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The Cheerleader Mom Pt. 2: Wanda Holloway


In the air inside the auditorium of Alice Johnson junior high belt electric at least it did the thirty five year. Old Wanda Holloway. Though the gymnasium looked a little rundown Wanda fell to kind of magic in the air. She was perched high in the bleachers excited. That this moment had finally come on the gym floor below cheerleaders in bright uniforms ruffled. Their pompoms poms. They giggled with each other whispering secrets behind their tinsel accessories. Wanda smiled thinking about what her own daughter. Shanna might look like in one of those uniforms. That was the goal. Shanna a cheerleader. At long last and today after another arduous year of training the tryouts were finally here as she watched. Shanna emerged from the locker room. She gave her excited wave. The teen waved back looking a little nervous. Wanda was nervous too. She shook assign emblazoned with Shannon's name a tingle of anxiety in her stomach. And then amber heath one of the teenage cheerleader hopefuls took her place in line alongside. Shanna in response Wanda purse. Her lips agitated in a lot of ways amber was like Shanna young smart and pretty but amber was already on the squad. She had the advantage and with a limited number of open spaces. Success was far from guaranteed. If SHANNA didn't make the team this year Wanda didn't know what she do. Picture a murderer a gangster. A thief did you picture a woman. We didn't think so- society associates men with dangerous crimes. But what happens when the perpetrator is female every Wednesday? We examined the psychology motivations and cities of female criminals. Hi I'm Vanessa Richardson. And you're listening to female criminals apar- cast original. You can find episodes of female criminals and all other podcast originals for free on spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts to stream. Female criminals for free on spotify. Just open the APP and type female criminals in the search bar at par cast. Were grateful for you our listeners. You allow us to do what we love. Let us know how we're doing reach out on facebook and Instagram at par cast and twitter at podcast network? Today we're wrapping up our mother's Day special on Wanda Holloway. Last week we learned about Wanda's early life in Channel View Texas and her growing obsession with securing her daughter a place on the school cheerleading team. Today were delving into the shocking murder-for-hire plot that took Texas and the world of cheerleading by storm as nineteen eighty nine melted into nineteen ninety channel view. The end of the school year suddenly felt a lot closer for many students. The countdown to summer began as they sat in those first January classes but to thirty five year. Old Wanda Holloway. The New Year. Meant something else entirely. It had brought her dream that much. Closer one does daughter. Shanna was halfway through the seventh grade. And despite their best efforts the twelve year old was not on the school's cheerleading squad. This reality belied the effort. The mother daughter duo had put towards that singular goal. Preparations had begun long before the initial sixth grade tryouts in Texas. Cheerleading was taken seriously and want to expected. The competition to be steph hours had been sacrificed for gymnastics and dance classes. Even more extreme whenever Wanda felt that Shannon needed to train harder she completed her daughter's homework for her while. Shanna practiced indeed so great. Was the obsession that a set of matching cheerleader uniforms was among the pairs several coordinated outfits this last factor not only symbolized their fixation with cheerleading in embodied the depth of their bond. Wanda and Shanna were exceedingly close by their own admissions. They were each other's best friend. Before we continue with Wanda's psychology please note. I'm not a psychologist or psychiatrist. But I have done a lot of research for the show according to Dr Kit Harrison. Who was familiar with the case? Wanda and Shanna shared a symbiotic relationship in nature. Symbiosis typically indicates that to animals organisms rely on each other for survival in humans however the term can apply to a number of relationships parent and child romantic partners and even close siblings while symbiosis in the wild is a necessity for survival in people it can be a toxic emotional crutch according to clinical social worker and therapist. Katie Hauser. A toxic symbiotic relationship can remove the autonomy from one or both participants. It also reduces the opportunity for internal validation and independence. The child in a symbiotic relationship. Learns EARLY ON THAT. In order to please their parents they have to succeed. Although this success can take many forms in the Holloway family it seemed to have centered around the determination to make Shanna a cheerleader. At all costs. Shanna herself later admitted that she quickly realized cheerleading. Just wasn't that fun for her however even if she wanted to stop. Her mother was her whole world. She wanted more than anything to please her so she kept up with her training. Ultimately it all came to nothing at the tryouts in March of nineteen eighty nine. Shanna had performed well but she came third in the popular vote carried out amongst the student body one of the slots she'd coveted had gone to amber heath a girl. Shannon new from her former school aside from the fact that amber was on the cheerleading team. And Shanna wasn't the two girls were a lot of like just like their mothers. Both girls were known to take pride. In their appearance. Their hair was always perfectly quaffed their outfits were impeccable and they carried themselves with police. Both were also on the school's Honor Roll and held spots on their class. Governments like Shanna ambers. Mother Verna was excited for her daughter to join the cheerleading squad at Alice. Johnson Middle School. The women in her family had long displayed a knack for athletic performance. Ambers grandmother had competed in barrel racing at Rodeos as a young woman when she married she opened up. A studio offering classes in dance baton-twirling gymnastics and piano. Verna herself was a twirling champion in Highschool Verna raised her daughter with the same insistence on perfection. And as a result amber heath had been winning twirling competitions since she was a toddler like Wanda Verna had also insisted that amber train hard to win a place on the cheerleading team. The previous year. Leaving nothing to chance. The heath's also handed out heath candy bars during the voting phase not only was the candy. A great incentive for teens it encouraged name recognition for amber. When the Nineteen Ninety tryouts for the squad came up again thirty five year. Old Wanda took inspiration from her rivals tactics. She wanted to find a way to help her daughter drum up more votes and if she had to buy that popularity then that was exactly what she would do. However following the nineteen eighty nine tryouts. The school had decided to instigate new rules. The audition would work in the same way each girl performing in front of the school and a panel of college cheerleaders. Then six finalists would campaign for the open slots and the student body would vote. The nineteen ninety voting phase is worth. Things were being paired back. The School Board decided to limit the number of posters. Each hopeful girl could hang in the hallways and crucially day forbade the tactic of handing out candy bars. But one does saw nothing in the rules about the distribution of other favors or trinkets to help sway opinion in her daughter's favor. Doing so had apparently been something of a tradition. And perhaps Wanda felt that not participating had negatively impacted. Shannon's chances so want to turn to Shannon's father her ex husband Tony Harper. Tony suggested handing out pencils and rulers with Shannon's name engraved on them. It was a suggestion borne out of practicality as we discussed last week channel view was a town dominated by industry and the median. Income was not hi. Tony felt that kids would like a new addition to their stationery supply halfway through the year. Wanda loved the idea so she split the two hundred dollar cost with Tony for several hundred pencils and rulers emblazoned with the words. Vote for Shanna now. With the day of the tryouts looming. Everything was ready for Wanda and her daughter to triumph at last once again. One day and the mothers of the other girls watched the tryouts from the bleachers. With the rest of the school when the judges announced the finalists. Shanna was yet again amongst their number. Her years of hard work had shown dividends now for the final hurdle but before voting began. The parents of the finalists were asked to attend meeting to go over the rules of the election. One to ask about handing out Shannon's pencils and rulers. They weren't candy after all but she was told that any gifts were forbidden. Wanda was frustrated by the news. She'd already forked out. Money for the favors and now they would go to waste but ever ready to roll with the punches. She moved onto a new plan together. She and Shannon made flyers in the shape of cheerleading megaphones sparkling with glitter and bearing Shannon name they made for eye-catching handouts during the vote but during the crafts spree WANNA realized she hadn't bought enough wouldn't paint stirs to act as handles for the megaphones she used some of the customized rulers as handles instead and so the next morning. Shanna arrived at school with a couple dozen brightly colored megaphone flyers fifteen of them fitted with Shanna branded rulers as handles at some stage during the school day the engraved rulers were spotted. A meeting was called between the school's vice principal and Assistant Superintendent for Channel View and the school's cheerleading coach. The coach had spoken to mothers of the other girls competing for the spots and with everything taken into consideration. A decision was made. Wanda and Shanna were summoned to the schools office. The next morning in a private meeting with the principal told that they had breached the clearly delineated rules as a result. Shanna was disqualified from the competition. Wanda was distraught. So while Shannon took herself back to class to finish out the day her thirty five year. Old Mother Sat in the principal's office and sobbed as she left. Wanda reportedly took blame for the rulers. It was she and her husband who had made the mistake. Not Shanna but it was no use. The decision was final for the second year in a row wanders dream of having a cheerleader daughter had been denied to better understand. Wanda's intense drive to get shown on the cheerleading squad. It's helpful to know more about the role of high school. Sports in small Texas towns. In his seminal book Friday Night Lights H. G. Kissinger pointed out that football players and cheerleaders were the celebrities of their towns however wonder had never enjoyed the esteemed lights of Friday night. Her dream of becoming a cheerleader was extinguished before it even began in pushing Shanna so hard perhaps Wanda was trying to ensure the same. Fate never befell her. Perhaps she was trying to make her daughter's high school years as remarkable as possible communication. Professor Brad Bushman suggests that pushing a child towards one's own missed opportunities can help alleviate feelings of regret whatever glory their child may achieve is then reflected back upon the parents helping them finally feel a sense of accomplishment in a simplified way of stating things. It's parents living vicariously through their children. Only now Wanda had tripped Shanna up halfway through the race. She'd been so busy trying to help that. She hadn't stopped to consider that she might be doing harm to her daughter's chances. Wanda initially blamed herself for Shannon's disqualification. But she soon found an alternative culprit verna heath in Wanda's mind burner had been arrival. Since the previous year's tryouts. This negative view of the other woman was exacerbated. By the fact that Wanda New Verna had been in the meeting with the other moms before long. Wanda was telling anyone who would listen. That verna heath had been conspiring against her. According to a friend. Wanda was sure that the other hopeful cheerleader MOMS had hatched a plot to actively keep Shanna off the squad. As the days rolled by Wanda's fixation on the injustice of it all only grew not only. Was she angry with Verna for rigging the competition against Shanna? She was furious with amber for stealing the spot. That should have been her daughters as far as anyone can tell. Neither of these things actually happened. Verna was simply a mother who like Wanda wanted to see. Her daughter succeed neither amber nor her mother had set out to keep Shanna off the squad. But by this stage Wanda's frustration had blurred her vision. She was no longer seeing things clearly for all of her mother's increasingly paranoid thoughts. Shanna herself had come to a sobering realization. The twelve year old didn't much care to be a cheerleader. After all or so. She reportedly confessed to her father. It seems that the symbiosis between mother and daughter was beginning to weaken at least on Shanez according to a two thousand thirteen study out of the Netherlands. The more closely apparent aligns their own personality and being with that of their child to stronger. They'll push to achieve their dreams through that child but his children in symbiotic relationships grow older. They can begin to shake off the shackles and seek out their own autonomy. Shanna it seems was realizing that the dream of being a cheerleader wasn't hers. It belonged to Wanda and it was a dream. Her mother intended to see come true the following year. Come hell or high water. By the time Shanna had entered the eighth grade. Her mother had made up her mind. It's not clear. Exactly who gave Wanda the idea? But in September of Nineteen Ninety. She took steps to enact her new plan she was going to have amber and Verna heath killed up next. Wanda Holloway's deadly new plan takes shape. 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If you're listening on spotify you can share this quote with your friends on social by tapping the three dots in the top. Right corner of the episode page scrolling down to share and selecting your sharing option of choice find new paths to positively three hundred sixty five days a year. Follow daily quote free on spotify. Or wherever. You get your podcasts now. Back to the story in the fall of nineteen ninety thirty six year old. Wanda Holloway was on a mission after spending years preparing her daughter to be a cheerleader. Her dream had been stolen from her twice now with seemingly little else on her mind. She decided to take drastic action. Several people close to Wanda recalled mentioning ingest that she should have amber heath or her mother. Verna killed Wanda's endless tirades against her and her daughters perceived rivals had driven family and friends alike to the point of sarcasm but joke or not Wanda had taken the suggestions to heart. Along with the sarcastic quips. Wanda also received sound advice from several of her friends. To let the whole thing. Go Tony Harper Shannon's father was especially sick of the whole episode. He blamed Wanda's use of the band. Rulers during the election for Shannon's disqualification. This was her doing and hers alone. Tony's parents Shannon's grandparents suggested that the thirteen year old was capable of making next year squad on her own. So long as Wanda just let her try out without scheming but Wando wasn't content to leave her dreams in the hands of others. She tried training her daughter harder as Verna had done she had tried buying votes as Verna had done neither had produced results. So in Wanda's mind there was only one option left Verna and amber heath had to die the drastic leap in logic. This took is difficult to understand but when looking closely at what we know about Wanda. It's possible to draw some conclusions about what might have been going on for years. Wanda had poured countless hours into fulfilling her own scuppered dream. Now having been denied it yet again she may have experienced. The sunk cost effect. This peculiar quirk of human nature suggests that when an individual has spent a lot of time energy or money on something. They're more likely to continue pursuing it. This fairly straightforward concept evolves into the sunk cost fallacy when a person allows this logic to take them past the usual point of no return despite a detrimental return on investment. The sunk cost fallacy can dictate that someone plows ahead. Heedless of the Dangers Wanda Holloway had spent so much time and effort chasing down this dream now. Despite her best efforts she had no dividends to show in her mind. The only thing she could do was doubled down. She would eliminate her biggest competition. She just needed to figure out how one knew that she didn't want to carry out the deed herself but she definitely wanted amber and Verna heath out of her way. This churchgoing middle-class mom had very few leads when it came to criminal connections but she did no one person. Wanda's first husband. Tony Harper had a younger brother. Terry from an early age Terry had been mixed up in the seedier side of channel view. The thirty five year old had used drugs and alcohol since his teens by his mid thirties he had six convictions and half a dozen marriages under his belt. Thirty six year. Old Wanda hadn't seen Terry in years. But she knew that he was her best chance for getting the result she wanted. It was a fall afternoon in nineteen ninety when Wanda I reached out to her ex brother-in-law. She pulled into the trailer park on days. Avala road and idled her car out front of Terry's double wide. She honked her horn a couple of times and waited eventually. Terry emerged from her car. Wanda called out that. She wanted to speak with him but not here. Bewildered but intrigued. Terry agreed to meet her at a nearby convenience store minutes later Terry parked next to Wanda's jeep in the parking lot of bose super stop and climbed into her passenger seat. They must have looked in odd pair. The perfectly presented thirty six year old suburban woman of means alongside the somewhat portly laborer in opening Wanda warned. Terry this meeting never happened then. Barely pausing for breath. She asked him how much he loved his niece. Shanna when he confirmed that he did indeed love her. Wanda told him all about the problem with the heat's when she was satisfied that he was up to date. She got to the point at last. She needed his help. Getting rid of amber and Verna Terry was surprised and took a few moments to process what he just heard when he gathered his thoughts. He told Wanda that he'd been trying to clean up his act recently. He was currently on probation for drunk driving so he hoped she would understand when he told her he wanted nothing to do with her scheme even if he did he reasoned he didn't know anyone who would do such a thing especially not to thirteen year old girl but Wanda pressed him with such desperation. Verna and amber heath were ruining her life. They were ruining Shannon's life. Something had to be done like many other. People Terry responded with sarcasm he quipped that one ought to hire a member of the Colombian drug cartel to assassinate the heat's completely missing. The humor. Want to ask how much something like that might set her back. Incredulous that she'd taken him seriously. Terry Hazard a guess stating that. The hit would cost between five and twenty thousand dollars. The figure came as a shock to the mother of two by that stage. Terry was more than ready to be done with the awkward conversation to placate Wanda. He promised he'd look into it for her as he pulled out of the parking lot. He sincerely hoped that was the last heat here about amber and Verna heath but just a couple of months later at Harper Family Christmas gathering. Shanna approached her uncle. She handed him a slip of paper and quietly told him that her mother wanted him to call her on that number later. That night Terry told his wife about his conversation with Wanda Mike. Terry marlow worried about Wanda's determination to follow through on her plan. Even if Terry didn't help her the fact that she'd come to him at all had them both paranoid. What if she tried to frame him he didn't know what to do but he felt sure that Shannon's father should know about Wanda's murderous plot a few days later Terry called Tony and filled them in and the brothers contacted the Harris County Sheriff's department that same day Terry gave a sworn statement to detectives about Wanda Holloway's intentions within to experienced cops had been assigned to the case? Detective George Helton and Sergeant Flint. Blackwell were part of a task. Force that responded to gangland crime activity as a result. Murder-for-hire was under their purview. Detective Helton had on several occasions actually posed as a hitman during sting operations so when Terry Harper story came across his desk he was intrigued. The officers met with Terry and early January of nineteen ninety one and recorded a phone call. He placed to Wanda though neither made direct references to having Verna and amber heath killed enough was said to keep the investigation going in the aftermath. Helton and blackwell began to set up a sting in contract murder cases. A police officer such as detective. Helton might pose as a hitman and meet with the would be employer next. They would record a conversation about what exactly the person wanted to happen. And take payment for the deed then with the evidence secured and arrest could be made. But in this case things were little trickier a teenage girl's life had been threatened which made the investigators more cautious about rolling the dice. In addition it had been so many months since Wanda had first approach Terry. It was possible she'd found someone else to help her. In the meantime because of this it was decided that Terry Harper was the best person to carry out the sting on the evening of January Fourteenth Nineteen Ninety one. He met Wanda and the parking lot of a fast food restaurant. He once again climbed into her jeep for maximum privacy. What Wanda didn't know was that Terry was wearing a wire as Wanda expressed her fears that. Shanna would miss out on being a cheerleader for her entire high school career. Detective Helton and Sergeant Blackwell were listening in from their own car. They heard Terry and Wanda discuss her options. She was positive that Verna was cozying up with the administration of the High School. It was in fact something want to herself had already been trying to do for the past several months. She'd been volunteering at the school for three days a week. She assisted the school's band director and had become friendly with the PE teacher. However while Wanda had the p. e. teacher on her side. She wasn't sure about the cheerleading coach. When Terry could finally get a word in edgewise? He told Wanda that he'd found someone to do the job. He then pressed her for exactly what she wanted. The hitman to do Wanda told him she didn't much care. She just wanted them. Gone following instructions from the police. Terry then turned the conversation to money. He told Wanda that his contract would kill. Verna for two thousand five hundred dollars amber as a child was more expensive. Her murder would set wanda back. Five Thousand Dollars WanNA laughed at the thought of how much it would cost to have. Her imagined rival killed while Wanda considered the large sum of money. She spelled out the names of amber and Verna for Terry to write down. She then gave him a description of Vernice car along with the registration number for good measure. She also had him right down the heat's address as the investigators had asked. Terry did his best to convince Wanda that only needed to die. Not Amber in the end. She reason that Vernon's death would likely shake amber so badly that she wouldn't be able to try out for the squad though. She clearly relished the thought of taking amber out of the picture completely. She told Terry she makes me sick. It was settled. Wanda would pay. Terry's contact two thousand five hundred dollars to kill Verna. Heath arrangements were made for another meeting. So WanNA could give Terry a down payment half the money upfront. If she followed through with that plan the police would have everything they needed to arrest her. All they had to do now was wait. Coming up. Wanda Holloway Scheme makes headlines around the world now back to the story in January of Nineteen Ninety one thirty six year old. Wanda Holloway was being watched. Her Ex brother-in-law Terry Harper had read her out to police after she enlisted his help to look for a hit man to take out her rival. Verna heath. After Terry secretly recorded their meeting discussing the murder for hire. He rushed home to call his brother. Wanda's ex husband Tony. According to Terry's then wife Marla. He gushed to Tony about what had happened. Wanda would surely lose custody of the children. Tony would have Shane and Shanna. All to himself. Terry just had to help. Seal the deal and collect payment from Wanda asks for Wanda. She was ready to put down money for the murder. Ready to erase Verna from her life to that end. Another meeting was set for Monday January. Twenty eight it had been almost a year since Wanda's daughter had missed out on making the cheerleading squad. With the next round tryouts just a few months away. Wanda knew she had to act quickly. But there was one small hiccup money. Despite her husband's wealth Wanda had found it. Difficult to come up with the one thousand two hundred. Fifty dollar deposit. She needed for the hit instead. She told Terry she had a pair of diamond earrings worth at least that much. He suggested that she pawn them for cash but the presentable mother founded it distasteful to Hawk jewelry to pay for the gruesome murder. She planned so terry suggested that his contract would take the jewels in lieu of cash. Once the job was done however the hitman expected her to pay him in full he would of course return the diamonds once. She paid him. This fictional killer was a man of integrity at around seven PM on January. Twenty Eighth Wanda dropped her daughter Shanna off at their church from there. She drove directly to meet Terry in a parking lot as he had before. Terry gun out of his truck and into Wanda's jeep. Once again he was set up with a recording device to tape the conversation almost immediately as if nervous to get things over with Wanda pulled out a small plastic bag inside gleamed a pair of diamond earrings. She told him perhaps feeling proud of her. Hard one jewels that each stone was at least point seventy five carats after. Terry pretended to examine the diamonds. He pocketed them. He then warned Wanda that if she didn't pay up after the job the killer would come after her. She swore that in one month's time she would have the full two thousand five hundred dollars. Then Terry confirmed was. She sure she wanted to go through with the plan. But by now Wanda Holloway was committed. In fact she mused. She wished she had the full seven thousand five hundred dollars that way she could have both. Verna and amber done away with at once. All her problems would be solved but if she couldn't make that happen at least she could do. This much. Wando wanted the murder to take place soon before. Verna could help amber make flyers and posters for the upcoming nineteen ninety one election though the middle school had banned favors and trinkets. The high school had not Wanda was determined to take out the competition before she could buy the vote out from under Shanna. What Wanda didn't know was that her conversation was being listened to by handing over her diamonds. She had sealed her own bait just two days later on January thirtieth nineteen ninety. One Wanda was arrested. Detective Helton and Sergeant Blackwell approached the well dressed mother as she arrived home from the grocery store at that moment her chief concern was checking on Shanna before she was taken away. The officers allowed her to go inside so she could call her mother to come look after Shanna once inside her house. Wanda calmly told her daughter. What had happened? Then she changed into a more incarceration appropriate outfit removed her jewelry and went quietly. Wanda Holloway spent a full night behind bars before her husband CD was able to bail her out when she left the next morning. Wanda reportedly thanked the staff for their kind treatment. She was a good Christian after all and had been raised to observe proper civilities. But Miss Manners couldn't save Wanda from what came next on the evening of January. Thirty first word of her arrest and of the murder plot broke on the local news as channel. V residents from the revelation. Press from around. The world turned their focus to this small industrial corner of Texas. The story was to juicy to ignore while verna heath was left to wonder how Wanda could have come to her. Desperate dark decision the media par stover every tidbit. They could like Wanda now known as the POM POM MOM. They were out for blood. Work News crews camped out in the streets outside the Holloway and heath homes desperate for an interview with either of the women reporters prowled the school boundaries. Offering students fifty dollars to buy their copy of the yearbook in a time before. Social Media. It was the only way they could get their hands on photographs of the two girls. But while tabloids and respected journalists alike followed the broad strokes of the story with Rabid Fascination. They missed what was going on behind the scenes as she awaited trial. Thirty-six-year-old Wanda found herself in more legal proceedings. Justice Terry predicted. Tony had decided to seek sole custody of Shane and Shanna. One does refusal to garner counselors for the two teens showed him that she was not fit to make decisions concerning their health. Shane was legally old enough to decide. Which parent he spent most of his time with he'd already opted to see his father more than his mother. Probably because of the latter's demonstrated favouring. Shanna even still. He took part in the custody dispute. Dr Kit Harrison who performed a court order evaluation of both. Shanna and Shane diagnosed the symbiotic relationship between the mother and her children. Though Tony hoped to win sole custody Dr Harrison felt it best that neither child be deprived of access to Wanda the bond between mother and child. Especially in Shannon's case was simply too important as a result of these findings. Joint Custody was awarded. Tony could regularly take the children to a therapist but simultaneously. Wando wouldn't lose access to her kids. The one thing. Tony wouldn't budge. On was his desire for Shanna to change schools. He felt sure that his thirteen year old daughter would be made a pariah. Despite his wishes the eighth grader was determined to stay put. According to her friends she simply avoided any kind of contact with amber though she had nothing to do with the plot against ambers mother she clearly felt embarrassed about the messy affair according to Shanna herself inside the Holloway residents. It was as if the whole thing had never happened. The family didn't discuss the plot the trial or the cheerleading tryouts. Cheerleading was for the first time in years a non event for the family with fresh perspective. Shanna opted not to try out for cheerleading. In March of Nineteen ninety-one amber heath however did try out. She won her spot for the third year in a row. Meanwhile wonder had finally achieved a version of the popularity. She'd seemed to want for her daughter all along. Everyone in town new who she was and they definitely associated her with cheerleading. But it was all a topsy turvy version of the way things were supposed to have gone and they weren't about to get any better at her trial. Wanda's defense team argued that the whole scheme had been cooked up by Terry and Tony Harper as a way to steal her children. They tried to convince the jury that want is remarks about doing away with amber and Verna heath were nothing more than jokes. However when presented with the recordings the jurors were disinclined to believe Wanda's version of events as a result in September of nineteen ninety. One the jury took two and a half hours to find Wanda Holloway guilty of solicitation of capital murder. She was sentenced to fifteen years in prison. However the sentence was overturned months later due to an error in jury selection one of the original jurors had been on probation for a drug charge at the time of trial this made them ineligible to serve on a causing the sentence to be thrown out. It wouldn't be until nineteen ninety. Six that illegal resolution was finally reached. Wanda struck a deal with prosecutors. Showed plead no contest to the charges in exchange for a ten year probation sentence. This meant that for soliciting the murder of Verna Heath Wanda only spent six months behind bars before being released in nineteen ninety seven by the time she was released. Life in Channel View had returned to its steady scandal-free free rhythms in the years. Since Wanda Holloway has spoken very little about the events in addition she managed to maintain a good relationship with Shanna though. The two are nowhere near as close as they used to be as for Verna Heath. She decried the effect the plot had on the cheerleading community. It was a shame. She felt that all cheerleader. Moms were now painted as crazed women who would kill for their daughters. She said the case had nothing to do with cheerleading. It was about competition and perhaps it was also about channel view a small canalside town where football was king thus being a cheerleader method. You a queen. Perhaps in this town that reward seemed like something worth killing for. Thanks again for tuning into female criminals. We'll be back next week with a new episode for more information on Wanda Holloway. Among the many sources we used we found. Mother love deadly love by an McDonald mayor and the cheerleader murder. Plot by MIMI swartz extremely helpful to our research. You can find all episodes of female criminals and all other podcast originals for free on spotify. That only spotify already have all of your favorite music but now spotify is making it easy for you to enjoy all of your favorite podcast originals like female criminals for free from your phone desktop or smart speaker to stream female criminals on spotify. Just open the APP and type female criminals in the search bar and don't forget to follow us on facebook and Instagram. At podcast and twitter at podcast network. We'll see you next time. Female Criminals was created by Max Cutler. And podcast studios original executive producers include Max and Ron Cutler designed by J Cohen with production assistance by Ron Shapiro Carly Madden and Aaron Larson. This episode of Female Criminals was written by Joel Callan with writing assistance by Abigail Cannon. I'm Vanessa Richardson Remember. You can find new paths to positively every day of the year followed daily quote free on spotify. Or wherever. You get your podcasts.

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