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What's up I'm wilfling from thrill us with some amazing podcast news? We just launched our very first podcast thrill his best and the rest every week. You can hear me and my amazingly talented colleagues talk about the best of the best in food drink travel and entertainment from the scariest movie of all time to the best hangover cure. Ever listened to thrill US best and the rest on the iheartradio APP apple. podcasts you know basically everywhere anywhere you can find podcasts. They make my day every single day. I'm like cracking open a morning morning. Show guys are freaking phenomenal. Always at least that it's Wednesday. We're halfway through this dog of a week Wednesday November six for those who are like into numbers and stuff. Good Morning Danielle. Hi Gandhi Frog. Good Morning Scary for Sam Mining. No one else is who did that. Who Walks of kit? Kat Listener sentence. I believe her name is Chelsea. said she heard US talking about it and she was put them down stay. It was stepping away from the kit can eat the entire thing loud luxury bryce fine this hour into almost winter or maybe we should start looking. Forward doesn't see Anthony Romo's Romo's incredible really go see him tomorrow night. Show starts nine o'clock tonight. Hey seriously I i. What's it like to not have something to do now? What's that like Anthony Rama's tonight there's three of us going centers to tickets? We'll figure that out later. I'll talk to our first caller of the day. And that's Cam Hichem. Good morning a morning. This is what we're hearing. This is the rumor Cam. Tell us how hectic your morning has been already okay. I started out and there's a farm I drive by a farm or dog chases me every morning so I went real slow and then in the next cornfield here comes a whole bunch of deers. So I da op and men one of them and right in the side of me too stupid ass. Didn't even stop chased. He's by dog by deer. And you're not even you're even to work yet. God No crap all over the side of my car. o Aw those of us who who were born and raised in the city. We wish we could get away from the hectic life here. It sounds like you have the same thing out there in the country. I drive a half an hour to work and I never see cars so I can't be in trouble. No one's GonNa stop and help me okay. Just be careful. Oh Kim you're not there yet look. I'm sorry you're having a day but it's all going to get better. It can only get better from here right. I don't know let's go ahead. Let's go ahead and assume it's going to get better. We're GONNA send you an Elvis Duran morning show shirts and she. Kim Are the first caller of the day and I hope your day gets better. Thank you so much. We'll thank you. Hold on and can you imagine chased by a dog. Hit My dear what could possibly happen next. Sounds like the beginning of a horror movie hitting you go around the room and get started frog. He will to start with you. What's going on yesterday the UPS Guy Pulls up to the house he stops? And I said I'm in a conversation with him. I said we've only lived here for about eight months. You stop at any other house. The neighborhood is often as you stop it. She looks at me and he goes. I gotta be honest with you. I don't think I do a member of the family. I'm like dude. It's like every day you stop here. We don't even know we order stuff stops. I don't get it. I know you are doing for the economy exactly Gandhi. How are you today I am doing well? I have to say yesterday. Danielle and I were both so excited about the Little Mermaid live watched it no longer excited. It's terrible I heard it was good. Oh did you hate it. I hate it so they did something really strange. We knew it was going to be a mix of prerecord and live. I thought the prerecord was going to be the cast saying no they actually played the real cartoon and then would cut away to the cast singing obviously completely different characters. It was just really strange part though they had a live dog and the dog something for everyone okay. Let me go to you Danielle. Yeah I'm with Gandhi you. Such high expectations dictation so so excited but try to watch it with a ten year old. Boy He's up at the TV Moloch. She's not really in the water she's not flying. I seem see the strings to strings. Okay yes we know. There's strings to the best of digital enhancement right exactly and honestly you know how which I love Shaggy. It was awkward. It was all awkward. He wasn't just as a crappy stressed. The shaggy yeah crab caught. Forget his crab closer but there was no prob element. He was not crustacean. Doubt crabby station. Maybe he's allergic to crap. All right well okay. So what the day after those live shows. I'm always the one to defend them and I didn't see this one so I can't but I usually always always remember. They are live productions right but we'll go wrong we'll go wrong and You know tried to keep that in mind but they didn't really have any technical glitches. It was really just a strange awkward combination of the cartoon. The real people. I hope it don't stop doing those. Yeah I do too. I want them to just do a whole life show. Let's get into our horoscopes with producers. Who Do it today struggling? So I'd love to them with nate. No thought the struggle is real now. The struggle is real. Are Right if it's your birthday today. Today's share with Emma Stone. We love her cap records. Don't let one misstep knock you off your game. Your instincts will guide you and keep you on track your days nine. Hi Aquarius of your loved. Ones going through a crisis. Be there for them. You're com or is what people love about you your days eight Pisces. You may have been feeling insecure lately. Remember you were put on this earth for a reason. And you're Oh okay okay. I think you're overdoing it. Is it just me is yeah. I think that noise after the numbers a little much okay. Fine sorry aries. Your curiosity is not something to. Va Shamed of wanting to know more has led you to prosper in the past days nine tourists. Think about those around you. When making big decisions every choice in your life causes a ripple ripple effect your days is seven Gemini? Surround yourself with people who support your moral values. Don't try and Change Your Life for anyone days cancer only take on tasks that you can handle stretching yourself too thin can lead to subpar results your days and eight Leo. Put your energy into the things that you love and stay focused on the people that are important to you. Your days of Seven Virgo always put your best foot forward. People look to for Guidance and encouragement your as it. Can you start with. Oh It's a ten. I and I think this would work. If you just calm it down sister all right libra. If you've been looking for a shoulder older to cry on look toward your friends and family. They're wiser than you may realize your days than I in Scorpio. Now is the time astute. I hated it. Now is the time to try something new. Even the smallest of changes can have a big impact your days in eight and Sagittarius Egede terriers. You've had a lot of personal growth lately and it's time to celebrate. Take yourself to dinner or run yourself a bath as a tent. And those are your Wednesday morning or has go Lord Lord God we got through that thank you. Let's get into the three things we need to know. Gandhi what's going on yesterday was election day across the nation. And there's a blue wave. In the Virginia State House Democrats mkx Rats are projected to win majorities in both chambers and in Virginia and Kentucky. The governor's race was taken by Democrat as well as Andy. Bashir has been declared the apparent Victor Victor there twitter's vice president of design research says that they're going to make some changes in twenty twenty and they're pretty interesting changes so if you're on twitter you know that there's some stuff that happens it gets really annoying when people include unit conversation and you can't get out. Yeah well they want to change that so now they want to add the features. Remove me from this Combo. Do not allow re tweet. Don't allow people to ask me without my permission and and remove me from this Combo. which is my favorite? So I put it in there twice to leave me alone button. They did just let me tweet. My stuff and nobody can re tweeted or comment. Just let me Yell L.. To this there needs to be no holes allowed button right. I think they're working on that. But in twenty twenty we could see these changes and finally a jewel toilet might be setting a world record soon. It's covered coveting gold and diamonds. forty-one thousand diamonds. They add up to about three hundred and thirty four carrots. It's also bulletproof. I don't know why toilet would need to be bulletproof case Tapu in Vegas. You don't WanNa go shoot craps fast the fame material right there were on a gold and diamond encrusted comfortable. I hope the diamonds are not on the actual because that would hurt you guys ready for Wednesday Justin Timberlake Speedier Exa. And you're listening to Elvis Duran Duran and the morning so Gandhi thinks. She's a hot sauce queen on the morning show. No it's me I'm hooked on Tshiluila hot sauce. In fact I just picked up my favorite flavors sweet Habanero. Put It on my eggs this morning. You should do the same pickup. Gelula tell your friend so it's Wednesday plan for the day nights you hanging out with Sam today. Sam Doing Gandhi. We're going to go get pizza that I saw an instagram story of hers and decided we must consume instagram. Sells it man. It's so which pizza place isn't it. We're going to steal. It's right around the corner from me in Jersey City. Okay pizza awesome so I was like. Where did you get this? She said let's go get it so we're going to go get it I. I saw pasta on Instagram last night and just ahead have pasta old. Yeah chicken and Waffles. Get me too. I know could guide hungry. You can't stand that stuff because British do sweet and savory and all that stuff I don't why don't the British like sweet and savory but I love putting like Syrup on my my ex and he flipped fried egg and put a little bit of Maple Syrup on it. I'm not going to Yuck Yum. Okay don't Ah let it roll. Instagram's tells me everything. I bought some shoes yesterday from instagram. And about a set of towels. Exciting about these towels. I don't know if they show up on your feet but they show up on my feet. Obviously because I'm always looking at a poker about towels I don't know these towels are very thin but they soak up everything and they don't get mill duy lo I like that sort of okay. I Gram has learned me as Megan. I returned a curling iron because it broke and I I haven't gone out to buy a new one because I haven't had a chance. It's like it knows it keeps popping that same curling iron. How does it no return that just frog? I was at a store the other day and I looked at this dog crate. It's called revolve or something. A revolt revolve and insists weird folding creating become all different things. I looked at it at the store. I taught. I called Lisa on the phone and told her about it. When I got in the car and opened instagram? It was on my instagram fee. Falling and watching and everyone says Oh. It's just coincidence. I think not no way the amount of people after we talked about the black Christmas tree that said because they were listening on the APP and I think that it listens that way too they said Oh my God. Black Christians have been popping up all over my feet and when we talked about the map that I gave view the Star Map for your wedding people that popped up all over there feeding back to the Christmas tree. I thought of Ugandan. I just remembered there is a Christmas tree delivery company. Oh were were they. You order your tree online right and they send it to you in a box. Okay and you just open it up and it's already decorated in the colors. You want want right. I do believe they have a black Christmas tree. As you want. Management Have you heard of this company. The name of it. Oh I'M GONNA. Google Yoga. Decorated decorated Christmas tree decorated delivery. Do all those young comes to you. Ready to go at love that unbelievable like baubles on it boggles all sorts of different things. I mean it's it looks like a fun like I don't know what they do in March like grandma. My grandma used to put a trash bag over archery and anyway those ornaments fell when she took the trash bag out. That's where they stayed the same thing there you go. Oh my have you found got finding it. I only see many Christmas tree delivery. I'm GONNA keep looking. I'm going to find it for you. Okay so one has seen this commercial on TV and the trees are a really fun and cool. That's awesome. Yeah I need this I know. Oh but whatever happened to you. Know getting a tree decorating decorating this is the lazy. Who are you know? It's like instant tree order. Everyone's everyone was complaining that I put my tree up halfway through October because I wanted to see what it looked like but when my friends were over this weekend they kept plugging it in there. I love this thing. He's awesome all right. Well let's get into your field goods producers Sam all right hi hi all right. Today is a special feature because Elvis you remember when we were on the phone with Charles a little while back talking about unity today yes which. He started well middle school teacher. Emily Peterson from Wisconsin was listening and she decided to take up the Unity Day challenge so she you run. Something called the unity team which is actually part of the Special Olympics does work for them throughout the year so when she heard US challenge listeners to write either tolerance kindness kindness or respect on their hand and take a selfie she had to get her crew involves all so she talked me in a in on twitter with over seventy five people participating in this challenge with us it was so super cute. Their slogan is kind. People are my kind of people and I love that so emily thanks for playing along with us. I am going to re tweet you and if you have a story that deserves to be featured email me Sam at Elvis Duran Dot com subject line field guides. Thank you SAM. Name is in today's Day. You gotta go to work in hire someone. Look I'M NOT GONNA I'm not gonNA beat around the Bush here hiring someone having to go through the process is just. It's just it's painful I mean it. It's not fun now. It tell you why it's not fun because you haven't been hiring someone the smart way using Ziprecruiter it'll actually make to hire someone new every hour. Can you imagine I didn't have a whole new team tomorrow. I'm hoarding employees. It's true ziprecruiter. They have this technology. Makes it so where you don't have to depend depend on people sending you their resumes. You depend on Ziprecruiter inviting only people who are qualified to apply for the job. That's why Ziprecruiter ziprecruiter helps them find you or they find them for you. Yes that's why I it's. It's become an addiction. Oh Yeah we've hired twenty five people in the background goes over here. I know Ziprecruiter. has these screening questions. filtered their candidates they focused on the best ones. That's how you can find the perfect candidates for the job job within a day or two. This is kind of funny. Four hundred five employers who post ziprecruiter get a quality candidate in the first day. Use It for free today. You'll become addicted. I'll use it for free at ziprecruiter dot com slash Elvis. That's ZIPRECRUITER DOT com slash. Elvis Elvis Duran rain in the morning show. I shouldn't talk about this on the radio. Eh Gandhi I called you about it. Oh Yeah Yeah Yeah No. That was the base. It's going to be awkward later if I if I talk about it. You just need to make can accent okay so as you know. I work at a gym. You can't tell looking at me but so one of the guys who works out there and I'm not friends with them. I see him. He's he's he's always smiling. Always Nice John Krasinski all right and so I was at the gym yesterday and I was walking into the locker room to get my stuff done and keep in mind. I Ju I'm still coming off my high of binge-watching Jack Jack Jack Ryan Yeah Okay. And so of course Jonkers inskeep the star Dr in Executive Producer of Jack Ryan. So I'm walking into the locker room and almost like boom into my face is his chest. It's John Krasinski. Coming out of the shower lean and I know and but he looks at me with a huge smile. He couldn't have been nicer. He's like hey how you doing and and I wanted to say Oh my God your Lord God King of all on tv and you didn't because why because I don't WanNa be I don't WanNa be that guy I'll say I said hey and then moved on. Look I don't I don't WanNa get in anyone's way. You know me if I if we see people on the street that are recognizable. They're actors and musicians. I never say hi right because I just want to give them their space. He's at the gym. It's his private time. Okay Nice of you. But then I'm working out thinking I should have at least said. Hey Jack Ryan was so great I just WanNa let you know that you. I think you did a great job. A nice thing to say the whole night him on the show always have to do that. Please bring them in. I think you can you I I need to get the courage. Use Your Co workers as like. You're in Oh my God. My Co workers are obsessed with you. They would love it if I said hi I'm saying they love you. Blame it on us and then get your in. He seems seems like the kind of guy and I'm making assumptions. That would would actually welcome of positive thinking. It's John Krasinski. So did he have a towel on. Yeah that's the no no no. He was towels. How did you bump into him? Hard enough to knock it off. No I didn't bump into there was no physical. No it was just right. There had been waiting to talk to. You was dripping dripping. Wet Out of the shower. No hey how you doing his opening line. You're going to spend a little extra time in the shower. Just he's Elvis comes. Did he have chest hair. It didn't look say. Hey how you guys stop asking questions. You don't know the answers to smell good when he became out of the shower. Our what's that question. Here's the big question. Does he know who you are most likely not okay. Well now. And that's okay. What are they both? I WANNA say hi to the other one and you're just being that person who's like I don't WanNa be that guy. Here's a question. What if we're just over thinking this we're not? I think the point of my story was vis vis whatever Dave Brody row Daniel do not say no I can tell now from do not say so. I think you should set right outside the shower with the book enhanced next time handbook say no and then he established that you're someone of no because you're on your book exactly. I don't WanNa do that. All I'm saying is look. We meet all these artists all the time. Matter of fact Charlie booth yesterday Astra they said the fame thing. He's not so crazy about but the musician thing he loves so I never ever want to be the guy who rushes up to a celebrity in starts taunting wanting them. Because I don't know if they're in a hurry to do something I don't know if maybe they're bad space they don't they don't want to be on shore so I leave him alone seven to me yesterday at the hospital. So could you run into John. Krasinski the hospital. I ask because we do what we do. We have listeners and there was a guy sitting there and he's like Oh are you Danielle Monaro and I'm like yeah. And he goes. Oh my gosh. How's Your Dad? And I said he's not doing well at all unfortunately and he had a friend in the hospital so he sees talking about how my dad's not doing well Blah Blah Blah and. Then he says hey. I know it's not a good time but do you think I could get a picture. Oh God so. He was very kind and very mary. Whatever so I took a picture in my head I'm thinking am I smiling in this picture? My Dad's in the other. You know what I mean. I have my lawyer afterwards and I said mom. What do you think about this whole thing? Because I had a conversation with the guy who was very nice family was very nice and she said I think it's okay. That was his moment to meet you. He had never met you before. And and you may never get the chance again. He wasn't doing it with disrespect. It was very fine. Okay so there you go his John krasinski moment. But I wasn't coming out of the shower. Oh you weren't dripping with Gandhi. I think that that a hospital. Maybe I can understand you being a little bit hesitant. But he's looking his absolute finest after a workout coming out of the shower. Our you say well keep in mind. No He's married he's a dude. He likes chicks. You know the finest coming shower. Can we talk to Lori. Hi Lori I thank you good Morning Lori I love you. What's going on Lori? Love you guys still much. It's so good to hear your voices. Laurie what's going on in your life right now. Oh I had Emergency Surgery last night. Nothing major but just enough the Nazi down for a couple of days. You're going to be good and I am. I am but I woke up this morning morning. And I'm shoot my husband off to work as I said only GonNa do is sleep and then of course committed to feel sorry for myself and I was like wait a second. I get all my daughter's hooking me I thought I get to hang out with my best friends while they're at work in Alaska and all smiles. Who thank you for what you do all? I just love you so much much. Well you do is so important and I know you always say you just make jokes but it's not just chill the homeless okay. Let's back up for just a moment. You're thinking for what we do and I'm thinking Oh you know what if someone's liking what we do then my question is what do we do. Guys like jokes. you make me laugh. Your real realistic realistic. You're you take. What can be crappy situations and you always have Talent of seeing the positives and everything and I just love that so much about you all and the fact that you're strong enough to come to work going what you're going through is commendable saw. Thank you is gone to your amazing you make me laugh and smile and and everybody on the show. You're just a well oiled machine that makes people feel good and there's not a lot of media out there that makes people feel good. I love that we the have we are looped up looking. I'M GONNA go lay down and and just listen to you and laugh. Well hold on one second. Let let let me. Let's talk about two things. First of all Lori is calling from New Haven Connecticut. I must congratulate. I must congratulate you. And the citizens of new haven. The number one voted pizza place in America Erica. Of course Frank Pepe. Congratulations as a New Yorker We're a little a little sore. But I've had frank pappy and I. It's it's one of my favorite pizzas as well. So congratulations on that end number two. Laurie I'm sure that you're on the mend and you're gonna be feeling ready to roll as soon as possible as you know we are. We are a part of the family at Norwegian cruise. Line the big huge most luxurious fabulous company that has the best ships ships in the world and the best indie with a great accent in his accent is so great. He's leaving to do bigger things. He's going to become a voice actor Dr Lori we want to send you and a loved one. I'm assuming that you're on a seven day cruise. You're kidding no not at all. Oh my God you have no idea how long you've been waiting to take vacations each time for vacation. I do believe it sounds sounds like you need one seven day cruise on one of their finest ships as long as it it. It takes off from the continental United States could be Alaska. That could be the Caribbean. It could be many many many many things and so there you go. Let me give you another reason to love us and have fun on your Norwegian cruise. Oh my God no I really do have to go. Lay Down sending you a gentle hug because you just had surgery to hurt you. Oh my gosh thank you so much. That's so generous. You're so wonderful. Thank you for listening and you know. Our brand new Norwegian region cruise ship encore is going to be here on the Hudson River in New York City and bringing be broadcasting live on board on Tuesday morning so took a cruise we left out of Newark and the Twin Towers were still standing though. It's time for your hold on. Thanks for thanks for listening to us. I Really WanNa Nice Lady. She's he's a sweetie go to C.. L. Dot Com. Take a look at encore. And of course our ship ballistic all the other ships around the world Norwegian takes you where you need to go and always say about Norwegian. Are we Jn. Even though they t- The ships from Norwegian take you to destinations. The ship itself is a destination. You'll love it there. You have it all right. We've covered a lot there. What else you WANNA do? That's it some to go into the Daniel reports the time to go down to do Yes and people are texting in. I did get my phone back. Oh that's nice that they care because I left my phone in an Uber. Monday night in the Uber driver was nice enough to bring get to me Tuesday morning yesterday morning. Sweet that morning he brought it that morning day. Amazing Okay Danielle. What's going on all right so all Mariah Carey is sharing with us? How to celebrate Christmas like she does place? Yeah exactly it includes getting into the Zen Christmas mode flying into Aspen. Having Santa over for Christmas Eve decorating a tree in the bedroom and the list goes on and on stuff. None of us can afford to do. It sounds good. Yeah so if you saw the Little Mermaid live last night there were mixed reviews. Some of US loved. Some of US didn't didn't but the memes about flounder are hysterical. So now flounder wasn't live. It was actually a puppy. They didn't have someone playing flounder. Damn full of flounder people are putting these means like flounder wasted. He really really looked like he was a little dixie. Fallen over in the water off of the people are just not giving this thing. Any love try wanted to believe in it. I was so excited and then I was. I was watching. I was like what the hell hand up flounders but yeah I sat there and here comes. Here comes queen. LATIFAH'S GONNA come as it comes to big number haircut. Oh we'll tell me Queen Latifah did a great job. I Love Queen easy to play her. She looks incredible back to the hand of the puppet. Yeah they made a damn fool of flounder four founder Colin. Farrell is in talks to play the penguin and the new Batman and Andy Circus line to play Alfred. The Butler oh more reasons to I love John Legend and Chrissy Teigen so they got together with the Vanity Fair magazine and they gave each other lie detector tests right so they asked them. So what do you think about pre-nuptial cleanups prenups a good things. Who Legend says? I actually wished I knew you were going to be successful. I would've rewritten the pre-nup a little bit. You're a lot richer than I thought the love them so much. I'm so I told you. The other day that a Libyan Newton John's icon greased leather pants were sold at auction for one. Hundred Sixty two thousand dollars auction actually was to support cancer wellness and research. Oh so that's four hundred thousand dollars. I'm not yes maybe I did. Maybe you're right. You're spend that money on yawns outfit from Greece. Somebody who's been a huge fan of Olivia Newton John for years thus banks founder. WHOA her name is Sara Blakely? Ge snapped up the costume from nineteen seventy eight. That's when the movie came out and she he owns spank so she can afford a lot of money. So there you go. You love living at done on Friday. We're getting a Jonas brothers Christmas song it's called like gets Christmas. I tried to find the cliff to see if they had leaked clip yet. But I haven't seen anything but it's called like it's Christmas songs that we sing it at our Jingle Ball concert maybe Kevin Jonas is listening right. Now he's listening yesterday when we were happy birthday so Kevin once you send us a copy of that Christmas Song Clip Their Kevin a tonight American. Horror Story Sorry Riverdale. Of course the Apollo is on. You've got the real housewives of New Jersey. The mass thing or is on so last week's episode got postponed because of the world series. So tonight you're going to get two hours of the a singer. And one of them features Anthony Anderson is guest panelist. Thank you Daniel. Is this Tanisha. Yes the morning Tunisia before we get going here Apologies I mean. We have trouble with you and your boyfriend yesterday not really. He wished that I had said something to him before. Listening to it on your L.. Let's say we were talking about bad kissers and I as I recall. Tunisia said even though he's great in bed her boyfriend is a bad kisser. Sir What that's what you said right. Yeah yeah he was great in bed. Thank God I know. And he's like well. Thank you for the compliment. The man but I wish you told me that I was a bad kid there. Oh He's a fake name. Okay wait a minute hold on Asia. It opens the dialogue. I along I mean it's it's not permanent damage is it. Is this something that can actually talk a good thing. We had a really good conversation about it yesterday. And I told him that Alison how to and he told me that a couple of girls have tried to teach them how to you know but you know since I am a teacher in real life so I think I might do a better job at it. What do you teach uh-huh I teach science? Okay there's gotta be a science to good kissy good. Haven't Bunsen burners the anatomy teacher. Also okay but you did say he was great in bed. Yes I did thank God. Otherwise a goner. I'm saying man. Dan Yeah and I told him that way more important than kissing. But you know we don't kids as much as they do in which is the move the little it just keep digging listening as well now. Yeah he was listening listening yesterday. Oh man I keep forgetting using navigation this morning. Maybe he needs that for kissing thing navigate. I keep I keep forgetting that people listen safe things and then the next day someone will call a Herbert. You should have brought me. I'm ooh Oh that's right. We we said that into a microphone. Yeah yeah all right well. Best of luck with that Tunisia. I'm glad at least an open dialogue and by this time next year. He'll be a better kisser. Of course he will. Thanks for listening. Have a great day okay. He's so straight nate looks like he's in a target commercial a Christmas commercial target. Thanks as you have this red and black striped shirt on wearing a scarf with Christmas data on it. I was a little chilly this morning. And it wouldn't put on my jacket but I found this scarf sitting out there. Apparently we somebody dropped it off in the promo items so it's keeping my neck warm. I don't know if you'll in the Christmas spirit and now you have bedbugs. No there's no no bed bugs nothing on this new gravity blanket. Yes batches you. It's the flannel exactly what you're wearing or I need to get one. You straight out of a hallmark. Thank you saw earlier in the hour. I was talking about this commercial. I saw watching some cable channel. I forgot what I was watching. It's it's for this company that sends you like to open the box instant Christmas tree. And what I what I got from this and we've come to find. There are many companies that do this this this one had the most colorful festive trees. And I'm really they're not paying me to tell you it's called Tree Topa. That's where I got mine. We've got your yeah. I didn't know they'd send it to fully decorate his l.. That would've changed everything. Black trees pattern trees. But you can shop by color and they will send you everything you you see the Rainbow Tree. Yes I did God Anita Ryan Gold Hombre tree to and I just thought you know that's a little extra even for me. I mean they have have a number two pencil jury. It's a skinny as a number two. Paul the look at the bright tree. There's I mean they're so bright. These awesome wow okay upside down tree why not he so again. They're not a sponsor it's just a tree topi dot com. Just because I'm looking out for you now if someone comes as long as they will pay us to talk about trees we'll definitely stop talking about tree Topi talking about your instant delivery tree company. No problem if you're like me and you like a little naughty crazy phone with your friends go get telestrator after dark board game. We love playing this game you to buy today at target bed bath and beyond Barnes and noble or wherever you buy board games. Halloween was Thursday last Thursday. So we've had this ball of candies open out there in the living room. Yes Thursday. Maybe since Wednesday. I'm not gonNA say the Brand Name of the candy but it's just they're not wrapped now wrapped. They've been sitting there and people have been dipping their hands in their since last Wednesday hand jamming is in there. You know there's poop close one hundred fecal matter header on those candies and I went out there and I'm like I don't understand why who's even eating this. This is disgusting. It's scary. You're still this way. All right he's still alive. That is true of course alive. I built up immunity to this stuff over eating human waste fewer kid the more four things. Worse things in your mouth on weekends. Can't argue with that you. You should see a list of the things I put my mouth concerned about candy. Don't people wipe their hand and then they don't wash their hands exactly all right. So here's a question something to chew on. We don't have to have answers now. It's something for you to talk to your friends at work about. Okay I got this off. Read read it. You're a mall Santa in a kid just told you that. He wants for Christmas what he wants for. Christmas is entire family dead. What what do you do first? You have to meet the family and decide for yourself. Okay what do you do so I started thinking through so I'm a Santa. I'm making some extra cash. Messiah Hustle for the holidays kids down five years. Oh Hey we're finally did they. Do you leave it alone or do you like look for the mom and be like. Let's unpack this kid. I need some reasoning. Why do you want your family dead? They can't get into counseling. Well I mean if it's like they didn't get video game then you gotta call nine one one because kids a little loose cannon. But if it's something serious that maybe call nine one for a different reason well. The child needs to be coached in some way. But it's not Santa's job to do that it's the families job so you gotta say something to someone. I don't want to turn this into like a serious topic but it well I would. I wouldn't tell the parent absolutely you have to tell the parent I know he's only five years old probably doesn't I don't know what he's saying but just let you know you watch. You knocked off for Christmas. They want to check into the laughed so hard I wouldn't be able to deal with the mall. Santa Laugh at everything all right now we have another conversation. We're having here in the room. It's we'll go to nate nate. Oh no no no no no go. Oh no no no. I was related to the Santa. But you were moving on not moving on so don't say anything I won't say anything. Let's talk about the Santa but you're moving on and moving on to our next topic topic about someone committed fraud back. Yes each new moment a clean slate for you goldfish. Hello I was raising my hand but then I put my hand down. Sorry go back. What do you WanNa say about Santa and the kid? I don't think it's relevant. I was just GONNA say. Is there some sort of code that Santa's have that like therapists. If you say you're going to hurt another individual. They have to legally report it to police. Is there some sort of code that Santa's hand I'm sure at least you can pull your beard incentive security will come over all right. We'll get into that later now to you. You're saying and by the way we we have an officer of the law interim allow you said that someone on our show committed fraud against you. Yes so the question is raise your hand. If you're committing a crime right now. So Room committed fraud. I would like to point out. The trio in the other room led by Jeff. Our engineer and then Scotty okay. What had an andrew what do they do? Every once in a while I'll trade credit cards with Jeff. We'll take turns buying each other coffee. Well Jeff took it upon himself off to ask the other room what they wanted from starbucks right and went ahead and purchased him said items without my knowledge instead of eight dollar charge. Charge for two coffees. I had a thirty dollar charge for egg white Vice Apple Juice Hatred Hayward Engineer Jeff. And why don't you stand up in protest. And they groom. That's always we swear him in officer I mean okay. Hold on Engineer Jeff. So you have possession of Nate's credit card and you bought other people things that he did not authorize basically it authorized by the lakes by the way by the way. That wasn't a question. They have access to his credit card. And you used it to charge things for other people. He was not aware because Nate handed me his credit card. Knowing thing what my starbucks order is every morning where I'll ask Gotti be if he wants anything Andrew. Would you like anything from starbucks here. My turn do of your starbucks big spend salad and on top of that. I've literally given cash to this room on breakfast that I have not ordered relevant. It is relevant taking money from me. Nobody asking you. You're not even part of this. Move over he was with my breakfast breakfast bigger beef here and I think that there's some type of fraud involved whenever we get breakfast. I come in that room and I asked the three of you. I look you in your office. A Gentleman Norman. Would you like food every single time. y'All get breakfast and don't ask US anything. The way. When Gandhi said she had a bigger beef I had a weird visual back to back to the topic? It okay so okay so we're going to pay someone back and house. It's so so now it's your returns. You know him breakfast. I bought him his fourteen dollar coffee this morning. We have a police officer. Can't we just get him arrested. Is this a crime someone. Is this a crime MHM it. This is not a run arrestable crime. This is a lawsuit. Probably call him an attorney right. I mean yet need a lawyer. Yeah you need a lawyer. Oh by the time we get a a lawyer. You're you're upside down anyway. WHO's my beef within? Because I think you just have a conversation but when you're saying you think what they did is illegal. I believe so. That's technically credit card fraud. Shannon me the credit card according to this texture. Grand Larceny All right well you need to get disconnected officer in the law. Just arrest you because because we think the grand larceny has happened to file something and a lawyer either has to be the church faces. I wish these people could see because they all look guilty. I object listen I all I know is Jeff said Hey. Do you want your steamed apple juice. I don't know what was going on. I said yes the team I will willingly say I asked you. I said WHO's paying nate. All right I want white bites the breakfast before. Whatever I understand by an education you're going to it would be arrested for use of the word? boughten whatever okay so. The question is which I think is a fun question. Who listening listening to the sound of my voice right now is currently committing a crime? It can be a misdemeanor or a felony. I mean because you know we have ten million people listening. Surely there's got to be a million people who were either speeding right now. Who ran a red light or they're not being honest on their taxes? So Oh yeah homes in someone's doing something. shifty favorite was the other day when the lady called US and said she was a little drunk driving are you. She said no I pulled over. I Guy I tell you to defend drunk scary not good here. We're going to do. We're gonNA take a break. We're GONNA do a phone tap and then after the phone tap. I want to give people time to think about it. You can text us. What crime are you committed right now? Keep in mind if you Texas we have your phone phone number and use an alias. Do not give us your exactly can help guilty. They look those people in their faces. They did face well Let's get into the three things you need to know from Gandhi and then we'll take a break do phone tap and talk about people who are currently committing crimes another day at the office well sadly a search is underway to find a missing airman from Hurlbert field in Florida. The Coast Guard says that the Air Force Staff Sergeant fell fifteen hundred feet into the Gulf yesterday during a training exercise so the Air Force is assisting in the search which was focused on an area about a mile and a half south of Santa Rosa Island. If you have. At and T.. And you've had the unlimited plan since before two thousand eleven. You might be able to get some money from them. This includes me so they're giving sixty million dollars settlement money because they really admitted that they started to slow people's data service down even if you had the unlimited plan that they weren't really giving you unlimited so if you had it before two thousand eleven like I said look into to that you might be able to get some money and finally we know that everyone in here loves their pringles loves to try the different flavors. I don't like this roasted Turkey. Pringle flavor waivers so we did try those the other day but now there's a new type of Turkey including duck and chicken Turkey duck in flavor is on its way for Thanksgiving. Oh whatever for everyone said won't last time and then you guys house that whole thing. There is an addiction problems and those three thanks God. Has It gone scary Jones. Whether it's your best friend helping you drive across the country to start a new job bob or a neighbor helping you move into your brand new home. A little help can help a lot. So let's state farm help you protect your car and home with your very own state deform agent someone. WHO's there to help you when you need them? Talk to a state farm agent today about combining your home and auto insurance at one eight hundred state farm arm or by visiting State Farm Dot Com. You've heard about VPN but do you know what VPN stands for VPN stands for virtual private network. It's technology gee that encrypt all the information you sent through the Wi fi and a lot of companies make VPN but the one we wanna tell you about is Norton Secure Vpn. It's made by Norton you know then we all I love them. They're backed by one of the world's largest civilian cyber intelligence networks with over thirty years of experience featuring bank great encryption and it's easy to use. There's no complicated complicated setup you just log in one time and it protects your connection whether you're on your home network or using Public Wifi and it keeps your browsing activity private to right. Now you can get Norton secure. VPN AT NORTON DOT COM slash VPN Elvis slash VPN. Elvis starting at just three thirty three a month with annual subscription should be private and more places online getting Norton secure. VPN So your connected to online privacy for as low as three dollars and thirty three cents a month with annual subscription again go to norton dot com slash VPN. Elvis terms apply Theodore. Roosevelt explored uncharted Amazon territory paved the way for the Panama Canal preserved millions of acres of treasured. US Land and won the Nobel Peace Prize. He also struggled with debilitating childhood. Asthma endured several devastating family tragedies and clashed with fellow politicians. I'm Erin McCarthy. 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I'm curious about how the spirit of Mister Rogers neighborhood it can help us figure out how to be good neighbors in a world that so often seems chaotic and violent and divided that you have lots of neighbors that you play with. ooh check out finding Fred on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen about to get into the phone tap if the free nothing phone tap you get a lot of nothing for free. Who does phones today? Scary scary all right. Perfect scary by the way going out to a whole foods opening that at lunchtime in Parsippany New Jersey. ooh So you're opening the new wholefoods precipitate that means it's a grand opening of a whole foods a free food sample of course samples my favorite eat drink watch content and come home. I know but you will scary. They're losing business. I mean he will eat everything. Can You bring me home the chocolate peanut butter balls. They're so so good by the way When you're GONNA have that tapeworm remove what you call? He's being controlled by an interview. Anina inner demon. What's what's that? Show on cable off the monsters inside me monster design. Hey Good Morning Dave. Hey how you doing dave. We're doing okay. Thanks for listening to US The question was is. What crime are you committing right now? I got smoking and I'm way to work there. The only thing that's going to be honest I don't mean to be Like a buzzkill but the only thing that's concerning turning is you're operating a car after getting high other than that. I just want you to be very careful in all right David. He's doing something very illegal aliens. It depends on the date. He's in. It might be legal in some states. I'm sorry what was that Dave. I think it helps now pay a little bit more attention when I'm stoned in every standard. I'm author also talking on the phone uh-huh which is kind of the legal officer. You're crazy man. You're you're such a misdemeanor guys Dave Dave. We'd love you. We care for you. Are you wearing your seatbelt. At least I am so when you hit that tree you'll be nice and safe all right thank you. Thanks for listening to have a good day. Okay thanks a lot. Can I get a shout out your t-shirt Eric. Hosmer all right Barry Palmer would say I don't know what it just happened. Carrie Palmer and that guy's driving a car right now. Let's go talk to Rebecca. Hi Rebecca. Hi Rebecca so the question is what law law are you breaking right now. I don't pay my taxes and I haven't for many years now and they haven't caught up with you all know so. Our our like financial planner was like this is probably not the best thing. But I can't tell you not to keep doing it but all right well we'll go God. Does she say how many years he hasn't done it. How many years? I don't know it's been a lot though. I mean I probably like four four years now but I will tell you this. I went for years without paying taxes years and then finally one day they caught up with me and I wasn't i. I was trying to make a statement against the government. How they're taking my money and you know it was a statement about how I was too messed up to pay taxes and I didn't do it and so they finally came after me and thank God I had someone who pulled me out of that and we fixed it all but it is kind of weigh heavily it it does? Because I'm a nanny and I pay I get paid under the table and I'm in school so as soon as I finished school and get like a bigger job then I will start paying my taxes. Oh you know as long as no one's reporting that you're making that income. Maybe they're not on to get through school. So good luck with that in a thank you bye-bye oh my goodness. Don't people get arrested for them. All Asian that is that is a form of tax evasion. Absolutely lutely Hello James Hey. How's it going? Do you took shrooms this morning. Jennifer all right. You're doing okay now. You're okay yeah fine take MICR doses couple of times a week for depression anxiety Lot I better than normal medicines. I've taken so let me ask you this. If you're taking micro doses and they are doing doing good things for you and we actually they have the medical community backing you up this. Why why is it illegal? That's so strange to me. That's a good question. All all right. We'll get feeling Feeling Good James and it just be careful okay and thanks for listening to us. Thank you thank you. Yeah that's interesting when we finally we talked to Antonio Pay Antonio Good Morning. Good morning so you into starbucks. Yeah tell her from what you did. What what law? You broke the law why I was running late this morning and of course my caffeine operate so I ordered my drink and and I move over down to the row and order with preordered assorted exact. Same mind I kind of just took it and I am digging the now yeah. You took someone's preorder dre but had you ordered your own drink. I did order it and hopefully they just give him mine right. So it's a wash so you didn't you didn't steal a drink and run out. You actually paid for the same exact drink. My was the smallest one that was event event. Dead Seal you did all right. I Guess Antonio Shame. Shame I'm sending. I'm sending the the police the pope. At least you're caffeinated. Thanks for listening Antonio also too high people caffeinated needed smoking pot and doing shrooms every listening to all right we gotta get into our Way Back Wednesday phone tap with scary randy. The Elvis Duran phone tap. Well what a controversial character. This Michael Oppenheimer Guy is but we won't let you know that we officially stand behind him. One hundred percent. The email came in from Vincent. I want you to call my grandparents house and annoy them. It's funny to watch them get angry anyway. You can say whatever you want to to the people at the House I want scary scary to call as Michael Mannheim. It'd be really great telling us that Michael Oppenheimer Voice and if my grandfather answers the phone annoy them to or my uncle. He may be there as well there. Are you go. So is the uncle going to pick up the grandparents. Let's see now as Michael Oppenheimer calls the grandparents house. Is Good morning this. This is Mr Michael Oppenheimer with Horseback Riders Digest. How are you doing today Miss? I'm not interested. Thank you wonderful magazine for you today. Now I know I heard you. I'm I'm not interested. In the Reader's digest Reader's digest it's horseback riders Reader's Digest. Now thank you. These are for people who ride horses. I throwing my name. Is Mr Michael up in Heimer with horseback riders. Reader's digest take. I'm not interested in that. I have a special offer for you to just one second though. It's twelve issues that we have here for sixty two dollars and thirty six cents one. Yes Good Morning I want to. He didn't let me finish van. Can I speak to the misses. The House please do not understand English to Luna full magazine. Give it you got a million dollars to my. Don't fall again. Otherwise I this phone on trade. Okay give five dollar. What is five dollars in one thousand nine hundred night? I don't get it. Is there somebody in your family that ride horses. Since won't you ride. My left is if somebody that maybe has opponent in your family because we do have a magazine for pony owners. Had Tony Weekly opponent opponent. Who gives you about that did not comprehend you speak English? Do you not understand. No one would like Jack. The united stand awful by again. 'cause you're wasting your breath. Who in your family owns a horse? We paid my pony. I ain't got time to talk to you uh-huh undertone marketer. And I've been told to have you on phone market. Just try you. He was told to call this phone number. If you were told to call the part of the united the state there's no one here that once and they told me someone at this resident owns a horse. I don't own a horse. You're giving me a hard time time for now. You're giving me a hard time. You calling this house. I was told to sell this magazine to this residence. Nothing you're not selling that is out no one in this family Caponi or a horse no bomb you want it on. My Name's Mr Michael Oppenheimer even miss the Michael Oppenheimer Nice here ahead of the wall ready. Let's face what do you want. I really like your credit card number. We don't want nothing from my. I don't want to get a because I get the cops. Put Him on the phone electron right outside which you name Sir. Now my my name aim. Just get off the phone. I don't need you on the phone. What's your email weigh point called? I don't need you on the phone. I don't WanNa give what you WANNA do. Oh what about you want you to do is leave me alone. Maybe some literature perhaps some literature. Komo friend this is Michael homer again. I just want to tell you a half inch. Ultra sixty dollars China and being childish. You're calling my house offering you a three cents of the cover priced. Oh my this is a great news picked up one back. Can this be to your mother and and finally crackers. My name is like you Mr face. Can I have your address. Please don't Alito my address. What's your address Norfolk Virginia? Your name 'cause you know what I live in North Carolina and I gotta come through tomorrow morning dot com wring your neck and then you can see who I am okay. This is Staten Island. New York the place where people like me more thing for you do yes. I do speakerphone base. And everybody. Everybody can hear you and Grandma and GRANDPA because you've all been phone tap have dribble to get the phone. Hello this is skewing Jews. All my God an idea for a phone tap GOTO ELVIS DOT com click on the phone. Tap Taff tell us what you want to do this. All tablets crew recorded with permission granted by the Rain Ryan phone tap in the morning show. Thank you scary way back Wednesday scary all right so people are still calling in about this. What law are you breaking right now? We're getting some interesting some of them. We can't go to on the radio Wally Wally what what law you breaking right now. I'm actually using my brother's advice. It's drive with AH suspended license and you're driving with his license. Now do you guys look. Do you look closely new-look that than a like the people say we like. Actually I don't think we'll look at it in a life but actually I got over three times and the COBB will hold the license. Look at me and look at the light they hold on tight. I'll be right back. Wait wait hold on even pulled over three times since you started using your brother's license and your license is suspended. Are you as a driver as Danielle L.. No not at all just the town where. I'm not really kind of started to say the literally pull anybody anybody that way. So if you're brown or black they will pull you over. Trump pitchers all right. It's a bummer. Hang in there wally. But don't you know listen. Don't don't get caught using your brothers in law all right. He's good he gotTA clean. Reckon that's always. Yeah he's not GonNa Clean Record when you're done with him while he just stay safe as long as you're not doing anything wrong. Let's hope everything works out. Okay thank you for listening to follow Jessica Alba. Hello everyday you break the law and you know it and you get away away with it. Tell everyone what you do. I unapologetically ride in the Hov Lane by myself. You know. Wait a minute unapologetically. I mean you know there for people who have high volumes of people in their cars for the good carpoolers. Well you know what. I don't have time to sit in traffic. I just like I have no the time for that and one day I was sitting in traffic and I thought everybody going by one person you'll be like and that changed my life if they can and do it. I'm like hey thank you. Don't do what some people do and put a blow up doll in the next. At least they're trying though she's not even trying i. I know scary loner. One of your blow up Hello Cheryl. Hello hello now what do you. What are you doing illegally as we speak well I don't like we have to pay for parking at work in a garage and when someone retired. They gave me the parking permit to turn. I and I never turned it in. And I'd put all the money aside in a separate savings account and when my daughter graduated from college her and I went on a Norwegian in crew long queue so that the parking pass even though it should be Not Working it's it's working and you you money to buy Norwegian cruise for my daughter. I'm in college and she loved it. Cruisers users are so great people are breaking the law on more. I love that all right Cheryl. We won't tell anyone. Good luck guys. Thank you for listening to us. Wow there you go people doing when the illegal things as we speak you should hear some of the ones that came in and we. I don't know if we should talk about. I had a friend who had a show once and someone called in. and Hi this is not a funny thing and they admitted to murdering someone and Of course it got to the feds and of course they found out who it was and they arrested them so there you go so maybe if you're admitting stuff on our show you're not very well protected. They still have picked up. Straighten eight for murdering people. you You keep saying that murder say what's going on right so Chris. Brown is prepping for a major yard sale at his house and he shared his address with over fifty seven million of his instagram followers. And give a good yard sale early. This is the second time he has done this given his address So if you're in the area He's having a yard sale and died from ten. Am to seven PM on today's the sixth. Yeah also today Komo Goes Oh yeah go go there and maybe get some stuff. Says he's got a whole bunch of cool stuff to sell so all right. I'm thinking about this. I know it's a little strange but okay miley Cyrus finally has decided. Yeah I'm not GonNa Follow Liam Hemsworth on instagram anymore. She clicked on follow. I am the same day. She posted a sexy video dancing with our boyfriend while he was shirtless so she seems to have moved on definitely moved on and seems happier. I'm so Kim Kardashian really did something amazing for her. Mom Kris Jenner sixty four. Th Birthday Party so they. She rented out their childhood home for a party. So where the whole family grew up. That's where they got together and had their celebration and then when they went outside after the party in the driveway was every style of car. The family had driven and from the eighties nineties and she said it was just to make her mom feel special and celebrate and think about their dad who passed away a while ago. That's supreme court is really cool gift to such an experience. I love that so people magazine saying again. Drake hooking up with Kylie Jenner. I don't no no no I just don't believe it at all. There's lots of rumors out there so it's happening tonight on television. You've got the mass singer last week's Soga postponed because the world series. So it's not you get the two hours one of them. Features Anthony Anderson is a guest. Panelist you've do have American horror story ten season premiere of the real housewives of New Jersey. A documentary about the Apollo and do not forget Riverdale is on tonight. Thank you Danielle. By the way I know of several people who are driving illegally because they have no license they live in the city. Are you driving driving illegally. No I don't have a car but if I am driving your car it's illegal because I don't have a license. I have many friends who don't have cars. They rent them from time to time and somehow they use some fake way way to get a rental car. I would like to talk to those friends because Oh your license Gandhi. It's going to happen this week or next week. Already talked to the person who's GonNa let me use their car. Good God awful. From the proceeds bent interview lounge hanging out with Eliza. She plays the flute. Works and Towel. Honestly I'M NOT GONNA lie. It's easy for me. It came naturally to me but it is hard for people sent me videos of them trying to work and play flute and they do not do choose one. Yvonne brought to you by Mercedes. Am G. E. Prepared for whatever comes your way in the all new. Gt Four door coupe. Because life is a race. Visit your local dealership for a test drive today in the morning. Show if you're like me not like a little naughty crazy fund with your friends go get the telestrator after dark board game just love playing this game game and you will to buy it today at target bed bath and beyond Barnes and noble or more. Where are you buy board games? It would make my day every single day. I'm racking for Heating Company morning. Show you guys a frequent phenomenon coming off so go around the room. And then I'm GonNa talk to you. I WanNa talk to you about something. That's so cool involving a Christmas ms tree in our nation's capital in we're involved you know means always getting us involved with things sometimes to the point where it's just a bit too much but I think this time you're GonNa like this. I will start with Daniel Daniel. What is on your mind today at the hospital every day? We have lunch because we're there all day visiting dad and they have this ice ice cream machine which we were so excited because it's one of those automatic ones with the arm. Yeah I was so excited. We put all these topics on it. It was not good all now ice milk instead of ice. Carl hostile healthy food so disappointed. I was so excited standing there salivating waiting for all the crunchies. The hospitals usually have great. Actually this cafeteria does a pretty decent food. Why don't you tell them? You liked the concept of the automated ice cream machine but you just don't like the taste race okay. I'll I'll tell them today. Gandhi okay so I told you I had some friends in town over the weekend and they may be do something that I never do anymore. which she's go shopping? Actually go into a store so we went to the new Nordstrom that opened on Broadway. It is huge and amazing. They have bars inside. Ride with liquor you can go drink and just have a good time but me the hesitant one. That didn't want to go shopping. I bought everything. They've got nothing better than always. Sometimes you're in the mood to shop. Sometimes you aren't there's there's nothing I hate worse than taking all the time to all park and you walk through nothing right in abundance leave anything. I was like we did this for you. I didn't even want to be here. The twenty bags. I'm glad you saw north from that. New Nordstrom is beautiful and now finally have a Barham. So they're producers Sam. What's up with you know some of our listeners? In apology policy Elvis. You know how we always have the debate. You know once too early to decorate for Chris Mahane Quanta. Yeah well I was having it with my boyfriend last night so I reached out to listeners for help and when they disagreed agreed with me instead of having a healthy conversation I yelled at them as well as my boyfriend. You're right I blocked a couple people disagreeing with me. I I want to decorate for Christmas. Now do it and Williams has not until after thanksgiving. Oh No I was expecting more support from social. Let me ask you a question. What is wrong on with him just walking into a room? That has Christmas decorations so all I don't know. Apparently he blesses the grinch every year. I don't know he doesn't want it yet. Here's the what's your boyfriend wasn't so hot then. I could see how you could dump his ass. Sorry he has. He's really okay. You're hot. I won't decorate for a few more days but he's so wrong wrong misguided scary. What's up guys are feeling the same way I am right now but ever since we turn the clock back one hour from daylight time to a a standard time I've had the biggest burst of energy? I'm waking up ahead of my alarm and I'm feeling more weight and I guess that's because you know if it's eight o'clock now it's really nine o'clock because it's eight o'clock so you have your nine o'clock energy at eight o'clock in the morning now. I just think I gotta be honest. I've never been so tired in my life in different issue isn't a the time change. We had no sunshine yesterday and it made me all sluggish. The difference ends I noticed. Is that now. Apparently after lunch the sun goes down aside from that. I don't really notice the difference in my energy. Well scary. And we're all benefiting from it. Let me AH. Maybe it's all the chocolate you're eating you are. I'm looking to hear his joking about scary eating candy. He's eating fistfuls fools fistfuls. Every ten minutes fish fists full is to say. I don't know what it is but I just this time of year that I love my kid in the candy that you've been eating you're addicted to fecal matter. He has an ability to find snacks. Like nothing I've ever seen. He's like a Beagle. He's like my dog Max. Yeah who will come into the kitchen and he'll start sniffing every square inch looking for wanting to eat. Scary does the same thing he looks under. He was looking under a pile of papers for something to eat and he found something did Jackpot. And we we say on his fault. Because he's controlled by a tapeworm said a cluster of tapeworms. It's called a scary. The Harry comes even though producer. Sam's boyfriend will does not ready for Christmas. Me Tell you something that's happening right now. Now I believe or soon Elvis Duran Dot com. You can read all about it The twenty one thousand nine hundred. US Capitol Christmas Tree. Now this is cool. I never knew this to be the case but every year a different state is selected to donate the Christmas tree for the US Capitol in Washington DC. This year. It just so happens to be the state of New Mexico. Alex I spent half our time right so we were having Liam meeting with the governor of New Mexico whose fabulous she came to my wedding and worked Love IT Governor Michelle Grisham. She's so much fun. Did you guys dance with her at the wedding. I don't think so. I saw video of her having a great time. He's awesome. Yeah so we were sitting in her office and they said Hey Elvis. Alex would you like to help us. Take care of the tree and get it to Washington DC this year and of course we said yes. We will so alex and I I decided to be the sponsors of this year's. US Capitol Christmas tree and so because of what we did our our contribution bution they cut it down they pack it up and they send it to Washington DC which is sort of costly so the tree. They're cutting down today allow and you can watch it live starting at nine. Am Mountain time was his eleven am East Coast time and they have it on live feed at US Capitol Christmas tree on Facebook or Carson NF. It's at the Carson National Forest. It is a blue spruce. It's sixty feet tall and this is interesting. The diameter at breast height whose breasts that that was my question okay. The diameter at breast height is twenty three inches. Wow how it's a sixty eight year old blue spruce from Carson national forest which is near Red River New Mexico which is where I used to go as a little kid every year. This is my little. There's there's little kids stomping grounds outside. It's just north of Santa Fe. That's awesome so the Christmas tree will be cut down today and then it will be in route to Washington. DC in soon as we have the confirmation on the lighting date. I would love for us all to hop on an Amtrak train down to Washington. DC DC and light up our Christmas tree cool cool so I did something without telling you guys. Even though Alex and I were originally the ones who sat down with the governor Mexico when we say we'll take care of this tree when you see all the all the marketing materials and all the The press for it. It's actually Elvis Duran and the morning show along with all of you. We killed a sixty eight year old tree. You do you think that tree looks at the other trees and goes. That's that's right. They've picked me no but if you're on some sort of hallucinogenic could assume it's talking to the how do you know they don't and the world you don't know if they can talk exactly i. I don't know you're right. I do not know they squeal when you chop them down so our shout out to Governor Governor Michelle Grisham who. We were very fond of of the picture. Sure is up now at Elvis. Duran DOT COM. Gary it's got on instagram at Elvis. Duran show all right. We looked at let me. Just make sure you put all our names on this asking for a friend. Does that mean we owe you money asking for I did. I just put it on a credit card at Elvis Duran. Show here here it is. She's a is it a she or a he I always go with. CSI She sees trees or she's trashy rem anyway so it's GonNa be a big deal on it's going to be. We're thinking December fourth. We're not sure the day they light the tree at the. US Capitol in Washington they see and what an honor to be a part of that. All right it's looking at a picture of it just like Daniel dark roots. Yeah definitely like me WanNa know where. Breast Height is because twenty three inches in diameter. That has to be up at the top right. No you're breast height. It's twenty three inches diameter right right but grandma's press sites a lot different than see Ghandi's press type battle will Friday when he was so anyway. So this Christmas season season when you see the beautifully decorated tree in the I believe the Rotunda of the US capital in Washington DC. You'll know that your favorite morning show is responsible for it being there so cool. Isn't that cool. I Love Hollow Ashley going on much some kind of having a panic attack talking to you guys. I know you're calling about what we were talking about with producer Sam earlier where she. She wants to decorate for the holidays now but her boyfriend says it's way too early so you actually have reasoning behind. Why we love decorating early? What is that well? So it's funny actually sent it to San McGregor Instagram There was an article I saw it and it sets the psychologist study and it said it actually makes people happier. You're very earlier Christmas. There you go. I could see no reason not to with that science behind it. I know right. But here's the thing burst of happiness you get when you decorate. Would it be nice to have that burst. Maybe a little later on in the season maybe patient always I kill get that I just go see different Christmas lights somewhere else. You go go. See the tree that Elvis donated off of the show. I'll do that later on whether we're talking about your boyfriend bursting getting all right so but science says we are happy to decorate earlier so when people are decorating earlier. That means they're happier so it's a payoff for everyone. Yeah all right do it nationally. Thanks for me. It's all science. Takes listening to us on q one or two in Philly right. Yes yes thank you. Thank you very much all right. You want some more good news. Yes I'm bursting with good news it's the Taco Bell. xbox Fox one x eclipse sweepstakes said it right. That sounds like a lot. That's another ten next right exactly. It's so here's here's what we want to give you the limited edition Taco Bell. xbox one x eclipse bundle and a four hundred dollar cash gift card. Here's what you win. I Four K ultra HD. Blu Ray Four K.. Video streaming and spatial audio. which is the xbox right right? And if you're new to the elite controller lineup the elite series to control the world's most advanced controller and features over thirty new ways to play like a pro plus Here's my favorite part ready when you hear the accustomed Taco Bell Bong sound the system is powered on. You'll remember that we were the ones that gave it to you. Thanks to our partners at Taco Bell. If you want to enter in view the rules visit Elvis Duran Dot com different than I'm used to. You could stop it I just love Taco Bell Tale. Love it another of those boxes that have a variety of different things. It's like a Bento box for Taco bell. Greatest thing that they ever did so if you want to win the limited edition Taco Bell xbox one x eclipse bundle and four hundred dollar cash gift card. GOOD ELVIS DOT COM and sign up right right now. But we've done we've given away. xbox is with giving away Christmas trees. It's been a very busy five minutes into the three things as you need to know from Gandhi. What's going on Gandhi? I don't think you guys are GonNa like this but it looks like winter is coming early to the central and eastern U. S.. So yeah we're going to feel it. Arctic air coming our way okay. So northern New England could see up six inches of snow soon and then that air's going to spread south they say expect temperatures to twenty degrees lower than they normally are about this time time of the year where your sweater spring coat. We know that. There's a ton of plastic in our oceans and a new report says that the biggest culprit is dumped fishing gear. That fishermen are just discarding all kinds kinds of stuff from the votes and that that's causing a lot of problem. Six hundred forty thousand tonnes of nets lines and caps. Cut The crap fishermen. Just keep it on the boat and throw it in a different trash cans or recycle it. We'll find find a way to reuse it and finally Dantley Davis who was twitter's vice president of design research released a list of features that he says he wants to explore in twenty twenty and it will change the way you we use twitter. It's going to allow you to do things like remove yourself from a conversation not allow read. Tweet don't allow people to at you without your permission and restrict tweets to specific hashtags tags interests and friends to change twitter experience. Maybe make it a little bit better for you. Want to get rid of the Hague's on twitter basically they're D- hogging twitter. Have you been had recently Delta yesterday. So that's the thing you got to go and if you're going to go online and give your opinion on things where people are going to have you with it. You know what I'm saying. I just laugh at sometimes the haggen comes in the strangest places like yesterday someone went way back on a picture and just said Lee road class you zero class first of all. Yeah why are you going to go back posted on the new one they were talking about the twenty thousand. US Capitol Christmas tree that we're donating to the US Capitol in Washington DC. We're saying that. The diameter at breast height is twenty three inches. I think it was a misprint. It's it probably twenty four feet. That sounds accurate. It's a sixty foot ten. AM ASL definitely smaller. Wakes I could see that. I don't know who cares. It's a frigging trade over. It's it's only a little after eight. We have another two hours of this. God Open Heart Radio APP and here everything you missed with Elvis Duran on demand the guy stirring in the morning sponsored by state farm. Talk to an agent today about combining your home and auto insurance. It's at one eight hundred state farm or by visiting State Farm DOT COM now. So stopped I. What is that starbucks bucks per se chicken sausage and something? I'm still having Gouda Gudang vom breakfast today. So we're GONNA cream gravy stressed rest eating right now. The best are we on the radio. We're about to get into sound with Garrett Garrett will be giving us some sound down from last night what was that he's Gary and also of. Oh we're going to give you some preview tracks from tonight's masked asked singer exclusive tracks like that you can only get here was a kit Kat bar in front of me. Why is it so fattening sitting here today? I don't know people just have food. And then they put it they take it in the eat it and then they tried to put it in front of other people to set you up for this way putting it away. You're putting it away in their stomachs putting it away. He's helping himself behind your back all right. So let's get into sound with Garrett Garrett what are you going all right. Let's start. Little Mermaid Live Ali Crevasse played Arielle and this is her doing part of your world and strolling along down a up where they walk a hater. no-one hey y'all structure of the presentation show show until I didn't like that they mix the original cartoon in that would cut away to this new cast. That did a great job. It just didn't fit. It felt like two different shows. It was a little awkward a lot of mixed reviews. Let's continue continue with our friend Shaggy doing under the phone audience. Lebanon dot foods. Shaggy her into that song she wasn't in the original. Here's the thing you're listening to it if you had seen it. It's a different feeling. You're saying he's he's playing a crab but he wasn't dressed. As a craft was dressed like Michael Jackson thriller. Yes all right and Queen Latifah as Obsersa- doing poor unfortunates love Queen Latifah sign. The scroll lots of what you hate Queen Latifah. It was a great fan of premature. Luckily Latifah etching looked back. I I don't think it's that easy. Doing this live littler made it that. Yeah Danielle and I directed it would have been perfect. I don't I think they got the message across what they were doing last night. So a lot of people turned it on thinking never gonNA whole stage production. Not The you know going back and forth so stay most wasn't tape by the way. Wait a minute you so you watch with your kids. Did they enjoy. It was a lot of fun. It was fun Let's exclusive from the Massingir. It's on tonight. This is the lady eighty bug doing a little Liz. Oh juice day. I'm not the bad you lady. You're going to hear that tonight. Yes Liz oh no no you know who the ladybugs. I don't know who she is. I can't we can't figure it. Out Due Buddy Eliza was Eliza would be surprised and then the rottweiler. Doing Little One republic love runs out. I've only been right once on this show. So that's the rottweiler. This exclusive sound for night's master singer. I believe it is Ryan from one Republican Ryan. All right Andy where he does a ton of Youtube mixes he took. Selena Gomez Latest Song which we've learned about Justin Bieber and Justin Bieber Song. Sorry and Mash this up the thank you Andy Woo yes Trending last night on twitter right last week if we played a sound of Gandhi sounding like Nelson from the simpsons because her laugh sounded like Nelson from the simpsons. Right so a lot of people that you mother the what is me so a lot of people said sounds like something else the dog from duck hunt on Nintendo when the dog last. That's what that is so you sound like this. The I don't hear anything that sounds like these people are talking about you. Tell US thank. You're listening to the on demand. Show thank you. Thank you so much. Tonight's the night we're GONNA stay up late and go see Anthony. Romo's you're already trying to give the Green Weenie. I can tell I'm debating I didn't know it started so late. It's far away so I got to figure out how to get there and how to get back to Williamsburg. It's not far away when you don't have a car and is far away with me. I've got a car okay. Then that changes everything. You're mad at me right now. Because we've we've found out today that anthea almost doesn't go on until nine to nine o'clock I know so I'm like if you're gonna go but I had to figure out how to get to Williamsburg and then get back to Jersey Jersey City and you know that can be a pain come with. We'll see okay. I think I could do that. They give him a big hug for me and his nine really mean nine or will it be like nine thirty thank who knows we will survive. We will survive. We stay up and tomorrow is what Thursday. So you're okay. It's it's not so bad if you did it on a Monday night. It's worse okay. So if you're wondering who we're talking about Anthony Ramos. We have gone like all but crazy over. He's awesome. We had him on the show a couple of weeks ago and of course he's just amazing guy with amazing mazing story and his album which just came out. I mean Daniel was the first to hear the whole thing. It's such an IT really if there's something for everybody it's an incredible album. You mean here you WanNa hear some mind over matter it. You're gonNA hear this tonight right around ten thirty great song makes you get up the bull run away and you can see shoot cooking up. I WANNA be more in your auto much more okay. I'm GONNA take it. They want to. I hear about me which was a mom read. I'm going to thank you it again. Not really got that good good deep like vishal in my head. While I'm the every can meet him physically restaurants not for from pain call you. Olivia only one for me looking at you. I'm going to be a clogged before. Five the club weed in view. Did you go Anthony Ramos in mind over matter you saw Anthony last night. That knew Jessica I did. Yeah you're in Philly. Yeah I I went to go see him in Philly. I live right. Outside of the city was the contract. I mean should we just blow it off. Is it really bad. No it was amazing and he actually talked about like songs between each one and a little bit of background so it was really great. He told a story he actually did a performance. I heard you gave us a shout out. Maybe I don't know that was the rumor someone in the audience actually said like oh I heard you on Elvis. It's like Oh my God I love that you closely in the words of Anthony are almost I love that dude. Come on the show. I am in and Jessica. Thanks for the review. I knew it was a good show. We cannot wait to see now what time what time does he go on eight last night on Saturday so you went on that night. Okay yes all right. Thank you Jessica. Thank you for listening to us. That's that's the number one thing day. Hey as as you know Louis. Tomlinson was on with us talking about this experience. He wanted to give as a gift. He wanted to fly to London. Let them let us hanging out with him. Backstage have dinner with them in a POB and watch him do his show. It sounds awesome so I thought it was a great gift for Louis to give to us. Because we're big supporters but our friends Pepsi called and Kinda ruined it for us. They said. No Elvis you need to give that forward thanks Pepsi so Pepsi is right there right. It's the season of gifting forward. So this is how we created the Pepsi gifted forward sweepstakes. We're going to have some of your favorite artists and stars call and give us gifts and then we're going to pretend to keep them and then be told now bad people bad people think. Give them to you. It's acting it is really in his great. What a what? A wonderful gift this is from Pepsi the gift at Ford sweepstakes. So what we're GONNA do is we're going to give forward this gift from Louis. Tomlinson you fly in London performed. Meet him backstage. Have dinner with them and yesterday Charlie Poo said he would give away the gift of coming to a studio to watch him. What never mind? He didn't say that even though he did he very clearly said that what he didn't say that maybe you had a private conversation with them yet. Maybe off. Maybe he'll call us and tell us something. Okay so I just ruined the surprise. I'll wait till you hear Charlie. poof is going to call in live to talk about going to be a big surprise. Matic's can pretend you didn't hear that about going to studio to watch it right assault. Delete delete for the West Coast feed. Try to correct you. Then you yell at me. Why not he was here? I know he was here. Okay so more after Oyi why I know it's all show Biz. One thing goes on you see someone shot in the head on on on a movie. It's not real. It's an actor. They're acting like the guy shot in the head. They need is going to act like you shooting me. That is a fake gun right anyway so we have all these great prizes and I'm going to ruin them all the let's focus on Lou Thomasson because I know that we played that I want you to the sweepstakes so you can win this Louis Tomlinson London experience. And then I would encourage you to give it forward just like we did by the way if you WanNa job as a producer I think you can go to Elvis Duran dot com for details official rules you you can go into social media using hashtag gifted forward and Hashtag Elvis Pepsi sweepstakes and then tag our radio show. It's way too much to remember right now. GO TO ELVIS DURAN DOT COM for details What you smell something burning burning? I think whoever put the thing in the incinerator back there. It's been incinerated something burning out there so toaster sure in the toaster. We're looking at least lightest my mom used to blacken the toasted everyday. She would call rustic okay so she would scrape it with a knife. Oh It's good as new not good birdhouse on black toast intolerant tolerant. I don't need you don't have to Ohio just talking. Thank you brody. Gary thinks he's GonNa help and he's not that is extremely narcissistic off awesome. I have so many people make again I want to. I want you to hear about this. This study. This new study shows that narcissists I who have an inflated sense of self importance and disregard for others are less likely to experience depression and less likely to likely likely to be stressed out than normal people. They're saying that they interviewed seven hundred adults with the personality disorder of Narcissism to determine why they appear to thrive in society an among their toxic traits narcissist engage in risky behavior. They have grand delusions about themselves. They they show little empathy for others and don't experience shame or guilt however as socially toxic as narcissism awesome is. These people are mentally tough in handling alive a lot better than people who are not narcissist. Believe that if you have no self awareness you can never feel bad about anything. Why no but that's but it's stuff you see he's narcissists? It's me we we assume that narcissists like you feel guilty for loving yourself so much and and being unaware of other people's feelings but look at the study if you don't care about other people in the only you have to worry about yourself. That's a lot less stress so the learning of the learning point here is we should all be a little more narcissus narcissistic care less about other people. Taking you'll have less stress address. I could never do that. I know you can't I know you can't what was that laugh for. Brody to here said you couldn't care less about people but that also could mean you don't care about them at all and you know I didn't say I couldn't care less. I said I couldn't do that never do that. I didn't couldn't care less. You want to go back and listen to the tape. What he said was what you need to do is go to not caring about people and I said I couldn't do that? I thought he said okay. We'll get a minute of our lives wasted. So what's that scary. Well I was going to say that. I think the part of this where where people are thriving is the fact that they're oblivious the oblivious part of being narcissistic and by the way even though it's not in a dangerous way y'all degree if anyone in this room is oblivious to other people it's scary but he's he's not a narcissist. He's not not well. I know it's a relative of Narcisse unaware but I think he I don't think he does it on purpose to people. I think that's just him. He's just right well his his own war and most narcissist don't know there there's this is my point though what you just said. Danielle is true. narcissists aren't aware that they're being narcissistic right. They just go through life not really giving a crap about anyone. Scary gives a crap about people but didn't walk out the door. Slamming your kid. He did he doesn't do you. Were on purpose is because his mind is elsewhere and as low stress and low anxiety. Because I'm unaware is there like a place you can go that you stand up and you go hi. My name is scary. And I'm and narcissist notice orsha ships will point out that other people are are are not like them or Norsk they will. I'm not aware of that. I think is look at someone's instagram page and tell if they're narcissistic they have too many Mirasol fees or shirtless fees or every picture. It's just them by themselves. We all know those people that is one level of or one component of being a narcissist. Just is self blowing blowing of oneself. What froggy I know somebody who is a narcissist and they went through some really tough times and they dealt with very very what appeared to be very very easy and I always wondered like how did they deal with that so easily like it didn't really seem to bother them but now the stuff that you're saying about the study is that they're able to go through things like that because it doesn't really bother them that bad? I had no idea it makes total sense. But you know what there's something magical about how scary is living his life where he can walk through. He can walk through an entire village that it has been burned to the ground notices on five. He'll just walk through and go. Oh I heard there's a Wendy's close by. Yeah without noticing enters death doom and destruction all around kate on the swing and there's a fire burning behind me. The House is on fire on a swing. Happy enjoying the he joins us a good example of this is like I had thyroid cancer. I don't know what seven years ago now right. And he thought he talked about it a million times on the air and then couple years later we talked about the Kennedy goes. You ought to be our dedicated a week to in this but we don't do it on purpose do when he chimes in with something someone just said though like hey did you know it's going to be a warm day today and then five minutes later through. Hey did you know what was going to be accidental. Oblivion washes your is intentional when we want him to play like a clip of something. We go scary. Listen Yeah exactly. I think there's a difference between Not being able to pay attention and being narcissistic I guess yes now. How many snickers have you had today got totally? I totally aware. What would make them? Because he he knows he's a narcissist but he. I'm not sure he cares two things I think he's just self absorbed and I think there's more to just self absorption absorption. Yeah he's he's an EGO Est.. Let's get into the Daniel. Daniel Bottomline narcissist have a better life than we did. I guess we should change. And they'll tell you obviously I'm saying I'm not an Mariah. Carrie is she a narcissist. I don't know how to celebrate Christmas. Like she does because look. Christmas is like her favorite time of year. She does it right every a year. But there's no way in hell have of us can even afford what she does. Vast all aspects like Asthma Aspen. She has Santa over for Christmas. She puts the tree in the bedroom and extra rates it. Yes and it's the real Santa that she has over. She's got the real thing I I remember her saying that. The flounder puppet from last night. The Little Mermaid lives became a mean because he looks wasted. There was no live person doing flounder last night so when flooding we'd come up on the screen. Sometimes he was a little little left to now sometimes. He swam to the right. They did him dirty just kind of has this look on his face. Flounder a hand up his but yes so Colin Farrell talks to play the penguin in the new Batman. and Andy. Circuses circuses in line to play Alfred. The Butler more reasons to love John Legend and Chrissy Teigen. They gave it to the lie detector tests and they were hanging out with Vanity Fair magazine so they asked them about signing prenuptial agreement so John Says I actually wish I knew you were going to be so successful I would written the pre nup a little better. He said you're a lot richer. Then I thought you bake them every time we talk about them we always say the words. I love them as always. Are you. Mad At me. Nate no one saw. Aw No one loves you more than I love you. I know look nate likes to reflect. He's always in mirror. I know I'm great so I mean it. It doesn't really matter original holiday song coming out this Friday. It's called like it's Christmas. Can't hear it sounds like tonight the mess singer last week's episode it was postponed. Remember because of the world series. Tonight you get two hours. What are the features Anthony? Anderson is a guest panelist little American horror story for you and Hbo Documentary about the Apollo. The ten states premiere of the real housewives of New Jersey. And of course lew riverdale been catching up a real housewives of Atlanta and new New Jersey New Jersey's craze starting the new seasons tonight ten ten season of my can. I can't thank you Danielle. The WHO wants to talk about telestrator is after dark Oh you love it as much as I do love it and seeing always start out good and with good intentions and ends up in the in the body and this is definitely a game you WanNa play after the kids kids go to bed. That's why I think it's called after dark because that's when the kids should be asleep right so a genie. That's the word they give you and then by the end of the game it's drunk ghost or you know exactly or penis La Pena's everything going crazy cat lady. I Drew Jeannie at at the end of the crazy cat. Lady would be a penis if we were playing so everybody loves it and we're totally hooked. There are a lot of versions of rations. There are some some for the younger audiences but not for this one. These games are for grandma grandma right during a penis when she was rushed. Rush Yourself Grandma. Tell us after we love it. Yeah pick it up at Barnes and noble and target thank you tell the stations the text us at fifty one hundred standard data and messaging rates apply each gillies to rain in the morning. Show with a beautiful day to day here in new. Your city Yesterday was Kinda gloomy and just kind of spoil. It sucks all the energy out of you today. Approaching Sixty and sunny. It's it's like the perfect day to not do anything that's on the calendar. I'm looking at all my my. Hey Andrew Andrew. Looking at my list of things I have to do today. What if we wish you? Just call them off. I think you can. There's nothing stopping you from ever workout. Hey Andrew come come here. I've I've I've always seen this movies. I've never done myself. Can you just clear my schedule for the rest of the day. Yeah wait no not today. Yes no not today please. Leesville of baby. Jesus please no not that. Yeah come on. There's like two things is on the calendar that we already moved. When you had your F- It let's move it every other day on the show we'll edit and in complete with me today I will call everything please none of you? I can't I'm going to the hospital directly at me. I can't say I wish you could anyone if if anyone deserves an effort day at you thank you one day though when keeping everything then. We'll talk today. You don't I'll have to do it tomorrow if you don't do it today. It's going to be looming again. And then he was going to hate it. Lock it out. Is there one thing. Maybe you can move just one in the work work out. What's scary everybody? Thank you for setting up scary cares. Never mind that rather when I got here that I'd rather do what I have to. I will tell you. Here's the problem with. Having the devil wears product playing every day. I watch it every day and I. I want to be Amanda Priestly. I really WANNA walk in through my coat on the desk. GimMe a reservation at that restaurant. I like it walkout. Everyone will live once every. That'd be a wonderful thing. All right transcripts cancel medic coming. I can't I want to go to the park and play. I'm GonNa go to the park but you could would after work. Is the voice of reason. The Turkish play does not thank you no problem. I'll keep everything that's all. That's all what. Why is no one ready? What's scary not to encourage you to blow everything off in your day but there is a cold front coming on Friday and I think this will be the last couple of this warm weather I know and I give the cold front held off for a couple of days? I think we're getting snow this weekend. They said they didn't. They said they're not really not rather. I know. Believe you because you are wrong so much of the north of here to the new. But I'm getting text me. If you're in Wisconsin they got twenty twenty eight degrees in three to five inches of snow listening to us right now. New England's about we're in six inches. Yeah South is going to get a little the funny. Somebody's about to get six inches. We work with a room of purves. You work in a room with few six inch purves for them. All you get an okay. Well Nice Day nate. How can we even being so quiet to get you? Don't believe that it's true so the Christmas tree. Can we just change the subject. This this board. We're told any a Christmas tree from the state of New Mexico and it's this blue spruce sixty feet tall and it will be. It'll be cut down today and transported to Washington. DC and we'll be the official US Christmas tree in our US Capitol building which it's so cool. We're having a few people texting US online. Telling us they were chopping down trees. Were were were killing people. I'm sorry I want to apologize. College is for all of those who feel that were evil in donating Christmas tree to the US capital. Welcome to what we do for a living because there's always so an offensive and it's Christmas time so it's appropriate time for snowflakes. My Gosh instead of just in time Yabroudy what's up. All that tree gets re purposed. Maybe it will build a home for habitat for humanity. Maybe it'll be toilet paper someday. It all know. Maybe it'll be one to warm. Somebody's house you know. No they said it's your cutting down a tree and you're GONNA put a carbon footprint as you truck it across the country and we're part of the problem. I agree that a big truck will will be leaving some commissions and this want we put it on a cart with some sort of donkeys pulling it all the way from New Mexico on November abusing the animal. What it'll be here in time for Easter those donkeys? Maybe what we could do is after. That tree is cut down. Maybe we can just plant a few little saplings where it used to be and then you're grow more okay. Then everyone's happy also. I looked up. What happens to these trees after they're done and it does say that they go toward building habitat for humanity housing? So obviously this person doesn't want want homeless people who have homes yes. This person is anti home anti home. I see where they're pro homers snowflakes homeless people ask asked me What's the most difficult part of your about your job? Is it waking up early. No it's dealing with people in in their thing be he's such a cool job before social media and everyone can just chime in and say everything. Yeah we'll look. I cannot disagree. There are a lot of problems with our planet and there are a lot of people who are working against making better agree with you there but this tree in particular we would not have done this project. Had we thought it would be the the most dangerous thing since the plague during travelling across the country to the US capital. We did look into it. And it's going to happen one way or ah or another whether it comes from you guys justification most someone else is GonNa kill the world. Why don't we do it instead? The I love trees you know that I love trees. Have a million in my the house. I don't like cutting down Christmas trees either but I think that if you can offset it by planning a couple then everyone will be happy but I love what Brody said back to them. Don't you sit on. Would yes S. houses made of woods but with wood paper towels recycled paper. She may she may drag her across the front yard like my dog does killing grass. We'll we all sit on. Would I didn't know some of US need to Anyway that's the end of Griping about. I'm just going to say we are very proud to be able to present the Christmas tree in the US capital this year and and we know for a fact we did. Our studying. Good things are going to come from. There's it's not just you know cutting in a tree and cutting down a tree and ending it there right so for those who were her out in the world looking for reasons to be pissed off go figure yourself out and stop being pissed at me there you go. They needed something to be butthurt about. Today I'll give you a list of things to be butter back. Aw Seid is five full there you go we take a break for a commercial Taco Bell would love to be presented position right here. ooh How dare you take a pope in the middle of the street once. I don't care what all we're more at Johnny Harry now and then you just just have to laugh at the person who tells you you're ugly for no reason at least in the morning show. I got good news. The Double Chiluba is back at Taco Bell. That sounds great. It does sound great but there are people upset because they have to chop down all those Chilubas let me tell you why Taco Bell Chiluba. It's this crunchy. Shell filled with double the beef and warm Nacho cheese sauce. And let me tell you the and they've been doing these boxes at Taco Bell Double Chalupa box so good you get a double Chalupa plus a crunchy Taco. which is my favorite cinnamon twist list in a medium drink all that sounds great buffet? It is all in a box only for a limited time at Taco Bell. The Double Chalupa box go in and grab one for lunch today at Pago. It was great hearing from our Carla Marie yesterday as Yoshi and Anthony. WHO's to be interned in there? Working fulltime moved to Seattle. They have their own show. That's doing very well column. or He's been saving her money even with student debt even with everything else. She'd been saving your money. She went out and she had enough money for a down payment on a new house for her so she called us yesterday to finally celebrate the fact because she closed she owns her own house. So I'm proud of anyone who understands. It sacrificed its work. It's a lot of work sacrifice sacrifice but you do it and it's one of those benchmarks in your life. You'll you'll never forget it in. So what's that I worry that I'm never gonNA have that benchmark. Why because it's really expensive you too bye-bye property out here so the the down payment I would have to have all that I can't even process maybe owning something? Well you know you gotTa Start Saving. Yes and every time I bring that up. It's like bringing it religion or politics. People were like ooh turned or travel company. Here savings when you hear finances people get scared and I get it okay. But if you're finally at a point where you are ready to start looking for a house or a Condo or something to buy for your for yourself. I want you to do something and trust trust me. I bought a lot of houses in my life. Okay 'cause I'm an old guy. You need to have vision. You need to look at places that you can afford but you know with vision you can change. That's my problem which you probably don't have that vision. It's like my husband is so good at that age in State of New Jersey. Ask but every time we would go see a house ourselves I would say it's this. He goes but you have to visualize it. You have to vision about this room looking like this and I'm like Oh and I'm not talking about a complete property. Brothers douching out of the entire room. For instance hold on froggy. You'll see these shows. I see these shows all over the cable where you know. It's a family that goes look at our house and she'll walk into the kitchen. She'll oh now this floor is all wrong and I say out loud go to Home Depot and buy another floor. Yes you could. You could save hundreds of thousands of dollars if you buy a house else that needs vision and only spend tens of thousands to bring it up to where you want it They walk into the bedroom. Oh No let's leave now this carpeting all wrong. Don't don't buy the carpeting. Have it ripped out. Put New carpeting for a couple of hundred bucks or a thousand bucks versus spending two hundred and fifty thousand dollars more on a house house. Yes frog you exact same thing to me when I was looking for a house when we moved here to the Jacksonville area. I found this one house that I kind of liked but I kept you said well. Why don't you guys look at it and I said I don't like the color of the outside you paint it? You're paying right now. You can pay so so we decided we'll look. We fell in love with the inside. We love everything about it and so now we just have to change the outside Keller. That's it that's it and you don't have to do it immediately. You can quit next spring it but I see these I actually throw things at the TV because people are just not seeing what they can some people like the one they wanna move in the way it is they see what they're and that's all that exists. Then that's what you get trying to find a house and move in brand new places aces move in with. I'll tell you this when you find how you like it in a neighborhood. You don't like you've got a neighborhood you like a house you don't like you find out how she like. It has front yard you like but you don't like to back here it's like it's like Frankenstein's signs monster you know it's going to have pieces and parts that are good and pieces and parts. That are bad. You'd have to figure that out. Always remember two things in buying a house number one three things number one you can afford it number to use your vision to make changes that caused nothing as much as it would if you bought a new house that already had the changes you want and number number three number three to this. Make sure you could sell it when it's time to get out like well. It's okay only has one bathroom in fifteen fifteen bedrooms. Well No. That's going to be a problem when to sell. You know what I'm saying. Don't put a pool in put a new kitchen in pools aren't going to people. Don't buy pools as much as they buy kitchens so these are the simple things but when I watch these shows on TV these people look at these houses and they. Everything's perfect except for like the doorknob is gold. One silver one can change it cold Baiocco doorknob go buy Delta Faucet for that thing over there you know use a nude food American Standard Toilet. It's okay have vision and then you can buy your new house without spending too much money. Make sure you can sell it. What what what I just want to buy something? Buy Shoes rates start going up a little bit. But they're still at a great space ace rates. I'm telling you financing rates are in a great spot right now and if you're a first time homeowner there are lots of incentives for your first loan on which less down stuff like that banks want your business so go go look into it. You'll be surprised what you can do. Why don't you do your job house? Maybe the three things you need to know Gandhi. What's Bank of America raising the minimum wage to twenty dollars an hour? They are the second largest bank in the nation and they the pay hike will take effect early next year and lift the pay for tens of thousands of their employees. At and T.. Also now given some money back to its customers they have a sixty sixty eight million dollar settlement because if you had unlimited data usage on your phone and you signed up before two thousand eleven they were still slowing your data down after. He reached a certain certain point. They were not supposed to do that so if you did. Have that plan before. Two thousand eleven reach out and see how you can get some money back for that and finally we talked about this earlier but there's a toilet that could say. Would you take that house. Take that toilet get place. Apparently it's covering gold in nearly forty one thousand diamonds on the seat. Yes Daniel they are on the seat. Those diamonds goes right up. Your booed. Right you're GONNA bleed but it's fine. Oh there's over a million dollars on display in China and it will be inspected by Guinness this week. Thank you I on a guy. Hey what's up with Elvis Duran and the morning show so a lot of people like to bust out there hot sauce on Taco Tuesday. Not me I busted out all the time to Lula's original flavors showed me that I can use them on eggs burgers anything I want. They complement any dish. So grab a bottle with the wooden cap. You won't be disappointed. Ask myself is to Randy. Elvis Duran phone tap. Well what a controversial controversial character. This Michael Oppenheimer guy is but we want to let you know that we officially stand behind him. One hundred percent. The email came in from Vincent. I want you to call my grandparents terrence house and annoy them. It's funny to watch them. Get angry in what you can say. Whatever you want to to the people at the house? I want scary to call as Michael Oppenheimer. It'd be really great. Tell them to use that. Michael Oppenheimer Voice and if my grandfather answers the phone annoy them to my uncle he may be there as well. There you go. So is the uncle going to pick up the grandparents. Let's see now as Michael Oppenheimer calls the grandparents house. How I ask Good Morning? This is Mr Michael Oppenheim with Horseback Riders Digest. Just how you doing today Ms. I'm not interested thank you. We've been wonderful magazine for you today. No I know I heard you. I'm not interested in the Reader's Digest. Reader's digest it's horseback riders Reader's Digest. Thank you these are for people who ride horses knowing. My name is Mr Michael Oppenheimer and I'm with pushback writers readers digest interested in that. I have a special offer for you. Not just one second though. It's twelve issues that we have you. Oh I'm sorry for sixty two dollars. Thirty six cents. Jeff Horseback One. Oh yes good morning. Stay on it so you didn't let me finish van oil. Can I speak to the misses of the house plans. Do you not understand English to we Louisville magazine given the main dollars tomorrow. You don't fall again. Otherwise I phone trace okay flav delusion give a five hundred dollar. What are five dollars? A one thousand nine cents per night. I don't get it. Is there somebody in your family that rides horses won't you ride. My left is if somebody somebody that maybe has opponent in your family because we do have a magazine for Pony Owners Lipponen Weekly Pony about that. They're not comprehend. Can you speak English do you not understand is no one would like Jack The united stand back again. 'cause you're wasting your breath. Who in your family owns a horse? How we pay my pony? I ain't got time to talk to you on a toll marketer and I've been told to market I would just tell you to call this phone number care if you were told to call the part of the United States. There's no one here that once and it at they told me someone at this residents owns a horse. I don't own a horse. You're giving me a hard time for now. You're giving me a hard time. You call on this house. I was told to sell this magazine to this resident. Survey now nothing. You're not selling out. No one in this family has a pony or a horse. No go buy me one on and on it means Mr Michael Behind Mr Michael Oppenheimer Nice here talk to the wall or any lesson. Hey place what do you want. We'll I really like your credit card number. We don't

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