The Bachelorette Recap


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Just sitting in wet clothes. It's already cold outside. And there's just nothing you could do. There's nothing there's just like I had layers on it was just through my sweatshirt my shirt, you know, when you get your sneakers wet, and then they saw they stay wet for like forever like my feet when I took my Segers off when I got home to my apartment, my feet were like still wet, stinky as well. I don't know. I didn't smell test. But I would assume maybe probably if you have wet socks and wet sneakers definitely stink. I was not miserable at feel day. I was just fighting with everybody in the whole time. So that'll be interesting. You guys watch that video when it comes out if you're interested. I don't know we are into besides this podcast, of course, where we have so much that we wanna share with. You today friend, the bachelorette back back back back. It is something. Okay. We were recaps back. Yeah. Recapture back. We were nervous about this season and the best of all. All we have a Hannity interview coming to you next week. So I I'm so excited. I'm so excited to talk to her. I'm so savor the season. I even just from the ABC knows how to get me even just from the promo for the season. I feel like Hannah is showing kind of more, like bad ass Syria side like no bullshit Hannah. And I go to enjoy it. I, I appreciate that. Fully the coming attractions. Always got me mad, because I'm like you're spoiling the show and I'm seeing the path, but they making you. It's so well and honestly, they're still times. I watch that we're shocked during the season. I guess it doesn't matter. But Fran we have so many great topics that we talked about on this podcast. So let's get into it. Okay. We got Zach Ephron and lily Collins, who, who have to be in love convinced there, they have to be less. We have Paris Hilton talking about Lindsay Lohan. On watch. What happens live, and Courtney Kardashian and John Mayer rumors? John Mayer cleared it up. Also on Andy Cohen. So Andy Cohen is the king, and he gets everybody to say anything, literally anything. It's amazing. We also have to recaps so game thrones. And the bachelorette two very different things. But here we are were just very diverse women. We very diverse interests us, the type of people we are we do both bachelor endgame, thrones. I gotta say my views on game of thrones are now, creeping into my view of the bachelorette, like I'm hoping people on the bachelorette, turn evil and kill people, because I'm forgetting, it's a real show. Right. With people real feelings. Yeah. Real life people go. It's not all made up like game of thrones. But either way we cover it all for you so friend, let's get into it starting off with Zaka Ron and lily Collins. In your. We keep trying to talk about. I'm so. Of the afternoon be of over that make you crazy over my, but it says the so. Says the Silva cut of. Zac, Efron, lily Collins are in love, and it's quite it's quite obvious after this glamour video that they put out. It's a friendship test. They did it with plenty other celebrities, but they would sack Ephron lily Collins and the music the backdrops actual tissue will tell you, when the two of them was literally raise Rawling on my body through the screen. I was watching the two of them and I was falling in love, because they did a friendship test, and, you know, you have to say nice things about each other Noah play the clip. And, you know, like the nicest thing, ice literally, the nicest things you can't say, nicer things about some would say about somebody if they were like describe your boyfriend or girlfriend, like what do you like about them? Yeah. That's the kind of answering, you would get if I was. I know it's I know it's obviously different because it somebody of the opposite sex. But if like we were doing the best friend says, I don't know if I could come up with the ni-, like the, the. The words vocabulary on these ran. I gotta be honest. If somebody asked us to come up with nice things about each other. I'd be like she's funny is like I don't think I would really give gap really dove in ain't doing opposite sex. Like say Noah say put me no on a thing like friendship test, like, say nice things about each other. I truthfully don't know. No is shaking his head. Like I don't really know you like. I would need like a date. Fucked up. No. But it's the jokes. But on. But when you look at it on the outside, it's like lily Collins Zach, Ephron may really just think we're really good friends. Like we are really good friends. They each other for a very lots of like they're probably thinking, we're great friends. We know each other for a long time. They don't look at each other in that way. But then when you see the, the chemistry in front of your face. It's hard not to say lily Collins Zack from belong together, and now they probably are watching the video like holy fuck. Maybe we are in love, if I saw that video of me, and one of my guy friends, I honestly with that kind of chemistry. Yeah. I think I'd have to say something one hundred which is why I mean like just don't even put anybody in that place in the first place like glamorize. He knew what they were doing. Yes, exactly. They've known each other for so long now I'm convinced that they well, there were rumors that they did date like. Like years ago, very briefly. They were like really young. I think it was like post Vanessa Hutchins era, but even if they didn't or date or whatever I after watching that video, I'm convinced they've hoped, I think that they may or may not have hooked up. Maybe it's one of those things that they haven't hooked up. And that's why the sexual tension is thinking about is so no, I pay guys. No. Because usually if I feel only years a pass, I feel like they hoped up when they were really young. And now it's like old friends and whatever it also could be the fact that they have been friends for so long. And they haven't hooked up that it's just been years and years, years of this chemistry building up at some point, they're gonna crack and bang each other. I don't know Zac front as a girl. Yeah. When I was young, I had a friend that I had hooked up with. And now we're like very, very close very happen. So it's like, and we're so comfortable with each other may. Maybe but it did have an when we were when we were young, whatever it could have with them. But when when you when those two were just staring into others, is I have no idea. How lily wasn't just like. Slickest all like us going for the kid, which it says your natural instinct. She looked at him and she was like your is getting bluer and he's so God. Damn highs reorders. Listen, if you're staring anybody in the is, is for a long period of time you could get lost in them on convinced that you could take like any attr- say, you have an attractive, male friend. He make him stare into your eyes for minutes. Like you're going to be like, well, he's getting high. It'd be like, oh, just gonna have natural is just primal gonna happen. But besides that lily Collins ACA are in love like it is so, so apparent so apparent they might not know it, but we could all see the chemistry like they belong. Together, we go even talk about their new movie because we haven't even and going back to the things that they were saying about each other, and then Zaka from was like. She lily the one thing that I really love about you. My favorite thing about you is that you love baking, and in my wife, I just need somebody who disliked bakes cookies, and he's talking about what he needs. She standing right in front of you. She stand. He was like you have such a great smile. No joke like watching a ten minute long romantic comedy was like four meets girl, their friends. They don't know what to do the tensions there. Will they won't they and then the video ended, and we were left with a cliffhanger? I that's how I feel about it. If lily Collins, Zac, Efron, don't get married. I'm gonna feel ri- those crazy kids got to give it a shot. Get shot. I don't care. I'm sorry, Zaka FRANZ girlfriend. But have you seen have a girlfriend right now? What do you mean remember? So true, the norm e swimmer your from Europe writing where yes, he can't be dating and I forgot about. So I forgot about her after watching Collins, like he must be exactly that's the thing like how is he supposed to act like he has raised hem is around with that girl? We haven't seen her anywhere. Yeah. There is no amount of chemistry that's going to compete with lily Collins Zaka from like that. No two beautiful people just staring like watching to beautiful people stare into others is the, you want them to hook up so bad. And I don't know of that's just like everybody's natural love of watching sex scenes in movies and stuff. But I was just like kiss kiss. I honestly like I gotta be honest ice started having feelings for both of them video, because I was you want. Yeah. Hypnotized by their pastor hypnotize. So check that video out if you have it because I can't believe that it's called the friendship test, actually crazy that they named the friendship and you haven't seen it go watch. And you'll know like you'll finish that video and absolutely one hundred percent agree with us. And if you don't I love to hear why because it's clear as clear is if you don't agree with us. Then tell us exactly why you don't and I'm ready to fight you on. You. Baby. Perez Hilton went on watch what happens live with Andy Cohen, and they played plead the fifth, and, of course Paris, did not hold back Paris Jan hold back. That's why I love Paris Hilton because she can tell you what you're doing wrong, and she's allowed to say it, and nobody's going to be like Paris Hilton mean they're just going to. Yeah. Created that brand for self and Andy Astor about Lindsay Lohan Astor, if she could say, three nice things, and her three nice things were that. She was so beyond, and then she's also lay bare, I love Paris. Hilton of power Sylvan mainly she is the original basic bitch para. Yeltsin is the original. But she's the best she's the best ever do it. She always will be. And when she just sits back, and she's like, Lehman embarrassing. I wish that I and her voice, and that voice is fantastic. And embarrassed. The thing with the thing is Lindsay Lohan was cool at one point Lindsay Lohan was a great accurate. The parent trap freaky Friday, confessions of teenage drama, Queen all the great movies. I'm probably missing some that people are going to get pissed balance. I can't believe me girls that's the one mean girls great movies. She was. Cool. At one point, then she was lame and embarrassing. Yeah. They and they had such like a friendship in the party girl seen. They were out all the time. And then, you know, Lindsey wen Kuku could chew and that was the end of that. Now she Lehman bear shot into Paris Hilton for keeping it together. All these years. She has Britney went coo-ca-choo. So did Lindsey Lowe hand Paris Hilton. Yeah. She stayed power Sultan, and I could see her. They wouldn't Nicole Richie to them. I could see Paris Hilton calling Lindsay Lehman embarrassing out with their friends back in the day, like Lindsey, stop. You're being lame and harassing like I just wish I had footage of this man. I feel like now I'm just it's going to be a go. Like what a what a what a insult that really cuts to your core. I'm and embarrassed. I'm gonna start calling people lame embarrassing if they get mad at me. I'm gonna be like, no I'm just I'm just imitating Paris Hilton. Yeah. I'm just it's just a quote. So you can't get mad at me for that. Exactly. Is she? She. She talked about having a possible fallout with Kim Kardashian. And whatever she was like, I think that was just like the media twisting things because she's in my new music video shameless plug friends asked and for her music video, asses hot. Yeah. It's like I need Paris Hilton to say something of mine is hot in life for me to feel accomplished. Paris Hilton you look me in the eyes and be like that bag is hot. Whatever it is what it is. It is tell me something as hot. How me something is hot happy life goal? Have Paris Hilton tell you that. Yeah, that's definitely big time life goal. And then she was also asked about Miley Cyrus, and if the rumors were true that they one time, made out in club, and she said, maybe, maybe she knows how to keep the people on their toes. She didn't she didn't deny it. She didn't say, yes. And she said, maybe a baby's totally Paris Hilton Miley. Cyrus making out is one hundred percents something that happens for sure. One hundred totally see it happening. Totally. Make out Paris and Paris DevOps. I mean, I would make our Miley, N Paris together. I mean, would you I totally understand what you're saying? Maybe not at the same time, but individually Paris Hilton Cyrus came up to me, and they're like, let's start making out with three of us almond. I imagine that story I made parents still tied just panic in the moment, really oh, one hundred God. No. I would be like Paris Hilton Miley Cyrus and RIA, have a making out session. Yeah, that's headlines. Yeah, yeah. Oh, it's it's headlines and honestly, something that I would be proud of. I would tell everybody I made out with both power Hilton, and Miley Cyrus, but it would be so funny because the headlines would just be like Paris Hilton Miley. Cyrus bake out with random Londe in club with random blog nor me in club. That would be so good. Yeah, it would be so good for us. It would really ragged about that. Nonstop, so my parcel thin. You've got your game game. Moving getting. Not the same. It seems to me. Kasuga. Can sing too? When life gets busy. Your nutrition can be the first thing to suffer. But it does not have to be sun basket. No matter your lifestyle. Sun basket caters to your kind of healthy with the listener plans like paleo, carb, conscious gluten free Mediterranean, diabetes friendly and feeding plus quick and easy. Recipes, you can enjoy a dinner full of organic produce and clean ingredients in as little as fifteen minutes. Plus a brand new carb conscious meal plan with thirty five grams or fewer net. Carbs per serving. 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And then from that it was Corning card. Ashington John Mayer are hooking up, according also went on Ellen Degeneres and Ellen played a game of like this guy or that they that with them. And yes. And she picked John Mayer every time. So it was feeding into those rumors. But everything leads back the Kris Jenner one hundred percent and Jami clear that, you know, Chris has a lot of power. She's the kind of person that you like you wanna be on her radar. You want her to know who you are? But you don't want to be so much on her radar because she can take you down, like he realizes the amount of power that she has. She has the power to ruin your career. Kris Jenner has the power to ruin anybody on this earth. Yes. And she just has probably, you know, her little. In Jons little birds. What whoever she sends the tabloids who start things, and they're like, like whispering birds chirping. Quitting, John Cornyn. John. Yeah. What do you think what I just planning it so strategically? Do you think that Kris Jenner has people that work for her that she knows are snakes, so that certain things do get out, and she talks about things on purpose in front of them? So shake it out. I feel like that would be a smart move for sure. I feel like they do I they probably do the same thing as the royals, the royals would acts. This is so not at factual, this is so not a fact. This is something from the will and Kate lifetime. Real. It's not real. I always think. Royal and the willan Kanai time movie, it comes from a real story like that one time principal told the story, but I actually have no idea never fact, checked himself, just. No. He says it in the movie. All right. At with his friends, he would tell all of his friends like one crazy weird story like if he met a new person, you would say random story, and he would only tell it to that person. And if that Perstorp's came out in the news and the tabloids, he knew that, that person was was a leaking stories that is great. I start doing that to people like he would just like crazy like stupid fake fat. And if it came out to be like, well, listen, you're out, if I don't, if I don't trout. Yes, I would also like to clarify this is from the willing lifetime came. It could be a real story. It could not. But, but I like it. Either way it's smart either. I'm very Irie about, like I'm always like can't. Trust that person. But I also I also like love talking to people so. Right. My big problems. I like I'm always like you can't trust that person. But I also love talking at the same time, I'm gonna start throwing out fake stories to people and see what comes back around. Right. I'm gonna start testing Dustin. And I feel like that's definitely in Kris jenner's play, right? Like, when once you high like if you're hiring new people, and she's bringing new people into their circle to just say something crazy. And if it ends up in us, weekly and three days, you know, that blur no needs to be done. You're over with I love that move. And I think it's a move we should start doing friends. Yes. Start testing people in the office. See who the real sings starts? Yeah. Yeah, yeah. The often we'll make up a rumor, honestly, I'll make up a rumor about you. And then we'll see if it comes comes back around. Yeah, I've met with that people. Gossip in here, so like, like crazy. So if it's if I have your permission, I'm going. Make up a rumor about okay that's fine. All right. Fair I haven't thought about it yet but. Okay. Good. And then we'll follow up with everybody rate. But John Mayer also clarify, that he like there was never even any kind of relationship with Courtney crash and not how there was absolutely nothing. They also said he's like post his dating celeb- life. Like he thinks he's done dating other slept. He always says that he, I think John Mayer has no idea what he wants. I know you know, John Mayer, the most non close, not John Mayer, but I haven't, but I think he's scared of like going back in the media and everyone. He's made it a monster last time. So you're right. He's terrified of the media. He says it every time on the instrument. This is gonna be in the news. And you, you could tell he says it with a like a like he's joking but really in the back of his mind he's scared of it. So I don't know. I bet that he wouldn't date somebody as high profile as Gordon crashing a one hundred percent he would date some. He like has David yet. I gotcha. I Gotcha annoy me, nor me Cassie David not enormous but he's not she's at one hundred percent now not at all. But closer, the Gordon Kardashian. Yeah, I'm not a fucking Kardashian, but card after eating Kardashian is not even like dating a celebrity a whole different level. Your dating Alleyen yet, it's a whole different level of, of breach of privacy. This week. We had the fifth episode of the final season of game of thrones. The end is almost near I'm almost. I'm sad. It's ending. But I'm almost happy. It's ending because A I honestly can't take everybody talking about it anymore. Yeah. It's. Game of thrones. Twitter has become a very hot topic. And I honestly think game of thrones Twitter is ruining the show more than the shows ruining the show. I l people, let's say the show's ruining itself will give it throws Twitter's ruining. I agree with that, completely, I think that people are diving way too deep into this fake show. Yeah, it's fake. Everything's fake. Everybody is diving into it a little too much. And I think you're right. I think that game of thrones Twitter is ruining the show because they're pointing out things that I wouldn't even realize right. You know, like they're like the people that are naive like us. Yeah. You know, sometimes we don't catch things. But yet game of thrones Twitter's catching everything. And then I get mad. There's times that I like it, and there's times that I immediately go and it just it's become such a gigantic thing that it's like I, I watch the show with other people, and I don't even immediately interact with them. When the show ends talk about episode immediately on my phone seeing what other people are saying about I'm like, why do I care what other people about it? I had the same problem last night. I watched with a few people and afterwards, we didn't speak. We all just win and our phones and I felt weird about it now. So we feel so weird right now. Oh, maybe because I haven't spoken in the last hour and a half. And now I'm just looking at my phone. Meanwhile, there's people are just reading about people out game throats. I gotta say, I took a pretty big LS night just from going from the Sixers game into thrones. And then just being like a sad, sad human and gin. All the Sixers law. Well, yes. Sixers but why were you sad? Because the game throats. Oh, no, no. I wasn't. I would. That's what I was saying. Wasn't really sad about game of thrones. I enjoyed the episode. I've really haven't ha-. I haven't finished an episode where I hated that. But I it's because of going immediately on Twitter, and then getting myself upset. That's I agree. Like when last night's episode ended. I was happy with the episode. I felt the episode was very strong. I couldn't breathe the entire time I through throughout the episode thought I was going to have to stop and say, I got to go to the hospital. I catch my breath yet. That's how bad it was. At one point. But then afterwards when I go online wasn't that good immi-, exaggerating? But we have to stop thinking that way, we need to go with our initial thoughts. So I'm gonna talk about my initial reactions before. I went online and read whatever else was thinking from the beginning. We knew that Danny was turning into the mad Queen you could see the evil crazy bitch, and her eyes last episode and then it fully comes out this episode when she realizes that everybody betrayed her. John warned her and said, I, you know, I have to tell them, and she said, you can't tell sonza you can't tell are you can't tell anybody this is between me and you. John didn't follow that. Yob Asli told them sonza, then toll Tyrian Tyrian than Wintel various and then the it just continued. And from there, they betrayed her. So the fact that she went mad. I don't blame her. I don't blame her for going that I get it like, obviously, you know, just straight up killing people in the blink of an eye shows, you have no mercy. But I get it. It makes sense is just everyone. And it's like everyone was so mad that, that was the direction that the writers decided to take her character in, you know, like it was like that her character deserved more. But like the does not archaic ter-. We didn't write this carry out. They can decide what to do with care, also love it or hate it. But it's not like she. Deserved this fantastic ending. She's been building up to this moment for a long time. I feel like it's not even just the season. It's past seasons. There's endless examples of the crazy showing and having people around her to stifle it. But now all the people around her portrayed or are dead. Yes. Exactly. So she's going crazy. The people that are acting like this came out of nowhere clearly haven't been following the show. Dad was the mad king. Obviously, she has it in her blood. She's a product of incest, by the way. Yeah. So she's going to go crazy. I don't think it's I don't think it's weird at all. That, that's the the way they went with her character. I don't get why people think that I mean, she's a made up character. What do you mean? She deserves better. Right. Like that. Who she is actually she doesn't deserve anything. She's the mad Queen now. So there's no. And they said the same thing with Jamie, Jamie deserved better than to run back to search. Like no Jamie was a freak who loved banging his sister. That's. Just his heart the entire time. Jamie has banked sister. They had plenty of children together. Why is anybody acting like Jamie deserve to have a better ending? Yeah. Jamie was a sister banger. And that's what it comes down to the all. They all get closer thrown. And then they go nuts. I feel like that's it just a theme. Right. It's happened to almost every character. It's gotten close. They, they lose it. They go crazy. They start killing people. I feel like that's almost just. Symbol of how the aren't thrown makes you absolute your mind your sensible mind, you lose it. When you're striving for the iron throne, you lose all sense of yourself. That's what happened. She was toes. And even when she took out various, she was just like SIA Audra cars. So it was just so like, Djuric are the way that she said it ever. So calmly gave me chills like aspire to have that amount of confidence and poise that she had when she just looked at him said to cars, that's it. That's it. She didn't scream it. She just set it so calmly. Let the dragon just fire him off. I personally love that car. It was almost like a whisper GR's, that's it. And I, I actually loved it. I this episode had everything that I wanted obviously surveys, dead now, which is the, you know, one of the complaints that I would say how about this episode was, yes. I'm happy. They killed Sirsi. That's great. We all like you've been watching the show, you want her to die. I hope unless you're on the other side of it where you've been rooting for her. And that's crazy. But we wanted her to die, but we wanted to see sir c Daiei slow painful death, like get her throat slit, I wanted to see her get her head off her head lying on the ground with blood pouring. What a love to see that. But we just saw the building collapsing on her with Jamie, in kind of a vulnerable moment. Which people didn't like to see that from, sir. See because, you know, she's this powerful bad person. She knows how to manipulate people, but every person. Who is a powerful figure like that. They're some sort of insecurity on the inside, that's going to come out eventually and they're gonna crack. And that's what happened with Sarah, so she was crying. Jamie's arms like I don't wanna die. I don't wanna die. So in the end, she was just a scared as everybody else. Right. And they went with, like the very poetic, Justice of the red keep falling on top of her. She said, multiple times that, you know, the red keep would it fall would've Falwell fell in fell directly on top of you. Now you're dead, right? Would we've liked to see something a little more gory perhaps, but definitely Tommy ups for sure. Tommy smokes actually blog about this episode, I enjoy the blog because he's defending defending the episode musical, sir sees one of the most hated television characters what better way for her to go out and everybody hate the way she dies. Yeah, I get that. Because everybody is hating the way that she died. But we couldn't even get a moment like yes, we'd love the way she died. We hated the way she everything about her, but I really would have loved to see her head. Get chopped off like we saw net stark at his head chopped off. We cat get her head chopped off. We saw a basically all of the Starks. Get their heads chopped off. But we couldn't see sir see die painful death like Joffrey and Ramsey. All of them, right? Actually got to see them die with her. It was kind of, like boom falls on her. Maybe they wanted to throw something else into the mix since just everybody was just getting absolutely visually slaughtered, like visually. It was so gory. Right. And just blood and guts. I love reigns and head squashing. But it's been worse than it was in that position like it has been, we've seen worse than than they gave us. But I did love all of visually. I think it was so good. I think separately. Yes. But I don't think we've seen it all together. Like in one episode. I mean battle the bastards can't, but what throw like the mountain into the mix and every like I just feel like blind. I think. I think battled bastards probably the most. But I guess this one had, you're right. This one had everything we had the hound in the mountains like children. Yeah. We had we had the hound in the mountain. Finally, this is my favorite. I was favorite part of the episode battle it out. I felt as if when it was happening kind of, knew where they were going with it. They, you know, because they both couldn't kill each other. It was like a back and forth, constantly the mountain hard motherfucker to kill a really high on straight up. He's, he's very hard to kill. And then the, the hounds tackles him into the fire the perfect way to send them off. Yeah. Was it was beautiful, and that they had to go down together in order for either one of them to die. The mountain squishing just hearing a Carver's head or whatever the fuck. That's Weasley guy is against the you know, love that took him you may like he made him like that. Like he made the mound like that. And he was like, well, I literally do not give a fuck about you anymore. Like the city is falling you can die now. Yeah. I loved it. I love that part. We also got to talk about our girl aria who somehow survived this episode. People are saying it's plot armor, obviously was written that she survives because realistically, she would not have survived. This is real life. We're talking she wouldn't have survived that. But that's the beauty of the TV show is that she did survive it, making her the baddest bitch of the Senate, seven kingdom. She gets through everything makes out alive on this one, and then there's the white horse at the end which symbolizes something people are trying to explain it all over the internet. We're dive into the bible. Yeah, we're getting to the bible. Now. I'm just. Gonna wait and see what happens next week because I can't tell you what that horse meat thought it was brand. Yes. Brand. Some people think it's death writing on a pale horse, whatever that means. I don't know it's going to mean something next episode. I hope so because we are getting Jack shit from brand, and there's one episode left and I'm going to need some something from brands thing I didn't sit and while brand sitting wheelchair all up for no reason, you have to give us. So that's the only thing that I think will legitimately make me mad. There hasn't been a lot. But if that if, if this show ends, and there's just nothing like he's just plays no role whatsoever. We get no explanation that's really gonna piss. They can't be that dumb, if the writers are dumb enough to not include brand in the ending. Then we have a problem, but I don't think they're going to be that. I think that now everybody's going to be against Danny. Because the bell rang she was supposed to stop. She wasn't supposed to kill anymore people. She said fuck this, I'm killing everybody. She went nuts. She just that dragon or the dryer king's landing, and killed everybody. She was just trying to kill everybody. And, and there was a lot of conversation about the dragons will how come they were able to take out a dragon last week. And she's just fucks up all the weapons this week. I think she was just totally taken by surprise last week. And now she went in with this past episode with some kind of an idea of how they work and seeing them, work and realizing how slow they are like you shoot a shot. But it takes a while to reload, obviously that makes very vulnerable. She exploited that wipes out the iron fleet and this the same thing with the plot protection. Whatever I was so. Oh, psyched to see. You're on go up in flames and to see that guy climb onto the beach like you've gotta be fucking kidding me. Nobody from the iron flea is alive. Except for your on climbing onto the beach just at the perfect time to kill Jaime. When that fucking pirate came out of the white, I it's honestly becoming a problem that Sean Leith. I'm in him. Localized so much when I Don Lee Holly, so in the office, I'm like fuck you Shaw but meanwhile he's he's not him. But I can't separate the two. I'm having a hard time separating. You're on and Sean Lee them, he pisses me off, and this motherfucker comes out of the water like nothing happened like heating, get shot in the face. With dragon fire like his stupid face. He might piss me off the most out of everybody on the show and then him and Jamie, going back and forth. They're having this battle, Jamie gets stabbed. So we'll time multiple times. You're on get stabbed once and dies, Jamie. Get stabbed multiple times and walks off, like. Immune to getting Zaib that come out also bothered me. And after the first stab I thought Jamie was going down. And that, that if you're like I Gotcha. And set out loud, if you're on just killed Jamie, I'm confused so mad like if that's how Jamie lesser dies by getting stabbed by your on. So, so angry, clearly, you're on is a bad kit. Like, maybe he's just a bad with the sort missed all the vital organs multiple. I, I don't know how jamey made it through. I mean he was going to die anyway. So I guess they wanted him to die with certainty feel like they could have eliminated dabbing Dakhli. They could've eliminated at least one of the stabbings, and they could have had your on and Jamie, like fight in front of, sir. See, so that it would have been more realistic for Jamie to die with sir because he wouldn't have had to travel, you know, he had to walk all of that way. How did he do? It could have been more of like a battle for the baby. Right. But whose baby whatever he made it through your on space. When he's like, I'm the man who killed, Jamie Lancaster. Out if I wanted to puke on my TV screen actually, gave me nightmares. I relieve nightmare. He like that character did not deserve a last line. No, he should have just gone up in flames with the iron fleet. And that would that would have been it. I thought he was gone. I was like Bamut on piece by your on. We don't I don't feel you're on deserved a proper goodbye. Like we shouldn't hundred percent. He already got to kill one of the dragons, now we're going to give we're giving him. Goodbye. Get out of your gross. He's like I sucked the clean. You're gross, you're gross. But now next week obviously season finale there's nothing left after next week, which is the craziest part about it to me. Because each week, we're like you know, there's more there's more this more. Yeah. Well, this is going to be we're going to have to accept it kit Harrington. He said it was disappointing would doesn't make anybody excited for the end of the show. I think somebody's going to have to Danny. I think I think it's written in the stars. I think that deniro's dead, John, I think that what's going to happen is Danny is going to try and kill San's now because she mentioned, your sister, betrayed me, and obviously, she killed various who portrayed her. I think she's going to go kill sounds and John's going to have to stop Danny from killing sonza, and then try and kill her or Oreo is going to try is gonna have to kill her either way. I think she's dead. But let's see some let's see her head. Get shopped off like it. We need to. Danny, danny? We're going to need to see a brutal death from Danny probably have to. I don't wouldn't see them going soft at this point. No. When it comes to tar Garin death, but it's, it's, it's crazy. Because like you said it is ending. Danny, and John had a moment in this past episode also that he thought, maybe there would be a sliver of hope for her. Which, which is interesting because it's like classic that of all shows a game of thrones, which has been always been very relationship based but having John kind of reject her. Being the last straw here was crazy. It was she Dan, you just want a little sex, and John was like absolute like, no, he, he kind of backed off and the rejection. She couldn't take the rejection any longer. So she snapped. I think I don't think that it's that I think it makes sense. I think she was like this person's dead this person betrayed me. And now the guy that I love he now, he betrayed me. And now he won't have sex with me. He wants nothing to do with me. Like what do I have to live for? She's like I don't like the people of winter feller not mine. My people are gone. What does she have? She's like fuck this. I'm queen. I'm taking over killing I don't think she's going to win in the end. I think it's going to be a win for the Starks. They'll come out on top, and I think she's dead. There was a moment though. I forgot to mention when aria and the hound I thought they were gonna die at the same time last episode. I would have needed extensive therapy for that. They died at the same time now that would have been something. The fact that are still alive, something has to happen with her. There is no reason for her to read, roaming around battle. If if she's not as an have a purpose in the last in the last episode your and say, and Tyrian and Jamie, had a very nice could buy thousand other between that total opposite on the spectrum here between that which was like a nice moment and the hound in the mount. But. That was it was a nice ending their relationship. I felt like once that happened. I was like, all right. One of these guys is definitely dying. This episode how dumb is Tyrian though we didn't talk about how dumb tina's Tyrian really thought that he was gonna free Jamie Jamie wasn't going to go to see. He oh at the beginning like from the beginning. I mean Tyrian is the one who free, Jamie? Yes. SS Tyrian really thought when he was letting Jamie go there that he was going to actually go run off and nocco back to surf like, how go back to surf daddy. No, I'm saying Tyrian he was telling teary and he wasn't gonna go do that. Like how dumb is Tyrian to think he wasn't gonna go do that. Like Tyrian actually believe Jamie wasn't going to go back to Sara sake. Right. Well, Tyrian wanted him to go back to search term was go get go. Get her go ring the bell, and then get on the boat and go have your life with your baby. Okay. Okay. See, that's what I was confused about. But I still don't like how dumber you for doing that. Yeah. Like you. Yeah. I think it's just like that was his last effort to try and save life. I to try and get them to surrender. I think he hoped that if they did surrender deniro would would pull back. But why would he ever think that Danny would be like, oh, yes, Tyrian? I'm so happy that you freed your brother to go run off with sir c and that she still alive has not seen a pattern here that was dumb of Tyrian very right? And I guess, maybe it was like a. Now problem. Let's, let's go after seeing Jamie later. Let's save all these people now at this point doesn't even matter because they're both dead like Derek Zanny will know on the little one. She goes back and he sees not there. He's dead. So it doesn't even matter. Yeah. But there and there's been people in this is why game of thrones Twitter also has been so crazy because everybody freaks out on like little things, yet the coffee Cup. And now Jamie had a moment where his literal last moments hugging. Sir c and you could see, like they didn't keep his fake, our hand on. You could see his real hand. It was like, really? Yeah. It's one of those things that I say it just makes it rushed. Yeah. Heels, rush it feels rush, but I also wouldn't have noticed that if I didn't look on Twitter. Yeah. Oh, I didn't notice watching the thing. I didn't notice it. And then you see it. And you're like, oh man. They rushed it. But I kind of think that. It. It's being put in people's heads. You know, when you read something enough, you start to believe it. I think it's being put into people's heads that this is bad season. Bad writing and whatnot. But I think that if I was just watching the season straight through, like I did with the other seasons, I would have been, I would have been like this is how the show went, this is how they wrote the show because looking back on past seasons. I'm not watching them being like well, I wish they did this with that character. Right. Is what it is. What happened happened is it is the this season is so different from the rest, but I'm not gonna sit here and say it's it's bad, right? It's not a bad season. It's just what they decided to do with it, right. Which people don't people don't let some people don't like it. You say it's bad, all of it is very opinionated. Like you could think it's bad and you could love it. But everything comes from your personal interests of the show. Right. So whatever you like to see from the show is where you're going to stand on it because Visu. Really, it was insensate leg insane episode of their television. Directing the visuals and everything about it like, oh, it was good. It was one of the best made TV show episodes strictly from the directing. And the and the visuals, one have you ever watched a TV show that look that way. That's a movie that looked like a movie. So I give them credit like people are saying it's rushed and whatnot. Like, how do you create such a visually stunning episode and have it be rush? I think we're the rushing comes in is when it comes to the writing, because realistically, there really wasn't a lot of dialogue in last night's episode. Yeah, it's and it is, it's it is a little disappointing to hear that HBO offered them, two more episodes, and they were like, now we're good with they offer ten. They were like do ten. They said, no, that's, that's crazy. That's kind of crazy to me just like that. Maybe they don't really have anybody in their corner, giving them critiques. I feel like they're so worshipped that whatever they produced. Maybe nobody asked any questions. I I mean I don't know about that. A lot of people that here's my problem. A lot of people trashed the writers and whatnot. But like you try and write a better ending everybody acts like they would write the best show on earth. Yeah. Yeah. They are the people who wrote the show or obviously, came from somewhere else. I but like you everybody thinks that they could be your better writer. They're the writers of the show is let them write the show, that's where my problem comes in, like, don't say that their trash writers and this, not the other thing when you're not a writer. Yeah. It's, it's hard. Because they I mean, the k- there was so much inspiration for them to work off of what books and them they didn't have the books to work off of an exam. And then that's when things took a turn. Yeah, but I do think they should have. I don't understand why they didn't mention from Dr Martin. Yeah, I don't understand why they didn't take the extra episodes in create more because they could have created a longer story. They just didn't want to do that. But when people call them trash writers in this, that the other thing, like, no, they're not the have one of the best TV shows in ever. Yeah. Oh, it's, it's so hard. It's just anytime you take something that originated as a book, and you put it film make it visual. And you have the books and you stick to the books and everybody's always happy about that. But if the books end or if you stray from the books. And you try and keep it going. It's always going to make people upset. Always that's why the classic argument of like, oh, was the book better than the movie like happens all the time, because you're never going to get a perfect translation from book to, to move your TV show or whatever, especially when the books aren't even done. It's not the writers faults that the books aren't done right. Dr Martin's just he's it hasn't finished. He slacked he didn't finish the books. That's his fault. He finished it. He could have written the ending. Everyone's like, I can't wait for his ending like know, maybe it could have written that ending years ago then because this was their ending their ending came out first, and that's that I would assume that he would have something similar, because it would be so insane for them to end the show pre book pre books and then having the storyline wrap up in the books and just be completely different what the TV show did. But we'll see if he'll ever if. Even if even ever finish. Yeah. I mean at this point, why even finish it at the show is going to and yeah, you know, people read your books, but it's kind of weird to have two different endings to the same characters. I don't really want that to be honest. I'm sure the people who are reading the books are read the books want that, but I personally don't. One of your different end base because his ending in the book is better. But, like why didn't they do it in the TV show? Yeah. Yeah. So yet it we'll see next week as the finale, not this is in this is it. We were wiping our hands clean of game of thrones. Whatever happens happens the way it ends, it will end, and it will fade, and it's a TV show. So we'll get through it, but we might need some therapy after. Yeah. Especially for some in the office. Yeah. People might like there. There might need to be like a group media. Yeah, we're gonna come in next month. Just be ready in one of the view, ready. Just to talk to everybody just about the ending throw exactly. Though. Shit. Lisa knows how important is to a better life. Lisa is the foundation of a healthier better. You all Lisa products have been thoroughly designed to go beyond creating a comfortable bed and to transform your veteran into a sanctuary, you want to spend time in Lisa's. Most popular multi-layer foam mattress is made with premium phones for cooling, contouring and pressure relieving support. 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Premiere was on Monday night Hannah be were interviewing her tomorrow. It's going to be fantastic. But the season premiere was Monday night, and, you know, the first episode how it goes, it's two hours of just getting introduced to the guy. Right. And there's a lot. I always loved the intro the intros I love, but it's hard to keep up with for me move. I again they move fast. And I can't tell you anybody's names besides the people. I hate. Okay. That's fine. A we'll go through all the guys. And I'll remind you who everybody. Okay, perfect now I feel like I just have like I have a just a. Database like in my head now. Right. Because I contest after we went through the contestant bios. Yeah. You know, their names and their bios but not what they look like. Yeah. I didn't know really who they were. And then when they come on the screen, Mike. Yeah. I every bachelor and bachelorette introduction is so cheesy to me that I hate them all at first, because the introductions are so cheesy. Yeah, I actually have to say, I was pretty impressed by most of these guys, a lot of them were just pretty basic it like they just came in, and we're like, so happy, it's you really excited, blah, blah, blah. And then went inside, there, wasn't that many crazy jokes are puns. Or I mean there were they, they had them, but it wasn't like every single person. But we started off with Hannah finding out, she was the bachelor bachelorette we've seen that clip before. Chris Harrison calls are up. She's so happy. She heads to the mansion. She's ready to go night one. I thought it was actually very funny. She said that. Like I hope this guy can look. I hope I find a guy who can handle me because a lot. Yeah, I, I like that because it was honest. And I think that's how my one problem is. That's how every girl is everyone's like, oh, I'm so much like I'm so hard to deal with, you know, like I feel like there's a law girls that don't think that really think that they're like, just a walk in a park, really. I always feel like on social media. Nowadays, girls are always like, oh my God. I'm so psycho. I'm so hard to deal with, like all the time nobody's ever just like, well, I don't know. I guess maybe you see everybody the same. I'm saying maybe in real life, like instead of, like, oh, like a social media. Like hi. So. In quirky lane. Real life. We're on a date. I'd be like I'm super easy exac, I'm not gonna look you in the eye in real life. Right. Say go on a first date? And you tell the guy like, oh my God, I'm so easy going go with the flow. Like you're not like I'm crazy. Yeah. Yeah. But on on social media you're saying, oh, I'm crazy bit. Yeah. There's two different Sonus. So I do get it had to be was quite honest. She was like, I'm a lot to handle, which we've seen we've seen from Annabi. She is a lot to handle. She's got the, you know, like she's a little weird, but she's fun. And I saw how to be I saw side of Hannah be that I didn't expect to see. And I think it's going to be a good season. Yeah. I I'm not just saying that because we're interviewing her my opinion has changed since night, one, I agree. And I it's so much. It's so different one. Your put in that bachelor bachelorette role at it just becomes your show. You become less of a character that. Production can kinda manipulate you know, they, they want to showcase you. So now they're doing that Hannah, and they're obviously, it makes her look the best that she can fresh out of the limo. Let I feel we should just go down the list, I was just like we did with the bios, but let's go through there and since the first guy out of the limo was Garrett Garrett is the golf pro from Birmingham, Alabama super cute. Like I thought he was way cuter on the screen. Then he is in his picture, which I think happens with a lot of them even the Earls on the bachelor totally there. The bachelor bachelorette headshots are notoriously bad. Yeah. They never nobody really has an amazing headshot. So obviously, he's a golf pro head like a hole in one joke. Right to go fine. A lead a pass whatever line. Then that you're 'cause you're the goals that I he's there so much. I feel like there's definitely going to be a lot in common for these two souls. Dude avas. But we didn't really get to see a lot of him because he just didn't get a lot of air, and he is from Alabama, so yeah, that's a big factor. Mike was next Mike has one of the best miles. He had a video package where he had to go say goodbye his great. Get his great grandmother before he went on the show, super cute soon, like seeing a guy love his grandma not only grou- great-grandma, and that's how you real in the viewers. That's how you get bachelor nation behind you. You put a great grandma on the screen. You put a gram on the screen. You put your mom on the screen. Yep. People love moms and grandmas, and that's what they're going to get attached to and they're gonna tear up. They're gonna feel motion for you. And they're gonna say, Aw. Isn't it so sweet that he said goodbye? It was great grandmother. Because realistically, let's be honest, who's going out of their way to say goodbye to their great grandma, like grandma. Yes. Gr. Great, grandma look, I, I don't wanna take an in this direction, but your great grandma's probably pretty old. You don't know how long you're going to be on the show. You probably want to say goodbye. Justin. I didn't I didn't think of it like that, but you're right there. So, right. Great grandma's pretty great. When you say the name, great, grandma. You're picturing, like a ninety loss your old woman. Yes, I may not meet a case, but that's what you're picturing, my great grandmother could be fantastic health. But, you know, just cover all the bases, make sure you say goodbye, before you leave where you cannot be in contact with your family. You're right. That's a great point just in case just in case. Okay. Jed was up. Next jed. I just I just hate the name jet. Sorry, sorry if you're listening. Your name is jed. I hate the name. Yeah, I don't really like stupid name just named Jeff. He just looks like a jed, too. And he his twenty he's twenty five. He's a singer songwriter. We talked about him, and we set up before I'm weary of the singer, songwriters just because I feel like they're on for fame. What are we get? I chance he's alone with Hannah he singing a song there. There was just bar too much singing, and dancing. Yeah. But I don't hate using your talents. Right. To win you a spot on the ship. You have to stick around somehow it's the first night, it's a first impression. You have to make a first impression if you come in there and you don't do anything, you know you're being tossed you're being tossed. He comes in singing. There's a little something there. Yeah. And any was good play the guitar wrote handle song. It was good. Very charming. I think. It's very easy to fall for that. You have a guy sing song about you and your swoon. Yeah. Yeah, you're right. Anybody sits in front of you and says, hey, wrote the song about, you know it works in my recap blog. I tried to find every guys Instagram. So everybody could stock jed has a private Instagram. However, he does have his latest single linked in his bio in case, anybody also. Oh, thank you and telling in his Spotify like he's got, you know, look them up on Spotify and his bio honest. And so are you like now promoting jed? Think about that. You know something about that. The guy's got a providence Graham. But he makes sure that he's, you know, he's, he's, they could all be linked together ends up on the show. Maybe a single takes off. It's a win win for him. Right. Not right. Who's next? Tyler see Tyler see is causing a stir among you and Kelly geeks. And I. Tyler see really just me. I mean Keith like Connor. Oh, congress congress. Okay. You're, you're Lovin. Tyler see. I like Tyler see a lot. He also has a private Instagram, but it's worth looking at because his his model headshot profile photo. He's a general contractor and he danced in his video package around his construction site, very goofy, like footloose ascpa bad. Yeah. And it was weird because I don't know if it was just based on the fact that I think he's super cute, and that's why it's going to make your far because he really didn't make a great first oppression. He was either very drunk or just very nervous. He talked and stumbled over his words like meeting in and I was like, oh, no. You're, you're totally messing it up. But he's just so cute that I feel like Hannah wasn't going to send him home night. One. Exactly. When you have the cuteness when you fuck up with your words. You scape by which is why I think he obviously made it through night one. I think that as time comes on we'll see a little more from him. And maybe he won't be whatever it was happening with him. The cuteness will shine definitely. Well, we'll get to it at the end. But when you see, like the season upcoming on this season there was a lot of clips of him. So I feel like he's sticking around for a while. I have a huge problem with the upcoming coming. We'll, we'll talk about it. Well, that's about the I have a huge problem with it. We'll get to it. All right. The next guy is Dylan Dylan twenty four years old tech entrepreneur, sweet opening, which just like you're so pretty can't wait to talk to you. However, the Jackie war knock good. He looked like maitre d'. I'll give you a quick turns, you can do have reminder, the white jacket with the with the black bowtie. You look like you're the, the mayor de at a very nice restaurant. Agreed. I don't think that's often not aware to make a first impression. But once again, it does make a first impression. Yeah. You know, the white sand the white jacket guy. Yeah. You're the one who showed up looking like you were a waiter at an event liked. But fair makes you stand out. Okay. Then we have congress who, honestly, if Kelly key, kinks, slide into his DMZ by the end of the season. I'll be I I'll be shocked if you don't the both of you. He's hands Fred. No, I'm kidding. I love it. I love that. You guys are all about congress. I am not as indicator SS you guys. Yeah. But that's fine is very man Kelly keys type. Yeah. He is just. Tall. You have the same type works in finance. Yeah. You guys you guys have the same. He's, he's also very close in age twenty four. He met Hannah during the final rose, so she had already known him key jumped the fence for Hannah. You cannot shake your head and it's so funny. And I it must just be 'cause I think Conor so cute. I was like, oh, cute. See this is the thing. It's I get it. Yeah. Joke. A jump offense for you. But can we stop with the fence jumping? Let's stop with the fence jumping. We heard in the conversation that thing is, like, we heard it way too much during a call Connor season. During Colton season that I can't hear about fences any longer we were months months, we're talking about this damn fence and our back to talking about the fence enough with the fences with the fed. I'm just gonna throw in there that he jumped that fence swimmingly was very smooth jump. And it was like the gate, you know, the, the mansion gate jump right over it. No. Big deal for us. I am I am. And for no particular reason whatsoever. You should check out his Instagram. Okay for no particular reason. I will check out he may or may not have some shirtless photos. Oh, I've seen him. Yeah. I said it to you. We can't sit here and act like you're not sending me these pictures and yeah, he looks great swimmer p does he looks like he was a college athlete. And I think he was a college swimmer actress. He was a called swimmer that nailed it on the head Prouty was I, I want, I forget, I to definitely talked about it. It was in its in his ABC, Bobby look it up now. Because now I need it. We'll do a quick look Connor Connor as was a college swimmers swimmer you only five bucks. I go you five bucks because we already talked about it bio. I definitely mentioned it out loud. I'm just trying to make a quick buck. He swam competitor. So yes, you're inkling swim in college was because last week, I read out loud that he swim in college, I'm like hue must be a swimmer. Guy looks just like a college swimmer wealth bunny, say that we talked about last week. Isn't that crazy how your brain works like some things getting sept- it into your brain? And I genuinely was like I think he looks like a swimmer but really you told me it was last correct. All right. Moving swimmer. Devon Devon, the twenty seven year old talent manager, who is the one. That's is friends with wills yes, he made a virgin joke that, that one didn't land for me. Get up there and was like something to tell you actually virgin. Just kidding. I'm out version, and she was like, oh, okay, this is the bad job as soon as that comes out of his mouth. Get him off the show. Because if that guy is swinging those bad jokes around the first night, imagine how many more bad jokes sky has up his sleeve every five seconds. He's going to be like hob doing this just kidding. He's, he's a very big just kidding guy. Yeah. I'm just kidding girl. Like I I'm very much just kidding girl. But this guy with the virgin joke right out the gates. No. Yeah. Big. No, for me. I also was not a fan of his time, just going to say that I didn't really take notice to his ties tie was was a bad pattern Abacha. Explain the tie. It was people listening and myself. It wasn't remember. I'm trying to explain it in the best way that I can. Was like apes were on it geometric, but there was fading shapes and it was like pink and purple. And this video is playing if you can kind of see it. I'll play it from the beginning take a look of him walking up. You can't really tell the colors, but it was just an ugly tie. That's an ugly ugly tie. I agree. It's an ugly. Ugly. All right. Moving on, for doesn't matter guy looks like it was an ugly. Yep. John Paul Jones came up next, listen. I we don't even have to introduce John, Paul Jones. Because I'm pretty sure everybody knows John. Paul Jones, John Paul. Jones is my enemy. I hate John, Paul Jones. He could be the nicest guy on earth. He could be like I'm saving the world on curing cancer. I'm I'm saving everybody on this tire planet. No, no. I hate John, Paul Jones. My biggest problem with John, Paul Jones. Is that the skirl that I used to go to high school with posted John Paul Jones on her story, because he went to Catholic you. And she was like, oh my God. Our savior, John, Paul Jones. What I wonder if I had any DC run-ins with John, Paul Jones, we're the same age. He he I've met so many versions of John Paul about, but so many, I meant so many virgins Gore's version. No, I'm saying what am I say, version versus so many virgins, so many versions of John, Paul Jones like the long blonde hair from Maryland. Whatever humble brag comes in not, not a brag. I'm just saying there's so many of these people in this area. John, Paul Jones, introduced himself as John. Paul Jones says his friends column John, Paul Jones. And that Hanoch and call him John, Paul Jones, that is why I hate him if you tell me what to call you. And then you say you have to call me this. Yeah. Then I hate you like, if that guy introduces himself to me, and he says, hi, I'm John, Paul Jones. And he doesn't say anything else, I'm gonna start calling him John. Right. That's the way it goes. I'm gonna call them J PJ or would call him. John, I will not be calling him John, Paul Jones. He's going to have a hard time finding girlfriend if he expects everybody to call him. John Paul Joe. Yeah. A match. Having sex with John, Paul Jones. You're yelling out Rame John, Paul Jones. That's just too much. I'm really hoping. It's like a stick. I hope so. And his friends don't actually call them John. Paul Joe's maybe they come JP or something JP's is nice. J J, did they extra J, even too much cut it down to either initials, or just Gye Trent Trenton tailed it by saying that this guy's an alien where you skit which was so funny. Because just the way he talked you were like maybe his an alien the Gwen. He accepted hand rose it was like with gratitude with what plant are you from? He's from planet Catholic university. That's what happens over there. That's, that's what it is. He's like with gratitude I was shocked. He didn't say and with your spirit. I was always honest so true. Okay. So John Paul, okay. Then we have Bryan Bryan was the math teacher came out like all over the place so much doozy mumbled overs words than they had this nervous laugh. He totally shit, the bed on his entrance, and that, that. Sucked for him because he was sent ever like we don't even have to talk about brow. This uselessness screwed is entering like I really think that was it Hannah was just like whoa ticket easy. And that's and that was the end of Brian. That's why I like Hannah on the season. Now after watching the first episode was because she is a lot more vocal and honest, and I thought she would be like she stood up, like no. Get off the ship. Yeah. To people. She doesn't like right? Which leads us to Scott. Scott was the next guy to come out of the limo. Scott. Scott. So he came out was sweet in his entrance you pulled Hanna side. He did like a little interior design thing with her and pretended that he didn't know that she did interior design, but then went into the house and was like, yeah, we did some interior design and no, she's into that stuff. It was it was so gross was very. Yeah. He wanted to little me, like get secondhand barris. He was a little sketch in that could have something to do with. With the haircut not a big fan of haircut. I don't yeah. Yeah. I don't want I don't want Jared to take offense this, but they kind of have similar, you know. Okay. Well, let's just make sure the rocket himself does hear that because we said terrible haircut. Well, his Jarrett's hair works with his beard. Scott doesn't have the full beard situation. So the whole look is incomplete. It looks like it's like good on the good on the top about about, like the combination doesn't work. Yeah. And Scott's hairs like way, more spiky to yes. But let's, let's talk about Scott would happen with Scott. Yeah. Scott came on the show, the bachelorette. I don't know what day of the week, they were filming. But on Monday. On Monday, Scott had another girl at home and Demi found out about it because somebody tweeted to her, you know, the was happening all like, all leading up to the new season of the bachelorette. A lot of people were tweeting Demi like about multiple guys like this was all a plot by ABC. Right. So it's like this was their way to get the social media people to vet the contestants when they released all the names and pictures like weeks ago, and then the people that were kind of problematic didn't even make the cut for the show like rose guys didn't even make the cut. And now it seems like Demi maybe Demi knew she was going to be making this appearance 'cause I remember her tweeting out like what's the t on these guys is anybody have info. And she got the info, and she was on the lookout, she was on the lookout for sure. And what she found was that Scott had a quote unquote girlfriend at home that he was seeing up until Monday. Hey, whatever day of the week it was, I'm gonna say it was like Thursday. Yeah, whatever it was the same week because they're saying Monday, Monday, Monday, he was texted other, all like I'm like, wait for me to come. Wait for me to come home. He was using Raza backup. Listen, you gotta lie like yeah. I don't care if you that girlfriend at home, which is honestly like, okay, it's fucked up. But it's also the bachelor and bachelorette where they're dating multiple people at once. And like, you know, sometimes you may have been talking to somebody at home, and then you're like, well, I'm going on the bachelor, right? I'm going on the bachelorette. So SIA I'm sure happens all the time to like you don't have to necessarily be full blown girlfriend boyfriend. But you might be toddling up with somebody and you are holding up with them until you leave like, all right? Well me and you don't have a future because this has been fun. But I'm examining the bachelor aptly. It's not like you. You know, if you were in talks to go into the bachelorette, you're not gonna stop talking stop hooking up with people. In the meantime, I think you're gonna save yourself for Hannah be I, I don't think I feel like people are banking coming out of the show engaged. Right. Right. Right. I think the problem here was that he was. Basically saying he was using it as a backup and that, yes, keeping her on the side and he was not suck to offset his explanation. It's like if he if he sat down, he said Hannah listen, yes, I was talking to somebody before I got here. But I'm all in on you right at person was in the past. You know, I didn't know what was going to happen here, but they're done. They're at home. I'm here for you. He didn't say any of that. He was like, well, yeah. I mean. Yeah, he was like, yeah, yeah, she's not my girlfriend, but, like I'm with okay buddy, you, maybe what outta shot if you had a better explanation. But like says ass home receipts as soon as the receipts came out. Horrible explanation. I get him off the show. We don't need this guy here. Worse thing. This guy did was then try and spin it off like back on handling. You're not gonna win by now. Like shaming hand. Yes. Like Hannah it's basically the same situation. You were just dating. You were just madly in love with colon. And now you're here, buddy. Those are two very different situations are different things. I understand his point. But you don't get to make a point when you're on competing on the show like Hannah beak and make all the point. She's she wants because she's the bachelorette she is in charge here. She's the ringleader when you're a contestant on the show you keep your mouth shut. You don't come back at the bachelor. I'd say you were. You're in love Colton get off the show because. If you're trying to save your spot like. Like insulting the bathroom was he needed to start groveling was not groveling a credited Demi, and Katie who just kind of sat in a sketchy white van in the driveway and wash guys because demi- demi- just continues to be my favorite. She was cracking me up the whole time, like katie's like oh, he's cute. He's cute, Debbie like no, don't like, no NAMA type. Nope, that shit on the guys there, because she's honest, and I agree with her. A lot of the times. I, I also love how positive she is also like she shits on people, and she's honest, but she also positive. Yeah. And is just always trying to make people happy? I feel like but at the same time shits on people I feel like. When the cameras are on, and I think that she is the best, quote unquote Valen to come out of any bachelor sees are she's not necessarily, she's not a villain like peo- wanted her to be the villain, but really should she turned out to be super likable, may be the most likeable girl that came out of that season. Totally, and I liked the way. I liked the way that Hannah handled Scott like once she realized, like this is useless. She was just like get the fuck outta here. The she dragged Yasser. She was like, let's go Scott hurry up. Let's go out the door. Let's go get out of here. She was like, come on yet. He wouldn't walk. And she was like, come on, by precious minutes here and I respected Hannah be so much in that moment, I was like, wow, that's, that's a bad bitch. Good for him to be. I didn't know she had that in her. But then she started to cry after and I'm like you met the sky for two cents. You didn't know this guy, there's no reason to cry motion later. I though in the moment, I get it the most inter-. Hi, I'm speaking out of somebody who doesn't have this experience. Like, if I was there, I might have cried off to cry to cry. But when you when you're trying to be a bad bitch. You cannot cry like that. That's the rule. You just can't do that. Like send them home. Right. Wiper. Hands. Clean go back to talk into the guys fair, you said, better like crying alone outside isn't that been cry alone. Hello. I know I darted cry like I she was alone. Like, isn't it better to like kick the asshole to the curb, and not show, any emotion not break? And then maybe cry after he leaves instead of like crying Scott being look. How would you do? How would you know it's great that she didn't cry to Scott? Yeah. But crying still in front of the cameras, and everybody, let's, let's hold it together. You didn't know him. He didn't. He didn't cheat on you fair. So see Scott goodbye move on with the night. Okay. All right. Who's after Scott next out of the limo was Matteo. So obviously, we talked about him because he's the sperm donor guy. Hit a pretty normal entrance was definitely nervous to meet Hannah. He's got a pretty hot scrim. I have to say like he just just saying. But can you look pass the hundred and fourteen kids thing, I don't know that's going to be a conversation that they're going to have to have which will be very interesting. It's gonna be an interesting conversation for sure, in my opinion. If I was dating somebody, and then all of a sudden, they had one hundred fourteen kids running around, I would be a little weirded out. But if I really loved the person I think I could just see the sweet side of it. And read of thinki- about how weird it is right? That's true. And maybe he's got a situation where like the kid, you know, the kids, they're not looking for nobody's looking for him, right? Like, yeah. It's not like yeah. Nobody's like. Yeah. Combat's any at one hundred and fourteen kids running around, like, where's my dad, right? Yeah. So. He, he made me laugh his hand, maybe laugh, because during the rose ceremony how it gave him a rose and she said, Matteo, and she was like say your name, right? Like how else you say Mattio nutty? Oh. What else are you going to say? Next we had Darren Darren at about zero airtime Monday night. So there's really not much to say. No. Let's just about Aaron thous about it, daring a rose. That's all you gotta know. Yep. Tyler g Tyler G is grad student, he said that what he found out that Hanna was the bachelorette he would dream about her every night, which I was like so that means you're the girl of my dreams sweet creepy. I'm not really sure maybe a little bit of both this more on the creepy side. It's a TMI situation because listen, we all have dreams, and we all dream out beings that we probably wouldn't say out loud, you know, like everybody how your dreams and Majorie me about people that they don't say, but you don't come up to somebody say, I dream about you every night like that's Tim. I keep that to yourself, if he said that to us, and he was. Listen, guys. I have been having dreams about how to be every night. Yeah. Different. But when you look somebody, and you're like. Every now the girl on your dreams reflect what's going on in your life. Kind of like if there's people, you know what I mean? Like maybe he just was thinking about the bachelorette the whole time Ryan continue dri would dream about Hannah. That's fine. Then we had Thomas Thomas was an international basketball player, he did not make the cut he got axed. So there's really say about him. Then we had Matthew, Matthew. Twenty-three year old car bid spotter. We didn't really get any of his intro either. Like we saw him say, hi introduce himself as Matt that was it. Really? That's all we saw. And then he also got sent home. So I hate to see that. I'm not gonna waste our breath on the people that got sorry, Matt besides one of them, there's a few then. The bucks king. So we saw Joe Barzani. Oh, the pox king of Joe Barzani. Oh, yeah. Joe bars. Sounds like somebody's name. I should be saying. Yeah. Joe Barzani Joe Barzani, oh, from Chicago. He's got the box king. He had a video package. We saw his whole family, obviously very talion loves cardboard boxes. He I realize now, when I watch other Italian families on TV why people make fun of my kind so much. Yeah. Because it's just funny every matere everyone's always screaming like anytime in talian family is shown on TV. They're yelling. Oh, yeah. And it was just so classic when he was like, I'm Joe bars on this. My dad Joe Barzawi. Oh. Like this is my uncle like Anthony. That's my other ankle Frank bar. Every name is the Celje. Oh, yeah. So Joe popped out of a giant cardboard box. He his, his energy was so alarming that I think he just. Was too much like he was also too much. Also Vegas guy. He is the biggest guy would he didn't even get to mention on the first site. But it was in his bio pops out is like this package is complete with. You did your Joe kinda. I feel like it kind of fits. It does a little bit hanging back yelled, so much like yell. Joe loud, and it was so aggressive that was talion. Whoa, joe? Joe's take it easy. Take it easy. Yeah. Doc, sking didn't make we go back to Joe Chicago. Joe's getting sent home night, one it turned out very well for Joel Mobley. Yeah. Out, so well for him, I don't think the charm of groceries Joe, Joe bar sano. He doesn't have that grocery store, 'cause it seems like there was another guy who everybody was feeling as more of like the grocery store, Joe type. Or maybe he'll get a second chance in paradise. I don't know if the box king will make the cut, but they had so much success with one Chicago, Joe. Maybe they'll give this one to try to who knows. But I think one Chicago Joe is good enough. Yeah, I agree. Then there was Joey Joey is older. We talked about him. He's ready to settle down. He's thirty three. He showed up with a little baby carseat blanket over it. There was a bottle of champagne and underneath cute. They pop the bottle, However, I impress in being, like I wanna have your babies to. I'm could be a little. I hate that every time somebody does it on the bachelor. I forget who did it with the minivan. Yeah, it just freaks me out like listen, we haven't even met yet stop thinking about having my baby's right? And she has still so young like right. Well, she might not want to have babies running. Let's just worry about the marriage first writes agreed or just having a boyfriend. A lot of. Chief was very concerned about his haircut. He has had a very deep part now I could see where people will be like what's going on there? But Joey was kind of cute. We'll see what up. We'll see Connor j Connor j also had a video package where we met his grandmother. Of course, she was super cusine about, you know, whereas family is from he's, he's a mixed race Lee. He's got all this different all these different. Family members and they're all from you how to places. He spoke French to Hannah. When he got out of the limo, I'm fine like I'm fine with the different languages. But I can ABC hit me with some subtitles one time. Like, tell me what this guy's saying. Yeah. I want to know what he's saying. But I also like the move because French French is the most romantic language that. Yeah. Right. So I feel like that is I feel very common thing like ooh. French so sex. Yeah. Eight use that to your advantage. I'd also like to mention I just one time want somebody to have the worst grandma of just just how grandma on the show that people hate. Yeah. Because it's impossible it is. It is hard to have a grandma or Maman moms are easier to hate really, really old people. They say something really bad. It's very hard to hate old people, but I love just one time for somebody to have their grandma and us be like fuck. This grandma. It'd be interesting with it would make things a lot. More interesting, if something for them to think about Connor also pulled Hanna side during the night for like a little bachelorette party, which was cute. It was like out in the driveway. I thought Hannah I laughed at Hannah's joke about shaken. She's like you're the junk in the trunk thing. Whatever the hell, I don't know on there. It was like you're going to go some Jewish. She was like, don't touch it. Yeah. Yet, which I liked I night. Yeah. No Connor put a crown on her head, and I feel like a flash of a flash. We saw pageant Hannah come out like she was like, oh. Like, wow, we just Paget Hannah there. Here's the thing. If anybody is gonna put a crown on my head, like, I will also freak out and blush to your someone's putting a crown on your head. And it's like when people tell you, wean, it's like, really thank. You very much. Also really never thought about it as much that like. Be becoming miss. Alabama is probably one of the hardest states to become as Alabama totally, like really, right? There's gotta be so many so many other dates, and then Al beautiful girl, so many like I said, just beauty pageant girls from top to bottom. They've been raised like. That's what they do. Now. Bama. Right. Exactly. Okay. Then we had Ryan roller boy Ryan, pour Ryan. He once we saw. Once I saw that his bio, and we saw once we saw that his bio was roller boy. All right. This guy's going home night, one because they always liked to give somebody who goes home night. One a name. Yeah. Like the stupid jobs, because something funny to talk about for one episode because they know that not making it far. So they're like, let's just give him a stupid job. So everybody laughs at him and articles get written about him. Same thing with box king. It's right because they know they're, they're disappearing. He he didn't really say much, you know, rolled in on his roller skates. Said roll tide billion times, there was a tweet going around that I don't know if it's still out of the girl, deleted it or not. But it was oh per sketch. Okay. The girl deleted so I took screen shots. Yeah. This girl blew up a spot time blow up as big time. Blew up is spot. Some people were saying it was a nice message, and I'd really like to have a talk with those people. All dot it's not a mean message. I it is nice message, but it's a little, too, actually it's way to extra. So he said, good morning. This was Sam, this is Ryan from tavern by less. I think I'm undefeated against his birthday so far. Surprisingly, I'm not too hung over this morning. It was great meeting you last night. Also do I get my one birthday wish today? Both strategy using my entire single wish on this. I know. But as the kids, say these days, you gotta risk to the biscuit, here goes nothing for my birthday Sam, I wish for nice, casual date, no expectations and nothing crazy. Oh with you. Of course. Ideally, over something that I hold most here and my heart, you guessed it is cream. So the ball is in your court, Sam all need to know is if I won birthday can wish can come true, and if so we can pick a day for the most were Manta. Casualties scream date of your life PS. I know the whole tell someone your wish and it will come true at, but not a worry at all. I've already done the due to due diligence. And according to section three article five of the birthday wish handbook if the girl is above nine and beauty and attractiveness than she has the power to override and grant the wish as she spit like this is what you did on your birthday. Like you really put that much effort into typing this out. Listen, I get it. You wanna stand out when you're reaching out, you wanna make a good impression, you want to do in a different way and it's tough and. So tough, it is. I understand, like, I don't want to bash guys who are trying to like it's on a date with. Yeah. Exactly like that's super fucked up. Like he's trying to go on a date with a girl. I don't want shit on anybody who's trying to go on a date with a girl. I don't think he had any ill intentions. I don't think he was meaning to be creepy, but was the whole thing, just so extra. Yes like that. Like that is a sure way that she's going to say no to your. Hey, had a great time last night would love to hang out this week. Let me know if you're available thinks that's it. I met that guy and I liked him that night thought he was great. And he sent me a tech saying exactly what you said. I'd say, yeah, let's go on a date, if I met a guy that I liked and the next day he sends me that I'm texting all of my friends immediately like ooh. Ooh, you're out allies eight to this because it's, it's the first time you're texting meat and it's almost a full essay likely let's get it together. Let's clean it up. Yeah. Okay. Then we had hunter punter. Cute surfer doesn't really matter what he did. He added. He hits his tie with them and was like, can you let's tie the knot whatever he went home. So what's grant grant loved his food, puns. He came in saying it's a sausage party. I got some mustard. Let's relish the night, make sure we catch up inside. That's fine. The pun guy he said it himself. He's a pun guy and we got grand on our list, because his bio was the one that was like he's ready to call out the younger guys, just feel like he's going to play some kind of role. We could be totally wrong who knows. And he's, and he thinks he's better than everybody yet, seems to be the lawyer, and he's unemployed. So we'll see what okay Jonathan Jonathan brought pizza for Hannah. That's great. Will you have a pizza, my heart and other food pun guys were eleven the food, puns? He got a rose. So that's fine. Good for him. Good for him, if he does great Kevin, Kevin is the behavioral health specialists that we liked from his bio, we were like this. He seems like he's a good guy. He got out of the with a bunch of footballs, and then drop them all, like I fumbled this instruction, you fumbles the introduction by doing that, but you fumbled it by fumbling. Yeah. I also took a deep look at this man's Instagram. And i've. Remember in his bio, it did say that he loves to work out, but he literally posts so many shirtless photos of, like just his chest. Like his head's non in it. That's like this is what is scrap. It's just zoomed in processes pack you could see, like hair on his leg. It's just. I don't need to see that. Yeah. I don't want to you have a great body, sir. But there's so many pictures that I'm like, oh, is that a red flag might at least give us the full body? Not just your pack. Yeah. Yeah. He's got a cute face. Cut your face your face in it. All right. Then then we gotta loop. Okay, finally, because I've been waiting fifty minutes gone by and I get to Luke p Luke p. I got to enemies right now. John, Paul Jones, and Luke p Luke p comes out of the limo fucking growling on top limo on our like literally and then hana's like raw and they have this weird, sexual tension Rowling at each other. I'm like, I can't even imagine what the sex between these two would be like they're fucking like I be while Jesus Rheos. Yeah. Okay. So he's stopped the sex to God in the shower. He in his video package. You made a very clear that he sucked up with tugged up with tons of ladies. And then one day he had a conversation with God in the shower. And he's changing his ways, I guess, you know the next. Yeah. Okay. Next girl, he dates he said, you know, he wants to marry or just sweat. He wants to marry. He came out so like he came off. So tough like he tried so hard. The whole of the sewed was the biggest suck up on the episode. Which makes me hate him. It makes me despise him. And I know he's going to be bad news. I feel it in my heart. I'm smelling the bullshit. I smell it for miles away. He's going to be bad mood. Bad news. Bad moose big-time bad moods. I really hope so. Because Hannah gave him her first impression rose. They had like a kind of gross make out. Yeah. And like the last three bats are in a row have given. Like the guy who gets the first impression rose has won. See, I think he's going to go far. And I think if he turned out to be this nice suck up guy yet he'll win. But he's not. I think the coming attraction people he's got. Regain part it's going to be him. He's going to crumble, which I'm hoping for I hope he fucking crumbles on the spot because honestly, I'm rooting hard against Luke, Paige. Okay. Going through. We're going to go through last few months. We met met him before he got a rose, not much airtime dust, and she also met before he also got a rose that we had Cam Cam came in Ardy with a rose yet Cam. Raft, again, Cam can't stop wrapping my shine. And he also deemed us that he'd like to battle, right? Cam DM tricks, the office that he would like to dance battle after you challenged him. Maybe we'll maybe we'll be able to set that up. I would love to set that up. Yeah. Me too. He said he was not here for fifteen minutes fame. I feel like when you have to say that, and I feel like when you're messaging chicks in the office to do a dance battle now. We'll just keep we'll keep an eye on Cam. That's fine. Matt Donald came out singing McDonald on a tractor had the straw hat. He kept the straw hat on all night long which I'm hoping producer told him, he had to do, because he had it on all night, long, even during the rose ceremony. He had that thing on us like, oh, no it's not. A good look not a good book. The song wasn't that great a lot easing. But he seemed really sweet. He had the video package with, with his family, and his parents are deaf is brother. So I like that. That's the whole thing like he's really sweet Hari sweet guy, Lee. I think Twitter connected him, and maybe he'll get the grocery store. Joe treatment. Yeah, I agree. I hope because I thought I thought he was very sweet, and it sucks. You didn't get a chance. And then our guy chasing chasing pilot drama, RIP Chason chasing comes out. He's a pilot. He made Hannah little paper airplane, super cute. But the problem was. There was another pilot have eater pile Peter out. He had the double Ps when you're pilot verse pilot Chason and your name shady pilot, like, you know, highly Peter's, they have great Peter came out. Full full uniform. Crushed. It brought wings for her, like immediately when that guy came in chasing was like, oh man. Yeah. He wears uniform even Hannah said, love him and uniform chasing chasing, didn't get the rose. I'm sad that chased didn't get a row, you'll be sad for a day, and then we'll move on. I know. But I was I was still sad, just because his name was chasing. Yeah. All right. My so we wrap it up, but I am going to give out my these are my top five picks. Garrett Tyler see Peter jed and Lupi. Alright friend that wraps up today's episode. Thank you so much, everybody, who listened. We hope you have a Hugh hostak weekend. And make sure you check out that merch because we promise you, you're gonna need it this summer. One hundred percent have a great weekend. Everybody door. Jouko condition. But I know guy say ten million a boat. Don't go dragon. One. Again. On. Key? Molding renew your haunt you. My heart. Let the runway dot. The company you want for me and my skies, everybody, everybody calmer dead time potential. How many time the city making this promise this? In a bomb in the street in the in, in Iraq. Twenty and. And I don't wanna see. These days plus station. Keep took him location. I ducked these co faces post feed five faces dreams every piece team in the face that this guy down the week Friday down the strong and may still smile. Can do. Do what? I want to. To get it right. I want to night. The question. Buddy. Free.

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