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You're listening to the show episode. One hundred and seventy two with Laura Smith welcome to the MOMS buried show. I'm your host Amber Sandberg and this shows created created inspire encourage and add a little extra frontier day. You guys. I'm super excited to have Laura Smith on the show today. She is a mom with the older kids so I thought it would be really great to have her come on and just share with us what she has learned raising kids at range from thirteen to twenty one she also is is an author and I just thought you know why wouldn't it be great if we can just pick someone's brain and hear what they have to say and I know that not. Everyone has someone in their life that they're there a few steps ahead of them so I wanted to just have her come on and be super casual and just share with us some things that helped her raise her kids and she still raising conversely and one thing that I took away from all of this is that she really enjoys having teenagers and young adults so that kind of gave me some hope because I feel like a lot of people. We're like. Oh this is so hard and she did say the hormones are rough but just to hang in there so anyway. I hope that you guys feel encouraged listening to her and that it gives you you some perspective on what it might be like later on while you're dealing with small children babies that kind of stuff and feeling like you know is is is always going to be hard so anyway. I hope you guys enjoyed this episode. Hey guys can you believe it's twenty twenty. I mean not only a restarting a New Year. We're starting a whole new decade. Which is pretty awesome so I wanted to go over a few things because I know what the holidays not? Everyone is able to listen to the podcast normal so I just want to go over a few things before we start this show so just in case you missed it so if you missed my series on how I lost fifty pounds and ten months make sure to check it out is episode one sixty five to one sixty eight and not only. Do I go over my story on one sixty six. I go over the products. They use with Kristen Perdue. Now if you're thinking I only talk about Doe Tara I I do on the show but in the show notes I list out all the other things that I take from the Collagen that I take on Amazon To the protein powder that is very clean. Dairy Free Free Gluten free does not have any artificial flavors or sweeteners I also talk about scale that I use that. 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I do 'cause I've already talked to some of view about that stuff and I and I understand But with that said when you guys use my links what it does I get a commission on that and it helps the show. Oh keep going it helps me keep bringing you content every week so I want you guys know that I am so appreciative when you do use my links Because it helps helps me to kind of just do the things that I need to do to bring you everything that I bring you every week to have the guests come on and all that kind of stuff so I am super appreciative. When you use my Lincoln I realized there are so many options out there and that you could choose from and so when you do choose to go with me it really means so much to me? It really doesn't. It is is such a blessing and if you wanted to support the show that is a great way though anytime I talk about stuff and it sounds good to you. 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Tom Or if you follow me on instagram or facebook Amber Sandberg. Please message me. I will answer questions. I think a lot of times people are like. I don't WanNa bug her or whatever you guys this is what I'm here for. I'm I'm serving you. I'm helping you so if you have questions and you're like I don't know reach out to me. I would love to help you all right. Let's go to the show. Laura thanks so much for coming on the show today. Thanks so much for having me here so I like to ask everyone on the show. An icebreaker on travel. Because I'm a travel agent so I I like asking my guess. What their favorite vacation spot is and why in this can be with or without kids? Okay so really. Hard for me to narrow down said love to travel but I think my most absolute favorite place like if you could go anywhere again and again and again his ching-kuo Tara which is These five towns on the coast of Italy Chang plumbing five and Tara means land sub five little towns used to just be fishing villages on the coast in east only only be able to get from one to the next either by hiking trails or by taking a boat but now they've been linked with the train so you can have and they're just gorgeous Sir embedded on the cliff Italy looking over the League Orient which is jus- gorgeous blue. The vast pesto in the wrong talented really inexpensive. Because it's not glamorous. I don't think there are any chains of any kind of Donald Snow starbucks. No Alright Helms there Maryanne all the places you stay are basically breakfast with possibly ten or twelve rooms trails or gorgeous to hike. I've been there with my kids have been taken away since my husband is peaceful and beautiful and can be outside and the trails are awesome in the food is delicious and yes. It's just drew me. It sounds juryman. Sounds like a great experience her clients of mine to send them there. So let me ask you a question First of all. So how did you find it because it doesn't seem like it's in you know an area that's very known or could be mistaken just based on what you're saying like there's not not the chains and all that but again there's there's not a lot of chains and other places that are known but like how close is it to like Amalfi coast and stuff like that. Okay so the multi coast is South Is this is up. That same Western postnatally still basically if you you can fly into Milan alon or Florence or yarder and Some Alana's north and Florence is further south. And if you touch head of the defense between this you come in in the middle when do the coast okay. So what made you find this place. So oddly husband and I one day he was flipping channels on. TV At relieve muscle was on Rick. Steves is that travel guy. He was was there in. And we're like oh my gosh like is a real place. Can you actually go there. And we'll just kind of dreamed about it and filed it away and then my husband's is a professor and sell every once in a while. It's really great opportunities to Do Research with another professor overseas or to teach at a university the overseas and we try to jump on every one of those so we have this opportunity to go to Italy. And we're like what was that place without places or any way we could get there and With figured out you know whereas in how it could get there and that really once you're there. It's relatively inexpensive. I mean the two of us in God's really Nice dinner thirty dollars it's up because it's pasta and its lands. It's all fresh fish. They literally caught like you see the death in them right in in an interview with the head in Tehran. And you're like still pretty fresh. Yeah that's cool. I love gorgeous so you would fly into into Florence Milan and then you take a train. Is that what you're saying. Yeah to get their train to Faiza and myspace yet is about that. Fifteen minutes from Chango Tara said than from Catch another train that will take you into and then you can either hike from town to town which is awesome or you can take boat rides or you can just hop little tradenet be option but you can pick one is your yeah stay in. Yeah as you're stationary place and then Just kind of be BOP around. Enjoy all of them. Which one would you say or highly recommend to stay in which of those towns So I think Montereau so is my favorite And that's the one that's the furthest north of the five it's more at sea level so like you can say just kind walk out onto the beach actually like high up on the cliffs Ask which hurry into then. I am a beach on it. Yeah Yeah I wonder why. Yeah yeah well that is really cool. I'm glad that you gave us that information. Because you know I think those are fun things. That's why I asked the question Russian because sometimes you just never know what people are GonNa answer and you're kind of like wow and so that is really cool. I'll have to look that up when we get off and we said this before we started recording that we could probably talk about travel the whole time so ever day I will cut myself off and move into the view and yeah so how about you share a little bit more about yourself on what your first and last name is where you're from how many kids you have and then you can share with us how you got to where you are today. Sure sure on my name is Laura Smith with last name of Smith. There are tons of us out there. dilutes what my middle initial on anything. I do just so that I'm not buried with all the other. Laura Smith Down there in the world. I live in Oxford Ohio. which is a small college town in Southwest Ohio? It's my university My husband's thousands of professor. They're silly love the lovely life in college town where we have fifteen thousand residents without the students in thirty thousand with the students so our culture changes this greatly when classes are interactive session. We have forecasts a twenty one year old daughter in eighteen year old son a sixteen year old daughter and a Thirteen year old son Them every two and a half hours girl bedroll Ya ya grown superfine The last week. They'll super super blast man's I'm an author in a speaker in Loved how in stories about how how much Jesus left us and how beautiful full free life that he offers us. Yeah that is so awesome and you know. Oh I'm just thinking to myself how awesome it is that you've taken four kids to Italy that alone we could do a show on. I know you're saying that when he has opportunities but I think sometimes is it can feel so daunting to think about trying to take kids Overseas especially you know to Europe and whatnot and so that alone is pretty cool so How about you share with us a few of the books that you've written sure I have six young adult novels. first-race any hot angry revolve around announce a group of high school friends. And the different issues that those girls deal with real life issues that Teenage Girls Steal One deals with eating disorders orders. Lendl's with the girl's parents getting divorced. Another deals with on dating and sex and relationships have been all of them. Are Really that the cracks insane. I'm saying like real life happens. Life has hard were faced with really tough issues but if we have a relationship Jesus we can get through them He has our their strength and he loves us. In all these situations that helps us get through them so the next three are second series thereon revolve around for College College remains with a similar kind of team It's it's complicated it's over and it's addicting and those Mates all are dealing with things that college women limited time their cap issues. One of them has sexual sultanate on one of them has lost someone very dear and again. They're just all pointing to like these things happen. One out of four Women are sexually assaulted by the time they graduate from college. And that's actually why. I decided to have four remains needs to therapist is a true statistic in to kind of make it real visual. Yeah but we don't believe nor that in I think As a walk interface elect Alexia the Sunshine and roses at least ideal Bella need to know that these things happen. We need to talk about them and we need to Don't let light shine into them and we need to be able to share with other people who have gone through them like how much God loves. Is there for them in those situations and so The purposes behind those two series. Then I've also had the opportunity to rates in kids up so to really fine I wrote a people of the Bible Bloc uh-huh Heroes and villains of the Bible which was hilarious I wrote a five minute voters for girls which came out last year which is really sweet For more on the awful word tweens that I don't really like for Slavia Roads and a new book coming out in August and super super excited about about That's called how sweet the sound and it talks about how Some of the old classes can really still cut her lives in virus That is so cool. Yeah did you always know you want to be an author so I always did but I never thought I could be As a little girl. I've just devoured every book get my hands on. Is the time at the library and made up stories. I wrote them down. I just may not smoke them in my head. I was always as imagining in pretending and always wanted to be a writer but tell us something you could do. Yeah now it's like saying I'm going to be a supermodel if you just stayed. Apogee advocate for five to. I thought it sounded so outlandish. Buddy yeah and then actually when I was pregnant with my first daughter my husband and I were married first house. We were pregnant and he wishes like so. What do you want to be when you grew up? which was a crazy question for him to ask but it was? Just ask good questions and it just popped out a number told me when I wanted to be a writer and a brace myself immediate right for the last roar allege yeah do that or that's so sorry but it was just the opposite yeah. Why don't you write? That's so cool. Yeah changed everything I was like. Who Want Ghetto? I right yeah. Yeah so there's a lot of thought were going around. You know these days with really trying to think about like your dreams as an adult leg. We are very quick to shut. Shot things down in your almost so scared to even let it come to your mind because you're just kind of like because your brain wants to figure out how you're going to do it before you even like announce it and I just think that's so interesting That your husband asked you that what which is such a blessing you know and breath even as we get older you know and you think oh I can't do it now because now this age or whatever but there's something to be valued of you know really you you know getting your dreams out there to make them no longer dream. You know you make them a reality and and figure out like ways to it. So I'm glad that you share it that because You know some people may be thinking of doing something and they may be like. It's already too late like I'm not gonNA be able to start that now so. I hope that that encourages other people people to just you know start looking into whatever it is that they want to do or sure. Yeah it's never in bad Santa Dream in your heart and I mean there's a reason. Listen he did that. Yeah exactly and and I and something to that. I had heard that like if the same dreams keep popping up. There's probably a reason and signed. Start getting them onto paper because there's something about getting them out of your mind and onto paper that your brain does something with I think It it starts to look for things to kind of like make that happen and so it's good to just not keep it all in your your head but again I think it's even scary scary just to even voice it like you were saying you were you. Were getting ready for your husband. Who loves you to laugh right? And he didn't think or Shirley which even laugh at it yourself or feel embarrassed to like whatever you're going to write down. You know that. I think that we don't even dream big 'cause we're just kind of like well I don't know and what's the point of this. This isn't going to happen but I don't know I just want to encourage everybody to dream big and you're good example of like what he wants to be when you're up and you were grown up you know when i Jason so you know the reason why I wanted to bring you on today You do have older children And I'm I'm GonNa have you just remind us of their ages in a second but this interview is going to be super casual. I always talk about the show being like a a coffeehouse and if if people haven't heard this yet that you know there's just times when there's you know women talking in a coffeehouse and you might hear kind of what they're saying you really you wish that you could just pull up a chair and sit next to them by you know. We don't do that because that would be kind of awkward And so I wanted a place that you could eavesdrop into the conversations and feel completely normal and not awkward and so I imagine if we were sitting at a coffee house and we were talking and you have older children. Children are just want to ask you questions. You know of things that you know that you have experienced because your steps ahead of us and you know before we talked talked about or before we started the interview I should say not. Everyone has people in their life. That are ahead of them to kind of ask these questions. And so on and and also too I wanna say I think a lot of times. I noticed this with a childbirth Used as an example. I think a lot of times. You don't know exactly what's happening or what's going to happen when you have an infant because people don't WanNa complain or should then you really don't know what is going to happen. Which I think is also a disservice vest because in you're like Whoa? Why didn't anyone tell me this for share? I mean right. Yeah yeah so I can understand that people don't WanNa complain and they don't WanNa whine about stuff and But at the same time I think we need to know oh the pros and the cons and the good and the bad and all that kind of stuff so that when you get to that point you don't feel alone and you know feel like you're isolated and stuff like that so how how. `Bout you can just share with us. The ages of your kids Cher on my oldest is twenty one. She's a junior college Then I have an eighteen year old son. WHO's a senior in high school? I have a sixteen year old daughter who just started deriving yikes and Murphy. Eighteen year old son. Who suffered greater? Okay yeah so perfect and again. A lot of The listeners have younger kids So I think this is a great thing for them to listen to you to kind of you know. Prepare their minds for the future. But let's start off on the positive. No so how about you share some things that you feel like you were happy that you did when it comes to the kids and things that you would that you would want to share that they you found. That really worked for you Sure I think. In retrospect the thing that we probably did for our our kids that That was the best thing we could have done for them as we love them. Each specifically for who they were created to be We have four four kids. They're all genetically our children. They've been raised in the same house. We lived in this house for the whole time except for my first honored. Lift her the first two and a half years in Atlanta other than that. We've been here all time. They have the same parents thera very different. We have and they need to be parented differently. different things affects them differently. And I think just really embracing like. Oh you're athletic. Got It okay. You should do sports. You're not then you don't have to My oldest daughter was a tomboy. She always was. She never wanted to wear skirts or dresses. Fine who cares. You don't have to wear skirts or dresses like just because I like to get dressed up doesn't mean she has to get dressed up right. I think just really appreciating rushing who they are letting them be those people because the world will tell them time and time again that they should be different than what they are. it starts. I think without like it's probably around fifth grade that there starts to be a leash address like Vinson. You should be involved in these things and you should be watching these shows in If you've already been built Sir Foundation for your kids that like it's awesome that you're quiet like that's amazing or tasks that you love to do science experiments or you. You could play with sticks all day or whenever you're saying is like embracing they're not them. They know that they're loved in that. That is not weird that it's not Unaccepted opted they're not their parents haven't been trying to jump them into a box that they don't fit in. They can stand stronger when other people tried to tell them. There's a certain way to be the act or even just not out loud. Tell them but just the way society kind of impresses upon us They can be more confident and who really army to be and then they can shine. Yeah I really like that and I do think that is really key especially as You know people's kids are small and there's and they're just starting to show late their personalities and stuff like that. Here's my question to you with having four different kids. What is what okay? What about when their personality It's not so much that like you want embrace that they're different but what if it sometimes rides the the line of let's use this as an example like one of your kids is just more grumpy and they seem so ungrateful and you're just like Oh you know so. It's not not a matter of like. Oh you like science or you don't dress up but it Kinda writes this line of it could come off disrespectful or maybe they don't play as your other children or or something like that. How how do you? How do you handle that kind of stuff with 'cause you want them to be themselves but it also how they're acting can come off rude good for sure? I think some of it is just having some basic standards You know in our house. You will whatever clear your Dishes say whatever and if you don't then where it wanted to correct you we're GonNa ask you to do those things so you walked away from the table didn't clear dishes please come back you grump about it. Don't John Crop at it is is different. That's expected rate on. I think there's there are some certain norms. But if if you do something Nice for one of your kids like say I don't I don't know what it is. You play a few notes on all of their sugar. You take all their close up for them and put them away even though that might be their jobs posts right and and one of them. Thanks you on one dozen fine like you didn't do it to be thanked me. The one who's less. Yeah Brown did thank you thank you but I think it's just a matter of having some basic standards. We expect you. You know if grandma comes to the house to come over and tell her go giants like he just go do what. Yeah Right. Yeah but you don't have to be super social interest down to yourself to sit on her lap you don't have to hang out with her for an our even though you love her. You might be kid who needs more time or more inner processing that's cool. We're still alive if people write us so I think just setting some stunning standards. We expect not have them be Ridiculous students like I said don't expect right you have to talk to the gavel. Adleman our right so that makes sense. Yeah it does. It does the other thing too that crosses my mind is you know especially having four that you're probably gonNA jowl with some of them A little bit easier so I guess how do you go about that without making the other ones thousands feel like they're not as important like you know I just. It's so hard right when when you even with people right not even just your children you Gel with certain people like you gravitate toward them and stuff like that and you find. It's so much easier to talk to them But as adults and friends that's okay but when it's your children then you have to worry like does that. I don't care as much or all. I'm not showing them the same attention or like for example. My youngest is very lovey of Ian Dovey. And she wants to hang on me and just I don't even know like so. She does that to me. She's doing it to me. I'm not doing it to her and not have to always careful. Aw that my oldest doesn't feel left out but the thing is I'm not even doing it to my youngest. My youngest is. She just likes to do that and obviously I'm not going to push her away my oldest list. She doesn't need to do that but sometimes it does cross my mind that Oh my gosh. Does she feel like I don't want to do this to her. But my personality actually isn't like that so I have to be careful with my youngest to not push her away to be like. Can you just give me my space. It's actually like I might relate to my my oldest and I'm trying to be like okay. I don't want to damage her and beal I okay I mean sometimes I have to say it like you do need to give me like say like she literally will climb. I'm behind me and my chair when I'm eating like she wants to be like so. Yeah Yeah I think I think for a long time like like I nursed her for a long time. Her Preschool teachers. Like I think she thinks that you guys are separate. I think she thinks you guys are one. They see how that could still happen because of just how she is. And so but then I do get worried about my other one and so I don't know what what have you especially because you're older you've had more time you'd have more personalities Is there anything that you are glad that you did do things certain way or is there anything that you're kind of like man. Yeah I kinda messed up on some of these things and I wish I would've done it differently. I think with the different kids in the different personalities I think in the different ones gelling in different ways like I think he just find places where we connect with your different kids in different spaces And my husband and I find this really wild. Then we'll go through a period where when village one of our kids just really doesn't wanNA communicate with us but they're communicating meeting with the other one of us and has to be a letting go of that's okay like as long as they're getting nurtured by their parents You've now my husband is is really good about talking about sports with my kids so with if they're involved in a sport he can really like dive deep with them on that I can't. I'm not athletic. I really don't follow. We're through well. My kids make fun of me like go team. You're like I don't even know what to say talking about different things so finding like an really seeking out in your kids thinks that they love to talk about just like you would if you were trying to have conversation with anyone right like in one of them led love to talk about school while another one might love to talk about friends long other on Mike love to talk about art or the books they're reading or the nature or whatever. It is finding those things that Derek about in any place return overlap like if one of your kids bake with you like have that thing you do them. Ms The other kid loves to ride bikes as you than ride bikes with them. Ray to ride bikes with everybody or baked with everybody year. And maybe my husband is tossing the ball with one of them while I'm baking another one and they're both really feeling loved Encino for who they are but it doesn't it doesn't fall on on either of us all the time. Yeah I like that. Yeah that that's a good point Moving away from gelling and all that kind of stuff is is there anything in general that when you find yourself looking back that you're kind of like you know. I wish I would have done some of these things differently. Hereon out there. Who Don't want to assume they're certainly times on have lost dead? I snapped at one of my kids. I feel awful that I said something I yelled at them. I wish I could have kept my cool more often enough it. I'm a yeller alert but I think we all snap sometimes but over all I really. There's not like one thing that I would actually change. That would take some words back. I would take a COUPLA blow back over. I think if you just really love your kids like an genuine let them know that he loves them that it really does all work out. Like I guess I would I would not Over analyze it as much as I did Looking back now like my kids are to a point where they're making a lot of their decisions where we're having actual Intellectual Conversations on my oldest is twenty. One she's an adult. Yeah Ah but every single stage has been the best h like when your kids are little. You're like Oh you know when they're one they're the cutest are one of five live. They're the cutest and yeah you don't WanNa wish those days away about him but I guess I'm here to tell you from the other side that every stage is the best One is adorable when he could snuggle with them all day. Long and five is adorable and actually start having their own ideas. Twenty one is amazing when you watch Gilmore girls and GonNa Coffee Need your daughter. Yeah that's awesome. Yeah Mattis Cool. Yeah I was GonNa ask you now. Is there a time that you do feel like it does get a little bit harder like a lot of people kind of worry about going in a middle school or high school. I'm socially with social media and cell phones and all that kind of stuff. Do you have any advice for us to navigate this without losing our minds because I got a very scary thing for a lot of parents out there so I think one one thing to remember is that you're still the boss of them So just because Iran there can in school as a phone or is on. This could have to be. Yeah you so. You don't have to cave to that if you that's a great tool for your head awesome but if you don't all awesome personally we didn't let our kids have phones until they their eighth grade graduation. Abbott seems that the next summer right before high school of a high school activities had so many tax assessors from coaches and stuff to schedule that were to the kids. They actually needed a phone bill. What color socks to practice or the tax changed changed or whatever? Yeah but up until that time our kids really didn't need them but yeah So our kids didn't have cell phones until Easter Easter graduation have social media Intel. Then either as they didn't have four right on I all of them have thanked me for that. In retrospect intersex name. They were just like mom. Yes yes it's true. I think every other in their last had them but all of them thanked me in Richardson Out of trauma yes. They avoided like some whole hateful frenemy bullying stuff. Because they just didn't get the suggested other kids were getting just out. Whatever I sell Advice to younger as you you still are the boss Link just be kept other parents are or your kids want doesn't mean that they have to if you want your kids to have a phone because that's like maybe maybe if you have two parents if you how are day care like to have that phone to -cation cool you you can tell them they can't be on social media you come block that from their phone. You can like you get you get to choose. Yeah so I advise that restoring. I think all this myth south always worried that like Oh and my kids are teens. It's GonNa be hard 'cause you hear all this but I think teenage kids are awesome. They're so fun. I think they're hilarious. I think if you just keep communication open and again to keep loving them for you there are are. Are there tough times. Yes the hormone steak yes. Don't Hey Karma too seriously cry and the boys will get angry and it should should. Denial daughter will balling for no reason staff screaming for no reason they don't take it seriously. Nick said or maybe just like okay. Alright this this this week at this day this moment. This month was rough but It's still my kid in there and they're just apartments and they're going to be fine. Yeah I like that is there. Did you ever feel like they started to withdraw a little bit. You know become teenagers and feeling feeling like okay. I'm losing the relationship with them a little bit. I don't like with all my kids. There have been times when I felt like that but times I mean elect three weeks. You know he'll again. You'll keep communication Alan to listen. I want you to tell. Megan stops Mackenzie tiff shared with me. Some stuff that It was hard to share it different times. It that their friends had done or you know something they were dealing with but to sit there and look them in I love you. Let's talk about this has made it. I think really easier to the even. They know they've had to draw for awhile. Maybe deal with something or maybe. They didn't think I understood something I was still consistently there for them They they've all been flow back. Yeah that's good to know So Laura we're almost at the end of the show and I did want to ask you. Is there some advice that you would wanNA give us in regards to helping. Our kids grow their faith. Like anything that you're like you know what this truly helped With my kids. Yeah I the best thing we can do relate to to live out our faith they see us. They see what we're watching. They see what we're listening to. They see the Wordsley richly is They watch for talking badly about other people. They see if we forgot about every decision or they see her attorney things over in prayer. The Air If we have friends who talk about our faith with if we're opening our bibles They see that they asked. Hey Mom what are you reading smutty novel or I'm reading this Kobuk that's talking about you know it's Bible study or it's time about how to deal with faith in the workplace. I Sir. Hey Mom you know that. Get in your car and you've got music playing it's something that's Raunchy or its worship. Visit rain like yeah. I think I think actually living a life with Jesus if you really love him in really I mean we all mess up every day the centers to secular music or you can't rewrite like fun novels every Novel Finale should I'm just saying that modeling. That you really turn your problems to God that you are really seeking him You are trying to love others and that reflects and they see that necessarily let you you pray before meals. You pray in the middle of the day see that they're gonna be at the meals You're praying with them. Pray for them. Pray out loud over them Like you know what your your kids are. Struggling State got. Please help them with. Let them know that they're smart and be confident who they are They go mom really thinks if they talk. Talk about this at all. Get better Yeah Yeah There's all kinds of things you can read great books. You could buy a Great Bible. Studies can make make sure that they can recharge. I think if you're not living a life of Sake than why would they think it's a good thing. Yeah that's a good point. Well Laura we're at the end of the show and so I appreciate you coming on. This has been so great. And you know. I hope that The listeners get nuggets here and there and you know all the things that you said are so practical which is great. Because who has time to like. I don't know do super complicated things with you. Know children running around But is there anything else you you wanted to add before we end. I just really say if you love your kids and you love Jesus than it's all going to be fine it really is. That's great all right. Laura thank you so much for coming on the show today. 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