Episode 12 Deer hunting debated topics with Joey from herring branch whitetails


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Paul clinton this episode number twelve today on today's episode. We had joey from herring. Branch white tells back on We had a pretty interesting conversation about some of the most debated white tailed deer strategies or topics Like the october lol whether you should hunt cold fronts or wait till they're gone all that kind of stuff There's a whole bunch of questions we had. We got joe opinions on them. I chimed in with some of my opinions of a great conversation. Make sure stick around. Check it check that out. I hope you like it. Make sure subscribe to the podcast. Give a five star rating shares with your friends all that fun stuff I'm trying to grow this and Get as many people listening. They can make sure you head on over instagram. You can find a center force. foresight outdoors It's four state under for doors. I believe That's our instagram page. You can follow along there as well. yes oh stick around. Check out the episode. It's a great show. Hey guys welcome back to behind the arrow. I'm your host. Paul clinton here again We got joey back from herring branch white tails. How are you today. Joey greg abbott. You not too bad just getting things already. It's earth thanksgiving here in canada. So get ready for that and be taking part in those festivities after record this episode. Yeah man but On today's episode. So we were talking there through the week and you came up with the idea to put some list. Together of some of the biggest debated topic search strategies. I guess for whitetail hunting. So we both put a list together and We'll just go through the list today and give our opinions on each point that we've come up with Think that sounds like a good way to get this going. How about what do you think arming sounds getting or so i got your list pulled up here in the first topic that you have on your list is what wind directions are the best to hunt. And what are the worst. So what's your take on that. So while the reason why. I put that is i hear bunge pibor like you gotta hunt north winds got on north winds yet. But the way i see it is and from what i've experienced is that deer move the same especially mature bucks. They moved the same no matter what direction when is coming in. So this is where p- Dies at us a saddles or that use Climbing stands have an advantage. So what i like to do. Is you know if i say i have a book. That's moving from say him. Every single day he moves west from his bed. The only wind that you cannot haunt that deer is a wind coming from the west. You if you're if you're north of that deer that the when nagano bus you if you're south of deer the when is gonna bust you if you're isa deal wendy isn't gonna bust you so am personally my experience through all a bunch of like my close friends have used the same strategy and me personally using it there. It really doesn't matter. What when direction deer hunting as long as you know where that deer traveling and adjust accordingly as for the worst There's always going to be that no matter what you do. There's always gonna be a one when they you cannot aunt. and that is the The wind coming from the direction that deer is heading. Because if in order to haunt that dare you have to be in front of it and if the wind is is coming from the direction that deer is heading that means you're always gonna be up went from and that is the only one that you can. Yes like where i hunt. I got a couple stands set up. And i know the bedding areas are i know where they're trying to defeat so depending on what wendy action have that day kind of plays into what stand. I'm gonna be using to try and get them so. I have a couple of things a couple different areas set up and like you said depending on which direction the wind is blowing. It'll Depend where it'll make my decision of where i'm going to sit to get the wind Go to my best advantage. I really don't think there is a bad went to knock go out and hunt that of thing so all right next on the list that you got here is is morning hunting or afternoon. Hunting better is so personally lifelock question. It can be like into different ways so personal preference. I mean i'd rather hot in the morning just because I just like hunting in the morning because then if you shoot something he got all day to look for it and you're not look for something dark but as far as actual like deer movement wise it depends on your property so There's really not a clear answer to that Because you now my own property for example one year there will be moving around like nine thirty ten o'clock in the morning and then the next year they won't move till you know four in the afternoon really you just got to on this work cameras. Come in you know big play is you've just gotta know your poverty. No when the deer are moving and then that's really when you should be owning. You know on the kind of person to where i would rather you know. Go out to stand at nine o'clock in the morning because they're moving at say eleven thirty noon rather than just sitting there all day. Because i don't know when the moving so it's not that i don't like sit down tree just like you know to be the most effective that i can in the least amount of time so really i think There's not one is better than the other. It just depends on your heard the f. Sure like right now. We got box moving on my property. But they're not moving till about three thirty in the afternoon. You catch a glimpse of them and then again they come back through right around. Like seven o'clock right just before dark here so i still in the mornings I just like being in the woods. And if i get that lucky break in one comes through in the morning. That's awesome but i make sure that i'm definitely back in the standby no later than two o'clock if i do come in for a break in the day but it definitely comes down to the heard and what you're finding on your cameras. I run about four or five cameras on our property right now just different pass in different corners of the property to try and make sure i got the i got the knowledge of where they are and when they're moving and where they're moving to help my stand setup so cameras are you running Right now i'm running in four. Yes right now. I got four out I got to setup on basically like eight way intersections of a whole bunch of different Deer pass and then got to own bait bows right now bringing a bait balls out the next question on the list is big piles or food plots so if you if you have the right If you have the right material to do a food plot rights then food bought ever single every single time so they. I actually did a video on this and you know for all listeners. You guys can check it out on my instagram At hp tales So there's a big problem with bape paul's anfu pots is that neither one of are done. Either right or done to their full potential so a lot of the times. I and drives me crazy when people do this. Is they'll have an open hayfield and then they will just you know kick some dirt around and just throw corn you know in that field when reality making pot is not hard everybody thinks when they hear food pod they're like oh you know you need tractors and you need this. You need that you really don't some of the best food lots of ever haunted over or just little like you know thirty by thirty areas. You know you don't really need anything more than if you wanna fancy with it Gas-powered a rotary tiller from you know home depot or lowe's concealing hundred bucks and then other than that just one of those little hands writers so you don't need a big four five. Six plus acre foodball users need something little and not a lot of people take advantage of that or what they will do is You know like in the video that talked about they'll have an open field but they'll plant clover which doesn't need a bunch of white to grow which yes clover is a good food source for them but if you have the light why wouldn't you take advantage of that to grow radishes or to grow turn-up sir. You know a ps or something that needs a bunch of light dow also is very nutrient packed for the deer and also the deer just like because there's not much of them out there So i guess answer to the question is i would choose food plots but bay piles. They do have their purpose but us do each one of them right. Yeah i have a. I had a plan to get some food. Plots in this year We got some open fields. But a lot of hardwoods where i am. So we're going to clear out a knock down some of the weeds and whatnot. We want to do some Food plots but with covert and everything. Kind of a damper on that so. I'm just hunting bay. Piles this year. But they are working their effective. But i definitely want to try the food plots and see if i can get that to work and more or less just for learning experience for me and if it works out it works out so yeah i mean like like i said i mean you know the deer that i've been haunting the past couple of years. I got him common over a pile. I mean he's one of the smartest deer that i've ever on his. But i mean if you do either one of them right. They both work just as good. You just gotta make sure you're doing it right. Yeah i'm definitely gonna put a lot of research into out and maybe have some conversations with you and how you like to do your food plots to get that down for next year trying those in in the spring all right next here we have Hunting cold fronts before after or does it matter so economy doesn't matter so dear they can sense of a pressure drop and whenever you have a cold front or i mean any front really About two to three days before that franck comes in the pressure starts dropping and the deer can sense that but the thing is with the deer is you know don't have televisions where they can just turn on the news. See what's happening. They just sense the pressure drop and more or less or like i gotta go get ready you know how like humans whenever there's a giant snowstorm common we go and get the bread and the eggs and the milk and all that will the deer doing the same thing. They're going again as much food as they can on before that front comes because they have no clue what's coming they can just bounce a pressure drop and that there's something coming so Bay yeah it really doesn't matter Because even wants even when the cold front comes through those dear are still going to be moving dorma so the about two to three days before the fry and the two to three days after the front though probably be a little bit more active because the first couple of days they'll be Get ready for the front. And then the next couple of days after that. They're recovering from it so they'll be a little bit more active but they're still going to be like during the front and are going to move the normal weight at the normally move. Yeah for sure. I love getting right before cold front comes in. I definitely see the activity. Pickup i do like to watch the weather and use the weather to my advantage. Much as i can And it's one thing. I've always believed as right out. Get right get out right before that cold front hits and i've seen a lot of movement then so can you shoot boxing october. Yup mean i don't. I'm not one of those guys that believe in the october lull has people call it. You know it's just it's one of those things where I think the reason why people call the october lull on is because deer when they When the velvet this shut it off their antlers the testosterone levels in those dear rise and basically it's causing the deer. It's it's more or less like how teenager like human teenagers through puberty. That's what the deer going through at that moment. They don't really know what they want. You know where they want to go. So they're just kind of all over the place so you know you might have in september. You might have four or five six hundred bucks on your cameras. Then come october. You might only have one or non because they just they just they just Spurs outs so. But the thing is is you have to be knowledgeable of what your neighbors properties are like. So the way. I like to set my properties for the quote uncle. October law is being the only sustainable food source in the area. Because if you do that then no matter what the october lol thing that they're going to be there because you have the only consistent food source because at least around here By the time the first week. October rolls around every you know all the cornfields and soybean fields are either cut or they're about to be cut so if you can provide them with that consistent food source you're going to have deer that are just going to stay on your property and then all the other bucks from other areas that you know just kind of spread out. They're gonna pour into your property. Ian so it's simple terms yes you can. Yeah for sure. Yeah have you can get that good quality food and be the only one around. It'll definitely bring them in either betting on other people's property from what i've seen is without food it'll always make sure they're on your property to eat so Back to the front situation do on only cold fronts or are you in any front. Kinda guy. I'm in any front on a guy like i said About the other question is the deer. Don't have the t the television like we do where we can see. What's coming all they. They can sense the pressure drop but they have no clue what's coming you know for all they know it could be. It could be a cold front or it could be a blizzard or a rain storm or tornado. They have no clue so they just got to be prepared for anything. That's coming their way. So that's why. I'm an any front kinda guy. Because i've hunted. I found it before rainstorms. I've hunted before snowstorms of hunted before blizzards. And they all act. The same way. The first couple of days before the front actually hits they all just are up moving around getting prepared so i'm any franca guy. Yeah for sure of that too. I'm not a big fan of hunting and warm weather. If you've got a big warm front common. But i'll still go out and try and catch the movement Are late-season bucks. A waste of time. now Actually some of the bays deer that i've ever shot And also some of the biggest year that some of my clients have ever shot and also family members and friends of overshot have actually been in december january so the reason why is and this is how i really honestly gear my properties towards is you know yeah. I provide them with food source. Doering dr overall where get basically all the deer on the area all my property. But i really geared towards that. Really january's when i gear it towards because you know by january a lot of people have given up because you know a lotta people have the mindset that Lazim bucks are wasted time. Or you know it's too cold for them or they don't want to continue putting in the work that's necessary in order to grow big deer and attract big year and You know that. That's what i gear my property towards his. I provide that ladies and food source because by that point all the story bean fields and food plots are either picked over dying same thing with the cornfields And then you know a lot of people. If they're say they're doing a bait how you know they come too late december early january they just kinda give up on that and you know if i'm the only in the area who has. It's the same same idea as the october law. If i'm the only one in the area the has food. The deer are going to be there because the food levels of just basically mashed nothing by the late season. So personal opinion. That's my favorite time to haunt. His lights is and i'd i'd haunt season every single day over october or november any day so to get them there in the late season If you're on a food plot do you have anything that you know of. That'll sit there and grow and still be a viable food source in the middle of winter. So it depends on the area Here in delaware we We don't really have like cold cold winter. We'll get like a couple of days where it's like you know thirty and it will snow and entered to and then the next day it's like fifty degrees so we can get away with chicory or A clover plot that will last through say february. But a lotta times. What i like to do is wrong. Food plots matthew plots piles In the late season. And and that's because i mean a lot of areas especially where you are. I can imagine january's really cold. I don't know what it what it equates to in fahrenheit but january usually sitting around minus twenty celsius here so yes so you've got about zero percent chance of getting anything to grow up there so i mean sudan down here we can get away with it up there. You can't so but anyways even here. I still generally generally run bait piles because you want so late and you want to run your house like he would in early spring. You know after it's because late-season you know it's after the raw in those dear are exhausted from you know jason does round and they need to you know. Pack on some fag. It's alive protein in them. So i'm running a bunch of protein supplements mineral supplements. Some you know than Other things like corn. And i'm just running basically honestly basically the way i do my bagels Late and sprang is if you go to walmart cabela's bass pro any of you know any your outdoors stores and go to the hunting. I'll where all the you know. Cornyn stuff is and just pick one of everything. That's basically how i more. Or less. Ron my bait piles and it works because not only are you providing them with the nutrients that they need by. You're also being different than your neighbors. Because you know there's you know there's so many people that run corn that you can have corn pile here and then your neighbor has born pile and his neighbor on corn pile. But if you're running one of everything. The deer basically guaranteed to be there. It's more more expensive though. That's the only downfall to it but i mean it's deer. Hunting is jeep knows not at all. It's one of those things once you get hooked on it. You kinda somedays. Wish didn't when you look at your bank account tackling adelaide susan. I like to give. It may get mineral blocks and stuff back to help them re-energize to speak after the rot when they beat themselves up pretty good but moon phases. What do you think about moon. Phases. i'm not really a big moon. phase guy You know some of the biggest year that i've That i've shy in africa's i do my best that You know trying to pattern these deer and i normally. I'm pretty good at it. but you know. Some of the biggest deer that shot they didn't follow moon phases and You know the deer that. I'm hunting right now that i've been hunting for two years now. It's a really really nice massive mainframe a is probably about four and a half year on right now I could send you a picture of it later. But i'm so in my experience with mature bucks is there kind of mature. Books are about the same as like elderly already retired. Humans you know how like your grandma. Grandpa contact go and they'll go to the store this day and then they casino this day and then they'll go and visit on this day and they go as they please mature bucks kind of the same way they kinda just you know. They're they're at the point where they're they're they're the top dog they're you know they're king of the hill. You know they kinda wrong that little area you know they kinda just come and go as they please. So you know moon phases. They don't they. Don't really care about them. So i'm not a big as guy never looked into moon phase in my life i don't even know different phases of amend to tell you the honest truth How to hunt the morning and evening thermals so the thermals trip me. Now traditionally i everybody's like oh and in the mornings and thermals arising so you have to be in a stand in the evening they're lowering you gotta be on a ground blonde Well i've killed deer on ground blind in the morning and then kill deer and a stand in the evening so i don't really think of. They play too much of the factor unless you are hunting off fronts when you're hunting. Franz in that pressure is dropping. That's when the thermos by a lot more that they give a lot. There are bigger factor when you're hunting fronts so really. I don't really pay attention to it at all. I mean the only time. I really pay attention to it like i said of hunting franz but even even then it's still kind of iffy on pay attention to it nerve thought of that until you the honest truth whenever i think of thermals. I always think of like hunting the mountains as you got thermals coming off the mountain. But it's pretty flat where i haunt. I've never even put any thought into andoras now during this conversation the honest. Yeah it's one thing. It's one of those things i mean. It really doesn't do that much so like like where i hunt you know. Everything is The the vantage to honing a high pressure area which another not really many but one of the only advantages is that when you are you know tending to a food plotter. You are putting out more on a eyler checking cameras or whatever you're doing when you're in those woods yet like whenever you're walking through it you might bompeh dear to but and yes will run away but in a sense. That's actually. it's actually getting them used to you. You know because. I have these three does At one standby on where Every time a hunt they know. I'm there and they they just don't care because you know that basically when you're at hunting a high pressure get used to you and then with the thermals. They start to get used to your set and you know over time you know with the three does that. I was just mentioning. They know they're not going to get shots. Like no come into this bait holiday have. That's probably thirty five forty yards from the sand and though look right at me and just not even here. So that i mean that's one advantage is of hunting a high pressure area With the thermals. Because it just gets them used to. Yeah that's pretty unearth auto. That's actually some really good info is Around me it is pretty high pressure as well but they still haven't got used to us I am on private land. We got two or three of us at run around there. But i got busted by a doe. Last week when i was out there is still not used to us area. But yeah you it gets it takes a while for them to get used to it so basically like what we do is arm so for our piles. We generally whatever we're going to put out whether it's corner you know Soybean sunflower seeds. Anything that we're going to put out We basically philip gallon bucket of everything that we're putting out and we put one five gallon bucket out every single week so basically that gets us in there and you know 'cause also for us i mean our trail cameras. Each one has a couple thousand pictures on it on every single week. So you know. I'm gone through like eight eight nine thousand pictures every single week so i don't really want to let it go any longer that but then also it just gets us in there it gets it gets them more or less like how Like cattle and other farm animals are. They are starting to associate us with food. And you know i. It's it's worked for me so many years and a lot of people think that it's crazy that deer will will never associate humans with food. But i'm telling you view get out there once a week at amount saying get out there and just walk around your whole entire property. I'm saying Get in there. You know go to your pile dumped a bait leaf. I mean if you just that little bit gets them used to the little bit of sense that you're going to leave because even if you spray down you're gonna sweat or you know you're not you're gonna miss a little area that you forgot to spray you're going to get out and that little bit of sentence to get them used to you and associated with food. Yeah the biggest. Even with those sprays. I spray all my close down a spray. My boots all that kind of stuff but your biggest thing still your breath. They're always smell your breath no matter what. There's no way to kind of cover that up with a natural sent to try and throw them off so just being out there. Like you said yeah. That's that's really good advice and just get them out or get yourself out there just a bit and let them get ucf. I never never thought of that. I'm glad we're having this conversation The other one on the list here is opinion on the com- hunt woods in the morning and fields in the evening strategy So i've never really been a big fan of it. I mean at least for most people growing up Besides kids nowadays Sp- you know and like the basically from the early two thousands and ninety s and back you know. We didn't have all this youtube stuff that you know told us you know had a whole bunch scientists on at telling us what to do all that stuff so it was just a common strategy that you know a bunch of like my grandfather used and his dad used I've never been a fan of it So it really depends on your area. Is you know because a lot of these things. that's the other thing that That i don't agree with with all these Wildlife biologists and you know land management. Specialists is a lot of things that they say. they're like. Oh you have to do this and you have to do that. And the big thing about hunting and specifically land management is. It's very situation so you know 'cause basically however you run your land is based upon how every other property around you is ran so But the hunting in the hunting in the woods in the morning If you are if your say your property is all woods right. You don't have any feels on your property but say the property line is is a woods line and you know Your side is the woods and then the neighbor side is an open field. Now if it's if it's an early season haunt say september. October and say your neighbor has a cornfield. Don't care what you do. The deer are not going. Be on your property because know if if i was a deer why would you move out that cornfield because every single dear in that area is going to be on that cornfield because they can bed down in that and not be seen but then they can also just sit there and meet the corn. You know like quite frankly. If i could lie bed and eat all day and do nothing i mean who would So but if you Saying the same scenario you know you have the woods. Your neighbor has a field. Say that field is just a hayfield There's not you know there might be a little alfalfa You know or rye. Like mixed in the hayfield but not really a good food source for them so the only thing that they're going to use that for is betting at night so during the day they'll be in the woods Basically the whole day and then in the evening they'll return back to that field so if that's the case that's one that applies is the whole you know woods in the morning and feels in the evening because they'll be returning back to the to the field to bed down but it all just depends because you know say another scenario say that field soybeans United depends on the soybeans. Because in assam years here we have soybeans can get like you know almost four feet tall then other years. We soya beans. That are only about two feet tall. So you know in the years where. It's only about two feet tall. They're going to be there in the morning to feed but they're not going to bed there at night but if it's one of the years where it's feet tall velde it'll be like the corn. They'll just stay there and they won't move so it's very situational. Honestly is the easy answer that all deer hunting scenes to be situational depending on where you are even what they do right like dear. Aren't you can't get them down to a scientific pattern. that ever. deers going to do the same thing. They still their own brain. They're gonna do whatever they want. Really trying a net. And that's what. That's what i don't agree with with. Allow wildlife You know allow wildlife biologists and you know specifically like lamm managers like myself is. I look at So before i go to any clients land though some mia aerial view of their land. But i'll also ask for an arrogant view of their neighbors lands. You know say they have Say they only have two neighbors right and and those two neighbors surround their property. I'll look at how their neighbors lance are set up before i even look how their land setup because you know you basically any land specialists. They'll be like. Oh i'm gonna take a tour of your property and they're going to be like you need a food plot their a waterhole there and a bait pile there and front cameras at all of them. The it's kind of they're just giving you like a cookie cutter. Answer well deer. Hunting isn't just you know a one-size-fits-all in i've gone to plenty of properties to where You know i'm like quite frankly. I wouldn't run bay pile out only a run a food plot or i've also on properties where i'm like honestly you have no suitable areas for food plot or i'll so you kind of just got to play to. The travel corridors route to where you have to funnel deer. That are traveling from your this neighbor's property to your other neighbors property and you got a funnel those dear to where you could get shots. So it's not a one size fits all you just got to play to your neighbors honestly for sure Next on the list we got large tracts of land produce bigger bucks. What do you think of that theory. i don't agree with it at all So we had a or my family farm which is about thirty acres which in in delaware thirty acres is a decent piece of land. But you know in terms of land size for the rest of the world thirty acres early. Isn't that big at all. It's actually kind of small but we've sat a seventeen point off of that land. It's not about aunt so bucks in general because a lot of people think that box have you know like a mile home range or what you know. Whatever well mature books or you know A lot of bucks in general but specifically mature books really only have a three to five hundred dollar range. You know if as long as long as you're giving them what they need you know if you it's kind of like humans as why would you go to the grocery store. That's a half hour away when you can get to the one. It's fifteen minutes away if if deer have everything that they need in a small area. They don't have to leave so you know we've had plenty of deer of both old bucks young bucks. Those two were dame won't go more than three hundred yards because they don't have to. Yeah for sure you actually just answered one of the other questions on the list Do big bucks big home ranges which we've now covered yet now the dancers now. I mean as long as you're giving them you can obviously so with the home ranges you can control. How big their home ranges. So you're not going to get it down to an exact area but You know if you're giving them everything that they need within a four hundred yard range. They might only travel up to five hundred yards. So you know the as all you're giving them what they need. They're going to stay in that that centralized area where you have everything you ever sure. Make sure they're comfortable. Make sure they're fed and they feel safe. And why would you. Why would they leave. I completely agree with you Warm weather do you think. It shuts down the rut now It doesn't at all Actually the deer. That i shot last year. was shot when it was about seventy degrees outside I think that warm weather. It doesn't it doesn't shut down the rut and nor does it kinda amplify it I mean it's kind of the same way the ri- it's basically how you know. Basically every single dude wasn't high school. The wrought the boxer chasing around the dues right. Just like how you know a lot. Just basically ever single guy wasn't high school we didn't really care. You know what was happening around us or what. The weather was or anything lately. We didn't care and neither do the box. They're they're there to chase riot. They're there to find oh and to get pregnant. They don't really care about anything else. So and like i said i the buck that i shot last year. That is hanging above my head right now. i shot that when knows about seventy degrees outside and it was chasing them down so the answer is no. It does not on Next one nocturnal box can't be hunted over scrapes. So if you got a buck moving and you'll know you only basically a moving at night. Do you think he could when he does go in the daytime we start hitting those scrapes or no In my experience no so. I have had nocturnal books. You know it doesn't matter if it's you know giant mammoth book or if it's a little spike I have had books that when they're nocturnal and then they come out during the day that they will check out the scrape but they won't really in my experience use them now. That's not saying that they won't because most bucks are kind of like how most guys are they got just wanna to do their own thing and And in my experience with bucks were nocturnal. Come out during the day. Majority of the time it's Related to the fronts. So like if you have a front coming in on they'll get out and get the food that they need before that front comes in so that's most of the time that they come out so Yeah i've had. I've had them check it out but they don't really use it that much. It's kind of like they're there to get what they need and then they're going to go back to their old methods. I have to agree with you. There too Next one big box only rub big trees now i've seen some of the day's digger that i've ever seen all life. They were rubbing the basically a twig. So dear see. This is a common misconception with scrapes and rubs and all that is you know like sprays for example like yes. It is used You know as part of the meeting process. But the reason why that they started is they're trying to get back off their hours so Yes specifically rubs and but scrapes are also the same way they're trying to they're using a overhanging glam just trying and get the rest of off their allergies but then they're using the scrape on the ground as part of the mating process but anyways Yeah rubs i've seen some of the biggest ear do like a rub on the tiniest little saplings that are in your woods. Because all they're all they're doing with rouses they're trying to get the arrest of the velvet off so they don't care how the trees just as long as it gets velvet all. That's all they care about. Basically think of it as they gotta niche. And they don't care what they're using the scratch that they're gonna use whatever's close by type deal kind of a good analogy there. Exactly at your. You know if you're in your house you have niche on your back. You're going to go to the nearest corner. You're not going to go to one. Specific quarter yeah. Yeah we had actually had a video on a trail cam earlier this year a few weeks ago where big eight point just using the littlest half centimeter sapling that was growing right out by the food or the bay pa that he was sitting at so i completely agree. They'll use whatever the heck they can find Bump box leave the area completely or do they. Just get out of the wing. Continue to come back afterwards. So if you If you do the method that i've been using for so many years of putting out a five gallon bucket of food. If you're running a bait ball and your thought out five gallon bucket food once a week If you're doing that method then they will come back so the deer that i've been hunting the best you know a couple of years. I've seen him in person embalmed him so many times and you know every single time it's annoying because it's always at nine thirty in the morning and you know it's during is not during our season so i can't really do anything and it's painful seeing him But now so if you if you use that method they will come back but on the other hand if you are. If only time you're in the woods is when you're hunting. There's they're not going to be you see you at all. So if that's the case then you're that's when you start to run. The risk of you know bumping that bulk and him not returning so it's a as long as you're doing everything the right way then. Yellow comeback right on right on Dear don't ever move during heavy wind So it's not that deer won't move. It's mature ear won't lose it in my experience with us so if it's about You know because. I've haunted a days. Were there zero wind than on days. Where it's like forty five mile an hour winds On the days where words on the days where it's about twenty ish miles an hour and above in my experience that's when the younger Not mature dear. That's when they move. So you'll have you know for bucks you'll have less spikes and four points and little six points and then you have a bunch of does so if you're only goal is to if you're only goal is to shoot a doe and earn a little bach just from meat for the fraser then. There should be zero reason why you're not in a career and applied owning but if your goal is to ensure book than you might wanna reconsider not even going out because you know i've put hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of hours in injuries weights. You know twenty plus mon are wins and i have yet on any of those hunts to have a mature book step out not even a shooter just mature up all right in the last one. We got on the list for today's crop rotation affecting dear movement. We've already kinda hit it but we can go over it again. I think yeah so it really depends on what it is so if you're talking if you're talking something. Drastic from corn soybeans then. Yeah that's that's going to affect them a lot. Because like i said earlier you know if the When that when that corns up or even if the shore beans are tall enough though get in there the bed in that area and then they'll also eat the soy beans or the corn and only they'll leave us to go get a drink but if it's something Say it's something not as drastic like you're going from like a hasty like soybeans hay or hay too so it means you know or Yeah something like that to where The second plant that you're planning is about the same size as the i. It's not really going to do much. I mean it might. It might affect their patterns of feeding because when a lot of people don't know on which i around us from jeff sturgis who is really Really knows his stuff Deer actually feed up to five times a day on and these aren't exact times their general times a day but deer generally feed around Six in the morning eleven in the morning three in the afternoon six in the evening and around like eight at night there's again there's aren't specific times. Just general timeframes So basically Whatever you're planting it might affect where they go because basically what they do is they go from their beds to the closest food source on what's is not generally the best food source for them and then from there them back when they go to the big food plots are oils. What's that's where you that's what you want. Your is that the second and the fourth of food source are the same and you want you want that through choice on your property. That's where you want to have the high nutrition You know high protein high fat content food for them to wear their ongoing grow. And just stay healthy you know throughout the whole year. That's what that's where you want your property to be and then The third and the fifth all are also the same. But it's also the same as as the first they're not you know the best quality foods. That's where you have like your on your woody shrub. Tips on your acorns. A suffolk that. It's it's things that are that are harder to bond to digest for them. That aren't necessarily too much protein so As long as it's not drastic. It's not gonna be a big difference like as long as you're not going from corn. Hey but if you're if it is drastic than yes it will change. I've actually noticed it on our property this year so the part of the property is rented out to a farmer and for years. He's just a cattle farmer and he's only ever planted corn for years. Just takes it off for silage cuts it early. Whatever in this year he quit running. Quit using field to someone else and they put beans in in. You see a lot more during the day now Before and it was corner it was like you said earlier. I just laid there. They just they stayed in that field near that field. But now with the beans in there less cover for them we get them moving around a lot more through the woods during the day back and forth from beans to bedding type deal so i think they rotation does play a part in it and again it just comes down to cover. So if they're using corn for cover crop they're just gonna stay there but if they switched to beans or wheat. They're gonna move around a lot more from trying to find different bed in areas and back and forth in the bed into the food source so or a joey It's been great talking to you a lot of good information today. Thanks for coming in hanging out with us for forty six minutes so far. I'm always down to new more these for sure man. Yeah you you've got a lot of good info I'm really enjoying the conversation. We're having so i'll definitely have you back on for sure are a man. You have a good night or good day. And i'm gonna get back to my thanksgiving festivities with the family here and we'll talk later. I sounds good. Man thank you.

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