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out of duty warn fatigues from all branches in the military that is exactly what you get with combat flags combat flags eggs dot com and using the Promo Code father any percentage of every sale is donated directly to stop soldiers suicides which they have donated over fifty five thousand dollars at the view and if you missed out on any action from earlier this week Jordan Belfort and the wolf of Wall Street was here on Monday episode fifty six and yesterday we had world so many of our nation's heroes such as Nick Irving it's been an absolute humbling experience for me to have the opportunity to kick in about fatherhood with some of these incredible veterans when I think about my kids growing up right dads I have an awesome guest view on this warrior Wednesday edition of the podcast Nicholas Irving is a former special operations sniper he is the New York Times bestselling author of the all right in joining me now is a first-class father he is a combat veteran who served with the elite army special there's but they're going to get a chance to hear me speak men who have been a part of history guys who have sacrificed so much for our freedom and that is very special to me next week that continues already so go and check them out combat flags dot com and use that Promo Code father and I can't say thank you enough to all of you dads out there continue to listen to each and every episode here your support is great all branches of the military and turn them into American flags they are very unique and they're going to stand out in front of your house and I who listeners can save ten percent by visiting combat down nutritionist Rob Wolf who was here for episode two fifty seven if you missed out please take a minute to flip it back and take a listen and I can't begin to tell you how awesome it is for me to speak the later in life and having kids of their own they're going to have such a treasure trove of content listen to when they hear their dad talking about fatherhood not only the famous people like Tony Hawk and Dion L. will be here with me next week I'll get into historic much more when I have mere on the podcast but it is very inspiring story so lock in for that and Friday talk about an inspiring story operations Third Ranger Battalion Seventy Fifth Ranger Regiment he is the New York Times bestselling author of both the reaper and the way of the reaper it is a tremendous honor for me to say Gene Ehrman sailor or Costa wore fatigues used to make the flag they are the real deal died so what are you waiting for visit combat flags dot com and use the Promo Code father and I the appreciated and please if you get a chance spread the word about the show here let every father India neighborhood radio contact lists know about the show celebrates Fatherhood Family Life Fatherhood Rocks Join Warrior Wednesday by Dad who sacrificed his sight his hearing and so much more when I e exploded in his face expert e od technician Erin Hayes birther he holds an impressive record for the most kills on a single deployment it is an absolute honor to have him here with me today Nick Irving will be here with me and just a few minutes so please stick around for the family values rule in every day is father's Day right here with me and I'm GonNa be right back with the reaper Nick Irving on Alex and you're listening to first glass fatherhood serving welcome to First-class Fatherhood well thank you thank you for having me on our let's start here how many kids do you have how old are they I have one one so far pretty much as soon as you know the doctor would let us let us know it was one of those things that you know I always wanted a girl but for some reason it was like the curse of the Rangers uh I'll give it one more year to make my final decision right now I'm going to say I'm going to hold off a little bit it's just it's an experience you know it's an experience something like that where all the guys were you know having daughters and stuff like that so I have a mindset on the name of a girl and how it was going to raise her and you know keeper's single until she's at least fifty and all that but went to the doctor's office and we found out we were having a boy yeah it's Kinda funny too because I have a lot of navy any is a three are turning three this November wow okay also did you guys find out what what happened with them or do you wait till the end oh I wanted to find out Iraq and Afghanistan did some private military contracting after I got out then years after that I became a New York Times bestselling author deals on the show and then so many of them have they call it the frogman curse there they have like some of them have three four daughters yeah oh yeah I have no idea why that is maybe my autobiography titled The Reaper Ri- Set a record for the most kills in combat during a single deployment in Afghanistan from unit. Yeah that's I'm too I never really had a I don't think we you know any of us have a complete understanding of time but I think you know having a child definitely definitely puts that that time perspective into much testosterone I have no idea but it's the same with our with our our unit to you guys go for anymore you wanting done oh man credible nick and you've had so many awesome experiences and wild experiences how did the experience of becoming a father kind of change your perspective on Life Oh the perspective that's what I'm all about and this going through these pictures and you know I don't remember the time of the almost three years now how fast it went by and it feels like I don't know maybe I haven't mark the time I have four children myself and my oldest is thirteen and it's one of those things where you can't help but notice how much time has passed when you're looking at your kids Oh yeah it's unreal what happened is it's all right yeah nick if you could take a minute here to hit my listeners with a little bit about your background do yeah I'm a former special operations sniper six deployments three life lessons that I've learned and vote 'em into something that I am not couldn't be are are yet to discover yeah yeah right on there and you're I think that that changed my perspective on you know the entire outlook on life you know how perceive life and what life is all about the future and Tom the way that you can kind of look at things different and and notice how how irrelevant time is and how precious it is and how fast it can go by well so yeah definitely little theories that I called them theories and stuff like that so writing has always been you know one of my I guess you know hobbies exploring the the mind I'm never you know news Polar Express you know what does that other book that he loves he loves the this book with these little cat boy and this Algal or something PJ MASKS YEAH PJ masks that's my thing yeah yeah is that something would you ever consider coming out with a the time right now it's pretty much a bunch of high fives and hugs and kisses during the daytime we do a lot of reading and stuff like that I keep them away from you know of course the military stuff I don't know if it's always gonNA feel like I haven't done enough others weigh much you know way more than I wanNA teach him and explore with them and and it was pretty much a share kept journals throughout the military and those journals kind of transitioned over to the whole book road but I think the imagination I've always my dad raised me to be that way you know in my opinion I think I should have died in Afghanistan there was a time when I came close to it and I accepted it guys did die and I you know kind of The reaper obviously you said very successful New York Times bestseller and then you transitioned into writing some fiction what was that like for you to transition from writing the autobiography and then writing fiction is that did you've always wanted to do it's always you know been I guess a thing of mine since the seventh grade wrote my first little book collage Pitcher of a from one to twelve twelve months he was born on my birthday and it's always a a weird thing I don't celebrate my birthday anymore it's all about him Jones book or something like that that's a part of my I guess creativity I haven't really explored or anything I've heard a lot and stuff like that I used to be an astronaut but I guess the way my my grades were set up in school it wasn't you know set out to be that way but where I'm at in life right now but it's just Dr Seuss the Bernstein bears stuff that I used to read growing up and we have a little Teddy Ruskin it reads to them and stuff like that eight four them I'm grateful that I'm in this position that I'm in but you know it's something that if you would've told me twenty years ago I would you know not believe it at all so I think that just to keep the go to that to that extent I don't know it would be maybe some years down the line how would maybe translate I think valuable life lessons that you know that I've learned in things that you know I wish I could go back to my old self and tell them you know you know keep dreaming dream bigger are anything's possible and we hear that a lot growing up and as you know huge imagination I remember making a a time of seaney brought home some plywood and stuff like that and in the backyard making time machines and write down all these and and you know we're supposed to be scary novel but it turned out being just a little hobby how it originally started and gotten out of that stage of wanting to explore more and create yeah that's so cool because it seems like imagination is so underrated today with all the technology we have it kind of takes away your open mind and keep exploring and and you know just keeping you I think that's one of the important lessons I think I you know I want to go back and tell kids are till my youngest only stressful more stress than I've ever felt any deployment and he'd gunfights and the waking up every two hours really you know put me in for shock I was not prepared for that had that as a kid one of the original ones and that's so cool there Oh yeah oh yeah not too many kids know about that but it's you know Bernstein Bears Dr seuss shock I didn't know what to expect I mean I almost wanted them to give me like a pamphlet or book or something like that it was you know here's your child and we had the cars he couldn't talk back it was just figuring things out as you went along so that was that was the scariest time of my life and I think the most stressful but a good stress he got in the car and we drove home and it was just it didn't feel it didn't feel real having another human being in the house and you know not knowing how to talk to them and chance to imagine oh yeah and how about as far as I like to read books to your son what is your bedtime routine look like that survival survivor's guilt I guess you WanNa call it but the things that that you know the dos lined up in my life I don't think that you know I'm I'm great wakeup feed them and do that so I think that's more that's the most Zombie I've ever felt in my life I've been awake for almost five days straight twenty bucks on the tickets on seatgeek dot com use the Promo code first class it's a slam dunk deal dad's seatgeek Dot Com Promo Code First Class Ninety dollars off their tickets on SEATGEEK DOT COM by using my Promo Code First Class that's one word first class maybe you want to see a concert or a Broadway show saved Yeah maybe fifteen fifteen would be a good age okay yeah I'm I'm a ferocious reader myself I read a book a week and I've got my kid's reading and it's it's a big party start your own podcast than I am telling you right now anchor is the easiest way to get this done number one it's free I have never paid a dime to publish any of my podcasts and their creation dot FM to get started what about as far as disciplining him now I know he's only three almost three eighteen that's about the time when I started reading going to the library reading the Old Vietnam books of special ops guys in Vietnam so around that age but so you can make money with no minimum listenership it's everything you need to make a podcast in one place what are you waiting for download the free anchor APP today or go to anchor in tools allow you to record in right from your phone or your computer anchored those all the distribution as well so it can be heard on spotify apple podcast and many more unneeded stress in my life I think definitely needed that Little Bit League Roger I think we all do next to be honest with you in the NFL season is now upon us and the Major League baseball season is winding down. There is no better time to take your kids that ballgame and first-class father who listeners can save something it's something with this hardware the vowels with skip a beat and and pause for a little bit you know he grew out of it but during that time it was a extreme I thought it was gonna be you know I heard the stories of how it was but to me he was quiet in the hospital but when we brought him home it was it was every two hours self and I told him I said you know my son to this day whether or not you know yeah that's awesome Nick and thank you for your service and I'm grateful for you and for your brothers and sisters you know driving and talking back maybe you know maybe dad has to step in and and a few times Oh yeah for right now but having a towel for those few months was it was a different experience I miss I miss certain parts of it there's something about that no matter how much you prepare yourself that I'm given so much for all of us here so thank you don't want to forget to mention and what what age would you feel comfortable with your son reading the hood is the best seat in the house all right guys many of you have hit me up saying that you would like US entire different world when it comes to patients bringing them home though he had like a little what's IT GONNA call a PVC when he was born pulmonary that special I guess that's sparking them but it's definitely times when you know he he has to a hard time out or take toys I it's a weird it's a weird thing having had dreams about having a daughter and kids and stuff like that but actually having him here it's I wanNA preserve that today is a is a snack day breakfast lunch and dinner he wants a snack and telling him no and feeding him food is it's like I don't know interrogate off and that's when you know My wife she yells downstairs hey somebody you know coming in the front door so I go outside and the guy walks back the reaper what do you think like how old you have to be before you let them read Hunt Se in his teens teenage years thirteen Mr Life here too as well so that's good to hear Oh yeah same here now being sniper did that prepare you for the patients that it takes to be a dad hear negative I started off I was sleeping I was playing guitar in the garage came inside to taking that while he was taking up my son and I heard the time on our alarm system go on well I finally got him and that's how that whole thing went down but it was one of those things that they'll my family's home and this guy is you know got a knife or whatever of our windows during we were sleeping night but called on this day he didn't see me behind this pillar of my house and he's coming up to the door he had already looked in the window the US banker a timeout guy. How do you handle that I'm a timeout guy I grew up with the spankings and you know all that stuff I think that for right now time out oh yeah yeah and talk about taking charge there I mean I've seen that post on instagram where someone tried to rob you and it's amazing to think that you've been overseas and bad guys overseas it's a lot of screaming a lot of fighting and it's just the reasoning portion of it but it's weird how how they all develop in you know on a gun battles and stuff and then your home here in the US where you feel like you're safe and then something like that were you by yourself at the time was your family you had that go down my family was inside Orw once you're in the hospital and they kind of have the little area for the baby he comes back and forth but then that leads day when they when they say here you go it's a whole different for guilty I just didn't not with my son in the House I think that's when I that line wants that line is crossed is it's you know it could have been way different I I gave it thing I've you know I've driven the streets of Baghdad and stuff like that but here stateside you're right it always feels like maybe you're not doing enough or are you doing enough and AH could've gone down way different yeah it's definitely it's definitely one of those things Nikki you know you guys come from the special operations world but just a regular civilian father our time finding a job outside and the outside workforce that are you know some of their skill sets may not be applicable as far as shooting or preventing you know to protect your family and I think that that's what keeps us DADS on our PS and QS and if the time comes you know God forbid we're prepared and up the guitar until I was contracting I bought a guitar offender and I practice playing but I had no idea what I was doing once you've been in a few of them compared to someone who hasn't been in a gunfight at all reaction is different the precision when it needs to be precise could be there wouldn't things from happening or you know that caliber I think that it would be a good choice you know definitely have it would be a better choice than having you know him you know develop a process different things and how those about getting his way but I'm a I'm definitely at a time out for right now for right now when he hits the age of the teachers armed may not have the qualifications are are certain skill sets but guys who have been in shoot outs they they process things different and I think that Justice Jimi Hendrix documentary and it was one of those things that kind of inspired me learning how you know he learned how to play he was not even taller anything's kind of self taught listening to the at the guitar down for a little bit and picked it up a few years later and you know actually sat down and gave it a crack yeah very cool what type of what do you got coming up yes I wasn't getting enough girlfriends with the violin so I went over to the piano and she had me playing in the church for a while so those were always my go-to instruments I didn't pick that'd be awesome to see Oh yeah that'd be weird to see I don't know if I would watch all of in certain parts I don't know anybody in mind that you'd like to play you in the Stock Market Convention and filming a TV show with Discovery Channel and in the hopes are ran talks right now able to to stop whatever you know threat needs to be stopped but yeah I would you know go back to the old Mr T. d.'s and just the food that will try it you know one of those things just walking down the street with our families it's Kinda like you never know if you're doing enough to try to observe and take care to make sure that you keep your family safe you know Oh yeah Oh yeah our kids school systems to keep them safe I honestly wouldn't mind at all I think that it would definitely definitely a employ a lot of guys who have portray you know I guess who I am deep down inside not necessarily you know Gung Ho you know crazy guy who just loves out down the street and makes this little like he's stalking the place and this wasn't the first time I found out later that he had been stalking and scoping

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