those fires and nobody had been and so i ended up to sewing on stage like dirty from and just putting on my clothes and i had one of the best shows i ever had because my defenses are so down i just you know not everything was going my way and just had a roll with it and it was just such a great audience. My god the and i think that that goes to the art form of comedy. Is that a lot of times. It is affected by the atmosphere or the situation. That's going on in how you use that really makes or breaks your comedy show and it sounds like in this situation going through all that anxiety and stress just to get to the stage that when you got to the stage went. Okay here we go. You know i know how to do this. I had to do do this. That's great you will. We were really like to work for us. As i said ma Several times it was Eighty nine ninety and into about ninety two or three. Then you just took off with acting which i want to ask you about but before we get to that The times that you were at laughs unlimited. I don't know what you recall. I gotta tell you that you are one of the favorites for my staff. I know that. And lynn said that you guys all went to a movie together and saw sister act and they. They used to sit and wait for certain bits on your set. Joe particularly remembers. You have in kind of a mockery bid about you unfolding a roadmap by the way anybody father my father In had to be with way to torture my father That you would follow the roadmap is the roadmap incorrectly and. It's so funny that you bring that up. Because i'm i'll tell you about this if we get to this. I'm in the middle of rehearsing a so show that i'm gonna be doing. I'm doing actually now in new york. That i actually tell that that in the show because i'm talking about my father in the show and i knew that the illustrate what he likes your material one of my favorites your material though came from you it wasn't like seinfeld's very observational. His his comments his comedy comes from everyday. Stop but then there's other entertainers and in you fall into this category over. You're taking life's experiences. You took a situation where by the way those of you that are under thirty Paper map was something had to fold and unfold to see where you're going right before. Gps and and it was a nightmare to try to reform those but to do it just to torture father. Also i guess he was Had some patients problem with the microwave. That's right he will. He was that he was in. The canton. would be very anal. Retentive as i say that microwave and go and it's been ten seconds minutes. You know it's so funny because these technologies which everybody you know everybody listening to this. Podcast things i well. We've had microwaves and gps forever. But if you go back enough years there were no it was paper maps and no microwaves and when they came along big deal right now i remember having to pull over to check a map for directions. You know you know it was a very different. I mean we were. I was talking to my husband about like having my cell phone. And i had twenty minutes a month. That was my plan minutes then And then you know. If i had to be on the phone and was like oh come on hurry up hurry up. You wanna hear crazy i was. I had the ahead. The club when cell phones came out. And i actually had a phone installed in my car and this was before cell phones were cell phones it was motorola actual phone. You'd open up the glove. The glove box would be like a handle phone. It was the most expensive thing in the unit took up most of my trunk. I'm cure but it was fun. You remember the sites in those huge huge phones that they used to have a one movie. And i can't even remember own there. Were they were actually bigger than the handle on the old style. Dial phone huge. I mean they would like investors five of brick louis hughes That was anybody Under forty probably wouldn't remember those but Yeah since we're both celebrating sixty five and your birthday tomorrow. We gotta talk about this stuff so one other thing that was brought up by the girls and i want to apologize. I remember being very funny Act and loved working with you. But i don't have the memory of particular bits lynn comment. Lynn commented that you used to do an amazing impression of rhoda morgenstern. Yeah she said that you did a bit from the mary. Tyler moore show of rhoda and you would do a short impression that she still remembers. I don't remember doing that as oil law. Thanks that i don't. I don't remember that we'll have to see if we can dig up a copy in the archives but that's funny that the individual bits that people remember that from came through the club's now going on memory. Do you remember working with anybody fond or doing anything special last unlimited yet. I'm so glad you brought that up because my favorite person's work with was my dear. Dear friend dave anderson. Who's no longer with us. Wonderful dave so much. Oh my god and i remember one time the last night of one week when we work at playing pictionary and we all were laughing so hard i had never played it before and it was so fun and oh god he wasn't. He was amazing. Not only a funny guy on stage but just a terrific man offstage. We used to do a lot away from the club activities with dave and we were all sorry to lose him but we have the memories. And that's what's important. And he was a great guy. But i'm glad that you remember working with him and playing pictionary at our club. That's great oh i remember it. I mean when i when i think of less unlimited i think days well. That's that's a good way to go. Yeah and you remember anybody else. I worked for their well. Because you were a headliner we would mix up featured and opening acts some of the guys. I've interviewed started off as opening acts or middle accents so they got a chance to work stars future stars. You were already a star but let's let's take it to the next level because what was interesting and different than some of the other people. I've had a chance to interview. Is you're a really talent in successful road comic which is tough for anybody but especially a comedian. And i know that the whole male female thing people can get Riled up about but being female headliner and being on the road is got to be one of the toughest jobs. And you're able to quickly get away from that and you've done something like eleven movies. Oh god i had well. That's that's what that's what they say. You've you've made appearances in about eleven movie so you went into acting what i was gonna ask is. How did you transition from being a top of the line a comedian. By the way when. I say top of the line kathy. Landman was female standup of the year in nineteen ninety-two people. We're talking to top of the line. You were a great entertainer and getting the standup comedian of the year is no small feat. So congratulations thank you so much. I mean that was that was. That was exciting. I remember that night to john. Rivers handed me my award. It was really exciting. Yeah oh yeah absolutely. So how did that transition. Well you know if interesting. I i always wanted to try my hand at acting so much work for me to be to be had on the road that i didn't stay in town long enough to take advantage. Any it used to be that there was a definite pilot season. I mean this is back before they were so many different channels. You know on tv. They'll be around right. Yeah it's really around. There still is a pilot season. But that's just for network and there is stuff that goes on iran but back in the eighties and the nineties season bill. It was a specific pilot season. I started staying calm. Like in eighty eighty nine and i started doing pretty well and i got a pilot in eighty nine. It didn't go anywhere and i. I did a few different pilots. That didn't go anywhere. But that's the name of the game and the first pile that i did was terrible terrible and i win with george. Clooney was another one in the series regulars and other people that i'm still i even travelocity's who's a very Successful character actor that you unsure. If you saw his face he would know him for low him onto film. You know who he was. He was in Groundhog day. He was the guy. Ned all right dan. He's done a lot of movies. Yes tons of movies. He shows as well. Yeah so he and i are still friends and thought a woman. So flying's she. And i are still and on. Vdi rusher she. And i were in that together. So i mean that's that's a long time ago and And then in subsequent years. I got other islands as well and and i just loved acting really really seem to take it. Seemed like you took to it naturally. one of my favorites was that you were in the movie. My fellow americans and that's not a movie that is considered you know the tha probably not even the top fifty movies but as one of my favorites and but you did many walk on many movies. i just think to be able to transition from the stand up. Stage to television to movies must have been exciting. Or why one of the most willing things that i was able to experience. Mice nicolini laying may where my were my heroes. When i was growing up. And i got to to mike nichols sounds amazing. Back to do a bit with him. I if i got to one of his bits with him you know let me laying may might pick a dent with them while i was on the set of of the movies. And it's like crazy crazy exciting. This is all see. that's an experience. Nobody can top so we kind of skipped over television. And i didn't mean to but movies are really exciting but on tv. I mean you were on an hbo special. You did like nine tonight. Shows that's to be near record Are willing to ask now. We're near record record done thirty four. You know we'll still nines. Pretty damn good kathy. You did great. But you're also a regular on the craig ferguson. Show was curious what it was like working with him. I always really loved them. I thought he was a real unique talent and could go off. Script easily could really speak from his heart and some of his mind and I was always very impressed with him. And one of the most two things that i did on his show was in fact it was the last. Maybe it was the last time i did. His show was. I signed that i would. I i been developing this show. That i'm finally in rehearsal for right now for years. I mean i've been on and off with this show. It's about my eating disorder and i did get on the show about being anorexic and it was really a an an amazing was a life changing experience to be able to talk about that on national television and then to sit down and talk with him about addiction because he's an alcoholic right so drugs and alcohol and he did it. Yeah one of the things. I respect and like about craig is that and i've read his book. I don't know him personally. Of course but i've read his book and i've watched his shows and i thought it was always interesting. How he was a dual personality. One minute he could be a total whack a doodle comic. And it'd be as funny as anything in the next minute. he sincere. he's serious and For example in his book is his love for this country and his patriotism. It's such an interesting balance for somebody that's on. Tv every night to have that in their back pocket to be able to go both ways. Right right it's true We've had what's called american on surface I i have on my bookcase about twenty for me. But i can't see it but it was a good book if you're if you wanna get if you wanna get picked up his book it's a really good read. And he's an interesting man. How many ferguson shows did you do. I think i did. I like thanks. So nine tonight shows. His executive producer and peter was the producer on the tonight show. That's where i met. Peter and clinton was such great people working. So i mean. I i have to say i really miss those days of doing late night. Tv i'm really do. And i never got to do letterman. And i really. I really regret that. I wish i had had that opportunity. You did a great job being on the tonight. Show and the ferguson show. Especially if you're asked to do the tonight show you. Were part of the big anniversary show. A couple arrived on a couple of hours. That's a real honor to be invited back for those. I know. just pick anybody definitely and that was a huge honor. huge honor. yeah and well. You're funny that makes a difference too. It does make a difference. I mean you're a nice gal but you're funny fast. You know what. I remember which is which is so sobering so remember this The first term. I did the tonight show with johnny carson. I went. I went over to the couch after i did that and it was it was it must have been nineteen eighty-nine because she said to me he says you're very funny. He said How long have you doing this. And i said eight long years. I thought that was a long time. Yeah and really for somebody to our in thirty nine years now. Oh it's a you've had an amazing career but to realize that eight years because the first eight you know the first eight of the hard ones after that it gets easy. It's now no. I'm joking now. You did also a lot of walk. I mean modern family. Several shows crime shows courtroom shows. You did a lot of tv. Work inner around the movies so you ended up being a very busy actress in the sense of of doing all these spots do you miss. Did you miss doing more standup bird. The standup really set you up for the tv shows. Did you enjoy those more. I really like both. But i tell you i. I got hired viewing the road. Because you know. I never made it to the point in my career where i was filling were and that get is hard for a while you want you wanna perform for people who wanna come to see you and i never got that point because i left the road and i was doing more more acting at that point right right and and i think that's kind of what happened with laughs because we always had full crowds but we weren't we didn't use you in any The big concerts we did not. Because you weren't funny but because you did transition in. You're spending more time in la doing tv and movies. But i'm sure that the money you made and the fact that you didn't have to be on the road had a lot of benefit. Oh definitely and they will. Also you know if you made enough money and the union. Then you've got health insurance which is a big deal as a comic doing the railroad. He didn't have any of that. You didn't have that operates. No yeah no. That's that's not really important especially as you get older and start having a family and kids and doing things having the health insurance is important. So you've had this amazing career any funny stories or anything that stands out you'd like to share with our podcast audience throwing you under the bus here. I mean as far as like are on something they have been at was. I don't. I don't know if i was married to my husband at the time when we married at tunnel means you're pacman so we're know already married. I don't think we were. I was playing the other not nazi original messy old town. Rome recites hit. She probably sets right and palm. And i who does not have yet. We're working there. I was sick and had this really bad cough. And i and i didn't wanna take any cozying before i went on because it would just make me not sharp so i couldn't at one point during my show. I couldn't stop coughing. We go i was. I was about twenty minutes into my show. And i couldn't stop crossing. I like impossible for me to do so. What happened was term. Came out and me did my act for me. Since he knew it and and i he oh all right all right correctly. I like a good husband. He had finished the bit. That i was in the middle of zero i would and then he went on and continued my ass and i would do the physical stuff and he did all the word That's amazing my god. The audience was so into it and they just love it they loved. That was a special show. Because i kind of like camp frantic like that no in in i would have been the downtown club so i didn't witness it but that sounds like an amazing situation where under duress in a situation. You can't control. you have a live audience. It goes to the old showbiz adam. The show must go on. And here's somebody that no. Well i'll just do your act for you right. I'm really i mean i. I literally couldn't put towards together without alcock. Will you tell tom i appreciate it. And thank you very much. The show went on appreciate talking to so. that's exciting. Well that's a great story. Thank you so much for sharing. That will tell you why we. They'll no no that's fine. We've learned a little bit more about you. Most importantly i wanted to hear how comedy came to your life and how you were able to have such a successful career over almost four decades not to aid you like i said you look amazing. Who would no fine but with five. It's not aging long. Well you've had all those successful years live on stage. You're working on a new show that will come out next year. Live on stage is still open in new york. Thank or la it depends. I mean if theaters are going to be opening than i'm going to be doing before i do the new york probably the do with here but it's okay one of the name of the show it's called shall make you fat. That's the title. Does this show make me look fat. That's a great title especially if the subjects anorexia that's hilarious. I think people will get that and laugh just seeing the title. That's genius and like mike and you know the show is not obviously not all plenty because it's a serious subject but it you know really you know genuine authentic from the heart stories. A bright i. They are and how i how i became. You know anti recovery. But the but the i think what's going to make it a warm. Is it with your personality and your creative writing talents. You're gonna be able to come across on a serious subject in a in a fashion. That makes it entertaining as well. You know you're going to be able to mix well. I just i know you and i know you're act and speaking of that. No coughing allowed. I have queued up a terrific. Set that we're going to share of you from nineteen ninety two and we're gonna let the audience here your entertainment. But i wanted to say. Thanks for doing the podcast. Thanks for doing the interview. It's been terrific catching up and again same year. And i'm sure the podcast audience enjoyed your stories and your history in a terrific art form like stand up comedy and be able to transition which not many people succeed at going from the standup stage to tv to movies and building the career you have including female stand up comic of the year. I mean you've had so many accolades well deserved and we appreciate your years. You worked labs. Thank you doing that. Very sweet and makes me feel great. Thanks all right. Well ladies and gentlemen. Here's coming up a really terrific comedy set from the starve our interview. Let's all hear from cathy. Lagman thanks kathy for doing the interview. Mike pleasure thanks scott you great night night and happy for you not married okay. Thirty five thirty on that married. I give up his wedding. I caught the bouquet. I'm getting oh no when you more attractive hanging upside down tonight. Backs people were long getting altogether. That confidence thing everybody gag getting all these seventy one. I can't believe it. Hanson rows are going crazy. Do a man scientist who did invent something mind getting all the nervous. Gas at everything mild. It will hurt to the car. She's a minute to the dining. How she's really cautious drivers cautious road and any the signs. The road curves last. She signaled that way. though he's going there a brick wall ahead of my body other on obama father going so you don't win dear. My father's approaching they linger von. Did warn can sleep at night in the night. I can't believe i can't sleep. And alison is terrible dream. My parents is up guys. Clay went back to new york for family reunion. I hate to walk in there. i look anything. I'm getting my tubes now. Lot of she hires the worst band. The western hemisphere beautiful music these. I'd have to play the hokey pokey on my. I believe melody now that you have a blue van. It was really all of them. You don t. I holy there this wedding. My mother their jewish mother. My mother was on jury duty. They sent their home. He did that she was guilty. He's jewish because all religions to the same basically guild with different holidays guilty head cartoon characters and tracheotomy talking sometimes when she wants to be inconspicuous she doesn't want to talk. Nobody notices on girls girls hobie speech. Therapy my cpa and like every cpi meticulous anal patient died in the microwave. Your dad and you wanna torture him and you will time get the wall like this with his arms this straight ahead and then right in front of him you we own roadmap incorrectly. Dan then the man he he was so cloudy and cheap. The come home from work on a chromebook data. Jump into my new house. Burn nighttime skills families the phone all navolato the worst thing to phone a thirty year and big black rotary desk phone won't even used as even look through a lean down to the table and i am so special instruments. Dial thirteen years old link with humanity. Why needed to speak with nick over the phone behind me like a vulture keep it. Keep it miniscule. Granddad said is the money. Well ladies and gentlemen kathy landman live on stage. There's nothing like it. I'm sure you can see why she was picked. Female stand up comic in nineteen ninety two and that set was from nineteen ninety-two so relevant. And she's celebrating her birthday tomorrow. So wisher birthday wish out there and thanks for listening to this podcast. We know you had a good time. We'll see next week with another new show by. We hope you enjoyed this episode of standup comedy. 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