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jokes seem to land as you wanted any thoughts on that. Yeah you know. It's always tough. He got to know what's going to come jokes for them. What they like what they don't like the first time going through. I mean we're all this is all new for all of us especially me so trying to put my personality out there and you know if they like it. They like if they don't they? Don't Good Morning Swirl and welcome to the podcast on the athletic networks Thursday February twenty seventh. Happy Chilly Day. Y'All I'm Jay skeets alongside me as always. Tasmania happy. Chilly Day. Everybody I had no idea. Did you hope you brought some for sure slow cooker so it's not here but it's cooking somewhere? Excellent Trey Kerby. Hey Oh hey oh the international mystery taking it to the Max Lille brand and last but not least make the magic happen it's JD. Hello there isn't here we are. Your Voice sounded different. Yeah I know I. I somehow have picked up an injury from playing basketball to my voice box larynx. I wasn't calling at all that much. Work up this morning with a bit of a Scratchy throat while I think that just shows you know once you hit forty can pick up all sorts of injuries just from playing basketball totally trail. I often get a little congested. After playing a little basketball I had a little bit of phlegm in the throat this morning. Excellent just a little Little more than a little bit sweet Bucci Swig. They're not really coaches throat. There we go all right on twitter and Instagram. At No dunks Inc. We'll hopefully jump outside today to open up an old pack a basketball cards. We will go live on Instagram TV. I I don't know we might have to cancel it though this Under the weather got Inya. I don't WanNa touch the cards after you touch the problem where gloves. We're on facebook at facebook dot com slash node Zinc I guess it's official. We're now on facebook and you can email us your MBA questions and comments to know that the athletic dot com. We hit the beach yesterday to answer. Some of your cues topics included the NBA's best team of the twenty first century are six man of the year favorites. Kyrie Irvings Hall of fame credentials iconic. What if plays what. If moments sleepovers so much more always oblast go download and listen to that beach step in episode that we dropped yesterday afternoon. All right let's get to here on a Thursday. We'll start with a little true or false. I one we got more bad news for the sixers. Joel left Wednesday night's game against the cavs. He was ruled out with a left shoulder. Sprain he will have an MRI today. Keep your eyes on the tweets. There guys big man He held his shoulder when he ran into on onto digits. And you know. He went to the foul line. He was in obvious. Pain missed two free throws and he was in the back of the came back. Whatever he didn't return to that game so this is bad. Did he hurt his lair knicks as well. Well here's the true or false question who feed in Mary with the injury off of Ben Simmons. Back Injury. True or false. This seventy sixers season is IRAP combat. You can stick a fork in it. I don't think so. I think it's a pretty non serious injury with the way. I don't think it's a standard Joel. Embiid IS NOT GONNA play seventy games this season. It's got a slow the pace down. He was on pace for like sixty nine. You get slowed down a little bit. It'll be right in his range of sixty three or sixty four. I think he'll be back. My worry is he's not gonNA be playing. He is going to be keeping in shape the next week or two. That's that's my biggest worry but combined with the Ben Simmons. Sure it's it's easy to worry but they're still going to be no lower than six. Yeah even impossible for them to even fall out of fifth right now. Not that. That's good. I mean we know how bad there and the they did lose this game to the cast too. That's the other part of this. I know the bickerstaff bump is a true thing. It's a real thing. They're playing hard. They are playing art but still the sixers. You shouldn't be losing this game. I don't care if you don't have Simmons and you do have three other guys. That are paid a lot of money into buys Harrison. Al Horford and Josh Richardson. The combined for thirty points. That's it that's rough. Yeah you think the season's over well I mean. The season was not looking great even when they had ambience playing to be honest. Because I don't think they're in that top echelon of the east teams myself in the Celtics the raptors and of course the Milwaukee Bucks so this really just now sits in the back end to mention. They really now have to be desperate to make sure that unfold far away from that fourth spot. They must have home-court advantage in the first round like that's the best they can hope for right now no matter what have their situation plays out because even in that scenario they're likely to face the box in the second round so things aren't looking for them but yeah that was a wheat injury because there was no big collision knows more. He was just trying to try. Kirby really that big body down there in the pain. It almost yeah. I don't know exactly how he was able to injure it so better. Hopefully that means it's not that serious because like a little Stinger of some sort of looked weird just got bent the wrong way kind of I suppose I've been big time sixers backer. I'm kind of bent last holdout of maybe this team will be able to get it together at some point. Even I'm feeling pretty anti sixers these days. I guess the good way you can spin this is that maybe now Tobias Harris Al Horford and Josh. Richardson can really be empowered. They can really get some rhythm going here. The last twenty games of the season without the two guys who are going to have the ball the most in the playoffs if embiid and Simmons are able to make it back for the playoffs I dunno just seems like one of those seasons where things keep going wrong and then it feels like maybe they'll get a little bit better and then things just keep going wrong and then it gets a little bit better and then it goes wrong. Those seasons happen happen to the Lakers. During the Dwight Howard season with our season starts now and then they would lose a couple of games get hurt. Our seasons starts now. Our seasons starts now happened to the Celtics last year. Feels like it's happening to the sixers this year. Right and anytime you have to verbalize stuff like that. It's not a good sign because you should just be playing basketball and be playing well and I said the same thing about Joel. Embiid feeling empowered. When Ben Simmons went out if maybe this guy is going to be the number one guy and feel like the number one guy for the last couple of months go beasts mode into the playoffs and I understand what you're saying. What the Al Horford and Tobias Harris but those guys aren't necessarily even in those roles ever even when when Ben Simmons joined become back while embiid sort of has that role so I think it's just it's just a bad sign period and good teams. Just don't lose seven games in a row on the road and all that. Yeah the terrible on the road and they got lucky that the heat or actually playing pretty badly I lost the one up losing the wolves and having like a twelve point lead with four minutes to go somehow three run to end the game and Jimmy Butler. Just stop scorn. Yeah it'll be a strange heat. Sixers I if it to happen. Do you think at all and I know I'm jumping ahead here with this idea that like. Oh No Simmons back is really severe and he doesn't come back maybe this year who knows within beat shoulder after the. Mri could these injuries at all. Save possibly Brett Bounds. Coaching job with Philadelphia. As sort of well he doesn't have his two stars to superstars and he somehow survives like I'm saying in that hypothetical he loses in the first round or they get wacked by the bucks even in a second round series or is if they can make it to the second round. I think he's probably okay. I if you lose to the box if you if you guys well without one of them at least I mean if the bucks seventy games or thereabouts then I don't think that's too bad but I have a feeling that the sixers may want to look for an excuse to move on from brand anyway and they might have one here so he's had a h a long time. He only signed a one year extension. I believe anyway last season so they they didn't have a lot of faith in him and yeah he's been there a long time and the six out of sort of take that next step up to the conference sponsor is still time here. I guess what we were just saying right before we jump down here six or seven weeks playoff. Start something like that time to get healthy and put a little run together. Maybe Y- dangerous team come playoffs but every time you get excited a little bit like you said. Trae FOR PHILLY. Something else happens two steps forward one. Step back wait all the way around one. Step forward you know. Yeah I don't know I'm still like I remember the season. When embiid went out towards the end of the season they went on a huge winning streak with Ben Simmons right so they can always put together at any time and I don't know where they're fifty nine games in their season feels like they could still put it together at any time. Will you actually do it? I don't know the pieces just don't fit to me and you know a lot of the players that were brought in over the summer In Richardson and Horford got long deals. Tobias has a long deal so those guys aren't going anywhere so who's going to go somewhere out and brand ain't fire and himself. Something is going to change eventually so maybe. Brett Brown survives the end of this season. Maybe he had survived into next season. But it would be a quick hook. I would imagine next year of things. Start out poorly. I agree. I think they don't go into next season with the exact same plan. They lost the second round twice last two years if they do the same thing even if they get around. I don't see them going next year with Brett Brown. Elton brand will be there he likes. I guess he's modeling his team after himself. A little bit. Everybody shoot that mid ranger baby. Everybody's big and everybody is monstrous. But it's been the longest fifty nine games of any team right. It just feels like so long. It's it's been an arduous process. Sanford that's where it is similar. I've said this before it. Similar to the Celtics Kyri last year. Yeah it is and where? It's like the talents. They're still believe in them. Maybe they're going to go in in the playoffs but It's what is that what it feels just way heavier and longer for what already is a heavy and long regular season. That's never a good sign and maybe at some point you've got to be like okay. It's it's not the year and Changes need to be made. Maybe that's where we're at the sixers you tell us. Let us know on twitter at no dunk. Sanctuary falls on the sixers season being a rap. Here we'll ultimately find out. How severe this shoulder injury is to in bean if he's done for the year then. I don't have them winning a first round against Miami Heat because I don't think they're going to drop this crazy part. They're probably locked into fifth year like that. Yes okay bigger. And they'll they haven't given us a lot of confidence either. Neither have the sixers they have. They have one game at home against the Knicks. Some tonight and then go on that big four game road. Rescue the Lakers and the Clippers Kelly teams. Yeah Yeah and we know. They're not great on the road. All right keep going here last night. Jason Tatum and his beantown boys pulled away in the fourth quarter to hand the jazz their fourth straight loss. One fourteen one zero three. That was in Utah. Roy So neil moved into the starting lineup for the jazz replacing. Joe ingles though originally in the day it was reported that Mike Conley would come off the plane but no he started. He hit some threes but jazz. Lose again so I'm going to ask you here because of that whole confusion yesterday with the athletic all over this story about WHO's in. Who's out for the jazz and starting lineup and trying to switch it up. True or false Conley should be the one to return to the bench O'Neill in ingalls in and Conley to the bench. True or false true. I think so because Mike Conley has joined this team whereas Joe Ingles has been there for years and I just think Joe ingles plays better with that starting unit Mike Conley the fit has just not worked and I think at this stage of his career. He would be a more effective play coming off the bench in a role where he can score. You can shoot. He can still distribute the ball and this the most confusing thing about this though was how we heard. Originally it was going to be Mike. Conley going to bench and then it was Joe. Ingles like that to me really shows that Quin Snyder has sort of lost confidence in himself. Well I don't think I don't think he made the decision as we think. Quin Snyder made the decision. Somebody must've spoke out. Yeah because if the first report is that Conley's going to the bench and then all of a sudden there's this change. That Conley is back into the lineup. Either someone in Conley's camp who basically it was like. Hey you know we we got here. We WanNa be the starting lineup or somebody in the front office. That wants to make that trade for John. Mirant BEING TRADED TO THE MEMPHIS. Grizzlies for my calmly. Look good I. I don't. I just don't see why Quin Snyder would make this move. When Joe Ingles enter that starting lineup and things went perfectly for them. They're twenty four and twelve with Joe. Ingles in the starting line and twelve and ten without him. I don't see why did you take ingles out of it. It should be Snot as decision. The he's the coach. He should be the one he says. No this is. This is what I'm doing. Why would they change? I can understand. Maybe Conley's if you look at it from a zoom out you say maybe Conley in the starting lineup. They have a higher ceiling. Bright Dot in the past that you might need Conley Bala note if you're GONNA go two or three or four rounds into the playoffs and I mean part of it's gotta be the confidence factor too right. You don't WanNa Bench guy. Who is a proud veteran? Who is your big acquisition over the summer? You don't WanNa send him to the bench and basically say we were playing great when you were hurt and now that you're back. We're playing pretty poorly. Go to the bench. Maybe we'll be good again. Maybe that's Snyder's thinking if he is the one making the call ingles needs to be in there because he gets the ball Rudy Gobert and I think that that is the huge thing. He has the best chemistry as a pick and roll partner with Gobert and go bare just if he is not getting the ball on offense he's starting to take plays off on defense. There are clips. Where is you know? There's a guy driving to the rim. And he's there he could challenge and I mean he's had some fouls for sure in the past couple of games and Shirley he's watching those but that's not the Rudy Gobert that we're used to see and there are so many times he's open underneath the Hoop Mitchell's Conley's missing and there was a great role. Where calmly like threw the ball? Eight feet in the air and go barely got his fingers on it. There are times when go bears open that he could be scoring that he should be able to produce offensively as a role guy but only ingles. It seems able to find him. And if he's not getting the ball why would he be a hundred percent in on defense when he's the only guy playing defense enjoying just has struggled when he's tried to come off the bench this season so clunker assessment and could never get any sort of flow going really unless it's coming from the team ownership or the general manager? An agent should not have any impact on average decision and currently also does not feel like the type of guy. I'm sure he's got some pride and I'm sure he wants to start. Don't get me wrong but doesn't feel the type of guy it'd be like no. I need the ball took a nap. You're certain outfits like Al Horford. This guy's like anything. Do to help the team coming off the bench. Let's do that but but it's definitely it's definitely a bad look for Utah though that. That's what happened within a narrow two or whatever then make why would they even make that announcement either like and they told. According to the athletic reports they told players at shoot around that yeah commonly is going to the bench and see. That's why I think somebody else got involved. But I've I don't necessarily know I just think your team's playing well with one guy. I know they've struggled a little bit lately. But Joe Ingles is the guy that I think the difference between Joe ingles and Rudy Gobert as pick and roll partners is that Michael is used to play with Markelle soul and he gives Rudy Gobert. Zach Randolph. Yeah guys who can handle and score from ten twelve fourteen feet. And that's where he gives Rudy Gobert the ball and Rudy Gobert. Can't make things happen from there. He's gotta be missing him at the rim but that's where he should be getting not way out there and that's it doesn't work. Jingles knows where to give him the ball and they just listen. I think we're we're we're probably skimming over the Celtics being awesome in this game. Oh true and they steamrolled a couple of times like the jazz kept fighting back. It was a close game at half is close game at the end of third quarter there but tatum went on Jaylen Brown run. Marcus smart went on a run so they had three guys playing really really well and the jazz aren't and I felt like he was run. All over the place just tip dunks left and right and just being active and you know with Gobert just not one hundred percent in it. That was a difference maker. Yeah four losses. Since the all-star break has now dropped Utah from what was a very viable shot at the number two seed in the West. All the way down to like one game out of the number seven spot. That biggest swing here again. Just since the all-star break which is crazy so you're saying sounds like everybody's agreeing it should be probably the one coming off. The bench ingles in their Russell. Neil sound nobody has a problem starting to because their defense has been brutal entrance. Their best perimeter defender definitely especially getting back in transition where they've been wax or the last little slap makes sense now. It's GonNa be interesting to see what they do now do they. Just switch it up again and be. Okay let's try this or do they dig your heels in and say we can make this work in. Currently wasn't he wasn't brutal offensive. What's heating shots? And that's what he couldn't do really early in the season but this is wild. We were wrong. I mean look I was wrong I think most of us were wrong about Conley looking like the perfect fit for a Utah System. Like he's a guy that can play off the ball 'cause he can shoot. He's still up ages. A you know a pretty strong defender at the point in which he's lost a step there. I don't know how much injuries come into play there. He hasn't been all that great. It's yeah it's it hasn't worked at all shocking. And he's under contract for another year and a half. He's got thirty two million dollars player option next season. So it'll probably take I think but it is weird watching Conley just chuck like he gets the ball now. I don't know if there's a comfort level he just hasn't found he just doesn't have the ball in his hands as much anymore because Donovan Mitchell does join us and then when he gets it he just fires and some of the threes went down but the Tuesday he just he doesn't have touch inside that floater dropping lift. I Dunno it's glittering disappeared. And then the thing. Is You go to the bench and enjoying Clarkson's getting all the shots to just GonNa say that? Yeah that's exactly right. It's like where's the spot now for this team but again it comes back also to the defense and I think what you were saying. Trade is spot on the idea of like. You got like Your Guy. Your defensive player of the year here in Rico Barriers. He he's checked out because they're missing him and he's getting not touches and they got to get this going here. It's weird to have like three of these teams. We were so high on. I stretch their early in the season in Miami in Philadelphia and in Utah are own the slumps right now. Bad TIMING STILL. Six weeks like we said before the playoffs. But you gotta get it going. Turn it around here all right final one. Russell. Westbrook delivered another dominant performance in the rockets one. Forty one twelve win over the grizzlies. Last night rest led the way with thirty three points. Nine boards eight assists four steals in just thirty four minutes before the game. John Moran told reporters that Westbrook's play is taken for granted and that he's highly disrespected. So I thought this was a fun on true or false jobs right. Westbrook is taken for granted slash disrespected in a way. I think it's false. I think I think you're disrespecting him. Look like I think we've given Russ plenty of plot. Praise over the years. I'm talking big picture here. I'm not just talking the seasonal these stretch and Russell Westbrook. No Daddy's a been a fantastic player. But he's got some bad habits that have cost him big time in big moments in the playoffs. And I think this is what we have seen. Recently is a completely different player. And he's having much better results and so he's being highlighted in a different way but I don't think he's disrespected. I mean I think we'll respect what he has been able to do. As far as averaging triple double for threes incredible stuff but but isn't that a way of disrespecting him by saying yeah he averaged a triple double for three straight seasons and now he's playing the best. Well I think so because I think they're just two completely different stages of his playing career. I mean going into the playoffs. The last couple of years I remember myself thinking like he can't get out of his own white and that's going to affect his team and that clearly happened against the blazes and the jazz. You know where they he only one. What two three games in those two whole series and the blazers they swept blazes during the regular season? So so RUSS HAS. That problem is that he gets caught up in these little pissing contests within a game and it cost him so. I don't think it's disrespectful to point that. I think it would be disrespectful. If you say something like this guy's not a hall of Famer he's shouldn't be. We shouldn't be in the All Star game or not. So I think he's fairly righted but he has to now play the way. He's being playing in the playoffs. Almost Laka Dirk whereas like okay now didn't really change play but he just got over. The Hump Westbrook needs to get over the hump and of course. He's been to the finals a long time ago. But this is now a stage of his career. It's like a you a different player or you just the different regular season play. I just think this is the first year so I don't think Young Man's looking big picture. I think he's talking about right now. And some people don't think Russell Westbrook should be in the All Star game. We all we all had them. Sort of. On the periphery and Adam as and yeah. He's turned it on since then and he's got a special skill that I think are just appreciates and the fact that you can't teach motor and that's that's it that simple as that. I think Josh just appreciating him. Even back to his Murray State Days. He's been often compared to westbrook idea of that speed and explosiveness so that that makes sense that he would like a guy like westbrook similarities but Russ has played. This is maybe the best stretch of his career. He's twenty five games averaging thirty to eight and seven in the past twenty five shooting over fifty percent from the field. That's really the only stat when you talk about. Westbrook dens usually the knock against them. It's like yeah okay. Triple doubles thirty point. Triple doubles but your efficiency stinks. And all three point shooter Jack. Like five or six game. But he's cut that out. He's like not really doing that now. Already two attempts in two thousand twenty. That's it yeah. Fifty seven in January alone seventy four November. Stop Shooting and now that now that he's playing the way people wanted to play. That's why you're hearing that Russell. Westbrook is having the best stretch of his career and shot out to Mike Dan. Tony and Daryl Morey who decided Westbrook's good enough as a big basically as a secondary playmaker that we can go with all Somalis and there aren't a lot of guys who are six four and a guard that make that team possible but he the rockets were getting crushed on the glass. When Clint Capello's around Westbrook said I'll just go get them all and that really changed the season for the rockets because they figured out. Oh okay our point. Guards go rebound. That's Awesome I. Guess we'll go with that and it's worked out perfectly so far. We'll see what happens in the playoffs. Things change when you're able to scout it and you're not getting surprised by playing against a bunch of six seven six nine guys but right now it looks nice Especially if you watch that grizzlies game I know they blew him but like you know they're going to get a giant guy like invalid. Tunis Westbrook was on him like half the time and they just frontal I mean invalid. Judas is a guy that like. You're not really worried about the LOB threat there because he's not that athletic but he just plays so damn hardy fronts. And he's helping. And then they finish the possession by he goes up and gets a rebound amongst all the trees because he just jump higher than all these guys. So yeah. This is Is this really what happened with? Westbrook is like you know people are like with Lebron or a guy like westbrook over the years. I've just like what are you. Just go to the hole every time. Why don't you just drive every time? And it's like so not fair to say because if it was that easy they would do that. But it's actually it's taxing you. It's exhausting it's just not realistic but Westbrook is getting damn close to that. There was like in the second quarter that game. Let's healing five or six layups breeze attack attack attack and then finishing left and right. He's becoming as close as you could possibly get to what you just go to the rim. Every time man smart guy came when you can't shoot the three and it's increases Efficiency like you said everywhere on the floor and especially at the rim. And that was the worrisome part last series just look like yeah he'd Kinda get to them but there would be a center there clank clank clank. Just wouldn't go in in the postseason now. There isn't a center there. He's or it's a rudy. Gobert somebody that or Yoenis Valentine's that he can get around and they've what they've done I think is just given this team of real identity and now they have this mental confidence that yeah. We're GONNA play this well. This is our so. We're the only team playing this style and they feel good. Yeah GOING INTO EVERY GAME. The pocket rockets. It is weird to me. I don't know what it is here. Maybe just because he's been so dominant and not that hard. It hasn't but it feels like it's like veered toward this team being in a weird way. Westbrook's teed come on come on what people said. It was Paul Georgia's team with the funder last year. This is still hardens team. He's still their best player. But westbrook has had an impact. No doubt rockets were bottom five and pace last year now. They're third pace. Because Westbrook has taken the ball off the glass and pushing it will go go and you know. I think switching to the pocket rocket style combined with the Westbrook Energy. Like you have to play harder. When it's all small like west broadcast give a ton of effort to guard and to front a Yoenis fat on June us. Even fallant Eunice isn't a huge often threat. It just everybody is locked in and everybody is given full efforts right now is Westbrook for sure and Westbrook is taking back to backs off. So he's kind of preparing himself. You Bet on good point that he's that he's not going every single game so that when he does play he can give one hundred ten percent because he's not the guy who can who can pull it back. He has to go top speed all the time so that also appears to be working for the rocket. Yeah Kudos so the rockets definitely wrestling him for the playoffs. That's the first time in his career that he he's sitting games period and the first time sitting and resting has ever entered into the same sentence with Russell. Westbrook doesn't happen. He might be sitting some more in the next coming weeks. He picked up his MBA high fourteenth technical foul last night so if he receives two more he will be suspended for one game. So maybe he's got that in his little back pocket. They're not only back to back so that he gets for the second night anywhere. Say Hey mark possible so Houston five street. Now they're two games out of the number two seed and Yeah just roll in and I just want to mention one thing about the trae mentioned that. They're all sort of all have to play harder when you don't have a big like we've got a scramble. Got Rebound together Robert Covington. Who is he used to be six nine when he was with Philadelphia but now he's six seven the rockets? He's averaging two and a half blocks again. What the rockets in eight games. It's a lot of blocks for a little dude it's and it's infectious like they're all scrambling and they're all playing the same way and they all they all love. It can't wait till plus that rockets thunder first round game first round matchup could could I call it a long time ago? You were pretty high. Ought chances of winning that you've changed her to school. I think those high notes with all the fled Iran. Air Knicks. Yeah I think it'd be a good long series. I'll leave it at that teeth. Athletic is home to four hundred of the best sports writers out there and at least five of the best podcasters and we're all covering every major team in every major league in the US. Canada and the United Kingdom for instance. I loved Scott Powers. Recent oral history on Kevin Garnett's one year plan high school basketball in Chicago Mainzer. You're reading in. This article are heroes of mine from when I was like a ten or eleven year. Old boy shot out to Ronnie fields and Farragut shut out the Mat. Irvine shout out to Westinghouse. These are just local high schools in Chicago but they really mattered back in the day. And it's fun to reminisce no doubt especially when we were there during all star weekend simply put athletic has the best sports newsroom on the planet. But you don't have to take my word for lie all the time you can see for yourself by signing up for a free trial athletic. Dot Com slash. No dunks say forty percent on an annual subscription that works three dollars a month for total access to some of the best sports coverage in the world. So what are you waiting for? Hit UP THE ATHLETIC DOT com slash. No dunks to save forty percent today all right. Let's get to some news here guys. This broke yesterday the Charlotte Hornets Guard. Malik monk has been suspended indefinitely without pay for violating the NBA's anti-drug program. The suspension started with Charlotte's game last night and will continue until monk is determined to be in full compliance with the program. The Hornets did tweet a statement and they said quote. We are disappointed in leaks decision making that resulted in his suspension. As an organization we do not condone his behaviour however we are committed to supporting the leak during this time monk who had been playing actually really well the last little stretch. I know nobody gives a damn about the Hornets. But he'd been averaging eighteen points per game last seven which was getting going here. Indefinitely is the concern here usually. It's a twenty five game. Yeah so so this marijuana. Can WE Well I don't know if I would say it probably is. I'm guessing why wouldn't they just announce it twenty five game in five games for? Don't jump right to twenty five. I don't know what my point is. I don't think this is like what eating got dinged for and And Call INS P. Yeah exactly thank you yes. That's my guess. Complete guests the sticky. Yeah I I just think becky could be more serious. Because it's given that indefinite like weird phrasing. I heard. Yeah you're right. Yes but some in some places it saying if if it was indefinitely than it was not we'd okay. That's what I because it because it would have an assigned stipulation assigned number to that so we will find out who knows. There's a bummer. Because I remember when we were doing. Our preseason pixel or or questions we had one that was like who's a player entering a make-or-break season and I picked me monk being here in his third year he had been great at Kentucky. Shot the ball well there and had struggled in his first two seasons and I thought maybe it will be a chance. He gets more consistent minutes and he has a bit of a breakout and when we were talking about that he had the horns hadn't even picked up at the time his fourth player option. Now they did a couple of days after we recorded that. So he's he's got that four year five point three million dollars next year but again he had it going a little bit here and it was a make or break season again. In my opinion it doesn't help his chances. I know he's under contr for you bounce back from this and and we'll find out what it is and how severe it is. But this is still a bit of a bummer. A bit of a bummer. This is not a bummer reports. Guys court into the athletics. Shamsher Anya Warrior Star Steph. Curry will return to the Golden State. Lineup this Sunday against the wizards completing his comeback. Four months after surgery on his broken left hand. There's no word though on if he'll be on any type of minutes restriction but curry is common back this weekend. Hopefully great news for the Kirby Household. My girls ask me every morning. Did steph curry play last night. No still hurt. What happened to him? He broke his hand near right. So they'll be excited and you know it'll be good. Maybe Andrew Wiggins. We'll get a win you can't. When's the last time he won the last game? He won was January ninth on timber. Wolves beat the Portland Trailblazers. So it is honestly good though to get steph curry back. Because they'll make the warriors a little bit more watchable and they'll get a few games to see what he looks like next Andrew Wiggins to see if he can bring anything out of wiggins. You can't tell you that Seth Curry is planning and they know all about South Carolina but just not the same. They're more excited. That Bobo and also plays on the Dallas asset is concerned at all about this idea in a in a year where you're twelve in forty six in your by far the worst team. Illini obviously don't have klay like I don't know you still want to bring back hurry for five or six even though I know. Yeah why not? I mean. That's what Kerr said. He addressed this. Steve Kerr No. He's perfectly healthy. If the point is he might get hurt. What's the point of ever playing anybody? I guess the argument is. We're not making the playoffs. So are we not trying to entertain our fans thinking about the fans? Curry's good to go. He should be playing. I doubt he'll have minutes restriction because an injury like this it's not like a muscle. The hand beans fell on them right. Yeah wasn't that what you're right. It's not a strain in the leg coming back from a hamstring injury like that hair and he's always had the green light to shoot any shot but now when there's nothing on the line and he doesn't have clay he's GonNa be shooting from everywhere the clip of pull ups. Yeah I hope so pretty. Close Logo Pulo. It's the four year anniversary of him hitting that bomb overtime against a okay. See that's right. You just pulled up from basically the logo or just over at Saturday night games that was funny clip or the video that the NBA twitter account shared this week of Steph pulling up already was got me excited. I mean He. He was in rhythm from the logo. Yeah I'm ready. I'm ready to watch stuff again. Get some shots up in the chase center too. That's true. Remember the very first. Preseason game pulled up from Half Court. Complete airball eleven. Thirty one and chase center. You GotTa get used to the sight lines for next season when everybody's ready good point and it could be fun to see the warriors and curry plays some sort of like playoff spoiler in big games or teams are trying to get into the playoffs or whatever positioning possible if he can make the warriors who have basically sort of a G. League team if he can make him competent to win some games here with him and wiggins. I will say though espionage Matt Allen. Turkey had a good point. I thought had this year's draft class had like a Zion Williamson or like a lucre. Something like a bona fide star in the making appear to be at least you wonder if the warriors would alina little harder into like you know what? Just take a final six weeks here. We'll lean a little harder into the tank. Now they have a comfortable lead in that position. Anyway and the smooth dealt lottery odds you know help. Everybody's chances I guess you don't need to be the worst point to get that twenty five percent because that's gone now you're fourteen but I think it's Fair Zion. Maybe they don't rush as much. They've got five fewer wins than the next worst and honestly player guys like Steph. Curry is healthy play. Everybody was excited to see Steph curry this year to be unleashed he was a popular. Mvp because he was going to have no Kevin durant around no Klay Thompson for the first part of the season. People were pumped myself included to see Steph curry this year. So it's nice that we're actually going to don't lean into the tank. That's silliness final news. Here Lebron James Going to lean into the tank Lebron will miss tonight's game against the warriors because of a sore growing not sure about his Team announced this on Wednesday. Ad also listed as probable. He's got a sore left elbow. But I think this is more of a justice or playing. The warriors encouraged. That's fine Lebron's earned the right to take a game off whether it's load management or really truly earned it until year eighteen hundred. I think it's a little premature. Yeah I'm fine with Lebron brilliant and honestly Lebron has said and I believe in that he wants to play every game so if he's not one hundred percent. I understand him seeing this one again. I'm going to sit this one out because growing this. Is the groin. WanNa play every game. He doesn't know he wants to play but he had that injury to his growing last year. That cost him six weeks and basically ended his season so anyways going to tweak or twine he wants. China encountered a sore groin all year. Because everybody's honest Dick pic you choose. You don't WanNa play no look. He's played almost every game. Yeah I'm willing to take off the game against the warriors to get some more rest and he's they're gearing up for obviously what to be a long long ago want Lebron speak powers but they've done a good job of separating themselves from the nuggets and it's a five-game spreads so I think that there are a little bit more comfortable sitting. Yeah that's helped fair enough. Let's get to tweet in the night tweet over now. Wow this is an old old tweet. It's from March. Eighteenth twenty eighteen from all Izzy Han writer who says my aunt just pronounced larynx as larynx. And I'm screaming skies moving onto the actual tweets of the night we asked yesterday on Google. Twitter doodle pronounced larynx. What you got red vines or twizzlers. What do you guys think the vote was hardcore red vine? Yeah that's the American Red Vine then eighty twenty twitter thirty. It's twenty one country down here as well. Okay now for the real tweet is all that I saw. A poll depends on. Who's WHO's promoting these polls read by I saw was was running away with voting. These falls interesting boost. That's a great point real Gallup. Well skeets you mentioned that. Canada is twitter country. We got a huge Canadian audience. So maybe I results are skewed and get stuff all right. So those were the opening acts for the true tweet of the night which comes from Kirk. Gold's Berry yes. Who tweeted out the leading late clock scores? We're talking minimum hundred shots taken with less than six seconds on the shot clock this season. Who are the top five players in late clock scoring the guys who are going to get you a bucket when things break down? Chris Pohl no Yokich. Yes Nikola Yokich number. Two last six seconds of a shot clock and just scoring or or cyst as well. Yeah Yup Lebron number one. Yeah Lebron Yokich. We Look Lillard. James Harden James Harden of course tied for third with another guy who has a similar game to Damian Lillard. I would say beal nobile an all star this season. We watched him play. Last night had a good scoring game. Last night. Didn't get the win. However who Jim? You own curious. Liver novacare sliver. All-star how can I describe this guy and then he's the guy who gets the ball when when the team breaks down for sure Devon Devon also. He's on par with Devon's not Lou Williams not Lou Williams. Nope NOT TATUM tatum. This man is a first time all star. He's got another all star weekend trophy in his trophy case from last season new from last season. Yeah what did he wasn't an all-star shootout dunk contest. Two seasons ago two seasons ago he won the dunk contest. It's crazy that you guys have already forgotten this man Glen Robinson. Oh we. We talked about him earlier. This episode. Aw No no no no. No this guy's an all star is a great dunker. He's got the ball at the end of every game. If he's hitting his team is probably went in but they're not winning a lot right now. Mitchell that's right. Yeah remember Donovan. Mitchell number five a super surprising one. I'm not even GONNA guess. Julius randle getting buckets Knicks gotten to that one. Yeah I heard Alonzo trees name again last night Yeah Good Knicks Knicks. Lost again last night. Though right to the Hornets sure a lot of people are watching. Pick him results month of hell continued. I along task had Utah. Who are favored by four and a half at home Boston last game road trip thought. Utah might get it together. All those lineup changes nope tatum. Thirty three and eleven. Another great game from the Celtics. They got the W. hit the money. Line train lead. They win task. Got The else. Here's what we have already lost on February. You got a suggestion for the picking payoff tweeted in at no-dong. Hashtag no-jumps what do you want me to do to pay it off. But we figured let's do one more pick for months February. And here's why you guys. The three of you guys are tied. You're all eight and six so I don't have one more game doesn't matter pick but Let's see who is the best picker when it comes to the month of February here in the office? So what's our Game Tassie Wall? We talked about Lebron sitting tonight against the Golden State Warriors. They're going into golden state and their favorite by eleven and a half even with lebrons injury because Anthony Davis probable started a lock but probable and I would guess Draymond Green GonNa sit to. He's also gametime decision but if rich Paul says Lebron you're sitting quite often the rich Paul Breaux sit together so what you got in our car. I love my back. Yeah Hey in my bag. I don't want to get your bag up here. Which pocket you got all right so you got the warriors plus eleven and a half. I take the warriors to trade and also. Why not? Give me the Lakers. I'll take the Lakers as well. You're in trouble touching your pick right now. Three Oh brutal. That's that's the second game of the TNT double header the first one fascinating for TNT. Don't see this at eight o'clock often. The Blazers playing at the eight o'clock slot versus the Pacers. Just an interesting gambling and got nick sixers as well. Tonight and King stunner could be the best game in the night at eight o'clock that one's on league pass all right. That's it for us today. Make sure to check out the podcast on the the dates back to back hoops at Jason. And so many more you all want it on. The best sporting in the world had to the ATHLETIC DOT COM SLASH. No dunks to save forty percent on an annual subscription. Trust me it's well worth it new. Drop podcasts tomorrow on Friday. We'll see you then you heard it here. I have a great time. Turn-up love guys awesome. Thanks for joining us. And remember Larry. The Lennox has two humps. Larry the lair. Knicks has two humps. Larry has to have so ride. Larry Reid Boom Boom Boom. The Day people thought you join me on the boom boom. He had spent so long.

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