Dorie Greenspan: Ice Cream, Lobster, Ice Cream


Your last meal is sponsored by heritage distilling company craft and small batch vodkas Jin's and whiskeys drink locally drink responsibly by Rosie Etel. I'm Rachel bell. And this is your last meal a show that famous people in the stories behind the foods, they love most today on the program prolific cookbook, author Dorie Greenspan doors thirteen cookbooks, including an award-winning baking book for Julia child. She has five James beard award. She's been on the New York Times bestseller list twice. And she writes the on desert column for the New York Times magazine, her latest book, everyday Dory. The way I cook came out in October. And it's one of Dory's you cookbooks that isn't entirely focused on desserts, but Dori loves sweets. If this was a small town local TV news broadcast instead of a very sophisticated cliche free podcasts. I might tell you that Dory is a sweet as the desert she bakes because it's actually true. And for her last meal, she plans to bookend her dinner with desserts deserve I. Yep. What was the say? Life is short. Eat dessert. I yeah. That's what the little button on. My wall says the for a last meal really is short dessert. I so we're gonna talk about the benefits of eating dessert. I with food network and today show food and lifestyle expert brandy Malloy, and I'm bringing back one of my favorite guests from a past episode. I IRA vedic counselor. Jody Boone says if you're somebody who loves sweets, then you're going to desert anyway. So eat it first. So that you don't end up over eating. Do you eat the save lunch? Every day. Do you always have a hard boiled egg for breakfast? We're gonna talk about being a creature of habit with the most intensely habitual creature that I've ever encountered Donald Gorski from Fonda lack Wisconsin is in the Guinness Book of world records for eating more big Macs than anyone else on the planet. How many are you up to at this point eating at least two a day since nineteen seventy two. Number thirty thousand four hundred ninety three intrigued good. There's a lot more coming up from Donald and act three of the show. But I right now my interview with Dorie Greenspan. I want to know about your history because I learned a new word today. I saw that you were going to school for gerontology die pronounce. All right. Yeah. You take you did a good job. And then you quit that job and got into cookie baking. But first of all what is gerontology? What were you studying? How did you transition to cookies so join tala jeez. The study of aging so I got married when I was nineteen years old junior college never cooked before. And all I wanted to do was learn to cook. And so I cooked baked in cooked baked in I got a job, and I went to graduate school and got this degree in gerontology. And when actually I'm all, but dissertation couldn't be finishing. I didn't want to do this. I couldn't face going back to work. And my husband said, why don't you get a job baking you love baking? I had no skill. No training. No talent. But but I did get a job baking got fired a month later, but that's a whole. Other story. So the transition really was from following a very sit traditional course to saying. Hey, this isn't what I wanna do. Yeah. And starting to bake the reason that you didn't cook. Until you got married stemmed from something kind of traumatic that happened in your childhood. Well, it was. It's yes. My poor mother. I burn the kitchen down like completely burning around. No, kind of the cabinets above the oven. Okay. Trash the C E N. It'd just been renovated. I tried to make frozen. I'd never cooked anything. I wanted to make frozen French fries for my friends in. So it said fried, and I thought you need all and I put a big pot of boy of oil up to boil tongue twister put a lid on it. And when I took the little out came these they were mazing flames. They were blue. They were yellow they were orange and we call the fire. So you got the marshmallows out and you made s'mores instead. So I hadn't cooked before I wasn't allowed to cook. After how old were you? When that happened. I was seventh grade. So what was I twelve twelve? Yeah. You on a James beard award for your last book, which was all about cookies. Yes, I know out of a huge book in a lifetime of baking. You can't pick one cookie. But what is your go-to cookie? What is your favorite or your most requested so morally, I would say I can't pick a favorite. But there is a cookie that really special to me, and it's the world. Peace cookie the world peace cookie. So it's the cookie this on the cover of Dory's cookies, but it's also a cookie that I've been making, you know, it's now almost about twenty years. So I the recipe came to me originally from peer air me, and it was called the Korovou cookie. And he hit created. He's a Parisian pastry. Chef he created for restaurant in Paris. And I published it in my book, para sweets, and I thought finished that's it. And then what was coming? The Ovid or New York apartment and neighbor said, you know, those cookies I love them. I don't know what you call them. We call them world peace cookies, and I thought with the name like that they're going into my next book. If you Google world peace cookies there are now over a million. I mean, it's just like become a worldwide thing. It's chocolate cookie across between a shortbread and the texture of a chocolate. Chip cookie has chocolate chunks, and it has salt in it. And it's very simple. It's a slice and baked cookie. It's magical and the name the name is so great. Yeah. Why did they call the world peace because they said if everyone in the world had this cookie? There would be peace. Do you have to make this cookie? Do people expect it they want this cookie? Yes. Exactly, let's talk about your last meal. What would you choose to eat for your last meal something that took a really long time to eat? That's what all the smart people say when they come on. Mine last meal to think about it, actually. So I used to think that my last meal would just be ice cream a lot of ice cream like about tubful. Yeah. Like that would do it. But now, I'm a grownup and more sensible, and so I would start with scream and a love lobster. And I love inspired less meal. I can do anything I want right, right? So I can really like eat it with my fingers and chew on the knuckle bones. And and that takes a long time. Right. So I would have I think I would have ice cream lobster lobster lobster and then for desert I would put hot fudge sauce and toasted nuts on the ice cream. Okay. So it's like an ice cream sandwich. I love I love that idea because I find that by the end of the meal a lot of the time. My palate is fatigued or I'm not really hungry anymore. Eat desert. It's still good. But if you eat at the beginning, it's a real good because you're still hungry, and it's like a fresh flavor. So I like dessert I deserve. I what kind of ice cream would you like on either end of your ice cream sandwich? So many flavors. I like I like anything that has chunks of chocolate, and I'm a sucker for mint chocolate. Chip had the mint chocolate. Chip. I get me ready for the lobster and then have chocolate coffee and hot fudge sauce, toasted nuts crunch. Maybe a cookie whipped cream. I don't care. Oh, no. I like I like whip cream enough but hot Sijun ice cream. That's where it's at. Yeah. It's good. Yeah. Dori told me a story that illustrates just how much she loves ice cream has been mine have the kid. I've stop calling him that because he just got married. He would always say that he wanted ice cream for dessert. And it would always be just a bit time. And I'd say to him you go to sleep, and I'll tell you what you can have ice cream for breakfast. And he'd wake up in the more. This post those terrible mother. I was going to say mom of the year. No, no. Because I ate the ice cream between the time. He went to bed and breakfast. I will have finished. I'm out of control with ice cream is the only thing if you put it in front of me, no matter how much it is. Yeah. I will eat it. And so I took food and of the baby's mouth that is terrible. He's still me. Did you have the intention of giving it to him in the morning? Were you trying to eat it? Also, you couldn't have any. Really meant to save some for him. Terrible terrible. Okay. So desert. I do you ever do it. I'm not talking about mindlessly snacking on sweets before dinner. I'm talking about purposely planning your meal with the desert. I I only have one memory of doing this. I was out to dinner with a friend all day I had been craving chocolate and we're looking at the menu. And I'm like, I just I just want to eat dessert. It's like you're trained so hard by your parents that you're not supposed to do that that I asked my friend for permission. She said, yes, I asked for dessert menu. I got my dessert. I I can't remember what I had it was so satisfying. And then afterwards I had like a tiny salad or something because I was artful from desert, but it was totally worth it. So when we come back, we're gonna learn the benefits of eating dessert. I from a scientific point of view from an ir vedic point of view and just bring joy to your life point of view. We'll be right back. It is cocktail hour here on your last meal with heritage distilling company in if you're like me, and you are not doing dry ury. And you need something to do on these cold dark winter nights. If you happen to be an Oregon or Washington, go to a heritage distilling company tasting room. They have six of them. There are two and gig harbor Washington. 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If your childhood was like, my childhood you had to finish your dinner before you could have dessert was your childhood, like, the seren- Mason. Oh, yeah. Very much so head to clean the whole plate. Yeah. And either you were the kid who sat there for hours crying because you didn't finish. And you never got dessert or you like Hort the whole thing down, and almost choke to death just to try to get to your milk and cookies, well, it turns out, maybe our parents were wrong. Maybe this is why we're all in therapy on antidepressants eating something sweet before a meal might actually be good for us. Jodi Boone is an ir Veda counselor and therapist in Seattle. She's also my yoga teacher, and you may remember her and her very soothing voice from the Nicki Bluhm episode that we did last February. That's when she explained Veda an ancient Indian way of living that translates to the science of life. Vega is about creating balance in all aspects of your life. And it focuses primarily on how we eat how we sleep and spend our energy, so depending on your body type your temperamental, gut health. If you run hot or cold it prescribes you certain foods, the idea is that food is like medicine. So for example, if you have a fiery personality, and you get angry easily IRA Vader recommends eating cooling foods and spices. I actually had a consultation with Jodie. And I was telling her that. I am always cold here in the office. And she asked if I drank cold water, and I said, yeah, I always drink cold water from the little cooler, and she suggested I start drinking room temp water or warm water, and I've literally never been cold in the office. Again, I am fouling down to IRA Veda now. So there is a lot to Vega. I recommend going back to that. Nikki bloom episode from last February if you really want to learn more, but today, we're talking about your veta- with Jodie because in my research, I learned that the practice recommend eating dessert. I. I so are there many schools of thought with eating dessert I and so on a really practical level in our veta- are six tastes. They're sweet sour salty, bitter astringent pungent in sweet is the very first taste. We feel it on the tips of our tongues in. So we know digestion starts the moment. We take our first bite and so sweet can really help prepare the body for the digestive process. And sometimes we hear O our Vida. You can eat dessert. I and that can be true bit sweet, also, isn't grains, milk, sweet vegetables, carrots, and sweet potatoes cucumber, so people often think of sugar and sweets in desert as the sweet tastes. But it encompasses a whole range of foods, including fruit. She explains that an India, you often get a desert like rice pudding or a milk and nut base suite with your meal. So you can eat it. I swear. We can cause hunger. Which is another reason why you might eat dessert. I because it starts the digestive process. And so then you have your sweet, and then you can move on to the savory foods. The other reason to eat sweet. I is our says if you're inclined to eating sweet if you're somebody who loves sweets, then you're going to desert anyway, so eat it first. So that you don't end up over eating. So if you eat the sweep first, and then you enjoy the rest of your meal, presumably you'll stop once you're full. But if we just eat the meal and dessert last we might tend to overeat, plus the sweet taste is heavy and too much. We can really slow the digestive process down. So let's we've had a home meal, and then we pile on top of it desert. This can also cause in digestion gasp alluding fermentation Jodi says when she's really hungry desert. Just doesn't sound good to her. So she'll start her meal with a less sugary. Sweet like roasted beets carrots. But my next guest is all about having a little chocolate or even whole cupcake before a meal. Brandy Malloy co host the new food network show. Let's eat she's a food and lifestyle contributor on the today show, and she's a judge on many food network shows like the very hard to say guys, grocery games and chop junior. I did it and brandy is pretty much. A lifelong proponent of eating dessert. I my dad's served in the army forty years, and one of the places that we were stationed was Germany and in Europe. It's very common to start a meal with a little bit of coffee and pastry or some chocolate, and that's kind of like, you know, your teeth before you have your actual meal when you eat dessert after then it just becomes the cycle of cravings because you have dessert, and then you want something salty. And then you want something sweet again is that something that you've experienced. I totally said this two nights ago at dinner. Yes. I think that is absolutely right. A lot of times you have deserted the end, and then it's almost like a restart in. You're like who I want something salty. But then he after you something salty want something sour, and then you're kind of going through all the different flavors. And then you're having a second dinner. I totally think it's it's the bad way to go about things. And listen, I'm not talking about eating a sleeve of orios or going to town on Sunday, which is a little something that you actually enjoy an what I love is. I did a article about this several years ago when I talked to some doctors in clinical nutritionist, and I was really happy to discover that one of them said that when you do eat dessert with a higher fat content or protein content like ice cream or an avocado based chocolate pudding. It actually helps lower the glycemic load of the meal. It's not just all sugar. So it's not like your blood sugar is gonna spike, and you're gonna have a sugar crash. It's something that's gonna help make you feel more satisfied. And therefore, you're probably not gonna eat as much for dinner with. It's all going to even out but aside from the health benefits and the digestive benefits. Jodi, says desserts are connected with the heart. But I'm not talking about the one that's beating in your chest. I'm talking about the one that inspires you to hang pictures of Jordan Catalano, aka Jared Leto all over your room that you ripped from the pages of teen magazines. I love you, Jordan. The only thing too. That are Viet is says is sweet equals love. So we have to really watch when we are craving. Sweet. We are craving love. And so if we're excessively craving sweet, it might tell us something about what our heart needs are what we need physically. And so the sweet taste can also Volk joy and compassion and love, and, you know, maybe this is why we share, you know, suites with each other and fake, desserts and things for each other the shore love and affection and utter ration-. That's true. I never thought about that. You never give someone like love crackers. Love broccoli. No. I wonder why. 'cause there's plenty of food. That is like crazy delicious pizza like I'd love or someone to give me a love pizza. But it's never it's like Brown think about Valentine's Day, and you just go to Bartels in the whole. I'll is just candy and chocolate. That's right. Exactly. Yeah. Because love equals sweets. We equals love. So my one year anniversary with my boyfriend is coming up and our first date was on February thirteenth, and we shared a fried chicken sandwich on our first date. So I feel more attached to that in my heart than I do for chocolate. But I always joke with him. I wish that are anniversary was February fifteenth because that's when all the candies on sale like on the thirteenth that is the highest price. You're gonna pay for chocolate so really poor choice for a date. Okay. Time for a break. But when we return Dorie Greenspan talks about the lunch that she ate every day for years and years, but there is a man named Donald Gorski, a real creature of habit. He has pretty much only eat McDonald's Big Mac since nineteen seventy-two they've made up ninety five percent of his diet since then he's amazing, and you're gonna wanna hear this. We'll be right back. I mean, we'll be right back. It is cocktail hour here on your last meal with our sponsor heritage distilling company. Now, if you're a fan of whiskey bourbon or rye instead of just buying a bottle make your own they're selling company has he's really cool experiences. So if you join their Cass club, you get to design your own custom age, whiskey bourbon or rye. So you tell the distillers exactly what you want you get to design your own recipe. Add some coffee flavor, add some dried peaches, make it a single mom a double mall, you get a custom label, and then you get to decide how long you wanted to age. So you can pull out a bottle whenever you want each ten liter barrel produces about twelve to fifteen bottles, or if you don't want to design your own spirits, you can join their spirits club. Every four months, they'll send you three bottles and you'll get stuff that nobody else gets. These are the experimental spirits that those dorky distillers have been working on noting out on this is what you get to taste to join the cast club or the spirits club. Or just to pick up a bottle of heritage distilling company spirits, go. The heritage distilling dot com. Dorie Greenspan wants mitt chip ice cream lobster and then and ice cream sundae with hot fudge and toasted nuts for her last meal, but for years and years and years, she ate a much more modest meal every single day for lunch rice with sunflower seeds, and raisins, so interesting doesn't come from. I don't know where it came from. I used to wake up in the morning and make a pot of rice. And I would have the rice hot for breakfast. And then for lunch. I would have it at room temperature with little olive oil over at salt pepper nuts, and raisins, and then whatever was left over. I would you know put away we he'd or fry. I just hit this thing for race years. It lasted years. Are you a creature of habit in general just with the rice guess things that I do all the time? But in Fant I am somebody who just follows her wims on one of the things I do. The kitchen all the time is not do what I say I'm gonna do. So I can plan a menu, and my husband will come into the kitchen and say, oh, I thought you were making chicken, I think I had another idea or, you know, I'm the kind who goes to the market with a list and comes home with nothing from the. So I'm not really a creature of habit. But lunch. Yeah. Yeah. With launch makes it easier. I mean, you're probably coming up with recipes all the time. And so it's like one less thing. You have to think about is your lunch. I also liked it. Was just good. I am fascinated with people who can eat the same thing every day because I am. So not like that. I've tried to be one of those meal planning people that you read about in women's magazines where you're supposed to make a big pot of something on Sunday night and eat it throughout the week and by Wednesday. I hate this dish, I can't eat it anymore. I literally don't eat it ever again. Sometimes because I'm so sick of it. But Donald Gorski takes the cake in the creature of habit department, even though he never eats cake because the only it's big Macs. Let's start at the beginning. When did you have your first Big Mac? I Big Mac on me seventeenth nineteen seventy two. And it was the day. I got my first car. And when I got my first car I wanted to go with McDonald's. And then I went to McDonald's, and I bought three big Macs. And I my three big Macs. The cartons in the backseat. I ended up coming coming back. A couple more times that day for three times eight nine big Macs on may seventeenth nineteen seventy two. And then I started in big Macs. Every. Ever since in. What prompted that? Why did you start eating them everyday? And why were you eating so many like so many I probably 'cause compared to like eating chocolate for the first time or something you can't get enough of it at first. And then after a while you just can't eat as much chocolate as you want anymore. I quite a few big Macs for about a month. And then I started coming down into a phase where it was like three a day or down to a day. But it wasn't never doing nine. Again. What gummy started on? It is just that Big Mac or my favorite food, and there's nothing better in the world. And so I just wanted to leave my favorite food every day. So what's your first ever big neck on may seventeenth or had you had them before? No. That was my first one ever was may seventeenth nineteen seventy two in. So were you still living with your family when when you got your car in nineteen seventy-two? Yes, I was my mom later on made me promise each one a day for a while. They're in a little bit worried. Just eat those all the time. So there's. A fan of about maybe think about six and a half years right state wanna day because she told me to try other foods and stuff like that. Then when nineteen Eighty-one think April first, she said that if they didn't kill me by now, I could go ahead and start eating two a day again if I wanted to so it's been pretty much to a day ever since. And so I understand now you don't always go out for a freshman every time you keep them in the freezer. Is that true? That's right. I only go to McDonald's twice a week. And I'm like waiting in line for food and stuff. So like today was Monday. So I bought six big Macs. So that's good for Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday, always by eight. And then that's my Big Mac for Thursday, Friday Saturday and Sunday, I've acquired a taste for microwave Big Mac. So I like eating them like that. And other people might go. Yuck. But it's just an acquired taste I've had ever since seventy two since nineteen seventy-two Don has eaten more than thirty thousand big Macs. He keeps tracking his purchases and a little note. Book he saves all the receipts and all the boxes that the burgers. Come in. Another one called Baltin of mine that I can't help. I'd have to say in the house right now, there's got to be well over twenty thousand Big Mac cartons. I also have saved every receipt that it gave me, but a lot of people don't realize that receipt. Started at my McDonald's on October twentieth. Nineteen ninety four so there's quite a few years at McDonald's intervened had receipts, though, the only way I could prove my and stuff like that was to save cartons, Don has a wife and kids, but they aren't sleeves to the golden arches like he is he proposed to his wife and McDonald's parking lot. And he used to take his two sons on his Big Mac missions when they were kids. But it's kind of like the idea that if you don't want your kids to smoke, you'd make them smoke a whole pack of cigarettes. So they never want one. Again, he didn't do this intentionally but by taking his kids to McDonalds so much he says, they just lost interest. They are not McDonald's people and on a daily basis don's wife Mary eats her own meals and Don. On each his big Macs even on Christmas. But there have been a couple of handful of days when you couldn't have a Big Mac, right? If that I missed out of forty six plus years. The first time was like nineteen eighty-two snowstorm in. I worked my way over to the McDonalds, but they never opened. And so that got me into the habit of keeping them in a extra ones. Refrigerator extra ones in the freezer, or whatever the second one I missed it was a day. My mom died. It was a just a dump promise. I made my mom that I wanna eat one on a day. She died that way. I'd never forget the date, and then I missed three because of traveling it's hard to believe he can travel around the United States and not get a McDonald's for six hundred miles. But that happened to me about three times. And then a couple times missed because the work because I worked as a prison guard, it's kind of the military. So if they tell you you have to stay then you have to stay in. So them are days. I couldn't control so them don't bother me as much and then the last one was. November twenty third two thousand. That's the last day. I missed was more than eighteen years ago that was Thanksgiving Day. And of course, they're very knows. Mcdonald's is closed on thanksgiving. I thought there was more big Macs and a freezer, but I was wrong. There were none. And so my family's very patient with me that day because I got really, hyper and stuff like I usually do and even though L McDonald's or close they let me drive to them all and just check the door at all see if they're close. So if something about me only for that day, and then after that day's over them, you know, everything's back to normal. But for a day, if I'm if I'm gonna miss I get really, hyper and stuff like that. Does the same thing happen? If any of your other routines change, you said, you're very ritualised and other parts of your life as well. Not so much. I'm pretty good at not letting you know other things bother me so much who is kind of important to me. Do you? Remember what you ate on the day that your mom passed away. When you didn't have the burger. I'm trying to think it's I'm sure it was something that the wife made for herself. And I shared in it because I know I didn't eat very much at all. When that happened just wasn't very hungry. I mean, like for me, I can black out eating if I have to you know, and that's something like that would probably make me black all eating John says he has other rituals in his life other habits. And there is one other thing that he does every single day that is particularly endearing, but my mornings now, I write a letter to they're like eight eight widows and widowers I used to work with them. I write them a letter every day. So I do in the morning if I get all going to sell that I write a letter to all of them. And then I go out on errands. I built Mila letters. They love the letter because I I gotta work sense of humor from working in a prison so many years, so they got a kick outta my letters. And that I appreciate that. And so if they like them, I'll keep them coming, you know, that's really sweet I like to write cards and letters to. But I find that people. Don't write me back because most people don't write anymore. Does anybody? Right. You back very seldom, you know. But it's it's funny. If they miss a day of a letter, whatever they'll they'll call you aren't going to stop Remy letters. Are you? So. They want to keep coming. That's funny. Okay. So at this point, I'm sure you're wondering what's up with don's health is he just a walking Big Mac are his veins filled with American cheese and special sauce. His doctors say that he is fine. His cholesterol is great. He maintains a healthy weight. And I think the idea is that he eats junky food, but he doesn't eat that much of it. So his calories are under. I don't know what this is doing to was heart or his mind, but he's fine. Stop worrying about Donald everyone. He's fine. Now before we wrap up. Let's check in with Dory. Like, I mentioned she has a new cookbook out called everyday Dory. The way I cook. What is one recipe before? I let you go one recipe that you'd say you have to make this from your new book. Oh, you ask, you know, US a million questions. And now you ask the hardest one. I'm a hard hitting journalist story deal with it. So when like so many of them, okay? I was going to tell you to make the oven chored tomato stuff peppers. But instead go to the desert chapter. I'm there sin the back your there. Look at the triple layer parsnips cranberry cake. Yeah. That sounds so interesting. It's such a good cake Pige to sixty six so that's what I think you have to make because it's easy to make. It's very simple cake thing CARA cake, but parsnips, oh, it's got the sweetness of carrot cake. But parsnips have they have carrots sweetness, but they have a slightly mentally vigil tastes that is so delicious with sugar and with cream cheese frosting. And then there's a make it in ten minutes cranberry jam that goes between it so parsnips cranberries cream cheese. I love that in parsnips. That's my mom's secret ingredient to her mom. Soup that I always put in that. I think sets it apart. That's the only thing I've ever made with parsnips. Well, now, you're gonna bake with them. Okay. So bossy, I am just. I want you to make that triple layer will we're going to come and burn my kitchen down. No, I'm I'm over that. Already. Those are your wild teenage years, and that was story Greenspan's last meal, you all thirteen of her books everywhere. But I always recommend that you shop at a local bookseller trying to keep them in business in here in Seattle. We have this fantastic all cookbook store, it's called the pantry and there are others around the world. So if you're in San Francisco, I recommend going to omnivore books there is appetite for books in Montreal Canada. And I have heard from listeners who live in Australia. So I wanted to do a little Sydney shout out. There is a cookbook bookstore there called cookery book cookery cookbook bookstore. Huckabee books cookbook bookstore in Sydney, Australia, which I just learned from a friend who was in Australia that if you're like a real you would say S T R A Y, straight straight straight. Thanks to Jodi Boone. If you're interested in learning more about IRA, Vida, you can work with her to learn more about your body. I met with her. I learned all about my constitution. And here, I am drinking warm water not being cold at work. Jody is also one of my favorite yoga teachers in Seattle. So if you wanna take a class with her go to Jody food dot com. J O D I B O N E, thanks to network and today show food and lifestyle expert brandy Malloy, you can keep up with her at brandy Malloy dot com and her brandy is also with an eye. So we got Jodie and brandy and I'm jealous them because they could put hearts over there is like I couldn't do an elementary school. Thanks, Donald Gorski, Big Mac king. Do you ever crave? A dessert or something else? Like, what is that other five percent that you're eating? Let's see like. Okay. Like yesterday. I had some potato chip, you know, because I was watching the football games. I don't crave hurts. Too much. I just don't have a sweet tooth. Really? Oh, there's another thing. I do eat almost every day. And the par phase that McDonald's make though ever since they came out the white maybe promised eat apar- fee every days. So that's kinda like closest thing. I have to Virk usually every day our faith is that screamer yogurt yogurt. And then there's a strawberries and blueberries in it and the white things at least something healthy everyday. Food wise. This episode was produced by Aaron Mason in me, the music prompt, Wayne, if you like the show leave a review you can just five stars. If you're in a hurry or you could leave a heartfelt response on apple podcasts or Stitcher. That's it. I'm Rachel bell. And this is your last meal.

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