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Hi this is gilbert godfrey. If you want personalized video from me a personal life shout out and and who would you know just anything like hire peoper day happy anniversary congratulations. I hate you and and i never wanna talk to you again. Go to cameo dot com slash gilbert godfrey. I know a lot of you would like light to slide gilbert godfrey cameo dot com for a personalized video breeding from me. Hi this is robert wall and you are listening to the one the only my long long time buddy gilbert godfrey dhs amazing colossal podcast need i need. I say more <music> it took godfrey. Gilbert got bridge amazing colossal podcasts with my co hosts frank santo padre are gets this week gives a journalist based editor screenwriter bestselling author songwriter occasional actor and as of april up this year are recording starting guard is he's a former writer for rolling stone as well as the editor in chief of the publications high times times and the national lampoon. I think guy purdham that he's also the author or call co author of bestselling books about everyone from allusion is david blaine to kiss drummer grammar peter craze and red hot chili peppers frontman anthony kiedis too heavy wade champ mike tyson to counter culture hero abbie hoffman his two thousand and sick dick biography off escape artist harry houdini called the secret life of harry houdini soon to be a major motion picture and because he co-authored to of howard stern's enj- bestselling books private parts and miss america again this old sound spatially familiar. I i think i think i i think i heard the howard stern's. I'm sure sure i can a long ago but there's more he owed so one of the most respected books on the the subject of rock and roll a firsthand account of spread and usability hero bob dylan's in infamous rolling thunder revue tore in titled on the road with bob dylan in a long diverse and fascinating career. He's worked with hung out with and befriended legendary eric characters such as allen ginsberg joan by is kiki friedman john kale. Lou reed neck cave. Tom wait penn. Jillette leonard cohen even me gilbert old bird a scott free brass tacks. He's gray davis honor. Perhaps he's he's very first. Solo album were accorded with the help of some famous friends as called stubborn bernhardt and he's featured prominently brand new martin scorsese directed documentary rolling thunder revue a bob dylan story. Please welcome to the podcast. The euro zero friend on new york city icon and an artist of many talents odd man who says he aspires appears to be fed jewish. Susan boy fell one the only larry ratto sloman hi. I'm sorry larry we don't have time to do the show. Yeah haven't been to forty seven minute intro. Wow compete found dead and has no y'all. Have you guys not to. This is going to be a silly one. Yeah i can tell. How long have you guys known each other. Do you remember meeting <hes> jesus what did well. I think i've i met him. Karen one of the old old caroline's <hes>. I was friends with bells. Oh wow and should have put bells around that list of character and <hes> and before i was i think i was in high. Probably i think we met at the clubs and then later on lampoon nola well lampoon before we get into this his sorted history. I have action a gift for gilbert. How nice and it's a legendary nike ripoffs. I it's a classic. This is a gift from the it gets better. I have another gift. This is a gift from david mannheim who has his own podcast all dopey but he's the last jewish deli waiter in new york that he had a another broadcast like that wow and <hes> i met him at cats is because <hes> i was there with my wife and he comes up to me ratto stern fan you forget come sit in my table. Sit at my table. So you know was sitting. There were ordered some stuff and he's bringing you. Gotta try this. You gotta try this. You gotta try this. I get the bill is charging me for. I happened to be married very to a but we've been married for twenty years and she's learned something she goes to him. This should be copped out e compton and <hes> <hes> and so i did his his last week and i told him i was going to do this gas s. and he says he told me a story about gilbert. He says gilbert was i guess it was <hes> the hundred twenty fifth anniversary of cats. That's a something and they hired you to do. Something catches deli. Oh yeah all right and part of what they paid gilbert wiz they gave him a a card that said half price of life that he says that killed it was in a lot off if you the card but but then there was a new girl the kiss versus and gilbert came in and gave her the card as you look what is this. I have no idea what this is. I can't give this assist. Gobert sauce off guilford leaves anyway. You'll be happy to know that you're half off. Cod is now valid again anytime you want to go to catch half price. So what a nice gift you love guests that comparing gift so you pulled some strings and now he can eat at casas deli for half half off. That's wow. What do you think you'll yeah. Yeah i mean they never honored. It and i thought that was the thing they were very generous. Gave me a little. It should be supplies thing as long as they don't not down her women. They never honoured it. From the i went in there twice and it was the full price times. You're gonna get half price now. Read yeah from and his. He's one of these mish booker so he's had his his uncle is. The owner of cats is so you're getting they have breast how about that. He looks skeptical larry then they are you twenty nine percent italian that i read that right actually a more than twenty just four then that's what i wrote down right yeah yeah twenty three and me you look and act like a total cake. Well thank you. I was under under the impression that i i. I was in washington d._c. Jew okay i was i was adopted and you know it was all it was a thing that was pre-arranged by some jewish lawyer okay and <hes> my parents pick me up at i was born in bellevue. My parents apparently my biological mother. Mother came from pennsylvania to bellevue to give birth to me the next day. My adopted parents came and took me acquaintance anyway so you're not entirely no okay. I just thought i was because they were all ashkenazi georgia. I i did my twenty-three me and said half italian half balkans now. I'm going crazy. Maybe i'm not jewish. I wish google jews in the balkans a- apparently there was so many jews at one point in the balkans after world world war one they were thinking of putting israel in the balkans <hes> and what obviously i think what i am now is that <hes> there was spanish jews news of course left because of the inquisition okay they might read it to italy and then on and i i actually to verify this. I did the other one ancestry <hes> yeah and <hes> found out not only is it the balkans romania. I love this skill. Have you done this. Have you had any interest persson doing your ancestry. I think i think a was done and who you yeah. I think <hes> <hes> well. I knew my mother. My mother's side was from russia right and i always had heard my father's side was polen. They they said austria hungary but i heard like gola border change over the years. So what are you going to do. If it turns out you have like two percent italian blood kill yourself yeah but i can't believe you have anything other than julian you take off your eye of a man and he knew goldstein yeah it. Did you do an elvis impersonation at your burr mitzvah okay this. I have to hear about okay so that's where it started. It actually no <hes> <hes> my singing career actually started when i was six seven years old in my parents living room and gardens because i was a big elvis fan and so i used to do an imitation of elvis in my underwear holding a broomstick and they bring the neighbors in i would entertain fascinating it was a big show the hood so then <hes> thirteen years old now i gotta be bob midst and i was kicked at two hebrew schools from like doing civic nick boils at the rabbis stuff so my parents had to <hes> rent a rabbi the teach me my october and they he also got a a a an l. p. that you put it on and you just memorized you have to arm all right so <hes> the by that time the only only plays it would take us was jamaica. Shula was attached to the jamaica y._m. A._j. It's an orthodox shool. We lived in koo gaudens odds. You're not supposed to drive so we drove a we parked like twenty blocks away and we walk the rest of the way a- and i'm sitting on up on the stage getting ready to do my october. A little nervous and rabbi leans over and it goes so you drove it today eight i go home and and so that i went up did my f- torah and imitated l. Franchise now torah and i swear when the afterwards when you walk around with the tower the old men who think they're going to kiss the tower they will. They actually asked me if i want to be a cantor. Wow so that's an honour you sitting next to a man who didn't have gas what i'm i'm a horrible arable jews yeah yeah every notice that their reasons are very you really get known l. We've done like two hundred and sixty six shows and i'm trying to read. We've we've asked so many guests about their bar mitzvahs director james burrows. He has envy envy of absolutely. It's never too late. You could have a boom. It's saying like kirk douglas you. He had a sick and second one yeah. It's not too late to get circumcised. What is you. What else did you listen to as a kid other than elvis. I found this and you say can you do do your god. I can't even know into it now. Love me tender. Love never let me go yeah now. Do you believe this any truth at all to the to the theory that that elvis was part jewish well. It's interesting yeah. I do think there's truth to that. I mean <hes> his brother. He had an identical twin brother who died name was erin. Yeah apparently gladys spos- we had some jewish blood in there so elvis. If the jewish blood came through was mother then he definitely was part jewish so l. vicious jew in parts boy. Josh get any better than what. What else did you listen to. I found this fascinating. You've you gogi grant's. The wayward wind was a song that had been ah for you as a kid remember. That's all wind well. Can you sing it. He's making you sing rats. The way would win is a restless win a restless when that yearns to one and he was gone the next of kin the next of kin to the way woodwind beautiful beautiful song is about railroad tracks. I happened to live overlooking. The long island railroad <hes> in q. gaudens <hes> so the the song resonated with me. It was one of you know how we listen to music and for some reason you just get this chills. Something just touches gogi grant's voice in that that still today the oh absolutely talk a lot about what we've had a fair amount of musicians. Jimmy webb was here. Tommy james was here. Peter asher a paul williams was here. We talk about <hes>. How songs bring you back. Snap you back to it to a memory to a place very specific. Write a a very specific what you're eating where you are sometimes even a smell. Does that happen to you know okay no jewish elvis of course they do. I mean you know the <hes> the songs <hes> you know have an emotional resonance. Oh yeah i mean i you know i'll never forget <hes> could probably talk about <hes> the first time i heard dylan yeah which was <hes> nineteen sixty five is. I didn't come from a red diaper apor family. My my parents weren't radical leftists. You know organizing sweatshops like that. My father actually owned a business in the gaughman concentre and my mother was a bookkeeper. I like you said your father was always waiting for the nazis to comeback he was he always lived in fear of that. He was yeah and you know what i think about it now. It wasn't that many years so <hes> you know it was <hes> when i started rebelling and hanging out in these village with abbie hoffman and people like that my father would always say you're going to those anti war marches. You're going to get arrested and ruin your life. That was his mantra now so he's a good dad looking out for you and tell us how you got the nickname rancho well. That was <hes> years later later on the rolling thunder revue <hes> i was you know i was covering the review for rolling stone and you know you get on the road and first of all the raleigh review was too big buses one full of the entertainers one full of the crew and bob dylan ri- driving driving a little <hes> executive <hes> you know when you call those things r._v.'s <hes> and <hes> so you know i had a follow all these things. I had a dry my own rental car. You know you don't sleep that well on the road. Start taking stimulants to be able to stay up and you know you might miss the shower too. So i drove up to the it was in <hes> <hes> i think it was in vermont and i drove up to with a <hes> hotel where everybody was staying was beautiful indian some day. <hes> people were outside playing volleyball and joan baez comes up to the car and she looks in the car she goes. Hey it's rats so so i said oh you calling me ratsa reminder dustin hoffman and she leans in the car. She grabs by stringy dirty haired. She goes no you're my main ratzel and that's how i got an and when she called me ratto i embrace that because <hes> you know first of all very distinctive -secutive aw you know <hes> when i started writing the book the book was in the first first person until she calls me rats. Oh and then book shifts into third person or stinging rats becomes another character in the book. It's sort of reg. Dwight becomes elton john and is a completely really different person. He's acting out all the things he couldn't be in his childhood through through that persona and was a little bit of that to this. Oh absolutely i mean rats so you know i mean i could get away with anything. He wears the most outlandish clothing although it you know <hes> most of my clothing from sold trend fashion the door they get these incredible like you know <hes> suits from uh superfly kind of lavender suits purple sued. I mean just crazy. This is what you need. You need an alter ego. Yes i thought he had it on gilbert was country country western singer who had the old garth brooks was somebody i can't remember the the the the navy sang under but but but talk talk about the dylan record that you show you went into the record store so i was woken up bell boulevard in bayside and i passed a record store and you know they had listing on in the window of the top ten singles and i remember looking up and i saw a thing called like a rolling stone be dylan first of all at that time growing up. You're either a a beatles fan or you're rolling stones fan. I was a big rolling stones fair because you know they were the guys who were like you know getting busted for drugs and then pissing on on the courthouse outside the beatles would much to conventional for me so i look at this and i said like a rolling stone be dilkes. Who's this beat dylan. Guy ripping off the rolling stones so went in. I bought the single and i went home and it just changed my life listening to that. I mean the music was majestic. Dick that organ <hes> al kupa might bloomfield's guitar and then the words you know and <hes> i i was so excited that i made my father had my driver's permit but it was nighttime so i couldn't use it at night so i made my father drive me to flushing two corvettes <music> to buy the album highway sixty one which was on sale for dollar eighty eight and <hes> i went home and put it on and it was just one after another palette of a thin man and you know <hes> tests elation at midnight all the agents in the superhuman crew commodity roundup everyone knows knows more when the than they do and they strapped him to the heart attack machine and it was like holy shit you were transformed. It was a whole other way to look at the world interesting as i know that record store to i told you in the email i grew up in ozone park. I knew that i knew that record store and corvettes. Everything changed when you heard that song yeah. My whole life changed changed that without a doubt gilbert do you remember the first rock and roll record. You bought or listen to or cared about oh. You know i don't yeah yeah. I do remember having the l._p. Frank fontaine songs icing using hundred crazy guggenheim. Yes that counts. Yes actually a format of song in my upbringing being was my parents had a song by leo tully called essen and the song was all about when you go to the catskills on vacation okay and <hes> so i says you know so. We're going to get skills and you wanna play volleyball. No you wanna play. You wanna go swimming women. No you wanna play tennis. No you sit in a chair and maracas and mccutchen and then that that <hes> ladies and gentlemen and guests to the final bound the hotel launches being served uh-huh bells loved that song at paul shaffer and i remember we were caroline's one night and paul shaffer said to me you gotta meet the bartend. I said why he says it's lead tully said wow what was is that your song that played the what oh okay. That was the one you oh hi. You gotta have a little muzzle. You gotta have volatile mazal. Course mazal means good log pictorial mazal. You'll always have a balk. Listen to the songs of mickey cats. Of course we had joel grey mickey mickey kasa son yeah. You'll be listening to that stuff too and alan sherman folks. White has shot did bob dylan. Epa talk about me well. I actually have a story about that. I don't know if you remember this but <hes> <hes> bob dylan at one point was they gave him a record label at that goes called egyptian records and he was looking for artists to put on the label and i went to caroline's and i taped go but show and i gave it to dylan's manager and i said they should put out a note because it had no records out at that point and i gave it to the manager and i never heard i not a big fan of norman fell jokes. Dylan's manager does that county jail but he never didn't he have a bunch of those things that he would start and then just <hes> bob yeah then interest give up yeah he'd like be enthusiastic for a day and then now forget about it yeah one time he <hes> had a meeting with him at the gramercy park hotel and we're in the baugh and the said <hes> you know i'm thinking about stunt rick a movie company. I said really a how how how it works. He says well you know <hes>. You have a lot of friends right who were writers. Yes and they can't sleep. Maybe some is well tech guy like phil oaks so we can get one any writer friends to write a script script about phil oaks right then we'll go to the studios and we'll get a budget and then we'll bring it in under budget and we'll keep the idea of we started a studio and someone we have brilliant idea. We had a guest on a podcast. I forget who was whether they say who told us that. At one point one of dylan's ideas that he was enthusiastic for a tiny tiny amount of time was that he would be the next jerry was larry charles yeah yeah they made mess than anonymous wanted was watching coaching jerry lewis movies and thinking he wants to be larry winning on they went to a studio meeting and they pitch some feature to star bob. You know this wasn't that the feature they eventually made. I think it it it it was filtered down and becoming mass in anonymous but i think what they originally went in there with was abroad comedy yeah concentration camp. Ask what about this thing. This has gilbert relevance. You sampled bela. Lugosi got one of the songs on the new album. Yes and it's gilbert's favourite bit the bit from dracula what music they make all night lease into them change in often. I knew schick day may right and that's the intro to a song living in moonlight yes which was it was dracula who your heart guy like him. Oh of course you get him. I i mean i had my grandfather used to babysit for me and he was very recall. <hes> he was from kiev i think and <hes> he's do <hes> we used to watch horror films on a w. R. i think or we would watch wrestling at who and i would be wrestling him while we were watching the grandfather wrestling was real to professional wrestling you chiller theater and of course yeah creature creature features ackerley. There's there's there's a good reference. We tried to get him on the show. He was in bad shape now. Weren't you like ju wasn't wasn't your job like either handing <music> out or investigating welfare checks. Didn't you have some strange job used to go to people's homes. No no i used to. Maybe i think you confounding that with when i graduated <hes> queens college okay so i made a pack my parents i get good grades and you'd leave me alone. Let me grow my hair long. Let me go hang out in east village with abbie hoffman so <hes> i graduated. <hes> magnum allowed <hes> <hes> five kappa. My father was so proud he put big big posters up in the bill apartment building logical were bayside by then and <hes> and and <hes> you know i was able to <hes> <hes> to <hes> pursue my other things but then at the when i graduated queens college a graduate degree in sociology <hes> it's still was iffy. This was the last vestiges of the draft and the vietnam war. I had a very high number but i didn't wanna on our chances so i joined vista and vista is the domestic peace corps and so they put us in experimental program in milwaukee now. The people in washington had no idea what these people walking doing. They thought we were working during the day in the in the the <hes> in the ghetto they're <hes> para legal paraprofessional with the kids in school at night we would organize welfare mother's father groppy who radical priest you were close. Go right so so so so yeah so what you know they gave us an orientation i said all right before we're gonna put you out in the field and we all lived in one big building in palmistry on the street right in the middle of the ghetto and they said before we put yet feel you have to get into the aspirations of the black community. You have to get you know the the goals in what they hope for and everything so the first thing i did was i bought a lincoln continental continental maroon lincoln continental with the suicide doors and that's what i use to pick up the mothers to bring him to the demonstrations and everything so it was a you know about about yes but you didn't you say you used to get laid yeah yeah well and again. This is a this is thanks to al goldstein what you told me in the email so grow- growing up in queens at that point unless you get engaged to a jewish girl no jewish girls it'd be lucky to get a blowjob a no jewish girls with sleep would you then so <hes> i went to into to vista and we living next door to a house full of very nice young black girls and they invited all the white vista volunteers for party and i remember going to the party and hanging out for a little while and then and we went <hes> i went back to my place and then this girl named alice came back knocked on the door. She says come back to the party. I said okay so just in the time. It took to walk right next door. She said i hope you don't think i'm too forward. But would you like to sleep with me tonight and i would yeah so i <hes> so we went back back to my place and now he was a chance on me. Finally i i wasn't a virgin but i had didn't have much experience but he was a chance for me to i use the education. I learned by watching midnight blue. I would be so proud right. That's right ron. Jeremy was on one. I remember watching roger who was telling how the best ways that dukhan linguists. You basically use your tongue and you you you trace out the alphabet twitter so don't forget this is nineteen seventy so at that point joint italians italian men and black men would not to a woman. It's a sloppy joe. Also i bed and i'm doing that and all i know is. She moves into my room. She wouldn't leave after about two weeks. Go goes shopping. Just wanna get out of the house but it was definitely an experience cultural experience of your life that gilbert remembers members say this one shoes. She looked like oprah winfrey which feed tease the other girl. She looked like star. Children feed yeah. She looks like della rees filaret so now you've gone but i'm really an obese. Go gee had teeth missy. Did it's well you know gilbertson invitation to me. I've heard it oh yeah yeah <hes>. There's a clip on youtube. Where <hes> howard said it was the funniest bit he's ever heard on his show he said in the middle a little bit <hes> because <hes> i was talking about my house in long island because it was right by the water you had a us marine toilet paper so how that more often to you can't use toilet paper or you can't put it down the toilet at all. You have to put it in a little waste. Gilbert starts riffing on you can make it gave out of it well while you take any shit wi fi arrays. Hey see if you could score skid while you've come commodore okay. Oh you didn't eat at mcdonalds my toilets kin handle you bringing back. Okay tell us on the subject of wins wins. The wholesome twins eight o'clock even clogged up my toilet and three it's they're both starving to death and i- clogged my title it together. You had me sing before. I just want to request one thing because i haven't heard this so many but question when you're on stern used to do rabbi gilbert gosh okay shoe yeah <hes> i am <hes> <music> are good a ah very how eh oh bad talk about working with him at the lampoon and doing photo funnies because he had a flashback last week we walk through the past the old building on spring street remember. He had a flashback to doing to the topless ladies yeah well <hes> in some ways. I'm responsible for gilbert's <hes> literary career <hes> <hes> because <hes> you know when i took over limb poon one of the things i wanted to bring a fresh blood and i figured what's the best way to gilbert 'cause i decided is far and away one of the greatest comedians of our air so i wanted to go over to contribute contribute and i said <hes> foto funnies i you know gilbert was this before he met darah and and gilbert you know was wasn't batting six hundred or five hundred whatever anguish known as the king of conked ask. I figured if i write write these scripts where gilbert and a greatest one i think was played christ on the cross the other shoe yup but we'd always get a topless girl at it and then gilbert. Would i come in our early. He hit on the secretary for half an hour league with a bunch of free issues of course of course yeah had to do that and i remember remember like i used to write them like crazy. 'cause you know i thought it was it was like you spend the day with a bunch of naked girls. Yes i keep adding instead of two girls who was three and then four and the the managers the war war complaining this say whoa wait a second. This is like the same exact thing. He wrote lifespans this month. He made it four hundred and you because you always came along long-gone. Of course you would you would defend me and say no no. It's totally different now. Now i read it. It's really a good friend setting you up like that trying to get you laid to there was one one they were preparing an issue and they said we need like one extra pot to fill up the issue and and they <hes> i think they said to you. Will your gilbert could do another photo now could eat because i used to do these list these days i did a hundred things to say when you can't achieve an erection and and and they said you think gilbert can ride a lisp peace and your voice you said yeah they they said you think gilbert could write riderless peace and you said you kidding. He's amazing stir up the genre that is a good friend but it was a we were turned gilbert godfrey amazing colossal podcast right at odds with you said everyone knows the wrist of driving drunk. You can get that crash. People could get hurt or killed but here the arts some surprising statistics almost twenty nine people in the united states die every day in alcohol impaired vehicle vehicle crashes that one person every fifty minutes even though drunk driving fatalities have fallen by a third in the last three decades drunk driving crashes still claim more than ten thousand lives each year. Many people are unaware that driving while hi ken be just as dangerous in two thousand fifteen forty two luke percent of drivers were killed in crashes tested positive for drugs not so harmless after all alleged and from two thousand seven to two thousand fifteen marijuana use drivers killed in crashes doubled hold the truth is driving while high is deadly the next gilbert ten francs colossal obsessions fred silverman found out that the animated writes the batman were available and decided to greenlight the batman superman hour parents groups and pressure be damned he just went and did it because you know superman superman had been like his number one shore <unk> asli and you know he's gonna find a way to keep that show going. I spied of great memories of those shows but it's sort of ushers in the re the overreactions of violence on our or the negative reaction to violence on saturday morning sort of ushers in this era of music oriented cartoons toons so suddenly comes here comes the arches and josie and the pussycats. There's an osmond's cartoon and there's a jackson five. Do you remember all this hype. Selanne and sid in mardi had the bogalusa josie and the pussycats that was that was definitely fuel fuel for her bachchan for a little boy back. This is a g. rated episode colossal possess down gilbert and frank's amazing colossal obsessions every thursday only stitcher premium <hes> ah carrying yeah you're listening to gilbert godfrey podcast my hand and boom down. It's the best i will <music> skilled. You were the last editor under matty simmons on demand when the magazine was owned by matty simmons. Yes mattie took. A parish golden parachute right there with <hes> jim genero to for that was that was the death knell well yeah. They thought they thought lampoon. Huma would be tim conway a door to door guy yeah they wanted to do. Cruise was chips with an i remember up at lampoon is where i first met <hes> drew friedman presley insured and and he he used to do the drawings to shaded right he would have dot so i followed him are i would subtle follow him around the office and i- screaming him hey jude is still come on little jude's calls. You're listening grew. That's for you you publish the freeman brothers and high one wondering if i was fred fred mertz night out and the indy grand the andy griffith show she gets etched great stuff. We had a a gill. I had a lot of fun when <hes> every year we would go to the <hes> comedy festival in montreal oakland and i remember one year gilbert was performing up there and <hes> we had a car that we'd rented and i was with andy simmons who is madly jason and <hes> and gilbert with driving around gilbert goes he goes dr where the girls are so. I started driving around the you know we're all the strip clubs on there and gilbert roll down the window who's sitting in the back and we see a girl and we could slow down and gilbert was stick his head on me. Who classical then we did that back at my friend jack and we you were with simmons in the car and he was like shot a- shana mattia mattia randy and for andy and so i just kept getting louder and louder whenever they would mommy cool and in new york there was one block. It was a block from my house funny back when new york would still have those blocks right that was just the ugliest scariest hookers occurs streetwalkers yeah and it would take an hour to get from one end to the other because all the cause will all day jack jack had a cadillac jack would be driving and i'd be the front gilbert back and we'd do the same thing. Just go down that street. I hate myself for assing this but on the subject of dylan and gilbert you'd think he's at all possibly aware of gilbert's impression and gilbert stealing feeling bits. I don't know you'd never met them right now. So you never got any confirmation on that. I'm talking about redoes floyd the barber l. a. <hes> i who was driving the car when we were going down that block with the hulk jack jack he was he was freaking out totally no no he he was freaking out because a car in front of us pulled over by on the jacqueline. Just down the street over his head people then i would start yelling shit out and he was the voice kept getting higher and higher and he was shot shot that they do you want to remind mine rats or the dylan. <hes> the dylan floyd the barber bit gotten now. I remember the hair he i know. <hes> still dan. How would you cheam this <music>. Hey who would be an honor helmut's to do <music> hi his son make sure knows about this <hes> <hes>. We have a tape of it. I think your guy just recorded it. Oh yeah ratto has his own documentary under recru- that he brought with him right to the recording. Tell us about going pro for the first time. Tell us about the story in milwaukee and how you wound up becoming a writer for rolling stone o. as your life was not necessarily surly headed in that direction at the time so what happened was after <hes>. I was in vista for a year in fact during the year. I had to come back to do a physical and i found out that i didn't even have to go to vista because you know everybody at that time was saying. How do i get out of the physical. Oh i just say i'm gay. Oh i'm going to rub some peanut butter on my ass out linking it. Yeah and i'll say i'm crazy so so i didn't do any i was too nervous to something like that but i got to the point where they say take your glasses off and they measured my glasses and they said four who was it was my guess i got out so <hes> so when i was finished with the urine vista i still had no idea what i was going to do and <hes> i had gotten when i graduated. I got an office scholarship offers from <hes> the three places i applied to michigan brown around and wisconsin the year later i got a letter from wisconsin saying well you years up to want to come now and it was a great deal deal. I mean they paid all my tuition's four year program sociology. They paid all my tuition. They paid me five hundred dollars. A month limited expense so i said i don't know what is so i went to <hes> you know madison and i'll tell you it was culture. Shock because <hes> you know we thought well new york's. The epicenter the world the center of the protest movements blah blah blah so i got a a house with a bunch of roommates my first night <hes> <hes> in madison. I'm about to graduate school next day. I hear a big bang and i thought it was a car backfire. Upton i wake up in the morning the myths research that had been blown up by wanted to ratify radicals madison while so <hes> so the first thing i did was i went to <hes> the daily cod. Which was the madison student newspaper. I walked in. I said <hes> i'm about to start graduate school sociology but <hes> <hes> i've written for underground papers in new york. I'd like to be the music editor and they said good okay and the reason i want to be music. Editor was immediately. I wrote let his co. Breakfast yeah. That's a gilbert move exactly slick so so then a there was a concert in the summer call summer fest in milwaukee walkie and <hes> because i had spent a year living in the black area in milwaukee i was hip to all the really cool black music and sly in the family so no one of my favorite yeah. They were headlining this festival so i said all right. I'm going to go to the festival. I got it a festival and again. This is one sly elias so fucked up on cocaine freebase. He's an hour and a half late. He comes onstage. He does two numbers. He walks off stage age. So you figure you know people are gonna boo whatever not milwaukee not in the midwest. They tore down the stage. They tore down the fence. They burnt the state. How so i i <hes> i call up rolling stone and i said <hes> this is <hes> larry sloman. I'm the music editor of the daily. Cardinal madison and sly stone was performing at some fest and that was a altercation and new the shire. Write a story about it. He said yeah do it on spec which meant sure we don't give it like you're not gonna pay but i was so proud. Hey i had an assignment and i so i go to interview the p._r. Person this woman and i had a big saudi tape-recorder apor quarter that i actually plug into the wall <hes> and she's not answering any of my questions. I forgot what the details. I needed from her but she's not answering anything so i said all right. Thanks i pulled out the plug not knowing i left the recorder recording and that though batteries batteries in it this was a complete mistake i just pull out the cl- the plug she goes oh great now. I'll tell you every still running wild while running so that was my first piece for extent and i have some great <hes> assignments <hes> i did a preview of louise's berlin <hes> which was a lot aww fun. I got to come on a second tour second leg of the tour of george harrison ben fong torres had first leg and for some reason rolling stone wanted to attack him because he wasn't doing beatles songs he was doing all his michigan with ravi shankar right so so by the time i come onto the tour hi larry rolling stone the first piece of come out and got slammed so i was like a pariah bill graham took me aside he was he was promoted and he goes kid just hang around with playing a long island next and then we come back to the garden. I'll get you interview with george harrison. Now i had already done a preview of <hes> blood on the tracks dylan's album mm-hmm and that's how i admit right and <hes> <hes> i had heard the album for came out and so the day of the show at the garden graham a._m. Takes me down to the dressing room and opened the door and george harrison he's sitting in a loaded position with all these pillows and incense burning and you know the the things on the wall and is very wary still so i said opposite him and i said hey george have have you heard tangled up in blue yet and he goes yeah isn't it great and we both started singing together. That's right and so he it gave me so. Why is it so i do. The peace and i say look you gotta give the guy credit. This is music that he loves you know he's got ravi shankar his mentor for opening for him. <hes> you know he doesn't want to do the old beal songs. I don't you know and that's what i right. Then apparently early on winner wanted to keep the attack and he writes. My copy leaves my name on it so now oh shit so it it was he wasn't even xerox's what what were those things graphs type something you'd have yeah it was it was that it that harbin piccard and carbon carbon copies so i had a carbon copy of my original article and i sent it to harrison in england and a year later. I'm sitting in the bottom line. I think it was the <hes> kinky friedman and all of a sudden a guy comes up and says hey larry. I look up as george harrison he goes you know. I thought you were really schmuck when that auto came out. I'm glad you sent me what your articles now. We know who the real asshole is. Theon weber good story you met and leonard cohen around this time yeah seventy three piece on leonard and you know it was the kind of thing where <hes> you know i get i can get very compulsive and <hes> you know it's. I always want to get more and more and more so and leonard was very accommodating. So i mean you know i i went to the shows. I went back to his hotel. <hes> being interviewed for hours and hours always and he was just such a wonderful guy. I mean of all those people that i met in rock and roll leonard was the real mench. You know that's nice and you guys as became lifelong friends. I love that he would he would send you an email and write dear jew yes well. My email was new york right yeah. What was the i mean. What was he likes to spend time with. I mean i don't think we've had anybody on this podcast. In new leonard cohen well you know okay one time we were at his house and and <hes> <hes> i guess he was between girlfriend's girlfriend wasn't there up because leonard was real ladies man but <hes> i remember we were <hes> <hes> we ate tv dinners and we watched joe pine joe pine why <music> guilt that's a name. That's come up on this. Show talk show. Yes jerry springer he loved. That's the kind of stuff all that stuff. I've had a great sense of you while while while so tell us about the dylan meeting. I mean you wrote the piece about blood on the tracks. Because is it because you you you saw awesome live. I also love the story when you saw him. I guess you were still pretty much a kid. Your father said he looked like shipping clark. Yeah you met him. Once or you saw once chai saw at white plains has the white plains. It was a few months after a about the album and <hes> again. I was too young to drive. My parents drove us there. I was with a friend who's sitting all the way in the back and <hes> and then <hes> my favorites picked us up afterwards and this was you know he did the first half you know it was just solo and then the second half he brought on the band and you know there's a alad <hes> forest hills supposedly was booed. Nobody was bullying. I'm sure i'm sure but <hes> it. It really was something else i meant. They hear this music just amplify and how great the band is so <hes> i was really hyped up and on the way home <hes> my father says what are you so excited about as what it means. He says well you know when i came. I thought i don't know where a sitting so. I got there early because they went to a movie and i walked. All the way needed a front. I said what was your wearing those boots with the buckles. What what kind of straps or sued. I couldn't see for where i was. I mean and my has gone. What are you getting so excited for. He's just a little guy looks like shipping clerk fair passages passages. The book was sixty six venue museum again. Seventy four is when you see him sitting in the car right and then you did the piece for blood on the tracks and and you and mcguigan approached him the so those right yeah that's right chronology <hes> so the blood attracts piece came out and then about six months later <hes> i had heard or eight months i had heard that dylan was back in a his old haunts in greenwich village he he was who's working with jacques levy who was great <hes> broadway directed off broadway director and <hes> he was doing <hes> <hes> the album <hes> and <hes> i sit and mcguigan had played i think a gig in new jersey and then we met afterwards who went to chinatown and i said hey it was like two in the morning. I said let's go to the other end maybe bob's there and <hes> he says okay and we walk in the other around and there's nobody there walk away to the back we look around the corner and at the table is dylan. <hes> bobby new worth jacques levy ed bunch of other people and he's dylan siesmic gwen and he jumps up knox all the glasses off the table at goes roger way you bid. We've been waiting for you all night. I mean nobody was going to be there and <hes> that's when he says we're gonna do this. Incredible tour <hes>. It's gonna be like a gypsy caravan. We've just going to go to a place not with no notice and sell tickets day thing and you know and he's got to come on this is to a and then when <hes> roger says you know larry right he goes. Oh yeah you're the one did the peace. You should come on the torn. I'd rather have you chronicle that than anybody anybody. Who was his press that you had done a piece on hurricane carter which was a pet cause of his yeah yeah. You're not the person that that <hes> that turned him onto that he was he knows it. Wasn't your writing. No got him involved. Now he <hes> he had actually read <hes> rubin's book. We're going spoke this guy ritchie. I forget the the guy's name richie. Something was whatever early guys but the big guy who spearheaded ruben caught his whole thing. George lois to famous ad yes right. That's right who still around george lois can our this. This documentary is fascinating. You gotta see this score says he documentary that that that that rats os net flicks alex havoc television. I believed flicks. You're asking the wrong person right so it's on netflix. Watch this this leads to the bull talk about the documentary to which is very interesting approach to the the put onto the documentary. If i'm not giving away any spoilers now but this this led to the book at some point you parted company with rolling stone yeah fell out well. I mean and it's in the documentary. Yeah i get them yeah so don't forget again when i was doing. The book i had a smaller tape-recorded wasn't a big one ad plug in but had a small tape recorder and everywhere everywhere i went because i i had been influenced by those andy warhol books and <hes> because they were basically somebody following andy warhol around and taping everything he he said and then editing and so that's what i did on this tour. I had a little record but after a while you put it on the table. Everybody forgets that the records go on so i i had basically the entire tour so i gave scorsese all the tapes and he he used a couple of them. One of them will use was the big argument. I got in with rolling stone because rolling stone has gone well the second piece you sent. It's got a lot of holes in it. <hes> unlike variety is reporting that <hes> the ticket prices are up and they're playing big halls now. Why are you not talking about that and i said what. Are you crazy. What well this is not the wall street journal. This is rolling stone. This is a musical cultural event of our lifetime. You want me to write about the ticket prices and so one thing led to another and they said okay would taking away your expenses. You can do spot coverage which meant i couldn't stay on the road because i couldn't afford you know without at the expenses so that's where i had this great scene. That's in rinaldo clara. Which was the movie a whole other story as movie movie on the tool that shepherd was writing the screenplay four and a half hours yeah yeah and the beginning of the movie is me and roger mcguigan are in the lobby of one of the hotels and <hes> you know what i got on the a tour <hes> besides getting hassled rolling stone. I was getting hassles from louis. Kemp who was bob's childhood friend who he elevated to become the promoter the store the guy's a fishmonger he had to a saturday had a salmon story a factory whatever you call it in alaska and now he made bob made him his childhood friend that at a tour so once we in new york i told laxest everybody we get on the road. He goes what are you doing. You can't stay the same hotel. Tell us so. What are you talking about bob vitamin. No no you're press you can't stay so had this running argument with louis by then i i told bob that i really wanted to write a book so <hes> i'm standing there with mcguigan and dylan and joni mitchell walk in and i'm complaining that you know you know i have no nowhere to stay now and and i was also helping the film crew a lot <hes> you know giving them bringing them subjects that they've flipped out over <hes> and they were telling bob rats. Bring us golden things you kind of keep mon. You're gonna so bob. Joni mitchell come up and it's probably goes rats. Oh what's the matter. I said what's the matter rolex. Don't just cut me off. I can't stay on the tour. I want to write this book. He goes rats. What do you need. He goes i go. I need a room so he goes to louis oy berry berry promoters. Get him a room what else you need. I said well. I need <hes> per diem. I have no expenses. That's we'll get your per diem what else you need and i'm literally closer. I'm gonna have to feed for him and i started screaming. I need need access and don't look samedi goes he need. What do you so so yeah so that's how i stayed on to. I wasn't joni mitchell. Happy at first with <hes> with with me with what you wrote well i. She wasn't happy beep. Even before i wrote anything when she came on she came for one night and then she just loved it so much she stayed for the rest writer and <hes> so <hes> after a few dates i was backstage once with her and i start talking to her and i said something something like you know my three favorite male songwriters of bob leonard cone and kinky friedman and she goes. What do you mean male songwriters. What about me. I'm just as good as them and i said well join but you know i can't compare you with them. Because you're female songwriter you have a different perspective blah. Ah blah and we went back and forth for type <hes> we eventually became very friendly on that tour and then she moved to new york and we hung out for <hes> longtime but <hes> so she was one of the people when when the tour was over i finished the book i sent two copies of the book gac one to bob who was with howard oak cutting what would become renaldo <hes> and the other copybook. I sent to joining joni mitchell. I few days later. I get a call. I come home and there's a message on my answering machine is from how it all rats. Oh we read the book bob reddin one night gave it to me. I read it in one night. It's fantastic you. We're didn't think you could do it but you really did it so loved it and dylan gaming that quote the war of rock and roll so then the next night. I get a call like six morning which means it's three o'clock in the morning in l._a. And stony mitchell and joining mitchell goes rats aw aw i read the book. How could you have me say all those things. I said you said there and <hes> and then i said look go back. Read read the book had quotes from <hes> gergiev <hes> about i spent ski and no no spent ski about girgis and a guard jeff was talking about a rolling caravan that would expose everybody's you know what they're really like and she read a book in that context and she called me back. She said ah you're right. Don't touch a word. It's a great read. I mean i've read a lot of books about rock rock and roll and tours and it's a it's a it's a great read that you're talking about that that party is it for the for the the owner of folks city on bette midler gets auburn and and and phil oaks is there i mean it's i mean what a what a great time. I'm in history to be witnessed to all of this and that's why i wanted to documented yeah where do you where have you been true. Miss the about what did a six hour seventy two thousand miles of a graveyard and that's in two thousand and then rob gordon lightfoot shows up on harry dean stanton shows up at the sam sheppard was the crap. Dylan's mother is along for the right. I'm happy that not only do i have the only kind of quasi interviews but i have a lot of conversation the section between me and bob's mother beatty zimmerman and she was so great i mean sometimes i'd be sitting in the stands with her and you know we'd listen. Kebab would be singing hurricane and then he'd be over in a very give them a standing ovation she stand up and she hit her chest and goes gets you right here yeah right yeah and then <hes> i. I remember <hes> saint to her. You know what do you think of all these the people who wrote about you and your husband by hoodwinking you saying you know coming coming like they were visiting hibbing. She goes i. I never gave them anything. You know <hes>. I don't talk about my son. My son is bob dylan. He created himself. I'm betty zimmerman. He's bob dylan. I mean she is she. Wow she got it. Oh yeah she was. She was a wonderful person. I want to ask about houdini. Let's talk about this quickly. He just escaped he. Did you know galvin rats who wrote a houdini book yeah with with some controversial ideas. He is in it. Now you do have like those kind of richard belt suresh viewpoint spiracy theory thing to fucking conspiracy superheroes see well. It's an interesting theory. You guys have to say well. No no not a russia's u._k. Spy he was spying for the u._k. Okay but that we verify you know we actually have found a diary of the head of m. I five who <hes> had made indications that you you know when he was in russia when he was in germany he was sending back missives and got a letter from h h broader right to the war department and and we correlated the date and that's one houdini was in germany so but the other thing we'd have said <hes> definitively that that he was killed but it's it's an interesting theory and you guys support it well so he was getting information from the nazis or not no no this is the way before tonight's what all this is in the early and spying on their weapons on their weaponry data because the u._k. was always worried about germany's <hes> potential and i were memphis someone saying to me that they always questioned you and that story about him being punch right in the appendix christie said if that were the case then all these price-fighters would have to pay rice but when we did the research we found out that he wasn't just punched once he was punched three separate times in montreal. One time was <hes> at a demonstration at the university mcgill. Where he's you know he said to students you. Come up you could see how i've tried so hard for my stunts that you punch me in the stomach and he would tencent get ready and punch and there's nothing to it about a few days later. He's in his dressing room at the theater and to the students from there were actually actually doing pictures of him 'cause he had saw the sketches before he said come to my dressing room and do a thing for me so they were sketching and the older guy comes in and this guy was <hes> he had worked in the university. I think he worked at the library but he wasn't a student and it turns out he was a spiritualist and he started talking to houdini about the old testament and stuff like that and then he said and <hes> would it be okay if i punch you in his stomach and he thought he'd let him get set in and visas. Yes and it's about two tenths as my and the guy just punches three four you gave up then the next night when they were ready to leave to go to detroit houdini sitting in the lobby of the hotel reading a paper and a big burly guy comes up and just punches him in the stomach now. None of these things could have killed him because it's true. If you're punched in the stomach you can't can't burst appendix that way but apparently our theory was that <hes> in the weeks before for there were a few examples where houdini or his wife came down with thome poison and off theory was that the spiritualist was slowly poisoning him and that <hes> eventually mina crandon and that grew yeah yeah well yeah people who were working for her. He'll be just and just to tell her audience. She was a spiritualist that he had made attempts to debunk right. Yeah that was a big big big fight between to them did the bunker and and that really pissed off all the followers in fact one of her followers. I i happen to two. I met her <hes>. I guess it was a grand daughter at a <hes>. One of the sand is where would they try to contact every year. They said rodney used to do them. There's one on the upper east side by me yeah where where he apparently had an apartment and they did one in vegas and i think penn and teller were the guests of honor at the say odds and she was the granddaughter turns out. She lived on long island. I said what do you think i can come out and you know interview. She goes sure so i go out to her house and her husband and fix a nice dinner. We eat. I start interviewing her and we finished the interview and said you wouldn't have any letters or any diaries raising like that. She goes come with me. She opens up a closet. Is it in a spare bedroom. It's filled with all of her. Papers are lettuce because her mother was an academic mother kept all of her mother's papers so we will see i was gone through the scrapbooks and there was a scrapbook and as a guy named the wyckoff who was one of her millionaire supporters and houdini is in the hospital now where he had in detroit had in detroit yeah the appendix burst he's slowly dying and and this guy writes something like i couldn't. I couldn't sit by and do nothing while that ju <hes> maligned you so it's almost like a culpa wow so they had it out for them. Yeah i heard gleich <hes> houdini for a short amount of time became friends with sir conan doyle factors into <hes> those theory yeah yeah 'cause conan doyle became a an avid spiritualist because his son died in the war so he you know this was a case of a lot of people they lose as their kids and then they want to contact them and these fake spiritualists would say oh no problem we can contact and they'd have seances into oh your son on says you should turn over your <hes> the least to the house to you you know it was crazy stuff and i heard a story sorry that sir conan doyle's wife right. She said she got in touch with houdini. Smother right and spoke spoke to heaven right now. First of all it was an perfect english couldn't be getting a word of it was they. She called them harry. His name was eric right and she puts a cheat across right. I had ask you and i are going to go this chinese restaurant near me on the upper side you wear this. It's in some tenement where apparently he lived for a short time and there's an organization. The houdini groups that gathered has a seance. We're going to go you and i next halloween. Oh that's going to go on the it's on the upper east side yet the seventy but then he has i live then he had a brownstone in harlem yeah but this at this location they they stage a houdini. Is your goal there and say okay. We won humphrey bogart as guests. John's talked about <hes> conan conan. Doyle's wife is hilarious because she graduated eventually into get doing autograph automatic writing from a four what thousand-year-old spirit named fini's and and slow conan doyle was just amazed by this so conan doyle was saying well <hes>. We have to go <hes> we have to go to norway. It was the middle of winter. We have to go to norway to spread the word of spiritualism and then the wife through fini's through the wife says no no not no way maybe someplace to what she would tell and i heard one time in front of sir conan doyle houdini. We need one of the simplest like hey look. I took my thumb that you do at any two year old right fake fingers yes and cirque conan doyle said that he has some kind of weird power for its body that he can disconnect connect parts of his body and reattached them and that doyle was you know just a i believe i mean here's a guy wrote. One of the most sophisticated characters uncalled certainly logical rational character and he was just <hes> you know i heard attitudes dini. Were specifically like what are you an asshole yeah well. What about the <hes> the the little ferry photographs with these kids were making think fake photographs putting fairies in the fixes and conan doyle felt for hook sink. What's your co writers. They wanna give them cry. Forgot delsing louche bill coach and i i heard him say that <hes> the the tony curtis treatment of houdini is an affront. It's an insult cost to who to houdini memory wouldn't die in the hollywood horsh it but then he wouldn't die in one of his own in one of those on contraptions up the hollywood biographies to this day. They're all right. I got a quick question about houdini from guest for your at south pete. Nelson has has has rats. Oh ever thought of writing a screenplay about houdini the restraint bio pic or super fictionalized by adventure well <hes> what happened was that <hes> a book collusion i was optioned and <hes> it kept on being re optioned re option reaction and <hes> they got lionsgate had it for longtime and they got noah oppenheim. Who's <hes> that <hes> movie jackie. The screenplay live jackie is great writer. He also <hes> he's head of n._b._c. News now <hes> and so he actually wrote the script okay so a screenplay exists based based on a book and yes so this way and then eventually <hes> lionsgate had a change of administration nation the new guys don't want to case right yeah but frank marshall was attached to the wow and frank marshall loved the project so much he brought it to another the studio and they bought it in turn around and they just did another revision with noah so good so it's moving along a seven per solution kind of movie. You know that movie yeah yeah the the other times we used to hang out. All the time was those branches from al goldstein. Goldstein scored a little bit about al on on email. Yeah well i. I'm i'm pretty sure i got comfortable brunches right. He's got you to come get you. Grandpa al was that the cast of characters he'd be here with this out and you'd have the the guy who owned a deli second. Have you deli abe okay he he was there. You'd have the guy who wrote david and lisa the psychologist wow lawyers who are trying to have them thrown in jail the <hes> michael baden who all the forensic. You're the guy you involved in the houdini project. Ah i remember sitting next to this black woman who was a shoe said dominate shirks right and and she went into detail brunches yeah. I knew i didn't get any of these broken. Had a manila took me to the friars to hang out with larry sent still money back then it was still generous. I used to go there and say i'd order brunch and then i'd say and i want to go. Let me tell us. I'll let you know that you know. This was was having a gilbert because it was really good food. It was a free side restaurant at the beginning and <hes> and they had a great brunch menu but gilbert not only they want to eat at the brunch but he wants to take some would look at the menu at he'd go in and you know the way it is going around taking all our orders anti go. I can't make my mind the obligation or i want the french toast and it was so long that i'll just said gobert auto both attack that every week and i go home with like a big shopping big bag with like about five french. What about <hes>. Did you ever come with me to the carnegie for when henny youngman argument for lunch tells stories i was. I was <hes> one of the people i brought into the lamp. Poon was young told me and and you you know we took henny youngman out to coney island and we did something with naked girls play the violin evac and so had he had a arrangement with the great leo steiner who leo was the greatest a deli man ever and when the carnegie is under leo's leos watch it was fant. I remember i covered with kinky and <hes> leo would see us and he'd go oh. This is the mark they didn't have like v._i._p. Area they had ratatouille here. Give him a linen because that miss you don't have bring out an actual nap good view so <hes> so so handy had <hes> an arrangement where <hes> he can bring anybody. You wanted to lunch right free. While i mean i it was a great guy. Leo so you know we'd sit there <hes> and it would be cracking jokes all time we be eating the meals over and there's no check and so we say so. We're kind of tip. Should we leave had it would go lima dollar. Each i swear i'll put down like six thousand ah six single ballot bills the way they would come over and go what's this. You'll give me six dollar bills and the atlanta would go yeah. Take that joe schmuck. You're a lousy way to fight serious unbelievable unbelievable what senate that they changed owners honors at the carnegie and then they stop. They stopped the free lunches yeah but that that leo died. I had a brain tumor that the whole place which i thought was like insane because you went to a place like exactly because she saw any young exactly oh in those days the food was great onto leo really great. It's a great experience yeah. Any al lewis stories the mind just <hes> i guess the story that i recount in the article i did about <hes> <hes> now where we're <hes> al called al lewis as a character witness in one of his key was a he was a a <hes> being accused of harassing his secretary. I remember that and he did he did could call up the secretary you piece of shit shit. I don't know what the fight was over but <hes> and in grandpa came up on on the stand and he just it just it was like <hes> abbie hoffman at the way he made a mockery of the whole thing and you know it and he said like a- and house out franchise stephanie was his defense lawyer and charlie would say you know well. Mr lewis. Tell us <hes> <hes>. How long do you know now he goes. I already told you how long it was before. It was not a cooperative. I remember number one time al goldstein explaining in detail to me. He said <hes> kid. Did you ever the jerk off on the toilet and i said nine on any you know you should try you know the cold. Porcelain feels nice on your balls. The whitton wisdom rats before we get out of here. Here's another question from a fan jason pagano. I love private parts. <hes> i know howard said he he hated acting in the movie <hes> <hes> <hes> not specifically but larry. Do you know if miss america was evergreen. Green lit as a movie or if certain people or certain studios did not wanna make the follow up film p._s. I love your work. No i mean <hes> there was was no movie interest in miss america even even with all the money private parts made well. You know private parts had a store story. <hes> you know miss america was basically just a series of and in some ways miss america was much more intimate because he talked about out his jerking off the internet porn addiction and talk about his o._c._d. <hes> but you know not moving material yeah tell us about the new album well before we go and we'll plug it cool so at my advanced age <hes> <hes> what happened was i after dylan tour i started writing lyrics first with rick derringer and then with john cale and <hes> we we wrote a number of really good songs together and then kale move to l._a. And <hes> so i just went back to writing books and stuff and i had <music> a guess. You'd call what early podcasts at the k._g._b. Bar <hes> village and we'd have a lot of like young musicians from brooklyn on so one night you know these two musicians were playing grandpa's and songs when his show is over tim <hes> bracy asean lissouba nelson. Come up to me and go ratzel weeded. No you the calls. This were a big fan of yours. We read your dylan vice so <hes> you gotta come hang out with us in brooklyn glenn so i said sure and i started hanging out in brooklyn indie scene and <hes> by got juices flowing again. I had some songs that i never gave kale. Oh and i i just i wanted to get the songs that i never thought i'd be the vehicle so <hes> i i hooked up with vin catchy owned from caged animals a- amazing producer and <hes> we <hes> we did a demo and my idea was i was gonna do <hes> the take a page out the kinky friedman playbook. Which is you do a tribute algebra hisself so ed you get famous people to seniors things willie nelson and you know if you allow people like that so i was in do the same thing so we did them one song and our lady of light and <hes> we finish it and vince says why are you giving this to somebody else. You should singer on songs. You have a unique voice right away. Unique voice like florence foster jenny look you thought he was the salting yeah i mean. I just thought it was weird. So i brought the <hes> the track to how willna whose alleged legendary hal wilner eh lou reed marianne faithfull ginsburg borough desert right and <hes> and play it in his studio. We listened to it and and it's over. How what do you think should i sing my own songs and you know he listens with his eyes close and he opens his eyes takes a deep breath breath and he goes. What are you waiting for so i took that as a yes and <hes> i did the and we sold it to lucky number records and came at april fifth house doing is doing great. It's getting it's getting incredible. Reviews and and you know a lot of the reviews are it. We don't have leonard cohen around anymore. So this is the next best thing i was going to say i was so when i listened to our lady of light to me. It sounded you sounded like leonard singing singing a leonard cohen song yeah. Sometimes they sound like dylan sing dylan song but i mean look those are great sports. I'm proud of that congratulations for seeing this dream project through yes and u._s. Dylan to write liner notes at some point. Do i have that right right. You do have that right. <hes> it was a backstage in vegas after one of his shows and <hes> you know we were chatting i was in vegas <hes> staying with <hes> the pen and emily gillette and assembly here by the way that she come in there she she is she's there and then and then during the day i was working with mike tyson on his two books and <hes> and so i go to the show and <hes> you know we're talking after the show's over and i and i said oh by the way bob. I'm doing my own and he goes you do them. As yeah and nick cave does do it within the cave does do it with you. I said yeah i said and i want you and i see him ten the two right the lighter notes and then he breathes easy. I don't know if i could write ladder notes. I said world gone lon-wrong. He goes yeah. That was good but i have a pen got the job. Penn wrote some incredible. You went to the right man. Really you went to the right man. I am terrific. I like your dylan but i like <hes> i like rats owes dylan to have until on off you know his religious relentless gilbert. This is why near is more high pitched between larry charles knowing dylan ellen and rats knowing dylan. I think we have to get you together with dylan. High now met sent him the <hes>. Let's send him the bit bit a bit. You're gonna make a project that it's the sense of humor about himself like that only laugh yeah he does. He has a great set. Well you saw in the film. That's true in this country. I love that he's influenced by children of paradise of all ended. The white ended the whiteface yeah but the interesting influence is interviews films so funny when he's talking about scarlet rivera era and tongue-in-cheek. He's always been a bit of a prankster yeah yeah yeah terrific. Congratulations on the record have either way. Can i put a plug in please. Oh the new website u._w. Rats oh dot org not that. I'm a nonprofit but i just couldn't to get rid of some schmuck in san francisco has rats dot com so we have a new website. All of the books personally inscribed whatever you want me to say a friends enemies vomits visit. I'll i'll sign anything and you can get the dental. I wanna thank our mutual friend drew friedman to to who i called and i said tell me some shit about rats and he had a lot of good stuff <hes> and i i i wanna say to this about your book reading your book there with some sad moments where i realized how much of that new york city is gone. Fillmore kenny's castaway max's c._b._g._b.'s the ritz the knitting factory three palladium roseland. It's gone girl starbucks. It's all gone harley music. It's how how do you feel about that. The death breath of record stores through obviously not happy about it. We've we've talked about on this. Show the tower records talk that. Tom hanks unmade now. Well you must see. I heard it's really good. You must see it but it'd break your heart yeah. No i mean it's you know it's it's so-called progresses such bullshit. I mean look at times square. I mean you know for say marks. When you go to a train flea circus you know the hecklers flea circus. Now you go and you know it's ironically radically. It's ironic. Though instead of you know going indoors to those <hes> you know the all a porn place birth. You put the court t._v. Show what was that. What was the name of that big one hominy show world shower yeah yeah but instead of that the one answering this instead of that now you have naked women would body paints harassing little kids crazy not not for the best yeah well the thing i always talk about on this show we always and that is that movies are dying out. Movie theaters are dying out the whole idea of going to the movies. That's going to be like vaudeville while but look i mean the way the the movie theaters that have adapted or the ones like nighthawk cinema. You can go there. You can order food brass it and you as you buy back and you could drink alcohol while you're i mean that's great yeah or the alamo draft house right but they're but <hes> boy the i've watched ten theaters closed in the last friday fell losses failed or what about bookstores stores to say you still love are hang out in bookstores. It's all changed for the better see that documentary. All things must pass. It's called you see the wrecking crew duck also fascinating. Those are my two recommendations. You wanna thank this man. No okay the website one last time w._w._w. Are you w._w. Dot rat so r. a. t. s. o. dot o._r._g. Okay and i wanna ask you off. Mike and we shut down about dylan's traveling bilberries as a career. I i remember one. <hes> al lewis take us out on an l. Louis story what about penn yeah okay he where the oestrus news you know strings ah snap shirts in the western boots and his teeth will like brown and the ad long rotten fingernails and smelly cigar gar right and and the frizzy gray hair and we were at one of the brunches and al goldstein and saying i'm putting out a new magazine and and each each month is gonna have a celebrity birdie in view the month and <hes> and he goes this month. It's ten intel and <hes> i louis turns to me gauche. Oh and i go to penn and teller and al lewis disgusted -ly waves and goes pay hit. It tells in front of the man's wife emily. I'm sorry we haven't even met and i'm apologizing the documentary to be should sit yes <hes> the documentary is <hes> on netflix. Yes which gilbert is not sure or if he has right and it's <hes> it's by martin scorsese and his call rolling thunder revue bob dylan bob or anyone story and after you watch documentary you can go to w._w._w. Dot rats dot org at by the book spies documented focused great. The book is a great read. Thanks rasa ratto packers stunned face to face of beauty lean by time over places should dance around you shyness funny. You're but you can help but spine. She god is in the room. Aw honeymoon suite the timmel today for this dog cross to me and the wrinkles says the maiden is cheese now. She's throwing knows penny it right back in film shows shy you know new <music> shy <music> <music> u._s. from this first rays of don then she'll through our role that is was when he clamming when your palm zero tom shelby taking the sun from from a shoeshine tonight. <music> show tonight in our league <music> <music>. They don't ask too many questions. Oh you'll end up black me moorer nana and <hes> circumscribe by her seat and kim has that i'm stuck. No one surprised <music> surrended freedom when i look through her <music> shy on you took a shine now i there's a <music>. Uh <music> <music> gilbert godfrey amazing colossal podcast is produced by darah godfried and franks onto padre with audio production by frankfurt frankfurt orosa web and social media is handled by mike lapatin greg and john bradley seals special audio contributions by john beach special thanks to john photiadis john murray and paul rayburn.

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