164: iPhone Screen Repairs Have Just Been Changed Forever


Starting today. Apple is making it easier for you to get your iphone screen repaired. Hey, I'm ready Richie. Welcome back to vector. Thanks for watching. Let's get into it over the years. Eyestone screen repairs have become increasingly complex early on. It could be a matter of whether or not the part of the casing that slid off was on the front or the back. But as displays became laminated as biometric security required securely paired hardware components as wider gamut, necessitated individual color, calibration as three d touch meant. It had to be calibrated for three d. precisely where you touched. And as more advanced sensors demanded more exacting. Alignments a lot more work had to be done to ensure a high quality functional repair so much. So in fact, apple had hardware devices installed at all retail locations and certified service enters to do the job better and faster than your average human could until today. Right now as you're watching this apple is in the process of making a change. One as simple and as profound as moving the previous calibration process from hardware to software in a partner. Communication, I managed to get a glance at apple is telling it service providers. This apple is excited to announce that we have optimized iphone display calibration to support your work in conducting an in-store display repair, beginning September, seventeen, three touch calibration fixtures will no longer be required to complete display repairs for phone success. And later we have optimized to calibration process using software. This means we can now calibrate repaired iphone by simply connecting the device and running our calibration diagnostics without the need to run it through a separate fixture. This change will create more flexible workspace in many repair rooms. Most importantly, it will save time for you and our customers by moving the process from hardware to software. It won't just open up space in existing workshops the reduced time and expense should. Hopefully open up the process itself to even more workshops. So the certified repairs with certified parts become available to more people in more places. It's part of Apple's ongoing initiative to better protect customers and the environment by making products that don't just work better, but last longer everything from twelve working on all I phones going back to the five s to alchemy up stronger forms of aluminum, steel and glass to making repairs increasingly easier and more affordable. And because they last longer you can keep using them and keeping using them is the best thing for the planet. This move won't satisfy everyone right to repair is complicated often contentious. I'm not talking about the extremes on either side. People who want to get your attention or sell you something by telling you everything should be hermetically sealed or on the opposite end, bloated out twice the size and weight. So you can get in there with their expensive LEGO. I'm talking about people who simply want to have quality parts available. Affordable prices so they can keep their stuff working and keep themselves safe. It's a step, but it's one of many that still needs to come earlier this week. Apple also announced a permanent reduction in the cost of I phone battery replacements. Previously, apple dropped the price from seventy nine dollars to twenty nine dollars for anyone affected by performance waddling on several recent models that runs out at the end of the year. But from January one, twenty nineteen and on the price for out of warranty battery replacement will change again to forty nine dollars for older models and sixty nine dollars for iphone ten or later. And that's critical because lithium ion batteries, which can be dramatically flammable really aren't something anyone should want to screw around with in the US. Apple is also making apple care plus available on a monthly payment plan. In addition to the traditional lump sum up front, it's great for people who want the protection but can't afford to pay for all of it at the time of purchase apples. Also expanding apple care plus with optional theft and loss protection. It costs more, but it's. Better than traditional carrier insurance plans. Because if something ever happens, there are no police reports to file or hoops to jump through. Thanks to find my iphone, which has to be a neighbor at the time of purchase. Apple knows your iphone is gone and that you've removed it from your account and wiped it that's faster and more convenient than filing reports and waiting for results for everyone. I know not everybody thinks it's worth it, but I get apple care plus for everything. A few years ago, I was at a New Year's Eve party when some fireworks misfired. One of them hit me in the chest singed my jacket and then fell onto my iphone. And melted the phobic coating basically turned it into sandpaper as soon as the apple store reopened, I took it in the genius on duty, a short lecture at the better take care of my possessions, despite my protests that the iphone leaped in front of me to robotically save me from explosive injury and then promptly captured it for the engineers back in Cupertino, whom I'm guessing had never previously included particular test in their sweet and cloud. Log in and half an hour later, and I left the store with a brand new version of what was essentially and identical copy of my phone with all of my stuff on it ready and able to get on with my life, not everyone has the same level of experience and not every time as apple scales is going to be an ongoing challenge to scale quality and speed and capacity of service as well. But I think steps moving screen, calibration from big expensive hardware to more widely accessible software is in arguably part of the solution. So is dropping the cost of repairs seeing to the rapid availability of parts and expanding protection to new areas where existing services can provide additional support and convenience. If you're curious, like I am about how apple can replace hardware calibration with software, how things like algorithms and neural networks and machine learning work. If just hearing those terms sounds daunting than brilliant is a great place to start. They have a bunch of online courses that can teach you the fundamental logic and science behind. These technologies if you're new or just interested in the field, each course is interactive and breaks up complicated concepts into bite sized chunks to make sure you actually absorb the information, which is something I can't say about any university lecture ever in. You can get started easily right now today, just checkout, brilliant dot org slash vector. Thanks. Brilliant. Okay. So yeah, I can already feel some of you getting ready to rage into the comments about how this sounds just like an ad for apple care or whatever, but it's not. It's my considered opinion that most clumsy people like me will benefit from apple care in the long run, even if it'll make the lines slightly longer for me personally right now, but I think everyone will benefit from better and more accessible repairs in out of warranty, both our personal devices and for our shared environment. Now, let me know what you think. Have you had to get your iphone screen repaired or battery replaced? Have you done iphone screen repairs or battery replacements yourself? What have been your pain points? Does this start to ADR. Yes, them what else do you wanna see, apple do kit. Subscribe hit lake. If you do not like if you don't, but let me know in the comments below. Thank you so much for watching remembers, Leah. We'll meet us this daisy, who can disassemble nine different models of iphone using daisy. We can reuse those recycled materials and future products. And the more we do this, the less we'll have to mind from you.

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