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#EERS S8 Ep117: Snoozefest-a-palooza


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Get it now for just three bucks and get a two dollars sausage mcmuffin with egg or one dollars small hot coffee all from the one two three dollars simply your breakfast at McDonald's prices and participation vary canopy combined with any other offer Combo meal all Agen. Oh sorry is the molar sorry y'all. I don't even WanNa talk about it. We've got to talk about it but I'm not GonNa talk about it to begin with. I would rather die about Eric Thomas Thomas because there's new news about Erica Thomas Welcome. It is Eric Erickson here Atlanta's evening news on W._S._B.. The phone number is four zero four eight seven two zero seven five zero one eight hundred W._S._b.. Talk I I apologize. College is to any of you who ran off the road today. Because you fell asleep and your car listening to Bob Muller we will get to that but bud but we have to talk about Erica Thomas. Let let us review Eric. Thomas is the <hes> ranking Democrat well one of the ranking Democrats in the State House of Representatives in Georgia. She is black. She was in the ten items or fewer as someone told me his proper grammar today items or fewer items at Publix and she had a lot of items in a man named Eric Sparks called her a Lazy S._O._B.. which is annoying because she's not male but nonetheless I digress he insulted her for having plenty of items in the ten items or fewer line at the public's and she began to berate him and claim that he told her to go back to where she came from? She had a press conference where in he showed up and denied it said yes. I called her a Lazy S._O._B.. But I did not tell her to go back to where she came from and she yelled at him and shouted him down so he couldn't continue talking then she had an interview with WSB TV where she walked walked back her statement saying well. I don't WanNa really say he said what I said at first. He said that she wanted to actually well. Let's see can I play this audio here. Will this work you know those types the words I don't WanNa say easy said go back to your country or k. from but he was making those types of references he was making those types of did I don't WanNa say he actually said those words but he was making those types of references well then she doubled the triple down. I guess it's like the flip flop and the flip <hes> she then had another press conference where no no he really did say go back to where you came from even though just the other day. I said he didn't say that and I got witnesses. She says she's got witnesses or lawyers. Your sit letters to publix demanded. They document all the people who are around who were employees that they wanNA names names will the A._J._C. talked to one of those employees and the employees from public says. I'm not gonNA say he he said it but I didn't hear him. Say say it well. The tables have turned a public employee told the police according to the police report that Erica Thomas told the Hispanic gentlemen to go back to where he came from. That's right Erica. Thomas is the one who slandered a Hispanic man. This is a ranking Democrat in Georgia Treating Immigrant Gril Hispanic man in Georgia that way telling him to go back to where he came from. She's the Black Donald Trump. I guess she's got same hair killer Donald Trump <hes> she said go back to where you came from. He was her who did it not him. According to an eyewitness that she demanded the police collect. That's in the police were that that isn't the police toward the the A._J._C.. Has this that air. Thomas says that air this witness says not only did she say it but she said it multiple times. Let let me read you the A._J._C. report. <hes> this key passage a public employee told a Cobb county officer that she witnessed I own it was a she who witnessed it. We have to believe her. Because it's a woman a public employee told a cobb county officer that she witnessed part of the conversation and heard State Representative Eric Thomas this quote continually tell Eric Sparks to go back where you came from in quote but did not hear sparks utter those words to Thomas Paging Bob Trammell Paging Gene Bob Trammell Paging Bob Trail Bob Bob Trammell is the Democratic leader in the House of Representatives who rushed out to defend Erica Thomas Bob Trammell doubled down on defense of Erica Thomas Bob Trammell stood out there and believed leave Erica Thomas and now we have eye witnesses who were willing to tell the police that Bob trembles deputy in the House of Representatives Eric. Thomas is the one who said that NASTY DONALD TRUMP statement gatemouth go back to where you came from is some reporter out there going no no reporter from any news outlet Georgia is gonNA stick a microphone in Bob Trammell Sr face and say because he's a Democrat and they desperate the media is desperate for the Democrats to take back the House representatives listeners. I can tell you this is not going to play well in swing districts that the Democrats need are they going to get rid of Erica Thomas now. Are they going to throw <unk> Thomas out. Are they going to discipline Erica Thomas. We have an eyewitness we have an independent eye-witness with no relation to either Eric sparks or Erica Joe. There are too many Erickson this there's Eric here. There's Eric there. There's Erica Erica Thomas. This eyewitness is not related Erica Thomas this eye witnesses not related to Eric sparks this is this is not related. Erik Erikson works in just a public employee who is there and is told. The police told the police a woman told the police that State Representative Eric Thomas Erica Thomas after this man told her that she was Lazy S._O._B.. For having too many items in the public's checkout line for ten items or fewer than Erica Thomas told him to go back to where he came from. He's Hispanic. A black state representative in Georgia attacked a Hispanic man and told him to go back to where he came from y'all. What are we going to do about this? What's BOP trammell going to do about this? Bob Trammell is GonNa help them with Hispanic voters in Gwinnett county your vote for him. You got one of the ranking Democrats at the State House told a Latino voter to go back to where he came from. We've got an eyewitness now. We have an eyewitness a female eyewitness and you have to believe female eye-witnesses Gordon to the Democrats. We have a female eyewitness who told the police who was willing to tell the police. Do you think this independent eye-witness with no relation to either party lie EIB to the police this state representative could have just not gotten in the ten items or fewer checkout line and held up a line the express checkout line because she's pregnant and she can't be under feed that long and by God. She's been on her feet all week long at press conferences. What are the Democrats going to do? What's Bob Trammell going to do about Eric Thomas? I'm interested to know what Bob Tram was gonNA. Do people should be asking Bob Trammell what he's going to do about this now. What about Eric Thompson's police report Mike in Sandy Springs what country back to Oh wow my my question is is like if she actually filed a police report? Court is it's a false police report. I think is a felony. Yeah I listen e it appears. We now have an eyewitness employees publics who says she's the one who who made that statement so yeah it. It appears not only did she waste the polices time she also is wasting the magistrate courts. I'm she she and her lawyer demanding the Magistrate Court in in Cobb county investigate this constituent for saying something. Do you know when I was an elected official. The number of times people said something not nice to me in a grocery store. I mean it happens. Sir We particularly you know so I was on city council and I tell you city. Council is the worst elected position ever because people get mad at you in the trash isn't collected in the number of times I got yelled at by people because they're tracked was elected as if I drive the trash truck you get you get berated by your constituents and she apparently couldn't handle it and lied about it now. We know <hes> based on eyewitness testimony. It's tied up police resources. Yes Mike that is an excellent point. I want to go back to the country like the actual actual like rural area. I intend to this weekend to get away before this conference next week but nonetheless Erica Thomas apparently told a Latino voter in Georgia who is a Democrat presumed that he must be a trump loving republican when not only is he not but he condemned the president's remarks. She told him to go back to where he hit room. According to an eyewitness who told the police she was eyewitness and that's what that's what Eric Eric. Thomas said that it wasn't the guy who said it. It was her who said it seems like this should be a big deal for the media. Watch the Atlanta Press Corps bury the story. Watch the Atlanta Press Corps make this all go away now now that we have an eyewitness in the police report that it was Eric Thomas because they the media here is look at how the media here covered the fetal heartbeat legislation blatantly misrepresenting the text of the legislation on behalf of the Democrats peddling talking points for the Democrats Watch watch how the story goes away now. Watch the story goes away. Bob Trammell is the House Minority leader if they are successful in taking back the House of Representatives Bob Travel would be the speaker of the House the media will now go into full protection mode of the Democrats Democrats and drop the story because now there is an eyewitness who went on the record with the police a female eyewitness at that that it was Erica Thomas who is the one who said go back to where you came from to the Latino voter who is a Democrat they can't have this. They can't have how you you you watch your nightly news tonight. It'll probably be the last time you hear it. If you hear it at all and then it's GonNa fade away because the story no longer helps the Democrats and the stories of the national and the local media level nil are all about pursuing the racial narrative that Republicans are a bunch of racists and you open minded tolerant loveable white white suburban voters. You need to vote Democrat accept this story now hurts the Democrats because it turns out it was the democratic state representative who said go back where you came from and it was the democratic state representative who lied and it was the democratic state representative who consumed soon police sources on a militias investigation and it was the democratic state representative who had way more items than she should have had in the ten items or less checkout line at publix which should alone be enough to have her thrown out of the state legislature. You just watch you. Just Watch. Watch how far this goes and by the way can we all concede here that both sides behave terribly. Both sides behaved terribly. The guy was a jerk he was he he was absolutely jerk but she lied amplified the story it is now blowing up in her face in her only saving grace now and Bob Trammell who stood with her. They're only saving grace now is that the local media will refuse to ear eighty more about the story probably after today they'll say the stories away. It's old news now because we can't have any story that reflects badly on the Democrats when they've only got fifteen seats left before they take back the House the media will turn into the Democrats best friend when it comes to the story now the phone number four zero four eight seven two zero seven five zero one eight hundred W._S._b.. Talk Look we'll get into the molar situation there. There actually is some great audio out there that I should play but it was a nothing Burger <hes> pretty unanimous animus consensus even from Democrats that impeachment died today thanks to Bob Mueller. We will get there <hes> we also have news in the David Ralston Scandal <hes> that has not been well reported that needs to be highlighted. We'll get there as well right now Paul in Atlanta. You're going to be next welcome. Hey how you doing there. Are you good. Hey the question that maybe has been asked but I don't recall hearing as pretending this whole. Erica thing was true which obviously it isn't what law was broken but the police need to be investigating investigating no logging thank you. That's my point and real quick. I know we're coming up on a break but what's wrong with our society is two things one the sense of entitlement and to no accountability for your actions Yeah Yeah you know Paul We. We've actually got a minute here. Let me play this out with you right now because it is it's staggering to me that if this had been a Republican member of the legislature in this happened to them. What do you want to bet that the media would be focused on the fact that the legislature slater was in the ten items or less line with budge items and I gotTa tell you that's one of my pet peeves as well? It is a genuine pet peeve of mine when people do and I've done it with like eleven items of Denim Line. I've never done it with more than I think twelve oh vitamins and the tonight on line and there's nobody behind me in the woman gave me permission but my goodness it's like the person who goes into twenty items in the ten out of line and then his coupons checkbook but what you said before the break hopefully this all down now yeah uh-huh yeah. Thanks very much ball. Yes but you know the media's GonNa is going to bury the story. They wouldn't if it was republic. Look at how long the media lasted on the Donald Trump tweet from Sunday a week ago Sunday. Hey this past week. They're still talking about it. They're still writing about it was still front page New York Times. This story made National News. How many people believe that young men from a Catholic school in Kentucky where he Maga- hats <hes> made racist comments to an American Indian Ian at the Lincoln Memorial How many people believe that because the initial media coverage and they missed the retractions how many people will believe the national media stories about Eric Thomas because this isn't in the national news? Now it is not in the national news. It is not being covered this this complete wipe out here is not being covered by the media why not it seems like this would be the thing that you would wanna cover that the stories be met particularly at a time when so many people are inflaming aiming racial tensions you would want to highlight the fact that the story is being inflamed and it is being it is being pushed by the media to perpetuate a narrative against Republicans that is not true that is that's. That's unfortunate to me. Shut Intel Pusa your next welcome public jet you there nope. He's not there it listen to the radio callback chat when you get to this when you're in delay from this I just y'all this story is Asinine to me and it should be to you. It is a dumb story but I want you to just it. It focused not on what actually happened but focus for just a minute on the politics of this the Democrats in the state of Georgia need fifteen seats to get a majority in the house representatives. They've been in banking on COBB. Gwinnett county's being the areas where they pick up seats here comes Erica Thomas and says that a guy told her to go back to where she came from Democrats in the State House including the leader of the Democrats in the State House rush out to defend her. It turns out that Erica Thomas is one who tweeted that her heart goes out to Nicholas crews. Some don't know how to cope with being in an Orphan Nicholas cruises the kid who went into park high school and shot up the school and Erica Thomas First reaction was was poor pitiful Nicholas crews and now here she comes and she says that this guy told her to go back to where she came from. It turns out that this guy is a Hispanic Democrat that he condemned president trump for those remarks. And now we have an eyewitness from public who says it was actually Erica Thomas who told him to go back to where he came from after he called her Lazy S._O._B.. The Democrats want to pick up the State House based on Cobb County and Gwinnett County and a few other swing districts districts. How is this going to help them now? Bob Trammell now owns this the democratic minority leader because he stood shoulder to shoulder with Erica Thomas the only way for them to get past this is to throw her under the bus now call her a liar she is us and move on and they're not going to and they're going to have the media. Try to help them by now burying the story when they would be perpetuating it if it was Republican doing something like this. This hurts them in the suburbs. I was in Washington D._C.. This past week for a father son trip and we use the call map a lot. <hes> the reason we use the call map is because while in New York we're on very high for you can hear sirens rinse at all hours of the night and I'm with my ten year old and he needs to sleep. I've got a little bit of work to do and then we went to Washington and of course you are. We were on the tenth floor on. We were near the White House so you could hear everything all night so we use the call map now. 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On we got the call map my son listens to sounds my daughter listens to stories and when we traveled together my son and I typically will listen to classical music as all available in the call map so check it out now and by going to calm dot com slash Eric hello there it is Eric. Break your accent and I'm going to Chet Intel Pusa Chet Welcome. How are you there? <hes> you know Eric. Eric sparks has got a good case against Erica Thomas and he'd probably sue her and she's caught between a rock and a hard place. You don't WanNa be sued losing money on the other hand. She don't want to lose her job either so she might fire her attorney in Higher David Rolston you know she probably probably could we actually have a roulston story in the stack deduct. You're absolutely right and I mean the public's employees that she she's dragged through all this stuff as well makes you wonder what they WanNa do that. That's yes she. She could hire David Ralston <hes> y'all. I'm still I'll tell you on the Ross Minter. We'll get to the store here minutes a big deal. <hes> if Sixteen Republicans you got ten you need you need five more <hes> if if they just said you know what we're not going to vote on any piece of legislation at all all until the speakers gone suddenly the speaker has to rely on the Democrats to pass everything and that then totally neutralizes the issue if they're not going to get rid of him have sixteen brave souls say we're done. We're not doing anything and force him to have Democrats advanced these into or kill the governor's agenda which would happen with the Democrats and see what happens <hes> but that would put the ball in the Democrats court and the Democrats would be the ones who own David Ralston then <hes> but yeah Erica Thomas. Maybe she used to hire the speaker by late I. I wonder if this is a fundraising effort for her. I wonder if she needed a creative way to raise some money for her campaign and this is what she did to raise. Her profile makes you wonder if she's raised any money off. This ray powder springs your next hair era program thank you hey my my point is <hes> in regards to the <hes> express lane can items or less <hes> it was stated that the <hes> the gentleman went into they got customer service and he was informed that that corporate totally co <hes> Co has told the cashiers they can't say anything about people laying on your ten items and they can't enforce it but the Butler service gave him permission. I told him he could he could say to her. Well good for them. Although several friends of mine have said this particular public's now they do have signs on the conveyor saying absolutely he no exceptions <hes> ten items or fewer and they should enforce it. I mean at this point. It should be a capital crime if you're in the express checkout lane with more items in the express check L. in involves and you should like be be executed twice if you're using coupons in the Express Lane and you've got more y'all this is really it is like driving in the fast lane. Eat is a pet peeve of mine. I cannot tell you the number of times I have gone to my local publix in been behind some woman with a checkbook and a binder full of coupons and they always wait till the end of the day. I guess they think they're being convenient but you know I go to the grocery store at the end of the day because that's when you see less people there and I hate people. I don't want to be in a grocery store with people people are dumb and so I go at the end of the day to do all of my grocery shopping I have an apple my phone call any lists and it has the aisles of the grocery store in order so when I say I need ketchup it puts it in order. I got bread. I got milk. I got catch up. I need double stuffed Oreo for the kids and I need hamburger meat. I put it on there in this program sorts it in the order of public so I can go to the appropriate aisles miss all the I don't have to go through and get in and out with massive pilot groceries quick and do it at night before the store closes. I try to be there an hour before because I don't want to inconvenience them holding up trying to get out of there but I go at that time of night because there's nobody there but you know a lot of times you go in the middle of the day and it is the it is the the woman with the binder of coupons and the checkbook and I just I'd use debit card. Oh I wish everybody took apple pay. I've been harassing publics on social media to adopt apple pay because you can get in and out even and faster Tim and Buford here up next welcome. Hey good afternoon and good to talk to you again. <hes> what you were talking about about the media and the way they will report or not report worked <hes> certain things to help the Democratic Party or the Liberals versus conservatives or the Republicans. You were spot on when you said they're gonNA cover this up and my question is silly as this is. This woman didn't have to do this. Why in your opinion has the the majority of the the media not all but the majority of the media so left leaning <hes> <hes> <hes> you ask the question why why are they going to cover this up? Why why are they so aleph leaning versus rightly or just in the middle so they used to be but you gotta remember that <hes> Republicans were or go out and make money and progressives want to save the world and they view the media these days as a way to save the world not by reporting what's going on in the world as as a lot of reporters used to do but by shaping shaping people's views many many reporters at the national level but also at the local level view journalism as a way to shape your mind and make you care about particular issues and so oh stories are shaped? It's not just the fact it's not just the news. It's not just here's what happened in Atlanta today. It is here is this awful story. Here is a protagonist and here's an antagonise a victim and a bad guy and every story Korea shaped. It's all about telling stories and and Progressives love this and then we look at the people who go to the media by and large they lean left. They lean left because they've journalism as way to help people they lean left because they're in a bubble of other people and they they get into a <music> reinforcing feedback loop and it becomes very very hard for conservatives to portray the business it becomes very much like academia where professors who are progressives tend to make sure that no conservative ever gets ten. Ear because they don't want the battle of ideas they don't like it they don't they don't believe the ideas valid and you have that increasingly with reporters it is much worse at the national level than the local level at the local level. There are a lot of reporters who still tend to be conservative. <hes> particularly local T._V. tends to have a lot of conservatives and county papers not not big regional papers and Whatnot County papers tin to also be filled very much with conservatives. It is the the regional papers it is. The the national news networks works are filled with progressive activists who are willfully and intentionally progressive because they view journalism as a way to save the world and they view saving the world as telling you sad stories about victims and inevitably the antagonise tag this the bad guy is always a corporation or a white guy in every story has to be told in that way which is why the story will fade away because it no longer fits the profile of having the bad guy be a corporation or a white guy turns out. It's a bad woman and she is a Democrat female African American state legislator who according to an eyewitness told a Hispanic man to go back to where he came from gotta move onto the next door now because no longer fits the narrative folks when you're traveling abroad the summer when and you're going on family trips around the country well. You're probably missing a secure way to get online. That's where express V._P._N.. Comes in Express V._p._N.. Is a V._p._N.. 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Yes yes absolutely so we need to this is on the same magnitude obviously yeah you you know and and secondly. I think really the grocery stores could do something with a surplus charge. Where if you went over if there's a ten item and you went over to pay extra now my buddy net just tweeted me and said grocery store snipers would work? Oh yeah absolutely and then you did so you go to go to jail or you go to grocery store jail. When you violate the situation you get penalized so I think it's a way to avoid these express line gate situations yeah they? They gotta do something I it's just I I still think there should be designated line for Coupons and checkbooks as well. I just wish everybody would take apple pay. I know that have discovered. There's so I- kitchen I was telling Chris Burns from dynamic money this that I have gotten a new debit card almost every three months because my debit card number has been swiped so many times <hes> either through online purchases or most particularly at gas stations you know if you slide your credit card into a gas station pump and it is a really really really tight fit <hes> more likely than not. There's a credit card reader. Someone stuck in there to steal your number. I it's if it's very loose use <hes> sliding out in your you're probably okay and I it has happened to me so many times like every three months. I've got a new up in so now. There is a gas station near me where the pumps not you don't have to go inside for the pumps actually take apple payer or Andrew P whatever you call them the the Google vice and oh my gosh it is wonderful and I've never had my debit card or credit cards stolen by using apple pay. I'm such a big fan of it. <hes> and I know Clark Howard likes the the digital payments as well well and it just it. It's your number is not going to get stolen so now we must move on. I apologize those of you who are still on hold. I can't talk about Erica Thomas all night because there is other news. There is the story from the Speaker of the House I want to get to I. I don't know whether you guys are muller out or not. In fact you can tweet me at W.. Ericsson <hes> do you want the speaker of the House story I or the Bob Mueller story I because there's a lot of audio out there on Bob Muller we could get to but I'm afraid it might put some of you to sleep as well. It was is not a fine performance as the consensus in the media even among Democrats who are desperate to a beach the president is that impeachment is done except the most progressive members of the Democratic Party or out pounding their chest. They're demanding impeachment now because Moeller said he didn't exonerate the president they are demanding impeachment. This was started democratic. Civil war is going to be hilarious to watch and good evening welcome. It is Eric Erickson here. Atlanta's evening news on W._S._B.. Is Be the full number four zero four eight seven two zero seven five zero one eight hundred W._S._b.. Talk <hes> big news for you. Our special guest is coming to the gathering <hes> you so you better get your tickets. Quick <hes> before the Secret Service says we gotTA stop selling them so they can do the background stuff so <hes> text Atlanta two three four five three four five you will get a link the text message link. We'll come back to the site event bright <hes> if you WANNA come see him you. You need to get your ticket because I'm pretty sure the secret service is GONNA make us cut off ticket sales very soon now that everything is locked in <hes> so you better you need to get your ticket soon text Atlanta two three four five three four five. If you want to come <hes> <hes> he'll be there along with the governor <hes> Senator Purdue the governor of Tennessee will be there <hes> Senator Tom Cotton and Tim Scott will be there. Congressman Douglas who was the one of the stars of the Molar hearing today will be there <hes> jody hice and Mark Meadows from the House Freedom Caucus. They're taking a bold stand against against the president's budget deal. They'll be there chip. Roy Congressman from Texas will be there. <hes> Karen Handel will be there <hes> former congresswoman the secretary state <hes> a number of other great speakers will be they're also facebook. We've invited a vice president facebook to come talk about what they do to conservatives also Google and facebook is willing to throw a welcome reception on the Thursday night so facebook will be having a reception you WanNa come hang out with some suits from facebook in in <hes> get great facebook swag. You'll want to be there Thursday night text Atlanta three four five three four five we will get to the molar investigation. I'm just I'm trying to stay awake and that hearing today my goodness gracious will get there though because there's a lot of a lot of points that need remade I I was Outta town my father son trip when the story broke on Friday. It has not gotten a ton of coverage. <hes> remember the young lady who I believe she was thirteen and claimed that the pastor the traveling pastor who was staying at her parents home speaking of the Church <hes> raped and molested her. He has now admitted to that. <hes> let me read you this <hes> in the years that the girl came forward about what the preacher had done to her after appearance caught her trying to slit her wrists in the years that followed the family's world unraveled in the rural community in the North Georgia mountains the girls health deteriorated from a congenital heart defect many in their church shunned them and rallied around the traveling evangelist who she told police had raped and molested her in her home while her parents slept the truth may have come out in a trial. But that didn't happen because of WHO Jason Brothers hire to defend him attorney in State House Speaker David Ralston at the time state law allow lawmakers serving in the Georgia legislature to put off any court proceedings by telling judges they had state level duties to tend to in Raulston was known to do that over and over in fact Raulston was one of the ones who settled the committee to have the law changed an assistant district attorney broke the news to the family telling them to get ready for the long wait after almost six years at least eight case delays filed by Roulston. The waiting came to an end last Wednesday Union county a negotiated plea. It's gone on for so long. Jason Brothers is going to avoid jail time. You'll go home to Ohio. He's forty years old. He's preached sermons from a wheelchair. He admitted to inappropriately touching the young lady <hes> in those as areas he pled guilty to two counts of felony sexual battery of a minor. She's now twenty one. This case has gone on for so long because David Ralston it kept dragging the case out that this guy will not go to jail this pastor took advantage of a thirteen year old and he will not go to jail because David Ralston kept dragging this case out for a decade as much as the Erica. Thomas Story is going to hurt Democrats. This is going to hurt Republicans and which story do you think is going to get more media exposure the one that is pretty much now going to be buried or this story. That's been ongoing for a decade and continues to go on. This story has victims who are going to come forward. You say what you will about Erica Thomas and Eric sparks but the Road Democrats. This is a story that transcends partisanship in the Republicans in the state legislature are protecting David Ralston. They're standing joining with David Ralston. They're defending David Ralston the ads in the mail pieces right themselves wait until you see the triangle montage on the mail piece of your State represents or your state senator. I hear P._K.. Martin is one of the the state senators are going to be targeted with this attack by Democrats because he because they claim he he should do something even though he's in the Senate and he really can't <hes> the Democrats are going after him on this <hes> overheard at a local restaurant <hes> and he's not alone on and you'll have the mail piece of the Republican next to the speaker and in the middle will be the victims picture. Why are they protecting the speaker not the victim? It'll be all over the place you just wait. I just got a <hes>. I just got a text message message from someone who texted Atlanta two three four five hundred for for the conference wanting to win when they get their ticket <hes> some you're missing the point and I don't WanNa be rude <hes> but when you text Atlanta two three four five three four five you get back back a text message that has a link and you must click that link to register if you do not link click that link to register its goes to event bright. If you don't click the link and pay the money you can't come <hes> you will not be admitted to the event. The Secret Service will not let you in the room <hes> for security reasons so you you gotta you gotTa Click the link. You can't just text and expect to be registered. You gotTa Click the link so text Atlanta two three four five three or four five. You'll get a text message back back with a link. You clicked the link you fill out the forum. <hes> pay the money and you can come. Yes there is a registration fee. Your meals included breakfast and lunch. Both days Friday and Saturday there will be a discount for the Grand Hyatt Atlanta. If you WANNA hotel room so you can stay overnight but you gotta you gotTa Click that link. We need to get into the bomber situation now. Bob Mueller sabotaged any democratic effort to have impeachment hearings. <hes> don't believe me. Let me just play you some MM cell by Tears A._B._C. News. That question was the ball advanced features over. I don't think Nancy Pelosi is going to stand for her members. Bring forth something that is going to obviously lose the Senate lose with the American public. The problem with with with Muller testimony on this issue is that he had to carry the ball for them some way whether he wanted to or not at least by being a vigorous strong rock-solid prosecutor and he looked like somebody somebody who slow two step or two and perhaps as one of the revised the Republicans are starting to put out. There Navy wasn't even control all those angry Democrats. Maybe he's a figurehead somebody from the past that they put there so they could do their dirty work. That's the theory they're coming out with is not going to be bought by Democrats but they needed more. They needed more fuel for any kind of impeachment effort well yes that was Terry Moran at A._B._C. News well. Let's see here's Chuck Todd on M._S._N._B._C. Talking about this but because because they were looking for this dramatic moment that would capture the imagination and I think for those members of the House Judiciary Committee Democrats do believe they should start impeachment the lack if that's what Bob Muller thought was needed to done needed to be unheeded do anything thing today to help advance that 'cause he believes that is where this should yeah. He didn't do anything to advance the cause and let's see here's M._S._N._B._C. Ari Melber who is a progressive progressive aggressive on M._S._N._B._C.. I think the end of the day is there was a lot of talk about today. Being the time that people would see and hear and feel some of the stories which I objectively are concerning or shocking in this report and I'm not sure that at the end of the day Bob Mueller was the one voicing that some of the members of the committee did but he really didn't and so that leaves I think the country watching and saying okay we've been waiting for this. What was this that we just saw and if it was an arcane interesting interbranch discussion maybe that's that's a good thing Brian because maybe these are complex issues but ultimately it didn't land where the Democrats said they were hoping at least for part one on obstruction yep there you go? It was a flood for the Democrats a lot of them not happy and yet the progressives serves are agitating even more aggressively for impeachment. 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That's Linden club dot com slash Eric Linden club dot com slash Eric all loans made by Web Bank member F._D._i._C. Equal Housing Lender and and again you can go to lending club dot com slash Eric and check them out for yourself. I want to go to Cathy and Bogart. Welcome Cathy how are you. I'm fine. Excuse me I was just sneezing. God bless you all right Eric. I'm glad you're feeling well. Thank you all right. <hes> I'm a conservative and what I saw today was Mueller was downright cruel that the Democrats did to him. I don't know what his affiliation Malyasian is but they used him. Steven didn't use him well. I mean he didn't come across well. It was it was sad to see this old man who clearly has his best days are behind and I hate to say that I was it's actually <hes> e mailing with a friend of mine who was a strategist for President Obama Democrat who doesn't like trump as like this. This is totally cost the Democrats any momentum they had on the investigation. You should possibly impeachment it. Just the Democrats played their hand badly in. You've got now <hes> Republicans who are who recognized this and Democrats who recognize this you've got having. This didn't go well for the Democrats. The the sound clips out there today are really kind of staggering from Democrats from talking heads who lean Democrat from people who or sympathetic to the Democratic 'cause I mean my goodness listening so my buddy jake tapper just listen to this for a second times in the hearing when he was sharp as attack but we can't avoid the fact that there were times in the hearing that he was not there times in the hearing when he didn't seeing either either he he couldn't hear what the question questioner was asking and sometimes they spoke very quickly and they were not particularly polite and respectful of the fact that this was a seventy four year old who obviously whoa there you go before I go to any more calls or anything I just you need to hear this this sums up nope what happened today in Congress the Democrats hoping for a huge blockbuster as crucial or so this morning blockbuster went out of business. They were open for a blockbuster presentation by Bob Mueller. This is what they got under matters. I'm not going to answer that. I I'm not familiar with with that. I'M NOT GONNA get into that get into that. I'm not getting engage in discussion about what happened after their production of our report not can't get into detail. That's in my purview well. I I can't get into who wrote it can't get into that and turn them deliberations. I I can't get into it. I am not going to get into that and I don't want to speculate. I'M NOT GONNA go further in terms of discussing. I don't necessarily credit <hes> what you're saying occurred. I can't go into the discussion of our investigative moves. I'M NOT GONNA get into that further than I already have. I I get into that at this juncture. I can't speak to that I can't speak to that was outside our purview review. I'M NOT GONNA speak to that. I'M NOT GONNA speak to that. Knock get into that and I am not going to answer that question. Sir Do not accept your characterization. What occurred speech anymore to it? I'm not going to answer. I'm not going to discuss that. I am not familiar with when I found that out. I'm not going to talk about that. I'm not gonNA talk about that. Pass on that and I'm curious as to why we can't get into it. Did you lie to you guys to get into the interview. Gibson echoed into this myths in Western intelligence and Russia's intelligence can't get into that lot of things you can't get into. That was the hearing all summed up. Some of you. People Watch. I watched all day lied to give talk does afternoon being a panel but man that that was basically it in a minute twenty four seconds summed up Travis in Fayetteville welcome. Hey Eric. Thanks for putting up with me again. Absolutely hey <hes> so I think you alluded to what you're going to stay here on the call cat but did more intentionally jumped the shark to get everybody off his back or is he just out of it. I think he's out of it. I gotTa tell you we're talking to democratic operatives who who were bitterly disappointed in his performance and it's been six years. I didn't realize it it's been six years since molar testified before Congress six years and he went in not prepared. It seems to me that it's more than not prepared. He didn't even read his own one had read the report yeah. It was obvious that not a single person there in either committee had actually read the report their staffers had given them nuggets nuggets and sound bites and and and page citations to throw question but none of them had actually read the report it was he was actually kind of embarrassing on all sides you know my frustration with this travis is that the Democrats are all Bob Muller. He said the president wasn't exonerated. We've known that for months. There's no nothing new there though they wanted something to begin to roll the ball impeachment and they didn't get it and the Republicans didn't get anything out of. Let's say you're not going to discredit Bob. Muller Bob Mueller Taylor is American war hero. He's a patriot. He was shot in the Vietnam War. He continued to serve his country. <hes> he is a Republican. He was George W Bush's <hes> F._B._I.. Director on and on it goes <hes> he's. He's a great guy and he is an institutional as he believes institutions. He believes that he played a role as prosecutor because the Attorney General of the United States asked him to do so he's not a partisan hack contrary to what the Republicans want to say but he's also not providing the Democrats Kratz what they need to do impeachment and they're starting to realize that I mean you've got the New York Times A._B._C. and C._B._S.. And N._B._C. IN C._N._N.. All out there saying this doesn't give the Democrats impeachment. <hes> the Democrats have been looking for silver bullet. They did not get that from Bob Mueller. <hes> let let's get back to the more situation. Democrats know what happened to them today and they have a problem on their hands. Progressive Democrats are desperate for impeachment and they heard Bob Mueller Moeller say at the very beginning that he cannot exonerate the president they also heard Bob Mueller say thanks to Kim Buck of all things are Republican <hes> that yeah he did believe that the president could be prosecuted after he left office not that the president would be or another the president would be found guilty but that a president could be prosecuted after he left office and the job of the special prosecutor's to preserve evidence if that were happening in the Democrats Turtle this and they thought Oh man we we we got him now. We got Donald Trump now but the democratic leadership understands they don't they understand Bob Mueller hurt them today. The Democrats understand that they were expecting by more to come in and be the Bob Mueller of six years ago before Congress and he's not that guy anymore. Bob Muller is not the man to make this case for the Democrats and it shows i. I'm I mean you got jake tapper out there. Pointing this out. You've got got Chuck Todd pointing this out Terry Moran George Stephanopoulos pointing this out on A._B._C. News. It was not a good day for the Democrats to try to take on the president of the United States. It didn't work for them when you got M._S._N._B._C.. Looking depress arrest the M._S._N._B._C. Today by the end of the day was looking like they look the night of the election I mean it looked like people needed a suicide hotline number. They were they were just I mean depressed. It was sad it was pathetic looking at these people on T._v.. This afternoon who were expecting a quote unquote blockbuster hearing with Bob Muller and he didn't give them what they wanted and they are super super depressed by it. I got gotTA email through the resurgence contact line from Steve who says I don't know how you figure. The Muller testimony was taught a loss for the Democrats in his opening statement. He plainly stated as reward did not exonerate the president on obstruction charges which leaves the door open also who who is that idiot that gave the Republican closing you listen to anything that was said he looked as bad as the democratic debate <hes>. I didn't see the closing because I had to go give a speech. I don't know who it was but <hes> e- why was it why was a loss for the Democrats because they needed more than what we already knew because we already knew that the Mola report didn't exonerate the president we already. I mean the attorney general told us that months ago <hes> in this didn't change any of that but we needed more we we needed a the reason for the Democrats because the Democrats decided that was not enough to begin impeachment. They needed more than that to begin impeachment in more didn't give it to him. He didn't give them <hes> collusion because he said collusion. It's it's not a legal thing thing. There was no conspiracy there were there was nothing to tie the trump campaign directly to collaborating with the Russians to steal the election in that's what they wanted. They didn't get that that that actually is a really big deal and really bad ad for the Democrats and you don't have to believe me believe M._S._N._B._C. Believe C._N._N.. Believe A._B._C. M._S._N._B._C. The rest of them introducing using the new buttermilk crispy chicken biscuit at McDonald's. We don't need that music made with tender chicken. Let's lose the echo on a warm buttermilk biscuit perfect. The juicy simplicity of our buttermilk crispy chicken and biscuits speaks for itself. Get it now for just three bucks and get a two dollars sausage mcmuffin with egg or a one dollars small hot coffee all from the one two three dollar mini simply your breakfast at McDonald's prices and participation vary cannot be combined with any other offer Combo meal introducing.

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