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Teresa Giudice & Carson Kressley


Welcome to the Bravo clubhouse for the podcast addition of Watch. What happens live with me? Andy Cohen uh he can critique your without being cruel and I think she might have the hots for the guy who's putting in her pool. It's watch what happens. Live with Theresa `Judaizing Carson Christly really now welcome Bureaus Sandy Cohen into Bravo clubhouse within Oji real house hyphen a member of the OG FAB five. Whether whether she's cooking grilling or bodybuilding I always keeps us on our toes. He cut me in my seat that time she stopped me into my chair and a reunion. Please welcome real outside of Jersey Jersey. Theresa Jude is insane by trapping. But that's exactly what my next guest is doing. On his new show so rap battle premiering on Free Form November twenty fifth say Carson Gresley. I cars line the bars. She plays half the father daughter. LAWYER TEAM ON BLUFF CITY LAW ON NBC. So if you thought your family was good at arguing her characters will put your shame Caitlyn McGee gately McGee also. I should've mentioned she's a big bravo fan so can she's cooking up some questions for tree. Let's get started theresa big weekend weekend. Bravo con had a great time. You meet anybody that you were excited to me now. We're seeing anybody doing it because we haven't done that in La that holds up front so it's been a long time since we've done up. Did you see anybody anybody that you enjoyed seeing from other shows. I love seeing the kiss between you and Frederick I love that I I think I was like Whoa Kinda me me excitedly. Oh okay wow wow yeah okay. It was fun night right. Yes if the case was wet get it out. Yeah all right Theresa. We've been getting a mini blast from your past with your hot pool contractor. Tony take a look. I remember when you guys gated for two seconds. Thank thank me minute so once it can be done going to get it done for you. How long do I know you forty thirty one years? Take twenty two my problems. I don't know what's going on. I should've took you wanna Wanna you. Were telling me before the show you who actually dated in high school. Yeah you did did the nasty okay all right. There's still time I know there is. Yeah by the way. Ramona was at Melissa's fortieth birthday looking stunning at sixty two. Tonight's up Jennifer's daughter Gabby inspired her to apologize to Jackie and even coached on how to do it. I thought this was great. Way Impersonated personate. Jackie and she's mad about it so I want your opinion the lake. My feelings should try to make it right. Pretend to be Jackie and I'm me. Hey it Jackie I just wanted to Sam. Sorry but no. It's just you have to be sluts. Year offends my point of view. Are you there to defend yourself or either to apologize. I love doing the nations. I love being people I never meant. I'm sorry how would you her apology. Oh I thought that was really good. I thought it was sincere and like like you. I thought the kids and your daughter is on tonight's episode. We're both so articulate mature and kind. I thought that was a real highlight of the whole show. Yeah just my two cents. Yeah I agree. Would you think of the apology. I thought it was sincere. No Jennifer so I you know. Let's talk about the earrings. Okay Okay did you WanNa say something about the. I know I shouldn't. Yeah you say and I'll say it later. I think you already did over on. Dallas Dallas Deandra wore the dress lianne designed as a joke with the other woman felt it was cruel by design. Okay what your thoughts about this watch. I've never seen Leeann work address. Ever since she launched it so I thought I would buy one. How do you put this on? It should be called one hundred seventy five hours to put the dress on what it should be called. All this is all part. We were being in the floor. We could not figure it up picking on her. Hercules got hurt and surprised because I thought it would never wear it. I think that you meant to embarrass me. And I know Kerry. This is just the icing on the cake. She likes to give enough to take it and I'm sick of people that she's a Mexico. The I think Lantana mental breakdown. I am not going to say anything because I do not want to die tonight. All right smart. Yeah that Infinity Dress I I always found the infinity dress to be a brilliant idea on-drives to wear one dress listed around discard sport. It didn't it didn't work out though your questions for Teresa Karkare coming in but before we get to those. Here's what three things John Szeswith tonight. I on tonight. Jersey Joe is reckoning with the idea of deportation. And here's what Theresa was not coming to terms as easily watch. ooh Are you okay am I what am I doing. I'm okay dirtying. I'm here now in the port in in your. Can you not stand joe up all harm. I know he's put us through all this so he needs to sit. They're now as long as it takes and fight especially for his daughter's Sh- your search Time magazine. It got better these It's it was interesting to hear Your Dad's Pov. and I wonder what's Your Dad's point of view what you should do. Now what does he think well because every time we went on vacation I'll tell you why. He said that he would have gone one line. Like when we right and he would hold. Hold you up because I always tell them like go. Get your get your papers. Yeah Wow my dad really did a lot. Does your dad think you should stay okay with them if he he he supports whatever makes me happy. Yeah that's what he says. Alright Theresa you've been going hard defending Danielle this season against Margaret's attacks talks. Some people think that's hypocritical given all the terrible things that you have sat about Danielle in the past. What do you think about that? Well I think in every I mean I mean. I forgave her and we gave each other. So I think it's good to move on okay. Well here's what yes. Of course it is a next week Jersey. It looks like Margaret Margaret is giving you a new reason to find herself in your crosshairs. Take a look another building. It's called New Jersey. I don't know why you didn't send a car for us before I say this. With all due respect looks like a beautiful urine sample anyone the twenty one year old. I'M GONNA try. And she likes the minimum age of twenty one theresa. She doesn't like jail bait fasten. Nothing is all these rumors about Teresa with some younger guy. And you're talking about. She likes twenty-one. You can't joke around about something like this with Theresa unless you're looking to get your eyes kit. And so when she initially said it. Did it register. Of course it did yes. Were you pissed now isn't passed. I just knew and you issues dealing got it all right. Yes sometimes you have a little bit of a delayed reaction. Yeah okay. That's not the end of that. Finally on Queer Eye Carson taught us the art of judging but he's also perfected the art of judging. So here's what he's in the clubhouse house we like to play a game called fashion or Fash Shun Carson. I'm going to show you some real hot sides gaps and home decor judgments. Okay New Jersey Jennifer's controversy Jio puffy sleeve confessional. Oh my gosh. It's like Les Mis all over again and we all gasped when that interview came out really good way. Okay a knock great dramatic Pale. Pink confessional I love this you do. It's worries pregnant so Even tell okay switching to an interior design Arinda fish room. I've stayed in the fish room. You have I have and it's better in person okay. Margaret's head to toe pink fringe. Yes I did see that. I think it's Oh it's off. It's pretty hairy. Needed a nourishing Sierra. Okay okay a Jersey Interior Jennifer's fancy room which no one actually uses Jennifer's fancy room It's okay I could use papa color up in their color. Stephanie's blood banks and dramatic eyeliner. Yes I would wear that okay okay. Melissa sequined birthday Jumps I loved. That okay Cynthia's pledging sequin confessional luck. I also love that another other Jersey thoughts on Melissa and Joe's Bedroom Ob- that's elaborate. Yes it's like a wing chair canopy. Canopy Extravaganza yes. Not sure I'm still processing. Okay thank you very much car. Do you have a question for Theresa Okay. I have a question for you to of okay. Yeah actually I'm going to start with yours if your son precious baby boy. Yup I grew up to happen to like women. Yeah is there a housewife that you would want him to be with. Oh that's a great question age. I mean like if age wasn't a fact like Theresa's Adriano's ten. Yeah that's sue. Do you go. Yeah yeah very cute and yes. She does beautiful ist is yes okay so my question for you that iconic table flip which was very cathartic for me and I think for women everywhere now that you've embraced that moment has has there been a time since then that you have wanted to flip a table. Good question didn't our was watched this season ten finale. Wow Chelsea from Florida Chelsea. What's your question? hatri longtime fan. They question my question for traces. Why did you tell Margaret that you let in yells words bother you when you literally? I Andes because she asked if you you're not you okay. Saving and Why did you tell Margaret? Don't let Danielle's words bother you when you literally pushed me because Danielle's words bothered you so much. I mean. That was like a long time. There was like almost what nine years and I've grown since then. Dan and I don't know I mean you know I mean Yeah I've grown. I mean listen try to let things like not bother the. US mind okay. Let's go to Susie from Louisiana. Hey Suzy what's your question for Carson. Well Hey Andy I have been listeners and You first started every everyone. My party starts with an Andy Cohen shots gauge. I love that expire. Pigs Theresa Eleven light and continued growth on your journey and Georgia thank you. I know that you are close with both Patricia from Southern Charm and Louis in from New York and I was just wondering who is a more war A bigger expert at etiquette. Oh a bigger expert etiquette. Well I think I think pat. She's literally written a book about like so. Did I do Sharm Lou Etiquette. Well I think there are two different versions of etiquette one. It's like an old school. Southern is pat hat like another beat rules like only horse and children wear red shoes. That's right yes and Luan is maybe a little more flexible. Yes colleen from Philadelphia I would also for Teresa. Hey Colleen Person Hi Teresa High Time Fan and polar thank you. What's your question Theresa of Caroline sympathetic words toward you on the Bravo con episode of Watch? What happens live you? Can you see what she said. She said that she missed. She said she had a lot of great times and belly laughs with you guys and that she missed those times and then I heard she says something else and then she said that you behave like then she said you behave like an ass Interview yes I mean she did have we had. We did have great times schoneman higher for like the way ended up okay. She's the one that went against me. I didn't go against her. Okay Carson. Wendy see wants to know of all the housewives. That's why franchises who has the best style. Oh well that's hard to Of course you know we we love Theresa's wearing yeah. I I think that I probably gravitate to the style of Beverly Hills Maha Arleen Theresa any of your children wanted to go live with. Joe Would you allow it. Yes you would. Of course all right. Let's go back to the phones for Carson Christly It is betsy from Arizona. Betsy what's your question. Hi Sandy. Hi Theresa Hi Hi my questions for Carson Carson. It's been so fun watching dragway with by daughter after falling in love with you on the original. How Queer Eye? I think I wore out my vhs recording that. I made it home back in the day. Amazing Can you name one time. We're Rupaul sent home on drag race that you disagreed with. Oh Gosh yeah no I always agree with. Oh Gosh I can't think of one but sometimes when we did have like an all stars where there was a tie yeah and I was just. I'm wiser retiring right. Usually we do the panel really does agree almost always and then it's always up to rue yes essentially all right it. It is game time as a judge on Carson gives his opinion on the contestants high fashion. Looks I wanted to discuss something. We all have high opinions of ourselves. Carson listen injuries. It's time to play Brag race. I'M GONNA put forty five seconds on the clock. WE'RE GONNA take turns passing Tamraz breast implant. I N saying Brag about ourselves if the implant is in your hands when the time runs out you will explode alright I am a great kisser. I have a great ass and one of these before. I have an amazing clavicle. Have you seen it. I am gum kind to my dog. trendsetter I'm not wearing any artificial fibres. I have never done anything to my face. I I have great boobs I've done a lot of things to my face. You're welcome. I am Super Zuber nights to my staff. I have the best bats. My socks have marijuana buds on AH CARSON RAP battle it's judging giftwrapping upping yes. Everyone knows. I'm a huge figure in the rap. Industry No. It's a it's a holiday show and those okay for insane it does. It's the wrapping competition on nine of America's most gifted get that rats arrive on Monday. What are you guys? Think of delores. Dad's seemed to have a strong thought about her relationship with David David tonight. What what did you? What was your take on that? You didn't see the episode now I watch. Do you watch the show watch now. Can You tell Aww Sarah from Illinois in answer questions. I'm sure it was right. Okay Sarah what your question. Hi Andy I went to your seal show. When I had the black sticks on jumpsuit? On I love you love you my questions for Teresa. I'm I'm you're one of my favorite housewives of all. Time is now that you saw the footage and saw Melissa defending you to Jackie at dinner after she brought up. You're cheating rumors. Do you think you own your sister-in-law an apology for what because she did defend you to Jackie at the table should nobody said he didn't now bushees no but footage to prove that you were wrong and that she did defend you. Do I watch watch the show. Yes so do you love this show actually okay if I okay okay I need to say I need to apologize Sir I will. I watched I watched my mom today and it goes to a headline I saw this. We got CNN. which reads Bill Gates tops? Jeff Bezos as richest person in the World Bill Gates topping. Jeff bezos. Sounds like something right. Out of my favorite niche gay pornos million dollar fisting free two days shipping or my favorite movie about wealthy yacht goers below Dick. Tonight's tonight's shacklock goes to the straight pride parade in Dallas. That only attracted a crowd of two people. It's good to hear that the pence family still gets out in about I WANNA take Teresa Carson back and Carson and All right let's go back to the phones Samantha from Kansas City as Samantha. Hi Andy I'm such a big Fan. Dannebrog Okon looked amazing. I hope you got your doing it next year or so too and Quite a tree. I hope you win. The girls are doing well. Thank you Hi Honey Mike I questioned for Carson. Do you have any advice for the new fep five on net flicks on how to handle this huge amount of of attention and keep their egos in check and also. Did you ever have a big even moment. When clear I I became popular? Oh No I had my big moments commits before that like when I was nine or ten I have to say they all got super famous. I was there for it. And Carson kept kept his feet on the ground and was real professional. How Andrew as well? You know what that happened to me when I was older and I had a great job at Ralph Lauren Three years old and I have very wonderful family in Pennsylvania so I knew not to like you know go nuts. So nouns announced five. We've got Karamoko has lost his last name. Okay I'll going by one name. Okay so I mean they all might be losing it a little bit on advice. I'm the what I would say. Is that you know when we broke out. It took like a week like on TV. And then we're on the tonight show which was really like I'm like what is going on. Yeah Yep but I think in. Today's timing everything is so instantaneous than I get it like yeah. The show launches and twenty million people on Netflix everywhere. So I get that it would be very overwhelming. I would just say take a deep breath. Remember why you're doing this. You're doing it to help people and use your skill set which might be as a stylist or as a grooming expert and stick to your passion and and and do that. That's great advice. Sidney Kentucky is Cindy what to question. Hey Andy I love you and I watch him every turn your on. TV God thank you. My question is for Theresa but before that I love Carson Christly Hey Carson thank you excellent absolute right Theresa. Yeah can you say anything about how your visit to Joe in Italy went and have you made plans for win. You'll visit him again when you see him again. Maybe this summer probably this summer because they need this summer and like eight nine months because the girls are going to go back. They wanted to go back for Thanksgiving thanksgiving but JOE's just getting his passport so I don't know if we're going to. You know they were going to be in the Bahamas okay. But I don't think he's GonNa. He's getting a pet pass around that time I taught us so. They're going to definitely going for Christmas. I have to work around that time. So that's why I can go so summer. My next break girls have school. Okay all right. Let's go to carry from Texas. Hey Gary his look and it'd be High Carson Love You all but my question is for cursing guy you sell pot me. What is the most homo erotic thing you saw in the locker room when you and the Og Fab five made over the Boston Red Sox oh bats? We're asking me where that was you were. There was the first time down in Florida. Yeah I mean a switch topics but yes it was very fine and Johnny Damon was in his peak. I'm just going to say But that was the first time I met Andy. That's who arrived in a rental car and we were like in like a parking lot on a grass field in front of like I'll l. of Palm Stadium in Fort Myers Florida. I was the new guy. Had Little You had a Saint Louis are knows hat on like who is this little oh cutie and that was when we met and I was like seventeen years ago fifteen years ago was we were both so young gorgeous the Theresa and Carson and everybody wants Caitlyn Bluffs Law Monday the Laura thanks for listening to the PODCAST. Everybody hope hope you enjoyed the show. Remember new episodes go live Monday through Friday at four P._M.. Eastern time make sure you're subscribed to have a great rest of your night.

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