Hello my name is Rik Houston and welcome to the scene. Volkov cast your source all things NASCAR history presented by Q. Wear maintain excellence. I look back at some of the things I've said and did I'd probably had to whip that guy's ass. I'm just telling Bobby didn't live. I didn't live. And Bobby put me in oil on the first lap of the race. He wanted me to drive their car. She got essentially. What did you tell them? I said I told my what interesting she said. You turn his car right down David Pearson. He was running second. I left him and I thought I I'm sure now. Did they. Day Nascar and all associated in any way when asked forget it's passed today. We don't have any hello. I'm Steve weighed in. My name is recused in welcome to the scene. Bought podcast presented by Q. Where N Steve? I gotta ask. Did you have a chance to see? You mean that are racing event from north spread on Sunday. I sure did I car. Good part of it. I tell you what that computer simulation stuff is at on real man. I mean that was North Ball and the day a really was on town. You some of the shots that they showed. It was just like being there. I'm ask you that. Press box. The view of the media parking lot where I spent my longest night. Ever the view of the back gate where I kinda sorta maybe almost proposed Janey that brought back a lot of memories. And that's what the deal is for that. North Wilkes for effort on our racing was pretty special again. Everybody else's thanking junior for doing it but I'm GonNa add my two cents in sight. That was a awesome awesome projects. It really was. I think that entire I racing series has been entertaining for the fans and certainly a lot of them got into it and a lot of the drivers have to no question about it now. Have you seen the nineteen eighty seven cars that they've added? They've added that not to ninety seven Chevy Monte Carlo. And they've also added the nineteen eighty seven or thunderbird the examples that they showed were painted like Dylan hearts not take eighty seven car and bill Elliott Zapped in a seven. I saw that I saw that. Very impressive now. Is All this enough to make you sign up for racing and made you start racing each other. I don't think so I would like to try it. I'm laying offender to you buddy. You Go Right Ahead S. O. Steve this week in our first segment you and I talked to Darrell Waltrip for it was almost two hours. I think right at an hour and forty five minutes. We talked to him resume. I'M GONNA be honest with you. I'm still not sure that we even scratched the surface but do hey was such a huge part of this for for so many years stay. What was your impression of the interview? I'll tell you why I think there'll enjoyed I really do. I think had a ball talking about his past and all the things that have been involved in and he was very forthcoming very honest. Very candid. no-holds-barred whatsoever. I thought I enjoyed the conversation very much and I could see it. Steve in the first segment of the interview that we did he talks about getting started in the sport he talks about a relationship that he had with but more he talked about his talkative ways and out sometimes that got him into a little bit of trouble and finally he did talk about daugaard and his relationship with them and finally we did discuss his nineteen seventy nine championship and just follow. Short to Richard Petty in that deal and that was a very very interesting year for Darryl nineteen seventy nine. It was a chance for him to win a championship and with guard. Now I say that because watch his later relationship with was like wasn't remotely as competitive or as friendly as it was seventy nine Steve then in our second segment. We're going to go back to the July twenty first. Nineteen seventy seven issue of grand national saying that was one of the very first issues very very early on in Grand National Saint Story Darryl one in a crazy finish Nashville. It was almost as crazy as like spades nineteen eighty Arca races toner and then afterwards. Let's just say that Grand National Same Founder and publisher Rob Griggs was not happy with Darrell Waltrip. After the rice good grief Man Lee made that very plain but I will say it now ahead of time what rob wrote back then was exactly how many people were thinking about. Darrell at that time. Well I think it speaks to WHO Darryl was at the time in the late nineteen seventies. He really did some people off where him he came across as the Muhammad Ali racing. No question about it and that did not sit well but a lot of fans but as we learn they'll plan and maybe that plan went a little bit too far and he did speak to that and so that was a good part of the interview and stay finally this week. We've actually had a pretty good wake on patriotic way. Have New support from David Light Edwin Turner and Jeffrey Jones. So David Edwin Jeffrey. Thank you for becoming a part of the TAME. Thank you for becoming a part of our support network. Who helped make this podcast in the Youtube Channel? Everything that we're trying to do. Thank you for helping. Make that possible so supports on. Patriots supports on paper support key where are presenting sponsor and support? Ryan Caleb again just like our patrons supporters Q. Wire Eric Bryan Kehl speedway screens. They help make this podcast possible in way. Do truly appreciate that. Now if you WANNA help us on Patriots on you can do that at Patriotair Dot Com Slash. The same podcast. Or if you'd rather just do a one time show support. You can do that at pay. Pow DOT NI slash the same podcast? W You ran your first several cup races in nineteen seventy to nineteen seventy three. Was there a specific moment or race when you felt like you've made it in the sport or was that something that developed over Tom? Well I I tell you what was amazing I had that mercury. I bought that mercury from home in a moody. I didn't know at the time. It was sixty nine mercury when I bought it from home and Moody. I didn't know until Jake. Yoder came to work for me that it was actually the car That Mario Andretti had won the Daytona. Five hundred in it started out. Its life as a sixty seven fairlane of course back in those days you just put a different body on it or update the body or whatever so I bought it was sixty nine mercury Iraq that I took it over to Hutcheon Pagan and they turned it into seventy-one mercury cyclone like the woods brothers run in my first race was Talladega. People always say well. Why did you choose Talladega but calls? That's when we got the CORDEN car was ready to go expirations. Donald WE WENT TO TALLADEGA. Which ironically was the last place at the Holman Moody had run car with a guy named Ralstonia believers name was qualified third or fourth. And something happened to the car and they fell out of the race but anyway bought the car. Day Jake Yoder. I rented him from letting pagan he was working over there. he'd been pettis. They came and work on the shop at Hudson Pagan. Anita somebody to help me. So they cuts in. Bik Car for me. Put Seventy one body on me said Jake a car jake's crew. He's been cruelty. Why don't you take him with you and help you stay out of trouble a great so jake is my crew cheap? We go to Talladega. I gone down to. I lived My father-in-law lived in Kentucky. My sponsor was terminal transport. Which was the company that fallen in Laws Company owned trucking outfit out of Georgia Hall cars and stuff you carve out of out of Detroit Shied Terminal Transport on the car. I'd gone down to the local Law had gone down to the local owes mobile dealer and bought me. A truck is a it was a coffee. Maxwell House coffee trucks and no line truck it did you know international as was kind of a piece of crap but you know it worked for what I needed. And so I- load everything I had in the back of that truck. I I jake air. We roll up the back door. And Jake looks in the back of the truck or she tools going down to western auto. This no lie with Western auto when Owens borough and bought a small Senate in two things. I thought we'd need and I had does from tires that had come with the car and I had no spare I had. I had no spare parts and in J I thought he was just GonNa leave me right there. Just turn around walk away. But he's all right. Well we're we'll we'll deal with it so loaded. The car got to tech. Everything went fine guide into racing. You may St Prime members as I don't know ricky may not that particular race was erased when goodyear at this added instead of running the slick race. The tire that they've been running their. They came with a treaded tire like they ran everywhere else well. That traded tire turned out. To be a problem. The Guys Could Petty Pearson House. All those guys. They run about ten laps. Tired of blow to pieces become a part. The car I had an tired I had four the car. Where the old Talladega slicks so? That's the tires we add. And Jake was mad about that from the get-go you're never going to be competitive around those higher tarver junk. Nobody's running those tired. All the good guys are on and treaded tire said. That's all I got it. I can't afford to buy anything. We're going to have to run these so two guys had those same tires. May and James Hilton. We Start and I I. You know I'm a rookie. I don't know anything I mean. I've been raised in Nashville Salem. All it short track I'm Talladega two point. Six Miles superspeedway never saw track that big of my life. So what the hell not doing here. But anyway they start to race in the first thing you know mavs passed passed David Pearson. Richard I pass Buddy Baker pre wrong with these guys up. Jake you gotta remember something that Jake had a really bad reputation for being known as cheater so my first thought was well. I guess because I know we must not have a plate. They must select restrictor plate off. This motor no way I could be passing. Those guys is easy. I didn't know they were having Dr. Dre join away. I ended up in Hilton James Hilton. End Up in a heck raise Probably could have won that race if I had engine trouble at Lakeway said engine trouble. Hilton went on the one to race and I left there thinking. This is a piece of cake. I mean I go to my first race. I'm passing the big stars I could have won this race. I Many I'm not waiting. So seventy two was really kind of a good year. We WE JAY CAN I. He came to work for me and we we ran I think six or seven is Charlotte in a fall race. The third at Nashville so the car. I had the engines. I hadn't everything I had at the time. We're pretty good and of course I'm young and what you don't know you don't know and I'd get out there and you know I got I l and in it pretty well. So seventy two was a great start and not the this exactly what I needed. This is built my this. What my whole life. I've been building up for this moment or this being in the Winston Cup series racing with the big stars of proven I can get can compete a boy. Am I gonNa have myself a ball? Well little did I know that was just a typically iceberg. Seventy three I got a a look if I'm talking too much but if I if I I was always can always consider myself out sadder not when I came into the sport. My family and none of my family raised. I wouldn't earnhardt. I wouldn't have jared. I would a baker. I wasn't any of those father. Son accented previously. You know been in his to help build a sport so I'm an outsider. I grew up in Bro Kentucky. I lived in Franklin Tennessee I show up You know and and nothing can pretty hot stuff. 'cause I a couple of track championships in Nashville. I'm the guy to beat when you come to Nashville so I'm pretty proud of what I've done. Pretty proud of myself and People always said well. You sure talked about yourself a lot. What is afraid you're going to so I had a bad habit of shad. Kim Shadwick Stephen. Does I know late times. France wanted me to go out to Ontario APP. We Race Ontario. One big Lou out there L. A. And Have Dinner Chadwick. And I'll never forget this. Stephen Our just talking about this yesterday in. I WanNa make a good impression because this guy's like one of the best riders in the country La Town. I mean it's kind of cool older fella so we're having dinner and I sit down and I guess I'll probably never shut up like now in so he finally talked. We talk we talk and he asked me one question and I don't I think it's only time. Yes yes when questions I propose. We sat for a long time and finally. I stopped in east offer. We looked at each other and he said. Can I give you a little advice? I said you go ahead. Everybody else does You Know How could take some advice? You said you talk too much I do. You should talk until you get yourself in trouble. He said you need to learn how to answer the questions. And that's all and don't add on or ad Lib or any of those that they seem to be pretty good at just. Enter the questions and you'll be a whole lot better off. I wish I had listened to him. I wish take an ED advice. But you know me young and dumb and felt like I had had to prove myself all the time and I did talk a lot I will. I will admit that but I have to say that. He said I talked a lot. But you gotta remember. Those other guys didn't talk any through struck as you call it. Good a hey think you do too. I do I you know they were. They were one liners. That was it but I had a tendency though you know. Never let the truth standard way a good story. That's how I don't know if I didn't I didn't even know what question has forgot but anyway you answered it. I got the mercury. That's when I went to data and that was the beginning of my career Daryl nineteen seventy-three. You did run a handful of races for Bud Moore later in the season. Did you go on end that that was going to be a limited deal or were you may be hoping for a more long term program with them? Yeah I thought Agana thought I'd you know I thought well this is but more famous car builder. Or Bobby Isaac have been driving. The car. Bud was in with Ford Motor Company. And so when buddy wanted me to drive his car I thought well this is a great opportunity. I've been looking for. I don't have to spend more money. I can go grab somebody else's car and And and hopefully things will work out but told me when I went to drive the car thinking stay power which. I don't know what that was. Some oil added That that was a temporary sponsor but said to me he said if we can find a sponsor for you for next year. Then we're going to run you next year while I was I was so happy about the added excited But things didn't work out at all with being bud We were totally opposites. I had a tendency to kind of know what I wanted. What I liked what I did. Like and Bud. Which just he was the same way. Don I'll give you a good example. Bobby Isaac been driving a car. Bobby's pretty small guy. I go down to buds to get to get fitted up in the car. To go to Darlington. That was our first race. Southern five hundred in I get an I try to get in a car. Can't get into seat I. The seat is little. It's a real narrow and it's real tight and I can barely squeeze into it and I told. Let us a Boeing changes. See only when you watch. Not Big enough. Bobby was futile bigger smaller. Man I just can't get myself back in. I'm not comfortable. Will you're going to have to learn to become seacoast. Ford Motor Company spent thousands of dollars for Nazi got the LUMBAR support. It's got visit got that and I see this going to have to deal with that. See I saw all right. I'll do it so we get to see. I get kind of halfway comfortable in it. Then I gotTa have attics helmet head radios in it. I didn't have radios so I got this helmet. I'm a seven and a three eight seven and a half. This is seven and a quarter helmet. So I'm trying to get his helmet on my innocent. But I'm I'M NOT GONNA be able to use help. What are you talking about? It's just a little tighter than fit good. I get it down. Should we just GONNA learn how to deal? That helmet. Kozak Helmet has got the radios in it. And I got to be able to talk to you okay. Okay so now I gotta see that don't fit an I got a helmet. That's giving me a headache and any done out on the track yet and I got blood more and you know. Blood Steve. Does I know. Oh Yeah Yeah. He was out before I am millette garage yet awesome. I'd say he's about how to drive the car. Where to run on the track Bible Blah Abbad? Never just so we get we qualified. Second I think bobby was on PO. Allison I think I will second or third for anyway. I WANNA outside. Blood grabbed me by the collar. Like we did back in the day and he should or listen to me. Don't you go in at third turn on outside anybody? I said okay. He said you go. You go in at third turn on outside of somebody they'll put you in the wall. I said okay. Okay I got it. Don't go on outside of anybody in the third term. I got it so we come around. Dropped a green flag and we go down to extra away. And I'm Sabah's bobby else and I'm thinking you'll he'll the he's gotta live. I'M GONNA drive in his corner and he's GonNa live in. I'm going to swoop down in front of him. Don't go going outside anybody in that third term. I'd already been lectured about that. Well guess what Bobby didn't lift and I didn't live in Bobby. Put me in oil on the first lap of the race. How did that work out? That was the way. That was my relationship with Bud Moore. It never got much better than that. We wrecked a COUPLA. We blew up a couple of times at a couple. Pretty good pretty good racist by the way. I don't know if you remember this or not not probably created the biggest fire. Yes rich. Bennett racing at Richmond. Baxter price on out by first second third lap of the race. I'm following Bobby's allison leading the race. I'm running second going down to back and I'm all over the back of Bobby. We get into third four. Turn and bobby turns onto peer road. What is wrong with that? Big Dummy. Well what was wrong with him? Where's the car sitting cross ways to track? It was baxter price. I nailed him and when I did. I mean exploded at fire. Cars crash cardinal bar. Every I mean it's like scared me to death. I've never been a barber four and you know what was the worst part but more on the radio BAUGH. We'll get out of that car. Get that Damn radio you back over here. It's a blessing to get out of live radio before we get out. I later on but it became great friends. I love but more but that was not a good experience for. Dwi well after that. We're actively looking for another ride or were you tend to run your own stuff. I just went I went back and Regrouped in In seventy four. Got My team back together with Harry had and the Keihin K. Team. They had folded so. I had a lot of really really good people. Robert G. With Pie fabricator. Bodyman Jake was my crew. Chief Larry Reagan Ray Fox was doing a junior was doing her engines. We're all bracing Outta Robert Shop. Their own husband road and started up to seventy FOUR SEASON WITH MON team in cars in In actually went it went really well for underfunded team. See that was. That was the other thing because my father-in-law was a prison in Texas gas. Whereby thought I had a lot of money in so they didn't know how how struggled to make it how I had right at a write bad checks and borrow money. I pay Jay on Friday and borrow the money back on Monday. It was just it was it was it was a it was a terrible situation. I found myself in had I could run with these guys. I could beat these guys but I didn't have the money to keep up with these guys. They didn't have deep pockets. And so the seventy four we started to seventy five season and I was struggling man. I had no money I was broke. huggins would filming. Less brisk blessed huggins guys. They took your Omeday gave me. They let me have tired. Pay Him when I could get cussin' help me a bunch. A lot of people helped me Robert G I I mean I could have made it without Robert. And Jake and that whole crowd but Along the middle of seventy five. I think you probably remember this I I ran really well. And that's when digordon come on the scene with Donnie Allison and Donny was drafted for dagger they were based detente in. I never forget. This is fourth of July race Daytona in on the last lap to finish third. Four and Bill Gardner was so upset with Donnie. That he let me pass him. I'm underfunded. I'm a rookie. I don't know anything. He spending all this money. He's got this veteran. Donelson in Tennessee. Blow by on the last happen finished. He fired Johnny on the spot. And I didn't know all this until later so stephen I'd her mom and dad had a house down in Vero Beach Florida so we left Daytona and went to zero spent a couple of days down there came back up to Daytona to pick up my check in stopped in Daytona Office. They said have you seen Jim? Gardner said only know? Jim Gardner is well. That's built orders brother in. They're for you assume they are looking for me. Ought what did I do know they want to hire you? They to hire me. Are you kidding me? I'm better they are. I got a better car. They do outrun 'em every week. I. I don't think I'm going to be. I don't I'm not interested so well. Just know Jim Gardeners looking for would you believe Steve? You know how these things go. Stephen are gonNA drive back from Daytona to Charlotte. We stopped in a gas station to get some gas and guess who was in the same gas station. Gm Gardner was he really Joe. He said where have you been? We've been trying to get in touch with you. We WanNa hire you. I said well I'm not interested. Should you're not interested? I said none. I got a pretty good team. Things are starting to work. Pretty good for me. You guys got a lot of problems. Mario Rossi was ended guy. Good Man I love Mario. But you know had a lot of injury problems. Anyway we get in our cars and we leave the gas station and Steve is in the car she said. What did he want US said? Is Bill Garner brother? He wanted me to come drive their car She got all excited. So what did you tell them? I say Optima when interested. She says you turn his car around right now. Are you crazy? You gotta go drive for them next? We don't have any money we're broke. We're week to week and you could go draft for somebody else and you don't worry about all that so anyway. We talked about all the way back to Charlotte and I got to Charlotte and call him. And I said you know I thought that over and Actually I'm pretty interested. So the middle of seventy five. I went to drive for Dagger Yard. And then I stayed there through the Indus seventy five. We got the GATORADE deal and Moved team from Daytona to Charlotte robbery as came to work for us. Lot of buddy pair at David F like good people and and once again we were rolling in twenty nine races almost seventy nine driving for them and it was a tumultuous relationship but we had good people had good cars good motors but I just I didn't. I wasn't happy there I wanted to get it. I wanted to get away from there and things just didn't work out wasn't bills. Fall when gems fall. But nobody's fault. We just weren't meant for each other back up a little bit. You got your first win in. May Have Seventy five right Nashville right bigger deal. Was that for you and Nashville. Well of course everybody. That was my home track. I do track championships. There I'd want about sixties seventy. I don't know a lot of feature races. So that was my home track I'd WanNa Usak Racer a USAK stock car racer be all the big stars Johncock onshore. I don't know a whole bunch of them are here for that race Hartmann. That was all all the hot shots from USAK. Oh we WANNA use race there and then that race was so fun because it was mother's Day weekend one of my all time favorite pictures Is Victory Lane in Stadion? I and and Jay Could Robert all my team and Michael. My little brother. He standing down or left front corner of the CAR GOT TO KIKI HAIRS. Hairdo and in that was my first win and I was so happy because my grandmother had taken me to races when I was six years old and owns earl. Her favorite driver was Jesse Spencer. I was a big juicy Spencer Fan and so my grandmother took me to a lot of races before I started raced and this oh it was so gratifying and so felt so good that my grandmother my grandfather Mom Dad. My whole family were there and it was mother's Day weekend and we won that race and the next day we went over to the park and had a big cookout and you thought I wanted to Daytona five hundred which it kind of felt like that but that was my first win and in one on never forget. Dwi have always considered Stevie to be one of the classiest women who ever stepped foot in the NASCAR garage. And you've already mentioned the fact that you like to talk and it. There were times that you made people mad with what you were saying. There was the whole Kale Jabre jaws that there was Richard Petty. There was Bobby Allison all those years when you would say something that made somebody mad. What were the conversations with her light once? You got home while she like. Daryl what were those conversations line usually when before I got home? I can't tell you how many times I'll be doing interview and I'd be all about something. Cheapie standard over in the background. I could see her and she'll be shaking. Her hand is shaking. Her head said No. No No. Don't say that. Stop Stop now. But I couldn't help myself. I you know I always feel like I was a little fish in a big sea In show I figured out or not and I kind of knew that the media was my best friend If if the litter and I mean and I don't mean this in a bad way but the other guys they really didn't have they didn't talk They they didn't have opinion about anything. They were all scared of NASCAR. They were afraid to be too outspoken. And I didn't really care you know figure what the Hell Am. I may or may not be here forever. I just don't know and so I always felt like the best way for me to make Pe- make people know who I was Was was talk to the media and so You know an immediate knew that and it was. You Know Wade Higgins and in catch down her Winston Salem. Yeah Yeah Mo- her album with all you know we'd always go play. They play cards and Jake and Herbert Bud. The play cards with them so the media was my friends. And and so I. I used a media a lot To Send messages sometime. I'd send a message to tailor Richard or Bobby or whomever and sometime. I'd send a message to France Junior. He'll kill bobby rich and those guys that were calling me but now bill France would call you on their forget. So we're somewhere I don't know. They made a rule and it was directly related if something that affected me and I was so upset about it Monday. More not get on a phone. Not Calling often called Bill Francis off the phone bill. I WANNA know who the Dome Ass was at made that rule. He said you're talking to him so anyway. I I didn't mean when I look back on my career and I look back at some of the things I said did. I probably had to whip that guys asked. I'm just telling you because it just it. A lot of things were they. It was obnoxious sometimes over the top and I regret sometimes some of the things I said. Are I never did anything on the racetrack with bad? It's just mostly off the track comments. I'd make earnhardt or you know somebody that they were probably in hindsight not the right thing to do. But that's who I was. Well Daryl let you know something there media back then you exactly what you're doing and we it loved it. You know you know like Richard Bobby Day or whoever wins the race and the headlines were be Waltrip said I man they are athletes that we call good copy and you were good copy. We went looking for you but back the raising a nine hundred seventy seven had a really good year without. It turned out to be the best at that point. Six wins fourth in the standings. Hey relationship with the garbage might not have been all that good. But what was the difference here? We moved when I when I went to work for them When when I start to them they were based in Daytona. Bill garnered do nothing outracing a hand his son in brother-in-law. Press Ero and think it's how you said that's where the died. Deanna Guard Gardner Dot Dot precip. So and Gardner. They combined to make so and and A had a wreck and he think he ended up in a coma or something happened to him so he he was. He couldn't be involved with the race team and build sort of inherited the race team and bill. He knew nothing. Bill was a banker. He was a businessman from new from Connecticut. So I didn't know a lot about this sport and and so he thought being in Daytona because that's where the headquarters is at a race team it need to be near the headquarters and so we had a shop down on venture boulevard. They did a few blocks from the NASCAR offices. He thought that was a big advantage. I thought that was a big disadvantage. Personally I wanted to get away from his. I couldn't sell in most cases I needed some breathing room but anyway so I went to work pullman Mario Rossi Guy Robert Jason. I become good friends. I convinced Gardner that all the way we're ever going to be successful and we gotta move to Charlotte because that's where all the car at all. The people are Edward. That's hub we need to get out of Daytona. We were we were a day. We were a day or two behind. Every time we went somewhere we'd have to drive from Daytona to wherever Darlington Charlotte. It didn't matter where we went. We were always like a day behind an to get the car there and then had to get the car home and had so our truck was on the road all the time I just. It just wasn't working out so we bought a a shop over by the Charlotte Airport near home in a moody and That's when all the good people is when buddy paired they would j robbery duckie new. I mean we had. We had some good people and seventy seven. We moved and things picked up started. Winning races had a pretty good year in seventy eight seventy nine hours our year. we to build Garner's credit. He gave us everything. We needed To win that championship and a only problem was I- short-circuited a couple of times and it may be. You know we had some things happen that we shouldn't happen that we could've avoided bobby wreck. Wilkspur on Iraq myself at Darlington. I had a huge point lead over Richard In. I was so I was so determined to beat Richard Petty and beat all those guys you know let you know what Rick Flair said to be the man. You gotTa beat. The man will that that was. That was how I felt the only way I'm ever going to be respected in this orders. I I gotTa beat these guys. I gotTa beat good and I ended up beating myself and in Dhahran and Darlington really was the worse race. Southern five hundred Pearsley driving. I think EARNHARDT's car are somebody in a laughing with fifty laps ago David Pearson the Silver Fox. The King Darlington and I laughed at him. He was running second and I laughed and I go back I am. I'm voice has done buddy. David F are screaming at me on radio. You CACTUS slow down. You'RE GONNA WRECK YOU'RE GONNA hit. You got to back off not an never forget. I cannot ask you two knuckleheads. Leave me alone. I know what I'm doing. In about two laps later in the wall in so that was Kinda demoralizing Because Kinda did it to myself so I made it. It was the best thing that ever happened. It was the worst thing at the time. But turn out to be the best thing because I made a commitment that day after that race I was never going to beat myself again because I didn't nobody beat me. I beat myself so I I wrote it on my dash pd about. I've had ever out could look I should. I would don't beat yourself. And how many guys would we do that through the years and that was a good lesson for me and Richard? Won That Championship by eleven points. in it taught me a good lesson. Hello Seen Ball podcast listeners. This is Eric Quinn from Q. Where again I just want to say. Thank you for listening to the PODCAST. Rick and Steve and the wonderful interviews. They've been doing with the folks from Nascar the drivers crew chiefs the people that made it all happened over the Qa and we are very proud to be a part of this podcast and being able to bring to you especially at a time when you have limited entertainment options. We hope that you're enjoying it. And we hope that you get a chance to check US OUT AT QA CMS DOT COM Q. Wears one of the most powerful simply use computerized maintenance management systems on the market for your facilities maintenance team whatever Your Business Czechoslo q? Where CMS DOT COM? We're here to help your team. Maintain excellence from all of us at Q. Where we hope that you and family stay safe in health. Now let's get back to the PODCAST. Thanks for listening stave. You touched on it. A little bit in the intro. But tell me about the Darrell Walker. That you knew back in the nineteen seventies at. I didn't know much about it. But eventually we started listening to what he was saying. He was all he was always talking. And I'll tell you what it was the easiest thing for variety to accept. They thought that he was just twisted. The nose of their established stars of the day a David Pearson Petty. Bobby Allison it was totally different from those guys. Those guys out fairly good talkers but they weren't as outlandish in the way they spoke and subjects that covered as there was. Nah To me. Dale became one of my go-to guys. You Sir yeah. It was very simple issues of the day I'll k. Let's get information about the issues of the day. I personally go to Richard Petty. No doubt about it. Then you go to jail and where Richard would save four five six senses. You get four five six paragraphs daryl. I really thought it was kind of a breath of fresh air in racing. I thought he had the ability to stir up controversy sure but he also had the ability to give solid opinions on the subject of the day. Now the store that he told about shaft click setup for us who shove glick and why that was an important contact. Not only for Darryl but for NASCAR's well Oh. Yeah that's because Shabby glit- was the racing writer for the Los Angeles Times. It was very well established and very well respected. He Cup are not only portions of NASCAR races. Such as Daytona five hundred riverside at that time and th- and Ontario things like that but he also covered several indycar outrageous including the Indianapolis five hundred so he was a well known and well respected writer with a major newspaper. Now you can study the effect that could have on Daryl getting up with a writer of that status and of course anytime NASCAR can get it set up in Los Angeles Times at that time that was tremendous for them too. So is a natural makes now Steve. Sure. You probably don't remember this but I was not able to go to the Busch series banquet in the year two thousand and so saying actually La Shaft Glick to cover the Bush series banquet for that year in Mama took a reporter of shaft glick stature to replace recused now I think I don't I can recruit saved money. That's all save if nothing else doing this. Podcast is helped. Keep Me Unbel- enchant did till a barrel. That he talked too much in that he kept talking until he got himself. In trouble. Darryl's response I think says a lot. I wish I'd listened to it. Well I'm Kinda Glad Daryl didn't because it has been a lot more colorful with Daryl. Along was that just a personality trait of Daryl's he tended to talk a lot was it. Maybe even a nervous habit. Or was that something that you think. He intentionally cultivated on his own as a direct opposition to David Pearson's and the Richard Petty's all day. Both where what I mean is I think he realized by being the kind of self loading talker that it was. It was gaining attention and he needed to do that. He's thought because these up against all these story legends in the sport and to make his way forward in the sport it aside well I better Biz talk and make myself note now. The other half of that equation is that he was a natural talk. And the reason I know this it because as sat down with one time. I didn't WanNa talk racing all I just wanted him. Tell me something about his youth. Back in Owensboro Kentucky hit a time and he told his terrific story of drag rating on the street Borough Kentucky and then when the cops showed up they weren't drag races they were just standing around getting the wreak to drag race. They all appeared before a judge and of course tales case is going to be no. We weren't drag racing. We were standing around. Well he told a buddy of his who was going to be on the stand. Just go up there and say we weren't going to drag race. We were just standing around and I said okay. I'll do it so the guys on the stand and the lawyer. The prosecuting lawyer comes up to him and says son. You know what perjury is. A guy says no sir he said perjury is lying to the court and you can go to jail for it and the guy said he did it. We've got to do it there. But the next year riding around on the moped. Tell me that story. Though means he was a natural talker rattle talker who used as skill to his advantage. Stave Lake speed talked about his issues with Bud Moore in last week's episode. But to be honest with you I was Kinda thinking. That was bud in his lighter years when the team was kind of winding down. Its tenure in the sport but this week. Darrelle talked about his relationship with bud. And let's just say it was my way or the highway back. Then in the early nineteen seventies when he was still pretty much at the top of the sport while the situation was not a really good one for. Darryl because you just said it bud was at the top of his game back. Fan and bud had been around for a lot of years and he was not about to change his ways for this kid. Okay that's data was beckoning but in his own mind and he was right about. This probably thought I forgot more about raising. This kid really knows right now. So I'm not gonNA listen. Yeah well as a case in Point Daryl has to use Bobby Isaac seat and helmet and neither fading and when he tells bud about it. Buzz Line. Tough DEAL. Yeah. That's right that's right and that's exactly what I was talking about. Bud had his ways set and he wasn't going to do anything differently for a kid will richmond. September third not taste three. Richard Petty Wins by two laps overkill. Yarborough and Darryl mentioned this race because it was the rice where there was this big wreck early in the race and he winds up in a far in thinking about that race. I did go back and looked at some of the stats. It was the seventh straight win for Richard at Richmond. The Senate as incredible incredible and going all the way back to the spring of nineteen sixty seven through the spring of nineteen seventy five. Richard Petty won twelve of that track. Seventeen Cup races at Richmond. All about it instead of. Here's a trivia for you Richard. Second win in that epoch. Run was held on September the Tenth Nineteen Sixty seven the day before yours truly was born man. That was as long in the accident. Itself Baxter price was making the first start of his Winston Cup career and on the fourth lap. He spun off. Turn four Darrell Wells into him. Dick Brooks Hits Him and ruptures the fuel tank and there's this huge fire that completely blocks track nasty. When I was working for the newspaper. In North Wilkspur the journal Patriot the editor. At the time Charles Williams had been at that rice and he had just this phenomenal sequence of photos that he had taken kind of framed on the wall is so I remember though so very vivid. That's kind of one of the reasons why Look back at this race but in all of that but more calls on the radio and says Daryl before you get out of that car very good that radio I don't want it to burn well and I'm like holy cow man. That was serious now. Steve One of the knocks on day. W in those early days was the fact that his father-in-law Stevie stat was the president of Texas gas in his company actually owned Terminal Transport. Which was daryl sponsor in those early days? So the knock on. W was that. He was rolling in money and that he was living off his father-in-law but evidently that wasn't exactly the case. Darryl did talk about being broke writing bad checks paying jake crowder on Friday and then having to borrow it right back on Monday so I I think that the rich kid perception was there but as his career progressed he started having some success. He proved himself bail. You know those early days. I never got the impression that Darryl was rolling in the money because to me I mean he really had a shoes during operation. If you could see it up against some of the other powerhouse teams it was just minuscule and the guy was rolling in money. I'll come. He was operating on such a slight budget. As impression I got stay then they go to Daytona in July. Nineteen seventy five. And Darryl Passes Donnie Allison on the last lap for fourth place. And when we talked to Donnie. He said that he got fired. The very next day and was told by the gardeners that they didn't think hey could still win. Now that's Donnie side of the story. But on Daryl's part Daryl came back to the track to pick up his check in he was told. Jim Gardner is looking for him. And the guard wants to hire him as they're dropping. And Darryl Darrell. He's like well. My tastes better tatum. All the time and basically dismisses it so then he stayed take off to Charlotte and when they stop for Gas. Jim Garner is actually at the very same gas station. Thank fate trying to tell their where you know what he's not listening because GM makes his pitch right there and Darryl tells him that he's not interested again going up the road. Stay be acid. Been off into. I was telling Jim Gardner zones the eighty eight car and I told him he wasn't interested and Stevie says turned his car around right now so maybe she was getting a little tired of seeing her husband struggle like he had been so one thing leads to another and he does go to drive for Dai Guard rising number eighty eight car the very famous gatorade on car in stay when that team was going well. It went really really really well very well. Absolutely one of the COMET TEAMS IN NASCAR. I think sometime between seventy eight and say eighty one with Darryl. Was there paired up. All right you got you gotTA Die Guard. Starting out and starting to good has a good personality organ. No question about that. Then you Got Daryl. Up and coming rising star. You're mash the two of them together. What happened for the next three years or so? That Garden Daryl became one of the top organizations in Nascar as well as they were doing on the race track and winning all the races that they were winning and come so close to the championship. But not seventy nine beginning in nineteen seventy seven. There were rumors that Darryl was looking. Elsewhere nineteen seventy eight. We've talked about it on a previous podcast. He had all but a done deal to go to dry for Harry. Rainier was the calls. What was the overall calls of all that drama was Darryl's personality was it the gardeners management style or what was the cause of that eruption? What you just said right there. Both those things right there daryl style on track with one thing but darryl did not sit still when he thought things could be improved and he also didn't like it much when he thought is suggestions and plans for. The team were largely ignored now. The gardeners were strictly businessman. In my opinion they will always looking toward the bottom line and I think that that had its way of distracting. What was going on because if things went wrong. And the Gardner didn't like how the bottom line was looking. They did not hesitate to take action. That means somebody gone Steve Again. We have talked about the nineteen seventy nine championship. Run Between Richard Daryl. Before en- Daryl actually said that he felt like he be himself when he had lapped the Field Darlington but then he slapped the wall. Trying to it was going to locate in buddy parent was on the radio trying to tell him to slow down. Take it easy little bit. And they're always like I'm the one driving this car on. Do you WANNA do. Pas My point I ask my point exactly is Dave. Darryl did say that that specific incident in the nineteen seventy nine southern five hundred actually helped him in the long run because it was at that point where he became so focused on not bathing himself and Darryl was not known as an Dale Earnhardt. Tie a hard charge. It was very collected on the right track very calculating on race truck. Yeah that was his style and he was very good at by the way but what he learned at Darlington about not beating himself was a very valuable lesson. And that's one thing about good drivers. Good drivers learn lessons from what happened to them on track bad drivers our drivers who don't make it are stubborn and don't change your ways when they need to. That's the difference. I Darren did a lot of learning over the years not only on the right track but authorize track. I don't think there's any question about it. The older he got the Miller he got and he was still still. It was still that very calculating driver. Stay Follow Brian. Caleb on instagram twitter at speedway screens and check out his inventory at speedway T S J dot its dot com stave this week. Brian had another got a Banner Week. He had some more Dick trickle stuff. He added Dick trickle. Shirt OR TO HEAD. Dick trickle capper to posted some Martin will steinway memorabilia. I'm telling you man if I had all the money in the world our by Brian out forget about the sponsorship of the podcast I would be paying him all this stuff that he has its own. I can't say I blame you whatsoever. So again followed Brian Kale on instagram and twitter at speedway screens and check out his inventory at Speedway T. S. dot oetzi dot com that speedway T S J dot oetzi Dot Com. That's E. S. Y. DOT COM Stay the July twenty first. Nineteen seventy seven issue of Grenache for say that was our six issue ran. Yes the sixth issue ever so that publication was still very wet behind the ears but there was a lot to talk about in this issue. So the fish order of the nineteen seventy seven Nashville. Four twenty is one of the craziest. I ever seen period ended discussion bar. None the guy. Dave are you ready for this? Okay okay there were thirty cars in that event and to finished on the lead Lap Cuckoo Marlin at Frank Warren finished eleventh and twelfth respectively. And they both finished four hundred one laps not tain laps down to Rice Winter Dr Walker S in different area codes. Okay now daryl finished a lap ahead of second-place bobby ouse- who is a lap ahead of third-placed Richard Petty who is a lap ahead of fourth-placed Carol Yarborough who is a lap ahead of fifth-placed Dick Brooks and stay other than Cuckoo and Frank Warren. Every single driver in that event were on different laps. Guy That is just a crazy finish order. They came the finish of the race. Okay now Baxter surprise who had triggered that accident at Richmond that we discussed in the previous segment. Hey Spun in turn to with five laps to go. Okay Oh Baxter right yeah. That kind of thing happens then with three laps to go. The green flag was displayed for a split second but then it mmediately with grown when Kelley Yarbrough was out of place on the outside line rob behind there also. He was out of place right. Okay okay I'm really sell far. They showed the green flag and then immediately took it back and displayed the yellow again. The next time around the field accelerated off turn four expecting the grave flag but the gala stayed out again and the poor pace car driver. Just bad got run over as the field blew past the pace car driver actually had to dive onto pit road king from getting here and this is GonNa be a mess. Well he douse onto pit road and he started to move back onto the track. Because there's only a couple of laps left but then he was waved off in order to stay in the pits. The green flag was finally displayed. The next time around setting up a one lap dash to the finish but it was all bud academic. Because again d'oro was only what's more the unofficial finish showed? Richard Petty ahead of Bobby Allison. But Bobby didn't agree and a complete check of the scorecards. It was determined. That bobby was second a lap ahead. Richard at took two days for them to figure that out that is how scoring has so changed over the years darrow. Actually said in the Rice Lake that you did not right because you have apparently never been to Nashville. Still can't believe that you completely on. May Out by saying that a couple of episodes ago out. I just never have been unfortunately for me. Darryl said race lead hours told I had a lap on the field. But I wasn't sure didn't WanNa take any chances so I tried for the best race tarp possible while given have racist going at the time. I don't blame him. Take nothing for granted. Keep doing this or like that national. Angela it could get very very very hot and very very humid and that played a part in this race. There's a photo by Leonard Caldwell where Darryl is sprawled out on the hood of his car. After the rice he's being given oxygen by stay. And a M T and therefore Darrell sprawled out on the hood of his car all but passed out. And there's a guy with the microphone to that in nosy media come. All those Dag media can't live Aloen but what's Darah was to collect his wits he said in the race lead. The Heat was real bad. Being was the worst I feel like I'm a court low on weight support sponsor. Don't you think then? Griggs IS COLUMN. I don't know where to begin on this. They'll rob's filter must have been broken that night for example in this column Rob wrote from his post race remarks victory circle to his treatment of the press to his off the cuff remarks regarding grand national motorsports writer. Jane Grainger Waltrip seemed to be reminding everyone of the Chia peak carries on his shoulder as he whirls around the circuit on a private ego trip. Come on around me. Hey coming at him with both barrels there. I'm Tanya guns blazing on. Rob went on to describe the setting in the press box after the rice. It was not rice so that made for a really long and really hot day. And I'm sure that nourish were already pretty frazzled. As riders from the daily papers trying to meet their deadlines when derogates the press? Box He sees Ray Blanton. Who was at the time? The governor of the State of Tennessee in the next box over and he decides wrapped in there. That he's GonNa go say hello and he stays gone so long that his PR guy has to go fetch him and if nerves were already frayed cinema. Over the age I will say on de-deputy part not the best. Move to make time in rob wrote. If he was trying to impress people he was successful. We were quite impressed with his rudeness. And all too cocky behavior but then once he gets the press box ain't proceeds to take on Jane Grainger he proceeds to take on George Cunningham. Who is a writer from Atlanta? Who is the namesake to this day of the national motorsports Press Association's rather the Year award and he proceeds to take on Daryl Derringer? Who was helping guard at the time. And then maybe even Dr guarded yourself at so it was abandoned night for. Dwi well he was. He was feeling pretty. Good 'cause he wanted a very tough race had a chance to get over his dehydration and come to the press box and I'll be honest. I don't think the deputy wanted to be in the breast box at that time of night. But he made the most of it now. My idea is only mistake. He made was hanging out with the governor too long. Keeping the riders waited. I most people don't care if riders a hot and tired and itching to make their deadlines they don't care they want to know about the race and won the won the race outside of what the writers through you know. They don't really care and they're so that's fine. But when takes along with the governor and really sets them on the edge they're not going to be in the best of moods when he comes into that press box. Finally I understand what rob is thinking. At the time I really can. But why just expressing was several other. People were expressing about their at the time both competitors and fans rob quoted. Darryl is saying that night I know I have a great future ahead of me. My sponsor does too and they are doing all. They can't keep me happy. I am on the third year of a five year contract and I know I won't be driving a grain racecar all my life. So that's a little bit of a is education that he's looking around even then in nineteen seventy seven. No question about it. And I think he's getting feelers from other organizations that this time stave rob concluded by writing most of the top teams. Want a driver. Who has the use of both fate at the president's Waltrip is only using one? The other is almost constantly in his mouth. So Rob Greg's fired away buddy that bad writing to tell the truth. But that's exactly the kind of attitude people had toured Darrell at time. I've said that before is very important. I think which telling of this is your nickname for darryl was loss for the simple reason you ran his mouth all the time. Well I guess in this case Rob Graves was John's to stave the vision of the press box at the Nashville fairgrounds. Speedway brought back some memories. Now notice that it's say good memories the way that it was set up the press box was just a row above the last in the grandstands so when the people on the top row the grand stairs was stand up. We couldn't see the racetrack so we're sitting there. We're trying to take her nose. We're trained watch race and people would stand up and knock on Wenden. We'd try to give him sit down and we get flipped off our it was. It was bad. Will Bill Kaiser who was a writer for one of the other publications at the time bill? You're on our cast a couple of weeks ago after the race one year now remember what year was but after the Rice Bob Harmon. Who is the promoter? Came up and he set up shop in the press box and he was entertaining some gas and everything and and the longer they were there. The louder that Bob was talking and so finally Bill Kaiser. I'll never forget bill. Kaiser stopped shrouding and at the top of his lungs. Ballard for the love of God and this is bill cosby telling the track promoter. The track older Bake Hawaiian. So I thought we were going to have Orion rocket and there my buddy town making good at that do hollering all. Yeah happy I was the focus of one of those and I'm still scared well Nashville is kind of weird all the way around. Tell Me Rick is this the truth. Do you come into the pitch drivers. Come into pit on what was the first turn and go out on. What was important. Is that correct? By the time I started covering busch races it was a more standard pit road. Okay but from what I understand. I don't remember. I don't remember how they put it back in the late seventies early eighties. It was evidently quite the Harry situation. Because it's my understanding that they actually went onto the quarter mile race track and had to fit there so it was that might have some with the scoring. Snafu back yeah absolutely. I'm Steve Meal and you're listening to the scene involved. Podcast Steve. We had our second zoom CASS last week and this time we were joined Bobby Helen in Jerry. Cannon and Jerry had worked with not only bobby as his crew chief in the Busch series but Jerry had also served as Sam Orange crew chief way back day so that was a great conversation. I'LL BET now Steve. Are you ready for this one? Are you sitting down half this week on the zoom cast way will be joined by Rick? Mast? I GONNA be ready for him same Bat Time. Same Bat Channel Seven. Pm on Thursday please. Email us to be involved in that call. Email us at sane balked at Yahoo Dot Com for an invitation and I will get out till you save a fake. I figured out a way that when I sent out invitations people can actually register for all of the cast. We do so. I don't have to keep sending out multiple invitations design ever week so this week. I think I've got figured out where people can just register for all as Saint Ball Zone casts so check that out in again at saying at Yahoo Dot com invitation. We had a pretty interesting trivia contest. Last week Fred. Pecci kind of ran away with it a little bit what this week. That trivia contest will resume so everybody. I look to talking to you on Thursday. Please join us if you can save. Thank you for being here this week. Thank you for everything you've done for this podcast and again we continue to grow. Every week is wreck has been my player. Tell you that if I had a lot of fun doing this. I'm really glad that folks are listening and participating with us because it's just a great thing to be doing. Steve Don't know if you saw twenty years ago today was we lost Adam. Yeah I cannot believe it's been twenty years I can absolutely cannot believe it's unreal it just like where does the time go?

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