A Better Car Will Attract A Better Driver: Cyril Abiteboul Interview


Coming up on today's sport. Podcast an interview with Cyril visible in the latest intervene for the thinking forward series of thought leadership discussions on the podcast today. Motorsport Network President James Allen and Motorsport Dot COM F one edge on the mobile speak to Cyril a visible sport racing managing director about what the coronavirus crisis has dumbed for the ULTIMO companies and their involvement with motorsport. They also discussed what he wants to see from the Mutale amongst f one teams. How racing can appeal to a younger fan. Base and how technologies can be transferred between racing series? And of course we do ask him about his driver. Line-up Daniel Radio and he'll be racing with the next year. But what does he say to us? We'll stick around. You'll find out Cyril. Thank you very much for taking the time to join US Sundays. Hashtag thinking forward series of a see you represent one of the world's largest manufacturers that's across so many areas of multiple has been the for decades even over century including obviously the pinnacle. What's this crisis done for the APP accusing of of major manufacturers to invest in? This fool shows needs. I guess you'd serves as defender Aspect of this question. I mean there is a short-term shop. Wbz sites a trench for everyone for for all companies for for viewed to Motif but also fauna and ability. A of sectors. So I think shutdowns a obviously We like to To Mitch impotent. Put them to make sure that the research cash requirements. So that we can you know. Focus on the as Arias of the business and I guess you'd also I to see what would be a Length and duration and magnitude of the crisis which opinions did radio From an-and just chief of economic Chief and therefore I think it was important to materials that Wednesday reserve Adjust to to to the circumstance. So I don't think that the appetite disappeared. Yunos reason why must built was making sense for San? Maybe less sense photos Osteo Vanita but it was put to to seize Abode of a Unsettles end solutions to to the situation which which has been the case for being from obviously to mentioned. The history of the first ran racing. Cars were pretty much year to of of Renaissance Foundation Weatherman back in Eighteen Ninety S. So you have well over a century of racing in the brand. It's it's very much in the DNA of the company. Does that count for a loss? You contemplate the future. Yes I think so. I think if you look at what. Brands are doing Both in terms of exposure or wellness but more importantly differentiation in Batticaloa. When you're mainstream comics but also in in inviable statement you want to have a appear not as to why a consumer should be interested in your brand in your product What's in your DNA in your history and your legacy accounts to a certain degree much more than anything else Some people actually build a event and history to these don't sheds himself from brands in that segment and we all very lucky to to agree to a of being Don't forget that one of the Doha Massive died in a Embarrassed Madrid rebate tribute to Since Day One as you mentioned we've been informative one since the seventies we've been loyal to Formula One As we think you'd important to stay true to your roots to where you're coming from to your history not just because of loyalty but also because it means something that that you can affect who are to today's tomorrow's customers as nfc needs to be of of agreable strategy. We've product marketing G weaver industry people would bring Abyssinia in continuously evolving in oil Girls in your European chemical than dot of the worldwide audience Regrets agree on not as to where we conform and what we stand for and models both as as a unique value it contribution in intuit's at why we believe in tweets just like we leaving the Nobel fizeau market senior activities except that it spot except he's been of dignity that's emotional soul to all of that means a lot and that's why we've been in these for the get in into saw So it looks like we're very claims to getting a few on Route. Package agreed Regulations a blueprint of commercial rights. Giving forward do you think they are. What's needed might feminine a viable this model manufacturers. Ya think so. I think it's a much Bill Business Madera. In my opinion if condition was good enough for her on factors to join US built into spat into best is it would be even better To Moreau Weaver. As you mentioned a financial distribution of budget job we've also contains amps race on the on engine development or that is pointing in the right direction. Fossils were I ever film belief in into that. I still believe that the of entry to get as bad yet getting to Formula One is is fairly high so it would probably a Sayyah Sutphin king and commitment from someone who's not in the Scott to decide to get into sport but really for people who are in the decision to stay Ease Obviously at much easier than than it used to be. And that's what that's what we need. We need first to have a strong spelt. Incident was botany to keep the gipper while in the spot and see what can be done in order to attract multiple but in that area We need to a beach but the festival. Jesse was to make sure to keep your origins. What more could a fun to make it at a no brainer manufacturers? is no longer allowed. Julius Marketing is actually essential pop. A right call against the fisted amount would be to demonstrate. We've act what we've been talking about since years. Because claiming the pfister adobe about Budget gap which was zero resource restriction. Agreement that the back of the financial crises. Because in the night I mean that's so it's years twelve years of work so I think we need to see that decided the Nc guess result of that. If we see that we can moving to on twitter just stem to a want justice. Damn if we can the as the racing Exciting that you have a Grunstein that the food that you can get to reasonable budget for this for this marketing platform and for all older us at. I think it would be a nice demonstration right now. I think it's a. It's maybe a bit too cervical and I think We need we need to show that again. I think the price of bridging get in particular from the engine side is is expensive raising the new data that we have been walking on a bill measures as I was mentioning to reduce Bend on the engine site but again the Intrinsic Yet. Shawmut in this box already is extremely high so the next generation of Kgo who needs we have and just being really done in relation to that may have to take on these agreements to attract monkey. Business built join the coast. Costa this lockdown crisis have been on the build up to this new rules package of embarrassment theories and ideas been bouncing around. One of them was the debates around allowing customers. 'cause for short period of time to help the smaller F one teams regain their footing. What did you feel about that idea but it was also praised I I'm not a much better gina unless I think I think he's just two things I mean I on one side it's public Agreed using reason they she to do so but I see that as a as a batch as a as a fix razon the Zenda Clean Solution. Continue to see that in the spoke that highly skewed while the amounts of how many GonNa meet. Bisbee to you. Let's not forget as the final Upside of affirming well in the spot ice Jalousie in a interested. Gm A very dangerous constructions at Cana Gez the spots based Playing fields and defense of the sports action could distort competition in a way. That can be dangerous again yet. GonNa meet indication that that the Hacienda. So as out we've grown business besides MEDALLA extremely At least it would probably maintain the to Jesse stems that. I was mentioning privacy which I think people out don't really like to see. I know it's being built a Formula One in the histories or on the changing the well. That's but if to keep the software things that we need to to to leave behind think anyone wants as both and does a judge a chance to win anyone. A watching a formula. One race should have an opportunity to be surprised. We've was winning the rights. Which is not the case now. Which when the case we've we've customer estimates managements so again good beautyfix could be fixing the future I don't see that as a as a popular solution to one thing that this crises in Vistula is doing Things they went but besides Upped the WSB swing testing things. Like I don't know Hawaii but component time Formula One is being to to move wild deneen dictator that we are developing and Roseanne construction between events which is not good for suspects. Guesstimate teams having Berating together and developing what's best components for meets a fantastic web much better a much more efficient much than the customers coverage. Minoa a much more instead of the teams in place to factors again as we potentially fight on the restart. How different things going to be me? Let me get going again. Things aren't going to be exactly the same as fully crisis again because actually we have this tweaking. The infinity engine manufacturer. Saddam was shorter by two weeks on the ZOYSIA shutdown. So we started on Monday. And it's it's strange. He'd stranger because afford safety measures at the needs to be a place also after such a such a long break in the not day but the fellow the D. countries on the be difficult to get people into the mood and the mindset of those racing again. Thinking above a Steph will already happy to be back but still a little bit know a puzzled about to what what what what about. I think we need to be honest. I mean what what's racing in the context of that? What we I think. We need to Hopefully sees that crazies portfolio way Yvonne Agreements and a middle of the materials. And maybe that really that will last beyond beyond craziest like removed working on so felt but indeed a beautiful of shook effects at says that's needs to be a to put behind. We need to find new ways of working but still maintaining what we are here. Full maintaining competitiveness of organization enough factories Balancing that we that we need to finding it may be one of the active in the business of the teams of the guys on track. Would be a Wuss. Be gettable of a ticking on bulbs those new measures of new ways of working new contexts. And that's interesting The new interesting putting Mega PM. So some people view top level metrics time platform some peop- involved because it drives technology in has white at benefits. Now we're coming out of this crisis. You think that balanced changes will fight needs to shift one directionally think people will continue to be granted. They meant that we've seen a you know the platforms consumption of the platform during that loved. Donald. You know Netflix Arizona. Presold Shannon's being a being a tree launched and developed a at the right end we shunning content and entertainment of inexpiable team. People talking about is fault of Built as a good complement to Formula. One and what? The people exciting about in east built is to see. Acura racing driver compete Athletes or celebrities as accomplished Activities could beat in his Bolton. So what is both as as being able to offer Access to to to racing? I mean we can listen to the of drivers King. Tweeter out to their engineers Much we can doing the actual racing and movies at of takeaway so. I'm not as people thinking that it's all going to change. A things at the new world will be message from the previous world things about his sons and learnings for the politics and will give that to them to take a thing for us. A things at this race for efficiency. Resolution racing full of for financial sees is a great formula. WanNa goes into direction of what we need. And what people want to resent a would again talk about this collaboration. That people were extremely surprised. Excited about the lane in the UK. We had A in France where her engine activity? Geo Engine Bays collaborated to develop some ventilators. In at the time. You know what we can doing years. Some of those amounts familiar when we can do in weeks and vis a vis statement has been demonstrated again. We've act we've these type of product Eh. So maybe seeing more of corporation in Formula One Roseanne We are competing against each other them. Removing at me to stay but finding a way of teams to maybe Beat Bob could probably would be one lesson of that crisis and seventy some things at the fan generation that wants to see more corporation between companies between between nations would like to see to see moving Formula One and again We may have in the in the new deal of homework to do this type thing. Obviously the renaissance was another early. Adopter on on forming Arabian has been the big big driver of the electric mobility seeing when it comes to racing. Obviously there's been a move anyway. Towards developing electric seeing battles said the decarbonisation of of racing had will and the this crisis you impact on attitudes of manufactures. Light Rain. Wed focused that investment in the future. Do you feel that this sort of we've got through this crisis? There's another even bigger crisis the side which is climate change. It has to be addressed insurance. Yeah I think so. from transferring Unease not going to go away is going to accelerate in Batticaloa weaver. You Know Reza Comedians at the house at the again that year by in utimately secto twelve. What's most G so so yes I mean clearly yo from new needs to keep on teens a direction that it's been the case in two thousand nine we've Into Jan than twenty fourteen. We've these needs. I think we need to do a better job in marketing. Formula One imitations without so fest realities here but the messaging is To do much of that stop despising the engine technology in what's rate about seats and stops in kings next generation as I was mentioning one of the things that we would agree that we need to start planning for her. What'S THE NEXT GENERATION OF KGO? Eight fourteen twenty sixteen. Some that are twenty five and twenty six missing from so we need to start planning and that's needs to be A zombies. We should not have medic approach to Sir only Internet Commissioner Gina fully. Effing this I breathe. Mix that we have no good Meeks can shift a bit mall. Twelve Education Debbie so much value in formula. One that when we continue to drive a recent as you mention a Hani Sandwich and would familiar one day. And that's G tweet. We have which are not do formula. Innovative cost efficient way. We've we've Nissan is a youtube. The that we've developed a number of sticks with is formula ones that and then be transferred into into one saw into family. That's why I think Formula One would continue to drive innovation. We continue to drive technology. We need to make sure that it's continue to in the right direction. Very discussion about the biofuel sustainable shoot. I think it's it's great opportunities. We need to see that again in that immunity mic shows at the. It's a event in quincy stunts. We've what manufacturers and petroleum companies once on doing in the future against. Anita's movie is not going to go away. Even if as West we're consuming the beauty of agrees to change Requirements in the be is not going to disappear so Confidence again at the solutions sale. The crisis speculation renos future in spike in Paris in February said things validates. It's Sipho regarding future. You more optimistic. How has this crisis Chinese perceptual message? You getting offseason liquid may about Renan's featuring photo off to this. I am not giving any sense at all because he has joined the Compania yet as you know but it will vary sooner. Be Off of what we do. Sure signally we know so that would be a continuity between alterman intimacy. Oh she stay on as the your so the decision and the discussion we're having we ought currency or you. That both remain Abyssinia. That it's I. Manage continued is very important for what we do but for everything is that annoys is doing a local. Indeed we know that we're facing changing situation. I think it's as mentioned studio toady to measure Rio Implication of crisis says have been done by Ninety percent in inference last month for the abuse reason the people can come get out. I wonder how we manage to to ten percent of of So let's let's be honest you know. It's a major crisis so difficult to do. Not what would be really the effect but having that Christiana or the things that are you know better financial but bitcoin from price fan. Noel budget gap. We vote above the actual gap. Nevada between not secrets would be much lower than it was. And we've been pushing for years for this type of figures was Will be at will probably be a very good for us. Very close The level at which we've been operating so that good again we've been able also to push for containing crazy development race on the engine and speedy insane. What we've been spending engine and finally that's going to change so You know it happens at what crazy has done you know. I don't want to talk about the paternity when we talk about a crisis this on with so many casualties or around the world but the fact that voice as a find anybody heard as maybe a voice that representing commonsense and so again votes needs to take place. But I'm confident that if the business case was good before it's only bits on now we again just need to make sure that the the effect of the craziest would containing timing magnitude and beyond the budget cap. Do you think these this outlines regarding dr a salary cap could be important as well for ensuring that feige. Simultaneous time costs on shifted away from cost spending drivers observe. The you know we. We all know that. It's just a balloon Squeeze on the one side year. He's going to to shift on the other side. So we're going to squeeze on chassis expenditures. Ibiza there was a risk on engine expenditure which has been contained Lavelle still believes that we need Extent which would probably be a budget gap on the engine activity and the next area will will be a drivers That set needs also to be a controllable of sports than that We are arguing another teams. We have to live a hundreds of people doing that on one side. We've ordered social implications for which really we we feel we As to what teams are going to have to doing the next few months and at the same time continuing to have a an amazing information on on the driver driver gust from. It's it's unfair. Makes no sense you know talking about you know being unreasonable about their salaries? Doing the thing. In my opinion would be easier would be a Again the discussion going on about that. But we've been pushing misuse We would be heard like we've been heard on the rest well on this subject. To of drives in Formula Jive is subsidy. The News last week with Daniel. Moving on w twenty nineteen didn't work out white you will. He hoped it was going to. Do you feel that download? I way this is laid out fest and foremost. Ap's won most season once that doesn't even started and one season that is likely to be very dense. We've W Dale three but it may be for four races in a row so Remained that we have one year to a one season two together and we. We expect more out of the season than last season. That was before I'm a bit disappointed because I don't think that you can build a anything without that goes fell drivers that Truthful Rice of your Asian. We add lots of changes last year. Weep seventy percent of all staff have in change of management or how structure up to Saudi Batman new dig equal director head of a whole new engineering or. Does that happen less twelve months? He's got change would have liked to to seize adds to Fiji. The result of that will knows that there is a bit of latency addresses a result of that before her going to into the action of the driver changing the driver shuttle and then I'm surprised at the the the the activities of up to Formula One team a pushed to sort of fresh decision. And we've decided not to I mean and and to to stick to a planet or plan of riches to make a bigger if we had a bit the Gallus steer probably we will admit yes. You need Question that was a bit of God will be able to attract any driver in the future. So that's off as that's been a priority the new immigration than you'd have been appropriate jeep siblings. The future of has been Is made his decision. We're moving social structure now in terms of replaces in budgets under under pressure. You Guy for big lifestyle like Alonzo Vatalo Bossasso do you guys for a youngster. Trump. Build LONGER-TERM WE. We've not done the race. We've not done a decision. We've done the wing. The desks are offense was encouraging budgets. Just to test for me as I'm speaking. I don't know the competitiveness of Coca we order of on this but until we've known the POLKA qualifying run we don't note and that's typically compete as the goal which is a representation of competitiveness of the New People that we have and defaulted properties of. We want to put money. You just have no indication that they want to have before before I rush into decision so opposition is a position about the takings of thank to be properly informed to make sure that we make Rights decision because the next decision Andre there would be an important one reason drive rejoin US twenty twenty one St Fall. Twenty twenty two. And we know that if assaulting will not as being change which was a shift with a recreation a Have no change and we need to make sure towards the right Dr also. I know I'm not on so to your your questions. John and savvy for that but I'm not answering simply because we want to take the time to make sure we make the right decision. I think that he's been a I sort of them. You know of drivers. I expect ads. They may be another one but Of months so we data visa gunned movement a Nothing in between one intriguing Do want to ask you about is within your structure within your caddy. You've got gone Yuzu at the Chinese job in coming up through the ranks Needs to get a handful of results coming into this in this coming season to qualify for super license. What what are your thoughts on on him in his prospects about I didn't I didn't and so her we've any names to John because I don't want to put any pressure or anyone any any any light but that's exactly when I was talking about being mocking thumb bits other community than what we are now. Typically drivers you you've mentioned the name of When you do joe you have mentioned Christine Gal. A both them would a Jessica sense if you before if memories correcting to India to championship at ship with looking at the championship but then championship F Two F three championship. It's impotent for this year but to potential so far. This young generation of people in for the drivers will make to Formula. One could be facing. A problem is after trump's Some drivers would be being closed retiring and we need to ensure that we have enough drivers. fits ready to get into one. So that's typically the software that we want to find out want to see. What's the base of new alleged base of competitiveness and it could be fantastic options? Could be as we sticking. Its today's Knows you know. We've one last season of two for them. It could be as writing to do. And that's the things that we could not decide when the when the joined the accelerated hut to accelerate. We've we've onion will still. It's been fantastic talking to you as always thank you so much again for making the time to talk to us on this. Hashtag thinking forward a series. Good luck on. Got TO SEE VARIES BACK. Open and then start again soon. The very best a lot. Who when you get a resumption breaks. Music is six. Am By tree-lighting. Written by Marcus Simmons. See soundcloud dot com straight music name

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