SNN: The DC-Universe Siege


The nerd i'm your host on mathie has always as our mr producer will. How're you doing tonight. Well over well happy monday. How're you doing this evening. Happy monday we were just talking about how her monday suck. Well you know. It's a tried to try to get positive energy here and happy early thanksgiving bubbly year to yes. Happy thanksgiving to all but more importantly merry christmas for wonder woman. Yes yes thought said. They finally caved on that so we it's funny because we talked about this last week That day before they made the announcement about the December twenty fifth Release on both. Hbo and and also in the theater and at least domestically because internationally they are planning on releasing the film december sixteenth. But you know. I joked with you the a message over the weekend how the writing was on the wall. This completely missed putting the clues together when hbo max and amazon cut a deal that The product you know they were able to get speed. Max finally on amazon fire devices. Because you know all that in roku or like the last i think the last few big streaming at that were devices that were still hanging out there and roku still doing so. I think they're just trying to work out some issues with You know revenue sharing button all that but with getting back to wonder woman itself I was. I was glad that the that they had finally made the decision because wonder film. I had looking at it again. You know the film was actually done like twenty eighteen. I mean they finished filming then and and expensive. That's what twenty seventeen twenty sixteen that from the first one so little structure getting close to four years. I think three to four years since the original wonder woman came out. So it. S a lifetime and donna and and so i think they made the right decision to Release it both on the streaming platform. Hbo max and also in the theater clearly folks really really enjoy it and have that small screen experience whenever it is safe and people are comfortable going back to movie theaters and and it gets wider release and both new york and la quite. Frankly i think that's the main reason why they decide to go this route because they are looking at what was going on with the covert numbers and realizing that does place. There's going to be shut down again. over four four ford for theobald future over christmas holiday so at this point let's got losses putting on the air. See what we can make back. As far as i mean you know there will be the international box office to swell and places that do have been under control as as well as you can and make money there and and and go and then they'll probably maybe released it again at some point. Twenty twenty one When you and maybe. I i don't think they should do that. i just i really don't see the benefit in re-releasing these films in theaters because those who are able to hold out to whatever whatever we've been in since march which is crazy to think about those just like it was yesterday and like it was ten years ago yet. I think that the impact that they're going to see in terms of hbo mac subscribers is going to be significant enough That that i don't really see a point because those who really wanted to see it will have seen it and will Is already accepted. The fact that i don't think it's gonna be a good movie. I have this suspicion just because of the way the third act of the first one end and also like what you just said. They shot this on. Had this ready to go or filmed at least end of end of two thousand eighteen and yes there's been covid but there there was this time before cove in i know we've all forgotten about that time period but it last year did happen. This movie has had a few different release dates So i just i. I don't think that the movies that start to drop on streaming services should get released in theaters I think the subscription round. I am excited even though i have my doubts about movie guys. I've always had doubts about. Dc it's dc I i still am thankful thankful that they're doing this because i needed something. Will i needed a win. And yeah we we need something. We decided to have some content for for the holidays. Because because it's the holidays mean you know you're looking forward to that big in the year release and and typically in december we get those big temple movies To to enjoy over the holiday time so at at least we'll have wonder woman to for that over the christmas holidays to to watch and then of course we'll get you know we'll be a good lead into to one to wanna vision in january and i did see where marble disney plus or like. No black is still going. They're still looking for. That may twenty twenty one box office release and quite frankly they don't they don't need it at this point i mean they have enough properties With juan vision and and and all that and enough subscribers on disney plus at this point where. They don't need to do this kind of thing That warner is trying to do with you know getting more subscribers to hbo max about what they need. Well it's about. What i need is what you need and yeah unfortunately there's not the black widow. It's not going to be under your christmas tree this year. We'll see about that in other dc related news. Because that's all we received a doctor vast array today all right. I'll get. I'll get there. I'll get there New there is a images. Have been released of dc titans and season three mainly star fires new costume. That's all i got. I didn't look at the images. Oh you do your homework. Well granted him today. But i got home from a i appointment. That would never end. Sat down and eight. Our and now we're here for will not and and we didn't even talk about my workday workday that basically i swear to god all i did was. I looked at spreadsheets. For first. it's a well. We'll go go. Go look at your time real fast. detect a photo of star fires costume. Because it is fire. I mean it really really is Amazing what They have put together for her for this upcoming third season. And it's a. It's will disturbed. Because i really like it. I you always really liked the images in. what. I see is photoshop. All i ever see always show me image of her shooting a scene in that outfit and then we determine if it's good or not there is. There is a still photo of her. And the costume did you. Did you tag him one cat. It's like four photos that attacked you on. there's like three of them are like the Yeah that's the one that i see soda shop on okay. Well that's also a shot of her filming an actual scene in the tv show. Well true true. But i know it's a product. S it's one of those stills better better than what we saw from era verse everyday were to win the crisis on infinite irs photos. But i really like it. I think given one. She's probably one of the strongest if not the strongest characters that on that show for So i think her especially given that star fire and course this upcoming season you'll have black virus well and the the we saw in the second season That dynamic is far as between the two of them and and so there's that Also She really didn't have a lot of folks are grumbling early on with the cost into had from the first season whenever we did see some of those production stills of them shoot filming scenes with her original costume that she had So i think this is very fitting and finally did do her right For the supplementary season yeah i. I'm glad that this season's gonna focus on star fire. Because although i like season to season one of the show i did note a absence of star fire and more importantly an absence of scenes between her and night wing. So if the raiders can please refocus our attention to the stars of show allowing me grammy. And i'm right there with you. Part of the reason why like season two better is we know. This season is going to be her versus backfire. And then we also know that we're gonna have Red hood appear and so there's a lot of momentum. Ebb and i just can't wait chuckle when they manage. Screw it up the no i. I don't think they'll screw up. I think you know it'd be different for the cw. True true seed It's still dc though the dc on the small screen at their track record is a whole heck of a lot better than extreme. It is a lot better however will just get into this news right now. They're they're signs. I mean whether you listen to the interview with. Stephen mel talking about his his last day of shooting. When you listen to brandon ralph Ah talk about how. He was formed that both him and his wife would no longer be on legends of tomorrow. The it still. Cw it's still all goes back to dc in my opinion But i take your point. They have overall been fairly stable And and really where some of the quote unquote shadiness is from the announcement that this season at black lightning season for will be the final season of this grease With out surprise for all of us but more importantly it especially Based on an interview done It was a shock to the the actors and actresses on the show. Yeah yeah it was. It was a shock health in all the shows that we liked this castle after especially after they have struck good seasons or or very positive media. Like i was thinking how how they really highlighted a lot of members of that cast on dc. Fandome this past Past summer and and and so yeah. Black lightning cancelled and just like krypton. Hope police at least they were able to Able to finish out their story Is it did seem to come as a surprise to everyone. I know china mclean. She did she did film her. Instagram live Over the weekend and you know really shared a lot of things about Not only one of the things of of note was that she was already planning on leaving the series. To begin with this would have been her last season anyway. had a continued And noted that we'll see fewer episodes with her in it this upcoming season because she she was stepping back There was also a fact that she did make some comments about things. Business on the business side of The production that that like like as you need it. Stephen and new comments that things are all hunky. Dory seems like tasks behind the behind the camera in the Verse with the way they handle certain certain personnel and other aspects of of the The work so the mention all of like a few years ago. During the metoo movement producers show runners got fired and even in this last year the flash last enactor tweets that were discovered so and even new series with the writer's room with superman. Lois She said that she raised about me to you. And some of the questionable Arc's trying to as far as some characters color and the other aspects of it so yeah so that's a that's just on the tv side. We're even getting into all the stuff at ray fisher. So that's what i'm saying. Even evening side their track record. I think because when we compare the film with the tv against the tv the film we have dc. You in the joke that it is sorry. Gave tagline for that. But then we have that compared against. Cw verse one of these shows and as much as they've tried to make it a single universe it still feels like they're they each have their own lane and And their own world so so when you start to notice like oh well that happened on legends. That doesn't mean that that transfers over to the flash or ero or lack lightning and then and then you notice a few months later something goes wrong with flash and then a year later. Something goes wrong with back lightning. You're like wait a second. It's still all dc. It's still all under this umbrella of the studio. So i also i just. I wonder if part of the problem is since two thousand twelve. They've they've built a universe but they also built all of these different production offices. With very similar people. I mean The show runner of bat woman caroline dryers. She used to be a writer on vampire diaries. Vw is a very small studio because they they do manage to take writers and actors who they they have used in the past and reuse them on other shows An and so. Sometimes you just manage to get your you manage to find the wrong person who over years may change and start to make the wrong decisions. Yeah i think. That's i think that's a very good point that you that you raised there that This the cw network is they. They do have to. The credit grow their talent at the same time Many cases people do shift from pro production to production and Sometimes you know problem children will get move from one show another show and the problem is sort of all of all of them. So yeah you know again this the cancellation of black lightning especially on the hills of the naming. The painkiller spin off It was kind of like. Oh we're so excited you know we get another show with another leader color and boom. They hit the blindside. You with this other news so it it definitely. It definitely took the a little bit of the shine off of the news about painkiller Earlier in the week when whenever when you dropped this kind of news. Yeah i mean. No news is good news in two thousand twenty. It was out of nowhere where we are also very accustomed to five seasons. Tyson's mattis visa exactly for season. Two you get five season so the fact that this is a four season and and something else worth noting about that well. Wi fi seasons five seasons allows for syndication exactly and so they're ending at the end of the floor season through and no one has really explained why. Yeah yeah yeah was trying to figure out a situation where melissa where maybe crest wants to move on. And we just haven't heard it thirty that war you know what you know. What's the situation here. That they're they are indiana season in show Before like you said that magic number of syndication and and i know i saw a lot of people talking online about well. Clearly the show. It'll continue on net flicks and they'll continue to get money from that but but again you still want to have that magic five because there are other venues out there man new era for example. I'll see it on. Tnt which is another warner property as far as As far as the warner media empire still You wanna have that magic one hundred so you can. You can get get extra syndication dollars. Yeah yeah it's just crazy. Mary very very strange but Regardless we will be watching in in the spring is when our lineup comes back errantly we have in right now after a certain re tweet to play those ice gals like. Oh when i saw that. I just i nearly faded. It's about yeah like those. That was a nice little re tweet. Last week i had that was that was that was that was good to get noticed noticed. Yeah she's like fat fingered it all right in other. Nc you news It has been announced that black panther too will start filming in twenty twenty one july. God talk about a lifetime ago. Will when i black panther came out and this announcement. I mean it's end of november chadwick passed in september but still feels like racers. Lotta we're not ready to think about black. The third seal right now. We're just trying to make it through the year at this point. Yeah but Yeah it looks like they are planning on starting production on the second film in july of next year. I guess that'll be a six six month. filming or the for the sequel. And of course obviously they will have to deal with the issue of of chadwick passing and and even prior to that folks. Were hoping that the jury would have a larger role than and now with this. You know happen with chad. Chadwick will will definitely have to integrate that into the story and under the also had Made some various casting announcements as well with. I think When it actress from narcos joining the Production is one of the antagonists. And then of course. We all top of that You'll still you know. Have the start of thor in january in australia and so yeah face. Four is is starting to start starting to move along even though it got blown up this year by covid you know who from narcos. It's not pedro right up to us. tenaga okay. All right all right because there is a few from narcos the the villain in wolf ver not wolverine in logan is from narcos to and he did really good job not in that role. So i i was. I was excited in. The name is on the tip of my counter. The actor's name which i also surprisingly know that he said they elizabeth all sin so that would be an interesting tie in. And i won't go down this rabbit things i know. Oh i'm glad we're laughing down because the next Bit of news all comedy. All comedy deadpool. Three has hired a writer The older sisters from bob's burgers. Yeah yeah well. I hoping appreciate when ryan reynolds just add lip solid of his lands. Exactly just just put. Deadpool said something. that's the line. That's that's the script scott casting announcements he's Stranger things for has announced that. Freddie krueger actor robert england is coming to the show is set eighty so you might as well bring freddie kruger l. Now no no we. Don't we do not bring things that terrified sarah. When she's a little girl to stranger things okay. We don't do it. S we do is we do. I mean i just hope that suddenly like a few days later we have an actor who played jason propose not seen freddie versus jason. Do not see it. It is a horrible movie. Turns really really bad and not scary So don't don't do that but we'll experience things the one thing that i will take away from this though is they need to insert something new. I think season season to kind of was a weird parallel season. One and i think a lot of people got upset because it just it felt like so much of the same and then season three. I know you. And i both really liked and it was solid and it was partly solid Because of my hawks and a few other characters in some in of course a lovely duet of never ending story. But but i just i just we i we also know when it ended. It was kinda like okay. But we're not gonna have the same villa next season right. So so maybe mrs fingers crossed and a hint that this season will have a new villain. A news story to tell. Yeah yeah i will go down all the some. There's the board at like about eight new people for the on in the cast for this upcoming season but I guess england's character is same. Victor kriel who is a disturb and intimidate man who has imprisoned in a psychiatric hospital for gruesome murder in nineteen fifties so got it burdensome. Actually is jason myers. Is it psycho. You a There would be stranger things Do do rene created a new limited series. Called the mx faced on the dc comics series. Is it hasn't been picked up. Yes yes Yeah it's been picked up is set to Things start filming that. Believe this upcoming year and Rosario dawson is also going to be Part has a part in it is one of the leads as well as benjamin bratt and Yes so that's a limited series going to be on. Hbo max i show that does she's going to be producing over there and It was a it was a dc comic. That was that a very disturbing story is you can imagine something called the x. Which is four demilitarized zone and Basically where america has had a civil bitter civil war and you know kind of close to life but but but basically chronicles Dawson's character trying to rescue her Son she lost whenever they were trying to evacuate york city at the beginning of the conflict. Rosario rosario rosario will see she's gonna be soka in a few episodes mandalorian so we'll see if if she falls retains in favor with the public or falls out of favor public. I know there's been so much debate about her casting announcement yeah. She can't as long as she doesn't do crazy things on social media of then she should be okay Even do her name. Like i should at this time. She's she's very similar to shonda. Rhimes glenis lady sleep never. She's like cranking out constant. She's got like your dylan net. Flex know she's got hbo and she's got another project as she was going to be working. T- Is she trying to rival the rock as far as on the production side. Yeah yeah she is doesn't announce something in two thousand fourteen takes until two thousand twenty one to start filming. She'll be fine man Speaking about other crazy directors producers those who can do it all karen winter leaves. The has left the upcoming batman movie. Hbo spinoff over creative differences. of course. of course yeah. It's a felt for you. You know what i was like. Okay should up anything about the batman on the thing but just to drive the knife little harder and poor sarah about heart about the movie itself out to twenty twenty two and then like we gotta elitist acknowledged as That creative differences have led for him to leave the project. So the so. I'm not upset about that. Because i'm not. I mean this is a sudden weird spinoff. have no buyin doesn't feature are pads I thought that they were jumping the gun way too soon when they announced project analysis to see creative differences all the those were the days will when we would talk about the news and would get all twisted because of creative differences in not because of covid exactly very used to the creative differences. Excuse oh yeah. I saw that. I was like a soccer differences. Just like you know the normal things that normally happen with projects. Yeah it's the good old days of tone and creative differences over my version of gotham is not what your version the gotham is Yeah but you're right. I think it was a bit premature and With them to do this even before the before the film was released. But you know again. I think everybody's trying to bill shared universes between the small screen and the screen. Yeah i you know. They say creative differences right now. We'll we'll see how long that excuse last these days it starts off creative differences and before you know it. There's a loss project is cancelled is on the show for a while on the show. You now. We don't even know how the batman will do. We would know sooner if they had stuck with original. Uh man Cannon jennings will begin guest guest hosting jeopardy in light of alex trebek's passing and Emphasis on guests. Which means there's still a chance for josh. Mccoo will is a genius when he writes these news rundowns because that's very happy. Thought for us is it is it. Is i think that is it for the news that quite a bit this week and we went along with it but there there. It was very packed week before the holiday. Yeah did you see the miss marvel. Images i did. I am surprised there filming. Yeah yeah i was. That caught me by surprise when i saw it on. Just jared that They had there still photos from front of production. I was like oh. They're not wasting any time. This thing going. Yeah it's just that yeah. I didn't even castor over under the cast. Her and everything. But i didn't boom nearly moving right along as far as as far as filming so hurry will that brings us to our main event. The mandalorian season two episode for this siege will. What did you think about this episode. I i enjoyed it i did. I really liked carl weathers. Direction of this episode I missed the the the camera guy. Does the cat the crew member in the in the scene there Ala game of thrones as far as Unexpected things to show up. But but overall i it had a lot of A new hope feel to it as far as some of the classic bits from previous star wars. And at and i guess the thing that i'm finding about the mandalorian at this point and why i think so many people do enjoy. It is because it does have that familiarity to it Which can be a good thing and can be a bad thing. The good thing is where a fault the beats that. They had a lot of the callback to to various aspects. We've we've seen in prior films. the predictable nature of it though is like men dopey in such a bad dad or caretaker of pb. Yoda mean started out. The started out the Show with the goal open with them trying to fix the fix. The razor crass getting point eight point being him the wires it was a cute little moment and stuff but It was it was predictable. It was very funny. I laugh. Don't get me wrong. I think it's probably the first episode. While i've cut through throughout the i did have some laugh out loud moments with like that and then also when they're on the school in in navarra But but at the same time. Hopefully we're not falling into the trooper. This is gonna happen like all the time because it will get very old very very quickly. Overdo it so dramatic real quick top line impressions of the episode. I'm i'm mixed about the said. I am very very mixed and i was thinking about it earlier today and i think that the the quality is there the brightness there the character moments are there. I think this season more so than last season. They have really taken a three hour. Movie in dice. It up into half hour segments which is both good and bad It's it's good because that's what we want and then day we we. We love tv. We love how you can return to the story that you started the previous week and get the next chapter. I mean they literally call these episodes chapters a. It's bad because a part of me just wants to wait until it's all said and done and binging and maybe that's because last week i had a lovely sunday and i watched all ten hours but i just i i feel like they really are telling a story from start to finish that for me. Almost gets interrupted and some fridays. When i sit down to watch him like on. I don't know if i want to or where we going on. I liked that the got rid of the sand but now all i see is water everywhere. So so so a mixed. I'm also mixed. Because i don't know what it was about this episode and i really should've re watched it. I really should have. I'm going to be very honest right now judge. I don't really think i watched. The episode was online shopping. During the i. So i picked up a few bits. I definitely heard the information about What the child is four and The the the plans in the intentions potential tie-ins do other things. We've seen in other pictures. But i'm pretty sure. I missed a lot of walls of very fast episode pacing and there was a lot shoved in it So if you missed anything it's either. It is to be forgiven. I think maybe thinking why you were talking about how they have divided this up into chapters and dropping it week to week and i thought back to the boys and our discussions with and also now that i'm watching the crown And one of the things that i think with what. I'm liking about the band. Delorean and the boys and then dropping episodes week to week to week Is it gives. It gives episode tom. Debris yeah and and and really to like this week's episode for example there were. There were a lot of things that they did throw in there. I mean there was the The callback to season one with her with that brings prisoner prisoner guy. Yeah and and at how. He's now grief cargoes assistant on l. navarro and also again building the world and and how navarro now car dune and krief are a ministers of it and trying to clean up the remnants of the empire that are still there and And how again. We've seen this continual pat you continual through line stories about how how things are still kinda wild wild west in the outer rim and was show again reinforces the whole western themes and then that that the mandalorian has has lead in on In in in both the first and second season so it those those aspects of it that i think if i if i binged this series i i. I don't think i would be able to get pick up all those those little nuances and fodder points of of the story that That i am able to do whenever you wash the series week to week. And in on the big of course it was the potential tie-ins terrazas skywalker and he And also cringe cringe moment here but the whole medical koren's right to of things that fans have always loved. Yeah exactly exactly were i do. I do disagree with you. And here's here's why because in the boys is a great example the boys i agreed that it was best served week to week. But those episodes were long an and there was a lot of nuance and and we're talking about just the gore aspect at some of the some of the story lines like they weren't really deep into racism and systemic racism. The season they had not seen on the show. There was a lot to take it now. I'm not saying that star. Wars is not deep. But i do think when we say nuance with the mandalorian. We were talking about geek where it's much more like the easter eggs. The shuttle odds. I mean i was listening to a todd christian har- loss Breakdown the episode with marc riley and they were freeze framing things pointing out things on the walls in all of this stuff and that is great but but i don't think that that type of indulgence changes if this was just released as a As a three hour movie as opposed to ten half hour segments. Yeah but i think the thing is. I mean i i get what you're saying and over casual fan that may i mean not. Everybody has to be likely halls and the rallies of the world where they're like in getting so wrapped around the axle with. Oh you see that. That's image of that joint. It looks like three. Po the on the on the merle there on the wall. I'll be windy. I'm not talking about that. But but i do think there are not that level of but there are some bigger points that i think as even though as cringe-worthy they brought back the medical or instrument phantom menace and the the the gideon's and and The pershing's Cloning needing that too tied to the potential down. The line with roz skywalker. Those i mean. I don't those and other story aspects that we saw in these episodes and even would to me i. Would i feel like if i just powered through in a binge watch i yeah you know. Get that rush and the Of all the scene story and and everything. But i just don't feel like i would. I feel like. I've still be missing. Something if i did it that way. Yeah yeah i. I go back and forth. I think at this point with me. I think it's very interesting to listen to the diehards. Talk about this season because episode. Three the the infamous spider episode seems to be a something almost a litmus test from me looking back on that episode it adds so much character as much as it was action packed. It has so many beats about character and then we also have the the the whole the passenger and and how and how that fed into what we already talked about that. This this idea that you have you have to people who are trying to reconnect with baron kind. You have the mandalorian new half the child and then you have. Now you have this this frog lady. Who's trying to preserve her race Which is very interesting. And maybe they'll do some really cool things now that we're heading in on this this this cloning this mortality aspect of the lower and what that means it's ju- but but that episode doesn't seem to be one that sticks out for the diehards which i think is fascinating because i'm like what but there was so much character of so interesting It wasn't fan. It didn't feel like it was fan service. It didn't feel like oh let's purposely drawl this image of this person on the wall so those who have watched all these other things will get it. Yeah i get it to me like last week. That was true like fan as a reward for hardcore fans who watch everything. This week i felt had some of those moments but not so much and and there were. I think there were some things that I was reading an article. Like about the about gideon. Stark stark troopers at the end of episode So yeah it was the the obvious tie-ins but then the Gideon's soldiers that he was building Do tie back to the extended universe for a super soldier type of of stormtrooper and So you know so you did have that again. And if ever who has talked about how he and baloney have a really dig deep into the star wars universe to embracing a lot of these things to life in the in the mandalorian. So you know. So so i think it is photos those fans like the harlow offs and rallies of the world. They really will get a lot out of that and can break it down and free sprain. He'd seen and you know. Give us all photos. Folks wanna go there and give you that you know there. There is that analysis. That's out there. But then you know fans like you and i who are you know we we like star wars in really enjoy it and maybe not as not as deep steeped into the extent universe and animated universe clone wars rebels and other things. You know it's still. It's still a lot there that we can talk about and could an amp breakdown and rules exactly acura. Do exactly about the so house. That i felt like the episode didn't do more of they could've chopped olive. Kara dune stuff because they think they just placed in awkwardly weird emphasis on her character. Yeah what would transpire within a few months. Yeah okay so good. I wasn't the only one who had problems. It was hard to separate the actresses character. I really did space. Out of all of her stuff Yeah and if if she were a better actress than maybe. I could've like overlook those other things but then we have what all that and then. Yeah but i won't. But i don't wanna get too political. I'll i'll stop there and need mile. We put the child in the classroom with real kids. Any any immediately starts bullying people. He really is hungry. All the frequent is he is. Yeah yeah he's a lovable. Whenever is that With when the urges the hunger urges breer they're ugly ugly head and yeah but you know it's very interesting. Whenever we were first introduced. A yoda he was. Also somewhat of a bully in you know in st louis food and begging. Rtd tea with the crane is is cain and stuff. So i think mischievous behavior definitely is a is a trait of of yoda species. So here's where my mind went immediately. During that is. I thought they were gonna do more more of it. Incorporate more him finally around other children but children who don't look like him and and also who interaction it's like oh my first time interacting with other children after i've spent all of this time with mando and then we're going to see some some some images and they kind of got there when he stole the makah rooms but about how by him going on the these missions with mando who is a bounty hunter. He's somewhat been corrupted And that's what. I was really hoping for in so when when they drop them off their set interaction with backgrounds. And the next thing we know mando have him again. I'm like what the heck you I don't know why they didn't. They didn't do more. And then at this point between the last two episodes. I'm just like jesus mandeville higher. Damn babysitter drop here. Here here. mendez gotten over issue joy because he like totally comfortable leaving them in school for either either. Get a baby sitter or actually let the child be a part of the missions. Because i'm tired of these these weaker plot points where he just gets left someplace and you they're gonna do more and then it's just it's just. We have to have a reason for the child not to be on the screen. Like what the heck yeah the comedia- the true and then like you said the conveniently be somehow like this episode. He jets off takes care of stormtroopers on the top and then somehow kissed. The kid gets the refurbish razor crest. And then goes back and save today as far as shoot another fighters. So yeah yeah. It's yes i think to your point that there was too much too much to be done in a very short amount of time. And it just it it does point out how you're responsibly. With the kids sometimes yeah while he certainly has has to be a productive father soon because this episode did do a good job of setting up and reminding you. Moth gideon is the villain of the series and he has planted a tracking device on mando was before we'll be seeing them collide within the next episode or two and more importantly in the next episode is called the jetta. Something i do have to remind myself is last season. I wasn't immediately impressed. And then they got they had a few episodes. That really started going in. This season's fine seasons fine. I'm just. I think i'm i'm being. I'm being a bit picky now that we're hitting like that midway point. Yeah well you know. I think it's fair to be picky. I mean i think. I mean it's a very good series but but like anything it's it it does has flaws and i think it's totally fun to point those out but But i mean but did today. It's an enjoyable ride. And and as i said at the very beginning i think Yeah i had a with all the little easter eggs. And all the callback various things from like a new hope and At an estimated other aspects of other films It was i really i i i did i. I enjoyed this episode. And i really thought grow others did a really good job of directing it. He was all right. I will Any update on crown. Making making our way through it. It's i think so for now and Really really really enjoyed it. But i see when you we gave your Your fault last week. About the dynamic day setup with the story with charles and diana. Yeah yeah it's it's Yeah it's definitely fully fully. They get that and sem how how they're how they're painted them but It i've i've really enjoyed it. I think the actress playing diana really captures a a lot of her mannerisms and things I think they thought the so far. Underplaying her her fact that she was. You know their stock rec- as well as she wasn't like kate middleton example who You know kate really was more common commoner than the. They're kind of playing that they're trying to bit. Don't try to play that up a little bit with diana and trying to gloss over the factor. Her father wasn't and he wasn't. You know their stock or seat but But i've i enjoyed. I enjoy things are even though the the stagnancy giant mistake i much desire but the issue is not here for special effects. Now what about margaret thatcher's husband denis. Now he's great. Yeah genesis great and just the just the right Bright reality check And humor For for how in a proper hello proper. How awkward. Sometimes margaret seems to help orig-. She is in her in her approach to things. I mean for the i could. I could spend hours talking about nuance i did. And you've already watched this episode. So i have no no problem saying out loud but in the second episode when the go visit the royal family in scotland and they are so confused by all of the procedures and processes n n what something that stuck out to me was when margaret gets upset that the made has started to unpack denis's suitcase. She doesn't say he can do it himself. He says that is what a woman at is. One of his wife is supposed to do their husband and and nurse the talking to my parents about this because they just wrapped up. The season willis just rebelled slow And and there's something very fascinating about margaret and how she's portrayed in the series because for someone who is has risen to that level of power in a male dominated political spear during a time that that yeah it wasn't the nineteen fifties but i mean change social change like that is hard so women were still thought to be lesser than and but still at the same time play into the gender role to the point where she says that line and there's a few episodes were see some other things where it's like as much as she's a woman who's strong and independent. She very much tries to make sure that she still abides. By those roles of what a wife should be time which is it's just fascinating it really. That was very fascinating moment there When they had that that particular scene. So yeah that definitely shows economy of sars What was going on in her in her private life. Yeah yeah i. The more. I think about this season i i do think it was my favorite season of ground so far. And it's not just and again. It's not just because of princess diana and charles. It's because of margaret thatcher and and it takes a while to fully get what they were doing. It really took into the very last scene that she's in i'm dislike. I get it now. Really understand what they were trying to do and they did it. Yeah we'll also the thing to that. I'm liking so far. This season is How you have before. It was seemingly focused on the queen and her into your point about how woman deals with the very male dominated situation with with royalty and and find place but now Now we're having to women who are adjusting to the acquisition of power and and how it influences shapes how they live their lives and that being that being your margaret thatcher diana. So it's been you know. Seeing these early episodes seeing how both of them have are adjusting to to the royalty and also governing as far as the case with that you're and die figuring out her place in in the royal family and the dynamics there as it is shaping up obviously still voice to go but it is shaping up to be a very very strong season. Yeah no no. You're absolutely right there. There's a reason why this season on the posters set featured images of these three women because they are a triangle. A lot of triangles exists in the season and and they do expand you see all of elizabeth's children the season. Which is funny can have so much like. There's a line that. I want to say out loud but i i want you to experience the line and get their toes marietta but if fertile lot of not act out the crown jump ahead go straight into the season for it's worth it I definitely recommend it more again. The more i think about it the more. I almost just wanted revenge. Because it's it's a very well constructed story The right steps yes. He's a season finale. Finally the launch. And i like the finale. It was good. We finally do have spoiler. Alan shepard's launch They were able to focus on some of the other characters a little bit. More to separate a with with gordo and true and their continued difficulties in their marriage and D.c slayton his health condition. How he was able to Find a place in the astronaut corps and but of course it comes back obviously always comes back to john win and alan shepherd but i i liked where they were. They left things With with them at the end of this season and you're looking for to looking forward to seasons a it again note that the series ran out started out of steam a little bit with a black last. Two episodes lead to the finale but It was a very satisfying season season. Finale yeah i agree. I i hasn't been on board with the last episode in house or or two episodes But this episode. I i appreciate how they concluded the season. I thought the announcement kennedy's speech about getting a man on the moon was a great way to end it kind of Build excitement that may be the series is not just about the mercury seven but also gets expanded upon just the whole space division in general and nasa and Which which is interesting. I i think if if i was in not writer's room though the takeaway would be or if i was the show runner. It would be unique to not have the shepherd in glen tension. But you have so many characters. And there's so many stories that you need to start figuring out a better balance to how to retain the ensemble And allow these character other characters to tell their stories of because for example in this finale when they I don't even the characters name like. That's that's how bad it is but when he I guess he due to medical reason. Yeah i i could not remember his name. I felt like it was kind of random. But i vaguely recall when he was rejected but still they didn't give enough. They should place more emphasis at the beginning so it felt like when he was removed. It was a bigger There was more loss and there. Yeah yeah there. there's definitely room to grow. Yeah all right will well not. Is it for us tonight. Wedding till our listeners where they can find you yes. She can fund me at will m. p. o. l. k. And he can find the attache belmont as jbl emlyn t. Please follow our crew on twitter at the nerd vanessa. Facebook and instagram. But most importantly rate subscribe and comment on apple. Podcasts spotify youtube stitcher. Or wherever you get your podcast. Good night out. You're welcome

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