LADS#204 - Manchester Derby, Liverpool/Tottenham/Leicester Win Big, Arsenal Are Back, and Fan Questions


You know you thing of hey I'm competitive and Martin Frazier and we are loud. Americans pins discussing soccer better known as Today is Wednesday December Eleventh Twenty nineteen from South Boston in Mooresville North North Carolina. We just got done an exciting first round of Champions League Games today. Carl into Audie has been sacked. We will be covering all of that with a special guest on our Friday episode but Martin what the Hell is up. Man Is Manchester United back. Did I'm going to shout it from the rooftops until I go blue in the face except I mean red in the face Manchester's read Of the top ten things I. I did not think we're was going to happen. Were Wers Word is going to happen. This year is Manchester United winning a Manchester Darby looking for parts of the game like they definitely belonged up there. So I'm on a mountain top right now. I'm shot my lungs out. Birds also one Monday night night football. Thank God we were talking about last night and So it's been a good start to the week Kev. Like in all honesty. I base every single week on how my my sports teams do that past weekend. So right now I'm a nine hundred ten. How the heck are you? Hey Arsenal did not go seventy days without losing without winning merely game so me as well. Martin I'M NOT GONNA say that Arsenal is back and I don't know if you have all the reason to believe the Manchester United is back but hey you know he'll know what you've done for me lately and you know what they want. So I'm pretty jazzed up so for this episode. We're going to be covering the Manchester Darby. We Liverpool absolutely ship pumping. Born myth. We have Tottenham Shopping Burnley Everton. managerless Duncan Ferguson surprising. Win Against Chelsea over the weekend we also have lester and Jamie Vardi Pretty much re doing his record that he broke during his title-winning season going eight games a row with merely goal and then we'll probably finishes says off Arsenal beating West Ham where was rollercoaster of a game where I was in serious thoughts. Mit May get relegated. This year So in in that case Martin. I'd like to start with. What are you drinking? What are you drinking for the part? I was GONNA say Manchester Derby but I would be rude if I didn't ask what you're drinking the king of the beer's Bud Weiser your as I just poured it all over my fucking beard and chest. So that's that's cool. That's it's a behind the Budweiser love that You're a true patriot. I am drinking white claw mango flavored. Walking hey you. It was between why it was between that and bud light. I just had cereal bud light all day every day. You crazy man I know no but I had like the Pats logo on it and it was staring me in the face. You know they just lost this weekend but I wanted something tasty. I just had like frigging Kashi Ebb Autumn Wheat Cereal for dinner. Because I'm broke and I can't afford real meals and what's in the fridge. Something flavor are instead of eating wheat. And you know what I saw. It looked back at me. And you knew it mango flavor or something. My favorite limes the best of my opinion. But Hey we're here and Martin. Let's talk about this Manchester Darby. Is this title race now over. Are you happy that now. You've pretty much solidified in Liverpool winning the League. Do you feel good about this. Lust is coming back in a big way. I know Liverpool's GonNa Fuck Up. It's a matter of time and I'm just hoping Leicester doesn't Fuck up I'm jumping. Horses Man City was my horse at the beginning of the Susan to keep Liverpool from winning their first title. Ever and now I'm on that Lester train. Let's go Jimmy. Vardi Dude Sixteen goals to his name already. He's on a nine game scoring streak right now. Eight Games scoring a streak. I don't know why I can't say that little alliterate So I'm I'm big on that lesser train city already betrayed me I. I hated them already. So easy easy to ditch that horse. They're done they're out. They saw pets for sure. Gone are saying he's gone is the four year blimp on. Oh yeah dude the second. He doesn't get his way he throws a fit and leaves and then go somewhere else. Has Money Flung at that team wins. A ship. People sock is cog and Wash Rinse repeat. It's a vicious cycle okay. Well we're GONNA talk more about that after the Game Manchester Derby Man City losing to Manchester United two one markey's Radford with the pen Anthony Marshall following up only six minutes later Nicholas Awesome mendy making an interest in late in the game but Martin. I was going to bring up on the previous PA that only only had like a twenty-seven percent. I think I brought that up on the one pod in win percentage and this big in these big tops. Six Games opening up the season four nil Chelsea. He won a couple of other. I forget what the other games were I think. And you guys beat Tottenham this year. I can't remember but any who you guys play. So yeah it was taught and that was the last game before before this. Yeah because it's juicy Marino's revenge game What is up with your team like is has already fixed it does he know is what's going on with this with the squad Dr? We're just the classic mid table team who happens to be real good against the top six and Piss poor against the bottom six where the new wolves it was leery about the good at beating the top six and we just happened to be part of the top six so Let's go wolves part to Manchester United Wolves. That's a sicker name name. So you know what I'm fine with it. How The Times have changed? I Love Marcus Right now. I said at the beginning of the year. This is a make. It or heartbreaking year for Marcus Rochford and you know not. Having any competition at the striker's position has led him just open up and you know lit rash would be Radford. He is killing right now. He is on an absolute absolute tear. I knew that makes you very happy. You've been a Markey's restaurant stand from day one but is this more man Man City just capitulating or is only just getting it right. Well it's a mixture of both the You know it's One united on that most dangerous part of their attacking plan is when they're on a counter attack on. That's what united has always just been lethal at and Luckily under sulks your one thing that has drastically improved as the finishing when the chances they're in Rochford is dead on on the money right now so I do think that social is beginning to use united in the most efficient way for the a united team to flourish in that counter attack Attitude as well as just the lightning fast attack. It doesn't matter if the Bulls starting in in United Zone opposition or at the halfway line. They're trying to get into the corners of the field. As fast. I dig that Shit. I hate techy talk. Football As beautiful as as it is it's not in the DNA of this club and so it's getting right there and it's also city just getting drastically wrong this entire campaign I mean Goddamn. They're fourteen points behind Liverpool right now in the commentators and the You know the hosts what's of Monday night. Soccer and Sky Sports or all saying that Manchester City is still is fourteen points behind Liverpool. Oh can catch up and and everybody knows the answer. Hell no they can. Lester is eight points behind them. Talk about that city is down and out in this championship race and you know part of it is due to injuries that they've had at the back. They've just you know I mean Goddamn it's it's a shame to see them just suck so much in the back back after this stellar year. That they had last leftback save their life. Yeah I mean for God's sakes they're playing Angelina who is trash on. Fire so Woah. It's a mixture of both. I'd say but you know all the got his number for sure impetuous for sure not happy about it after the match. Did you see when they went to shake hands and peptide given a little talking to an Ali gave a little flustered shrug and walked away. Yeah there was some sheer tension engine. I think it's been boiling for a few weeks. Now if pep and he's kind of seeing the title just get farther and farther out of his reach so especially to lose a Darby Abi and you know all the comments will come out saying like your squad on. Paper is so much better than Manchester United's and they had the possession they had the shots shots So on paper. If you look at this you're like Oh miss it. He should've one way by way. More or should have won this match but in the end Manchester United just could finish on that day and said he couldn't do a goddamn thing. Yeah man I mean it was crazy to see this city team resorting to just throwing in crosses for the final twenty. Five minutes of the game like city is tone for just absolutely pitch. Perfect beautiful passes beautiful You know a number of plays that end up in just this day. A perfectly worked goal and this city team was just trying to flash in as many crosses into the united box as possible and it just wasn't working and they've done that before on. They did that against Liverpool when they were losing when they just panic. This this city team just does not seem to be anything close to what they were the past couple seasons and vineyards damn easy to say at this point that they ain't in the title title race. I mean eight points is one thing fourteen points dude. That's that's a lot that means Liverpool has to lose four matches and draw to and signals. That happened in the style. Yeah yeah that's that's a huge ask for them to just have a chance given with them so I think because of this dude PEPs gone. And he's he's done his son. He's had his fun. He's one is trophies and he got beat and he got beat bad. This is reminiscent of his first season in charge in the epl where he's just getting found out. and his tactic optic saint working. Yeah just you know. I'm not going to rain on Nancy's parade even more. I kind of feel as though all their eggs are now going to be in the Champions League basket which I wouldn't be that confident for them right now but I just want to say? I think it's kind of ironic. That pep is being like we didn't get the transfers we want. We don't have the players on on the squad after spending almost a billion dollar seven hundred million dollars on this squad so to say and you know I wouldn't be complaining that much. Shamin you won the quadruple last year so an injuries do happen and Liverpool to their credit. We're just one point behind you in the only year that someone's ever had that amount on a point and not win was because of you so I wouldn't. I'm not going to be shedding any tears from Nancy. I'm just being honest. Do I mean going into the game though like everybody. Thought I mean there's GonNa be an ASS. WHOOPING CITIES HAD A bad couple run of games? And they're going to take the zone out bounce back on. Yeah Yeah Yeah and they just did not perform at all and dude like I I. I genuinely think that everybody can look at this city team and think they can be beat now especially by the other top six teams especially by you know the wolves especially by Super Creative teams. Like Lester and I think this the city team has lost that immortality and other teams are going to start getting more confident and picking that team apart because that defense ain't getting better anytime soon and It looks like that some of the players have just lost their efficiency undercut I mean. Kevin Brown is an absolutely brilliant player and he wasn't able to impact much on on the field against the United. So this is a real concern for pep and city but you you know on the flip side. It's a great fucking day for me and I I will wallow in this just pit of sadness that Man City fans living. So I'm I'm just Giddy as a horse right now. Hey you should be you know when you win. Celebrate hard when you lose you were were onto Cincinnati. Where on on to Boardman? I don't play next anyway Great Great Darby kind of a shock so I was pretty excited to see that I mean it is kind of a win. Lose for you because you pretty much solidify Liverpool winning the league but hey it's okay. It's alright the Liverpool. Do Man's been quite some time. Lester coming back I can feel it in my bones chickens yet. Let's move on to another upset of the weekend. Everton over Chelsea the three one led by Duncan Ferguson What the hell happened here? Martin Chelsea's been riding high in this ever Tintin Tintin that has now fired their manager Marco Silva he gone you know. Was it just like a team against the wall playing for everything where Chelsea I'll see you know is definitely out of the title race Not a lot to play for in this game and just what what exactly happened here did. I'm going to give you some inside inside a trading knowledge here coming from a Chelsea Fan who's who's pissed the fuck off This this anonymous individual blames it entirely on Kante being in the squad and if you look at Chelsea's run of perform in in there just absolutely brilliant opening to the season after the opening day against Manchester United Content has not. I've been in the squad and they've been starting dzhergenia Mason Mount and covert and with Kante healthy again. Of course you're going implant. He's one of the best Senator Defensive Mids in the world let alone the Prim and since Chelsea has come or since Everton Oh my God since Kante has come back to the squad Chelsea has looked more defensive looking more lateral in their movements and just is to have kind of lost that creative spark that Mesa Mount just gave to them from the first whistle to the last whistle. So I'm I'm kind of agreeing on this. This scene Cena Chelsea play. It's not the Chelsea that we saw that we if I might say kind of fell in love with and this is back to normal Chelsea where I kind of root for them to lose so The Magic's gone I'd say the Magic's gone no the underdog Chelsea honeymoon period is over No I really think it was down to Chelsea coming out flat-footed and Everton in wanting it more obviously and you know you gotTa legend like Duncan Ferguson behind you the players are playing for their coach in that at this point You know and the C Ricardson cover Lou and out there just high flying and having a good time it seemed like Everton were in a deep deep depression I've a lot of friends who were Everton fans and also there's rumor said David Moyes was coming back to the club and everyone was just like just cancelled. The club love. Now let's go win the championship next year so they got themselves allegations own. I really did. I do think this is kind of a Fluke Game Chelsea just did not show up to play and you know good for Everton but I really don't see Everton continuing this form at all but now the rumors are coming to the club so good. Good luck guys. Good luck toffees. If that happens that will be genuinely the worst stab you in back. Move by Club since Chauncey gave you guys Davin. Louise Arsenal gives Everton fucking unite emory. That's horrible man. That's that's just that's just rude. You don't do that to another printing. You do that. Someone in Germany or France. Let that idiot go to back back to Spain or something. Don't send them around. The primary go round is just gonNA keep getting fired and hired. Good evening I do not see I think unite needs to chill out dude. Just go sit on the couch. Take some time to Josie. Marina did which I'm not saying they're in the same same level as a coach at all. I'm saying Jesse Marino kicked bag did some commentating stuff kind of you know. Got Himself back in order. Got Him sorted awarded. I think his best is just to take a year off. And then you know see where the chips fall. I really think it would be very bad for for both parties involved Everton and emory to come in this union together at this point but you know good for Everton out of the relegation zone Chelsea See. I think they'll be fine. I maybe Nicola Conte need some time to find his footing and get back into playing form. But let's move on to the to show lacking of the weekend. Liverpool bore myth. Three nil. And then Tottenham five no against Burnley. Which one you want to start with Tottenham Because that's that's good bounce back in we're talking about all these games where the favorite just gets beat. This is a true favourite beating leading the piss out of their obligation off the back of a pretty shite game against United Midweek. The had to make a statement and God damn it they did and and if we can just capture one single moment of that game that that fully captures the statement that they made its hyung-lin songs absolutely God their perfect run from his own eighteen to score on nick. Nick Damn Pope and Kev just just six to midnight immediately. I love that man like I know. You don't like Spurs and good the reason the whole London Darby but God damn it sounds beautiful man. He's so fucking good. I love song sown as an arsenal fan. I there's just some people in world football you can hate and homing son is one of them. I love that Juicy Marino son calls awesome Sonodo amazing and that was a total like Fu fever. Move where when you from the kickoff take the take your player all the way down in score I love that and he did it from his own eighteen the whole time and I've watched this replay Martin probably like five or ten times in every time I watch it I'm like Oh he's GonNa get tackled right now now he's going to get tackled and never happens and it's such a satisfying thing to watch because I know in my life if I ever attempted that even in a Sunday League game I would be losing my entire lakes so sawn amazing run Harry Kane with the brace and in Tottenham's having fun again Tottenham looks like they're having a good time post Pocchettino I mean they slept against Manchester United but hey Martin Tottenham looks like they've got back into as some type of groove and it's you know as an arsenal fan it kind of pains me but it's kind of cool to see all these guys having fun again Oh yeah and I I do. Think my favorite little feel-good story of this whole Jose Marino higher by Tottenham is that wind little who Christian Erickson who bitched embiid and blew the whole house down and got podge fired and tried to force his way to Real Madrid. Still isn't getting look at the starting eleven ride that bench. I love Marino's savagery. Keep writing that bench Ericsson you bitch. Yeah no love for the WHO. I'm totally fine with that. I felt juicy marine. You came in and was like well. If you're going to be this way then cool we'll see how your transfer Evalu- go sitting on the bench bitch so and Burnley. We haven't mentioned the opposition. They didn't even see in a chance. This was there's a huge back You know Bounceback game for Tottenham. They're coming out guns a blazing. I mean so. Co scored a goal for God's sake so showing the boys loyd worldly so so yeah I will say I will say another good story. About Moreno's arrive what Tottenham is that Sasako has been transformed transformed into just and actually great Senator Edward Good Dude. He has gone to him under he. He's gone from bad to great for him very good. I'm going to give you him. He's president me and it doesn't take a lot to impress. Resume his past form. It's literally as if Fellini went from bad to have good and he didn't even make it that for this is truly early. Impressive Fellini's legend. Don't you speak ill of that man on this pod. Second I hope is in Turkey. Yeah Fair who isn't dying Turkey. Okay all right crackle topical. We're having fun anyway. Yes it's pretty pretty good now and it's you know he's scoring really good goals volleys screamers. It doesn't matter the guy scoring pretty sick goals so That's kind of a bright spot spot and Burnley. I'm always assuming they're not going to get relegated but so far they've had like not the greatest run game but let's move on to Liverpool versus Birmingham. Three now Oxley Chamberlain the OX scoring his first pickle in over a year. It pains me as an arsenal fan to see him Not On my squad anymore. But I'm so happy for him. He's one of those players when he left. I was just like you know what you got out. You escaped and I'm happy for you. You got got out before it got really bad. And it's awesome to see him back on score she does recommend goals Mohammed Salah back on the Gore skull. Ah Scoresheet again. Liverpool are just a wagon and. I believe this is thirty. Two Games unbeaten something like that. Thirty three thirty four there is there. Is there a way that Liverpool lose a game and will become another invincible squad. I'd like the two thousand four arsenal. Yeah I I certainly think that they will lose a game And I'm I'm I'm just GonNa say that I think this Performance Against Board Myth was Liverpool's best performance of the year From the first whistle to the last they dominated they'd possession. They dominated the shots. They truly did not let born that close to their own half let alone their goalkeeper for the vast majority either game and with Naby Kita and my man Hamas milner and Geordie Henderson in the midfield. That's simultaneously a super defensive yet. Very dangerous attacking midfield trio and you know it just worked to perfection in if if money is hurt just throw in or regear just throwing off late Chaim Chamberlain. They've got so many bullets in Liverpool Gun. It's crazy and they did their jobs. Damn well this game and I like I said I think this was the best performance of of their campaign so far but at the same mm time I- Hordley think that they'll lose at least one game I think that they'll lose against a lesser Let me change that too. I think they'll lose too. I think they have a chance of losing against Leicester I think they have a chance of losing against Manchester United we almost beat them. Shockingly United Liverpool game. That ain't the season that's a stand alone. Event for United Liverpool. I think they have a chance of losing against Manchester City. If they get their shit right but I think that they will lose very very very very very few and the likelihood of them winning leaguers. It's too much it's too damn much. It's almost certain Marin and and I knew that pains you for me to say I know it's still. We're abou weakest this week with fourteen now. I think we're more sixteen. It's sixteen so we're about a third of the way through the Premier League and Yeah Yeah I can't do shit two games away from half way so yeah like a third mathworks works right to away from thirty. Three percent is fifty. That's towel psychology major. Here Yeah but Talking about Bournemouth though this is their fifth consecutive defeat. Eddie how in the boys I think any house getting on the hot see man. I thought you know who's been now kind of a staple the past like few years here in the Premier League Not Looking great for bore met. There definitely need to win. I mean you are going up against the juggernaut Liverpool so but eh he might get some breathing room because there are wagon. But Hey Martin you know who else is a wagon frigging lesser. Oh Leicester City baby the Fox this is just keep on rolling Jamie Vardi going eight consecutive games the goal defeating Aston Villa Four. One Jamie Vardi On the scoresheet. Obviously as I said Sorry I'm just trying to pull up my notes Oh Jamie Vardi with a brace. Excuse me in the show and Johnny Evans And you know to his credit was getting beat up the whole game but you know lester tickets. Six point lead over city only house math work. Eight eight points behind Liverpool. Yes yes thank you Brendan Rodgers just saying he really. I'm so imagining. Running that day of him lifting the Premier League trophy just one point above Liverpool in the world ending for Liverpool fans. But this has been This is very good. Good for the Premier League is it that Lester is really good or the rest of the top six is very bad. I think it's more I'm leaning before. I would have said the rest of the premise bad but lester I I think are that good. Yeah I think we talked about this last week and I met a perfect happy medium we talked about is Liverpool really damn golden in route the rest of the League real bad this year and I think the same goes for Lester rest the League is is p.t right now pretty trae But they're also really fucking good and I mean you just watch and Lester game and did you. Just you just see a whole heartedly dominating performance and the likes of Harvey Barnes James Madison Ben. Show Jamie Vardi in any Acho coming off the bench. These these are incredibly dangerous players that you have at your disposal Ciancio as made just a great name for himself at that back line. Johnny only Evans has refound himself after spells at Manchester United and West Brom and finally got to a big club Leicester City and You know he's he's is crushing it in the bag. I already mentioned Ben Show of one of the best left backs in the Prim and I I do mean that And then on the right hand side you got got Peta and it's it's just it's just a bad ass team led by a ex Liverpool manager. So you know. He's got the skill to lead a the team and under biard Brandon Rogers Rogers that Liverpool deemed. Bad Ass. Man Suarez Torres. Are you kidding me. That was some of the scariest various Liverpool squads that I've ever seen in my life so this guy knows how to attack. He knows how to play some bad ass. Football he's got a IOS eight Perez missing about ninety percents. Uh of the shots he takes but still lethal as a bitch when it comes down to You know just a golden chance and and it's it's just just running on full cylinders and I'm so here for like I said already jumped. Horses was a super easy switch Rooney. I'm on this Lester train. Let's go Jamie Amy Vardi. Let's do some years ago and some Red Bulls and let's go win another pram boys coming home baby. It's coming home the less there. Oh my God I am just so infatuated with this squad from James Madison to any Acho to Vardi Just literally nearly every part of the squad. There's not a player on the team. I do not like and you just play such fun attacking football like I love that they come out every game and they're just like yeah. You know what we're Premier League winning team and I do not care who were going up against. We're going to go it just pedal to the metal baby. Do you see this lasting. Do you see Lester giving Liverpool run for their money in all seriousness. Yeah I mean like I said I think on any given Sunday Lester can give Liverpool run for the money. I think it's definitely gonNA come down to a battle battle of consistency in Liverpool's winning match it So I I don't think that there's a positive chance that a Lester can catch up but I certainly think that they can keep that pressure on Liverpool if you know if Liverpool lose one gain and all of a sudden lester is five points behind. That's mad pressure. Eight points is a nice show spot. Five points is a hot spot and who knows what that can do to this Liverpool team So I I do think that Lester is are in a very dangerous position right now and I think the consistency agency that they've shown us thus far the season especially defense event and attacking and all over the pitch. Like I genuinely think this is the the best put together a team of the So far like if you gave me a choice Pick the best best collective team who works brilliantly together plays the best looking football and just just wins games by dominating dating margin week in week out answer to that it's not man city. It's not Liverpool it. Certainly isn't a Tottenham Manchester United or Arsenal. It's it's Lester I mean Goddamn say they beat Southampton nine zero nine zero people. That's just something people don't don't fucking WanNa see that's just a bloodbath right there and So I think this team can certainly keep that pressure up. I'd love to see them. Continue it but Let's let's be clear. I'm also rooting like this game was just a great game for me because I'm loving Aston Villa this entire year. I love Tom. Heaton first and foremost I a Tom Roaming. WHO's unfortunately out for the year? I loved Him Jack Relish. He's my boy James Mcginn. He's my boy Agasi. He's just a fastest shit striker running down the right hand side of the field that he reminds me so much of salon. That's wild then you've got Douglass Louise's that wild Brazilian in the middle on the field. Just shooting ripped skis. Like Ruben. Neva's does on the wolves and then headed up by Wesley who came from France Man. This this team's awesome to two huge Villafane Lesser Fan. I'm just a fan of every team. That's in position. Seven and down. Except yeah I mean who gives a shit about Newcastle. Yeah I love this entire squad. They're just exciting every time I see them on the TV or for being mentioned they're getting flipped on so But I like to move on from Leicester and Martin Arsenal or back near did it. You did it use a little bit. You did it you son of a bitch arsenal. I'm back in. Maybe I will say for the first sixty minutes where we look super lethargic and did not care about this game name. I did want to die and really started to question. If Arsenal football club would be relegated. And you know people told me. Brexit wasn't going to happen happened. People told me Donald Trump wasn't going to get elected and then people started using arsenal won't get relegated so I don't know what to believe anymore in twenty nine thousand nine but you know what no David. Louise starting may have been the key and Nicholas Pep Bay. Has Been Unleashed Baby Ebb Martinelli with the with the equalizing goal and peppy with the enrollment goal and the assist a bomb Yank. These guys came out and got Freddie as I win. We go against Man City at the weekend. We talk about for Friday's episode. where I really think we're GonNa get our shit kicked in but I do believe that this team finally got some stuff together to beat a West Ham side who I totally thought? We're going to beat US penalty especially because for the first half in the first twenty minutes of the second half. It was not looking good for us. But what were your thoughts on the game. Marin I'm back in on Occidental do you you goes beat a sixteenth place team. I'm so proud of you right now. Thank you it takes a lot to be fair I I saw the I check. ESPN at halftime and I saw West Ham was winning one zero and I I sent cabinet friendly suicide Texas League. Yeah Hey you're doing. Okay how are you doing. Oh you're just doing it to be addict. Don't even say you're doing your kindness of your heart or sure I mean. Press me and I'll tell you the truth but I'll initially CEOS out out of out of concern true concern so at that halftime point I was I was you know. Kinda in the same boots as Kev. I was worried I was concerned. I was noises. I thought this Arsenal team was going down to the championship. With Norwich and Waterford offered but I mean in the manner of six minutes I mean first goal. Sixty minute second goal By Nicholas Pepe his second of the year. Seventy million dollars alerts in the sixty fifth minute and then Abo- rounded off in the sixty nine th minute nice Just a complete turnaround turnaround for that arsenal team under Freddie and kept this is this is my query my question for you my man Is Freddie GonNa stay to the end of the season and are you guys going to bring someone else. I heard Maximilian leg-weary as learning English. Dude so he can reject you Damn it who do you who do you want. Do you want Freddie stay. Do you think he's GonNa stay. Oh no Freddie's gone. He's just there to hang out toward the end of the season. And just make sure to steal the ship so we don't end up in the relegation zone. Carlo Ancelotti is now out there Oh True True Maximilian. He's still floating out there Those are the two most sought after managers right now. I just want to get to the end. The season with least amount of bruises as possible. So I just hope Freddie can just make this a tolerable experience till Oh the end where I'm not just pulling out my ginger hair. So Freddie all you gotta do is is not fuck up like if you can keep it out like sixty percent fucking up I think I can survive until the rest of the season anything above sixty percent. I'm going to be like Freddie. Why so I think he's just going to just kind of like how gigs kind of guided Manchester interest? United to the end of the season. David Moyes laughed. I think God got the sack. No no no no. He left on his own accord. He he was too good for that. Club I need this club. Legend to to just chill out and just be like. Hey Boys we just gotta go out there and just don't get embarrassed. Just don't be embarrassment till the end of the season and I I'm fine with that. We're still you know where I wanNA chill out the rest of the season you know. Just don't get blown out by any top sick sides we're going to get some in does not get any any embarrassing losses against some lower inside skipped you. I'm fine if we draw the rest of the season. I'm fine with that at school. I'm this how far the arsenal fan has fallen. Yes or hoping for a coast without bruises to the end of the season. My heart breaks for you. Well what do you want from me Martin. Here I am Tato Kevin unchallenging the title win the champions the windy here openly fuck off dude in Tokyo contests heading there enter and if we face them. We're getting fucking shit pumped sames. We've been playing fucking nobody's from Russia Ukraine Belarus. You think the second we go up against a quality side opposition. We're GONNA they do well. That's a whole lot of nope. I'M GONNA go with no and I just you know. Every I'm sure Arsenal fans are gonNA listen to this and be like. Oh come on Kevin. We gotta have higher expectations all right dude good for you. I'm happy for you that you think i. I'm just trying to be realistic account here. Can you stop laughing. I'm just trying to sorry. I'm so sorry hold on. I'm going to give you a little little spark of happiness. Davin Moya's has linked profile. Oh my God ah soon as this podcast is over. I'm going right to that. I know I lied not allowed. I'm sorry I read the full post now at said Davin Moya's manager profile Laid in transfer market and it turns out linked him was an ad. Oh that's disappointing. Oh my God he comes to my club. I'm literally going to throw myself off a cliff. All right That's that's talking arsenault. Let's move onto some questions Martin are you ready. God Yes okay. Hey the first question about arsenal God damn it alright. This is from this is from our instagram. We just passed a thousand followers. So thank you to everyone who follow us us on our instagram. You guys are amazing hitting that one K.. Means a lot to us. We've been working hard at this show and you guys are the shit first. Question comes from from Nidal's underscore fan. He says what what coach could help. Arsenal returned to good form Carlo Ancelotti could Maximilian Allegra probably could Trying to think of anyone else out there who's on the open market it's centrally those two who were probably the best coaches out there air on the web. I mean Paci no but I don't see him going to arsenal just because of his all about not going to rival teams Martin is is there anyone else I might be forgetting or who would be the best fit. I mean like you said I I think the three that you name Podge Allegria and and my main man in Carlow are the best coaches at at the top of the crop right now and I you know oh I think luxury has been on your wishlist for quite a long time. I think that he is Just he he he. He did magical things that event and they've made a huge mistake firing him opinion and Saris Ruining Rinaldo. But that's that's another podcast So I think that he is probably the best fit for your team. But you know you also have Santiago Santiago Solari who basically fucked up every opportunity. He Got Coaching Real Madrid. So you guys might just end up with him. You already got one Spaniard. Let's it's just get another Whatever arsenal moving on Julia Horovitz says when is the next merch. Drop great question Julia Lia. We have cousy right now which I plan on putting out for sending out to top fans and people who are phase of the show. I am just broke so I can't mail anything right now. Now I'm eating cereal for dinner But I also play on doing a drop so we're going to be doing a dad hats in the very near future so that's the only merchandise in days we have for now and we'll probably reissue of our shirts soon if you're interested in emerge D. M. S. l.. Give me more motivation to get some more merchandising stuff out and I appreciate everyone who takes pictures of emerging. Where's our shit? I try to make the highest shit that I would wear and all the softest highest quality material. So that's that's Merch talk Next question. Come from Jason Levin Seventeen he says who has gotten the clap more Arthur or Martin. ooh Martin Yeah the midfielder on Barcelona you got no allegedly as part about that. The best part about that story is if he did. In fact truly Contracted the gonorrhea virus. He will actually be Saad Line for like a month and a half because the medicine that they give you to treat gonorrhea pops up on the drug tests that the FIBA personnel. Give them so he wouldn't be able to play while taking that treatment so I think that's just quite genuinely annually hysterical that being said for sure. Arthur I've never fucked in the head. Gunnery thank God knock on some wood. I Yeah I it's you Arthur. It's you you've won this round I give you I have not had an STD. Either yet. nothing I won't but currently Arthur is in the lead for both of us Next question is from Justin underscore sanders. He says opinion. WHO's more important to the current success Manchester United Radford or Scotty mic sauce Martin? All Year Scotty mic sauce. I look I've been a marcus. Rationalized stand since day fucking one. But I've also been a Scotty MC sauce fan since Marino. I'm days his first fucking star and I was like. Oh that kids. He bleeds red. Like I know ninety nine point. Nine percent of the universe bleeds red bull. The world bleeds dread. But Scottie Scottie MC sauce God damnit he's united through and through and so's rashes but there's just an edge a fight. A hate. With Scotty make exhausted reminds me of an old school player. You Watch him on the field and and he is launching into tackles. He is fighting his way to get to that bowie sacrifice in his body. The online every single fucking time and that. I've look if you if you guys have listen to this podcast. For as long as we've been podcast and then you know that I think the fight in a team is the most important factor in a team and Scotty macos has that ship through and through Scott Him. Exhaust is a man among boys at United Year. There's also funny picture of him literally standing. He's very tall man and he's standing this standing like overtop all the players. He's trying to sneak them into a bar and he's like twenty three years old. His birthday was the Sunday after the Manchester. Dr. It'd be so what a great president because you know he got a president he pulled it out of his pocket. And would you look there. There is Kevin Broin a- and sterling all all up in his pocket they going to do Shit Scott Him. Exhaust for life got a mix. I like both of them. I'd probably go with the same answer next question. Uncomfortable Sweeney Hut Junior. He says one player. You Realistically Want Your team to sign in January again arsenals just chilling out the rest of the season. Whoever we get I hope he can chill out to A? I hope it's vibes cool. I hope he's end a chilling out with me and the boys. It's Yeah I just hope he gel. Well you know it doesn't you know. Just we're just. I'm just taking L. for the season just sixteen games but Marin who would you like for your team I want I want three days. I want to James in one. Jack I want James Madison. I'm one James Mcginn and I'm one JAG RELIG- I want a creative midfielder stat because we got the tack sort of functioning Washington right now Radford he's on a tear he's beating Rinaldo in every single stat at the same time or the same time period that Raza's Ashford has played a united then Rinaldo When he played out Renaldo at United so I wanNA creative midfielder to just feed marcus the ball again and again and again and genuinely cannot think of three better youth English prospects that those three players James Mcginn just a creative attacking midfielder who has an eye for goal? I love that Shit Jack Religion I mean the perfect the hands down unperfect number ten his movement on and off the bull has passing his touches shooting his finesse. I mean God dammit Jack. Religion is my favorite favor claire at the moment so I'm really hoping we get him and then easing hair. Look amazing hair. Oh my God damn out I am sexually the attracted to that man and finally James Madison also amazing hair also sexually attracted to that man Dan because his passing and I it's just fucking and sublime it's it's shifts kiss kissing that Astle Grou- wow you could make me do some horrible things to you James if you just pass it to me like if I'm running down the field and I look over and James Pass it to me. There's a nine out of ten chance that I'M GONNA go down on that man later that day because he just has the most beautiful the vision in soccer the most beautiful shots in soccer holy. Shit James Madison Jagger James Mcginn. GimMe all three right fucking now. Yep and whoever arsenal gets hope. You're cool next question. I love this bit. I'm trying to pull up the INSTAGRAM. Okay Rio Tom Underscore Purvis two-for-two says is it really Liverpool's year in quotations he says full capitals for the love of God say no Sorry Thom it is Liverpool's year. I don't WANNA call it early but I'm calling it early liberal liberal just give them the title now. I don't see them dropping as many points as they did last year to lose the title. I think it's pretty much wrapped up. Yeah kept what do you think. The percentage is at right now. I'd give Liverpool a ninety two percent. ooh Nine percent chance of winning. I was GONNA say eighty nine percent so I we're we're in the same boat. Yeah right there next to each other it would take some crazy shit like Liverpool literally has to like have the the entire squad injured like something like I'm not saying this had it would have to be something where a coach like you're in club falls ill or like the the entire squad. It's like just some something absolutely. There's no possible way in my mind that Liverpool loses the League next question cassidy. Underscored Lamu says does United Win over city mean anything for the rest of the season or is it just fluke Martin I mean I think that this week in a whole was absolutely excellent. Assault your and Manchester United. I mean to wins over to top. Six oppositions a win over two of the best coaches in the world unquestionably pat and Mo.. So I think that will will. It can do a whole lot to the confidence of of this united team going forward and at the same time really damage the city team going forward Lord. I mean pep hasn't had a super great Start to the campaign in. This certainly didn't help and we kind of already touched on it. I don't see this shipping on sank. The ship is saying he can't get too challenging Liverpool anymore. I mean fourteen damn points but at the same time. Manchester United is sentenced sixth. I think there are seven points off Chelsea right now. I'm not going to fact. Check that ship because we don't have facts tax here so I think that it can definitely be a turning point weather. The opportunities are there for four to be one. That's a whole nother question. But this is such an important match. This past Manchester Derby and such a pivotal point whether they improve from from here or whether they declined from here for both teams so I think it's certainly pivotal but I don't know how each team is going to bound from this because the soccer God's only know that information and I'm only a soccer demi-god exactly I felt as though I learned more about Manchester City falling apart in Manchester United's form. That makes sense. True true were you know where the wolves were the Manchester Wolves guys. We've gone for full circle. We're chasing our own tail. Say It's one thousand nine hundred ninety eight. I will say that is pretty bad ass name. Bright right I roll with it. Roll with it rock with it Next question comes from our twitter lads underscore podcast mattie nips at underdog underdog S. P. says is New Year's Eve the most overall Martin. What do you think? New Year's Eve overrated underrated I in dig New Year's you eve sold it because I hate every other holiday Like I fucking love. Halloween on light Thanksgiving but New Year's Eve. That's the shit. Christmas can sucked ten Dick's Fourth of July. I mean whoop de do Birthday that happens every year Valentine's Day. That's my half birthday. So that also happens every year mm-hmm yeah I fuck with new years and it's right in the middle of the busiest soccer period of the year so I I love it plus fucking. NCWA playoffs baby. So I'm all about that. Yeah New Year's Eve I I'm a fan I like going out I'm I'm I'm going to a nears eve like roaring twenties Gatsby Party. I'm going to be all like fucking in my peaky. Blinders getting palm aid from my mustache. Me Looking fucked fine dog and I'm so jazzed about it. I like New Year's start of a new year makes them resolutions. I won't hold up and it's good time a final questions come from discord channel. which is our chat room where people who like the show like soccer and drinking all hang out and talk some footy? First question comes from Radford Stan account he says do you call it a Gooch Orient gruntal. I'm gooch man myself I don't I've never called it a granola according undercarriage gooch the the no man's land or take a love to I'm and myself. Yeah Golden State Coal. What is scientific? That's tight where they're not the tape right there in the last question. Xxx Big baller. Sixty nine x six x our good good friend. Neil he said how does my have beer. Look and it's his beard shaved in half finished the picture of him. You can't see it but it's very funny. He's wearing an arsenal beanie. Neil looks fantastic. You Look Beautiful. Thank you for your addition I I you know Martin. He looks great. I just imagining what I think. Xxx Big baller. Six nine looks like and I think I have it right on the money. You look great you Neil Neil. Is the man. Well guys. Thank you so much much for hanging out with a stay tuned for Friday. We're having a good friend Jerry Manzini on the show. He's a pretty big soccer personality to talk from Syria. He's a Chelsea Fan as well. So we'll definitely talk some premier league. We'll talk some Champions League. Make sure to whatever subscribe. Leave a review that will be sick. That helps the show subscriber follow or social media. I'm horrible at plugging ourselves. And Yeah we also have a website lads podcast where we have a team team of writers. If you'd like to be one of those just message me on social media and one of the labs accounts and I'll get back to you and give you the email it's lads podcast ninety four I'm just email me whatever you want to write in. I love you man and I will be talking to you next week. Bye Bye. 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