Ed Liddawi Talks NBL


Welcome back to american billiard radio. If you're listening to this on the day that it's being released then. Today is sunday march seventh actually. It's friday march fifth for me. But as part of the queue it up network. We're kind of trying to space things out a little bit so not that you really cared about that. But hey as far as you're concerned it's march seventh this episode. I had a chance to talk to ed. La dow is the owner of sandcastle billiards. Ed is the creative mind and the engine behind the national billiards league. The pandemic has caused some problems with the national billiards league. And i know that eh has struggled with a number of things and it sounded in conversations that we had had like. He wanted to get some things off his chest. Maybe and i wanted to check and see you know he's got. He's got big pie in the sky. Dreams with this project and i wanted to check and see where the project was and and what changes he feels. He's gonna have to make to make this a success so again. That was the the interview for this week. before we get to that interview Touch on a little bit of news as i say. Today is friday in my world sunday yours but it's friday in mind and today was unfortunately the day that maga announced that the turning stone casino had cancelled every one of their events out until august. That's end of august beginning of august. So the turning stone classic thirty four. That was scheduled for august. Nineteen th through. The twenty second is now postponed again until january. Sixth through the ninth twenty twenty two now there are other events that are taking place before the turning stone event was originally scheduled the trade show hopefully the super billiards expo and a number of events in different pool rooms but as far as turning stone kind of a big one and that one is postponed again in better news sticks and stones billiards has proudly announced that chris robinson is their new house. Pro sticks and stones is located in lewisville texas. You can find more information on them on their facebook page under sticks and stones billiards t x or you can go to sticks and stones dot club and see more information there but again chris robinson newhouse pro over it sticks and stones while we're talking about house pros. Let's move to new york. Amsterdam billiards torsten home in the new house. Pro their tony. Robots used to be the house pro. But with tony relocating to florida. Still think he should move to arizona. They were they were missing a a house pro and i think they made a great choice in torsten home in other news my partner in well one of my partners in the qaeda up network. Nate mendham finished. His women's fiji nine ball championship. Kelly fisher to no one's surprise. Did kelly fisher win the event. She margaret fa- lova in the finals. What might have been the surprise was that she didn't dominate the event from start to finish. She made it through on a wildcard. It it came down to a close decision within iraq or two but once it got into and let me back up a second. It was four days of action. Four ladies round robin the top four ladies advanced into a single elimination board and then the top two runner up finishers based on number of racks ran moved into the single elimination so kelly kind of squeaked in wildcard but once she was there she was back to her usual dominating self and she won the event. An is two thousand dollar payday. Four know it's early in the year and and we didn't get the derby city prize money that we normally get in january. Usually i won't even put the money list up for a year for the current year until derby has happened. Usually we have music city by then we have derby the by then and we've got a decent amount of money you know to get the money list started so we don't have that yet this year. What we do have to no surprise on the money list is denison koyo at the top of the list. He's we've got him with fifteen thousand in prize money so far in the first what. Two months and five days Shane fater conrad. Jeff de luna. Fill out the top five. Kelly moves to the top of the ladies money. List and right behind her is christina to koch. Who won the virginia state championship last weekend. So you like the way that kind of came back around Let's see other news billiards. Sports network held their dinas fears. Cup junior championships. They've been they've been building the swing up pretty big. It was in event they were real proud of an and by all rights should have been. The fourteen and under division was won by garrett from virginia his brother grayson vaughan Stayed with him pretty much match for match until right there. At the end the fifteen to eighteen division was won by joey tate. Anybody who follows pool out in that area. Raleigh north carolina joey tate's cashing in events almost every weekend. So he's a junior. Yeah but he is. He looks like he's got a very bright future. And i mean they all seem to play like champions in that area. So again i think. Congratulations to to the two winners to joey and garett. But also congratulations to billiards sports network. They had a successful event and they've got a big pro event coming up first weekend in may Dinosaurs cup ten ball championship. Five thousand dollars added. That'll be at center pocket in booey maryland. So keep your eyes open for that in other news. Match room has the predator championship league. It it's a new event that they've just gotten started. There's been so much controversy on this one online. I don't even wanna get into it Logos on the chest logos can wear. You can't wear. i saw. That nate had an interview with emily over at mattress morning. I have not had a chance to listen to that interview yet. But i'm pretty sure what. I know of nate that he probably cleared up just about everything. There was to clear up for that event. So yes that event is coming up march twenty seconds. I'm not going to dive into it because it's a long interview with ed. I don't think we need to dive into something that that nate has already handled quite well in happier news. I did see the news today. That brew lands bar and billiards in tampa. Florida is working on jeanette lee legacy benefit tournament. This'll be april. Tenth and eleventh again. Tampa florida jeannie. Seaver and sonia should be. I think i pronounced that right are putting this together. there's an age bracket be bracket fifteen hundred added from the room. I spoke to sonia earlier but we were having technical difficulties in actually recording the conversation for the podcast so basically doors open at nine tournament starts at ten. If you're in the florida area if you're not in the florida area. Sonia tells me they are accumulating silent auction items and they're working on a way that people will be able to bid for them online. So even if you can't make it to florida there is reason to follow. This online will have more information you have you can go to. Facebook brew. lands carole c. a. r. o. l. l. would so brew lands carol. Would you can get more information. And then we'll have more information on easy billiards as we get closer to the tournament. The only other news. I really had on a sad note. I got a note that a player from fayetteville north carolina by the name of john macleod passed away. I'm told john ran with pete horn back in the day. John was one of the one of the top players in that area As is the case with so many of the the older players back pain diabetes. They held him down and covert finally. Got the better of him. So again Sadly john macleod out in had fill a good friend of horns road partner with pete horns or horn has passed away. So let's get onto. Ed la ed talks about well. E e basically talks about the national billiards league and all of the plans that he has for that and and where he is with those plans so without further ado at data we very happy now to be joined by sandcastle billiards owner. But you wear a whole lot. More hats than that ebola dowie. How are things out on the east coast. Ed hello mike. Thank you for having me on the show once again. Things are going okay out here. restrictions lessening now from twenty five percent to thirty five percent capacity in our billions industry. Business restaurants are the same so things are starting to open up a little bit. More and a lot of people are tired of being home at this. They after all this time so the coming out more and more. It seems like we're starting to get over the hump on this. I agree with that absolutely. It seems that people are starting to come out A lot of people are getting go. Further fears of the virus or are getting nations or more people are becoming more compliant at the same time that were reluctant to beforehand understanding of the concerns. And nobody really wants to offend anybody and especially in the pool. Rooms are pretty much a second family in playrooms we. We missed the competition. We missing each other with playing with each other display opposite political views or views on masking so forth. Everyone's been very cooperative. For the most part you just had a new jersey state ten ball championship. That is correct. The part of the meds tour actually missed tour in the northeast area here. Pennsylvania jersey at some locations in new york maybe delaware We have hosted the new jersey obviously state championships for the open division. For several years we've had world class players planet and win it and hold new jersey state. Champion titles darren appleton one of them. jewelry course local pro and then We have a question i one. I don't recall if it was able of inner temple of anonymous tour. We had francisco bustamante to start it all off. And that's what started that tradition twenty fourteen. So it's been quite some time now that we've been hosting it and it's been getting larger and stronger each and every time we had a monster field this past weekend first place winner. Congratulations to germany saucy and a very very close runner up. Finish by matt crawl frank and and is also in the competition. He knocked out earlier in the weekend before that. We had another event as well for the nba qualifier our second event. So i mean to in a row with thirty plus player. Fields is a good thing to see once again and and the n. b. l. the national billiard league. That's kind of the main thing that i wanted to talk about today We had done an interview in the past and we had talked about your plans. Where where are you at with those. I mean how how is how are things. Come together in comparison to what you were hoping for. Well i was very thought out. Plan to begin with but no one could have planned for the covert pandemic to shut down the entire globe and to plan d and i think i'm going to plan c. Soon sing don't lane up in other states I did interview skin that long ago. for an article the buzz and now he's asking me what were. What do i foresee in the future. How many events could we have. I said i can't answer that. Because i don't have i've lots of Billiard balls but don't have a crystal ball so we can't predict how long it's gonna take for all states to open up that have participating locations that have been sanctioned for the deal and i can no longer wait for that to occur either so plan was to have qualifier two months in a row and a main event every third month now. I don't know if we're gonna have even two main events because even after a state opens up people are still getting out and getting comfortable. Once again new jersey's been opened up for five or six months now and we're just getting back to a more quote unquote normal frame of mind and comfort level. And that's still being worked on. We're over the hump as you mentioned but still a long way to go so even if they open up tomorrow we're still looking at a six month delay for people on out and start playing pool again the way that we did and within capacity to host a thirty two player competition is going to be some time so plan c. Maybe you know. I'm may open up more locations to sanction in locations that already there have been constantly contacted by new directors in new locations that want kit in keep on enquiring. How can we be involved in the l. We want we want to host the location here. So i wanna everywhere of course in addition to the covid situation it seems i'd say from the outside but kind of semi have an idea what's going on on the inside. It seems like there's troubles beyond just cova though trying to get this thing going and trying to get people on board what. What kind of response are you seeing from. From tournament directors and from players while i'm getting ninety percent good which is very rare from players and venues however from more insight on the t. from the tour directors and the other ten percent of players that seems to be All mitchell lack of communication or clarity on a few points that i couldn't legally post on the website. Because i don't wanna get venues in any kind of trouble by saying the wrong thing or any loom owners or tournament directors. That are volunteering. Their time pretty much paid minimal amounts for months of effort but The major factors here beyond code is a reluctance to something new An overwhelming sheer of the american player to get off the miniature tables the bar box and play on regulation equipment. That's one thing. And in general player. Participation has always been an achilles heel to billiards industry. Here in america whether it be on an amateur level or professional level. I planned on the n. b. l. designed to eliminate that for the pros at least which they're all on board. I get tons of messages from the professionals. That can't wait for this. Come about and They're happy that it's an american based league. You must be an american residents to participate as a professional. You don't have to be a citizen but you do have to be a resident and proof of residency will be required but on the amateur front. There's still a lot of doubt from amateurs having a chance at winning a qualifier or even cashing in the qualifiers from tour director side. They're having trouble no hosting satellite events prior to their qualifier to raise money for the top payouts. Which is one of the plans are willing to original plans before covert eliminated that. We don't want to sit there with our hands. Out for added money without being able to offer investors a return on their investment worthy of that for the amateur player to get involved. And say oh. I can't win it. There's going to be a favourite there and it's not me it's this week it's a leak mindset. What are you competing for one. You have to prepare to compete. Nobody practices anymore. Nobody frequent venue a few days or a week or two weeks beforehand learning the equipment brexit on the equipment getting used to that equipment before they competed that location players in americans ages travel from tour tour toured tournament tournament. We're not players anymore. That's why we can't compete globally. We're just tournament chasers. How how often does. I always ask a player. That complaining about a handicapped and my weekly tournament sandcastle. oh. I should be lower my ratings lower. They should be higher. And i asked them. Well let me ask you this. How many hours of practice did you put in this week to prepare to compete. Oh well i haven't been playing. So what makes you think you can compete. What makes you think you're ready to compete. If you haven't put the time in on the table which we all know. This game demands a lot of time. I'm in no shape. Tensor bonding by bodybuilding contest. But if i go buy a pair of speed oes and some body oil. I'm not gonna win a bodybuilding competition tomorrow. Who isn't that sound. Quite silly but pool player to expect the same. It seems from from the experience. That i have your right. A player doesn't necessarily practice on the equipment. There isn't a mentality of. Hey you know. I'm out of stroke. Let me let me play a tournament That'll that'll give me a chance to play some different competition you know. Give me a chance to figure out what it is that i need to work on my game. It's not a an exploration of. Where am i at right now with my game. it's always. I want to have more money in my pocket. When i walk out of the room. I walk in with and you're right no matter whether they've practiced or not exactly a we that hungary or we that i know were pros are pretty desperate if i may say a bowl stating that Because there are. There's a lack of a pro tour. There's a lack of our own pro tour. I mean there's a euro tour out there there's asian events establishments in clubs all the time they use a tiered system that i designed the nba where they have qualifiers. They feel the field. No problem with waiting lists here. We struggle to get players to participate. Because if oh it's just going to the first place winner. I'm not playing. Who says you can't win a message to all players that are listening. That are at least see. Hi c. class level or a b class level They have a chance to win. And and proof is in the pudding too qualifiers alone my very first qualifier. I had Seat plus player. Okay if you want to split hairs high sea level player okay. Which is not that great. They're not getting out there getting out. Maybe four balls may be five balls best. Hang in the pockets on the table. After mistake is made they beat an open player from new york came down to compete in the competition and they win hill hill. They destroyed them five games to one in the nba. Format a c. Plus player beat an open player. Five games to one ultimate break format set wreck pattern ricky from the spot the format is a handicap. It forces the player to play the game the right way. That's the whole design of it. If you think you can't win you're wrong. That's proof number one exhibit be in qualifier number two a. b. class player be a professional not a professional but a close to professional a high end coping player and he's an average be class player. I don't wanna embarrass these higher ranked players there's be class players a six eighty fargo rate argued as to be as pro because he's sponsored by a few Companies with products. And things like that. That's a whole nother story there but what is sponsorship from the industry today qualifies councils that but you know the the they argue that this guy's pro as fargo as well under you know seven hundred under the fargo consideration of a pros seven twenty up so seven nineteen and below is and still amateur guy. The six eighty and he also got beat. Five three was the score and that one by clash player. So stop thinking. You can't do it. That's holding us back from being global competitors. Here we can go on and on about. There's nothing to fear but fear itself or uncertainty or something new and we are creatures of habit. I expect people to be. You know leery of something new coming along especially people that don't know me or who i've worked with or what i've done in the billions industry for the last couple of decades I understand that but there comes a point where it's just common sense. And you're seeing people that you beat on a regular basis meeting high level players because of a format leveling out the playing field. So don't be afraid and you talked about the formante short race alternating break logically from the outside. You would think that that format would still favor the better player. So what is it about the format that that evens the field well. Momentum is a huge factor number one a greater player can't break and run stringing racks on alternate break format wants a player gets momentum of a couple of games ahead. They have more confidence and confidence is key in the game of pool. Along with confidence comes consistency. The more balls you make the more confidence you build. They work hand in hand. more consistent. you are more confident you audible confortable consistent. You're and now that's shooting holes in the mental game your opponent as they're sitting in the chair unable to do anything so alternate break format really that down. It doesn't cut it down a half. It cuts down about seventy percent really bill that momentum and that's from proven statistics that i've studied that i've seen even at the highest levels. You know. I'm tournament director over the international. Open down in virginia norfolk Propelled fleming international. How many times have we seen a race to eleven. Alternate break guys on the hill. Maybe his opponent might have maybe two or three games and the guy needs one and doesn't get there without that momentum letting off the gas when you're getting on the hill is another factor a lot of players relaxed even at the highest levels. They figured there on the hill. It's inevitable the other guy's gonna make a mistake that he can capitalize on or he doesn't really have to try so much as it's going to happen it's already over. He's already finish line before they began to sing. And we see it happen at the highest levels. I also see it happened at the amateur level players. get on the hill and they've already counted. The chickens haven't hatched and they lose. You mentioned that. You have a rule for the n. B. l. that they have to be American players. What's what's the laura behind then. Well we have anything of our own. I mentioned. Europe has a euro tour all around europe multiple countries. They play on that tour From my experience out in asia working with choi billiards promotions. The ica the international chinese able association. I said on their board secretary and they have qualifiers yes. They have many more people than we do. In china than america but have qualifiers with four to eight hundred players participating for a number of spots at their pro event. They here in america we have football the nfl. We have major league baseball. Majorly tryouts for all you have to go to college and get drafted or scouted and discovered with the nba. But we have those pads to successful million multi-million dollar organization in europe. They had the euro tour similar not as large very similar structure in asia. They have that similar structure in the middle east. Even they have that similar structure. I know in Cut qatar There's the federation there for the billiards and snooker federation and they have a similar structure here in america. We don't have that structure. That's what's missing to get us to that. Next level the millions and millions of dollars will come down the road once. We show that we are all in line and following this same structure. When we're organized and structured sponsorships will come. And i mean true sponsorships. We have people graduating from the bcs. April larson prime example. What is she doing now. Where's she going what she have to look forward to look for console verner. Where's he going. Okay once they graduate program to believes occasion foundation. We're still a great job promoting our juniors. We have some people that are doing the junior national championships now new tour in an effort to give them something else to go to. There's nothing for them to graduate into other than jumping into the. Us open playing everyone from around the world or the international open playing players from all around the world. They get crushed. You have no chance. There's nothing for us. our events. Our prevents are random scattered independent events. That are great events. Well-produced hard work goes into them and a lot of individuals doing great things with them. However it's open to the world and our players don't have anything of their own to encourage them along the way. That's where i wanna feel again. Okay so how do you bring these tournaments together. Well i i do have great relationships with every single person in the industry. I don't have any bad bad blood with other promoters. I try working with every single one of them. I see other people actually now coming up with similar structured as mine and i've listened to some podcast out there and i swear i just heard other people saying my exact same words that i said a year ago and i get angry for say. Hey wait a minute. That's my idea. But you know what i'm glad is catching on and i'm happy to promote them because that's what we need. We need to get on the same page and instead of battling them and calling them out of the day just doing my idea no good for you make it happen in your area. I'll make it happen in mind. I already have years now. I want to see it happen all across the country. Once we start seeing things the same way and restructuring or creating some sort of structure properly will finally get somewhere. Because we've been doing over and over and over and over again for the last twenty. Thirty years has not been working. We have so many things that are wrong out there and and things that look great for short term game or local prize purse. All the small thinking has got to stop. Everyone satisfied like you mentioned earlier. What's my payout for today. What am i gonna make today. You gotta look for tomorrow. How can we have self sustaining industry before we go out for major sponsorship when we go to johnson and johnson and so yes would you will offer you a sponsorship opportunity with hundreds of thousands of viewers watching our event advertising your product or your service for the low price of half a million dollars or one million dollars as a title sponsor of our main event of our super bowl for our world series. Every other sport in america's doing it. Why can't we are we that dumb or we got selfish. So notoriously the average pool player doesn't bring a lot to the table as far as pitching professional pool to a johnson and johnson. Or someone like that where this is a question. That's that's been there for for many many years. Where is the reward for a johnson and johnson or or any other outside of the industry sponsor. I'm so glad you asked that its viewership viewership right now. The original plan called for thirty two locations all across the country hosting a qualifier on the same exact day. How many views did the the last election get when people watching between you know who's gonna win what state what state will be blue. What state will be read. Who's who's going to win that state in california who's gonna win state in florida. Who's going to win. The all the boats in new jersey in texas everyone across the nation is watching the same exact thing on the same exact day right for an example for example with the b. l. format or structure with thirty two locations broadcasting. Their qualifiers seeing who's going to represent their state an amateur graduating to the major leagues to get behind and root for another player. Regardless whether i know them or not but i know that they're from my home state. That's my guy all right jersey. Let's go jersey. You've got this. Let's see you win this. Lets you get in the main in the main event. And let's you get some cash. I'm happy for you to win. Do we have that. We have local players that are hating on one. Another or denouncing one another's games or calling each other out to gamble and plays matches. They're trying to make himself feel big. But yet these same people to call out of the players that they know that they're better than that. They can have an easy time beating or scared to step into a field of thirty two other amateurs or thirty one amateurs and win. Alternate break riester. Five four hundred and fifty bucks. I've got ten thousand. That'll that says you'll beat you knowing that they don't have to nickels rub together but they've got a couple of backers they'd have faith in a game they don't have faith themselves to put up one fifty five one hundred five hundred fifty bucks play in the tournament which gets them four thousand dollar prize package and a chance at two hundred thousand dollar price. Purse faulk was well that mentality ask the change. I wanna go down the conversation road of sponsorship. But before that i'm seeing the vision that you have so there's there is a stream and stop me where wrong here 'cause lord knows on. I'm sure i'm wrong here somewhere. There is a stream that people can can tune in and watch and basically. You're told okay. There's thirty two events going on. Here's an update from the arizona qualifier. And while we're checking that out you know this is going on in new jersey qualifier. I mean you and i have have watched streaming online. Let's let's say you get every viewer. Who is who's jumping on facebook during the weekends and watching miscellaneous stream here and there. What are we looking at at twenty five thousand people i mean is that enough to get attention not even close not even close actually touched on two topics within streaming and broadcasting number one. Facebook is not our friend. Facebook is not our friend nor is youtube when they take eighty percent of the profits that they make from their advertisers and put it in their pocket and throwing the peanuts at the twenty percent leftover. There's nothing left for us to put into a prize purse. Nothing left for us to buy more equipment to stream with or to pay internet service providers or commentators or players staff members envio has partnered with our own proprietary server. Our equipment This last broadcast that. I did for the new jersey state championships on the most tour. I did without facebook and without youtube. But before i even give you those numbers. Well let me touch on the thirty two locations streaming. Everyone has their own following on the wire media has following. Pov pool has their own following. Ray hansen has own following Xp down florida. Gary gilson and a great guy also has own following. We need to bring these upstate. New york all these streamers and of course one of our only our maybe are only production to production company. Accu stats video. Productions has largest following. I la la have huge following on my own but putting them together gives us hundreds of thousands of views. The i n. b. o. qualifier. That was broadcast. I did as an example of the main event would be like with the musical entertainment with the intros with the byles on the players. The player cards and so forth. That was just give a taste of what some events will be like. I did broadcast on. Nbl usa dot com the website directly as well as facebook. And let me give you a taste of my following for that alone. Your average stream. That's free pay per views. Free stream only yields about ten to twenty five thousand viewers on average for free that that stream in the first three hours at fifty six thousand viewers in the first three hours. Fifty six thousand views. I check back two hours after that. And we were at sixty eight thousand dollars on the very first broadcast of the amateur level. New jersey qualifier. Numbers are going to be when we have the pros and that that was with facebook and Nba usa dot com website directly huge. We need to get off of facebook. Because what do we get the facebook from nothing. Nothing for facebook to put in my second qualifier for the nba l. Two weekends ago. I dropped the facebook. And i just wanted to see what the numbers would be like. And i didn't promote this event as much as the first one. Because i had a stroke as a special guest jeff read as a special guest named him as a special guest and they were doing commentary. We wanna do more interviews. Didn't even get to that. We have the musicians and things are taking a lot longer than. I don't wanna have the players waiting all day long already. Rent late to begin with so go down a bit. The second one. I just wanted to do a simple basic tournament. Get the tournament done and over with eight to ten hours. A qualifier in over with. So i didn't promote it because i did the first one and i dropped using facebook live. I only went on n. b. l. usa dot com and In conjunction with this past weekend. The the ms tour symbols. I've got over four thousand views just from either. Nbl usa dot com or sandcastle dot com using our own proprietary platform. My partnered with With os spn on full network also manages the websites. So there's a lot of comes along with that there's plans in the future. What is the benefit of that. Why dropped facebook. If it's such a big outreach so many numbers and because we don't we can't monetize that facebook controls that we don't we need to be in control of our own industry. We have to stop allowing these outside companies to control our players money. Our players images our players footage. It's our industry. We need to control it. So by funneling all these locations and streamers through our service and usa dot com. We gather all these analytics. From hannah's five thousand viewers from gary sinise five thousand viewers from fuel five thousand viewers or accu stats ten twenty thousand years and so forth and so forth my forty six thousand viewers. I'm sorry sixty thousand years. Rather than being facebook go through our server and then we grabbed his analytics of three hundred four hundred five hundred thousand viewers of one as an amateur level of what happens when we have the main event with all the big names amateurs versus pros men and women. Battling it out juniors up coming also making the cut complain at the main event now. We're talking about millions of views and that's a conservative number very conservative member going on our statistics already proven that we can take to johnson and johnson and offer them a return on their investment greater than any one television that working offer them if they want to be an advertiser and have a commercial thirty seconds. Ten thousand sixty second commercials twenty thousand. Now there's money in the pot to add to qualifiers to staff getting paid to players pops the main prize fund. If you wanna be a title sponsor it's going to be half a million or a million dollars and story just like every other sport. Okay so i again. I see the big picture. I i want to go back to the beginning we. This is something that pool players tournament directors and room owners have been promised from various people for years and years. And it's your a room owner if you come on board with this plan then. The players in the tournament directors will follow and the players are told if you come on board with this plan than the room owners in the tournament. Directors will follow. And you see where it's going so what. What is the spark that is needed to get this bonfire lit i think just you of union of amateur and professional players really come together and just joining in. I mean to get that sport for for the amateur players. They have to stop thinking about their short term goals of making five hundred bucks for a thousand dollars in a small or six thousand dollars in a bar box of and even i had one player didn't play envio qualifier because he had a bar box tournaments and he made six thousand dollars. That's great. you could buy used car. You might be able to pay your mortgage for a couple of months. How many of those tournaments are you gonna win. Not many. I'm also in the midst of working deals with or adam waiting with insurance companies for dental and vision plants health benefits group health plan. There will be an nba group health fence. I'm building a career option for players. Not a one time payday where they have to win the tournament. There's going to be other venues avenues of of revenue coming in one being through streaming as well when these players footage is captured and nbl events going through our server going through this platform. there player. I d will be tagged on each and every video that the rim and the two players in each match winner lose will be paid twenty percent each of every pay per view click and now they can promote themselves. Hey check out my match. My cowards and went hill hill. He got me into last. Rescuers agreed safety battle. I thought i had him locked up onto fouls but he kicked out of. It made the ball and got out on me. It was an incredible match. Check it out. Even if it's a four ninety five people view. After the fact someone clicks on it reach. Get in the book i lost. I'm still getting paid. Residual passive income is also in the plan for the players as well. That's one thing for the players you know. The health plan to benefits Residual income even if they lose and for an amateur player putting up one hundred fifty bucks to get to that level. What is that. it's being. It's nothing the nfl. The mlb the pga tour. You can't play in one event in qualify for pro event. So just forget about the money factor. All these people that are just looking at dollar bills. What's in the pocket on the short term. What other professional sports industry gives you an opportunity to win. One little event thirty one other amateurs and make it on the pro tour. No industry that. I know of the rooms. That are participating. Get regular foot traffic every month. They're also going to promote themselves with their their local sponsors for those streams that are welcome. None of that money's being asked for and we want to we want every room involves on every streamer involved. And i want to do some cross promotions with all of them so i can see the success big picture. I can see the goal and the goal is great and and it's something that the industry has needed for a long time Do you have a vision for a timeframe i. It's hard with the covert situation slowing everything down. It's almost like i have to start all over again because then you have closed down Venues have been held back from opening tournament directors have lost jobs. They have families to feed. They don't longer have the time to put in for practically nothing. You know I'm trying to be as transparent as possible. No one has to worry about anything. I know there was some confusion there. But there's a thousand pros and one conned us one hundred fifty bucks if you don't win the qualifier but you're gonna win cash that day with the calcutta where it's allowed or side pot or if outside local sponsors want to sponsor that event and throw in two thousand dollars twenty dollars we'll get your money back in the top places so you don't have to lose you know that's the only con players so scared was the bucks maybe not for you. But as trekkers shown c. plus and be players have been open players and they've come within the top three to get to the next level. What does that spark incite. Everyone has a finer within. We need to find those people out of scared. They're not scared to put up on the bucks to get pro event for the projected two hundred thousand dollar prize purse. And it's gonna take some time so a project timeframe if it takes all year to have one big event and get there so be it but longer than a week for all the venues to reopen or torment. The richest to finally get moving on projects. I've been on detail. Many that have been slacking and their let me give credit first off to a bunch of people that have been doing great that have field full ready to go once. Restrictions led up in their area in the room. Owners are comfortable having that many people in those establishment were allowed establishment. I like thank james harris out in california. Make mendham wisconsin. Gloria jean with the rather nine tour rhode island. They've all been busting their tail. Do a lot of things They minimizes ready waiting to go. We have people down in florida joining the force now helping other tour directors. So it's starting to come together. We're tour directors. I've never worked worked together before starting to come together to make this happen. Because they do see the big picture they see the end game. I don't think a lot of people west. Virginia the league room. Another one that tried to put something together gonna to work out. I'll say a big. Thank you to los angeles in texas. We've got to qualify players from texas one from california one from rhode island into new jersey. Soon we're going to have a qualified amateur from florida so that's only a handful of players out of sixty four that we need. I can't wait all year long for everyone. Get on board and get moving so those movers and shakers. You wanna be true hustler. Get your ass moving. Otherwise there'll be replaced and we're gonna have more venues. And the i sixty four to qualify in or the first four locations to host the qualifiers and fill those fields and the players that want it will show Gender that will is another person interested with borderline billiards and her location and she even has sponsors. That are interested but again. I'm not going to accept sponsorship until it's the true sponsorship when we can offer them something for their investment. That's next planned planned. See and i guess it is a good time to to go down that road. You you have some pretty strong feelings when it comes to sponsorship right right now. I know that there's sponsorship is a big issue out in the billions industry right now some events going on and i always say what is sponsorship. No there's it's great that a lot of companies are products sponsors. Might give you cloth or ball's t. shirts gloves or cue sticks but when you go into an event none of those items can pay for your hotel room or your flight or your entry fee some sponsorships for pros give them a salary or they pay for their entry. Fees into events as part of their contracts that sponsorship products unfortunately not enough to qualify as a sponsorship in my eyes It's the court and it's a beautiful thing that's a great gesture and it does cost money to a degree however again for that player to make money. In an event they have to spend on average a thousand to twenty two hundred dollars. We're talking about pros or even open players traveling and thing entry fees into an event if they don't come in fifth place or better they lose money on the venture lotta times third place or better. So what does that t shirt that. Cue stick doing for them at that time. How does that help. That's mike with it. Give them a agree or disagree. Cash talks the rest walks. But don't you feel if a player and you gotta deal with with xyz q. company. And they give me product or whatever i guess i guess. The question is as a player. How are they gonna feel about being told. I need to know your business as far as your sponsors go. Oh there's three spots allowed for sponsors. But i'd like to see the sponsors actually putting them into these events i already have one. I'll give thanks and recognition to richard sue bird. People may have heard of as soon nominee shafts out of brooklyn new york. I believe is brooklyn. Excuse me he sponsored a player into my second qualifier player. Were his shirt his logo. Rgs custom cues that player for one hundred fifty dollars from that sponsor sponsor. No cue stick required. Less money than acoustic hundred and fifty dollars was paid for. Orgin sue for one of our players for another place engine to qualifier. That player won the qualifier. Richard sue now presented in the main event his patches in there it's that simple you can sponsor an amateur player or professional for less than what the products will cost you so if they have a deal with the sponsor and they're very comfortable. They want to wear their patch. That's great. that's fine. But i'd really prefer to have the sponsor actually sponsors your way into the event where you can make money not just be a billboard for the product and you say you're limiting it to three patches from from sponsors and of course that's up to the player so whatever level i mean they might get ten bucks but you're limiting bright two three okay. Three correct three three sponsor patches on the chest of the players jersey and Just reminded everyone that there are actual jerseys being awarded to these qualifier winters and the professionals that pay their way. Also so that's another expense is being taken care of from the money's collectively generated through the qualifiers and let me just clarify that. These are qualifying events. these are not cash. Tournaments is their qualifying events to get into a pro event the different structure as far as the money goes but three patches are allowed and we've talked about the event that they're trying to qualify four and and your original intention was to have to a year it. It sounds for four okay. Actually for him. Every three months correct it sounds from the current situation. In what you've said and it certainly not everything that you're shooting for but it sounds like you would be you would be. I'll say satisfied. But that's not really where i'm looking for if you had one of those by the end of the year is that correct. I'd be satisfied if we have a full two hundred thousand dollar prize purse with one main event at the end of the year. Yes i'd be very satisfied if we could pull off if everyone jumps in within the next two months we can still have to events with a two hundred thousand dollar prize purse but again we must feel the fields. I'm calling out all players to do their part. I have a bunch of tour directors. a bunch of venues. They're giving up money giving up time donating their venues. Losing money on the day host qualifiers because tournaments in the new. That's just a run of the mill. Nopal room that doesn't have alcohol or food the cell or even if they do lose money they still lose money just not as much lose money by giving up the tables the wear and tear on the tables rather than charging table time. I mean what does it green fee for normal tournament. Five or ten bucks. That doesn't cover the wear and tear on the table. The venues giving that up. We're director's giving up endless hours. Time and efforts constantly dragging people into give players opportunity. And i'm not trying to rag on the players. Because i'm a i'm a pool player myself. I'm a player before. I'm a room owner. I'm a player before. I'm on promoter. I'm an enthusiast of the game before. I'm a player and this is all for the benefit the greater good for uplifting game in america were laughing stock in the world we can no longer compete with anyone in the world. If you think otherwise check again. We have a handful of people. Players can hang the can't win and world championships and we need to get american players back on that level by following the same structure every other country does but us. Okay so you and i have both heard the pie in the sky numbers. There's there's x. million of peop- number of people who who hit a ball once a month or or whatever. The numbers are okay. So let's say. I'm one of those millions of people who are interested in pool enough and would like to see the game move forward. Remind them where they get information about national billiard league a and b l. usa dot com website will be updated to be a little bit more elaborate on money breakdowns. 'cause summer just worried about But there's also a few new exciting things in there. We're going to be changing locations. We're gonna be adding and removing some locations around the country so there's a map on site we can just click on that. We tried to make it as simple as possible. Everything is written in code from scratch the logo the design of the map. Everything there's no matter the. Us states that are colored in red. You just hover over the empty states still turnbull. But the states that are read. Have a location marker with an nba logo rather than like google maps marker. It's a it's an nba logo when you click on that logo a little window pops up and it's a little information form or a contact form rob that will automatically email your local tour director. You'll given your phone number your email address and your preference of how you'd like to be contacted. And there's a little window there to type a few words or sentences expressing interest so nbl usa dot com. Click on the site into a directly. Back you if not message me. Personally you can hover over any one of the blank states. That are not occupied right now. They're not hosting anything. And that will send me an email. You can click on sandcastle and email as well. I check my email every single day. And i go. After the twitter's that are not responding to emails if they haven't gotten touching time they're busy or whatever the case may be they don't follow up with you. I personally will be following up with hundreds of people across the country so one of us will get back you shortly but it all starts at nbl usa dot com. I realize it's a slow process. And and certainly as long as either one of us have been in the industry. We understand that time right. But i think you're deserving of a lot of credit for trying to make this happen you know the the pool world is full of people who say god. I wished the price funds were bigger. I wish to pull world was better. Okay that's it but you know you're you're trying to do something about it and you definitely deserve kudos for that. I win is when is your next qualifier. What are the next qualified. You have on the schedule out. There's one at the end of the month at skinny bob's in texas They're looking to solidify date because they do have the texas open. The i Attend to date was going to be the sixth. Now that's not gonna do. We've got rescheduled to the twenty seventh. But now there's another event going on on the twenty seventh so they're trying to find i whether they make it on friday. The twenty sixth perhaps. But they're all flexible working with one another so at the end of the month. There'll be one in texas Florida's soon to have one and wisconsin is looking to happen soon as well wisconsin's already full but Florida i think has some openings in texas definitely have some some opening still so there are about two thirds of the way there with their fields but feel free to contact carlos sanchez in texas or We just signed on a new person. I can't remember her last name. Sorry carry down in florida. I can't recall her last name. I'll stop my head. Sorry she just during open. She's helping you out or just contact capone's rocky rocky. Macelroy capone's these hosting Carries the term director for all of the things. They're so she's joining in because she knows the schedule so now they're just trying to pinpoint a date and her joining bortles save a lot of time. So i'm going to be personally reaching out to room owners because there's been some brigham and communications with tour directors and the runner as i had some room owners. Contact me saying that. They didn't even know that they were hosting. And i thought that i was already cleared out with the tour director teaser. So now we have more time yell them. No known i'm finding out that's not the case but that's my that's my my My job to deal with concern but You touch on something. I wanted to mention if you don't know what the numbers are. As far as how many people we have out there. I did a rough estimate about league players tournament players and so forth all events. The numbers on average I did the research on that and it was just around. Two million players that play on a regular basis in america will over two million players that regularly participate in either league or tournament play at all levels. We have two different worlds in the billions industry in america we have the bar leagues and seven for tables and we have the tournament world with nine foot tables and we have to. We have to merge those but just for an example The largest bar league that everyone's come within most familiar with and there's been around the longest. They do a great job in organizing things together. They have one hundred eighty thousand active members. Currently they charge an annual membership fee of twenty dollars. And i'm not trying to single them out. I'm just using them. As an example of how powerful we could be for ourselves without asking for sponsorship were added monies or putting the hands out like panhandlers as we have been. What's the math on that. One hundred eighty thousand players times twenty dollars year. We're talking about three and a half million dollars right there. Just from membership fees. If we did that on a pro level we have our our money right there without sponsorship then we can offer you know through broadcasting and advertisers and advertising opportunities and everything then we can start asking for billions. We really need. We need our own million dollar league. Plus self sustaining self established as a unified force as an organization across the country. Then we can start going to sponsors and johnson johnson so forth saying we need more money or we're not asking for money were offering them an advertisement opportunity to get their brand across millions of years. When you when you talk about the epa leagues or you talk about inning league. It feels to me like you're selling a a different product though when when you're going to an apa player you're selling them. The idea of you're going to get together once a week with your buddies. You're gonna hit some balls. It's going to play to your competition. You're you're you're need to compete. You're going to have a good time but a tournament is a different thing. You're selling the animal right right. So how do you. How do you make that tournament attractive to those other players. Look at all the commitments required to play in league. How many times have you heard league players complaining that their teammates don't show up. They have to constantly babysit their teammates. Oh you showing up tonight or you're not playing or wait. We have too many players. Who's going to have to sit out. Well i wanna play. I wanna play. This is not a team event. This is a singles leak. What does that mean. you're out on your own. You don't have to babysit anyone else and when you win you win all the money. In addition to that how many months of commitment they sign up for in your typical bar leaks. There's no commitment with the nba. I'll you play in one event. You win that event you go to the nationals. That's it one event you and your competitors you in that one which is usually a one day event sometimes a two day event and you go to national main event again projected price. I two hundred thousand so when you win. I don't expect again. I don't expect an amateur to win the first place prize of thirty thousand dollars. I do expect them to make five thousand dollars for himself. All expense paid the league's they pay your trip some of them pay for the hotel room or the flight. That's it no one pays for everything. The nba hill is slated to pay for everything. All the players have to do is fill the field. That's all ask. Players have to do their part in their area to fill a field of thirty two. It's it so more money no commitment you play one event you win it great go into the nationals fully covered and winning big money if you don't win the event that's it play again when you want to there's no commitment there's a designed for the weekend warrior who has a family as a job that can't commit to week after week after week after week playing who can't stand relying upon their teammates or if you're the powerhouse of your team and they're always relying upon you for the win as another thing you don't have to worry about you're winning for yourself you don't have to chase them later on we may have special events teams but i'm not really interested in even going down that avenue right now right now we just need a pro tour we're structured like golf so we have to you know start off like that i and grow from there okay well i again you know i see the big picture i wish you all the success in the world i mean certainly it would benefit all of us what you have in mind doesn't just benefit the amateur player had benefits the entire industry and and that's what we need the amateur player can qualify that can get a full paid trip all expenses paid and when more money at the main event professionals don't have to compete against the asian players coming over and robbing our tournaments the euros coming over and robbing tournaments the venues that are involved. Don't have to put any money in. This is regular for traffic. This is something designed for the industry to have and then we keep saying the industry but we're just a bunch of scattered independent events and independent promoters and whilst players looking for something we need to really be a unified industry and just because it has an nba logo on. It doesn't mean that it can't have an ap patch on a player so again bar leagues sponsor your players in put your local pash on them. They win the qualifier. That pass gets promoted in the nba events as well. I want the promotion of players to focus. I want to stimulate want to stimulate the activity pool rooms once again. Not just the bars. The main events are also going to be in hosting venues in a pool room. Novotels no ballrooms no casinos. They also take from us without giving back. They might put up a twenty five thousand dollar added but they're making three million dollars on a on the craps table in return so we have to keep it within our own and keep our own my through broadcasting platforms not outside all that all that money to comes in through those advertising venues or pay per views or anything goes back to the players goes back with we keep it within the industry and we all share. Then we have a pie. Everyone wants a piece of a pilots not even a pie only crumbs all fighting over him that there is no pot we have to create it. We don't have one. We don't have the structure had the structure. Let's say this structure and a lot of professionals are waiting to happen. They're excited a lot of time. I don't wanna put them on the chopping block. But you know that's there so we have health benefits in the works. Have 401k plan. In the work we have our own broadcasting platform. We can be the nba channel on her own and i also have deals right now working with roku tv apple tv and all the way of the wave of the future of broadcasting not only through streaming and pay per view but also regular television networks. Already in the works. i already have a player protection. Plan as far as the player representatives. They can play agent to protect players. Use of likeness and their footage. All in the works on the board of directors were joined up the contracts now and these are contracts not own players as many organizations tried to do before where player can't play in another event or does not our event. We can't no. It's not the control. The players is to protect the players from being taken advantage of. They have been several years and several. A pros are ready to sign the contract. It's not done yet. There's a lot of legality to work out. Wanna make sure it is in the in your best interest and you're fully covered. That's all i've got my well and that's quite a bit. That's a lot to swallow for anybody. And i certainly don't envy you trying to keep track of all that but again i your time. You know you're always willing to come on the show and talk about plans where you're at with them. I appreciate that. And i look forward to catching up with you again. Here down the road and a couple of months and seeing where things are. Thank you very much time like i appreciate the opportunity. All right you guys do thanks. Okay that was ed. Feel fred. he the game. The game seems to gather people who who love the sport and wanna do something good for it and they see they see where the game is at the game of pro pool and they want so much better for it and and they want to you know especially with eddie. He wants to do everything he wants to fix. Everything it's not. It's not a quick process. If you're going to fix game of professional pool you've got to drag it kicking and screaming to that fix because the players and the room owners and they've heard so long that this is going to be it and this idea is going to be it and all you gotta do his trust. I mean it's almost like the pool. Players have been in an abusive relationship and their partner. Well as far as pool goes a different partner keeps telling them no. No this one will be the one. This one will be the one. Just just trust me and well you know. That's where we are and don't get me wrong. I i wish ed all the luck in the world. And i i love his ideas and he he's motivated and and he's not in any way lying about what he wants to do. He believes in what he wants to do. And if he's able to make everything happened that he wants to try to do. The game will be in an amazing place but is going to have to drag the pool players. They're kicking and screaming. So that's that's dowie. That's the episode. This week i appreciate everybody listening. Remember american billiard. Radio is now part of the queue it up network and as we've talked about in the past. The it up network is a a collection of podcasts. That have joined together to try to give the pool player. Podcast listener as much content as they can possibly have because chalk is cheap and queue it up in american billiard radio if you just listen to one of those or if you just listen to them. You're not getting the whole picture. You know there's a whole lot more out there and and believe me there's more than just the three of us you know. Joey ryan's doing a great job over there with player. Podcast and i see things on facebook for podcasts. That are happening over in europe. But as far as america billiard radio goes where part of the qaeda network newly formed network Chalk is cheap with nicholson queue it. Up with dimitrius and robin nate and then american build radio with myself so. I know that nick has an interview with rodney morris. Coming up for a chalk. Cheap episode tuesday the whole gang. I'm not sure what kind of what. Kind of cluster. That's going to be but the whole gang should be getting together tuesday for an episode. Bring everybody up to speed on their own individual outlook on the game. But as far as this episode goes that was dowie. I'm my couch again. This is american billiard radio and thank you for listening and dave. We are always thinking about you.

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