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This is the Dan Lebatardshow. With this. Got Spot CASS. We will get to the lighter funny Friday stuff. We've got Lakers in town to play the Miami so a lot of ESPN is descended down here but before we do that had I wanted to talk to you guys About what happened last night in that football game. And I'm not interested in the micro yes of course. Large accent accent great. MVP and the League. Totally unstoppable annihilated stugatz is jetes. Yep last night makes it look uncommonly easy Looks a bit like an unprecedented quarterback looks a bit like the Baltimore. Ravens have figured out. Hey we'll just pay one guy real cheap to be our quarterback and running back and then we'll have money for everything else so we'll just have him be both positions but the thing that I wanted to get into you with is getting with you get into with you. A tongue twister is Beyond the idea of Bill Polian when admittedly good enough at his job to be a six time executive of the year because of a sensibly his vision and that guy saying that that quarterback was not a professional quarterback that the analysis could be that egregious. Radish read something. We've never seen that's unprecedented a six time executive of the years telling you. That's not a professional quarterback that's a wide receiver in fairness. Stability has apologized Josh. That and he was not alone. We've got I don't want I don't want to discuss whether or not everybody was wrong about Lamar Jackson. I WanNa talk about the next level of this which is and there's an author. He's written a number of different books about like how you change range systems and his name is r Buckminster Fuller one of my favorites and One of the things that he says is that the best. That's the way to predict. The future is design it. That if you want to change your system you don't fight the existing forces you design a version that makes the old one obsolete. I say it all the time and so this radio show. If you like this radio show you get this radio show. It's hard for you to listen to other sports radio. It's hard to listen to if you you if you enjoy what we do here. What I want to talk about is the idea that someone who has accomplished as Bill Polian and this says how this I know? People are tired about black quarterback talk black coach talk but this is exactly how racism ends up becoming systemic. They couldn't and see it because they were all doing it. The old way and Bill Polian sway was to simply ride peyton manning to every award so all of them looked like Peyton manning and now a revolution started started. Now you see it all over the place now Russell Wilson. We're going to look back fifteen twenty years from now and be like what the hell were we doing at the quarterback position where we ever had guys who couldn't move around back there Eric. I'm the the winning position of playing the other side. Polian was obviously wrong about the Mark Jackson the quarterback but you see Lamar Jackson. The athlete could have been right about Lamar Jackson wide receiver. Because I made more Jackson would be an amazing wide receiver. Agreed but this is what I would say to you when I think it's not irrelevant. The idea that someone could be clearly the best athlete in the sport and the decision makers don't have the vision to simply say maybe I'd WanNA use him at the most important position. The Ravens figured it out by accident. They skipped on him and and then they started him. FLACCO had to beat out flacco but then they spent the offseason saying no. We're going to change the existing model. We're GonNa make this offense something the you don't recognize what offense used to be because we're going to go for it on fourth down every time we don't care about Punti punted since week nine. I've told the story John Harbaugh has said he has told the story. We went into that draft with zero intention of Lamar Jackson once he was there Ozzie said to me. That's the best athlete left in the strath. Graf let's build a team around him. Do you guys realize how flawed your system is when the chief decision makers can't see what they have to do is change the way they look at it not change the guy coming into the system. All the ravens had to do was slightly changed the way they looked looked at it and now the rest of the League is trying to catch up and can't can't catch up because they're sitting there annihilating everybody because there is no defense for what he does. Generally though the rest of the League is scared about having their most prized commodity in terms of athleticism. Get hit so much. Most quarterbacks don't get hit as much he's taken the most hits in the NFL when you take into account his Russian. The Ball Odell Beckham Junior. You've seen him throw passes and everyone's like why can't you get the ball to a more. He doesn't even go across middle barely early anymore. Because they're trying to limit the hit said he takes so this is just counterculture. And that's sometimes what you have to be in order to break the existing model because you're seeing it happen all over the League now. Russell Wilson has given permission to everybody else to get a quarterback who is an exceptional athlete and allow now him to throw the ball downfield away. Lamar Jackson does seemingly effortlessly listen. He's great thirty three touchdowns six interceptions don't want expected that to him for him to ever have that kind of season throwing the football okay but there still is an inherent risk with a quarterback like Lamar Jackson. There's a risk with every quarterback but when Mike says he's been hit more within anyone in the league that's rix that many coaches GM's not willing to take because it's the most important position in sport. But here's but STU gods that risk. They're not willing to take is smaller in terms of what they view. I'M GONNA attach my job to thinking differently. That risk as the more than injury injury in a violent sport that risk is job protectors unwilling to think outside of the box. They'll do it the way everyone else does. Because it's the way that it's been done I don't want to change the system. I'm I'M GONNA get to the system and try to be better at the existing system than to break the model and I don't know if it it didn't exist before Lamar Jackson. There was a first round pick that everyone questioned his ability to throw the ball and could he work in the NFL quarterback. Tim Tebow you WANNA play off game without being really accurate and large accident. He had accuracy concerns and he worked on that in the pros but he was taking a load of hits and the Denver Broncos went for a better option after that. But you guys do understand that. We've we've been talking about the risk and the danger and that this isn't sustainable all season and all that isn't sustainable. Is Stopping that offense in any way right if you're any one but even when they played poorly against Buffalo they scored twenty four points against an exceptional defend we saw something similar with. Rg Three though and Islamic. Now it's to God Stan. I thought he was going to change position. But Stu gods it's so much different. Rg Three was getting it. First of all it's totally different offense. SECONDARILY RG RG. Three was getting A. Rg Three was getting. Hit in with hits that you don't see Lamar Jackson taking. Rg Three was getting hit in the open field in a way that was savage average and obviously going to break him not. The Lamar Jackson is Russell Wilson in terms of never getting him but he seems to be doing that as safely as it can be done. Lamar Jackson also had a body transformation to because he was very slender in college like. Rg three slender. And you wondered okay. With his playing style could his body hold up dude had the frame. Obviously so you see the size of this dudes neck. He is an absolute load and while we're given credit for people being right because we're criticizing Bill Polian for being incredibly wrong munichites dominic. How many Foxworth? Obviously had articles projecting the margin sims Chris on our show. Let me play some audio Chris. Simms called this. I've spent the last three and a half days watching these quarterback back to the draft. The Big Five Right Josh. Allen Lamar Jackson Rosen darnold and Baker Mayfield right and I came away and I just I. It's because it's driving me crazy. Lamar Jackson the number one quarterback in this draft and I just think that needs to be said and be put out there because I've seen more reports today about people talking about him being a receiver and I just think it's ludicrous. He plays the position the right way. He has a big time arm. He's the most gifted runner as a quarterback. We've ever seen other than Michael Vick. He doesn't turn the ball over. He stays in the pocket and makes reads. But I don't know I guess because he's black and he's fast and he plays this type style we're GonNa talk about him being a receiver when it's just absolutely ludicrous. There's really nothing I can look at. What the other quarterbacks I mentioned and say they do a better than Lamar Jackson can? I just don't understand the conversation. I'm sorry I just had to get that off my chest. I wish she ran the jets. That sound bite really aged well for Chris Chris Simms again though. This isn't a hammer. I swear it's not to hammer bill polian although it's agree ges six time. Executive of the year can't see that the best athlete is is actually a quarterback. It's an egregious mistake but beyond that I'm more interested in how it happens guts and how it happens isn't something simply that it's objective active and Bill Polian got it wrong. What happens is you're used to success a certain way and the truth of it is for all the leader worship? We do in that sport. The people there are not actually ground breakers like real shape shifter's in terms of system changes their followers they're leaders leaders dressed up as followers the SBA dressed up as leader. Okay so close. Quick enough people would've forgot. I duNNo. I started leaking confidence Buckminster Fuller I know I lost everybody. At that point Donlevatar Oscar Robinson had a forty one triple doubles novels. Back at sixty one. Sixty to forty once to God's it's Robertson but Okay but these did not live with our show with Stugatz you guys on. ESPN radio tune into the ESPN daily. podcast bringing you a deep dive into a single story from one of ESPN's hundreds of reporters presented by Dell small-business mall business download subscribe and review. ESPN daily available. Wherever you enjoy your podcasts? I wonder how STU gods feels as a jets fan. Dan Watching as all his players after the game swamp like teenage girls around a boy band. Ah Lamar Jackson asking him for autographs. It's the closest they got them all night in terms of being pushy and violent around the House that embarrassing to you as a jets fan to see all those guys treat him like Like a Popstar. Being a jets fan is embarrassing to me. Dan just is being a fan in general everything. That's happened for the forty years that I've been a jet fan is an embarrassment and yes of course players after getting drugs like that at home wanting the guy who absolutely annihilated them who is responsible for the drubbing wanting his autograph after the game is so Bush League man. But that's the jets yet. Things got testy between Donald Gaze. I saw that. Yeah I mean this is. I still don't know if I have a quarterback I don't have an offensive line levy on bell doesn't appear here to be right or happy as thing is a complete disaster. Feel by your coach. Well listen. He's my coach at. He's my friend and normally really if he wasn't my friend I would have fired him. Seventeen Times a week for the last five weeks. But there's nothing I could do because he's getting another year because they allowed for some reason they allowed Adam gays to come in at the head coach for a GM who did not select Adam Gates to be the head coach at Adam gays as got rid of that guy and hired his own guys and they're going to give them an offseason the put everything in place. It's so unfortunately I'm stuck with all this all of it. Can I ask the audience the end why it is that you guys get angrier at that first segment then you do at the system that allows a six time executive executive of the year to bypass the best athlete in the sport. And not think of him as a quarterback. You Get mad at me you get mad at me for asking you. Hey we do a lot of of celebrating of these leaders and visionaries and architects builders of things. How do they miss this one like it's a bit? It's a bit startling pulling like how how. How do you met something that? Is this obvious to all of us. It's not just that we're seeing someone who could play the position. We're seeing someone who could play the position like we've never seen it before. It feels like what piling on Bill Polian and perhaps VR. But he's at the top of the mountain. He was the most vocal about not taking Lamar Jackson as a quarterback in the NFL l.. But there were plenty of people Dan who thought the same way. That's all but you people should be upset about that. What I'm wondering is you get mad at me for pointing it out after after last night and I'm wondering if you're GONNA get mad why wouldn't you get mad at the multibillion dollar business that's paying out a lot of money for leaders to have vision and none of them have it? None of them could see that. This guy was an athlete who could revolutionize the sport. How much value is? They're actually in the the ability to see those things and predict the future if no one saw it no one in this. This isn't Tom Brady being overlooked in the six around. And then being shaped into a monster quarterback this is a guy who is clearly the best athletes on every field. He steps on on right. But you're looking for progress on this front right now. At least someone saw John Harbaugh saw it and Ozzie newsome saw technically. They didn't because they had a first round pick earlier than that were. They took Hayden. Hearse I know but when it got to them with their second first round pick and they wanted. They weren't planning on taking a quarterback and they did because they thought he could be a good quarterback. They were going to build the team. I understand hymns rated as the like barely a first round. But that's more though they knew they can get them later because no one else is going to take him. Because Dan is talking about right now I feel like taking Brady and the six rounds from where regis than this. Yeah everyone no one was looking at their board set. Man Lamar Jackson just not athletic enough. They they had questions about his ability not to play the quarterback position because of his accuracy issues entering the draft obviously improved on his frame and the fact that they didn't want to build their franchise around someone. That's getting hit the most the league. I I really don't think it's that egregious it's personal preference. I'd rather have as my franchise player someone. Who has the rules designed to to protect him? Then someone like Lamar Jackson who if we're all praising Lamar Jackson he's obviously the MVP at this point in the season but he gets hit low in the the next game. They're nuked they're done. And I know that goes the same for every franchise quarterback in the league. But they're not taking the chances at Lamar Jackson. Say there's still plenty of teams. You're getting it done with. I guess what you would quote what you what you would say is the quote unquote you know statuesque quarter but already robin man Rogers. All all I'm saying is I'm not talking about statues I'm talking about. How an entire system is blind to what the future and what someone can be because because they get stuck on whatever the safest path is is the risk free path for a longtime? You guys are killing it that losers goal timer stop over you drew. Do you WANNA stop it. WHO's your country? clueless more Arjun Road Church girl rule would we love serve who who's magic Straw and aroused the. Oh the bus all stritch fiction nipples piercing do God's thinks Life his life on the line for a game. He's made a list of the quarterback. See would choose this your kind of topic demon of debate. And Lamar. Jackson doesn't crack his top five. corker marker top four. This is your life. You GotTa Win a game today. Four year life which I do that I loved ways. Games relied live gundy ahead. I love these games down you in a game for my life today. If I had to choose a quarterback Lamar Jackson would be six on that list vic. I had the top five. If you guys wanted to warner now all right. Let's do it. Are you ready to do it. All right let's do it. Let's Do God's law nipples are diamonds. They cut glass right now. All six of your Nipple Lou. Here are the top Five quarterbacks through God's would take with his life on the line in a single game number five drew brees number four so lower really. I would go number four. I'M GONNA go uh-huh with Tom Brady Wall number pool. Who's the opponent number doesn't matter at least move you the more drugs? The opponent is death as he dies if he loses the game number three Russell will sit take pantyhose hooves opponent. And you're running up again. Bruce Duff I went to college with you want a number two Guy Patrick Ho. What a beat the Ravens earlier earlier this year in the playoffs? I'm number one era. Rogers what do you think about this relationship. Will the floor me low. Ah Raindrop dropped. Top time to read the script for a hat spat may be Shawn Watson. Could've the weekend is here. 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These Salaam Lebatardshow with to God's on ESPN radio Take the ESPN radio is presented by progressive. Insurance Progressive makes it easy to compare quotes and get a great rate with the homequote explorer only at Progressive Dot Com guests on the Dan. Joe Appear via the Shell Pennzoil performance. Line here's your sportscenter update last night. Hi Joe Borough at the Home Depot College. Football awards went home with the Maxwell. And Davey O'Brien award given to the best overall player and best quarterback in college football football respectively. Can you put it on the poll. Please are Maxwell in Davey. O'Brien insanely jealous and petty about everything heisman. Eh usually win the Maxwell and the David when the heisman boiler presidents the international team leads the United States six and a half to three and a half and finally rapper cameron. I'm asking you nailed it around. Eight is unconvinced. Dinosaurs ever existed for all the latest headlines Information in the Sports Center on. ESPN radio all throughout the day. So this weekend I'll has has flown in for or You know he fancies himself a karaoke artist He's in a competitive league here in Miami And he has flown in Because we're throwing this party tomorrow at winwood factory Big Big deal with a lot of bands and artists and one of them is going to be DJ. -Ing what you just heard there a little sample. What you just heard? There was mike the DJ ability. Mike Ryan is going to be paying and it sold out Amino has is one of the headliners. Though as someone after the band's he is going to do Karaoke With people and I heard them laughing at you and mocking you during the break saying that. You're already making excuses for why you're going to be terrible at Karaoke boy. Look you guys know. I love this show. Whenever I'm here I want to be part of the show you know? That's why I sit in the back. I don't sit in with the elites over there. Sit with the people right so when we do bits WANNA be part of the bid. So we're channing. EIGER which Great Chann- Eh Love Bob I agree Gracie outscore sesame. Yeah Score. Says he's a bum he's overrated but all the yelling of Eiger over and over again to toll on my voice and you guys can hear it in my voice cracks now. I didn't sound like that when I walked in here. You sound fine. Yeah two full days to recover. I mean tomorrow. It's the moral right. That's two full days today and tomorrow is like forty eight hours until the I. I don't know I mean listen. It sold out then get tickets forty eight hours because it's in the neighborhood. My you know what I'm website today. Tomorrow Twenty eight. Okay do you guys Thirty seven ISH. There's zero percent chance that's do God shows up at this thing tomorrow night off the list. That was our very smart move coming. You know he's put me back on it so less than zero percent percent chance he's not going to see. You took his name off of the list Chris. I was just like there's all these confirmed and then in the middle. There's just one stu gods and just like you. What No? He's not coming any even if he said he was coming he probably wouldn't becoming but he's been pretty open about this one. Can I ask you something. Dan's wedding instead out of curiosity. Do you think I wasn't GonNa go there. Did I go to the less Maas Miami did I ask you. Why do you think you're doing us some sort of favor by doing the things that we do as a group all at those that all of us are at all of these things? I mean this I put up a fight kick scream but ultimately you know show up. That's what you're saying is going to happen this time because I doubt it. Maybe maybe not. Why do you keep us like what do you keep leading us on plans? I I'm I'm driving. Well listen the plants could be as extensive as me having to go to Philadelphia for a Lacrosse game or they could just be nothing at a lie about Iraq's game day before all the time Bob Iger segment recover it out Friday. I may fly out. I do the team. Rachel's invited to a Lacrosse camp in Philadelphia. Adelphia is she. Yeah she's going. The question is am I going with her. You know abby could also go with I if you don't go you're still not going to Moss Miami. But he's GonNa say he went to Philadelphia's what he's GonNa say well someone else to watch Emma. I mean she's a teenager. What do you do you? Just leave them alone in the house. You know what would happen and everybody that mature teenagers. They're not mature ready to go to college. You can leave teenagers at home. Dan Do you know what I did. When I was fifteen? Sixteen sixteen years old but my parents would leave for twenty four hours forty eight hours. Have you kidding me. You never stands any movie from the eighties all the way until this decade. We're teenagers at home by themselves. Parents leave him alone. Nothing good happens. Plus it's Friday the thirteenth. Wow you don't leave a teenager. Go on Friday or Saturday. The fourteenth also the follow-up day very dangerous it also the full moon can leave so a lot of ESPN people are in town for Lakers and heat I mean the Lakers look overwhelming Milwaukee looks more overwhelming but We were talking earlier this week about This is an oversimplification. You do a lot of data driven stuff you You come from the Scouting Realm When I say to you that usually if you're going up against the team and they've got two very good players and your two players are better than their two players? I've been making the argument. That the way the Lakers look is that they look like. They're better than the clippers. Now there's load management thing Kawai Paul George. Heaven played together very much. But if I ask you which two players there's do you want. Do you say the Lakers pair or do you say the clippers. I think based on the way they're playing thus far this year I will go with the Lakers for the big. The big thing that's happened for the Lakers is that Lebron is playing with an effort level that we haven't seen in about five years a lot of people try to make. It seem like that was just last year. Because he's hurt go back to his last year in Miami. You can look at it right now. Tom Habits a piece. ESPN DOT COM thing. Lebron doesn't play defense and Erik. spoelstra basically was frustrated. Good Bye Lebron. Taking off stretches during games during a stretch of the season in that last season in Miami now Lebron had a methodist madness because he was saving himself self for the play offs and for the finals and that was a formula took with him to Cleveland. For four straight years. It was a lot of yelling at Tristan Thompson for not covering for Lebron's mistakes so oh I think myself and everyone else who was kind of cautious on the Lakers. Going into this year. A lot of wasn't because I don't think that good. Just I know how Lebron does and I don't fault them is what makes a lot of sense. But he's played with an intense effort and energy level. Thus find a season that by the way only the Milwaukee Bucks at match in terms of everyone plays every game and we play a lot of minutes and we play hard now. Clippers haven't had that approach so what we're seeing is two different things. One team is taking the seriously every night one team. Maybe not as. Here's the every night but when you ask me which to. which pair would I have? I think I'll go with the Lakers pair. If you don't tell me what the rest of the Rosser looks like. Why do you think we're seeing this kind of effort from the brand? Is it because people started to doubt last year started a question last year. Yeah I think I was talking to a bunch of people in la about this. One of them is his 'cause he got Anthony Davis and so now you gotta make it look like now that you got what you asked for you have to make it work and have to make it. Look good and obviously that that requires effort. The other part is because the washed king thing which I don't I don't remember anyone saying that he was last year. I said it four years ago but I was wrong but anyways there's that part of it and then I think there's a reality where last year and maybe the last five years. I don't know if if we're going to win the title try if things break right. This year is so wide open. Oh Yeah No. It's is there for the taking. So maybe that's part of the two Donlevatar at finally police in lathrop California say suspected shoplifter dragging entire six pack of beer inside a target dressing room officers say that the woman took her card and a six pack of Stella or Tohis Stugatz. uh-huh man Stella's Roy. What did I say Stellan? Nice Little Stella Glass. That's what I said. What did I say before he read that it gets? The name right is still artois. Most people just say Stella Stella Stella Artois when a punch in the face. Okay okay. Very good artois. Stella these are show with stugotz on. ESPN RADIO ESPN. Radio is presented by Progressive Insurance guests on the Dan Le Batard show appear via the Shell Pennzoil performance line. Here's your sports interrupdate. Last Night Joe Borough at the Home Depot College. Football awards went home with the Maxwell. And Davey O'Brien awards. Giving a given to the best overall player and best quarterback in college football presidents got the international team leaves the United Sates six and a half to three and a half and finally a Scorpion can hold its breath for up to six days. What I mean? I'm tired of this international team getting the way the United United States absurd tiger we got. JT WE DJ and the Europeans have a six and a half to three and a half lead. It's absurd we have a lot of Presidents Cup a decade. If you're worried about finding the perfect gift this holiday we've got you covered because when you give the gift of Peleton you're giving a gift. They are guaranteed to love with efficient high intensity cardio workouts right at home all year long for more details. He won Peleton Dot Com for all the latest headlines and information tune into sports center on. ESPN radio all throughout the day. This is due to Godley. He will be at Maas Miami tomorrow. He's got a greg. Cody Tattoo. A Very Large Greg Cody Tattoo. He is going to have a temporary tattoos. I don't know if this is a great idea. A terrible idea. But he's going to have temporary tattoos of of Some of the members of the show around here that people can. He's going to be running a tattoo booth a temporary tattoo. You didn't know that Chris that's a surprise for you. Maybe it was supposed wants to be surprised tomorrow. Maybe maybe just ruined it. Is he coming with fantasy. Trade offers as well and Speaking of fantasy billy before did I hear you correctly correctly billy. Were you rooting for someone to be injured. You rooting for a human. Being a player to be injure no not exactly but that's the conflict that I found myself elven yesterday because I am in fantasy football playoffs in one of my leagues and I was playing with Mark Jackson and Lamar Jackson was playing the jets and I said very early early on. He's GonNa Score eight hundred million points today because it's the jets so I'd prefer if he doesn't do that because I'd like to go to the finals in my fantasy football league but I don't want to root for human being to get hurt but also if it happened it wouldn't be the worst thing for my fantasy league so as either the jets have to figure out a play defense. Stop this guy. So he doesn't score eight hundred million points or something has to happen where he doesn't play for a little bit but I don't know how as a human I was very very conflicted on. They said I'm sure I'm not only one. We'll put it on. Do you root for you root for injuries. That help your fantasy team not career ear ending injuries. Just an injury that really on this I have a strategy for this. You hope for them to wake up with a migraine. The day of the game. Yeah but it was happening so like once. He was on the field. I'm like lets you know spring a finger. Something like not not even on the throwing hand. Hola the Hammy well. That's more serious. I want something that's like not a big deal but a big enough deal. Words like for precautionary measures. Let's just take him out a little bit. Do you think everyone does that because You know the fan as you know can be very selfish. Raven fans do that I do is if you're in a fantasy super bowl okay. And you have a lot of money at stake. And you're playing against Lamar Jackson. I think raving fans are fine if he hurts his finger and he's out for the rest of the Ganley still beat the jets anyway. He has ten days to recover. That's what you see. This kind of makes them feel better. But it's still got so I don't know that I do. You shouldn't feel better about that. Stu Gods of course we're saying yes. Everybody puts money ahead of everything. That's I mean that's every walk. Now you're saying you're saying Raven fans even so you're saying everyone one. I did say all Raven fans I'm saying Raven fans. It would not surprise me. Ravens Fan was in a super bowl and fifteen grand on the line and didn't mind garrison Ariza Leagues you playing in the team grant. This is a free league I league I mean they're living expensively exactly is out there I'm not saying I play pathetically I got friends who play in leagues for a lot more than that. This isn't just a fantasy dilemma. What if it's just a big game for your team? WHAT IF YOU'RE IN A playoff game your teams in a playoff game? Lamar Jackson. What am I allowed to reform I? I think I don't feel like I'm a jerk. I'm rooting for him to tweak an ankle just a little tweet nuttiest Deitch hangnail. It's sort of hangnail. Fans were happy in the AFC as when Brady for the first time and the only time off that field. I think it was a torn Achilles. Whatever it was ause he was out for the remainder of the year? Fans were there. I think that what you're doing what you're presently articulating right now. This is and it's not surprising because your me I about everything is let's take the most exciting thing in the entire sport and not have it anymore because it benefits my crappy Fangio's for this week then not not extended. He's the only reason to watch last night. Billy he's the only reason for any. You realized there were people going to Thursday night football last night just because they want to see what this whole the thing is all about like their people as tuning in who are trying to get near something. That's new and exciting and you guys are rooting for the biggest star in the sport right now the hottest pop culture figure in sports right. Now you're rooting for him to miss time so that we could become. We weren't rooting for that. We were contemplating possibly rooting waiting for that and conflicted on the issue. I think Tony back here. Has the winner you want him to get take a hit where he ends up in concussion protocol and then have missed. The game then doesn't end up having concussion von. No but that's the thing though you guys don't actually care once he's in the tent you're happy and you don't care what the results of that our mind. We wish prayers. That's ridiculous. Yeah I think what you guys have to do. In order to the to abide by the rules also being a decent human being is route as much as you want for whatever injury befalls him to get off of the field whatever it is and never admit it just be like Stugatz root for whatever you want deep inside but don't say it out loud except to the people you most trust and be careful with even that but as long as I say publicly right now that. That's not what I'm rooting for. I'm good I thought you were one of these people. I could trust you. I think a lot of people do that but I also think that fantasy makes people crazy for the fantasy sports leagues fifteen grand. I mean what is that. What what wh they're buying him in bill? You guys know him in. These Leagues Minimum Forever. I mean for me. It'd be telling you about them forever. They don't know the amounts involved with these leagues. And Billy wonder specifically why it was so hard for you to get him a couple hundred bucks when he was when he was producing sports. Bang for you in a fifteen thousand dollar fantasy league fifteen granted just the buying and in terms of billy get into 'em. Hey I'm andy if you don't know me it's probably because 'cause I'm not famous but I did start grooming company called Harry's the idea for Harry's came out of a frustrating experience I had buying razor blades. Most brands were overpriced over. Designed it out of touch at Harry's approaches simple. Here's our secret. We make sharp durable blades and sell them at honest prices for as low as two dollars. Each we care about quality so so much that we do some crazy things like a world class German blade factory obsessing over every detail means we're confident and offering one hundred percent quality guarantee. Millions of guys have already made the switch to Harry's so thank you if you're one of them and if you're not we hope you give us a try with this special offer get a Harry starter. Set with a five blade razor waited handle. I'LL SHAVE GEL and a travel cover offered just three bucks plus free shipping just go to Harrys DOT COM and enter eight thousand at checkout. That's it's Harrys dot com code. Eight thousand enjoy Donlevatar of the mountains. It's the strangest thing you go by yourself itself. You don't take a radio you don't take a phone. You're missing for four days and they find you like ten years later covered in snow. And it's like don't go by yourself if you're going to go on a trail. Don't go by yourself stugatz. Let's put it on. The poll is the whitest person thing ever I believe is what you called it. Going into the woods by yourself is going into the woods by yourself I ah. I can't disagree with that having a so so black people don't camp yeah. Black people don't hike camp. They'll go on to the words. VC's Liberta our show with the STUGOTZ ON ESPN radio. ESPN radio is presented by progressive insurance guests. On the Dan lebatardshow appear appear via the Shell Pennzoil performance line. Here's your sportscenter. Update Jergen KLOPP has signed a new contract with Premier League leaders Liverpool and two until two thousand twenty eight four clopping these seventy sixers defeated the Celtics. One fifteen one zero nine Joel embiid. Thirty thirty eight points. Thirteen rebounds six assists Celtics first home loss of the season and finally King Kong was the first movie to have a sequel Casper of guests for every dream or gets twenty five dollars off orders over one hundred bucks a casper dot com. Tom With go gifts right now. Today offer expires December. Twenty four thousand nine hundred and terms and conditions apply for all the latest headlines and information to the sportscenter on. ESPN radio radio all throughout the day. So this show ends up developing odd unusual friendships with very random people over over the years whether it's Kenny G. or nine now a tank as area You know Bob Einstein. The late Bob Einstein was somebody we loved having around the show and also Alan Thicke who passed away three years ago today with someone. I never met him Stu gods but it feels like. I don't know if you guys have any of us. Ever met Alan Thicke but Mike Ryan Sobbed for an hour in his bathroom. When he learned of Allen thinks passing think didn't any of US ever meet him? No we actually drew up The paperwork and it was all ready to go. He was going to make his way down to co host with us in studio remember member at the time of his passing. He was our celebrity prognosticator. Right why did you cry in your bathroom. Well because I found out in my bathroom and that's I had a very difficult difficult time processing and because for three weeks I was texting with him regularly and I considered him a friend. We would talk throughout the year. Michael would have great conversations. Gins without thinking really would like I would listen to the conversation. Mike was having with him when he called it. I don't know why. Call the Michael there. I felt the need to call Michael. But Michael would have these really good conversations with Alan Thick and he has a great impersonation of Alan Thicke and I would great Mike. Every morning thing I feel Allen was my friend and it was a shock passing. He he had a heart attack while he was playing hockey with his son. And Yeah like anything ripped away from you. That's totally unexpected like that. You're GONNA and have a billy. Why are you skeptical? Billing always to add lies the things just to give it some conversations. The money wants to be around is the thing is that you guys are talking about. And I'm not listening. I draw the line at lying. About how emotional I was after a man passed the way he was very nice to this radio. Show and I'm telling you right now. Mike knows I was listening to those conversations. Why my yelling? Because you're defensive and you know which trail because it was. I'm telling the truth you're not telling the truth. This is what happens when you have the facts pound the facts. When you don't have the facts pound the table? I told enough of the truth. Man It was like eighty percents percents sprinkle allies. It's always got a sprinkle of life through Sunday with a sprinkle So let us remember. Ah Let us remember what happened billy. What's the matter with you? Are you just marveling at how bad he is a man. I gotcha imagine what people will start talking about that love you billy sprinkles thought billions get zag with yet. He's irked that I I. I think belly's not being on his because he's a liar to everyone's a liar here he's made. It spent the entire segment making faces at every last word. You've said and accused you of lying about the late. Alan Thicke and what your relationship was with him simply simply because you wanna be around the famous no matter how dead they are funkhouser. So here is Alan thicke montage. We're going to remember him here because because we do we miss him as a show. Except for God's who lies about everything well the world don't move to the beat of just one drum or might be right for you. You may not be shown thank you thank you. You're talking ovation shoot. I introduce you is that okay. Hey father's from growing pains like how should I mean you know I think things like Conic legendary and maybe your highness all all kind of I'm fine with any of that. How much money do you actually make? Just from the fact that you wrote two of the most famous television songs ever written i. I made a enough to have three pre nup. I WanNa talk demoss hurdle with him. The Best Player in hockey hockey correspondent respondent. Who the hell is that? We were at this tie off for a lovely luncheon and we're celebrating actually the fact this year that My wife and I turned one hundred this year. Hello Mike I've just risen from is lumber. I'm drinking mint juleps and looking at Beluga whales here in the Pacific Northwest Worth was which is very relaxing. 'cause you know it is tax time and the irs he's coming for an audit reporting or whenever has to cover while making love played one of his sons songs. I count on it. Are you kidding perverse thing that I do give you a list of what those things are. SHATNER's turned down. That thick is hooped in Doodoo did host. The bunch of packets hosted Miss Universe Miss World missed Misconception was A you name it. I've probably posted. I WANNA dollar amount. How much money have you made by Shatner? Certainly saying no four hundred seventy dollars work by the host of missing the only three words is it Eager New in English. Were Vodka dance and girls and I took it upon myself to make sure that of all of that. It came through the last week taught him on the ice against Canadian teams for sometime. Really only the only three words that you need we know right. Yeah you might not even need to know. dench been remarkably thick or painfully police or Thankfully thick you seem. You seemed to be very happy with your marriage I am I am. I've been happy with all of them. We have our celebrity prognosticator. I've been told I'll show that it's a surprise. This suggests to me that we haven't been broadcasting this that this is not a guest that they couldn't get had a real celebrity. I don't even know I don't know who this is or what this is but if it was somebody super famous told you they were coming on. I think Hello Hello Hello. I'M GONNA try to overlook not very famous Snoop Dogg on Radio One Who the weirdest most unusual guy ever smoked weed with was and when he responded founded? Alan Thicke My my son's line's lit up like was he did. He was mistaken for the. You've been your dad to which my I thought I was at the same party. Maybe in another part of the room and I wanted to be there tonight when lightning strikes fire on uh turtle wax still doing well is a business attorney asking you. I was asking relaxed. My I got my hands full with fever very much appreciate it. Hopefully we'll get more often. It was a pleasure. Thanks Dad my pleasure talking. I hope so Alan Thicke be careful. He'll steal your women uh-huh catching for some ads. Look at how emotional. Well this fraudster. God says tearing up man why did I don't think mean more to you than he did to me. I mean I'm sitting here doing the show with you. I loved Allan Thank you know. Oh that's okay that works because your big connection to Alan Thicke was claiming to eavesdrop on Mike's Conversations with him. That was your connection with all the time you wanted to get in on the eulogy and so you said You wanted to be close to the guy who is closest to the famous guy. I didn't even here. Alan Thicke on the other end of the phone. I just saw the delight and the laughter coming from Mike Ryan and I knew those conversations were fantastic. Every word of you could have said that they're listened to what Donlevatar Never GonNa stop what I am and I'm forty four years old. I ain't changed Stugatz. I changed now. It's worked here. I am that next year healthy rich. This is Liberta show with two guys on Espn Radio Oh if you missed any of the show you can listen to all three hours of the Dan lebatardshow plus our Miami only hour and our best of podcast on demand in the ESPN APP and subscribe hyped lebatardshow friends podcast network featuring South Beach Sessions Stupidity Mystery Crepe please rate and subscribe new episodes posted every week wherever you get your podcast because he has the golden helmet of life and because of his general avalanche of lies and because he's wearing a green tank top we want to put it in for in front of a green screen. STUGATZ is getting sent to the penalty. Box Right now. He is getting out of here at this minute it so that we could do the bucket of death without his help and you can catch him on. ESPN news doing whatever it is that he'll be doing in front of the green screen screen. It sure is never flattering on him. I before we get John Goodman would wear on Roseanne as he winding minded down it. What did you see what Phil Mickelson was wearing while watching the president's copies wearing an American flag onesie? That was so uncomfortable for me. I started to become. I'm anti-american. Just watching him before we get to the bucket of death though. I would be remiss as somebody who likes the craft the radio And all of us enjoy the fruits of a radio in two thousand and nineteen As a whatever. It's not much of an art form at the lowest rung of show show business ladder but for those people who care about radio. It's an intimate space. We live in your heads Often not on television So you know some of us and of feeling like friends to you because of just the general intimacy of Radio on the way this stuff works in terms of stickiness and end today. A legend did his final broadcast. Tom Joyner The morning show after twenty five years he has now done and he was known as the hardest working dude in business because over almost a decade he was doing a morning show in Dallas was flying out to Chicago and doing the afternoon show there and then returning to Dallas by late evening so he was living an entirely the morning. Those morning shows will age. Anybody it's a crazy lifestyle. He almost did did that for ten years travels further. Yeah we'll still God's complains every day about his drive as Tom. Joyner a legitimate legend as opposed to the gods who thinks he's what Sat there and took flights for for ten years eight years. He was taken that flight and he accumulated more than seven million frequent flyer miles mile. And if the ratings dip he'll be back that's how this business works at is how we speak for Mike Francesa twice. Let's go ahead. Go to the bucket of death hears God says Golden Helmet of life for this. The final way. This works is reach into the bucket. Grab grab a football team and if that football team loses we then have to do something shameful we tend to throw one back but only one and only the only the first and so Chris go hadn't select from You want the Ravens. The Ravens won last night so that would carry over today. That's the one you want. Today Texan the Texans are tight end at the titans and they are three point Dr Protections the titans play two out of the next three weeks. AFC comes down back okay. This one sticks no matter what he picks here. He's got to do this. The Ravens. All right. Congratulations that's a victory. Roy is not happy for you. I'm the black death being pool. Billy go ahead and reach around around praising Damn I'd boys reaching in their ladies latest Tanka talk a little short pulse all good. I've got any team any team team. Take take the radio and I think you could take the ravens. That's fine you both have. Roy doesn't like that either. He doesn't like the success of others. It is it is a textbook definition or hater. Billy what he I've got the browns going back all right round favorite against Arizona. Two and a half points. It's who I got Arizona. It's the there's no facemask. I don't know that this town facemask penalty pending the results. You Care About the commissioner. Yeah Roy go ahead and reach into the bucket and let's see what you pull out of there. There's nothing good in there. Although I suppose Patriots Bengals have the chargers Bolt. The chargers are plus one and a half at home against the Viking opposite back does not want that eight team. I'm a minus nine and a half so this team has to win by digits. Pick the ravens again. The rate you can take the Ravens radio I'm lab. Roy Is absolutely glad that is textbook. Roy Textbook dating from Chris already has has it. A Raven is unhappy for Royce happiness. Hits Berg steelers the steelers are playing. The steelers are at home against the bills. They are minus one and a half football man. They win so many Primetime Games. But I'm putting him back. I mean you're not going to get a whole lot. That's good in their chiefs chiefs over the broncos. I know I'm not gonNA take my chances. Visit Game Boy New York giants they lost last night. I'm sorry I was the jets. That's my bed dolphins. Hey I got a shot all right the giants are against. DO THEY WANNA play for their own. They WANNA save Patterson Russian and their minus three and a half. All of these lines are provided by. Caesar's I hate this thing. I've gotTA DO DARTH Maul. GotTa gotTa do Darth Maul Costume. I gotTa do a raiders. Fan Costume. I gotta do a marching band costume. And now I got the Falcons. The Falcons are at the forty forty nine part of that. That's a minus eleven right there in revenge game then and now I've got the Carolina Panthers Airline Home Against Dance to see how you manage bounce though the new manager bounce all right great. This is depressing. This thing is really depressing. I am so happy. The football season is finally getting out of here. Because this damn bucket is getting out of here you go to hell. REAPER GOES STRAIGHT TO HELL technology. The truth brought to you by GEICO truth. You will certainly any text about your supervisor to your supervisor. What's Janet's BANGS? Thanks did she lose a bet with a weed whacker blow sent. Wait no no no no no truth. It's so oh you to switch and save on car insurance GEICO DOT COM Janet. I think my phone was hacked. Or something geico. Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more Donlevatar Ktar. It's Friday. I'm getting into the weekend. I want to get my drink on Stugatz. You've got to open up the club. Open it open and now but is the computer buffering is this is live at our show with his two guys on the SPN radio to an infrared football doubleheader this Sunday as the titans host the Texans followed by Vikings chargers presented by vivid seats. pre-game begins at noon eastern on. ESPN radio stations. Am I going to have to. I've already begrudgingly. Allowed that the titans are a different team. Am I going to have to revisit. All of America's opinions on Ryan Tannehill because of the last six or seven in games where the titans didn't even know that they had the better quarterback on the bench. They'd seen plenty of Marietta and then all of a sudden they lose a couple of times the way the titans eaten often do and boom tannehill comes in and I think their offense since he's come in has been averaging more points per possession than even the Ravens. Wow Yeah there. At eight wins though. We know how this story Anson. So is America. Am I going to have to revisit. America's work is opinion on Ryan Tannehill. You know what maybe go ahead and open up the club open it. Open it Kimmy. Second is the computer buffering open. Open it now now now you while he's doing that. Hold on a second because I have to update a very important Paul. Twitter poll at Lebatardshow is brought to you by. Hbo a never seen before look at football's most powerful friendship from HBO. Sports Bella check at Sabin. The Art of coaching chronicles the friendship between two of the most successful coaches of football's history now streaming on HBO. Now I swear again to that but I opened up. Hbo Go yesterday. And I watched Dan soder stand up special instead and is really good. Check that out. It's was good. I liked this little watch. Arctic coaching I will get to it today. No one talked about it. More is Mac and cheese all the rage right now. Sixty eight percent of the audience said yes. You're doing a poll. Oh from Wednesday. That's where we were open it now now. Is it buffering now. What does this this man is wrong? Saw after all these years when I hear music this is totally different. You WanNa try. That is the sound the day is brought to you by my computer career dot edu trading for a better life. How do you think I don't WanNa do it anymore? I'm retired The club you gotta you gotTa call for it. I'm not calling for it anywhere else. Call now I ah doozy audience Heggie no palm of my hand. Dj Professional now. You can hear that kind of Dj tomorrow night. Maas Miami. It'll be smooth clean and you better dance that amazing seriously. Ah You'd better Dan. Dan Sausage Dan. What's the first sound we're letting into the club? It could be down to show s thirty demon of debate. I can feel the heat down his soul. I didn't know he had a so I I thought he was Solis. Who Else I don't carry again there? Who Else in the club? The sound of the jets For the last four decades it is. It's the best part of the sound deep from the depths of Hell who else I'm I'm really thought about how it correlates trying to do. My thing and I think that that's what's best. So Steve Bella check sounding exactly like his father who else in the club and watching it for a while. I guess football's my thing thing thing. uh-huh Wilson the club thing Wilson. The class coffee work by the way it is gods there it is. You've got his interviewing skills on full display on stupidity. A mesquite Hoffy. How does it work the head the head to you know how is that? How how do you have so little care for professionalism that that's how you ask a question Radio Radio Conversation Over golden of I I I I I am. You can listen to the Dan lebatardshow with this. Through God's thanks to one eastern on E._S._P._N.. Radio and you can wash on E._S._p._N. News.

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