Warriors-Rockets, Lakers, Jeanie Buss, and Kyrie Irving


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However, you may be listening. We are live in Los Angeles on iheartradio, FOX radio NFS, one joy Taylor is joining me Lakers dysfunction, Katie could be gone forever. Kyrie Irving math. It is great quite a day NBA yesterday. I could break down the baseball regular season. I'm gonna pass on that today. I'm gonna pass on that today. Join locked on. Let me start with this. This is a concept that even though we've seen it materialize basketball fans struggle with this. I talk about this all the time. The concept that you can lose your best player and actually get better. Maybe it's short term not long term. But when you've got a K D, And you've got a Kobe. We've all played basketball at the Y you go into a gym. There's a great great player. He's better than everybody else. And you stand around watching him, and you don't move as much and you don't cut as much and long-term K D in the warriors are a better team more ammo to their arsenal. Short term. I'm not so sure when Kevin Durant not playing the warriors aren't better. I'm not saying that they are however different. And they're different is damn good. They move more. They cut more. They're more fluid. They're more frenetic. They stand around less dream on. Green is empowered. They're twenty nine and four when Katie doesn't. And Steph does play don't tell me Houston's got this series. And I would say Houston, actually, if you ask James harden who we would rather face. He'd rather face the warriors with K D because when K D plays and warriors never been a great stamina guy. What's the knock on him forever meltdown at the end of seasons? He looks tired when Katie leaves? Did you watch the staff? Offense running cutting harden was chasing them all fourth quarter. It's not. That harden was off in the fourth quarter. He was gassed it's not that. He was missing shots. Heli wasn't even taking them. He took three all quarter. He's averaged almost nine a quarter he's ever to eight in the fourth quarter. He took three made to the K. D warriors are more static and long-term. They're better. But Hardin and Chris Paul get your track shoes on because the Steph warriors are running all over the floor. They have to because they they lose a prolific score. They've gotta make more screens cut harder. Pass better space better get the ball up the floor quicker. And I thought it turned harden. It was a track. Meet he didn't want to be involved. He's never been sprinter. He's never been a sprinter. And that's why this morning. Everybody's like oh it over for Golden State. No, they're just different. We've got statistical. Alice's with Kevin Durant. They're the best team in basketball without Kevin Durant. They won seventy three games a title and came within a kyri Irving jump shot of winning a second second title. So with or without K D. They've been great. They've been dominant Seventy-three wins without him. Steph wins without him if not for kyri jumper. They win twice and get Seventy-three zone. And then they add him, and they're really great. But it's two different teams dream on his energize when katie's off the floor. Feels like it's Steph and Draymond team. You can feel the energy. He talks more. He's feistier. And this is a concept basketball fan struggle with in the other reason Golden State's Adine Issey and Houston just really good because Golden State loses the best basketball player in the world. And they've got to staff and a three clay and a four Draymond in a five Iggy. And a six looney championship teams have layers of excellence just like championship companies have layers of excellence, it's not just Alabama's defense. It's not just Tom Brady. And the reason Houston is just good and not a dynasty is Katie leaves? Harden struggles. And they're not the same team if hardened not great, and they may win this series. But harden, you'll have to be great. If harden isn't great Houston's. Visit good good good team. When hardens on when harden scoring they can be amazing. But last night is why Houston just a good team. And the warriors are a dynasty people. Forget how good how good Michael Jordan's bulls were Scottie Pippen was a top fifty player. Dennis Rodman was the best rebounder ever. Coach was the best European Steve Kerr at the time was the best shooter in the league. Jim Paxson was and four behind Ron Harper was a twenty five point a game player who went to be a reserve. They have the best coach Golden State's got layer. After layer after layer they were a better team. And I'm not saying long-term, but they're a different team. And last night a better team than the second best team in the league without? Out K D Steve Kerr afterwards. Liverpool yesterday came out with just one of the great wins in soccer history. And after the match their manager your Klopp said our boys are giants. That's what he said. And I know how he feels. So I apologize to my mom who is probably watching. But our guys are giants was unbelievable victory tonight. It really was. And that's why they're a dynasty and Houston's just really good Houston. All katie's out. We've got a switch. Couldn't do it. Golden State lost the top guy and for like seven minutes. You're like I like this new style. It's actually kind of more fluid and fun. That's the difference between the Utah Jazz and the bulls and the good Sonics and blazers teams and the bulls and the Showtime Lakers and those really good Nick teams and those pretty good Indiana, pacer teams layers second gear third gear fourth gear bench coach that was impressive last night. Let me shift to this. Yeah. Yeah. I was wrong on that Boston Celtic thing. Yeah. Milwaukee's way. Better bench is better. Stronger longer taller more passionate. Kyrie Irving thing. Never worked two years didn't work it didn't fit with coach. I don't really fit with a roster. And here's another thing. He doesn't really fit with the city. I always thought that mattered Michael Jordan felt Chicago city a big shoulders. Michael was big Oprah. Was there Cisco Niebuhr industry leaders? There's no better fit in history basketball than magic in LA glamour player. Glamour city kyri doesn't even feel like Boston. Larry Bird did tough gritty clutch to lunch pail city, by the way. Kevin Garnett to me felt like Boston trash talker frugal tough don't get in his face. Intimidating Paul Pierce overachiever gritty played defense. Julian Edelman embodies Tom Brady has a supermodel wife. He's a grinder watching tape. Kyri? Just doesn't feel like Boston. We already know. He doesn't fit with this coach. We all right. No he doesn't fit with his roster. I always thought it. I always thought it felt like Detroit's good teams in the NBA are tough because Detroit's tough and the seventy Steelers the steel town USA now, we're tough. They may have had a glamorous quarterback. They won with defense. Dallas teams always little flashy with Aikman Tony Romo and Dak. I always feel there's a perfect harmony with the all time great teams. They almost feel like their city. Curry doesn't feel like Boston. He's not into practice. He's not a grinder. He's not into the communities in ice. Oh guy. I don't know anybody anything. He's just an unbelievable basketball brilliant. Solo act. He's very much Capello. I don't feel the harmony staff feels like Silicon Valley Dunkin felt like the system he felt like pop he felt like family even after the loss last night. Kyri just feels like he's just his own guy doing his own thing. And it just doesn't fit. In general, what kind of what kind of things are you looking for in your life? And what kind of things kind of situations would be a positive action that you wanna be when you I'm gonna be honest with you. I'm just trying to make it back to Boston. I, you know, safely. Get see my family decompress. You know, do what human beings do? Kyri also has something I would call the number one pick syndrome. John wall's got it. Kyrie's got it. Blake griffin. Had it Iverson had it d- rose one cheer the number one pick. You see yourself as a one and the truth is Blake Griffin's, not a one. He's a to John walls a to Kyrie's at to Derrick rose. Rosa two Iverson is a one if he's willing to play well with others. But when you're picked number one in the world. To the world's best basketball league. Most number one picks are not magic in. Lebron? They've got all sorts of flaws they'll develop emotionally and physically into a better player. But there's been a lot of number one picks who were really over skilled twos. Wall. Kyrie rose Blake Iverson, and they all had the same dilemma, and it wasn't a lack of talent that didn't play well with others. The number one pick syndrome they see themselves elevated above everyone coming into league. Forget once they're there. They see themselves from day one. I'm number one pick. Therefore, I have to be a number one guy. Kyrie's not hit another personality for it. You could argue it, and they have the size for it historically, Steph curry very unique scoring small point guard that wins title. I just don't feel like kyri fits here. I thought he would I thought he was kind of the icing on the cake the great closer. They had the coach they had the cast. They had the closer. It just doesn't work it. Okay. By the way, not the end of the world. He's got options. It'd be a lot of bidders. Not everybody works everywhere. Drew Brees didn't work with the San Diego. Chargers. You work. Boy, drew breeze. Feels like New Orleans as okay, not everybody works everywhere. The first place you'd goes not always the best place you go first marriage, not over the best marriage. But I thought even after the game sitting at the end of the bench sort of indifferent. I was wrong. It just doesn't work. Good news is he's got a bunch options. Coming up next. 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I do believe LeBron would demand a trade at different times in his career. But he won't now. He's in L A, his wife his kids. They liked the community. He's got the homes. He's got the business. He's got his family. I think there was a point in LeBron's life. He would have just said get me out of here. Lebron got his rings. He's got his legacy. He's got his titles. He's got his money. He's got his brand. I think LeBron's really frustrated right now. But I I've also been told that he enriched Paul are just standing back. They're not imposing their will. And there's always a sense that LeBron's running everything they're not imposing their will. They're sitting back and watching it happen. And what they're probably thinking is today. We should have imposed are will they have not the Lakers are starting to feel like an this is weird because they've. Has had money. They're starting to feel like a power Powerball winner. You ever seen those Powerball winners where they don't even know how to spend the money and all of a sudden they buy like six horses a hovercraft nine jet skis and a tiger on the back yard and four winnebago's. The Lakers literally they land LeBron with their lump sum payment, the greatest free agent ever. And then they're like, all right. Let's get Rondeau. He can't shoot. I know how about land Stevenson keys weird. Yeah. I know how about javale McGee. He's an odd bird. Well, what about Michael Beasley? He's trouble doesn't last anywhere. I know when we got all this money. Let's have the Rams family run everything. Let's have the people that really matter LeBron and the coach that really fits him Tyler. Let's alienate them. They don't know what to do. They got that lump sum LeBron payment, and they've just made bad purchases ever since players that don't fit LeBron guys that can't shoot Kurt Rambis struggled as a coach. Now, the families, and I know the Rams family, I like them. But you cannot one of the things about sport is nothing in sports is as corrosive as bad ownership. You can fire a coach you can fire GM you can trade a player. But the reason the Detroit Lions don't have a Super Bowl. And the reason the Cleveland Browns don't have a Super Bowl, and the reason Abair should have more is they've historically had bad ownership the raiders in the last ten years. Not great ownership. You can't overcome. It would draft picks. You can't it all starts at the top. And right now, let's be honest about this. I've been saying this for five months and I get pushback limit in Los Angeles. This is worse than you think. It's just now all coming out. Like, it is worse. Then you think, you know, when a president leaves the White House than somebody writes a book, and they're like, oh, my I know it was a little crazy whole holy hell, it was really bad. They're gonna write books about this White House. It's Comey worse. New think this is a mess, and I'll tell you. What's really scary? If you're LeBron. Mani Williams chose Phoenix. Let that bake Phoenix is coaching purgatory money Williams is talented. Joe's Phoenix over the Lakers. We should have all seen this. I should have seen this Paul George chose Westbrook over LeBron. They had brands. We knew what they were. Kevin durant? Lebron tight probably whispered in his ear tough to play with. I think LeBron would demand a trade at other times in his life. But now it's family now to wife now his kids now, it's their schools. We can all relate to that. Even rich people have the same. Tom Brady's worried about where his kids are going to school. The Bron James is worried about moving his kids around the country. I know you think always reg it doesn't matter. Does it matter for Brady it matter for Koby managed for LeBron? You want your kids in the same school? You don't wanna bouncing around the country. They've already sacrificed because you're a star. If you're Kobe your Brady your LeBron. I don't think he's going to demand that trait. But I think now we all thought that LeBron. The Lakers were these two massive well-run brands. I think the Lakers now hurt LeBron. And I think deep down. If he didn't have the rings, the title the network and the businesses he'd be freaking out. I think now he's just discouraged disappointed disillusioned. But I don't think he'll demand a trade. But this they'll write books about this Laker team in this White House down the road. It's this is just the stuff that's getting out joy with the news. This is the headline news terrible endings the Celtics season in a game. Five gentleman sweep ended with Kyrie Irving going six for twenty one and sitting on the bench for the final eight minutes. But the way this two thousand nine hundred Celtics season wins we should've known this all along. And it's tempting as it was pretend this regular season wasn't gonna matter. And they were going to kick it into gear for the postseason. We pretty much knew all we needed to know about this team going into the playoffs. They have the talent. But they don't have the cohesion. Which is what we questioned all year. Kyri question that this year and after the game Brad Stevens took the blame for that. All right. I don't think we have the sound of that. But he said I'll be the first to say this as far as any other coach any other year. I've been a coaches certainly been the most trying I think I did a bad job at the end of the day as a coach if your team doesn't find its best fit together that's on. You is playoff record is now twenty seven and twenty nine I don't think this is any one particular person's fault with the Celtics. Kyrie's gonna get a lot of blame. Because you know, he left LeBron and he wanted his own team. And I think Brad Stevens does deserve some of the Wayne here because part of being an NBA coaches managing egos and minutes and setting up a system that works with the players that you have it's not college where you know, this is the system, and we're going to recruit players at work within this system. And you know, we're going to develop them's worked with an assistant. The this is the pros you have Kyrie Irving, you have Gordon Hayward. You have Jason Tatum. The players league coaching. Coaching amount. And that's what to say that coaching doesn't matter. It certainly does as we are seeing around the league coaches making it as far as they are. And I'm not saying about isn't a great coach. I'm just saying that this idea that there's a system that has to and the players have to fit within that system. We know that doesn't work. We know that that's not how the NBA works. I feel like this is this is a huge disappointment for the Celtics overall not just for kyri Yano. It's I just kept thinking they figure it out. You know, just like when you got a bunch of smart talented people in any business. Like, I I've always said before I've always hired smart, not necessarily people who knew about radio and TV. Gimme smart people. They'll figure it out. I was figuring you got smart people like when member and harden, Chris Paul came together. And I said it's going to work and a lot of the analytic people's that it will work, and I said to smart dudes. They'll sit down have a glass of wine on go. Okay. I'm gonna shoot a little less. Smart. People usually figured out. Kyrie's pretty smart guy. Brad, brace Margai, Al Horford, pretty smart guy, doesn't work. It's just it's more than just egos at style of. Flay and to me it's setting up roles at the beginning of the season. Everyone should know what their role is should feel comfortable with it should feel empowered with it and want to be the best at what that is. But the other problem is it's incredible young team with a lot of unproven guys. They're trying to get contracts. It's just it's just too much of a good thing. Almost with the south. It's almost like a bunch of kyri and a bunch of big eyes. And sometimes when Kyrie does this thing the guys become C, plus guys and are not as effective like I like Jason Tatum. This year Jason Tatum. I didn't like as much last year is a rookie. I loved him in the postseason this show in the postseason. I'm like, it's just not as fluid. It doesn't feel like he connects. It seemed completely lacked balance is what it felt like so Kurt and his wife. Linda, Rambus are the two most powerful voices in the Lakers. It's appearing they faithfully prevented the Lakers from hiring. Tyler who as the next Lakers head coach the report from our own, Nick, right? It's become apparent that the bus family and rob Pelinka signed off on hiring Lou last week. But the Rambus is where. Against a higher convinced the Lakers to hold off. There were a lot of reports circulating yesterday about what exactly the stickling point was for this contract. Now working. There was reports that they wanted to have Jason Kidd as an assistant coach the ears matched up, basically. Which was what Nick said with LeBron being with the Lakers of the three years eighteen hundred which is unprecedented for a head coach, especially at championship level head coach. So it's highly was smart to stay away from this Tyler every other kind of feeling like Tyler who doesn't have any other options. He does he he's he wanted championship player went to finals and former player he he is not an desperate situation at all. You got money. He's got a ring. He's he's got a ring. He's he's Jilin. He wants to coach again. I'm sure, but if this is not the right situation. He's already been a head coach. He knows what he needs to put around him to be successful. And why would you want Chason key? Even if you were willing to bend on the Jason Kidd situation if you had a longer deal. Why are you telling the head coach who has staff should be? What do you know about putting together a staff the reason this didn't work also is because ties got money in a title? He set gimme five years and the Lakers said three and Thai tie, by the way, walked away from this as he should have. He had the leverage. He's like, I don't need a job. I got twenty million in the Bank. I got a title he walked away from them. So once you have leverage in life, and you have options, you don't have to sign contracts that you don't feel benefit you long terms. No, there's no coach that signed that contract. It's a rookie coach contra nine appropriate contact is not even reasonable something about of LA basketball with the coaching situations weird. Finally, Stephen Jones appears we putting some public pressure on deck, Amari Cooper, and Zico Elliott the take team friendly deals. He is clearly playing there's the lots of benefits to being a Dallas cowboy card, and this is what he had to say about it. Okay. We don't have the sound for this either. I'm sorry. But he said if we can talk them into not maxing out doing well, but. Not max allows us to have other good football players around them. And we all know what happens with the TV booths. And look at what these players do off the field if we can put Super Bowl rings on these guys they'll be legends around the area for many many years to come what they may give up a little bit in their contract. They should be able to invest in a cowboy making our teams better. I mean, I disagree with ever telling a player to take less money, especially coming from the owner. It's like cool. You you you take less money than will take less money. I understand the salary cap situation. But you can't ask that can take us money. And and this is this is the weakest argument to me about it because that's been on a rookie fourth-round contract. And you haven't put the talent around him to get to. Well, they're they're going to say, yes, we have they're going to say we have the best linebacking duo in football. We have the best running back. We've had the best offense of line. We got you Amari, and we actually have a lock down one. So the Cowboys aren't going to buy that pitch from the age, and they're gonna say they've been in the Super Bowl that they're going to attack issue. That's not an issue. That's a you're a fourth round pick for a reason. Only one player, but he's the quarterback. I I think that guy's all the leverage here. And I don't like I hate the idea of players taking less money. I don't think it's reasonable. I think it's completely inappropriate to even talk about layers taking less money. And I know everyone's gonna point the Tom Brady situation. That's an outlier situation. No, matter what way you spend it. It's an outlier situation. He won a Super Bowl incredibly early in his career. He knew what kind of ownership and coaching. He had around him. He has married to a woman that's worth four hundred million dollars. It's not a comparable situation. There's no reason to take less money joy with news. Well, that's the news and thanks for stopping by third lie. Chris Broussard, former New York Times odd couple of Fox Sports radio. What a what a topic God topic? God's today gave us all sorts of stuff. Chris. All right. Let's start with that let let's let's get the Laker thing out of the white here. I don't wanna go to Laker crazy on this. But ties out what's next. Well, I mean you see today. Names out there, Jason Kidd, who they wanted to be on his staff could end up being the guy. I think that will probably be LeBron choice at this point, by the way, Milwaukee got significantly better when he left. Yeah. Yeah. No, no question about that line Holland's. I love Lionel Hollins. I love his style of coaching. Which is I'm the boss. He's tough. Right. And I liked that. And he had great success in Memphis. It'd be interesting. I don't know. It'd be interesting to see how that worked with LeBron Frank Vogel. I think is a good coach not for LeBron. I don't think he'd get LeBron's respect Woodson. Mike Woodson would be you know, he'd be pretty good too. So let me throw this at you. The story that Rambus says are suggesting Jeannie trade LeBron and get a cash Ahah of gifts. What do you make of the hang in the cashier? Guess that's the problem. First of all if you trade the round wants to be in LA, he came here. One reason was basketball. Another reason was family. Another reason was business if he gets traded somewhere else. The other team's gotta be like, he's not going to be happy. Well, we've seen LeBron song. So if you trade him somewhere, the first there's four reasons you're not getting anything. I was just talking to a GM this morning about one is he going to want to be here. And if he's not you got a problem to the perception now, LeBron has guys will tell you the reality is different. The perception is that he takes over the franchise. A GM doesn't want that third expectations become championship or bus. All right. If you don't win the championship or get to the finals, you might lose your job as a GM what GM wants that fourth. Whether this is true or not allowed executives think LeBron is fallen off. He's still great still top five. But not the guy that no matter what you have around. You is carrying you to define. Okay. I'm a throw a team at you. And just gimme a minute on this. If Sixers lose tonight, you got blow some stuff up. I'm Jeanie Buss Lonzo. And LeBron you go to Philly. We get Simmons who Philadelphia doesn't fit. And I think there's Elton brand already suggested trading him. Right. You give us Butler, you give a Simmons. We'll give you LeBron and Butler will you can't trade him because he's a free agent to a sign and trade. But if you tell me Butler Simmons for LeBron Lonzo, I got my point is that. Well, look, I'm just you don't want it out there to teams that it might makes this for the Brown. One is Boston. Because Danny they're great historic France out that I don't think LeBron would frown on being a park of and Danny ages like less win all in less win. Okay. And I think LeBron could go there. And so I think that makes some sense the second one is Philadelphia now you'd have to work it out with clutch been some as a clutch client, Rich, Paul. So they all. Have to be involved are all happy with this. But I liked LeBron Philly with be unquestioned Symington, LeBron or interesting trade pieces. I was saying last summer if LeBron James if it's just about winning where can I go and stack more rings go to Philadelphia. That's if I know it was about other stuff, and there's no problem with that lifestyle stuff. That's fine. But if it's just about basketball should have went to Philly. Here's another you'll guy Embiid because it a health concerns. What about him to the Lakers for Lebed then Simmons and LeBron have a similar style game? Yeah. But look if I have LeBron and Butler and Tobias I'm competitive in these. But I I like your Simmons libra because right? Pointed Philadelphia's kind of a mess if they lose tonight, and they got all sorts of players Philadelphia's the Oiseaux Butler in that if I'm the lake okay? Because I don't want to give you my franchise. All right. Chris Bruce are joining us. So last night Charles Barkley's like it's over. Golden State can't win and might take away as we have data here. Twenty nine and four the warriors when katie's out and Steph can play now, I don't think they'll win in Houston. But I actually think they win. The warriors will win a game seven without K D And Golden State. Look, I'm glad you're saying it's because I've wondered am I the only person on the planet that understands that. Kevin Durant was a luxury not a necessity. All right. The warriors did not knee. Kevin Durant to win championships. They already one one or seventy three game one seventy Seventy-three. They beat an MSA it. Great. Okay. See team that that. Okay. K D A. Russ was great. They should've beat the warriors. They had them three one. They would be Cleveland or not, but they beat them. And then with all due respect to LeBron kyri the Cavaliers most people feel like if dramas not suspended for game five Golden State wins s here. Yes. So they could have been to turn to finish Sammy hand seventy three wins. Yes. What happened with this is what's happened? Katie goes there to Golden State and overtime staff. Clay, all these people. They see he's the best player. Like he's by far as great as Steph is katie's the best player on that team. And they see it and over time they naturally began to defer to him. And so they're still good enough to win titles. But you see it's not as smooth and free flowing as it used to be and last night soon, if he's gone staff tixx overall, Katie reminded us, I'm Kevin Durant. He reminded you I'm Steph curry and also they're more. Fluid hardens running around the floor chasing him. I wanted. I want to discuss harden. What happened? What's happened at Chris Paul who rarely looks at the basket the kyri situation. We Chris Bruce are don't go anyway, Kendrick Perkins next hour, be sure to catch live editions of the heard weekdays at noon eastern, nine AM Pacific. Do you love music? Are you a fan of movies like Star Wars Lord of the rings back to the future? Harry Potter Jurassic Park and more than the soundtrack show is made just for you. 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We talked about the Lakers situation and the warriors we both think could win this series without a K D, it'd be harder long-term without him. But short term, they're different. And I think what I saw last night. Harden? It wasn't that. He was bad. He shot three times in may two. I think the warriors without K D R a nightmare for harden because little skinny steps running around the floor and coming off cuts and hardens OAS been like a stamina concert is chasing Steph around and Claire around hard. Look gassed, not that makes them sense because there's going to be a lot more player movement, and you're going to have to work allow way. That's a great point to things about Houston. And why feel confident Golden State will still win the series one. I just liked Golden State even without D twenty nine and four without Katie last three years. Okay. Steph and clays numbers both go up but beyond that to Houston. Chris Paul what happened is it? I don't know if it's age or if the system because he's basically a two guard. He's not a great to guard. He's point guys. He even the Eric Gordon's better. This Gordon is the second guy. No, no question today. Tucker's playing a more valuable row the last three games, Chris averaging thirteen point six assists on thirty three percents shooting. This is his moment after getting hurt last year. But we so I don't know if it's that. Or if it's just remember we've seen him struggle at big moments in the playoffs. So let's see I got questions about what he's gonna do. And then harden to your point he wasn't playing badly. I'm talking about the last seven he wasn't bad. They were getting decent shot. Air. Gordon, hit a couple of big shots card made a nice pass the Capella. But here's what shocked me. And this is why I'm concerned about the rockets harden was not on the ball. Most of those lasts seven minutes. There were times. Erik gordon. Brought the ball up twice. We're both hardened ink's EP three on the floor. The ball was CB threes has at times the way they played the entire season the entire playoffs. The entire I forty four minutes or whatever it was forty two minutes was hard and handling the ball doing doing everything. And then the last seven minutes, he's not handling what's going on. Is that harden going to Gordon saying, dude, I'm gonna let you bring the ball up because I got to chase Steph like, I think hardly data or is it him running from the walk running away from the moment. I don't know. But it's something to watch for and something that makes me think of all those big moments were hard and hasn't delivered this. I've always been a Chris Paul fan last night. It was he could have taken him off the floor generally was star basketball players when Kyrie's on the floor Janas on the floor. Colli? You can see the star. Like, LeBron never disappears. I was I'm like, it's Chris Paul on the floor. He was just another player. He was just an by the way shooting thirty three percent. Okay. So we've addressed those two things let's move into this. I said Cari doesn't fit the coach he doesn't appear to fit the roster perfectly. He doesn't even feel like Boston. He's kind of a I always felt Kevin Garnett was kind of a tough guy was kind of a trash talker had an edge to him. That's boston. Boston's angry when it wakes up on a sunny day. There's a chip edleman. Feels like Tom Brady's a grinder havilcek. There's guys that work. Paul Pierce felt Belsen to me. You see I would say Pierce wouldn't boss appears play defense Pierce peers. Play defense pierced would get in your fate pierces. I wanna. Guard. Kobe Boston's tough not always talented, but tough Curt Schilling felt like Boston. Angry tough is Brady. Tough grind. He's a grinder at Boston likes work. I'll kyri and I'm like, you know, what? Kyrie's great. Boston's awesome. It just wasn't destined to work. He didn't feel like Baath. And he doesn't feel like Brad Stevens. He's okay. Let me see. I just wanted to say. And Kyrie deserves a lot of criticism. No question. But why is brass Stevens? Getting a pass brass. Steve is who was crowned as the next Gregg Popovich fact as Gregg Popovich, right? He did not. He was right. He had a bad year. Look every coach in the league knows the Xs and os. Especi, and you got little engine that could coaches in the NBA some of them. Yeah. And that's what he is. Now. The question is Kenny coach the Rolls Royces because if you wanna win championship, right? You need a coach you can coach the rolls, ROY. It's funny about that. For a lot of fans that have never seen Gregg Popovich in person. He's overpowering. He's huge the had the beard. He's like six six. He's loud. He's intimidating Popovich looks like a former NBA player when you see him walk off the bus. I've been there in Portland watching them walk off the bus. He just looks like an old NBA player. Stevens looks like an accountant there's something to be said about that. Like Brad's always like that meek. Nice went to Butler guy. There is a possibility that stars look at them and think college coach players like him, but a guys like college, right? When you have guys that are just trying to show that they belong in the league or trying to win next contract. They're going to do whatever it. Takes and that's what he had a book Butler. And that's what he has had until kyri even Isaiah Thomas was a six man chip on his shoulder. He was of that molten Mercedes Benz in kyri, and you couldn't make it work. So you have to be able to manage egos bringing together I've been told Brad doesn't like confrontation and Kyrie kinda that's one reason Kyrie was out kind of talking and bring stuff into the media. Because Brad wasn't on really address. It, dan. Tony didn't like confrontation either. No. He does it. So brassey. I'm not saying fire him. He's he's a very good coach. But I'm just saying he should not get a pass on this. Now, we regarding kyri and Emma tie back to LeBron if I'm LeBron James, I wanna stay in LA. So I'm not asking for a trait. Go all in on getting kyri back with you Lakers. That's what he should do know this. This morning, go see KAI read this like sued whenever Kyrie's ready, buddy winds down. And and I know it will look humbling of Cairo like he's going back to his leader. You if you're LeBron you gotta get the narrative out there. No, I need kyri J much as my fav-. My favorite band of all time is the eagles. They fought the entire time. They were together records they separated they had some success individually, then they got back together. And they were great. They fought the entire time. This idea that every marriage is just hand in hand. I've been married in relationships. I've been in relationship. Arguing is okay. The eagles argued to great band. Not everybody's YouTube shack and Kobe fought Phil Jackson the bottom line is LeBron kyri worked. Now, they broke up like the eagles. They did have some success, but they worked together run guys at true way and controls the ball of the other guy is an over skilled to who doesn't want the media. Lebron's great with the media. Kyri doesn't Highridge is was the ball this, by the way, don't want the responsibility run into Ghani Pippen. I covered him. Scotty, didn't like the media Scottie. Didn't like the responsibility. He was a super talented to Michael sell the way dressed Michael loved the podium. Michael loved the moment, Michael alike. The media Michael loved being a one Koby love being a one Kyrie's good enough. But he's a two was wrong. We're going down in history as Scotty Pippin. That's what and even more. So because he hit the biggest shot arguably the biggest one of the biggest outs in NBA history. If I can't get kyri, and LeBron's gotta find out relatively quickly got time. But from kyri, okay. Can you will you come? Then I'm all in on Kimba Walker if I'm Hugh, I don't think he's getting paid the I don't think he's getting unless they know something we don't know, then don't even bother with them. You have to show kyri. You're my first choice. And then if you can't get him, so Kimba your. I'm all in on you because I gotta ask you as much as I love, Kyrie Irving. His game is phenomenal best handle ever clutch player. If he had not teamed up with LeBron how much more will we think of him than Kimba Walker? We like him like Kimball Walker team every year team loses doesn't make the play out in the first Yukon Duke both right college star yet. So Kimba might be at a we've seen size that Kimball would play well in the clutch just as good point. So, but and then I'm Marcus Morris Bogue on by Donovan some shooters. I'm hoping to Rambus Rambus are listening our to next. One more heard the herd. 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It contains strong language, and it's not for kids. Listen to disgrace land on apple podcast iheartradio app. Wherever you get your podcasts. Here we go hour to Thursday. We are packed. This is the heard wherever you may be in. However, you may be listening. We're live in Los Angeles. I heart radio Fox Sports radio and f s one Kendrick Perkins going to be joining us on the Celtics. Mass arosh Markazi L A times columnist on the Laker who would have thought the Celtics and the Lakers these massive brands right now, they're kind of teetering and then Cotino Moby last hour. Joy Taylor is joining me for what is a gold bar topics that they all sorts of stuff sports diving very kind at the time today are we've had very very lucky NFL free agency. Now's the thing. So we got about about a month. More now of of NBA, don't we go. We get a week off for two for the World Cup. Then it's massive free agency NBA stuff in the world could change in the last hour of the show today. I'm going to give you the dream scenario starting Tuesday with a ping pong lottery. My dream scenario of what would happen. The chaos in the NBA free agency going forward. There was a quote I saw this week by Nick Sabin. It's a really smart quote. And if you're a sports fan or not I want you to listen to it, regardless of what you do. He said success is temporary. It is not continuous be relentless in whatever you do. And what Sabin is telling you is something I've struggled with my entire life live in the moment. Enjoy your successes they go away, their fleeting, I want you to think about this. Was a calf tear. Kevin Durant last warrior moment. You think of this as a dynasty back toback finals one second before that he was the happiest basketball player in the world. He was the best player on the best team. This morning calf tear out of the play offs warriors. One last night without him could win the whole thing without him. You talk about a pivot one second before that. He is what every basketball player wants to be the best in the world on the best team. Now, it's a calf tear and you're hearing things this morning. Like, you know, the warriors are twenty nine to four without him. I kinda liked the Steph team they move a lot better. What if they beat Houston? Folks, you gotta love the moment. And enjoy the moment and put your arms around the moment. Lebron James a year ago. This was the narrative you could take four bartenders with LeBron. They could get to the finals today. He's trapped in the movie, misery. He's James Caan in a bed and Jeannie bus. And I from what I read Linda Rambus are putting blocks between his feet, and they're telling him don't leave. Lebron? I'll be right back. Lebron six months ago he and four bartenders get to the finals this morning LeBron trapped. They could train them to Memphis. He's in the movie, misery. He's in a bad, and they're not letting him leave and they're saying, please don't leave. I feel bad for LeBron this morning. I feel terrible for him. I mean. One minute before. Alabama played Clemson last year one minute before Alabata was too good. For college football, three hours later. Clemson was Alabama Alabama's now chasing Clemson in recruiting in games. Like, you got to put your arms around the great moment. They do not last forever. Kevin durant? One second before. That was the perfect basketball player in America. Best player best team this morning, calf tear, they look better without him. What if they beat Houston a win the finals, they'll be favored over anybody including Milwaukee in the finals? I mean, crazy. All right. Here's something interesting. I've always felt with. You know, it's really funny. This morning. Everybody's banging on Kyrie Irving. Okay. But ask yourself this morning. Who would you rather be kyri Irving or LeBron? I again, LeBron is trapped in a bed blocks between his feet can't get out. He can't he can't he can demand a trade than anything. Kyrie Irving has options. Kyri Irving has all sorts one's. Kyrie Irving can go to Brooklyn go to New York can go to the Lakers. Are you kidding me? The sporting just thinking about this. Everybody is crapping on Kyrie Irving this morning. Kyrie's got all sorts of options. If you think teams watched that series half, the people in the NBA circles are blaming Brad Stevens on this show. Chris, Bruce, our joy, I think it's Brad Stevens kyri Irving's got all sorts options. Now, it wasn't a great two years. It didn't work perfectly. I'd rather be kyri Irving this morning, then LeBron. I'm reading stories this morning. The Rams is now run the Lakers. They can't find a head coach kyri Irvine can pick his coat can pick his team. They're gonna lineup for kyri. You're having. I mean, I it's I would be fine. Waking up this morning is Kyrie Irving, I got all sorts options. Not happy. How it worked? You know? It reminds me this is why I always defend players on this stuff. The one thing you do not want to be as a player is trapped. Okay. Like like my entire career. I've been very lucky started in Vegas loved it. Was ESPN loved it. Here. Love it. I was in Tampa for two years did not love it. But you know, what I could get out. This is why I always defend star players when everybody tells me about star players, and mobility, and you don't like it, if I'm honest, I wouldn't leave because they've got a really good owner and a really good coach. And Chris Middleton, really good. That's great. But the most powerful guy in basketball, LeBron James this morning. I think he's got one of the worst situations in the league. He can't get it out. He can't get out. He didn't trust the owner. He didn't have a coach he had. No, the Rams family got a bunch of young guys, then aren't at his level. I mean, that's where you do not want to be in the NBA. Forget the kyri situation. He's all good. He's got options in life. Lebron doesn't. I mean, the Brown's got no option, by the way, Charles Barkley said something last night. I want to address this. Now for whatever reasons. I'm not a psychologist. I'm not a sociologist. But I wanna talk about Steph curry first second is that. Players around the league, including Michael Jordan respect Westbrook, more than Steph curry at Adam get it. I don't know how you can watch the two and think definitively Westbrook over curry, I've talked to players they like Westbrook tougher relentless hard not finesse. Maybe it's because Steph curry is an an alpha. Maybe it's because they see him as soft because his dad played in the league, and he likes golf, and he's got those pharmaceutical shoes, whatever it is in the NBA. It's really players all respected, Michael, they all respected Koby. They still all respect Westbrook. They there's something about staff and former NBA stars and Kern NBA stars. They just don't respect him. And Charles Barkley said this last night about the warriors going forward. There were I got no chance of winning without Kevin rent this series this series or any series. He made them a dynasty less. Don't sleep on. It people say what they want. It. Did it was terrific, and he wants them to they lost here. But that was like five years ago people act like that was two years ago. They did not become a juggernaut onto Katie got everybody who knows best ball. He's the guy who made them down STI. They wanna title without K D. They what they set an NBA record without K D, And they were a jumper from Kyrie Irving from beating them again. First of all they were great without K D And they're great with him. But if they don't wanna third title this year, are they a dynasty or just great. We have data. Twenty nine and four are the warriors. When Steph plays in Katie doesn't. You don't think they can beat Portland. They can't win one of the next two against Houston. They couldn't beat a Milwaukee really think about that. He's the only unanimous MVP winner ever. And because Katie is hurt. Charles Barkley believes. There are done. It's fascinating to me. I've never seen. There's a Steve Nash quality, Steve Nash battle with this. When he was the MVP is it because they're small they're not physical. They're not trash talkers that I don't know what it is. I'm not a psychologist, but the idea that they can't win without they did they did win without Katie. And they came within one more shot of winning and they set a record, and they beat Houston last night and Curry's a nightmare for James harden the guard, and he's way better than Chris Paul and much better than Gordon and much better than clay, Tom. Listen and the warriors season's over. I don't ever remember. It is unbelievable to me. If you pulled players in the league more of them, like wet stroke who can't win two games in the first round over curry. I've never seen anything like an I don't have an answer. Maybe it's those shoes. Maybe it's these small maybe a team went to Davidson, maybe he's not an alpha. Maybe it's because he recruited K D. Maybe it's because the Joe DiMaggio thing. He's he doesn't want to hang out with players all the time. I don't know what it is. But the idea like they can't beat. They can't beat you. Don't like this Golden State team over Denver or Portland, if they can split the neck to really think they could be Portland. You don't think staff clay Kerr? Draymond Iggy experience. They can't beat Denver Portland. I've never seen anything like it, by the way here the stats here Steph before and after katie's injury. The last night before he was one freight on threes. Katie gets hurt in the last fourteen minutes. It's the old staff. It's the harmonize warriors. No more Capella. It is. Crazy, absolute crazy, Kendrick. Perkins is not he'll be joining us next. Nobody likes stuff Charles unlike staff, unanimous MVP, they can't beat Portland. What can't be Denver? What be sure to catch live editions of the heard weekdays at noon eastern, nine AM Pacific on Fox Sports radio s one and the iheartradio app. Are you following your passion? I'm Carla Marie the host of side Hustler's, I talked to people following their passion outside of their regular job. Everyone either has a side hustle or wants to create a side hustle. Get inspired to start your own business or just hear the story and hustle of every side hustler. Get motivated with side Hustler's, listen and subscribe on the iheartradio app at apple podcasts or. Wherever you listen to podcasts. Welcome back. Discover alert you if they find your social security number on one of those lousy risky websites free for card members sign up. Discover dot com slash freelance. Limitations apply online. Joy Taylor's, joining us, one of my favorite, guys, Kendrick Perkins. It's fascinating he played. He's played with everybody. He played with LeBron kyri in Cleveland. He played with the big three in Boston Pearson. Ray Allen, he played with James harden, and Westbrook and Kevin Durant in Oklahoma City. He played with the pelican two Anthony Davis. He's like the actor. Kevin Baker bacon. They say like six degrees of separation. Kevin bacon. Those everybody in the world. He's worked with every actor ever. And I want to bring on perk Kendrick Perkins. The coward global satellite network. Burke. I said this watching the Celtics last night. I know Kyrie's great. But it doesn't fit, and that's okay. It doesn't mean. He's less great. But as a former Celtic as a former Celtic who has great pride in somebody. That's played with kyri. What did you see in this series witness series? I read the way he went about it was disrespectful to the city of Boston was disrespectful to little organization. And he didn't represent with Celtic pride is all about, you know, I spend my first eight and a half years of my career in Boston in those fans. Unbelievable organization is unbelievable. The history of franchising itself is unbelievable and away. Cowdery one about it. You know, just you know. Okay. Yeah. I struggled okay. Onto the next game. And kind of like, the I don't care attitude, and, you know, just basically, I mean the whole process. I mean, he was just I thought he had got it. But he was just a van leader. And he he didn't represent what. The problems about I mean, and it was proven that in my opinion. He's not a bad, man. I mean, he's a great player Kyrie's league player, but he's not a Batman. And he's a bad, man. When he's on the team when Abhran, but he's not a bad, man. He can't care on team. Let me shift to another guard who I think's better than kyri. He'll go down better, historically, and he revolutionized the game Steph curry, but charlesbourg Charles Barkley and others are saying it's over for the warriors, and it's weird with Steph curry, and I can't figure it out. Russell Westbrook has more respect in the league from players then Steph curry, and I don't think it's close. What is it about staff that many stars former and current don't respect about staff? What is it? I can say is the current players do still curry. I mean, you anything away from stuff. He's two time. MVP? I mean, the guy's talented. I mean, he is he he's a Batman. And we've seen this last night K D went out. And all of a sudden, it was like a light. Switch went on with Steph curry, everybody thought even myself, I'm thinking, oh, Lord. The rock is about the blow to warriors out and still game five and they bought the clothes. And then all of a sudden stuff curry turns at all and make big plays down. Do. I do. I. Oh quarter any becomes Steph curry that we all we all been knowing. But you know, he he took a back seat to Kevin Durant, which is rightfully so. But I think a lot of guys do respects of current. I heard we're assay yesterday. But you know, you gotta show that Manson respect name today's he's done and the things he's been doing throughout his career. He's a Batman. And he's a he's going to go down as one of the greatest point goes to ever play the game. You know, I watch. Kevin durant? Had a great career. But I watched him get hurt last night. And I thought oh my God. Is that the last moment he's a warrior because my guess is. They've already said he's not planning game six if it's a calf care. He's out. Okay. If that's the last moment for Kevin Durant as a warrior PERC. Could I make the argument that he wouldn't leave Golden State if that has last moment that that if they lose he'll come back. I think today we talking about today. I think Katie this is his last time. This is his last season with the warriors. This is not something that he told me, this is just my opinion. I mean, I think K D want to go win elsewhere because I think he's tied to getting discredited for joining a seventy three and nine team. Yeah. So my opinion today, if I, you know, just thinking for Kevin Durant. I mean, if you don't play another game for the warriors this post season, I think this is last guy for the warriors. That would last night was his last game for the war. What what a laughter image, a calf tear. James harden? You played with James harden now one of the knocks on harden has been stamina that at the end of the year. He's not in world lashed shape. He's never been a great. He's not like D Wade where he plays both ends of the floor or Paul Peirce, a Colli Leonard. He's kind of a one end of the floor guy and even. With that he wears down. So I'm watching him last night perk. And when Durant got hurt they gave they gave the team to staff and Steffes want enough picks. It's now Steph team, and they're much faster, and they screen more. And they run more. I thought hardened got tired. You play you played with him. Do you always think stamina's an issue with him is say because this you mean in a pay as years, but dishes James's in unbelievable say, and he's been doing a lot to treat his body. But one thing about it is that is hard to always tell people I never was a least school. I never was a school. A really liked it at all. But James have to do so much offensively for his team to be successful because of the lack of production that he's getting from his other guys. You know, CPA is not CPA right now compelled is not giving them nothing. PJ took it. They're going to play a great basketball. But giants. Have to do so much and going on the other end he had the the guard Klay Thompson or Steph curry they run around. They said pigs. I mean, you know, and in the fourth quarter, they was trapping them. So I mean what else did he do man? I mean, I don't think he got tired. I think he really just left on the court and pay the best basketball any positive play. But I just think at the end of the day the other guys like CPI did step up last night. What's happened to Chris Paul? I don't know how well, you know, him what happened to him. He's a shell of himself. I don't know. It's like it's like he's not being aggressive. This is not the CPA week grown to love or. No. I mean, he's not being aggressive. He don't look confident at all. I don't know. I don't know. You know, I don't want to say the time caught up with him because he's thirty four years old. But you know, he still didn't rate shake when he still Chris Paul. But I don't know. And he's just he he don't look the same right now. He doesn't he doesn't. He not look the sign right now at all, man. So I I don't know what's going on with him. But I know he have two games to get it right to figure it out. Yeah. Finally, if you were LeBron James they butchered the Tyler situation the Lakers. Did you don't know who's running at magic quit if you were LeBron James this morning? Would you go to the Lakers the bus family and said, listen, I came here. I did my best. I got hurt. It didn't work trade me. We would you do that. Or would you stick it out? I mean, if I'm bra, and I if I'm brought in and I know ROY he's gonna stick it out. He's not he's not the type to Bill if those the Casey wouldn't assigned the fool you deal. I mean, I was with him in Cleveland when he was signing one year deals and option on the second in another one year deal he signed a four-year deal. So he was committed to the Lakers now would them not hiring teeth. Lou. They dropped the ball relations a word about every everything else. Besides trying to build a team to win basketball games in bring a championship. And guess what? At this point in time. They dropped the ball with Lou which would have been a perfect fit for the Lakers. So they dropped the ball on Neko. So they came in bronze. He didn't have his hands and none of his perk. It's good talking to you Kendrick Perkins. Thanks, man. Collins is fathom you bet I it's LeBron is always a talking point, obviously on this show on all shows all opinion shows. I mean, he he is a six or seven people whether you're a political host or a sports host Brady LeBron. They just get talked about, right? And there's certain politicians, obviously, we talk about and with LeBron. I was always a defender of LeBron. I've always been like look with the kid came from. He went to Cleveland busted his butt. I defended a move into Miami. And then I thought it was kind of cool shot me moving back to Cleveland and then going Los Angeles. I get it mogul stage. I get it. This year's the first time I've said. He there's the scales are uneven. He went too much business too, much non basketball. It didn't feel right. He didn't feel engage and I was critical of LeBron. But when I saw the two stories come out today one they're trying to trade him and to butcher the Tyler situation. I was back in the LeBron train. I'm like guy give me a break here. I mean, I'm the luckiest guy in the world. I of worked overwhelmingly for great companies, I've been incredibly lucky I had a year and a half and pampa the people were well, meaning, but the station was a mess it had transitioned from CBS to FOX new management, and it was you cannot overcome dysfunction upstairs yet can't ag-. I don't care who you are yet. Can't. And I woke up this morning with LeBron. And I feel sympathy for him. This guy is entire life. He has been a model citizen. He's been. A wonderful guy. Good husband, great, dad. Totally engaged. I didn't like his last six months. And I know he's mad at me. And his people are mad at me. But I will tell you. This you wake up this morning. He is being under served. This is not good enough for him to this is simply not good enough for him. This would be like Brady deciding I've done everything I'm going to go to Miami. And the dolphins do what the dolphins do. They can't figure it out. You got no GM. You know, be be careful. I tell people this all the time. Young people don't chase money chase management. There's a sea of money for talented people. There's not a c- a great management, and I felt this morning sympathy for LeBron. He's good, dude. Who's done it? Right. Didn't love the last six months. But this is embarrassing. If he didn't have if he wasn't married with kids get out of town. And I totally support it like I'm out. I'm not I've proven myself. You haven't I'm out and I'd support him joy with the news. Heard on the new this is the heard line news. Speaking of LeBron he's made it clear. It's everyone who will listen that he's not in charge of the Lakers or telling them what to do. And I would say I have to believe him at this point because this is a whole 'nother level at the stunk Shen. But apparently that's not enough to get the Lakers to trust them, which we saw what their unwillingness to give Tyler contract that went beyond LeBron's contract. Now ESPN CNA Smith reporting that people close to Jeanie Buss are telling her to grade liberal okeydokey. Well, well, you know what? Chris Broussard said this earlier, what is the trade market for him? I don't think there is a big trade market for him, which seems a little silly. Because a team that wants to win now should be in the market for LeBron James. I mean that is what the Lakers are trying to in his numbers were great last year. Yeah. The whole thing was Ron is. Confusing. Feels like we're being a bit reactionary it has tiny touch of the Leonard situation. Whereas like, did you forget that quiet Leonard before he was injured was in the conversation for the second best player in the league, still Brian James? Yes, he had his first injury. Yes. Everyone had their moments. Lebron is down. So we're going to be triumphant. And you know, it's finally fair. It's still a Ron Janes. Just what what what happened and everyone just forget he's on James. Lebron is going to come back in perfect shape. Next year. He has extra time to rehab, his one and. Only injury in his career. Does it right? He's going to come back in the best version of LeBron James that he can possibly beat me know that takes impeccable care of his body this. I don't see what the Lakers are doing. I've never understood this from the very beginning you draw on here for four years, everything that you do from the moments, you know, LeBron's coming here should be to make not only make LeBron happy because we know that that's something that matters to lebrons. But also put the pieces around him. This historically make him successful. Doesn't seem that you're over thinking the situation. And I think the person that's getting a lot in this situation is Pelinka wasn't. He the guy was supposed to be running. This whole situation spoke to be now Rambus is above full Inca. The Rambus is actually I should say are above Palinka. Where's Pelinka fall? And all this. It's bizarre. Alright. So the Celtics off season begins and ends with Kyrie Irving. His decision to resign or go somewhere else will dictate plans free agency and Davis, trade talks and Jalen Brown extension. But following this loss predictably sidestepped questions about agency. I'm gonna be on your back to Boston per se. You'd see my family decompress, do a human beings do to be toys. It's no not to be disappointed. I think that. You know, you take your lessons. If you take your aspirin that they handed us and you move on. A basketball journey, obviously, you know, you want to keep playing, but they put a whole today. So has two options he can sign a five year one hundred and eighty nine million dollar max contract with Boston signing with the team other than the Celtics with be walking away from a guaranteed forty nine million or sign of the team that has cap space, which could be the Lakers Brooklyn Knicks. Yeah. The Mavericks also could pitch teeny kyri Luca Kristaps. Oh, that's interesting. I didn't think about that. Yeah. A lot of players that there's one in ten teams will have room including both New York teams and both LA teams. The nets also have been in the conversation. This this particular free agency is going to be very interesting because there are a lot of players with a lot of state. Just funny Philadelphia. I keep your Philadelphian, Ben, Simmons Simmons and don't work together. Simmons would be easy to trade now 'cause he's had a terrible series. You wouldn't get crushed of you the GM and the Sixers trading and got up in return. Bam beats more popular you put an Embiid on a Dallas with Luca. And and porzingas you put him on a franchise where he can dish. And I don't know Ben Simmons a fascinating piece to me. Nobody's talking about him. I think Philadelphia going to have to move somebody Ben Simmons keep your eye on the whole MBA is going to look very different next season. So finally big big news yesterday thought sports and the stars group announced plans to launch thoughts bet the first of its kind national media and sports wagering. Partnership the United States. It's all sets kickoff in the fall with the launch of two products and nationwide free to play game awarding cash prizes to players directly predict the outcome of sports gains and the FOX bet app, which will give people in states. Regulated betting the opportunity to place real money Fettes. So with the recent legalization of sports gambling certain students as a huge market for digital sports wagering and clear with this partnership that Fox Sports, Don, let me explain this. Okay. So we partnered we bought a part of the company called the stars group. Yes. Okay. Europe's ahead of us on sports gambling. You can go to Liverpool Manchester United game and in the stadium. So Europe is a head of us on this. They've had less stigma with the gambling less political as Asian of gambling. So stars group in Europe is the company of note. That's how you bet we bought a chunk of them, and we're going into business with them Bill to app will release. In the fall, right? Let me talk about the FOX bet app because that's the one I would be on a lot of my friends say where do I put my money? Where's my Bank who do I trust? This is the kind of company you trust. That's your Bank, and you go to the FOX bed app. They'll be two apps. This is the one where you can actually bet real money as long as you're in a state where that's allowed. But this is the future of sports England's ahead of us. Right. The UK's ahead of us. The stars group is the company of record to make your app your digital bats. We bought a piece it's the first ever of its kind where you have a sports network like ours going and owning and being involved for the next thirty years of of my life. This is where this can be where you go to make your sports, huge partnership said that's digital sports. Wagering spaces. Oh, lord. Yeah. Gold rush. Yes. It is Silicon Valley twenty-seven years ago. And now it runs the world at bigger than Wall Street this over the next thirty years. This is going to be sports. The world fair you're gonna watch games on one channel and the same network will have on a channel next to it. You can bet on. I mean, this is the future of our business a joy with the news. Well, that's the news and thanks for stopping by heard lie. Anybody noticed that gronk story talk about that later arosh Markazi L A times on the dysfunction of the Lakers. What does it all mean? Stories breaking last night that if your LeBron James are at best uncomfortable. Be sure to catch live editions of the heard weekdays at noon eastern, nine AM Pacific. Welcome welcome. Welcome back to the Bob left's. That's podcast. That's right. I have all new episodes with your favourite musicians, comedians promoters, and behind the scenes people if you want to know how the entertainment industry, really works. This is the place to tune in for those unfamiliar with my act, I've been writing a newsletter for thirty years. A who's who of? Of industry people subscribe to my newsletter. Why are they tuning in? Because I make sense out of the chaos. I interview people in the music and entertainment industry to find out how they got to where they are what it's like to be in the belly of the beast. These are the stories you want to hear this is not puff pieces. I guarantee you'll be riveted. So every Thursday. Tune into the Bob left's that's podcast on the iheartradio app. Apple podcasts or wherever you listen. To your podcast arosh Markazi is a sports columnist for the LA times, formerly a senior writer at Sports Illustrated and ESPN and you decided I'm going to go back to Los Angeles. I'm gonna I'm gonna cover Los Angeles teams. And boy did you step into a dysfunction salad. You just get this job. And I've never it is remarkable. Generally speaking, there's an advantage to be with the Dow. Cowboys the Green Bay Packers. These historic franchises players wanna play for him Notre Dame coach is one a coach for him. Let me out a moment. Join I talked about this last week when Monty Williams chose the sons that's one of those. Oh, I mean that would like that'd be in college football choosing UCF over Florida. You'd be like, oh Florida's got problems right now, central Florida got the job. Like me ask you, do you think they land any free agent? No superstar free agent. No one that you would want to build a team around in Colin. Let's go back it began with Luke Luke wanted at that point to leave. Because the only way he was going to say, and I think he would have stayed. They wanted to hand pick his assistant coaches, they love that. Apparently. So Lucas like, you know, what let's part ways mutually one of the few mutual parting ways, so he chose to leave to go to the Sacramento Kings. Monty Williams chose to not take the job to go to the Phoenix Suns in Tyron Lou chose. Not to come for self respect. Don't treat me like a first year head coach, let me pick, my assistant coaches. Let me just give me the same contract. Luke, Walton guy Luke Walton had never been a head coach Tyron Lou won a championship. And you're telling me that I got ahead. You're going to hand pick my assistant coaches, and Colin he was already going to walk in with this perception that he was LA bronze guy, and you say give me a chance don't give me the same terms that LeBron has to LeBron's got three years on his deal. You're going to give me a three year contract. Give me a chance to walk in here with my guys and a five year deal Cohen, this is a four billion dollar franchise. You can't give me a five year deal in. If you really believe that I'm your coach give me that kind of respect, and they chose not to what do you make of I know Kurt Rambis, I've met Linda once they both really nice people. I don't have a problem with Jeanie Buss having a confident I think I think lots of people that run lots of organizations have competence, Linda, smart, Kurt smart. What do you make? Are these stories that they I saw this one this morning that they are in genie's ear saying trade? Lebron? Yeah. I I I don't think LeBron's going. I mean, I think he he came here because of Los Angeles y'all been a to a maverick Carter premier and whenever I've been at these movie premieres for shows that they've done whether it's a documentary or the shop, it's so clear that he came here for Los Angeles. He's not going to go to Philadelphia that gonna go someplace else, I gotta me leak executive who said they were in a better position. When Jim bus was there. And I said, well, what are you talking about why? Because at least they had Mitch Cup. Check, colin. They have rob Pelinka Rupp link has never had this job before prior to that. Magic johnson. Magic Johnson never had this job before they have people in place. You've never had this job. Right. So at least with Jim buzz. You had Mitch Cup check which is a respected man around the league. He made a lot of good personnel. Moves for fifteen twenty years and people are going to take his phone calls. There's a lot of people not take properly still. It's interesting. Because Pelinka's getting beat up by by yourself and others in the media. So he's he's kind of pushing back. He doesn't wanna talk to anybody. It's a weird situation where nobody can figure out. I'll just throw this at you. Chris Broussard said this and as we prepare for our show. Arash Arash Markazi, joining us for our radio listeners, we said this morning. You know, I love the ban the eagles. They fought the whole time. They were together in great. They broke up had some individuals success got back together. They're always better together. Never easy with the eagles. They fought the entire time together apart together kyri and LeBron. Okay. It's never been perfect together. They they both think they're ones one is one isn't. And what about kyri what about LeBron being an active recruiter on Kyrie Irving? I think they are the ones who know how good their relationship is. I think they are in a good spot right now. What do they want to be teammates? Again. I'm not quite sure. But you brought up a great point kyri is a hall of fame number two guy. And there's nothing wrong with James worthy hall of fame. Number two, guys Coty Pippen hall of fame number two guy. He's not a number one guy. So if he comes to that realization, and he wants to come to Los Angeles and team up with LeBron that is their best case scenario because right now calling you're looking at Jimmy Butler Kimball. Walker I mean to give him next contract to one of those guys. That's not a smart decision. And that's probably the decision that they will make okay. If I said to you. In in because I would think the Lakers would have to have a coach and general manager when free agency stars player would come to a rudderless ship. So if I said to you who will be the topped take genie out who will be the top two people running the Lakers in a month. Rob Pelinka and Kurt Rambis will be the coach in a month, Jason Kidd. All right. Well, it's a bad spot calling. This is not a job. No, no one's running to take this job. And it's crazy to think like there should be a line out the door. You're talking about the Los Angeles Lakers with LeBron James and imacs contract. This should be a prime job. And you had two guys basically say no thank you to go to the Sacramento Kings. And the Phoenix sons and one guy say, I would rather not work than it work for you guys. It is a bad position right now. Why do you think LeBron would ever demand a trade? You don't think, you know? I I really think he chose Los Angeles. He will retire here. He will live here. He's got movies. The documentaries TV shows. I mean, listen, I don't think he thought it was going to be this bad, but he's not gonna go. Chase ring someplace else. Yeah. Let's shift to Chris Paul who you covered for years with the clippers Iowa's like Chris Wake Forest. Tough smart heady. I thought he and harden would work because her smart dudes, and I always kind of believed that smart people work when you put them together. I don't know. What happened? I always defended Chris on his postseason failures. I said, you know, he's playing with de'andre Jordan's not perfect. Blake can be high maintenance what is happening to Chris Paul. He now appears to be and I'm not I'm being serious James is our best player. Erik Gordon to PJ Tucker's third. I think I trust Clint cappella down low what happened to Chris Paul? He's not shooting. Yeah. I mean, you I mean he is hit that wall. And when he signed that contract caller, I said that is the worst contract right now. I mean that his last year he's making over forty million dollars, and that's three years from today. So he's hit the wall today. Three years from now, he's on the book for over forty million dollars. Do you believe this is a physical thing and not an emotional thing? Yes. He is. I mean, he is a player who has always been nicked up and has not been himself. He plays into the season. He's like Dwayne Wade. He plays halzack leahey's in you. He's up in you like, Dwayne crashes. Yeah. Sick time. He competitive guy that I know like when he does those. Things where he'll hit you in the growing. He he wants to win so badly in for him to be in this situation again where he's hit the wall physically. And he's with a team. That's very good. But just can't get over the hump. It's a very frustrating situation. That's why the clippers had to move on from that core group has good as they were that Chris Paul Griffin. Like, they hit that wall. You know, they absolutely hit a wall. I want to go to the Colli Leonard Colli tonight place, Philadelphia. I think Toronto is going to win. I think Philadelphia has more talent I think is playing it like an MJ absurd level where he doesn't miss shots. Okay. So there's a lot of stories out there, and we both know woes, and we respect him. But I said yesterday his woes bombs the only one I didn't believe which is. Co is considering staying in Toronto. And my pushback is co why doesn't talk nobody knows. And the only time washes said anything on like. Okay. I really I can make a very good sales pitch for Toronto sophisticated city. It's the third biggest city in North America after New York and LA they win. They are building the franchise around him. You can sort of hide they got a major league baseball team. They got their hockey. They got Toronto's a big city. Okay. It's way up north. I can make a compelling argument if they beat Philadelphia that collide doesn't leave Toronto. What are you hearing? I well, listen, I co co why does not even talk to people that he's close with. I don't think anyone truly knows what he's going to do. But I'm going to give you an example. There's going to be a pitch meeting and three people that we know really well are going to walk in there. Jerry West Steve bomber and Doc Rivers three of the most just guys that you want to follow and play for shoes. I mean compare that to the Lakers who role in with seven people in its genie bus, and Linda embassy, Kurt Rambis, and Tim Harrison Jesse can like all. All of those exactly which I do by the way, but Balmer west and doc three the most accomplished people in their particular fields. Listen, if you're in a room with Doc Rivers, you're gonna have been there's a presence with known. That's not that. I can like all the Laker people that I know. I do. Yeah. But if you're trying to if you put bomber one of the richest people in the world, doc and Jerry West and don't discount Jerry West when it comes to these big names talked to Shaquille O'Neal. That's why he came to talk to K D. That was a big reason he went to the warriors stuff arosh Markazi sports columns, the L A times, a newspaper hiring and breaking stories. Our three next one more heard the herd. Streams twenty four hours a day seven days a week within the iheartradio app. Search her to listen live or on-demand whenever you like one eight hundred flowers dot com code heard get twenty four multicolored roses and a vase twenty nine bucks twenty nine ninety nine one eight hundred flowers, but Cotino Mobley over a decade in the NBA all rookie team out of. Rhode island. Okay. So let's start with Katie gets hurt. So I was saying I don't know if the warriors are better without Katie. But they're different without K D And their difference. Really good. It's sprinting around they moved their more fluid. What do you make can the warriors beat Houston without K D? I think they can I've been saying this for a long time Katie to me. It's like you have a mansion. Okay. You live in Manhattan beach or the ocean. Those huge homes. Yeah. Okay. You have fri- you ever Lamborghini, and you have a Bentley. Okay. Yeah. Now, all of a sudden, you purchase a rose Royce. Do you really need the Rolls, Royce you needed Lamborghini? Do you? Right. So Kaby come into the Golden State Warriors is more of like a luxury. It's not an accessory. He's not making them better. When he's also shooter, and they had the two best shooters in the world point. Now, when you said, would you just say, okay, when katie's not there you watch them they moving around question, James Harden's. Jason's hall of ardor they're harder to guard. He's more of a one on one ball. Stay still kind of guy. Stephan. Curry is such a great player to me that you see net the end of the third quarter. Right. It's time to take over there. Moving around the balls this. You know, it's like a hot potato. Yeah. It's harder for Houston. Two guards you 'cause they can't set up their defense is much. Right. So Steph is always gave Chris Paul problems because they moved around a lot Katie comes you get to contain Steph a little more because Katie has the ball in the polls. Steph doesn't move his bagel. He doesn't move as much you know, it. It is interesting that that what K D was to the warriors. He was duplication of what they had. They had great shooters katie's the best mid range to in the league. That's why Draymond so valuable. He's what they're not. He's tough. He's physical sometimes appropriate. He's an energy guy. Draymond his value comes in. But he's he does not duplication like if you've got any company in the world, you don't want to hire the same thing over and over and over and over you wanna hire the weakness the strength. Join Iowa's talk about this new relationship my weaknesses, or my wife, strains, hopefully, I can add things that she can't do. I do think short term. If you ask James harden who would you rather play? I think James would rather play the warriors with K D because I don't think he loves defense. I don't think he's great at defense. I don't think he wants to put the effort on defense and when Katie plays he can be more station. It's more segment. It's more stagnant. Rest on the defensive end sweet easy to not listen. I'm not saying that when katie's out there Steph Klay, Draymond, blah, blah, blah. Oh, yeah. J-? It's it's so much note not bat, but it is harder. When it's no K D, And you have those two guys running around every single way. And you have Golden State has something. Everybody's still have super high Q without K D super high. So that right there they win. They're already up ten against any team before they even play them. So when you have Steph curry and Klay Thompson, would they do is they take a back seat to K D because they know everybody saying, oh, katie's the best in the world. Yes. Talent wise, you are. But when it comes last time, I checked the best in the world makes everybody else better. I'm ask you this this Katie make Steph curry better know, K D does not make Steph curry better K D at their best. Just over the course of eighty two games. Steph is allowed have lousy night, and you can overcome it. But that's the way to put it like, there's no K D doesn't make stuff better. In fact, if you look at the numbers last night before Katie hurt after Katie hurt Steph to different player, you could literally see it Katina within a minute. You're like, oh, I remember that warrior team that was all your team that was so much fun to watch like three years ago, they go right back into their spending one hundred miles an hour. The reason why he got MVP two years in a row unanimous. It's super hard to guard that person running around every single where now they don't have a lot of size now 'cause boogies gone and katie's out. And I think that's their problem. They've got no side if I had boogie if they can get through Houston, and I get boogie against Denver because if they face Jokic who guards him they do now, I'm not if you gave me I don't think they trust bogut up. Their big concern is not just k D's gone. I think they don't have any size small been small right wheth-. They had bogut. Whether they had what is David Lee early on. They always been small always been out rebounded or what what have you? But their offense makes up for them. Switching everything makes up for all of that. Because today's game is not about posting guys up. Now, who cares? Right. So if you want to shoot a to we're going to shoot we're gonna make seventeen to twenty three's cool keeps shooting you twos. That's that's how they go and aid been successful in the past five six years doing the same thing. Let's shift to kyri. Listen it happens. Good people to good people can get together. And I don't work, and it's okay. Like, not every relationship. Kyri? I is a good, dude. Boston incredible franchise, and I was completely wrong on this. I just figured they'd make it work. And it doesn't I watched last night. They didn't have any fight the coach the star the roster the city the player. I don't think Boston's man overboard. I think if you brought back the same Celtic team. Now, I'm not saying they beat. Milwaukee. But I still think it'd better Toronto. I get better in Indiana. I think they're better in Washington. They may not be better the Milwaukee without kyri, that's different. But I don't think when kyri leaves. And I think he will. I don't think the Celtics are bad. I think the Celtics are really good. And it's kind of like the same dynamic with Katie and Golden State. Golden State one because I accuse high knows guys more established if Katie would want to Golden State early on with Steph curry have flourished with Klay Thompson would have flourished would Draymond green have flourished point. Now you go to Boston. And I I saw Tatum growing I saw Braun growing. I saw Roggio growing. This is a great point. Right. I they stopped growing they stopped growing. And then Kyrie Irving to me just like he has never let a team anyway. Alpha dog was Russell Westbrook. The alpha dog was LeBron James they weren't alpha dogs. So now, you going other teams you think it's that easy to lead a team have at it. It's funny DeAngelis. Russell was drafted. He was really good player at Ohio State comes to the Lakers and the Lakers resigned. Kobe because Time Warner came to him and said, we're not giving this money Dangelo Russell. So they resigned Kobe, and it stunted the Angelo's growth, the Angela goes to Brooklyn, and you're like whole Dangelo is an all-star Victor Oladipo with Westbrook held down. And he goes to Indiana. You're like I got he's an all star to me, the loser in the Kyrie Irving thing. Isn't Brad Stevens this morning? What I watched in the last two weeks the losers. Jason Tatum Jason Tatum. If kyri left is a Dangelo Russell, we everybody bailed on the ngelo. Russell myself included. I'm like, he not very good. I watched them this year. I'm like, oh, he's a late his team. I think the loser in. I think j I think this roster without kyri is a playoff team is a three seed or two seat next year. And I think they're fine. I played at a high level and Stephen Francis. All for St Francis, myself was always arguably one of the best back course in MBA, you were and we always put pressure a defense. I feel bad for Tatum. Because to me you can't. Grow like this. I didn't all of a sudden have because it can be mental you something can happen. Mentally next year. You may knock on wood. Hopefully, never happens. You can get injured. Now, you have another you have to wait to come back and prove it again. But to have with you Tatum to me Tatum. It's kind of like Alan Iverson who I loved to death and mobile the best pound for pound players ever. But Jerry Stackhouse was there. Tim Thomas was there. Larry, Hugh guys were there, and they didn't grow with them. It's just what it is. I just don't like kyri Irvine with them. Yes. Tatum to me because he was the most he has to go on the scene. Yeah. Most promising all of them. Yeah. Much more much higher ceiling than Gordon Hayward. Right. He was the most promising an amount of fan of Gordon Hayward. But he's he was the most promising one to take that franchise to another level and this year stunted his grow. No question. What all they have four or five guys that play the same position to me. And you need they need to. All they're not giving us a him to close games out. Yeah. They didn't even try to give it to him when he was here doing the season to even help him understand like, okay? You know, what you can share this cover? You didn't even try to give it to him. Now close games at the end the game. Now doesn't trust him. I mean think about it. Eight hundred twenty two seven foot twenty two six foot twenty one but your basketball genius. I don't know about genius. But that's not genius. Finally, Lakers right now have been in their history. Well, run now, we see this before where really well in organizations, the New York Giants have some management changes. And it just doesn't doesn't feel great Washington Redskins. My entire life were well run. A Dan Snyder buys them, and it's been chaos. Quarterbacks coaches GM's. Everybody blames everybody else put it's off in the I think Dan Snyder's the problem. So the Lakers right now are a mess. You were with the clippers were you with the? The poorly run clippers of the well-run clippers. I was with. It was weird. Okay. So I came to the casino five. Oh, six. Okay. So you're with a poorly run clip. No. It was pretty good. The first year. I came to clippers up says, I Donald sterling's first time paying a free agent so much money because he didn't really pay free ages, you know, high level free agents, he didn't pay money. So finally, he did and you were there, and I was there. I I came near on that. Right. And the only thing that was kind of weird. Was we were sharing a we? We have to spectrum off of rosecrans. That's what you train close Manhattan beach. Yeah. Type on a house yet. And it was a to me. It was weird because I'm just used to being around like my peers players. Yeah. And then like I'm sitting next to this older like white guide like in. He's like naked. And he's talking to me. It's kind of uncomfortable to talk about the public gym. Yes, public. Well. Yeah. That's not ideal. I think if I was LeBron I would not want to be only organization so clippers and movie cocoon. Yeah. I guess it's definitely cool. It was definitely cool set. Next guy's playing backgammon. There naked. Yeah. Yeah. I get it. Yes. Sure. I mean, jerks hall out of floating at all. It's the craziest thing. Listen, I I'm going to get old. You see degrees is fine. But I thought it was a little. Yeah. Sure. He's so many braces. And so many like. I mean, I saw like an oxygen tank coming across. No, that's not anything. You should be here. That's not how Jerry bias ran the Lakers casino. I've got your back on that one. That would be a little disconcerting for me Cotino Mobley eleven MBA seasons. A well dressed man is fine. This guy's Taylor. Could see anybody joy with the news. This is the headline news cloth hat. Oh, no. No. No. No, no. I do not look heavily for. No, no, no. There are certain untrue. You look good enough adore. You look good. If a tow anti hat person. No, no, no. Because good hair. I have my head is shaped like a bean. I don't look good. I can't do ball, by the way. Let me see your hair, by the way is now. Now, see I think you look. Great bus. No. Because you have the perfect symmetry your faces rounded up. I look if I was bald. I would look like a taxi with its doors open. I would be it would be the most ridiculous looking thing. Very senior. Text me. All right. The terrible ending the Celtics season game five gentleman sweep Tyree went six for twenty one and south of the final eight minutes. And you know, we pretty much could have seen this coming the way that the regular season went with the Celtics about how come I couldn't? She coming. Everybody in America Sonics at me. We discuss it. We discuss it a lot. I just always felt they had enough talent overcome. I had blind when shoes. Yeah. Blinders on he didn't wanna have any doubts. Well after the game Brad Stevens to blame the blame for the season. I'll be the first to say that this is you know, as far as any other year that I've been head coach certainly been the most trying I think I've done I did I did a bad job like at the end of the day like as a coach few team doesn't find its best fit together. That's on you. I think they showed a lot of character at a lot of different times to keep coming back and the stay together. And I've said from the get-go this team in the locker room, and they're all together, his great. We just couldn't find it play together as well as we we had hoped and Milwaukee's really good, by the way that we are not giving Milwaukee any loves today, and they do deserve it. You're absolutely right there their bench. The honest has been incredible assign it'll game when they look awful Middleton's been better than he's ever been. I always worried about this team because I do think it's a baby step league. The warriors are rare. They were like nobody and great usually. It's like oh you win. You win. A first round you in a second Milwaukee last year. I'm like they can't wanna road playoff game. Two. Oh god. They're like eight deep. Well, coach best player Middleton's now. Now, Milwaukee when you watch the series by game three you're like, oh cabinet big mistake. Milwaukee's way better. Yeah. We all down in Milwaukee. Because everything you just said, we didn't know what they're expecting. They've been incredible Janas definitely deserves credit for that Milwaukee. Could not win a road playoff game last year in Boston. So it's like now the best team by Farnese. Right. And and Boston's gonna be okay. It's like you said like they're they're both in end up where they need to be end up in a space that works for him. And I just think that the situation with the Celtics they have too much of the same thing. It's very hard. When you have a young through unproven group guys are trying to not only their value. So that they can get their contracts, but they also are trying to win. And that's a weird dynamic, and you have a bunch of guys you need the ball in their hands to be successful again to rhythm. And the one thing I would say is this, you know, mentioned earlier Brad Stevens is kind of skating and all of this because he has this incredible system was kind of annoyed anointed before actually achieving anything. And that's like saying he's. Not a good coach. But there's a lot of talent on that team in this league is about talent college is not a system. Fells always been a coaches Lee NBA's a players league. And it has been since since I've been a kid in the seventies. I remember talking to a college coach your this is like dating me. But I remember when I went to college in the early eighties, and I was talking to a college basketball coach. And he said, listen I liked college coaching because it's a coaches for right? He goes the NBA's a players league. And he's like, you know, that could get I don't wanna move my family and get fired fifteen minutes later at that time coach didn't make any money. So it's the reality is Brad Stevens is finding out college. You're the king NBA. Kyrie's the king, right. Then you got to make it all work. Yeah. So curtain his wife, Linda Rambus are too powerful voices in the Lakers organization, and we are seeing just how much power they actually have pretty much prevented the Lakers from hiring tie Lewis their next head coach after the four from our own Nick rights. It's pretty apparent that the bus family and rob Pelinka signed off on hiring. Glue last week, and the Rams his Burke the higher convinced the Lakers to hold off as we know negotiations fell apart Tyler essentially locked away. So. Nick right on this joy reported this morning. First things first magic had dinner with genie. That was on the internet. We saw he told her magic toll Jeannie get outta the optics. Don't worry about it. Get the best coach like to your point like get don't worry about optics optics would be different if we had a star studded team, right? And we could be picky and choosy get Tyler. So Jeanie came out of that dinner with magic according to Nick Wright. And like, okay, let's get out of the optics left. Get tight Lou. And then something happened over the next week with the Ramases genie anti Lou blew up. Well, I mean, it has was Wallin and Monty Williams. And now, it's Tyler this isn't an ideal position anymore. There's obviously a an incredible lack of this function at the top. Like, you said that you can't overcome that. And and now Lakers fans are actually they're starting to starting to rally. They've announced the protests outside of Staples Center, noon tomorrow, right? Well, what the organizers says the goal of this is to voice our displeasure of the front office. They have some this is according to Lakers, read it. They have some chance ready sell the team fire Rambus fire Linda heaven, Mikhail no, Jason Kidd, shadow owner slash. Last night on the internet. When I went on the internet last night WW bandwith dot com sell the team was trending that was trending in the country's Selva team. It was a Laker thing. Yeah. Well, I mean like spans upset and rightfully so there's there's a lot of dysfunction going on. So finally, Stephen Jones appears to be putting some pressure publicly on back, Amari Cooper, and Zeke Elliott to take team friendly dear deals, he's playing the there's a lot of benefits to being a cowboy card and had this to say about it. We can talk him into not maximum out doing well. But not, you know, not max and that allows us to have other good football players around him. And we all know what happened just look at the TV booths. And you look at what these players off the field. I if we can put Super Bowl rings on these guys, and you know, they'll be legend around this area for for many, many many years, and what they may give up a little bit in their contracts. They should be able to invest, you know, in being a cowboy and making our team's veteran. You baseball doesn't have a salary cap. So you can pay them whatever you want to pay him. NFL hockey NBA salary caps. And so this is the reality of this is the world we live in now GM's wanting to take a little less than occasionally you get a Dunkin or Brady that will. But boy, it's hard for me to sit there and say, hey, pro athlete football player who gets hurt early take less it that's real hard for me to back like if I'm back Prescott. I think he's better serve taking last. But he's basically been free four three years, which is what I'm saying. You don't Brady is an outlier. Outlier. They are. They are the exception. Not the rule. I admittedly, very pro player. But I also just think. The owners aren't taking discounts. Why the player gonna take a discount a very short window to make money Dak as you said has been essentially working for basically nothing the last three years, he has his all leverage. And there's no reason that he should take who likes salary caps owners. Owners love salary hours. It's it's I don't like it. I never I never think that it's a good thing that players take less money, and I don't like the Tom Brady comparison to this. Because it's he's there's so many other factors in that Brady situation pro athletes, get one hundred million net worth like Dunkin then easier to sail take thirty to thirty five. Right. But you're asking Dak Russell Wilson. They've never made the big boy money. I'm so Mike trout, like those guys, you know, if I've never made it I'm not taking a discount now if I am a legend like Aaron Rodgers got nine commercials. I'll scale back three million years now. I'll get a left tackle. I'll say, okay. You get me left tackle, I'll take four million less. Right. Joy with the news. Well, that's the news and thanks for stopping by heard lie. Not coming up next. Kevin Durant injury. And Kyrie's meltdown. I think if altered somewhat potentially the future the NBA it's called the Hurd tub time machine, I'm gonna tell you starting Tuesday with the NBA lottery, we are gonna. Have massive historic transformational moves among draft picks and players I'll tell you ideal situation. I think I'll surprise you. What I would love to see happen. The Domino's over the next three weeks. That's coming up. Be sure to catch live editions of the heard weekdays at noon eastern, nine AM Pacific on Fox Sports radio affects one and the iheartradio app. One eight hundred flowers dot com code her. Get you twenty four multicolored roses and a vase for twenty nine ninety nine. Good avenue in one eight hundred flowers dot com code her. Katie's injury Kyrie's meltdown. I think you know, the psychology NBA dynasties are unlike NFL dynasties NFL dynasties tend to last a little longer, and when they ended juicy because of free agency NFL doesn't pay the guys like the NBA does NFL guys are like I'm gonna get paid and NFL guys will peel off a really good team and say, I only paid NBA guys make a lot of money their their dynasties, usually, and because of you know, some ego a little injury. So it's all different. But I see the K D stuff. I see the kyri stuff. And I started thinking about all the crazy things that could happen between now and July first when free agency starts, so I'm going to take you through. What what I would if you're telling me, ideally. And I know how you think Colin you love big markets. I like traditional powers being good. I like stars moving to great teams. So it's time to travel into the future. Let's jump into the herd. Hot tub time machine. We don't need those. Her tub time machine. Okay. Let's travel forward. It's the ping pong lottery. This Tuesday may fourteenth the night of the NBA lottery. The Knicks and they've got fourteen and a half percent chance. Win the NBA lottery. There's only two other teams that have a chance the next two. So they win the lottery. It's very exciting. Now, let's travel forward to June sixteenth game seven NBA finals, the warriors get there without k b they beat the bucks in an epic series. This is my wildest fantasy. It's a great series. And now K D. Not their warriors win again without him staffs team it in katie's head. Let's travel now to June twentieth. Neither the NBA draft. Nick, select the most profound college player I have seen in fifteen years. I n Williamson from Duke. Fascinating. Nice picture to go graphic department. That's good. That's gonna look amazing and Adam silver, by the way as tall. So that really amazing. So now we travel to July first first-half agency. Kevin Kevin Durant. Signs with the next. This is what you want. Kevin durant? I'm saying for fantasy. Kevin Durant signs with the Knicks. He and zainur together. Kyri doesn't go to the Knicks. Lebron talks him back in to playing together. Like the eagles band breaks up. They get back together. The Lakers are now relevant. I don't wanna see LeBron Peter out and do nothing for four years. And I know that's not good for the league. It's not any fun. I like watching the Brown play LeBron kyri or now together, by the way. They don't have to give up anything joy that got coups. Ma they got Lonzo. They got Brandon Ingram. They got Josh heart. So they don't have the Guelph anything. Right. Okay. So now the Lakers at a real team. We wouldn't deny that. Now. There are a real team Celtics knowing they have to get through Janas and kyri has left them trade for Anthony Davis because Boston sitting there thinking, okay, we yawn us is the future the east if we don't combat him. We. No chant if you watch that series, Milwaukee was just bigger and stronger, so Anthony Davis, and they've got the pieces to get him goes to the Celtics. So the Celtics now are. Anthony davis. Jalen Brown pledge? Gordon Hayward, Jason Tatum gone. They're still good coli Leonard at the last second harder. Protect goes to the clippers a playoff team that won two games over the warriors. Steve bomber Jerry West Doc Rivers. They bring in. It's a really interesting team. He's there silent assassin star the clippers. Now have a real rivalry in L A would LeBron kyri now Jimmy Butler, Philadelphia. Lot of pieces he signs with the Knicks. Oh, so I get Durant. You're one butlers. You're very talented too. And the kid fee. Nam's Zahn, not kyri. I don't think that's the best fit. I want more size and athleticism in the east. If how did kyri look against the bucks. If you wanna get pass, Milwaukee you better have size Butler. Success durant? Six elevens, I on six six and a half and powerful. So the Knicks and the Lakers and the clippers and the Celtics Zahn. Now, we return back today. Thursday may nine not nearly. Well, still very interesting day. But by the way, Nick right had some good stuff on first thing. I this morning. I got a play this bite. Nick has this source laid out how the Lakers botched the Thai Lou higher. Listen to this. The reason he was not offered the job a week ago is genie. As had been reported was worried about the optics worried that it would look like LeBron was in charge, Jeannie, then had dinner with magic. And magic told her. You cannot worry about the optics. It is about maximizing the time with LeBron tight is a good coach LeBron will respond to tie go with him. And then Linda and Kurt Rambis stepped in Linden, Kurt Rambis. And this is what I'm reporting slowed. This whole thing down and said, if you're going to hire by you need to make some demands do not offer them more than three years, and when Thai asked directly why are you offering me three year deal when Luke got a five year deal? He was told matter of factly. We are hiring you to coach LeBron more than we are hiring you to coach the Lakers LeBron has three years left on his contract. And at that point said, I don't need this and walked away the Lakers tried to spin it like they walked away that has now been roundly refuted. Good stuff by neck, also. And I think you and I talked about this. I was told and arosh Markazi confirm this today. I was told Luke went to the Lakers and said I'm out that was not him getting fired a mutual. It was a mutual separation in arosh Markazi LA times came on today, and confirmed what what I had been told. So I trusted my source, but you know, this idea Luke fired tie get out of here. Mandalay working in leg lamb, VAT, not the way to work in. All right. Good style. Join I'll be back tomorrow, Friday exhausting, sir. Have you ever wondered how the smartest marketers cut through the noise? I'm Bob hitmen chairman and CEO of iheartmedia and on my new show math and magic I'm sitting down with the day's most gifted disrupters, but when I did this people thought, I was crazy there really no other rules aside from, you know, no full frontal nudity glove there and do it. Don't like to follow the trend. Listen it subscribed to math and magic on apple podcast the iheartradio app or wherever you get your podcast.

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