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That's what a p. h. not of the if you're a smoker, you know, switching isn't easy. You've tried. Apes and e six. They just didn't deliver the satisfaction you expected. But jewel is different. It's not an e cigarette. It's vapor product that actually satisfies plus is simple to use and there's no cigarette ash and no lingering odor as a smoker. You expect a certain nicotine experience, right jewel delivers give jewelry. Try check o. j. u. l. dot com. Slash sports switch and be satisfied. Yes, you can do both warning this product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. This is this even a Smith show podcast. Hey, what's up? Everybody. Welcome to the latest addition to the Stephen, a Smith show coming at you as I love to do every weekday over the airwaves of ESPN radio. And of course simulcast over the live national television airwaves of the SPN news number to call triple eight say ESPN that's eight, eight eight seven, two, nine, three, seven, seven, six jam packed show coming your way today time for straight. Talk brought to you by straight talk wireless, best phones, best networks, no contracts, lots of stories to get into the day. Make no mistake about it. Stuff to talk about Zeke. Elliot had to say about Dak Prescott some games to get into featuring. We've got the Rams going up against the Minnesota Vikings on Thursday night football today, definitely stuff to get into James. Winston had a few things to say, yes, they will be talking about that. Of course, on the NBA side, there's LeBron James and Luke Walton calling him a close in saying, that's the main this Kevin Durant and he's under appreciated and underestimated as a defensive player. This kyri. Ervin talking about the Celtics, what he expects from them this year. And one of those things include winning the championship because they're more than capable of beating the Golden State Warriors. But the first auto business, the first order of business, of course, I got Tedy Bruschi coming on our number two, it's well. The first order of business ladies gentlemen, breaking news over the last hour and a half or so ago. The Carolina Panthers have signed forty, nine or safety, former forty, nine and safety. Eric re to a one year deal. If you recall, Eric ry was without a job, couldn't find a home despite being a quality safety in the National Football League. Now, there will be people that will point to what he was it some mistakes that he made on the football field, etc. Etc. And lament the fact that everybody was going off about him not having a job, but the fact is those people would be informed because while you look at him and see a perennial all pro or anything like that. The brother can play. He could play better than a lot of people that were in the National Football League that are in a National Football League. And the reality is, is that he shouldn't have been without a job buddy was, and we all knew why. Because read was one of the more prominent players who joined Colin capper Nick in kneeling during the national anthem in twenty sixteen to protest social injustice and racial inequality. He had gone side to out the off season and into the start at a regular season despite up Follett season playing multiple roles in San Francisco last year, reading from NFL dot com. But we also know that the Carolina Panthers needed help that to save these because the research one on injured reserve before week three was looking cushion. Carolina safety struggled last week against the Cincinnati Biggles backup. Colin Jones. Got the start. The team turned a rookie Shawn golden during a win, but they're not evergreen. And if you the Carolina Panthers when you consider the kind of trouble that former owner, Jerry Richardson got into because for some reason over the past decade. He was, let's say, acting inappropriately towards women and ultimately was forced to sell it easy. And so under under new ownership here come, the Carolina Panthers and overall story, and all of this transcends a particular market. It ain't about Carolina is about the National Football League, and it's not just about the National Football League this about the public launch. As we sit here today. And if you turn the CNN Fox News MSNBC or anybody else, you know what's going on supreme court justices and testimony being given. We don't need to get into that. But the fact that the matter is with all of that stuff going on for some reason, millions upon millions of people were preoccupied with supporting common capitec and anybody who supported him being with out of job. Because they had to d'amerique the unmitigated, gall exercise their rights as American citizens and take a knee during the national anthem. Now on the record saying it's not something I would have done. I understood how it would be interpreted. I would have deemed it not worth it, and it's not something that I would have done not to mention. I wouldn't want to be a distraction to the National Football League because my protests would not have been against the National Football League. If protecting. Social Justice issues and racial inequality issues against the National Football League. Then I might have used the National Football League Sunday afternoon sidelines as a platform put because my argument was never against the National Football League. If I'm playing for the National Football League, I would not have chosen that venue to make that point out of respect and support of the league upon which is a neighboring meet and make millions upon millions of dollars. That would have been my position. But that doesn't mean that I'm devoid of recognizing. The fact that it was perfectly within his colleague happenings, right to feel otherwise and to exercises, right. Not just as an American citizen, but as a National Football League player because there was no rule in place prohibiting him from taking a knee. If he worked for the national for the National Basketball Association, he would have been in violation of their rules because it's in their contracts to stand for the national anthem, the same as applicable to the major league baseball. The same is applicable to the National Hockey League. So had he done it in one of those in us, he would have been in violation of it, but the same National Football League. Who Senator John McCain former Senator, John McCain, God rest. So who just passed away recently once purport it, the National Football League, like other leagues heading gauged paid, patriotism, courtesy of the defense department who was given the league's millions of dollars to do that to promote the military to promote patriotism. And since they was doing. So to me, it was incumbent upon the National Football League to make sure it was inserted in the play contracts that to had to stand for the national anthem dammit. They've been getting money for the defense department since two thousand seven or two thousand eight and never found it within themselves to compel a play to stand for the national anthem. It was never in their contract. It was never in their contract. What the NFL said is we strongly encourage, they never mandated. And if you never mandated, then that very player that you chose to ostracize, you chose to ostracize him instead of pointing to your negligence and deficiencies in not making sure that that mandatory clean was put into these contracts. To wash, should you be allowed to hold it against Collor capping. Or anybody like Eric Reed and others who are willing to support him. Now the owners identifying around and say this business, and they have a good point ladies and gentlemen, it is about business. It is about their bottom line. They didn't give a damn that Colin Kaepernick was Neilan. What they care about is once it came to the attention that it may have been affecting their bottom line. And as a result, the Bob McNair is Jerry Jones and others were saying, no, you will not do that. Jerry Jones don't give a damn about patriotism. Jerry Jones gives a damn about green. Jerry Jones is in the business of making money. You just saw everybody bloviating about the fact that the Dallas Cowboys are worth five billion dollars right? That's what Jerry Jones cares about. And if his bottom line is going to be compromise, as I was told, he told to the Dallas cowboy players in a meeting last season. This is not a football meeting. This is a business meeting, and if you take that position your bottom line, and if you affect my bottom line gonna FEC yours, that's business. You may not like it, but to got gotta respect it. But here's where the times have gotten tricky for the National Football League. Member how we all made the noise about Colin capping acc- being the face of Nikes thirtieth year. Commemoration of the just do it campaign. And we lamented how Nike was going to lose money. Well, lo and behold is the other sneak accompanies that's been losing. Nikes made billions. Since having that commercial at commemorating Colin cabinet would it's just do it campaign. They've made billions. Nike's Chilin. So if you are the National Football League in your Jerry Jones, if you want a National Football League and you Mr. Bob McNair owner that Houston, Texas, who can't seem to win a damn game these days who sitting there talking about how we can't let the inmates run the prisons. If you're that guy. Oh, anybody that feels like him in Jerry Jones purportedly feel. What do you have to say today that Nike's making money because of Nikes making money, that means they have support and if Nike is making money and has the support who's to say that you would not have if you're Jerry Jones or your Bob McNair. But why let Tino and beyond in a state of Texas stand up. In the state of Texas stand up because you've got to owners in your state who was swearing up and down. That's supporting colored cabinet was bad for business. And if it was bad for business, how come Nikes not being affected? And if Nike has proven, it's good for business. Maybe it's good for your business. Maybe Jerry Jones. You might make more money supporting collared capital. Maybe Bob McNair, you might actually be relevant. Your team might actually be relevant if you supported Colin cabinet ever thought of that. See, we thought. That it was bad for business and then NFL owners revenue went up four point, nine percent last season and each owner cash. The check for two hundred and fifty five million dollars a piece. And now Nike is made billions off a Colin cabinet commemorating its thirtieth year anniversary of the just doing campaign. So guess what? It ain't bad for business. Now, what's your excuse. Now, what's your excuse. TD, Eric Ries re-signing transcends him being employed by the NFL. You don't want it also does. It also shows everybody in the NFL in on the same page when it comes to college capping, it also buffers Colin cabinets case because of Eric re can find a job particularly considering the plethora of safeties that actually exist in the NFL. And I'm not saying that they aren't some scrubs up in there. But the bottom line is there's more scrubs at the quarterback position than they are to save people's issues. So why wouldn't Colin cabinet job which buffers this argument about collusion being exercised that gets them and remember what collusion is all about. Ladies and gentlemen, it's very, very important. It doesn't have to be a Qadri of owners communicating with one another throughout the league. All it takes a couple of people. If colleague, cabinet, compute improve via emails, text messages, or whatever the case may be that there was actual communication about him amongst a couple of owners. That's all he needs to prove collusion. This is a big day. This is a huge day because the National Football League is in a world of trouble. Now, this is a step in the right direction, make no mistake about it. And I'm not talking about the league office when I'm talking about the National Football League. I'm talking about some owners getting exposed and not just because of their business acumen or lack thereof, or commitment to the bottom line and nothing else, which means they're probably a moral as opposed to moral or immoral. It might be flat out prejudice. And it might try and might. Be transitioning along state lines. It's not an accident to me. That the two most outspoken owners against Colin capital happened to both become a from the state of Texas. That's why I'm challenging the state of Texas stand up and make sure your voice is heard. And make sure that it's not Jerry Jones of Mr. McNair speaking for you and I'm not accusing anybody of being prejudiced. I'm talking optics. I'm talking about how something looks. We get to pay attention to that, particularly in this day and age. Then particularly with the metoo movement, which has nothing to do with Colin cabinet by the way and beyond. Have things look, evidently matters. It of how things look, evidently matter bin. How does all of this look right now? Colin cabinet is making money for Nike hockey, Cam make money for the national football. The who the hell said endorsing Colin cabinet supporting Colin Kaepernick is going to be bad for business. Where's the proof? Where's the proof. And if you don't have that proof and is just an assumption, why would you make that assumption. These are questions that are legitimate. These are questions that can't be escaped. I know we've got Mr. Morrow with the New York Giants who was on a wreck in the immediate aftermath of Colin cap and initial protests saying that he received an abundance of emails. Unlike he's ever see before where people were swearing not to support the New York Giants. If they would bring him on board, how feel now and where these people when it comes to Nike where these people when it comes to the National Football League. Are you sure it's kinda cap, Nick? Was it the rule changes that have softened the sleek like the swearing the DJ swear inches of the world and the Josh Norman of the world. And clay Matthews of the world have been complaining about who's to say it's not the in issues and effect that people aren't comfortable with these guys heads collide with turf, and then being woozy and discombobulated and disoriented and not knowing where they're coming to going, who's to say, it's not that. We got a lot of stuff to get into today. We really, really do. This is what this is. What talk radio is made for right here. What is the real reasons for the struggles of the National Football League? Cicada cabinet? Is it protests or has he been used. As cover to gloss over and disguise. The real issues contaminating the National Football League as we speak, is it about Colin capping? It wasn't ever about Colin Kaepernick. Was it about concussions. Rules changes and the NFL's apparent insatiable appetite. To protect themselves from lawsuits and beyond by softening the game to such a degree that you'd literally have defensive players past and present speaking about the NFL, comparing it to the potential of becoming flag football and talking about how the game is disrespectful to the players. That are promoting it and uplifting it by their mere presence in the National Football League in this day and age. Edit eight, say ESPN that is the number to call this editor seven to nine three, seven, seven, six subjects, not going anywhere. We're going to entertain this subject throughout this show today because we don't rougher stuff on the Stephen Smith show. Let me be very, very clear. I'm proud employees of the Walt Disney network and ESPN, but ain't nobody ever accused me of being Mickey Mouse and we ain't about start today. Once again, another call eighty eight. Say ESPN. It's edited seven to nine three, seven, seven, six. That's one of the things that we'll get into. Another thing we're gonna get into Kevin Durant. Kevin Durant spoke to media the other day, and I'm not sure we have that sound, but he spoke to the media yesterday. About, you know, essentially being disrespected. He was asked about being a defensive player of the year being recognized for being in the league defensive player in the league. Listen to what Kevin Durant had to say in response to all of that. Do we have that sound? You know. Go ahead and play that sound for me, please. Right now know they're not going to give me anything. Even if is on a fence. I have to be clear cut better than everybody for medium and get a look. So that is a man is pure hate for me obviously in no not appreciation, no appreciation for my real skill for the game, but I get it understand where we come in from understand what we have here in this building that scares everybody, you know, regular season awards. I mean, I'm never gonna look when it comes to especially plan here for the words. That was Kevin Durant, Golden State Warriors. First of all, Kevin Durant, stop lying. Everybody's not against you. Some people auto. People have. You know, come to the conclusion, you know folks, hey, let me be very, very clear. I've said it before and I'll say again and out of respect to the wonderful in the lovely, magnificent MRs mama Durant. I do this woman. I'm not going to be respectful. That's one reason. The other reason is I happen to love Kevin Durant contrary to what y'all wanna take. I happen to love LeBron James. I happen to think that he's addicted to controlling narratives. And he's a bit too damn sensitive. But what he has met to the African American community, what he has meant to the sports community in the sports world. The role model that he is how he represents himself as family as loved ones. It's friends, etc. It's to be nothing, but admired I'm just talking basketball. When you consider the expectations that were placed on the showed us when you consider the expectations that will place on Kevin Durant shoulders, I can't say enough about who they are. And how phenomenal they have been. To the NBA to the basketball world. To to America as sports figures and specifically to the African American community remind in the world out there that for the most part, damn it. We know how to act. In a stigma that has been put out there by so many people, angry black folks don't know how to act and all of this other stuff kick rocks dammit. Most black folks do know how to act and we act ourselves to quarterly and we conduct ourselves like law-abiding, God, fearing lawful citizens. And role models like Kevin Durant and LeBron James remind the world that we do just that. I love them, brothers. I'll give a damn how they feel about me, don't know, don't care. I know how I feel about them, but we're just talking basketball and I have always lamented the fact that I thought it was the weakest move that I've ever seen by superstar. Kevin Durant leave Oklahoma City and go to a team that just lost to engage seven of the Western Conference finals. Three weeks later at a problem with that is the only problem I've ever had Kevin Durant. Other than when he accused me a line, of course. Kevin Durant is a phenomenal player second best in the world as far as I'm concerned, arguably number one. I think he'll go down as the greatest score arguably in the history of the game. And Kevin Durant has elevated his level of defensive play to the point where he warrants consideration for defensive player of the year. He's a rim protector. He blocked shots. He takes on tough defensive assignments. He runs from no one, and he's willing to defend against anybody. Kevin Durant, this phenomenal. He ain't average. He ain't good. He's not great. He's phenomenal. He's great at it. All of that. He's on that level. And that makes him absolutely right about what he's saying. Not about everybody because some of us like myself give him the credit are willing to give him the credit. He so richly deserves Kevin Durant is special and he's not just a special special athlete and basketball player. He's a special person and a special role model. The reason why I say he might be lying is to say that nobody says that about him. That's a damn lie. I reached millions every day and I'm saying Kevin Durant, something special, and it's an honor to cover him, and I will miss him when he is gone because he's that damn great mortar. Stephen, a Smith show on ESPN radio with guests and your phone calls coming up in a minute. Don't touch that down. If you're a smoker, you know, switching isn't easy. You've tried vapes Andy, six, they just didn't deliver the satisfaction. You expected jewel is different. It's not an e cigarette. It's vapor product that actually satisfies plus is simple to use and there's no cigarette ash? No lingering odor as a smoker. You expect a certain nicotine experience, right jewel delivers give jewelry. Try check o. j. u. l. dot com. Slash sports switch and be satisfied. Yes, you can't do both warning this product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an. Addictive chemical. You're listening to the Stephen, a Smith show podcast. On the line is my next guest believe doing some work for ESPN. This is a former major league baseball MVP back in two thousand and six. He led leagues in whole runs twice. Rb is three times. It's been years since I've spoken to this guy wanted a great great guys in the history of baseball. One of the best guys you could ever meet. It's just an honor to talk to him. My may Ryan how it is on allow what we right. He's on the air with me right now. What's going on, how you doing. Mr Smith was good on me. It's been a long time. Have you been first of all, man treat you? I've been great man, blessed man families getting good with our families. Good kids getting big man. Can't complain. I got. You is great to see you, man. It's been a long, but listen years phila-. Let me just put this out on Front Street is one of my favorite people. I worked at Philadelphia Inquirer for seventeen years. This brother here was always so so good to me, man. I'm so thankful and great to see as part of the family buddy. I really. Oh, thank you. Thank you. Let's get right to it because I got now you now you used to get on me when I used to be in the clubhouse what you go? Philadelphia. Because you know, I'm a dollar Yankee fan. I used to Philadelphia. I used to Philadelphia. I used to say to Philadelphia and look, y'all talk about baseball in July June July. I wait till October because I'm a Yankee. We could afford to do that because we know what they're going to be there. Right. But I gotta admit to you. I'm pretty damn concerned about these Yankees because they got a one game playoff coming up Wednesday night against the Oakland a.'s, and I'm very concerned about it because I don't. Trust them, right. I don't trust them how you feel about the Yankees, considerate, Boston and Houston, and Cleveland on American League. I like their chances in a wildcard game. Really. I like the chances in a wildcard. Okay, Oakland at home. Okay. Because like you said, you'll Yankees. That's right. And when you're in Yankee Stadium, it's the mystique, even though it's the new Yonki stadium, the mystique is always there. So I think I like what they're what they're going to be going up against in the wildcard. Now, once you get out of the wild card, it's going to be a completely different story. I think they go against Boston. We've already seen what's happened during the season a few times. I don't think the pitching is going to be able to match up with what Boston has. I think the the Yankees get out of the car, but I don't think they make it out of the division series. Got one hundred, seven wins on the season. They've been absolutely phenomenal. We get all of that, but I gotta tell you something. I think the fact that they've been so phenomenal during regular sees Ryan puts them in a position where the pressure has mounted. We all know what they say about pressured breaks pipes. Okay. I'm. Listen, I'm going to Boston breath. I'd be a little bit nervous particularly considering the way Chris sale struggled last night with his velocity. You're not concerned about Boston, it'll well, like you said, it's pressure does break pipes, but it also makes diamonds if I am correct, sir. Yes, you're correct. I know why are you making your face like that? Trying to make that gives me like, you ain't got to be like, you gotta be like, go ahead, go here, but but but just like you said, I mean, it's going to be. It's all going to depend on how Chris sale is when he comes back and then also David price getting off the snide because I don't believe that David price has won a game in the postseason as yet great pitcher during the season, but has yet to be able to go out and kind of prove himself this post or in the postseason. I think he does. I think he breaks that breaks us not and gets off of that, and and he goes out there and I think he has some good showings out there in the in the postseason this year. We're talking to Ryan Howard right here with Steven a. on ESPN radio and ESPN news as I scoured the rest of the American League outside of the obvious dominance Boston during the regular season, I'm one of those guys. I've been fixated on Houston, Houston, it's quietly one hundred games shit while they want one hundred games this year. They're forty two games over five hundred. And once Todd would Oakland, they now got a four and a half game lead. We see what they've done and you know this well as well as anybody I don't give. I don't give a damn how prolific hitting is pitching. What wins championship reigns. So when you look at Houston, starting rotation, I gotta admit to you. I still give them the age mobile Boston over Cleveland over the Yankees over the aids. Your thoughts about that. I agree with you. One hundred percent. I agree with you on percent last time that Houston was defending champion and Boston's had a great season this year, but you can't write off the defending champions. These guys are, hey, you guys wanna focus on Boston. That's fine. That takes a lot of the heat. I think off of Houston because of what Boston has been able to accomplish this year and the season they've had, which allows them to be that team that's lying in the grass and just saying, okay, hey, we'll see what happens. But like you said, you gotta face Verlaine you gotta face coal. You gonna face kaikal Charlie Morton was unreal last year. So I mean, going up against Houston, their lineup, I would say their lineup goes toe to toe with with Boston's Dino Ryan. How would right here? It was even and ESPN radio, ESPN news. Let me transition to a couple of other individuals stories away from the t. Just a little bit degrom up the graph in the New York. Mets. Eight more schools innings last night. A one seventy ERA is the fifth lowest ERA system. Ow was lowered in nineteen sixty nine. I've watched this guy. Listen, he's the only reason I watched Mets. The Mets are completely irrelevant. You know this? Okay. And I'm from Queens, New York damage, and it's almost blasphemous that I gotta pass city field into the city with how pathetic the Mets have been, but I will tell you this right? That brother is special, still special despite how awful the team has been any issue with you at all. If I say it should be a no brainer that this man was National League Cy Young, not at all. Not at all. I mean the Graham has been, he's gone out every single time done what's asked of him, give his team an opportunity to go out there and win games. Shut the other team down. That's what he's supposed to do. That's what he's done. You can't help if you're lying, doesn't go out there and get on get runs for you. I've been on teams where we've had guys like that where they've gone up, they've thrown well for us. We just couldn't get runs across warm. So I know exactly what that's like. I mean for degrom you go, you pitch about off, do what you're supposed to do every night in night out. Your team can't get you runs. So I don't think he should be punished for that in in terms of the Cy Young with what he's been able to accomplish this entire season. You know, I'm going to switch to Bryce Harper tune because Bryce hop obviously is going to be a free agent and you know, last home game with the nationals. You know, he bloviating about how much he loves the nation's capital. First of all, nobody loves the nation capital in this day and age. So let's stop lying about that. I mean, we ain't complaining about president. We complaining about politicians complaining about traffic in DC, something. Nobody is just completely happy and DC. That's a lot having said all of that, I will say this Bryce Harper hasn't had the kind of year that I thought he would have once upon a time. We were talking about him in my trout. Now it's clearly just Mike trout. How much is Bryce hop worth? I'm not talking about dollars incentives to. I'm not asking me to go there, but in terms of his value as a free agent. Right. Now, how much do you revered this guy compared to what we all thought about them to three years ago. Okay. So. Having been able to have shared the field with Bryce Harper? Yes, I've seen the highs. I've seen the good Bryce Harper and I've seen the bad Bryce Harper off seeing the hustle. Bryce Harper of seeing the somewhat lazy at times Bryce Harper. Ooh. Okay. What we'll say this. I am a Bryce Harper fan and to me when Bryce Harper decides that he wants to play and goes out there and does his thing. I feel that he is a better player than my travel. What you heard me, what heard me better than might use route when Bryce Harper. That Bryce Harper wants because Mike trout has been so consistent year in and year out. And we've seen what what Mike trout is able to do. My child is is you might as well put them down every single year as a top two top three for the MVP vote. And because you know what you're gonna get out of my Trump Harper's at up and down seasons. I get it, but the year he also went and won the MVP if Harper's able to go out there and have that same consistency of what Mike trout does to me, I feel that Bryce could be he could offset Mike trout as the best player in baseball. You, you know something right now, I listen. I want you to know that I'm proud of you be, you know, I'm proud of you. Yeah, you might. Somebody might think you have to look just got the big. Better than Mike trout. Make no sense. Look like we're talking about a career three. Oh, seven hitter. We'll career to seventy eight hit a. We're talking about Bryce Harper bat and to forty four. This year might trout bat three eighteenth talking about a model of consistency who has who's effort has never been questioned to a guy that you said of just that no matter how much love them. There have been times when you call out his laziness, right? You're going to tell me that. Listen, I asked this question. A hundred sixty two games. I understand. But if I got a question whether or not God's gonna give it to me every night doesn't tech, disqualify him from the statement. You just may. It can. It can. But I mean again to me if Bryce was somebody who's going to go out there and he decides like you know what? I'm gonna go out here. One hundred sixty two games. Put it out here every single day, right? He's easily top. He's he's easily to me. I think he can be the top player. Okay. Let me ask you. Let me put the question to you this way. Okay. Talked him my truck if he wanted three hundred million dollars and he was on the free agent market. Yes, by all means well known. Actually I will give him more than that. Well, this is what I'm saying. Player number. So you'd give them more than three hundred million, which for Bryce hopper, would I do it for Bryce? Are what I do it for Bryce. Yes, I'm asking Ryan. How if I was in the front office? Yes, right now. Probably not. Thank you and I'll probably know. Thank you. Thank thank you. And that's my point that blasphemy coming out. I could you do that Ron Howard right here with Steven. I gotta get ready. I gotta get ready to get on of here. I'm going to definitely talk to you again just before the World Series begin, but for for now, I'll ask this question who you got meeting in the World Series from each man. I like I like the dodgers. I like the dodgers do I think I think we could have a rematch. I think it could be the dodgers in the the Astros again, I would love it. If dodges that he, I would love it if you know you see, that's what I told you. The Yankees Yankees aren't going to be like that on these calls, giving him as money. I mean, Aaron judge's, Dan bread, Sanchez back tourism, those boys there. Why can't the Yankees making? I mean to happen, they're not going to have the pitching. They're not going to be able to take them all the way to the World Series. I know last year they made it to the ill she has, which is kind of AOL. She s or bust or whatnot. You want to get at least two where you got the year before, but I don't think they're going to have the pitching in and just that much tougher this year with all the talent that's out there right now, it was supposed to be born. Boy, you're supposed to people you you because Barham attend purchase. Would you impertinent bus? The only love bringing me bad news about the Yankees, even talking to them. I Ryan, how would the I love you bro? Having to have your board, but manager right now, goodbye. Ryan. How would former league MVP in two thousand and six led the league and almost twice or three, Tom knows baseball does a damn good job. I mean he's gonna be a star. You could tell it ready as speaking of blasphemy that he's actually had to destiny getting sit up there and talk about Mike trout. Not being better than Bryce Harper. Oh my Lord. Oh, my Lord ended eight say ESPN inundates ever two nine, three, seven, seven, six mortar. Stephen, a Smith show without blessed for me in a minute. I just saved hundreds of dollars by switching to Geico. I'm as happy as a clam. Geico cannot guarantee. You will be as happy as a clam on vote. Like legal team cannot accurately verify claims even experience the complex human, emotional state, known as happiness as an invertebrate. Mollusks living merged on the ocean floor with no arms legs. Wireless access what's there to be happy about a clams. All like all. I'm so happy. I didn't get turned into New England clam chowder today for regionally as chowder tall. Aw, that's so fun to say. What were we talking about? Again, gyco fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percents or more. Guess what you're in the middle of the Stephen with show podcast dammit. Been show. He has radio presented by progressive insurance with insurance for cars, home boats, motorcycles, arby's commercial vehicles wouldn't hundred, progressive aggressive dot com to the phones. We go Jordan and you live Stephen a real quick Jordan. Go ahead. Hey, what's going on how you doing. All right. You only got a minute brought. Hey. Real quick whole Capriati nineteen ninety owns exiting anything that they can't travel is off of the news. You don't be a big deal. And now with that said a lot, they took a loss for our seconds and then they come back real hard. They make a very good product. I know that because I'm very close to the body because I buy a lot of it. Quick quest for leave. What's the shoe size and what they resort give. I think you rock that they did the first of all our ties thirteen. But Secondly, that's not the issue should have been calling about right now. It's too important to sit up in bloviating about how you know Nike, because you don't have time to elaborate as to why you know Nike so well, we don't have time to ask. I was hoping that you had a stronger comment to make, but try getting tomorrow and I'll give you another chance it. They'd say, ESPN. It's edited seven to nine, three, seven, seven, six got a lot of stuff to get into for our number two. Other Stephen, a Smith show the one and only Tedy Bruschi NFL analysts extraordinaire three-time champion with the New England Patriots. He will be on the show with us looking forward to talking to him about Thursday night football, the Rams Vikings taking place. Of course, I'm going to ask him about Eric Reed being signed by the Carolina Panthers going to ask him about Colin cabinet as well and affect everything has had on this league. Not to mention the lead rules were clay Matthews and DJ swearing during Josh Norman, all complaining about how soft the NFL has become. So it'll be real interesting to talk to teddy Bruschi about that. Plus I wanted to take a moment to remind y'all. I have a special sports in addition of the Stephen, a Smith show tonight on ESPN two from seven to eight PM. I'll be talking about man a-rod about the upcoming major league baseball playoffs be talking about talking to dabbled sweet head coach for the Clemson Tigers obviously with Kelly, Brian, not we'll look in the transfer now that the job has been given two, Trevor Lawrence at the quarterback spot. And of course the great one, Sir, Charles himself, Charles Barkley as well. So stick around and check out. Tonight's special edition sports. In addition with Stephen, a Smith, our number two up next, the one and only Tedy Bruschi is going to be in a house with yours. Truly Stephen Smith show ESPN radio, ESPN news. Don't touch that down.

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