A candid interview with state Senator Kel Seliger


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That's what we do here on the other side of Texas broadcasting from the racer car wash studios racer car wash voted love express wash for five years. Running win in got the barracuda the tundra make the tunder great again. That's what they do. They're racer car wash. Stop into one of five convenient locations across hub city for the best wash around guaranteed. See your best location there at racer wash dot com. The big show ahead. We've got a state Senator kill Seliger. And a pre taped interview it's going to blow your mind, you wanna hear kill Seliger on with some rural aggression and then met dough trae from Lubbock avalanche. Journalists going to follow him coming up about twenty five minutes. From now today, my friends is Martin Luther King day. And. A couple of thoughts on this before we get rolling along here. Martin Luther King. I'm a say to you that we have not made a single gain in civil rights without determine legal in non-violent pressure. Martin Luther King leather from Birmingham jail. Lamentably? It is as Stoorikhel fact that privileged group seldom give up their privileges. Montero early individuals may see the moral white and voluntarily give up their unjust posture. But is Ron hold. Neighbor has reminded us groups tend to be more immoral than individuals. What does that mean when it means is up read almost everything that Ron whole neighbor wrote in his books, moral man, and then world society neighbors postures this? He was a liberal Protestant, which means the mirror miracles in those things are off the slate. But that he believed in original sin. He thought it was the most empirically valid Christian doctrine in that empirical sin exponentially. It's groups why do I start with that number one? It's Martin Luther King day in America. Number two. Senator Tim Lee wrote a what I think is fantastic piece in national review today, and he says in the wake of Tucker Carlson's viral populace manifesto earlier this month, which we covered here on the program. Pop. List in Libertarian-leaning conservatives have been debating the same point king. Raise fifty years ago does economic inequality. Depend on individuals good and bad choices or on the social circumstances in which those individuals make the choices obviously the answer is both. But it's important especially for conservatives to dig into the question, and I could hit the desk right now. Because this is what this program has been preaching. This is the prairie populism that we've been preaching. It's important especially for conservatives dig into the question to many of kings, and now Carlson's critics point to America's free ish market economy and declare that opportunity was and remains wide open to anyone willing to work that it's a little bit more than just personal responsibility that they're greater maximums at work. In. That's why Trump was elected. The thought that there are is always say about farmers forces to big defied alone. And this was this was Tim lease introduction into this piece. You can find it national review. Toward the end of his life. Martin Luther King junior turned his attention from an exclusive focus on racial Justice to unequal opportunity more. Generally, the United States was quote, a nation gorged on money in quote, he wrote while millions of citizens are denied a good education. Adequate services decent housing meaningful employment in respect in even respect. And are then told to be responsible. He specifically blamed Pala federal policymakers four quote subsidies of the rich in unemployment and under employment of the poor. So many things get off on there. But we're all start is with this. We have problem in this country. And you see it in the state budget that there are. Elite. Elite economic interests that are have loopholes and in that shorted the rest for lack of adequate healthcare of adequate education. And that's the problem. We're finding in the state right now. And that's why appreciate the state comptroller. Controller Glenn Hager stepping up and saying here's where we can find some money. It's money that is loop hold four elite economic interests. And I don't want to be given the name for somebody who's against the rich because we do pretty well at my house, and I don't think the rich of the problem. I think it's simply a problem of reciprocity. In. That's what Martin Luther King had a problem with. And that's the problem that prairie socialists is some call us. Prairie populist is more. Mainstream have a problem with and. In groups those things begin to compound in exponentially eight in I've got a big problem with it. And that's what I get off on on this program. More than anything else is whenever wealthy interests in not just wealthy. But Uber wealthy interests begin to drive in. That's always my problem with with folks is they come to us these outside interest groups come to us with social concerns that begin to exploit our economic interests. It's not enough just to oppose abortion. You've got to be. You've gotta be for the one percent. A one percent that most folks most all folks will never see. And that's what just. Grinds my gears and wanted to throw a little bone out. Because what Martin Luther King's saw in his Tim Lee lays out in his piece is that it's not just a minority problem. It becomes a underclass problem for everybody in. We are great popular just by virtue of being a Texas Tech fan. You're great populist and populism on the rise in these American states. And for good reason. Lot more to say there. But when I'm going to do now is get on the break. We got killed cylinder state Senator out of Amarillo. His district goes down Amarillo twenty five counties up in the panhandle and then down the New Mexico line. And then into the Permian basin in Texas gonna get him on and play you that interview sick, right? Where you are. You don't wanna miss this? It's going to be fantastic. Whenever you come back in and kill Seliger's complaints against Lieutenant governor sick right with this year. Other side of Texas. This interview has been played up in the media in nam. We're gonna play it for you. Now, exclusive interview mind-numbing interview with kill Seliger state Senator out of Amarillo, and we're gonna play it for you. Now right here on the other side of Texas. On the phone with us is state Senator kill Seliger out of Amarillo Senator you've been at the center of a lot of attention and state politics over the past few days. How are you? Great. Thank you. How are you doing doing? Well, so here's the hullaballoo that you got taken off higher education as chair the in the Lieutenant governor's new appointments that you were on education, natural resources finance. Now. You're the chair of agriculture you're on the committee for health and human services nominations veteran affairs was this a slight to kill Seliger from the Lieutenant governor. I think it was the way it was intended. And because I didn't vote for everything that was one of his priorities in the eighty two pleasure Slater my outing. You mean what? Well to if he's thirty priorities which win. Public school vouchers pan. The. Revenue camps for local taxing entities on a tax. It doesn't affect state of Texas. It only affects school districts in cities. And so but. If there was a slide intended. I don't think it was successful because I will chair the agriculture committee and agriculture is absolutely essential to the Texas economy. And this is the most productive part of the state agriculturally. And so we're going to do some really good things in the committee is is I told you earlier I'm having to Austin today. Even though tomorrow is is a national holiday. We're gonna get together them office a little while and making plans to have strong agricultural sets another legislature as we've ever had. We are prerecording on Sunday heading into Monday when this will air kill soldier kind enough to take some time here. Why the slight kill? I I don't understand what the Lieutenant governor's thinking is. And let me just cue that up by saying that I crunch the numbers. Lieutenant governor won his race his general election by some would say just four hundred thousand one hundred twenty five votes out your district Senate thirty one which is kind of a dumb bell that runs. The what twenty five counties up in the panhandle comes down the New Mexico line and takes in the swath of the basin. He netted eighty seven almost eighty seven thousand votes there. So one would say a quarter of nearly a quarter of what he needed to win came out of your district in if this is slight then it's he's applied that slight to your district where higher education is a pretty big deal. Where education is definitely a huge deal public education. What do you make of it being more about the district being slided than kill Selander in why the slight in the first place? If you're the Lieutenant governor in you need the votes out here. Oh, he can talk about. Excuse me, his motivations as the second ranking Republican these committees, which I think we're really good strong committees were important district into the state. And and I think that we were doing a good job. But nowadays, kind of is I told people this is a warning to other Republicans did if you stray from Lieutenant governor's agenda there will be a price to pay. And I always said that. But the other Republicans do now to this is an interesting time because one of the reasons I won my primary without a runoff was because of local government officials and educators who've had about enough. Of the slides that they get from Republicans in the state with vouchers. It would take money out of public education and things like that. And I was one of only two Republicans who voted against that. I was the only Republican who voted for the principles of local control their disturbs me about the Republican party as a whole largely this is driven by empower Texans down in Austin. And I have a suspicion that they had some suggestions to make on that committee assignments, and and unquestionably. Their requests come before. Mine to me how you found out did the Lieutenant governor call you in or did you just find it when it was posted? The secretary of the Senate sent emails to all of us. I had gotten a call from some lady who works for the Lieutenant governor while I was in a meeting earlier. But the I saw was from the Email from the secretary. You know was the lady Sherri Sylvester. Yeah. She says this Kelsey cylinder. If Senator Salvdor. This is Emma pled offs piece in the texture Byun. If Senator Seliger believes serving as chair of agriculture committee at critical committee for west, Texas and all of rural Texas is beneath him. He should let us know in the Lieutenant governor will appoint someone else that Sherri, Sylvester a little snide in those comments. What would you say to her? With extremely side. It really unbecoming for a member of of the staff. Ten governors or my staff, I didn't say anything of the sort. And that is her Shen is is in disingenuous, and I have a recommendation from his Silvester and her lips and my back in. That's that's pretty that's cleaned up. Isn't that? Yeah. That's pretty clean for radio. Appreciate thank you cleaning up for radio. This would be thinking. Other responses you always do kill solar. We appreciate it. But if Lieutenant governor Dan Patrick believes, the panhandle a critical component of his reelection as beneath him he should've let loaders known. That it was beneath him instead of running those dome. Damn TV ads ad nauseam in the panhandle where he needed it is that you feel about my comment back to miss Silvester. Well, if it's the they're not related events that his consultants work for one of of my opponents, and he will most certainly come to this district. Most certainly the Permian basin to raise money when people Midland call me and say, you know, that senior persons cherry on the the finance deal is is important to everybody and certainly everybody in in the district. We have some real transportation problems in the Permian basin. But that's the way politics go Jay after the end of of the last session. This didn't come as a complete surprise. I wasn't sitting there the other day in shock disappointment. Maybe but not shock. You know, how many higher education? How many components pirates -cation or in your district in Senate thirty one? Well, there's seven community colleges into universities, those being west Texas, saying them and and university of Texas Permian basin. I do an awful lot of things with with people in constituents at Texas Tech because of its size and importance in in the fact that he's becoming more and more prominent in the state in the nation in it needs to be nurtured. You know, you do. I mean, there's an old myth that. Bob Duncan when he was chancellor had a caught in your office. Yeah. Just in case he needed it. While he was down there. No doubt that you've done a lot. And do a lot for Texas Tech university. Tell me. Me. And there's so many things I wanna get into here kill, but. Tell me this is what I hear. I was telling Austin a week or two ago. People call you a free agent that you're going to just lineup vote. The way that you wanna vote, and it may be. With the dims on public education in in tax caps. Or maybe. Whatever other legislation comes up. I find that a little bit problematic because it's not like you were all the sudden a free agent. I think free agencies what got you into the situation in the first place. You're right. Tell us about free agency in kill Seliger. I'm a conservative Republican. And that's what my gender is going to look like I am not so sort of of drone. I'm not owned by empower Texans. And I don't sit around pay close attention to their score court. Like, so many of my Republican colleagues, and I won't I will vote my district and public education estate has got to have somebody on the Republican side about I'll to stand up for the five point eight million kids in our public schools one point five one point six million people in in higher education. Somebody's got to try to set the tone besides empower Texans who are clearly not supportive of public education at all. Lieutenant governor I went through and I looked at percentages, which the Lieutenant governor one governor one in you one in November. Now, you didn't have democratic opponent, which I think speaks to the panhandle down into the basin that there wasn't an opponent. You did have libertarian opponent. What do you make of the Lieutenant governor running some eight points behind the governor in your district? The way I look at it is if the government got mostly Republican votes. I don't think there's a lot of crossover or things like that. It means that they're bunch of Republicans who did not vote down the ballot for Lieutenant governor and some other Republicans. And and I think a lot of those were educators. That's what educators tell me, and I represent all apart of eighty or ninety school districts. Local government officials are genuinely put out and we're some of my strongest supporters as you know, those folks don't exist the vacuum. They may not be many of them, but they talked to people, and and tell them what some of these measures are like. Okay. And whether they like. Well, let me give you an example and a four percent revenue camp. And we all need to do things to talk about property tax. I'm working on it too. But in Parma county north of Lubbock then four percent cap revenue camp they could afford to give county plays a three percent raise. And then if a patrol car went into a ditch or they need roadway painter, they couldn't do it without an election. And if they lose the election that people Parma townie will just go without. And this is always been my thing on the tax caps. Kill cylinder with us here. Other side at Texas. I'm I'm okay. I think I'm okay with the cap, politically speaking principally. I'm not okay with it. But if Republicans will vow that they will disavow people who come from outside the district whenever these quote free and fair elections are held for these rate for these tax caps. Then so long as they keep their word. I'm okay with it. I think that you could see a situation in agains county or Randall county or a Swisher county when outside interests you've mentioned empower Texans come in. And they tried to rig those elections in make the election about something that it's not it's not about patrol car going into unit. It's not about a it's not about a trial that the county has to pay for. It's about something else. Well. There's a couple of points here. It's easy for us to do in the legislature because we get no property tax. It'll goes to cities a few counties get some property tax college districts hospital districts things like that doesn't affects the legislature at all. So if we cut cities in school districts off doesn't hurt people it the other thing is. That people who live in Finney's counties and school districts all over the state can cut their taxes tomorrow. The your county commission can cut the tax rate in the half tomorrow. But they haven't and the voters in Lubbock county. And then random county have insisted that you haven't heard of a race around the state where somebody said, I'm gonna cut your taxes in half in the city of Lubbock vote for me that would be very kept compelling to the voters, but the voters are not insisting on it. And this is local taxes or local issues. If if United States America US congress wanted to limit a revenues and areas like seven stacks the way, which I think is an unfair tax the way that that that the Republicans legislature won't let him limit local tax making thirty. We would go nuts. Those of us who aren't already up. Yeah. Kill SOGA with us here on the program. Some would call you the low man on the totem pole right now. Others would see you. As the swing vote in the Senate right now, lots of talk whenever the Lieutenant governor missed the first the opening day of session was in DC. Did he let you know that he was going to be in DC or did you just show up? And he wasn't there. Out of let some members. No, I knew when we went into meat is a caucus of the whole Senate to talk about the schedule and things like that. I knew about I don't know ten o'clock in the morning. Yeah. So that morning, you know. You know? Insider Nelson did a great job of presiding and we got to the agenda from show. It didn't make any difference. I think it's odd to the point of unprecedented. But that's okay. The Lieutenant governor does what he thinks needs to be done, and we can run the business at the Senate. You know, did he run against you in that election? Is that the way you look at it kill cylinder that his Allen blakemore when his top lieutenants rain against you in that campaign with Victor, Leo. Do you see that election that you one without a run off as you've versus Dan Patrick? Lieutenant governor got involved in some races, including races opposing incumbents. He told me he was gonna get involved in my race. And so far it's anybody has seen. He did not get involved in the rights. Now, did he help raise money or something like that? And I don't know. But he did what he told me. He was going to do. So he kept his hands off of it is what you're saying close as we can tell you so q all that up to say, this there are those lots of people inside the beltway who observed Texas politics who see this. If Dan Patrick were somehow nominated by President Trump to some capacity in DC, you would become the presiding officer of the Senate in the irony of that is that some would see you as low man on the Republican totem pole in the Senate right now, but you could become presiding officer. If he is elected, you would just need a handful of Republicans, certainly the Democrats go along with it. You could become the third most powerful member of legislature all of a sudden. We have a president pro town centre Watson from Austin and we've done governor's office. He would preside until another presiding officer were elected everything else is just conjecture and speculation. Governor said he governor said he's not going anywhere. Yeah. Well, I've never been beyond conjecture and speculation Senator. And he also said he wasn't going to run against the governor do ours. Yeah. Well, closing thoughts for those close to home right now who are listening. What do you want them to know about your vision for this session in your role in the session? My education to my district into the things are important district are absolutely undiminished this next week. I'll be talking to cotton growers week growers milk producers cattle feeders and things like that. And see what can we logically do that the state is stronger in support of agriculture in may than it is today in January? And four listeners. Tell me kill soldier do you in the Lieutenant governor have regular conversation. What is that relationship like? It is polite is is we're obligated to do. And I and I think from day to day they have professional. Is that because you keep it professional or because he does. No, it's it's when we see one another we say Hello. And we'll see we'll see what happens as we get into this session. And I have bills that are ready to go on and tenth, and I request certain bills be sent to the committee. And and we'll just see how I'm treated the members. Don't treat the Lieutenant governor with governor treats the members, and so we'll see what happens. And so you've question can't be answered right now are are like I say or anywhere since or plight and business like are you surprised that you garnered so much attention kill cylinder. Oh, you know since since last session when voted against a link to his thirty party, which by the way is like a nine eighty one batting average people have been saying that something like this was going to happen and have been watching to see how it happened, and what would into and things like that. So I think I know certainly for all committees because he wants to know where everybody's gonna fall in in his going some particular mount of of attention. I'm uncomfortable with too much attention. You think it's been too much because you've been the focus your the story after the first week of the session. Well, yeah, I guess I am. And it's a point to talk about this. Because I think it has to do with the way people around the state and there's around the state of represented, but I think it's the district is more important than on him. And you don't belie- because people will say enough of head interviews on the show before that the agriculture committee is purgatory that federal legislation federal bills federal law draws agriculture. That agriculture committee is purgatory on the on the state level. You don't believe that? It's true that that government federal government policy Reagan ever closer is so important in. So I don't deny the stature. But all those agricultural, you know, how many ever closer parks grown in Washington DC. Almost none. The girl in here. None along those in the store. Yeah. This is where policy goes into the ground ended agriculture transportation and research things like veterinary schools in veterinary science, and so it's very important to the state into this district. What did you make of the this be my last question to you? What did you think of the house putting up Texas Tech's fully what they ask for seventeen million three hundred fifty thousand dollars in the Senate just coming back with four point one seven million? Four point one seven is a continuation of the budget from twenty seventeen the important thing. Jay is to get it in the budget, and it's say lying item in the budget. And it's very very early in the session and Texas Tech has a lot of admirers, really. And when you talk to people the only reason not to support expect better Neri school is because Texas saying and their efforts an exhortation not to. Well. I'm hoping that we can sort of neutralize it. And I've got a lot of help certainly from the three guys up in the panhandle. But most certainly Charles Parry and doesn't boroughs in John. You. You know? Okay. Well, that's where we're going to leave it for now kill soldier the motoring. Treat him in Texas politics right now. Well, I've been telling people there for a long time, but not we're able to justification. Kill soldier have a great week. We pre sheets you making time. Thank you for having me on Jay there. It is that exclusive with kill cylinder gonna get him. With Matt dough trae break some of that down met do tree of Lubbock avalanche journal fame is in studio. We're going to break that down and get into a little bit of local politics here in eight o six stay right where you are right here on the other side of Texas. Overtake ac- not been chill off your phone got food. On the diga Silmi made you sail. The surgery and for something they stay up here about again. Manny. Sta day in studio with us. Now, we have the one in only met trae Lubbock avalanche journal covering local politics all politics there. Right. Okay. Good to see you too. Thanks for coming out your initial take away. You just listen to the interview with kill Seliger. Your thoughts. He seemed he didn't seem as upset as I thought. He would he seemed cordial. And he said he knew it was coming. Do you think do you think that's the case? I think he did K. I think he was expecting the worst in the best all same, Tom. Yeah. Well, he said another Republican has to take the reins for education. So anyone come to mind specifically? No. Because if you look west of thirty five north of I twenty nine another Republican on their on the education committee. I don't I don't know who that would be right, right. I well Republicans in the house. That's where it would come from. Yeah. Not in the Senate. Yeah. Yeah. So tell us what you've been looking over what you've been reporting on is we zoom in. Into Lubbock in things that have got your fancy right now, though. Right. Well, today, most of my day to day was spent with congressman airing ten so I appreciate you. My heads have been in the in class. My head has been in the clouds federal government today. So thinking, thanks for taking me back down to bring you back. Luke, right, right. You know, really at the city council level at the county Commissioner level new year. Everyone's just kind of getting their ducks in a row, really the city council still this has been kind of the city council of planning. So we have that their affair plan this comprehensive plan Tuesday tomorrow, they're going to talk about the water plan. So a lotta pointing moving forward from the city level at the county Commissioner level, it's really. They're talking about roads big road projects, which is something that bond on a bond. Can you love it county? And a bind are words that I have not. Talked about until this past week. So we head judge Curtis perish on the show. You didn't laid it out. This was two weeks ago. Right. He began the layout. What was the bond package? What would become a bond, Pat for roads all over Lubbock county? And this is something the county has this is the first time the county has got has put together a comprehensive thoroughfare master-plan. Of course, Woodrow road is. To whenever he was in studio trae he was talking about because all the hullaballoo in Lubbock right now is about Woodrow rove state highway. And what do you do about that in? I think the numbers I looked at a couple years ago seventeen million dollars to do that road. Well, it seems to me like what the play is going to be is to get Woodrow road done. You're going to do some roads in idol out in shell water in up on the Lubbock county side of Abernethy ah to get everybody on board with the way. It was kind of described to me is that they want to have these projects in place. And that's what the new Commission Commissioner Jason corley told me is that even if even if they receive for the bond. Yeah. But. Right. Privately fun. But but he kind of couple that by saying we don't necessarily need to spend that money. Now, we we don't need we just need 'cause they wanna pursue state dollars. They want to pursue federal dollars in the way to do that. Is you need to be kind of tat least get on the list of priorities. So they believe that. You know, citizens approving this bond and not necessarily than capitalizing off of it. But just kind of having it employs shows that the county's serious, and then the county is willing to put up the this this match be at twenty percent be at fifty percent, whatever they want to pursue which gives matching the county. Would they want the county? No, the county would match kind of like M P O dollars is really what they're going for federal what you mean by NPR, the metropolitan planning organization N P O. Yes, sir knows me which is just kind of this collective. Board that really deals with federal transportation dollars. Okay. So I don't know. But in for listeners Woodrow road is out in front of Lubbock Cooper high school with his the third fastest growing school district in Texas right now. I didn't know I didn't know that. I mean, no prob. I believe it will. That's just what I've heard. Yeah. Yeah. Don't quote me. But that's what I've heard right. Okay. So the county. Coming up with the bond run out of the gate in the new election. Right. And we're still in January. Right. So they were just sworn in. They've they've had one official kind of me. They've had one official a major a major upheaval in. We're already talking about a bond packet. And if they want to put it on the may ballot they need to do they need to vote to do. So by mid February. You think they're going to do that. And put it up in may. All signs based on the interviews. I got with every Commissioner and the judge after this past meeting. I would say, yes, they seemed all in favor of it. I guess there could be a hiccup. I don't really know. February mid-february is extremely fast as you talked about I could see someone getting cold feet. I don't know. So yes, they want to pursue this bond is it as soon as this upcoming election in may. I don't know. Sounds like it's going to be on. That's word. Man, though trillion Sudi, oh, you're gonna hang out with us going in the next segment you, sir. We're going to catch this quickey break here on the other side stick with us back about two minutes. Yeah. You like that new bumper music in thank new sling for that. Brought to you own. Mitt do trae the Lubbock avalanche journal in studio with us met dough trays. So what's going on? We talked about county level. And all of a sudden, we're all into bonds on the county level expecting that to come up. And may I'm saying it, you weren't I'm saying I think they want that Bonn for roads on in may what else is going on locally like at the city level. Is there anything that's even risk as even PG thirteen. Oh, man. There's always something at the city level. What I'm hearing. Now. I mean, no, not really, I guess the city council hasn't really been in the news. You know a couple of weeks. I all is seem now to be on this legislative session. I think the the council has some priorities will ever year that the the recycling the abandoned recycling center on off near I twenty seven with burn down shingles? You know, I think they're going to be fighting again Ingles. And tar all it to see if smoldering up by the air, right? Some help cleaning it up. I mean, that's something that I'm sure we'll be talking about in the future. Something that I need to pursue is something. I'm always looking at his downtown development. I. I think I think something that could come up relatively soon. It is that hotel project over there by the Civic Center, kind of that Overton. Similar to what they did for the Overton hotel new hotel. Right. I I still know this kind of pursuing that. I'm sure we'll be a topic of discussion gets me about the city is that I've stopped criticizing sitting hall and. Tried to be a good citizen locally trying to do that regionally statewide. But. You know, there's this big play to sign up for a city board. Right. Yeah. Like all this hoopla before Christmas right around writer, and so I go on the day and try to sign up, and guess what? I put in only information in its internal glitch and says, you know, the back later and you call and you're like, oh, it's Martin Luther King day. You can't talk to them today. Right. Yeah. Maybe you didn't get the message. Jay, maybe you're on maybe around this. Down. Like, what are we doing? You. Maybe you're on the do not a pointless in your name. Just guide me I've already been on the city board. So I don't even understand why I'm signing up again number one number two. So tell me how that works. So when you sign up for a board. Do you sign up for a specific you check off what you want that board Miami gone far enough in the process. But I think that you sign up for what you want. And I just assume that it's going to be like a time full were what do you want in? Then you go from. There was just just what we just what was happening or what has happened with the Senator. I'm sure there's just kind of like a hierarchy of committees. Just because I hear I've heard from people who aspire to be on these really ambitious local committees. And then maybe they ruffle the wrong feathers. And you know, they put you think ruffled in so therefore out. No, I'm not saying that. But I'm saying, you know. May maybe they'll I'm trying to think of just kind of like, a smaller committee the junk junk vehicle committee. Maybe as where you'll you'll get a place on it. Can you get on the committee? That'd be frowned upon. Right. Right. Yeah. I would never pursue that conflict of interest. Absolutely. And I'm on the radio. So I can do whatever. I. And right columns. So right. It's like, okay. Guys on committee. I think it'd be good on committee. Sure. Okay. What up so your bosses, you said that okay? Matt though tree with us in studios, we closed down the program here. What you've been thinking about what are you gonna get into here? Yeah. So I guess the past few I've wrote in a couple of pieces yesterday's paper had the story about annexation to city's kinda taken a break on. Right. Right. Right. The weekend before that it was about Airbnb fees. You know, whether or not the city should regulate them just kind of some think pieces lately, and what were your thoughts on forced on not four saying accessions, but on regulating Airbnb, he's I sympathize for I'm not a homeowner truth be told, but I sympathize for the homeowners at don't see how you can cannot the person I talked to said it's like a hotel move next door to him. So I sympathize I know they're having a water problems. There was at really good story in Texas monthly this past issue about did you read that about the bachelorette parties in Austin, and it kind of tied into Airbnb in how it's it. It just kind of taking over neighborhoods. Now, I'm not saying that's happening in in Lubbock. But I mean, we're we're a college town. You would kind of you would figure that this is the atmosphere. You know, we go to Colorado, and we'll stay in little towns in Colorado in the summers with the kiddo. Right. And there's a lot of Hillary's in right now about how it's driving making houses so expensive because the value gets driven up so much 'cause it's rented out every weekend. I'm sure I'm sure. Yeah. That's real good point. But you're you're like the ideal you and your families the ideal Airbnb customer. No. But we don't year in terms of neighbors. Okay. I'm just talking with people around town because I'm that kind of door that I just go into town. Like, hey, what kind of issues are bothering? He's going to start off the other. So the Colorado. But go in and talk with well, you know, something's really grinding my gears that our house housing prices are getting so far out the root, right? Yeah. I would imagine. It's an issue in every what do they say? Well, Welby has the seventh highest to it's the seventh tourist destination in Texas. That's true or not. But you would imagine that this is an issue in every kind of town that's able to draw visitors especially the hanger hats on for sure. Yeah. I wonder what it is after the tech lost a couple. But who knows I did we did Phil? What are we going to? Do. We end to win the big twelve now. Of course. You think we're going to win it? I think we're definitely still in play. I think that somebody's got our whole card, man. Our offense will get going. Pretty rough at him dough trae AJ, that's where you follow along on Twitter. Once she put you real picture in your in your profile pic, you don't like the cans Danja pictures, the Georgia to standings. Needs to be used live. Preset you saying that others disagree. Thanks for saying that your mom and dad probably agree with him. I don't think my mom and dad know it Twitter is but all right. Well, appreciate you coming out. I hope this won't be the last time. Of course, not now anytime more regular except on Tuesdays. Why did they move city council that you? Is there argue or not argument? But what they just said Thursday's were busy Thursdays where a busy day. Be it just junior high football, maybe Thursday night football. You know, in terms of I guess PTA meetings may be I don't know. They just said that Thursday's wondering day. That's I just say that. Yeah. That third they felt like they weren't getting the not the crowd. They felt like people can go to the meetings on Thursdays like they could any other day of the week. So tomorrow is the first Tuesday. We'll see how that goes a bit earlier. I think I think now it's at four thirty and said, oh, I see. Yeah. But public comments are still going to be later. I should have brought the I didn't bring the comic laughter five. I think so I think I I think public comments are still at five fifteen but something happens before then I should have brought I didn't know. But we'll see how it goes. Yeah. Thanks. You did good. Good radio. God. Oh trae. Maybe change profession. I feel like I mumble. But I appreciate that unbel- mumble. Oh mumble. I thought you said unbel- without the aid, which I thought that was maybe thing. Hey, four our friend met though, tree and for state Senator kill cylinder. Jay, west, Texas, Leeson guy to get home gonna get home. Great family. And below average dinner below average because my wife's in Phoenix in its daddies. In charge frozen pizza night. It's going we're going to heat up a deserter. No. That were not a work waiting for me there at the house with Graham Graham until next time ray-ban buddies Ravon met, thanks for coming out. But thank you. Thank you. Appreciate you being here. We'll see you next dish in right here. Other side of Texas. It's.

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