I'm Your Woman with Director Julia Hart and Tayarisha Poe (Ep. 290)


That image of her on the stairs when the door is left open You'll like it was from a horror film. And i had this image in my head of her standing on the stairs barefoot and the the wallpaper in the curtains would be matching like they were linked els house almost feel like she was trapped inside this like perfect little dolls house but it would be completely terrifying. Hello and welcome back to the director's cut brought to you by the directors. Guild of america. Today's episode takes us behind the scenes of director. Julia hartz new drama. On your woman set in the nineteen seventies. The film tells the story of jean. A woman who was forced to go on the run after her professional thief husband betrays his partners sending her her baby on a dangerous journey. In addition to. I'm your woman. Miss hearts direct oriel credits. Include the feature films star girl fast color and miss stevens. Ms heart spoke with fellow director. Tyree schiphol about filming. I'm your woman in front of a virtual audience. Listen on their spoiler failed conversation. Hello excuses of my first time doing this. I have no. I'm just excited to mess up a little bit at the beginning. Because i'm here to talk to julia heart about her honestly about everything but also about her. Phenomenal new film on your woman flow for doing this with me. I'm a big fan of your movie. I was just saying i didn't very fun. It's fun to talk to people whose work you enjoy. Yeah so okay. This is my was trying to come up with like a really good first question. Because i feel like in these things when i'm getting asked questions about stuff. The first question is always. How did you come up with this idea which feels so. It's like i feel like. I have to explain my whole life in order to get to the point starting when i eat. I mean it's like. I'm just who i am that's all i can. Do you know what i mean and also you get to the point where you answer that question so many times you have a response in your head yourself say it anymore. Yeah i feel you. That's why my first question is a little bit different I was wondering as watching it. Because i've seen a lot of mob films. I've seen a lot of crime movies. It's one of my favorite genres End a question. I always have four. Other writers and directors of things is when you're creating something or when you're working on a story can you or by the time he gets the end of the project. No project is ever over. But by the time you've release that project into the world and let the world decide what it is. Can you think back to the beginning. And you have like. Do you remember like the first image or the first thought that came to your head where you latched onto it. And you're like this is it. This is the story this is that movie. Whatever it's gonna end up being this is the image that got you there. A hundred percent And i love thinking about it that way. It's the Have you seen michael. Man's movie thief is his first feature. Okay and he loved his genre. You'd definitely check it out. I loved genre to and There is a anything away doing. Here's a moment. let's talk about after you see it but there's a moment where Tuesday weld gets in the car and drives off. She plays Ons camera If they actually get married or if she's just as girlfriend but And the first time. I saw that movie And i saw that image. I couldn't stop thinking about like what happened next to her That was definitely the beginning of the character of jean and her journey make sense. The woman getting left behind the woman children getting sent to the safehouse. That sort of thing. It's really cool. Stuff happens the men and they go off to war and all of that and no saying nobody ever they just the women just disappear like they just are not in the store anymore in the men go kill everyone or get killed you know and then oh yeah. I have a child banging on my door. How old is this linh. Lives zoom webinars. Well you can't really fault a two year old erupting anything and i. I also have an open door policy. Feel like i remember. I think it's tony morrison. Did the same thing who always had her door open. She was working with her kids at home. I don't i never wanna say to them. Like you can't come in here appraiser and i just love that and you know this kind of thinking getting interrupted who cares because sometimes it leads to them. Bring me a lady bug or hugging me. That's really nice. I don't think i've ever heard that regaining by not letting your child interrupt you but there's eating by letting them interrupt you anyway. Do they ever go with you to set. Yes seemingly locate the whole family. Because jordan jordan husband who we write together and he produces an aigdirect We're very lucky that we get to go make you know he makes some stuff without me but mostly at this point especially now that we have two kids and were making a lot of Movies together. It's just easier to just like have that. Be the the Professional focus and it's nice 'cause we get to keep the family together but yeah they. I know there's going to be a day when they don't wanna come with us anymore. But we've been asking them up and taking them to albuquerque where we shy girl and then pittsburgh where we made a mere women. So it's it's been an amazing nanny Who's been with us for four years Comes with us and with very very lucky. It's a whole lot. It is a lot but it's kind of thrilling to hear you guys do it or to see you all do it and to see you all out to read interviews with you altogether and to hear about how you support one another and how like every example of working parents talking about being working parents in this industry is helpful and is useful. Because i think that it you know it inspires us to have conversations about childcare onset and about creating an environment that's all inclusive in that sense so that it's not making a choice between seeing your family ever and doing a project. None of us should have to make those choices. So i I i keep my sets in. It's part of what sad i think about right now during covid because families is it like i o again if it if it makes sense for them like they're children are always welcome to come are always welcome to come and actors. I think in particular appreciate that because a lot of the time. They don't get to go home at night to their kids. Yeah other state So i always when when when people can have their kids come visit. I always urge people to bring my kids are on set all the time and I do think it's important to normalize at my favorite story about it was when my older son was two when he was kinda i. It was the the vast color and it was kind of the first time he was like consciously on a set and wasn't like a baby in a baby carrier said to our nanny marino her Why is everyone looking at mama. Marina said because mamas in charge. Oh god i loved. I didn't hear this. Of course like she just related to me later and i just loved I loved that you know. That's how how we start to change perceptions in young men young white men seeing women and people of color in leadership roles from a young age. You know Can make all the difference. Yeah we're just the normal thing and it is what it is and mom's the boss here and that's just what it is. I love that that's great. That's really that's really interesting. That's also kind of. I mean watching. I'm your woman it feels like but there's also because we'll it feels like it's a. It's a story of abou motherhood but also bell slightly larger about how women the identity of women tends to be connected to their relationship to other people so a woman is somebody's daughter woman somebody sister. Somebody's mother somebody's wife and it's fascinating to watch this story. I'm your woman And to see this character go from identity to identity entity even felt like as she like that on instagram. there is like the god. I hope i'm not stepping in anything. But you know how an instagram. There's the whole like traditional wife like insect. Trad wife thing. I don't know about this but that sounds fascinating. It's just like you know. Maybe i'll be like just i'm not super into. I'm not super invested in the community. So i only do it through passing but watching her. Put on these different identities being this. Stay at home wife without children in this pink housecoat and then watching her go into this other identity of being kind of like almost a single mom who doesn't really talk to other adults and like her voice so soft the first time she speaks after so long that sort of thing and then going into this other identity of like almost like the woman who's waiting for her husband to return from like panning for gold like the home setting life and that sort of identity. It was fascinating to watch this woman picked up and placed into these other or entities Into these identities because i found it to ultimately be a story about a woman who is trying to figure out what it even meant to just be into just like be a woman alone and tell me if i'm wrong or not wrong but what i took from her was that it's god again. I seventy anything but it felt as though it's almost not worth it to just be a woman alone because who would want to just be alone. And what if it's not that we're or discarding your identity or discarding all of these connections these relationships. These identities doesn't necessarily lead to freedom. Sometimes freedom comes from leaning harder into those identities leaning harder into the idea of being a mother into being a nurturer into being somebody who cares for the collective. That was a lot of rambling. But i just wanted to be so lucky. That i'm i'm getting to sit here talking to a filmmaker who i respect and admire and have you like so get what the movie was up to but also just like analyze it and speak about it so beautifully. Thank you know what i i. I don't love the notion that feminism means rejecting any type of traditional female roles. I actually for me. Feminism is embracing. Whatever kind of woman you want to be another. You know the press the vice president of the united states more housewife Like i think all like whatever it is you want to be as a woman. Feminism should allow you to be that thing and be at proudly and so i really loved the idea of telling a story about an ordinary woman who her greatest ambition is to be a wife and mother. yeah Obviously that bubble bursts and several times for her you know in infertility in the portrayal of and disappearance of her husband. You know she. She's constantly kind of having to reassess what those roles means. We're in those eight and and like put on a new identity and then take it off and put on a new identity and take it off and it was super fun to explore that with my costume designer and and rachel brosnahan plays gene But i love this idea too. Because i think i think it's so interesting greg because we wrapped movie in december of two thousand nineteen. It suddenly took on this whole new relevance and putting it out in quarantine in twenty twenty. Because i don't think we want to be alone. And i think that's okay said like what does it mean to be a woman alone and how and how hard and isolating lonely can be. And i think ultimately the message that i wanted to send was that like in is about shedding shedding those ideas of what connections a woman should have and just embracing the ones that are better for you. of you know getting pregnant and giving birth shamed for her in not having go the way it was supposed to go you know and this platonic relationship with cow and this Bond that she creates with terry and understanding This this new idea of what motherhood is for her and embracing that to you. Know that it's it's not necessarily a bow like being alone and being strong woman. It's about embracing. I think i think i said it already. But just embracing the connections that better fewer embracing the reality of like who cares that she couldn't give versus trial trial life and she's his mother. Now you know and that it's like it's not it. It might not look like what you wanted it to look like what you thought. That identity isn't necessarily about what you thought. It should be or what you wanted to be. It's about what it is Just being just being who you are as a woman is all you have to be flaws that yeah yeah. That's really that also makes a lot of sense. Just you know in talking to you about kids on set and motherhood and being a filmmaker and being not just the filmmaker but a filmmaker who's busy and has a lot on her plate and not necessarily juggling those things in those identities. But how do we are creating an environment in which all of those identities are accepted are part of who you are so. It's not as though you actually. Do you feel as though you have. To put on like your. Do you feel when you put on. Your gods is such a weird way to say the when you put on your director hat. Do you feel as though you have to like take off a mother hat and also i should preface by saying. I don't want to just like in terms of identities. i don't want just talk about you. As a mother who is also director writer. But i'm also like a young woman who director who wants to be a mother. And i'm like jesus who do i like how will i know about the. I appreciate using file. I actually love talking about it because it is such an american and you know. That's so cool. That young woman who is a filmmaker and once mother. Someday you're curious about that all be there for you when the time really. That actually aren't a lot of us and we need to be together but it. It's not easy but it's also like the two best things like. I just feel so lucky that i get to have both of those things that i get. Put both of those things together By having my kids on set. And just making people deal with it. But i i don't i couldn't take the hat off if i wanted to like. I kinda just wear all the hats together. sometimes takes crews a minute to like adjust to that. Because i think it is. I think i'm in this like really interesting. In between generation of female Are women who are in charge in the industry s directors like obviously producers and executives and and presidents of studios in like there are a lot of women there a lot of leadership roles that women can take on in this industry. And i'm this interesting in between generation where I didn't have to like you know. I think there is an older generation of women in industry who've had to put up with even more than we have. They had to be the first women in those positions and had to maybe hide some of their female nece or couldn't kids because people wouldn't give them a job if they were worried about like them having to deal with their kids. Yeah and so. I feel really lucky that. I've benefited from a lot of that and been able to be really unapologetic about my femur illnesses leader in my mother. My status as a mother In leadership like disney hired me to make Star girl when i was six months pregnant and they move reduction initially wanted to shoot around my due date and they moved production three months. And you know. I was still making a movie with an eight week old baby and hard but they really took good care of me and i don't know that that would have happened even ten years ago. You know at the meteors giulio or it wouldn't have been a part of the publicity and marketing. Do you know what it wouldn't have been a plus so would have been a hassle exactly. I think it's i think for me. It's important to wear all the hats at once. Because i'm i'm just kind of who. I am and i don't. I don't know that i would have survived. Act when you had to i. Those things are not talk about those things because that must be really hard. I couldn't do it sometimes. I think about that. Like i don't know if i would. Yeah i think about that sometimes. If ten years ago i would have been able to stomach. I don't. I'm not very good at swallowing things. Like not great at if something is wrong if somebody is being treated wrong if somebody just can't not say i can't point at it i can't like i have to poke at it. Because it feels so things could be easier and people could be kinder and things have to be that difficult so sometimes i wonder like or not wonder but i do feel so grateful to all those who came before me all the women although black women all the people of color who came before me in this industry to jest be those people to disrupt things. Yeah abuse people to disrupt things into to take the hits so that the it's was kind of smoother for the rest of us in a and it's still hard you know. Yeah and you know like on. I'm a woman. But i'm obviously a white woman and so that's a totally different thing than being a woman in the industry and you know so. I can't even begin to imagine the the hits that still happen. That i don't end up that don't end up coming my way. Yeah but it you know it's it's i think it's better. I think it's finally especially after this year may be a little bit better. I think it's better work. Yeah of course. I also god. What will you look like if there wasn't work for us to do you know. What would this industry looked like if we were you know if every set were ada accessible and like everything was silly. I don't even. I don't know what that look like. Not because it doesn't exist or it's impossible but because part of me thinks it would require know stripping things down to their bones and kind of figuring out who build the system back up again. That's with most rooms in place that chant. Yeah that are already set in their way things. Yeah you know all of that but it's really interesting to think about that way. Hadn't thought about that. Yeah yeah okay so this is a question about just like the color of the film and color story of it. I think i mentioned earlier. That pink housecoat that gene starts out in and then when she walks into the house and i watched the beginning of this film a lot of times because i just love when a film starts out and it feels like a story book is opening and i think that this does that really well and then i i keep watching the beginning of because of that color story. That's told as soon as she walks into the house and it's just that perfect creamy buttery yellow happy home and then when her husband Eddie walks in and he takes off his coat and they're sitting on the couch. She's in pink and eddie's in that blue and they're in this yellow home and it just felt like i was watching like that moment always makes me feel like i'm looking at like a catalog for those model homes or something like that like the billboards on the side of the road. If you lived here you'd be home right. Alex something like that. And just like seeing how you all are seeing how you all use color throughout the film. I just couldn't help but wonder what was that process of choosing all the just like the color story process for you. And the pedometer designer. Yeah i like literally want you to do. Dvd commentaries for. My movie talks wrong in. I just are you talk. How do people make these things. That's every time. I watch a movie just like how did they do. Also yeah i have. I love color. Music in color. Are my two favorite things about. It makes a lot of studies and I have a really amazing team was for some of us are third movie together and for all of us are second movie together. And there's so great about when you find your family your crew family. And you're all just like vibing in the same area and something that i always do in prep. Is we have a color meeting with all my apartment. Heads we Gay buckley my production designer so she. This is our. I'm your woman is our third film together. And she's ingenious but Always she she in the archer. Kirkman puts up Like a photo essay of each location in story order and a lot of it is about co about color. Might not necessarily be something that you know. It might just be like a paint swatch. Just talk about what the color of each of the places and we walk through it with my dp costume designer and And gay production signer and oftentimes set decorator to And we just walked through the whole movie and talk about the color. And i think everybody being on the same page about what we're thinking like texture and color that we're thinking about in terms of what they're wearing. What's behind them and And the location and brace. My dp is thinking about in terms of The lighting in the way that we're gonna shoot it it really helps to. I think paint those pictures exactly as you want them to be. If everybody's on the same page about what's happening in every in every location the is it is pretty spectacular when it all just kind of like when that robe fits her that that dream yet her and looks great on and that like blue terry cloth polo shirt to when it all just kind of comes together like that. It's magical it's like. Oh okay we're we're in. We're in the space that we that we wanted to be an. It's working yeah. I love that moment when you're watching film and it just feels like it's like it's like this is the point of this movie like this whole this moment right here. This image right here in front of my eyes is exactly what i'm doing here and i love when it happens again like an hour later into the film. You're like this is the point of this movie this image right here. I feel like that's so like sometimes watching a movie feels more like a scavenger hunt for those moments which i guess is kind of like conversation. Or just like yeah. It's like conversation league i think of. Oh that's an. I never thought about that. It is kind of like a conversation that you have as viewer when you're watching a film you're kind of feeling. Not what is the thesis of this film. What is this film saying to me. But just what is the point of all of these other frames like. What are the frames that all of these other frames are framing. What for you like. Do you have images like that in the film that come to mind like if you not like promotional stills or anything but just things that in your head you know what i mean because they people choose those and you're like okay. I wouldn't have chosen those necessarily but but just like for you. What are those like. This is the reason everything that is in. This movie is for this frame right here. Do you have any of those. I love this question. So that one definitely that. And the fact that he the fact that she comes into that shot moon alava and then he leaves it and they had as on the couch next to her and just playing with the metaphor in the imbalance of that and and That that was that was a big one for me And also just this idea that. I think you were getting at like the billboard the catalog ways to make what are supposed to be or what we're taught as kids are like safe spaces fuel really and that's fun to do with filmmaking. Because you're like this is so pretty. Why does it feel so wrong. Like sound and music and lighting. Like taking is really important to me to make that safe house that she i is left at that. Like tiny little row house that she's left at feel like totally nice and normal and make her neighbor. Evan evelyn feel totally nice normal but have everything feel completely wrong. Oh my god yeah. It was so stressful. Which genital and this the predominant. Images that i had in my head of the film was That image of her on the stairs when the door is left open. You'll like it was from a horror film. And i had this image in my head of her standing on the stairs barefoot and that the wallpaper in the curtains would be matching like they were with els house. Almost you know a feel like was trapped inside this like perfect little dolls house but that it would be completely terrifying and then the other image and it's cool when this happens and i wonder if ever happens to you where you had. You couldn't possibly have actually create conjured the image because it involves chil- child in a baby numb dream of what it'll be in the know that like you have no control over it on the day except for what they're wearing unless they those up on their costume and you have to have it be now inch towards the end of the film where Harry gets put in paul. The baby gets put in paul's the older boys lap. Oh yeah yeah that to me was like move movie like this next generation like how we can. We can be better so they can be better. I hoped we'd be able to do it. You know damore as a ten year old boy. This is a squirmy seven-month-old baby. I hoped we would get a favorite moment in the movie and event even more beautiful than i ever imagined. Rachel put think it was. We'd twins and someone who it is. But sometimes i think it was. James puts jameson into murray's lap and he starts crying and we were like and then he turned and looked at demari. And yeah matt. It's i think. I spent all of one church like watching that. Take over and over again. That day. I couldn't believe that we had gotten it But it's that kind of stuff too. That's the best where it's like certain things like i could control a lot of those images right. I could control that image of gene in my head on the stairs. I could have the actor. Stand where i wanted to stand. I could talk to my ep about the shot list and making sure we got that shot. That was that image production design all of that right. But then when it's like a kid idiots like i hope we get something and then dodd like the greatest thing. In my opinion you could get between the child and a baby on camera. So it's not as yeah when those images that are totally unpredictable come to life is all seoul. It's cool when the images in your head that you imagined as you imagine them come to life but then it's even better. I think when something more than you ever could have imagined. Yeah i love that. I feel like that's that is that a magic is the right word. That is the thing that always feels like magic when it's something that you couldn't even like waking up this Small but it feels like a. I remember the first time that my nephew woke up on christmas day and he was old enough to understand that it was like christmas day. And you get presents and there's a tree and stuff like that and he just walked downstairs and he was like oh my god who has blown away at the production. It was just like the regular pay but he was finally old enough to understand what was happening. And i feel like that's what it felt like. I love walking onto the set and having that feeling of just like who went into my head and took these ideas. If you'll like magic if you're really such a crazy what we get to do is crazy. It's it makes no sense to me. I love it. So it's it's really. It's it's I sometimes when i do. the walk. Through of the set with my set decorator definitely have cried multiple tight like especially. If it's like a hero set pla the you've been living in your head a lot exactly and then it's there and it's real it's over. Yeah because it feels like it feels like so much of the work before actually getting to set and making the thing is like convincing people so much of it is just like trust me. It's in my head. I'm trying to spell it out on paper but trust me when all of these elements come together to be magic. It's going to be amazing. And so then when you finally do get there it really is so cathartic. I wasn't lying to myself that whole time. It's real and we can all see it and we all did it together. I think that's also the thing that makes it so nice. It's not just that you alone have done this thing. But it's like look at this thing that we all came up with and like figured out how to put on together. There's something about the communal aspect of that moment. That makes the magic more real. Talk about filmmaking. That way. Because that's how i think of it like it's nothing like yeah team of artists and collaborators. Creating something together. And i it. I don't know i. I wouldn't want to be a director who is like. It's my you know you still have to be a leader. You still have. You still have to know what you want but yeah you can be all of that and do all of that as team and just the team leader or yeah. I think team leader is think about it. It's like you know. I it's there is something really I think that the thing When i was getting slightly as i was developing silence. Fades i m. i worked as a stills photographer onset and so i would get to see how different directors worked like how they just like how they talked to cruise differently and things like that and it was really exciting to see because it gave me the chance to understand how sets could work how they've been working and how things could change and how like sets could be run earth how different people can run sets differently. I guess before then. I sort of had this idea that filmmaking was all the same or not act itself but like the way of putting it together was kind of the same any sort of had to run sets in a certain way. So it's really the more people are. Anytime i run into people or work with people who talk about filmmaking in that way and who don't fall into the trap of like me myself i alone am responsible for and the creator of this vision. It's really exciting I think there's like a weird insecurity in that. If they appear to not be like the grand leader of a the only voice that matters and help people will doubt them or think. They don't know what they want. And i yeah opposite to be true. You know like my background is as a teacher like nine. Denic som- wear it's about listening to everyone and taking care of everyone and sitting in a room with a bunch of young people where i've found. It was almost more important to model what it means to be a good adult and a goodson as as it was to teach them how to properly construct a sentence I definitely took that with me into into directing like you can. There's it it's it's often insecure person who's afraid to collaborate and not fair. Yeah i think that makes a lot of sense. I think that it's also that i think that at times we can feel. We can go possessive of good ideas. Yeah i think we can feel possessive of good ideas in part. Because i don't know actually why we are get possessive of good ideas. But i think that i grew up in a really large family and both my parents are teachers. Which is why. Would you say you were a teacher. I'm just like Makes a lot of sense. Teachers teachers know how to or good teachers. Know how to listen and they know how to like leading and a really good word that you use. Because i feel like director the thing that they do or the their most responsible for is just like kind of just like shifting. It's just like keeping every blake shifting a little bit. Not doing everything. Not telling everybody to do their job or telling everybody exactly. What's what but just like helping shift and helping to set a tone and helping to just model behavior. Model howard going to react to bad things Model our going to react to each other. And now we're going to treat each other. I feel like that it's really. It's it's it's like with any business or organization. The behavior that gets modeled at the top. It really sets a tone and that's so so important. It's so important. Ross says i think a lotta times industry. The focus is on the end product and the massive the end product. But i i like mike. Favorite part of making movies making them The process. I think the most important part and i don't know who cares if your movie gets nominated for a million awards. If you put in danger while you were making it or you treated expected you know like yeah. Yeah lawry's i've heard the stories like There's bad stuff out there and it's it's just it's a shame because crews are extraordinary and they worked so hard work they were so a lot of the time. And you know. I just i. It's important to treat everyone with the same respect and kindness like y'all we all we all We'll take our jobs seriously but at the end of the day it is just a movie. And what's more important. That's the thing at the end of the day. The thing that we are doing is kind of playing in telling stories even the most serious of the story is the most devastating of the stories at the end of the day fiction. Even the ones that are based on real life. You're still getting together to like tell a fictional thing and that's just so much fun like that's so and maybe this is because like i've only made one feature and i you know i i'm still getting in the game. But part of me is just. It's difficult to not want to collaborate with those who are present on set and with folks your collaborators before in the post with the editor with oscar absolutely brilliant as who i adore. He's amazing but it's it's it's that collaboration. I think collaboration word for play get. It's just it's just playing playing together. It's playing with ideas and building off of each other. Create something that none of you could have made alone and that with a different set of people you'd make something different. Yeah it's one of the art forms that takes the most amount of people became one of the ones that focuses on. I mean i love you. The dj eh. Like it is interesting. One of the art forms that requires the most amount of people to create. It became one that focuses so much on one individual. We got to break that down. Let's let's just keep breaking that down. And i'm all about the i dunno. I read the who has its india and for that movie Malcolm annmarie how everybody got points on the dome or something like that now. I'm just like how do we make every film like a co off. And how can everybody be known of. This was my first time working with a lead actress. Who also a producer rachel Yeah own with jordan and was in the mazing producer. Nice looking offering them take producer. Credits don't actually do the work. Oh yeah she really did the work and she was sending jordan and she was such a an amazing asset to me. I felt was like. Why don't we always do this. Why don't we an actor who has certainly like earned for Her place of respect in this business you know working forever and finally got recognized for mrs maisel which is will and she does such amazing work on that show and it's just such a heart like she's an actor who loves to do her homework and really wants to do a good job And takes her job very seriously. Why don't we give actor. Who's in every frame of them e Why don't we empower them lead. Why did they just why. Why did they just get to like show up. And maybe have a say in their job instead of her say and in front in pre production it was yeah to the film in production it was an asset to the film and post. It was an asset to the film. And like i want to do that all the time now. I'm like i won't always be to have a voice in production meetings it. It makes a difference and it's it's not the same thing you're talking about but it's a similar idea of like i think more he is such an important part of a project. Yeah because it's like Going to say yes every say. It's that like okay. For instance enactor actor. Who's in every single frame of the film. Mobile's if you switch out that actor it has somebody else play that role. You could have different movie. No matter if they say the exact same words were the same clothes you could save the same. It's a different movie entirely. How can we not treat them as though they are some of our most important collaborators. And i think that that's i i feel like you think about like Gripping electric onset if you switch that deal with the different team you're gonna have different feeling you can have. Movie is on set because the movie without them you back without the base camp. Pa onset yes. yes on. leaving without on. Athey like single-person onset max india as exactly. Yes yes i think that I think that we're talking about the right things. I think that we're moving in the right direction. I think that You know some really fun to be on one of your sets. Oh yeah. I like to have fun you know. I think we're doing fun work. Let's just have some fun while we do it. All you agree more young okay. I think that we are at our time. How is it already. How i know. It's been five minutes okay. I i just want to ask one more question as like a good Let me look in mind. Oh i did want to mention this this my question. But there's that scene where I think they're in a motel or their hotel motel end jeans laying on the bed and the baby's next enters a circle of towels around the baby. That's keep the baby from falling off the bed right. okay. I see that in real life plenty of times. Babies always flopping around the app to keep them from falling off things. But i don't think i've ever seen in in a movie or a show before which. After i realized that i was like. Why haven't i. And i wanted to know if that moment was scripted or it was scripted. It's funny to the scripture in. I had been working on for years and that image was in it from draft. One nelly was one of those images that like when you're trying to cut time a couple of people like cut that i was like talking that image in the baby's performance there in his interaction with rachel's room really special and yeah and it's like you know that baby wasn't rolling over on his own yet but he's at that age where he might rollover and like a you know a thin wall of towels probably isn't going to protect him so as also it was this idea of gene really knowing ryaing with the resources. She has like also. Maybe it won't work. You know which is so much. Parenthood is just like like. Yeah you're you're you're novice you're an amateur as a parent the most important day of you know your your child's life like urine amateur the day. They're born yeah. That's a bit of lenka autonomy for the whole idea of that. I love that because what you're saying it fits so well into My two favorite moments the one where she was saying to To catch you're talking to cal about how baby shouldn't be in this environment. And then he like does he laugh among. I love that moment because it's just such a simple quiet reassurance. Don't think so much about if you're doing the right thing. Focus on what is in front of you. And how the baby's reacting right now and then also when she was talking to when she's talking to terry about the peens talking about the why do they taste so good at dairies. Like you just take out of the can and feed them to them like that. But jesus lay. she's like. Oh terrible cook. And terri just like do you feed your family will then near the best in the world and that was probably one of my favorite moments in the movie. Because i feel like i've heard my mom. My mom is a really good cook just in case she she's a really good cook but i feel like i've heard her say similar things like i'm the best cook in the world because i feed my family and it's so that moment the moment about laughter and the moment with the towels around the baby on the bed. It's just like to me. it's just like you. She's just trying if you're trying and you're really trying that's everything that's that's everything that's all you can do and it's it's just really nice to have this reminder to just try your best. I love that. That's all we can do. Marsha stephanie. blake deliver lines that you owe much. She's i didn't. I read in an interview that they were in fellow together. I'm just an i that so it must have been incredible and it was david hale a his embarrassing plays. I know who yay yet. James bond that guy guy. Yeah yeah no. i have heard. That production was phenomenal. And i'm really sad. See heavy blake is like one of our greatest actresses and those using will rachel for bringing her into my life. Yeah also plus of producer actor again. They just have a little bit more influence to. That's awesome okay thank you. That's our time has been so much fun. I've learned so much. And i'm excited for the future and for everything that comes next. I am so grateful to you for being here with me tonight. you're awesome. This was really fun. I almost forgot that. Maybe some people are watching. I know he to within. I quickly remembered. So it's okay okay. Thank you have a good evening bye. He'll thanks for listening to another. Qna if you'd like to hear more the director's cut is available. Wherever you listen to podcasts. Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we bring you. 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