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Cool FAB-Racing 2019 - Round 1 Llandow Saturday Afternoon


Getting tired of your lunch options change it up with Little Caesars. Hot n ready lunch combo. Well, we the winds of change get four slices of pepperoni. Deep. Deep dish pizza plus twenty ounce. Drink now for only four bucks would buy here you going Little Caesars obviously get the Lucy's lunch combo now. Just four bucks. Hot and radio Lebanon to two PM weekdays available at participating locations for a limited time, plus tax. Racing. The facial being policy areas. Land on the road a motel. And we are back four Saturday afternoon. And we rejoining the action during the second qualifying session for these senior mini motos. Hello and welcome. If you've just tuned in and just about all about pricing fantastic championship. Well, this is the one thousand nine hundred dish in this is the first round, and we have live exclusive live coverage of every single race live radio coverage of every single rice this year. So we're here on the Friday setting up. We're here on a Saturday every qualifying session and every race and on the Sunday as well. My name is Lester, and we have in the country box right now. Liam Hutchins, and Blake and soul. Hello good afternoon. Guys. Good afternoon, Lester, so yes. Qualifying at the moment for the senior mini motos qualifying to and it's. Not Birkin Bernie hook actually just takes the fastest lap has that's in my Burke, his second Simon Huntingford in third place. In play council will be going out on track to another qualifying. Woman qualifying in the one fifties with the Sierra on those and then it goes on racist from toxic stuff. So we'll be literally in the the benefit of your knowledge as soon as you John back off the bike and Liam Hodgson's making his commentary debut this weekend here at sir fund our following in some big country footsteps as well, not myself. You keep reminding me less. Massive steps I'm live following in oversee we had Kikuchi house last year. We've also had algebra before that and Tom Brooks. So yes. So no pressure whatsoever. So I like the way the if you tried to play out a little bit sorry as it is a championship where. Suppose it's a good proving ground a good a good place to spot right talents of the feature, including the media talent as well. And right now Blake council during a better both as pose but racing bene- commentary, and he'll be joining us all throughout two thousand nineteen Blake. Tell us more about this session. Well. Again, very quick toners. That you've got one person had on the four freeze who's up sad Berna hick on the fifties full by month Birkin and a Sam Huntingford? So looking quite good there as quick and the Michael battle of women. Just as in fourth possession. A rope Pettit as full black Profeta soul. The Gotcha differ. Coming down Martin is close to gap to burn hook to two tenths of a second quarter for the bike. We have some hunting for. But then again, it's just airline lobster the moment. So we could be seeing a bit of an improvement from all a raiders is the session. We're going Kresa. You just jumped up to fourth possession there. So definitely getting his head in the game of the moment. So Blake your your tap for this one in the moment. Well, obviously the temperatures to increase in. So it Germany again just relies on the race and most gonna go on within the race. But everyone seems to be looking very confident and strong. So. It could be anyone really tried temperature nor just the ambient temperature is going up in the woman s roughly renovated twelve degrees. And which is a little warmer than there was this morning. When you went after your first session. Will oversee you go eight and Moines does well at the Tom she's going to be getting heated up for the day. So obviously ties are going to start to up quicker. So the racist should be quite interesting. So how many sets of tyres do you roughly go through per weekend. Well, honestly, it depends on you know, what the weather's like with the races. Oh, probably go through a set. We can we can I that's. This is not as many as two or three could sometimes go through. But what is as try quite a risk of tires or is it quite nice is quite high track. Obviously is quite flow in the toys. Do go free pretty quickly, obviously because he is just like the angle racist on as well if you on the front old more than the each other. So as one of the the more difficult tribes to get up to speed on. If you're a new start here. Compared to other trucks. The. Yeah. But you know, once you get your lawns. Roy you get this speed you you'll be so yeah. The senior many motos here Cuando are definitely ticket shape. We're still Bernie hook and first possession. I only a tenth ahead of my. And so he's been chipping away that gap, and then third place that we have another Brooklyn as Georgia and third-place there. Sam Huntingford and fourth possession only ten bucks from Josh Berkner. So the the Medfield is looking quite tight with Chris Newman's for actress two-tenths for the back row petites and as as sex hundreds for the back on that one. So it's really quite close as looking like a great battle and Medfield there, Andy we didn't as in seventh air rose Mako an eighth possession, Robert Ketley and named Mitch. Holdings be an ten possession on Neil Skinner renting, the runners and raiders at the moment, but he's only office aching off of police bear. So if you will definitely be punching in a quick lap towards the end of the session, so say clubs are so looking quite close between them to be quite about pinta. A it's going to be interested. That's for sure. Yes. Oh, definitely a wrist to keep an eye on especially when it comes to the final hairpin all the lap in the last up. Have you made any lunges on the last lap? Blake. Get bonuses is really good place to get people on the brakes, especially like the Mojo team and stuff. Obviously has you know, they all pretty quick boy, some straight. So, you know, he's he's just going to be technical about overtaking do people tend to go defensive into the hairpin in the final AP or usually vet wide-open e eight just depends on the ROY to really oversleep because you you don't wanna be going in so tight that you go out to lose all the places Bill. She don't want to be given anyone an opportunity to get past. Have you ever saw? Vowed dinner Rossio Marquez to enter the hairpin of the other writer of the way toys policy, I try and void because I don't really want to be cool. Any problems? We wouldn't have any names of people who have gone into the paint will hairpin hearsay cleanse the sun's shining. It's we've got a few spectators are, and of course, the roads having a we watch of the the big in action. They're on track. It's actually say a few of them all of them stopping in having to be clearly enjoying what's going on track at the moment. But. But why not? Absolutely. So a thicket. Here's which I don't think the kind, of course, the roots and back. Hello to you. And hopefully, you're listening on the radio I kill fab dot com. Anassa checkered flag oats on many Motors senior qualifying to and as we get ready to cost lane. So far as still Bernie who has on our fifty three point seven attend faster than modern Birkin who is in second on a fifty three point eight. So very say the top there between those two we've just got number forty one for seven hundred for the cost of lane. And it doesn't improve on his last lap only a couple of days off so fifty five point three he stays and fourth possession at the moment. Just working is in front of him on a fifty five point two. Chris you miss as an possession. And we'll just get the other runners arrays, of course lane, and we didn't doesn't improve his seventh. Ross Michael as an eighth possession image Hornsby and name, and we've got Robert potato just cost of laying there and set Robert Kelly. As in tenth and renting, the thrown isn't raiders for the senior many Muthu class qualifying to at say Neal Skinner so that was a pretty tation it's up there, which was absolutely brilliant is same as well. So we're going to be having a few of them come back on track soon and the next class for qualifying as going to be the AC fourteen rookies, so what we can expect from not one Blake legal Reuters Aaron to fifty five years going to be really tight race. To be honest. It's hoped to quote, quite head. So they might be pulling on the room. Yeah. There are ten per second between the top two as you said that the Medfield during the fifty five which is I mean elbows are going to be out of the race. The litter on today, which is going to be up at glare on day, which is going to be quite good for some people. Also good for others. The senior any motos race one will be five past four. So make sure that you don't mess that one because it's good to be well hectic and definitely worth a worth watching. When you're I've tried our I've you're listening and via the radio, which is also on kill fab racing dot com. Racing Facebook page onto it. Loads of ways to follow the racing this season. Union live on the coupe racing Facebook page on Twitter and on YouTube. Listen on motorsport dot radio and on racing dot com. All season. We're taking your comments live in the commentary box. Here at Ron wanna clientele. We are right now. Hello and welcome. And a big Hello to Helen hill. Who's tuned in on our live stream, and I live radio stream. Hello, Helen and Rossi Banham racing. Number Ninety-six with say, Hello. Yeah. Hi, folks, anybody else wants to getting touch with those directly in the studio while you can either pop up directly yourself, and maybe come and do an interview is Mr. Brendan pedaled little earlier on. Oh, you can send us a nice, a lovely. Nice message, which we always like on Facebook at bracing. Are on Twitter as well. So on track at the moments may be able to hear the second qualifying session for the AC forty rookies. And should they just literally on at the moment? So that just on the outlets and just to start in flooding laps at the moment. The all important second qualifying session, and well, we've not long go look not long ago. Yes. Blake before the the first round of races. Are you nervous is one of those things as he he got little book at some point. When did you go and you find it just goes away and you get in his own join them. While Blake console joins us in the commentary box for two thousand nineteen in between these racing on track. Also, Liam Hudgens from Scotland will be joining us from every single round providing that so he can make out of Scotland. By this weekend. Yes. But we go there. Indeed. So far, so good. I would say and my name's less and Chris McCarthy, I will be joining us at various rounds as well. Come and tasting and also Ed hawk no as well. So we've got quite a quite a strong commentary team for our live radio coverage, the bracing and second qualifying session. Well, she Gibbs setting the early pace very early on getting into the sub one minute LA Times with they fifty nine point one seven six seconds on Blake Wilson so far in second place with a woman at point five five three. You haven't got really three too much sent him to the moment as a. Just getting heat tend to the tires getting used to the track surface, ma'am, change from the previous sessions. This one was the temperature has gone up between the qualifies Asian, you're taking qualify session. Blick? The moment overseas. Again, clear track is a bit of a problem of every locked he gonna make overtakes not the dot can be like points of a second not will make a massive difference. You know, that's like a place you've lost their the ever find anyone trying to get off. Another raider known ee is a good thing to do. You know, if you if you beyond to quit, ROY and trying to stay beyond him for me as long as you might pick something up, the absolutely I mean, there's always I know the faster rate or never tastes to be as happy. But it definitely helps someone maybe doesn't know the truck as well or maybe just a new stock so SM don't mean it too much here say as the the quicker radar lover rail dot, which is quite good fun there. So yeah. Look at it. They live teams are still Arctic EPs on top there. Blake wilson. I am the one wait bake as an second possession one point five off of Archie. But public lose up as progresses and also all sems and thought possession, look, fetch it and fourth one second for the bag from only sems hottest day and Feth Brandon keen on the fifty three bake as sect possession. A Marco halt and seventh Casey spy as as possession Arnie car fulls up a name completing the top thing as Kathi pain on a one minute four points one look Hutchinson. As an eleventh. Jacob Stevenson, twelve William Harris and thirteen Joe show Williams and fourteenth running at the fifteen stolen trivial. So on a one minute five point four, but says so far so kits for Arctic apps quite difficult to get below the soup one minutes here. He's just going and really, you know with a good pace and just keep an. System, which is good oversee. Because that's what you want for the race as well. Yeah. I think he's beginning held up by love traffic on that lob there. So just got one minute point Sexwale. And that would it be still enough to 'em and fourth Louis, which was which would we so quick good for my bottom? So far nail pace. Person at one fifth eight is so far into the fifty names that he can easily mic the the eight. So we're gonna have to be chasing them bungalow. But they are then book watching the raiders come through the final corner. So far, no cups at which is quite goods. And we have a beverage incident going into the chicane as the chemo the the pet, sir Blake. Did you catch Halpin is as you say no incidents Liam someone's gun and how to tumble at turn one causing a red flag commentator's curse? Yeah. I did one you about nine Elia. So. It will stand by to see who the raider as bottom. And it was literally just as as he said it as it was. Yes, that was I did I did a did give you guys warning earlier on about commentary discusses so rider is up and walking. As we don't have. That's always. Oh, yeah. So I mean, I thought I I don't know. I didn't see the full incident books are just best to get tactile. Anyway, just in case, definitely. And we have some fantastic, ambulance and medics and paramedics here on site here. Clamp down the South Wales. Counting circuits in South Wales. Full ram, one of the Kufa bracing British mini-bike championship and a big. Thank you. And Hello to all the marshals as well. Whether nominated for a motor sports award or not y'all do a fantastic job. So thank you. Moms and dads for all being heifer, all riders and kids and stuff. And it is certainly a very important part. That's the whole team at fab rising play. Well, yeah. I mean, we couldn't go racing with this amazing team here, especially marshalls everyone just gives up the payment the weekend for the raiders and the families that want to come here and of the compete and kill fab. So with them, the they're the ones that the tree heaters at there because the author them we wouldn't be officer be going racing, which is fantastic. So it keeps Blake dim what he's wanting to do weekend. Of course, all of their other raiders. And including looks like the raider has just added. We check over over there the chicane better to be safe than sorry. Absolutely. Yeah. So am stand standing up. Maybe just when did or something of that. So it's fairly. Okay. So the the the session times as the red flag was brought out were as follows Archie Gibbs had the fastest time in the second. Round of qualifying for AC, forty rookies. Then it was Blake Wilson and all SIMS Luke fits in fourth place in Harrison day in fifth Marco halt was sick place on a car in seventh place. Brendan keen in eighth Harry Payne in ninth and tenth place, Casey, Spurrier's or sparring as is experi. Sorry, Casey in fear. If you're listening one of us will get it right in one of those will get it wrong. If we by any chance, if if we do happen to mispronounce anyone's name, and you want to come up and shouts us, then you can do. So we are up at the top of the race control building. Nowadays, our commentary position this weekend. So you can come up and say Hello, correct shows about if you if we missed pronounce your name or miss announced a family member of yours. Some Simon close. We did that last year. But yeah, so up stairs over race control. Is where our commentary is. And yes sons Al and no word on yet. Where the the session will be restarted. What what what do you think Blake? Is it looking like it might be move. Sure the match already ready. So yeah. Yeah. They're not just going to go out with there was only a couple upsets anyway. So obviously that could have been someone needed. But it's just unlucky. Yeah. So that's session over and that we move into the second round of the mini GP. Fifties. Yes. So the fifties are on track, and this is definitely class to watch. But. They do look Bank for stock. You don't in Blake. They look a little bit clumsy through the corners. How did you find that? When you were a couple of years ago, they are really really like. He's just the way people ROY some people are smooth some people just want to, you know, get in the cool back out quickly. They can it's just just a Royd install. What was a war and your opinion was the best way to rate one of the cats and Klunder practice practice overseas that there's a lot of pieces you can go test in UK, or are you K? The people go to Spain as well. That's that's a lot of let's like a popular testing area people go to, but but also becoming more popular is some indoor contracts. Now, they're starting to warm to the idea of of actually welcoming bike people into to for the maybe once a week bike ni- ni- on mini motos down for these. There is lots of lots of indoor contracts that are doing such events. So yeah, there's there's lots of places to go is very good. Because obviously, it's not it's not grip outside. But if you if ever come see you lose the back end, then you kinda learn over time how you can save. It. You never just practicing a skill. You can learn as you become more confident in different conditions, the wet exactly so yeah, they ride as for the second qualifying session of fifty s just entering their second laps. The moment who's fastest at the momentum. We have a hottest in be fastest at the moment on a fifty two point three fold by Mason Johnson do some top to second there. There's one point two seconds further back two point five. Ryan hedge coke and third place at the moment full by Sullivan, Monday on number forty four machines offer t point he's just jumped up to southern Manzi as I say that is just the second half a second off of a house. And Cosby, MRs Johnson and fourth plays, Josh balanced. Our and kale. Pain is fold up by told up and set place. It's over a close Latins in midfield. Once again, we're seeing here. So the top from second turned to seven covered by roughly renovate one say say that kill pin has just taken over the top spot on the leaderboard after two point zero. But once again, it's only the first couple of labs the leaderboard while change quite often. So and we can definitely see some fossil up teams coming down as the heat is basking us with them. Great grip rating are there on the socket. Do need spin. When you go wills. We'll consider Mason Johnson about accident here. The last time you see if I'm ROY looking really confident, so yeah, Mason just as an accident. Here was last year. So what was it? What happens again just point Dana when? On the bottom corner and do not sit with his finger. But obviously is all up. He's all right now, he's looking even more stronger than was last year. So he has diminished to settle here at London. Make sure you make sure has resulted here, I'm sending the sex possession in the moment. Seeing that as I say that he just jumps off. Yeah. Yeah. Off of kale pain and first possession nurse. So. Good battle between the top guys in class here. We're looking at the, you know, the way people are switching up and down on the chart is generally going to be a very very good race e Mason just went from fifth all the way second in a so is is looks like it's going to be a very very very good race. Yes. Quite close class to to watch to compete in the top sex are covered by only half a second. So, hey, that's that's definitely worth watching their and all for the bikers from top say now, we've just go just banister to say banging in a one one point seven zero as just change change change LA phone lab, which is Ed which is quite good. Which is what we want to see as they passed the comedy box. Here. We've got some more raiders by some quick lab teams. Just hides all the Walker move up to eight possession. He's looking good there Clinton Edmunds and ninth on the one four sex machine Roney hottest compete, completing the top ten on. The number sexy sex. So we've got a few raiders composites and all following each other on the phone number forty three of Ryan has caucus and just jumped backup second. But he did say this corner look behind them, which probably the main lost about ten thirty. If you just look at ROY does it just all very like even tell the rule learn of each other trying to make the overtake. So it's it's Germany just what the race is going to be like can just see the one you can pull free the pop up. So just a couple of them coming into Raymond's hairpin at the Baltin year. And it's like the practicing far Las lob lungs to you did that quite law. Just a see you can break if you're trying to overtake a lot by lucky feel even more confident, you know, if you can keep going and going and going and go in and start consistency which stay on rule doing at the moment. Really while you know that breaking harder and harder. Each LA, you know, on the laptop show you thought, you know, they got in quicker every time. That's falling for them at the moment in the fifty one. This is very very coast. Yeah. Absolutely. As I am quite grunted and all of the raiders banister as has taken over top sports on a fifty one point three eight hundred eight hundred eight hundred eight hundred further back we have Ryan Hitchcock on a number forty three machine. Harrison Crosby affective after one point four look his brain in fourth place. Right hash coke. And there. And we've got a Blick until jumping in for his next day raised as an accession there. So good luck to Blake there. I before the sessions over a quick rundown of heritz, all looking Mason Johnson stolen, sect possession there on fifty one point eight to the Trump nine covered by three tenths of a second seven tenths of a second. The top seven are covered by three tenths of seconds and Leicester's destroy me back in the shooter. Lester best is looking at vertical. Let's actually so far certainly as an it. As one of the big categories to watch the mini teepee p v days along with the mini seventies as well. The two big categories usually you'll find the some of the biggest names ready to make that next step into. Into a well up the motorsport ladder, maybe into Spain is some people have already done. I think maybe I'm not sure it takes your Gorman's already riding out there this season. But certainly, yeah. He's. A very competitive field and always has been really in the past few years as you say Kyle pain, fastest at the moment. But only just by what less than. Not a one hundred dollars. Almost one hundred of a second so far with only a couple of minutes to go. The other teams are changing consistently. They've dropped down from fifty feet to fifty one. So it's just the finding a lot more pace out there on the circuits though. Also as Blake San learning from each other the law of them are following another Reiter than a greater would buy back off in someone else. Leads for Betsy were one is five star where the ones I love our soaraway yet different lanes. What as well? So it saying all interested in your can really get. So it's gonna be a great wrestler to run today when we've got the many GP Feth lease for the frustration of the weekend. What should be coming up at a twenty two five four forty PM. And that is definitely a warhead or Thad watching. So make sure you don't mess that here at a Cova and a live at radio stream, so co fabric talk supposed to go certainly as checkered flag as outs for the second qualifying immunity, p v days and three competitive riders. Almost three wind into the final corner. Hopefully from that point of view, they will hit I thought they all crossed the line on liquors Brown and how because bay. Did not go quicker, that's particular lot. But ending the session. It is Josh Bannister. The just balanced are just a Baghdad fifty point four on his last lap there. So increasing the title that the tapes lit the hotter Beckley sex tenths of a second. So let's they're looking really good. There isn't any so pale pain finishes up in second possession. Look Brennan thirds on a fifty one point one one tenth for the back on is Harrison Crosby Ryan Hitchcock on a fifty one point three gap four tenths of a second back to Mason Johnson. So from second to faith covered by blood truly a piece of paper as not close and making Johnson, silver, moon Z and seventh only Walker and eighth at Clinton Edmunds and named ruining hottest ten only Horner and eleventh tiller Stuart Campbell as twelve possession. Jimmy Parker and thirty Harrison McKay and fourteen and Ben Joel Afri atrophy Saudi and festive as a top fifteen for the manager. Ep fifty qualifying to sound pretty good answer. Yeah. The next session on track limb as going to be after the GP coffee to it's going to be extremely hundreds which I play council is. And so we had to rush off very quickly because I think he forgot they was one. Almost. Yes. And good luck to not only just like Israel went up to intending to show any favouritism. So we will give an equally harsh time. Don't you worry about lattes? So you'll be under tight today. Probably more. So considering that ISA also a commentator. Here for this season two thousand nine hundred ninety it is if you've just tuned in live radio coverage of the tortilla nineteen. Tissue device championship has a pet bikes. Two hundred had out on track of these. Always have the most throaty visceral raw loud sound, the if you're lessening back home you headphones, and you may be an idea for turn them down just slightly because you don't want your John's because they do send very thirty seven very beefy and so fast as well. They send terrifying they set up, but like at the Kathy, which I quit kill as. Well. So they'll just completing the first lap in the moment coming through the final chicane before the backstreets said before the head and to Raymond's hairpin, and we should probably give them a couple of labs lesser just to let them up to speed and see who's going to be pushing the hardest get get, laptops. So. So her that's been the raiders tonight. So the whole good if you're trying to his so it's gonna be very bathing festival from all Manet's. So just some other writers leaving the pets and making a way onto the sockets at the moment. And if you don't know where we are just shouldn't enter we are Klunder and set of wills serve any very, very nice warmer sunny day here. I've got lots of spectators watching from across the roads watching the banks. Go rent the sockets in some fantastic rating skill there on the circuit as well. I saw the credits again Becker beggar so don't be disappointed what so ever. So as the frustrates coming across the latest, Charlie. Pace, and he's just back then at forty seven point nine, Richard. Williams as executive essentially someone turn number two the hick as she came by by calling the bake on his absolute feigned because he's writing away again. Hoping Slough off to the left Honda Reggie Turner as and third possession on our fifty point five so two point five seconds off of the teams of charleena's and Richard Holmes Williams, Bradley pedal that wasn't the lesson. You call them the yellow peril as sees his his own nickname attorney believe he's he's given himself. And he was saying that all player when he was in the studio earlier it was in relation to a only Kuzin houses episode name. Yes. Something to do with I- tombstone or something. I've been painting yellow. Yeah. I've never seen the episode myself. So I need to check that one is. Grinding peril as enforced possession the moment Cam iris as multi Bolsover as possession, Jamie Kennedy as looking good who has just moved out then from seven to eighth as Reggie Turner just jumped up to third possession and possession as a Taylor Lawrence and Harvey for our friends at the top ten for the moment. So we'll definitely writer sale. And I said that mom Jamie Charleston's, but who has stone say case on at forty seven point three tenths clear of the rest of the field of the moment and just out into comparison to how he went in the first qualifying session, charleena's bits, fastest out the moments on forty seven point while he's just improved actually's forty seven point three four and he's e- king. Talks fast time this morning. Qualifying one for the extreme Jalen his best time, then was forty seven four zero four eight so still too tense office quickest the moments, but if anybody can his game, it's definitely Charlie. Nice bets and anybody can lower those lap times. It's definitely at least him. Yeah. Absolutely. But the raiders farther behind from third onwards because they had children as bits on Richard Holmes Williams setting the early pace and qualifying for the rest of the writers do tend to be dating near there. The the pacer from qualified once or third place Richard Turner as on a fifty point four he is only two tenths of the team that you said earlier today, but he's at fifty point two and four have calm hottest. He's not. He's actually putting yourself after one point zero in the first place at the moment and on a festive point sex at the at least half a second faster, which is a great improvement. And especially when you get to consider and it was a little bit. While the killer today than it is right now track a certainly heating up and the sun is being done on the tarmac here at Klunder. So we're definitely getting some Griggs Richard action at the moment, charleena's base, still setting karate and possession on our forty seven point one. No. So is it just comes across the lane. He's just a improved as laptops stolen attend offer. Your set this morning, but increasing the lead over Richard Holmes Williams at by eight tenths of a second fueled by rhetoric Richard Turner as on the fifty point four count Hodson fourth possession body Bolsover who jumped off from ten they'll enter. Fifty point seven. So he's just been put by the place thereby Brandon peril who's jumped up to fourth position on a the point five Harvey, clouds, seventh possession after one zero them got Joyce and group we had run the peril up here in the contracts earlier on he's had a unless we rivalry as forget Georgia and grim saying he's good to maybe say say in the race onto their less than that's yeah. Inside attack takes. And let's see what happens because as competitive as as people get in the paddock as alternately just talked because you gotta do you're talking as everyone knows hours on the racetrack jury the troll rice, and we're talking during the second qualifying session. So we're not missing any saying, however, three riders all blessed across the finish strike to try and improve that time, but it is still charleena's base. A moment here. Keeps those times tumbling getting closer and closer. He's is gap. Now, Richard Holmes Williams who's in second pay to at the moment as point nine of a second quicker. We may see a forty cents with kids. See that. Maybe it'll be difficult by devilishly charleena's, but as pushing out there, and but two seconds ago, we just had Brandon Pearl come chicane and because someone down at Raymond's hairpin. He's back up on the bike is looking. Okay. Trying to get the thing bump started again couple of couple of riders for various reasons deciding to dive into the pits, whether they feel that they've given own can do no mall all have some type of issue. Let's say boxer we yeah. Oh, yeah. From KOMO riders pumping back into the pets as the number twenty. I think I was twenty. Here's the number twenty two it was Felix Heron. And who will how do we offer the final number? He's back on the bake these back on track. And I think it's all about men are to to try and get them self and from eleventh place a little bit higher up. So as I say that he's just been bumped by ten to twelve twelve course as counsel as jumped up to ninth. So he's amid Pavan improvement. I moan fifty one point three four point one seconds off over pacesetter, Charlie Nesbitt. They say increasingly hot stay here at Llandough in the South Wales. Car circuits in sunny, South Wales. I'm gonna call it. I always call when it's raining. Even when it's raining, and it's round one of the twenty nine thousand nine five bracing British mini bikes championship, and we are set for an absolutely at pet season ahead as we are coming texting right now on the second round of qualifying for the extreme two hundred costs while rider, just having a brief tumbledown turn to back coconut pays back on his bike. He's trying to get restarted quite say with the Clinton the son who that is. But he's got a bright red helmet on the web. I say different tricky. Tricky tricky onto is well we've seen a number of writers that near check weekend. Check flags editor am so far. We're still the Charleston bet setting the pace and first possession with a one at forty seven point one without Reggie Turner across the finish line. And so he won't be improving improving anymore on a fifty point zero. We've had Brandon perils us across Leitner fifty point three. So he's made about permanent from his qualifying. A one time mellow on John Gruber cross Selena. He's seventy eight point nine Jimmy king in place fifty point name to only four thirty four thousands. If I can get teach Botkin of a second between Georgia grim and Jamie. Kennedy Harvard, clergy and ninth place west. I I they one point. But it's not mine charleena's, but who has remained top of the pale the moment. Recchi Richard Holmes Williams, improved than gaining closer. So name tenths of a second on forty point zero behind Charlie next beds. Richard Turner, and third brand Pearl. Fourth Calcutta's, infest and multiples over and sec Josh Ingram. Seven Jamie, king eight Harvey Claridge and Nate and Blake and so on a fifty one point fee Renzo that soap at ten so second runs on a coup. Fab Tacoma, I will doing a live radio stream, and we'll be back after this break. From Dow Beth is twenty nine thousand nine hundred bracing British minibus championship. Hello, everybody tuned in online on Facebook. Hello as -at's cool fibroids saying, and you can send us a tweets as well. If you're on social media, why not show your supports. If you're not here. Sunny, South Wales, you can still say Hello and show your support. So your favorite rider or team. Or anybody really whoever you're supporting get them into us. They messages of goodwill and supporters bracing on Twitter at a big Hello, Peter and soul Tunde and Hello to pay. You're saying good look Blake and Brandon peril and Josh anger news in the same team together as we were being told earlier today, the Gloucester bike specialist team. So thank you very much pay to answer commenting. Our livestream is now up and running on Facebook live. So you can share and care everyone. How much you sharing? That's the only way really that is the best and easiest way to raise awareness for our riders not only this week. But the season as well. And Sarah Davis has been in touch says good luck to our Harrison day. And wish you very happy birthday. Seven today. I don't know if I don't have service as he is seven today as riding number seven on the I don't speak, but happy per day. Anyway, an and thank you touch with us, Sarah. So my name's less style. And we also have leeann Hudgens hair in the studio is context this weekend by counsel making his way back from that session. So join us again on Colin trae in right now autumn track. It is the many at one side sidecars than we didn't see I think we saw the high attrition rightly in the first qualifying session people just electing to just see if there by his in one pig all their sidecars just still still still going. Someone ten your. Yeah. Mooching around over the line as as we can hear them. So yeah, it's many f-. Onside house always hunt tastic spectacle and surprise surprise fastest at the moment. It is Nick Williams with a one minute's point four three six seconds could be beaten. Surname moments in three in qualifying right now. So doing okay, I suppose. The other number forty four think just came out of the south on track. So they will be doing the outlet the moments. Car Toys there. Adrian ams is their place on a one of four point nine make medically who's just come out of the pets on the number forty four safe car with a one minute four point nine on Paul junior. Walters was a one minute nine point seven. So there's eight on track at the moment all seven Eller on today. So we've gone extra driver might be Oscar say wasn't there earlier today? So. Love and more Eller on. So that's quite good to have got on track for qualifying to f one many say cars, see so at the fatal four five off the day before the racing on the way, very very soon. The frustration is going to be the many GP seventy one at two forty. So make sure you don't go anywhere for that. As the number four to cover the cost of the Mike Lee improves, the third possession with a fifty nine point two. So is pace their tip off the top team. Just might go through the first chicane there. D'avila why go through if you gonna go for a whole lot, which is absolutely faint. Just another couple of coming third the fatal Carter pets, and we have the number twenty six of McWilliams taking tolls. But once again on a fifty six point three two tenths quicker than John Coulter's believe Jack Coulter's just pulled off and to the pet Leitner clue Hoppy with pace so far. But unfortunately for them, the non first possession only at the moment. As of other drivers come through the final corner of the moment would just get some fast alive teams as the track as tires. Up to thirty coming across laying mug. Parker who does improve his team one minute point one two nine hundred few improvements come through some of the cars are Pilion to the pets. So as the end of the session, so we're going to give you a quick rundown of how all look so Mike Williams with a fifty six point three ends ation on top for the coffin too, many Ephron sidecar carshield's Jack quarters and second possession with a fifty six point five MAC Lee after nine point. My Parker falls up with our get improvement on his final one minute point one two nine Simon iberson and fed possession or one minute two point eight. I don't ask for by Adrian ams and Paul junior Coulter's running the top eight runners and writers with a one minute nine point seven. So a couple ups, and they're not too gray. Unfortunately, so. Issue there with Paul junior Coulter's at the moment. But yeah, but definitely getting sun beaming track of the moment airplane flying over the top there. I'm showing Sean people often hold the the racing can be here. Atlanta circuits here in South Wales. We've got lots of people watching from cross roads the stopped off in the cars and waving to some of the writers as a right past them. Definitely above spectate spectacle, watch Vanessa what's an from across roads stars into a spectacle in the best possible sense. Yeah, we have. I don't know if if similar over just the holy site car on track of the moment the final corner there. So. Embarrassing as there's more than it would have been. Okay. But that was a poultry quilts at just having a moment at the final term. But okay back on track and that crosses the finish line gopher foster a lot. So we'll see what they can do. Yeah. Check it flag as well. On the timing being shown, anyway, the raise one sidecar still out so maybe just getting a little bit of extra practice. Although I don't see a check and five being waived though. So maybe checkered flag is being. Imminent. Oh now, he's being waived their ago. Yes. Definitely hurt your Coleman, July stuff, certainly. Yes. The multiple award nominated Lee clouds with the checkered flag jetty. Hello. And yes. Hello and just pay where the microphones on live, by the way. Just just right next to you. So no swearing play. You're live on radio. Please do not swear. So yeah. Many Ephron sidecar they sold sidecar not even taking the checkered flag, then just going into the today pets as we warm up now for the first race of twenty nineteen Liam yes, it's going to be an exciting one is going to be the many GP seventy race one. So definitely go bags of talent. And that's class. And we're going to see some very recent certainly, yes, definitely almost. Yes. We are just minutes away. Now for the first race of twenty nine hundred in the co Fabra saying British many bags championship. Racing on the road on the Moto GP. Bye. Very much for tuning in live on Facebook live online live on social media. This is Bob rice thing. I also bought to your riders if you are here at the circuits cinnamon is message on social media as Emerson has done to answer. Also didn't show some points today. Sarah Davis, Helen hill and Rossi bam racing as well. Only at some points. Today. So the best rice coming up is the mini JP seventy. And although one of the title contenders or many seventy Evan Belford. Unfortunately, broke his collarbone. Just yesterday, which is unfortunate. So he won't be racing in this particular weekend. But yeah, we wish him all the very very best. Liam she's definitely going to be h finally happening with finally do the first rice of twenty nineteen and I want to welcome our newest comments, remember Bawku pricing. Fisher. You've heard from Blake council you heard from Liam Jane's. Unfortunately, you've had for me. And now we're going to hear from Chris McCarthy, Chris alone often name is untested to be here for the fabric. Sing opening round of the Twenty-nine teen championship clan. And get me lower waited kept at one. Excited. Is it's it's been a a build up, but mini G P. Seventy a on the dummy. Great to come out to get the very first rights of let's say Zain underwrite lame Hodgson's you've been talking through the qualifying sessions today. Is your expectations ahead of this? Well and expectations are higher for the day. He seventy and say look in vegetate and the Medfield about before we get into that. I've just to give you. And Evan Belford. The number fifty two raider would not be competing and today's race. So he had about an accident yesterday. Unfortunately, breaking his collarbone, but not what he has here. He s cheering on all the raiders, unfortunately. Well, Evan hope you get better. And we want to see back for round number, sir. Sobe ashamed we're going to see you on the starting grad butts. We hope we're glad you're well. And it's just better Mainur. Andrea. So and the bikes are all. The banks are also is standing by on the Greg there. So make sure that you stick around for that is going to be an absolute cracker of race. And Chris you've got the starting grid. Don't you? Twenty nineteen Kupa bracing British mini bugs championship. Let's get the Twenty-nine sees and underlie is been a very long white. But way, finally ready to go many JP seventeenth, Reuters own the grades. They are foaming up now of we missing someone that is the question from the fourth row of not sure if we are actually missing fin smart. They're certainly an NT grid position. I hope that is the case where Finn is going to be starting off the back of the grids are I'm not sure butts. Let's go through the grid as it stands off the qualifying. Anyway, Eddie O'Shea is gonna be on PO position. Baillie Stuart Campbell. Will be alone side as the green flag is under white. Then we have rowing Hitchcock and Irwin, meta Johnny going this James Cook are going to be rose three James rose and Finn small ROY full Carl pain and Mason Johnson wrote five Harrison crows bait and Emmanuel Brinton will be rose six feet Davidson and Safran late rose seven Carter Brown and Thomas Gomez will be eight Dillard Mela an only will be route nine Jack cash and Joe Farragut will be route ten and then we have Jamie would cook at the very back of the field. So that is how they are going to line up. They are just making their way down to the final corner the moment, and then we will be ready to get underway as the riders foam up on the grid. I'm going to hand over to Liam Hodgson's to talk us through the right start much crisis grit here and it's going to be fantastic race. Never in qualifying. We had eighty shave and say as a four to eight point zero Lobstein. So he's looking very quick at the moment. All writers are setting themselves up by getting some last minute vote motivation. Some angle aiming towards the foster coroner there. I. Sets sight there. The raiders are ready. I can't ready for the start of the kill fab. Many by GP seventy rates out of Greece. Start from second undergrads Eddie show record back to Bill Campbell and first possession as head through the hook. And as in wausau to as far Bill Campbell who takes from eighty Ryan had coke as and say at third possession at the moment. But has so far everyone made it through the first couple of corners nascent cleanliest fungus costs and mistakes like for the rest of the race crest. Yes, we do have James answer with us as well. What were your thoughts on this James? Good. Thanks. Qualifying was extremely close. So as you can see them going into top Coon onto straight. They all very very close. Even though it's the far slop that you already let ready yet making moves all ready going into the first all off site, and we have a ticket reindeer say thrown Bill Campbell. That was that was fantastic maneuver right there. I have to cut you off there. And it was a girl move. And he's already got the couple of bike lanes going through the chicane on regular the rest over the lot at the moment. So fantastic run through that fight to the fast right Honda coming onto the extreme. Jay jacobs. Well, blake. We'll come to you something that you can only get good run to the right hundred someone up rent. They're coming into the final hairpin. Yeah. It's just a bed gap. We've got Bill Campbell and second possession at the moment. We've got back. Third place as a Cup of coffee three abreast and the AllState on the bike. So far has been the writer of. I was gonna actually joining moved onto possession. And so as fantastic star to the many cemeteries apps are so far, but they're gonna have to go to try and catch Eddie O'Shea defending. Well. Pretty much reflecting. What we saw in qualifying here, of course, in qualified. He was around knowing tense clear from the rest of the field, and he's reflected that pretty much straight away as he's hit the front at the end of the opening lap Bailey. Sheer at Campbell in second. Then it's gonna smell a smart cook. Hitch coach Johnson Brinton and Crosby your top ten at the moment. Caller. Like, do you think there's any way to watch out for down? The field of is already pulling away the convert them, Germany. I think James CoCo be making a few moves up for. Groups because he looks very confident as well. Yes. Well is something we'll have to watch out for that. As the Reuters that way down the end of the circuit before making their way back towards the back straight, led the gap pretty much stabilizing at the moment. If extending hair is max Kirk getting in touch, of course, max Reiss saying in the rental is this year along with other major series at the moment size. Great to have much getting touch. He's also the the the junior rookies won't turn into. Well, are great to hear from MAC says Eddie comes across the line to extend his lead to two point seven seconds yet. Just looking at the battle for second place at Baylor Campbell stole holds, but joining garnish has been pegging him at in the last couple of lives and roughly two tenths LOP at faster. Each lab. So as closed to roughly half seconds joining Garner's on the number fifty seven machine as definitely can straightforward fence March the hold fourth place ahead of own Miller and James Cook. So as a great battle for fourth place on here is that Ryan has fantastic maneuver there by the number forty three of Ryan has cocoa moving into sex and his reindeer saves and enter the hairpin enter the chicane Saudi over the hook. It's just went from seven to a couple of corners rape battle for fourth place going on there four of them and not battle own Miller fence mar Ryan head hedge coke and James. So they're definitely to be showing what it can do Blake race as you can see as well. Because of the times being so close together you got going on. But there is a couple avoid money's pull away from the group's. But apart from not I think he is looking strong as well on Mason as well. Eddy's looking incredibly strong up the front as comes across the latest starts has seven flop and he's just one four to eight point seven quite the fastest lap of the race one four to April one he said, I feel obstacle joining gardens and stole closing down. Bill Campbell on our forty nine point sex. There will Bill Campbell forty nine point seven, but old Miller and Ryan has coke are starting to bridge. The gap between fend smarts and James kick for sex on seven hundred crisis. Definitely being in a Satan fush allows into has indeed let's run through the talktime. Once again, it is a shea Stuart Campbell gone, smeller, Hitchcock smarts. Cook Johnson Brinton and Crosby as we are about to complete the seventh Flathead as coming across the line is Eddie O'Shea, an a new foster slap bad with a forty eight point one just had Reinheitsgebot pill into the peddling their nor sure what far and make just Coronado and original top Alao pulled off into the pet. So fungus will find out what happened to their maybe the issue, but that's unfortunate for and. Hedge coke there because he was looking absolutely brilliant before he pulled off into the devil chasing down. Definitely hunting own Mailer for fourth place rooms stoppage at tournament one their nausea her that as but I could look like bake as you once again, Chris did you see what happened there not too? Sure. But it's clear that they've we just had someone slowing down on the exit of the first of the first corner and announcing that ride is going to be going any further. It will become very clear who that is in a second. And I think it might be fin small actually he was running. Well inside the top ten Lifan was running in fifth place, and is now in fact, it isn't fin apologies for that. He's just too late his eight slap. But we'll have to densify who that driver who that rider is sorry that has come to stop. Let's have a look as the last couple of Reuters come across. The line. And we've got. We'll move on. Actually, we'll pick that up at the end of the rice. But. Addio? Shea completes the slot now with a full point seven second late like. Yeah. It looks like he's just holding stationer. Doubt. So he doesn't really too hard. But the battle on track this really heating up as for second and third at the movie Garner's, I assure Campbell of God Greb owls through the bottom. End of the field there between Carter burned saffron wildly. And all Walker changing possessions as the go into the final hairpin as as well. Unfortunately for all the Walker lost their their came across lane. But definitely the bottom and all the points shaping up to be a very very good bottle by a fantastic battle as. Yeah. So we've just had a couple of overtakes come down the back straight and to the Dale and alone coming into the final hairpin. We're looking for that one. I would have come four writers come through the final turn here at club into Mason Johnson. And just go ahead of fence. Smart Hartson Crosby an aide at Bretton. So the battles third the field. Are this dental bet grips which is great on that number? Number eight crossing lane. Just hold an eight Thomas still holding the bag grip of Carter burnt sophomore on Ali Walker. Think about lists for six place. Really full Reuters go Mason Jones in fin small Harrison Crosby and Emmanuel Brinton that split by just one point three seconds at the moment. So will keep an eye on that one. I think news Reuters actually just coming onto the back strike at the moment. We can probably use nothing. That's a Merv actually going into the back is that for seventh-place of thing. Yesterday. No Bill cowboy has lost at somewhere render their if dropping down the order joining garnished. Second Bill Campbell dropping in order like a stone. It looks like it's come across the ninth possession. Just ahead of kale pain. So show are quite happy there. But I some fortunate for the man here was in second place. So the fatal up over the race of Eddie comfortably leading it ahead of Johnny Garner's by four and a half seconds. So here comes joining share enter the final turn across the start finish line is the by taking the first one of twenty eight zero she and Johnny Garner's is coming in the final corner to take a will earned a brilliant. Second possession ahead of Owen male as your podium for James Cook enforced possession there. Of course, we've just had Mason Johnson law is coming across all one of their sword. Fortunately, how does because sector Emmanuel Brenton got seventy fence, Mark. Lost a couple possessions on the Las lot went to aid Bill Campbell comes across the lane and possession unfortunate for him after he was holding second third and tires and kale pain runs out the top ten for many GP's seventy. Thank you very much. And yeah, I rice over and done with and why what a rice it certainly lots of action all over the field and well done to to to all competing, and especially to Eddie O'Shea taking just over four seconds four point three in the end. So you're listening to live radio coverage of the twenty nineteen bracing British mini bikes championship and up next is the AC forty pro. I rice. Starting on pole position for that. Mason foster becoming out onto the great in a short while. Hello to everybody tuned in live online via Facebook as well. Big Facebook strain going on at the moment who a big Hello to Richard Williams. Good luck, Richard Holmes. Really? And Dan Gilbert truck to rice, saying number one thirty six I'm max coke. Where are you Mazzi Shahir racing winning? Instead, he's elsewhere racing and winning and months cook sense in a big up to Blake council on commentary. So he's been tuned in, and he's also supposing is brother James coke racing here today and little known fact, there's a little connection between our commentator Chris McCarthy, and I'm not cook. What is it? Chris. You know, I've sort of Maxine part of an academy, which do janea. Yes. Yes. And max actually, the only rider of that. But he's f- IMC junior. Montage three world championship campaign kicks off next weekend. So the best of luck to him right Borges case kicking off in a few weeks time, and that has got a something that all the riders are gonna be looking up to not released his his brother, James. Thank you for tuning in backs. Best of luck with your twenty nineteen campaign down also to Paul Mallory supporting our Mela amongst others. I'm sure and Casey Simmons, and Gary McQueen saying give it to the balls. There's only one winner, apparently, according to Gary McQueen anyway, as we get ready as the vikes on the staff and stripe to start that green flag lap. Liam. The next rice as the AC forty years. So the bikes are headed rent for the warm up with Mason, foster number eight to eight Staunton and pull possession full by inspire works after point one a few tents missing foster and qualifying there Clinton Edmonds as on the second row and third possession for by Samuel Munson on the number seventy burner the Munson burner. Yes. Name the wealth stock and a hopefully he'll be burning his way to the field. And Rajavi efforts where and some possession head of Henry McCartney, so great. We starting grad at the top there on the fourth rule. We have Cameron still next to him there as a ribbon Bray and Charlie hunting for on the heading up the festival there and holy hottest as next to their wallet. Pretty as and on through and thirteenth Kitin pain and fourteenth on the seven through essay petty, Gregg Marshall, next to him and our own final robe on through and. Second possession. There have Aston din. So. Bat said the writers heading onto the Gretna. And we have Mason foster on the table yellow by looking ready focused and can await for the start of this race here. So all the final raiders leaning up on the grad out, the bike all settling to possession. And as a writers all revving the bikes highly you can just feel the tension there. Red flag at the start of the grads there and one hundred over to my mom Kris to take your for the start here. Yes. So. Stu- on sparks your front road. Let's get ready to go rice for just a second time here round number one who is going to get the whole show through turn number one. Green flag goes up under star wherever for way, think infant spots may be taking the lead into one that. In fact, I got through and Liam you've spotted something with the with someone at the start there. I'm not sure it was was a clash after star is number fifty three there. So that's a horrible situation for number fifty three their budget covering the starved a lot. Thank you was Mason foster actually out of the race just in front of a spark. So. The cat is up in. Okay. That's a shame for him. It looks more angry. I'm self than anything else. Which is a good to see. Well. Well, that was a blind spot for us. But it looks as if foster is still leading the way from spelt Owens box down sparks into the tires, and that was just on the entrance to the back straight look to be a bit of a high side. So I still leading the way at the moment. But we have a new second place right now in Clayton Edmonds so tonight Benz benefits in that Aspel arrest of the failed Munson is up to third where up to fourth Makoni up to fifth place. And I'm not to sure if we got eaten sparks going again too. But Islam number one completed Liam and it's allowed foster to have an eight tenth lead. Calm at the end of life number one. Yes at great to see the eaten spikes was on injured at that the starter the the backstreet there, but is up and okay and his back in the race actually came across line and thirteenth possession. Ahead of Aston dean. So we've got Mason forced comes in the bag streets. We have Clinton Edmonds closing the gap on him. So after a second definite hunting Mason forced across the finish line. We go that's going to be running about half a second. No as so there's definitely two chunks of Mason. Forced on the star of that loud there Samuel Munson and say and third possession dabbed by the top two there at crest is looking like a stripping up to be a good start to the race. I'll tell you what Clayton is rarely capitalizing on their situation. Having been gifted second-place Clayton Edmonds is showing that he would've got there. Anyway, this right because he is quickest on track an Edmonds closing foster. Let's see the gap when they come back into view, and that is even clubs that looks like a smooth let gap then four and a half tents to me as I come down onto the back straight for the third time and is Edmond. Cnn's now beginning to plan his challenge for the lead over his mice foster going to put up a fight back. We'll have to keep an eye on. But I think we also have closed by going down the field. But of course, we must stay with our leaders Edmonds, just four and a half ten back from foster. Yeah. Absolutely. The the more or less mash each other nine Las left. They're both fifty three point threes coupla pheasants between but looking further down the field is agree battle for seventh place between Charlie Huntingford on ribbon. Breads came out the final and say action came across the start finish line. So that's definitely our battle to keep an eye on. But as you can see them coming through the Dale long and two Deckers before the by straight stole roughly run about four tenths of a second between Mason four star on the Clinton Edmund. So the both pretty much holding station at the moment, we could see Clinton, and I I knew slot by. Roughly right before come across some you by misinformed. Just went in one point one so great by ham there, maybe he's just finding feet on starting to stained back dot from Clinton Edmonds there so crested become through the rest of the field debits quick rundown. Samuel Munson and thirds FM, wear and tear and forced possession there. Henry McCartney and Feth commun- sill sex place air Charlet hunting, fourth and seventh Rueben Bree. As an aide possession, Keaton pain and ninth on running at the top ten so far as holy hottest as you've had a bake off to the side as the final turn is number nine thousand nine hundred warning Brady there sorry to cut you off Lynn, but what's up with leaders is that a back marker that he's going poster sink kit might be so yes, I think that is the case is come across the line foster an Edmunds and Edmunds responding once again now. Under three and a half tense. So trading personal best lapse here of foster Edmonds as they work their way down towards the far end of the circuit. Once again, we have similar situations a little bit further down the field where the Makoni and soon as well as Huntingford ambery as well who are also at around half a second apart. So will keep an eye on what happens that, but close battle is for the laid as foster Edmonds hit the back straight for the six time. Yeah. Absolutely. The Gabbard since we holding the three times four times mind, but Clinton Edmonds was absolutely brilliant. On the brakes death definitely breaking later than Mesa. Fosters come across the finish line at fifty three point two for Edmunds and defeat point for matching each other pays for pace lap for LA lessons. Exciting stuff personal best lap that time. For Clayton net monds as well. So the pressure really being puts on Mason foster who still does have the fastest lap at the moment. But we only have three lapsed ago. And this is closest that Clayton Edmonds has been for the entirety of the rice as we'll white to see them come through onto the back straight on here. They come into view. Now, it looks as if the gap is pretty much what it was long time. Actually, this by far the closest gaffer's we said, so we're going to stick with it as we only have two laps to go there. So I stay relating as we hit the penultimate lap. Yes. We can see it looks like Clinton Edmonds as actual using a bit more of the try to try and stay with Ed Mason foster, so Mason forceless allow them more comfortable and the lead of the racist. If tenths of a second between the top two, but will def battle because Clinton Edmonds as try everything. He possibly can to close make a move on misinformed there. But as we come feel they're just had an couple as Priceline. Holy hardest and Keaton pain battling after the bottom of the top ten. So it's great battle going on their kitten pain and tender moment just overtaking holy hottest. I battle stays and clean on the both stay on as you can see coming onto the bike street for the third to last time at still misinformed star with a couple of tenths lead over Clayton. Edmonds coming into the remains hairpin was again, catching the bag, Marcus. That's may be changing as fatal up of the race. Basic foster has extended virtually coming through the hook the by marker as in the way how we got the game pass. The Bill cleared him with death. Go. Mason foster cleared the bag Mark, I'm pressure with both both are head of the bike marker nascent cleanliest. There was no issue there. Mason foster stellar Goma Clayton Edmonds as they get into the second part of the final. Kresa looks like we can actually get out lunged up there and sites. Well, we have a close bond with fifth and sixth place as well. So we'll monitor that as we hit the back straight. But let's stay with our leaders because all day as close as they as have been coming down the back straight. It looks like I got the better of the Rams going up towards the loss. Tune on his just about going to make the flag in time. I it is who takes the win by just under two tenths of a second. You've got to give a lotta credits tonight Edmonds, he gave it everything he had. Let's cool the rest of the older through the failed and believe this is Samuel Munson coming up the line at is to finish inferred where finishes full them. We have McCartney in fifth and so the final hairpin there which had someone go down. Fingers crossed the writers. Okay. It looked like there was a better much speed. As went into the final turn. They're gonna Mannix on hind. The marshals on hundreds have we look at the boys. So. So was six spokes seventh bright was aches. And believe it was Huntingford in nights and pain in tenth place. That was the top ten yet to be confirmed because we did have a an instinct going into the final colour. So we'll pick that up going into the next rice? But Mason foster takes the win. So I was fantastic battle for Mason foster and Clifton Edmonds towards the end of the race Clinton. Just by a couple of tens over sake. And can get the run two lanes and front of Mason foster butts, red exciting issue, forty Pru race one from Clinton here and Seth wills with the sun bitten on the tarmac. The risk has been red flagged Ray, the enders. Well. So that we entered in that happened the final turn. So the writer as being checked over by the staff fantastic job here at Clayton. You're listening to live coverage all kill fob racing. Live radio coverage, we should say and you can check that on kill fab racing dot com. So make sure before kit. Listen answer the rest of twenty nineteen. We will be covering live every single rain from. Rent one all the way to rent number eight more not let us know who you're cheering fors. Well, if you're enjoying the coverage and send us in any comments, actually, I'm we'll get those routes around the paddock for you. Because as well as being for you guys tuning in. We are also live around this kit as well. So keep those messages coming in. And we'll get those read out surrounds the day. So we had Rossi PanAm rice saying saying, good luck buggy stock ninety nine and then we had guy McQueen saying give it to them. Matt poso? There's only one winner. KT statements says go karts Brown pulled Mela cheering for iron Mela says well done oh in Mela. We was Catherine peril saying Cindy tenant yet hashtag ROY one four six and we also had at Dame Woodley Willie sang ready, Eddie. And of course. Of course for USA had massacred sending in messages earlier. We wish him luck for his motor three junior world championship rep overkill campaign you enjoying the coverage and we are getting ready to go for the next race. Lamp have an update on the writer the fail at the final corner. He get up on walked off a so maybe just a little bit, Wendy, but the writer as okay, what is good news there for everyone involved. So maybe just about ever buy one. And body, unfortunately. So he's back up, and okay and fingers costs will be ready for risks two and three tomato as we've got the next race. Which is good to be the the AC. Forty five. It's going to be peg one politics on the motor team race one. So they're getting lined up on the credit, and this is going to be one to absolutely watch us in across. Yes, it is in Dade. So it is the pit bugs one forty as we said and the Moto team, and let's get through the great full you then we have been badly starting on Polk position ahead of Charlie Nesbitt seasonally bit on the grid. We Matthew both over an Harvey Claridge on road to Blake. And so is at so a Hello to blank. And so he's also helping us where the country today, we he is going to be Goldenberg three, Jamie cake. We have Hudson Kenner and Ian Jackson on ROY full Jordan Smith and Simon clouds of road five. Scott Dixon is going to be on six with Mark polit- job Pettit is number seven with burly hook. We have sold Whitaker and Mike car on road. Eight scary. Oh, case and Benner to show is relation that could be. They are three and sixty four annual Gilbert and new cannot on ROY number ten. Lead behind those guys. We have honest cannot and Roja. Mutt? Felix Hon and Harrison Kate next along and then we have kief Bolton and Vince by late. And then we have Trevor Jones are not as all green flag luck. Yes. Absolutely. We have experts and starting on pole possession for today's race. Now. I have heard a couple of things from the past the s but that decided to start the racist from the bag over. But then again, there's no guarantee they'll make it to the front because these guys are looking really quick this weekend and look at the laptop from the qualifying session, your oversleep hot and Chilin possession with a fifty point name. But to Ben Billy was a well children second, but you had been Billy and I presented with a fifty point five billion poll possession, charleena's. Could be done. I'm sure he'll forgive you. But it is worth pointing out. Of course, we do have the two causes within their service the pit by one fourteen and the motor team as well. So that will be a witness Ben Bailey and charleena's all the front row for the pick. Bike one fourth is and the front row for the Moto team. So we have twenty pit bark forties on in the front row for the teams. There are seven Reuters in that will be Alicja cannot Brocher monks. So will try and there is to us here. So I guess we can use cheap. Viceroy follow who is leading each class as the rice close on name. My name called Hudson. Kenna I for you egalite viewers the name that he has been around the price of sports paddock in the past second in two thousand and eight British Super Bowl super sports championship. So we've got the star of the raise the green flag ready on the ready headstone. And and a few seconds. The race started as a lights. I agree score. Career start van Bailey has been loose center. A couple of possessions across the grass and to the star his that she was telling and first possession. We still have Ben Bailey from mafia boss over. So we have a chilling stopped on track as you enter turn number one hand up. There is looking is engine. So the must be something wrong with the bag there that looks terminal so a safer can he can get started. But further end allowed that was at Ben Bailey. They held the lease entered number one with mafia boss over taking second position. The head of Harvey Claridge and Blick like starting definitely gone to five right in the back there. So he's looking is definitely in the bike all the field. There's a group of five breaking away at the moment with a. Ben Bailey and for possession run. That was a affect Monty Bolsover. It's come through the failed. Turn number twenty three, of course lane at stone. So I look at the moments for the raiders as stuff. Belaid? We had Charlie has actually get back to the pets. I eight the governing. And every fact, yes, I think he's joined the back of the rise, which is probably moved decision. Just so he can make sure that things are running full the rest of the weekend. So let's go through the at the end of the first lap. It was Nesbitt Bailey Claridge boasts over king. And so at Kenna, then we had clouds Smith and hook that was the top ten at the moment. So although we it looks like we may have a leader who has quite again, not is actually Charlie Nesbitt who managed to get out and carry on. But of course, did cut back onto the back strikes. He said he says on the timing screens laid in. But do know that are actual leader. Is Ben Bailey his leading by three tenths ahead of Harvey Claridge, a Matthew bolts over and then it is king are also to say very close bats for the laid the fully is split by just over one second at the moment. One point four seconds to be exact by magin charleena's bit's gonna pull over and allow all the latest through. And that's exactly what he's doing. Now that we have followed down at this corner. There the yellow flags, right? But I'm not sure we'll keep you up today every ethanol about the writer butts, the FIS right there, but finished yourself. Ben bailey. Hey, Harvey climate, actually, Ben Billy Harvey, clouds, mafia bozo and possession. Charlie next by dropping by officers at the back already. Just forget him Jamie tank fourth Blake until and then as a cap by dissect possession Hudson Kenna, so Steph raced shipping up to look really quite good as the top five bottle. I bought today then start. This the yellow flags are still waving. So maybe bay off for writers dying, but we could see someone coming onto the abide straits at the back of the stockade quite slowly. So as the raiders come through onto the by extreme still Ben Bailey and still Ben Billy and I presented I say a Harvard clouds and second and the first Moto team bike as Hudson Qena and set by the Hudson seems to be their own zone at the moment. So same with two classes are definitely couple world apart in the quest to say Harvey Clara. Tair? Actually, he is. British talent Reuter as well something you do have to be selected for new do rice all pretty big stage. When you do the British talent up so bright to see convict share believe you ever message to close lessening at the moment. I good afternoon Sam, hopefully, you're enjoying the races so far so high from all at Moto team has been masters so and is hopefully we'll get back in the paddock verison sound. So that is a second and the Moto to the multi class Neil possible liter that requests without was Harvey merely look down the inside there. But decided to think better of it in the end say now make their way down out of the first chicane, and I think you've spotted something a little bit about one hundred one one one three at the final corner. That was Simon close. Unfortunately was done the final hairpin. There is backup is okay. Is back in the race. And this come across lane and eleventh possession. So at say, all okay, they're just unfortunate tumble at the final corner. Bacon yourself up here to be okay at bottom. Definitely got heated battle for the top five possessions, the moments we still have Ben Billy and first possession at diving say of a bag market there. There's a back marker holding the rest of them up as Scott. The the grip allow so Ben Bailey. Of the final turn at Harvard. Clouds held up put mafi bowls overs, making a move on Harvey clouds and to the hiccup never mind. The quick edit and Jamie Kennedy and fourth and Blake Ansel is still in the back of that. But as you can see the screens at Charlton as but has it forth. Make sure you ignore that. He's a lot beheading. I have back problems at the corner there on that cut. The KOMO subtract back onto he's just mixing up. What the top group trying to see trying to see if you can guess oh man race knowledge and before the next racist motor after say the top five extremely close. Do we have someone slowing up or down about marker? I believe it is. But took extremely close. And they started change fool relate. Or is that some of the marker think it is where league no of that? Because of cities driver in second place that law slap is actually seeing Ben Bailey. Pull away little bit. However has Massey. Bozo. Ver- set a new fastest lab. He's just done. Fifty point five six a good lap that time from machi- Bosa Jamie kings, still sits four good friend Blake hanso in fifth spice. Emergence, always slowly seeing the well as about to say something. But are we going to say the tops Ray slowly pulling away here except look as I right away down the back strike, I think that the boys in fourth and fifth Jamie king add council held up by back markers. Further end. There's a gap between about Blake is on the bike. All Jamie kanga said of evident final carpet, then quite make it actually the top three of deathly made about a break. Ben Bailey, Harvey cloud and multiples over at third place. I've got to second over Jamie cannon and Blake on so butts. Can we see if Jamie canyon Blick got up? Posible industry as right? It is. That's is the coin of racing. We see aid co fab anything can happen. So easy to make mistake in bike racing. And that is certainly one of the things I love about. And when you do make a mistake, you can be punished pretty badly. So is certainly one of the fake. Oh, we had something up the loss. Kunar? Ben Bailey, again abet wind up by some of the bad markers. The way onto the back straight through the hook on the back markers by definitely breaking up the grip pillow by by giving up a chance to Jimmy cannon Blake onset who tried to go for another move on Jamie king end to the hairpin always have a palatal Quinn for the bottom possessions. They're not as seventeen Jackson making a move on Gordon. Smith personnel wheel their butts risen as which was quite good Goodman of and to ravens purified back to the leaders there. They there's a law. Markers again next up, but just like go to the mall to team Hudson Cana stole eating not by quite a wave, and he's himself and between few of the PB one forty bikes as a move of that safe that has. I'd so apostate McCain for fourth place off a tons of movies, but shaping for require fuel obstinate. So as being definitely something that's been practicing. Nice to make your pay off Chris. Yeah. That's it like so think as you said law that one up for a few laps and just tempted himself with it and just experimented with the idea of putting that move in. And when he did do the move by consul was clinical with it. So did ruining from it up to full plice. And now he'll be looking heads. The logs of Bailey cleric and boasts over older we need to have two laps remaining. Now in this one day absolutely council has close the gap on the old, by the way. He's. All had the right in front of a bunch of multiples over. But he's monitoring to close gap at spectacular fashion on the last half. And this one lap to go. We are on the final Todd. We get console and to kinda got head of Matthew. Bozo. Ben Bailey looks like it's sauteed. He's got one point five second up as a cost finished like near the last time writing. So with any back markers with any bad markers? There might be a chance for him to take the one. But then again as recently as a Kufa racing on anything can happen. So Ben Billy doesn't have a Advocaat ahead of Harvey cloudy. Blick shaping up, mafia. Bozo of our and he's definitely is going to place. Further into lot Blake Ansel has mice getting third place across facially as Ben Bailey and possession. I hit a large. We have book on Sultan, fatal spot ahead of Jamie king and mafia Bozovic my to lose two possessions on the final there. That's a shame for him. Come across the lane that we have our first to our team Motoo or motor team finish with should be Hudson. Kenna we've still got some of the markets crossing Danube on thirteen nil and forty and make car factored possession. Hudson. Can that does take the tall spot of the moti race and sex possession ahead of Ian Johnson for the Phoebe ward, fourth and seventh? Join us method as place on does receive Bernie whic coming across the land at a group for tenth position, which is just held off by Simon who Ted's and sit Dantley fall off mentoring. Go back up and Meister fair safe fantastic by Simon there to take the top ten possession and ten. So brilliant race there for the the p four one four two and the mole team this as co fab racing. We are live on radio stream, you can lessen to on kill five dot com. We will be back very shortly after that's quite break. To follow the racing this as a. Cunene live on the fabric Facebook page on Twitter and on YouTube. Listen on multiple dot radio and on racing dot com. People already getting in touch with the studio so far. Piccolo to Julie Danes who is chairing on Aston dean this weekend's, Jerry. Thank you very much for tuning in. And don't forget to shed a livestream as well. Because that's the best way right now to raise awareness and supports whoever you are supporting this particular the moments to give the Facebook livestream. Hello to Gary McQueen back on and says, come on mats and lower and Seoul says yes Blake in relation to his his podium in the last rites also pizza. Unsold tuned in and say Alonso affair think today's pretty pretty interesting. So my name is last stop. Thank you very much for tuning in and the next rice Liam as the junior LC forty elite class. I'm so these best class had being looking ready Badische, stole all day soul. And. Pull possession. We're going to have Joni Garner's who say fifty one point four and qualifying fold up next time by Sullivan mourns A M Enzi Saudi and second possession alongside him on the front row off the grid. We've got Georgia Bonna star and third spot there on the second rule. Mason foster enforced possession ruining hottest that will be starting today manual Brenton will be and set place seven Samuel Munson. If in sparks will be on the fourth row at next to next month. As in sparks Cameron sill will be stirred Tila Campbell as long as an tans possession. Charlie hunting on the second through on eleventh Rippin re three and twelve possession. There. Keaton pain as an on seventh and thirteenth what Brady and fourteen and running the junior LC forty elite class as Koby paid. So that's as the top fifteen the have so far for. The coup at the Phil fob racing championship junior. See Elsie Fourty elites, and I'm gonna hand you over to and Chris jukebox talk to the start of the race. Thank you. Liam roy. Then here we go. We are ready to cover. I sent for junior L C footy. Reuters are lining, and oh we missing someone on the grit the spot on the grid as is empty at the moments. Not show about is. We have someone on the second row as well. Which looks to be Joe Spanish with some problems. Also, Ethan sparks from possession on the Greg number sector to as their. So was to not show of sending Ason off the back actually fund that out very shortly other than that things. Like, okay, we'll be. To update you with what is going on? Exactly. Once we get round. This opening lap of the rice butts. Thankfully, it looks like we are having work done to the bike of Josh Spanish staff. And if we don't get the so it sued than Josh may get pushed up in fact, just as we say that it looks as if we all ready to go right then junior seen full team rice one of the season. Right is ready to go green flak about to go up? When it drops. We are going to be right said who's gonna make it into time one. I goes the green flag at marriage Trump's MacOS if it was a pretty good stuff. Moseley Moseley's gonna take the wool. It's a Mounsey sorry amounts. He's going to take the lead into woods time number one. So. Sullivan Mounsey into wards the Rysley. Joni going Ness has dropped to second place. Just a better star of the loin four Sullivan there, and it looks as if he will lead the first half of the opening lap at the very least what we get down to the loss cone will that be a challenge from gone s if he hasn't taken the lead back over eighty looks to me as if the is still the say as I come onto the backstory, it will become very clear when they come into of you properly, but the top three what we can say have certainly escape from the rest of the field. We have a lonely place ride as I come across the line. It looks as if gone was actually able to take the lead back around the far end of the circuit Mounsey as second than it is Mason I in Thirdly. Yeah. Absolutely. I said quite funny. Top three from championship last year. Joining garner Z and Mason four-star. So there's a great battle. They've up a gap over fourth unrest of the field. So the top three definitely breaking away right into the second parts of the second lap as come into view. They're still joining garnish ahead of Sullivan Z, and we've got Mason foster that say gain possession of the start from fourth up into thirds as definitely breaking or making up a some time there so and possession Jones star Manuel Brinton as Samuel months that running hottest and seventh Phyllis Campbell as an eighth possession. Ruben Bree as ninth on Charlie hunting for as intense possession as we have joining garner setting. I'm not a new fastest lap of the race effective. One point five one eight exactly one tenth foster more amended that on previous lobsters extended has leads to four tenths over seconds. Weth? Mason foster. Of one Phil second farther bag foam at Joanie Garnett. It's looking like it could be good race shaping up here. Chris look we've had problems for Ethan spots and work Brighty somewhere as well. Yeah. That they actually made the star. So I think our stuff before that, I think Rony Harris and Samuel mumps and have also had problem somewhere as well. As we have the ROY does now coming down the finished finished and Joni Gonesse is stones get as foot down hairy starting to pull away. Now you've this lap as we complete laps three. At the gap has opened up to one second, and we are very pleased to say we have play count. So back with us in the country boats flight of what do you have? So the stone the rice so far looks Jodi during a job to pull away lido's did very well, actually, let's start. Muddle together. Now, they seem to prefer base out run track. I was gonna say it was a very close in towards that. I buy side if you wrote me outside how honed is it to Troy brave round the outside. If you're able to do that you'll be on the inside for the left hand about how hard is it to do that of the style of the rice it almost worth especially start the season? Is it almost web just backing off white and four further laps in the rice. It depends on if you stick the law in they got a just go with it. If he both crashed into each have overseen of delay. Sorry guy sent her up to their AM had an answer. What I solve in emergency run the part of the lot. He's dropped from sake. And he's open field there. So Selvyn Menzies has trouble. Awesome. I look and render suck I can't see any yellow flax, maybe hopefully writer as okay, but that's meant that Mason foster has moved up and to second position, which means it's a toll Tiffany championship and twenty eighteen th away butts ebb of quip gab foam, Johnny garnish. Ahead of Mason foster Blake. You know, join equate well, I'm Hosie filling this weekend because over the last year have a a cola bone breakage at towards end of the season when he was leading the championship. Jerry figures about about before you can tell the ways void. While you're in himself on the bike as looking at really really really aggressive there in the bake. I is well butts definite meaning business will give you quick rundown of the top ten so far. So and I presented as Johnny Garner's full by Mason, four-star, two point one seconds further behind Joyce balanced as an third possession. Emmanuel Brunton as and fourth foal by Teela Sturt Campbell and possession Rueben and set the cavern sill as seven place, Charlie Huntingford, folds up and eight possession, Keaton pain and ninth on renting the top ten so far as cope petty. So saying Bama space race at the moment. But then again, I could be quite a good thing. So we don't get too many incidents of their journey Jonas sending slot of the faucets. And play of you have had this situation. I'm sure you have of course. But just when you get into a rhythm like this. And you're just starting to slide off the fastest lap. The laps muscle. Just fly. When when you get into a situation like this getting chased then in the race goes and all more slow, but if you're on your own, and you feel like it picks up a bit quicker. But if you like if you're in I kinda want the race to end, you know, get over and done with Yona keep that podium. Would you say is it is time all to the rice? Do you never tend to time where you might think of just easing the gas? Or you came to just keep beating that forces that you might be sending if you see you got Klay perc- you wanna so down. You don't wanna just crushing ember whole rice, you know, kind of small, but also, you know, keep quick. Great stuff, leeann Marcus and Hansie back of our hand us back over that year. We into the lost couple of laps now. So it looks as if gone and even further lead here having that just pulled away a little bit more from Mason foster that time and those well cliff from jug Spanish, their on I seven and a half seconds got between seconds third. Yeah. Absolutely. There's gap between second and third place. Am tip five seconds between the first and second. But look and feel we do have a battle going on between ribbon pre and sex and Cameron. So and seven his second between them as closest battle in the race at the moment. So Cameron still has been. Eighteen so Cameron Silco's as late as two tents behind ribbon as a cost face with two laps to go. And we've got the tangled up as come of the turn tune corner there. I both on the grind, bud. Ribbon. Breed back on the bike. We've got a Cameron sue and backup standing on the standing on his two. They're back on the bike is. Well, both writers do seem to both be. Okay. So don't happen there. Reframe ribbon Bray, maybe just lost. The was the ending then commercial had nowhere to go. There was about a Tango never what that Cameron still trying to make a move on Cameron bay. But the good news is the both of them are backup on the bikes on doesn't seem to be too much damage for them as well. But say onto the final joining garner the race. And as the first lap. That's a Mason foster has actually going quicker. So he's got two point four two point three seconds and just balanced Estelle and possession there. As I come across the finish line. And we're gonna have a fantastic victory for joining garnishes. He is in first place basic force across the lane and second possession on are we while for Josh Bonner starts to come across the just cover into final coroner the moment. Joyce balance across his lane to finish an incredible a brilliant thought possession especial incredible after of trouble. Baked trouble on the Stockton grads. Manual Brenton coming across lane and fourth possession there. Waiting for Taylor. Stir Campbell courses Elaine few moments. Keaton pain cost Leinna after being lobbed Cameron sill and ninth. So that both go back up at cope petty and tenth place and Tillerson Campbell finishes fat that will just waiting for hunting and ribbon Abruzzo. They're coming. Right done. Backstreet at the moment. Fantastic recovery from ribbon Bray whom lost one possession. After he got tangled up with Cameron sill on the second to last lap. As a come across Elaine as good to be Charlie hunting for and sex and ribbon Brie and seventh possession, Kitin pain and Cameron sill ninth and kkob pay and tenth possession. So it was questioning I their guys not too much going on apart from oversleep Bray. And so tangle with each other by both up and okay. So which is quite good. But joining Garner's class of the field. There wasn't a very good job doing really good laptops as well overly there is throughout this race. A big gap between best lap ton do which is a bit way because they were any close together. Go. Find was extremely close affair for teams butts the race possessions about strong, which can sometimes happen when when teams can be very very close. Congratulations to top three from the previous racer, the Elsie. There we hides LC elite Saudi and race one. But just remember they will be back tomorrow for race number two. But next up we're gonna have the senior many motorists which is promising to be an absolute cracker as well. Let's we can they'll be practical. And what can we expect to see from this Blake well for this race? I normally stay as a there's not really any anyone pose away. About to be honest. Yes, always we're waiting for the writers to come onto sockets. And we do have quite a lot of good Latins from the qualifying session there and got the starting grid just getting made up as we speak. If you don't know we are at if you're just joining, and we are in so th- wills at Colombo karting kits and the sun is shining. FM you're ever in Spain. Spain you're here. So it's just as good spectators across the road watching the race. And today and join themselves basking in the sunshine on less S Saturday, much, we can't. So the writers are on the gret. They'll be starting their green flag lap and a few seconds tame, there's a about a smaller Greg for this. When we've had so far that the rest of the day just to check enough everyone's on the grits and going from pole possession today is going to be Matt barkin and alongside him on the front row of the grid is going to be bearing a hick Andy within will be on the second row of the grid and third possession. Josh Birkin religion to not going to be enforced. So mad barking and burn hick. Have had very close couple options and Nicole fine session there look at further. The are we're going to have some Huntingford and seventh place on we're going to have Chris. Humans and as possession to four through the grid as a robot there on Craig agile as an tech possession Ross Michael zone. The federal and eleventh position. Holdings be as twelve on a sector of the Gretz Applebee's and understand that we have Roper to Ketley Ketley in eleventh possession on meal scanner and twelve on the gret. So as the core, the more can we expect to see from Cosi battles Blake butts. As anyone standing for you as the person to beat maybe in Germany, the top free to go. Stay with didn't really good tons into qualifying on. They could probably do a little bit around the pressure in this race, the absolutely. So as come into the Stockton grad Sabe of guts, Bernie Nick coming onto the grad followed by and Matt's Birkin as well. So and my barking you condemn ac- stanza from the rest of the other writers. He's a goatee a blue and orange risen sit-on seeking deathly ill from a rental LOP, and I'm going to hand over to crisis take off from the start. Yes. So perking will be on pole position alone. Oh, he'll have the outside line to into the fast. Curl Hoke will be alone sides. And if he gets a good star should be out to get inside into ten number one. Green flag about to go out on a drop Senate looks as if going to move. But now into Seth turn number one. So hook leads the way, then oh, we're going to see a very closely knit group hair is Blake hands. Given the heads up for Hoke will be hoping that is the case is he makes his way now down towards the far end up. The Cirque Burke will slot into second place for the time being we had a nice and clean star will at least we have so far anyway, though, disappear out of view for a couple of coldness before now making their way back into view. And it is still hook who leads the way from Birkin gonna say hook has been able to open up a noise little gap here going down, the back straight them. We have Buchan and not sure if we had any incidents have, but leads the way from Burke, and then it is. Waden from Josh Birkin Huntingford is fifth pets. It is six. As seventh than it is Ross, Michael nights. Craig Asha will Neal skin tents robot kit kit Lee is eleventh, and then we had Mitch hauling spe- twelve a nice clean start like. Yeah. Yeah. It was really good. Yeah. Yeah. It was really good. You can see hooks in the phone slowly pulling away. But you definitely a good group on behind him. Do in good lap times slower than a qualifying. No. The looking positive overall seems to be trained. Good on today. Whoever starts saying place on the gr- get the turn one on tends to open up a gap. So. I get to see my Birkin can actually brench the GOP bike to Bernie hit volka start lot number three. And we do have our fuss lap of the race for Ben hit with a three point sex marketing this point as a couple of tents and there a written as a dropping back a low, but and third-place just Birkin and fourth on some hunting assignment hunting and fat possession there. So. Gap between first and second second thoughts are close together. So we didn't has wasn't on the pace of my barking and Bernie hick as much but and the race it looks like it's good race pace. He does in days, you said one second gap for cookbook in not far behind. But that's enough. I'd say to feel pretty comfortable this stage of the rice only needs to do is get his head down. Now, Birkin Narran second. And I think the fact that can like size comfortable got behind Mamane. He can just focus all of his attention on catching down. Hook is. Is that a situation that you found yourself in before where if you don't have anyone hustling new behind your in second hand, just put all that focus on trying to go full wits and catch Salida pay more attention to your loans while we can be most move less. Put yourself out the race. But you know. It is possible to make up. On Cacho Poon, maybe even get podium. Yeah. So it's. Point three. He was half a second quicker than Momberg. I thought of my Evan incident are moment for the rental out. But looking at this lab, so far looks like my Barkan has closed the gap slightly. There's a battle for third place going as Andy we did on Josh barten- on slightly white coming in the final corner, Josh parking good one all the way down to the hook chicane on stations. Cool at the moment, but said definitely Joyce barkin hunting. And the we didn't at the moment and Simon hunting for disclosing them both. But it's once again. And I presented Birkin. That's has a lot of the race on previous lab with fifty feet point six and closed the gap from one place seconds down to one point one. So Blake you think we could see my barking, close the gap. Don't even further Renta's lot. Most definitely as being close. Coaster to be on think of another couple ops. He might be able to cut up. Come today. The ribbons hairpin the moment that gap does look slightly closer at the moment. So we're just chipping away. I'm ever ever more often, which is a good to see because it was out as come across the finish line SX tens of seconds on nother Hafer seconds to bed and not live there. Yeah. Well, you said it's come down by half a second their spouse Blake where he'd be looking to learn a move, but think of overseas competitors. Margaret listening to make sure they have that covered going forward into the rest of the weekend but map kid new fastest lap. This is only going to help him play just even break that little bit later. Isn't it take that little bit more of a risk as you can see he is closing in with every lap. Now. Yeah. He's definitely confidence chasing someone, you know. He's determined to cut up. You know, when he gets trying figure out what the need is going to be over we add. Yes, we've seen him spoke. We've we've seen him drop back. So as we were saying that custody Colin's say say perhaps took a little bit too much of a Ressam where had a little bit of an off. Let's look at his left-arm. Yes. He was five seconds slower. Not can then he was lost soy. So we will so seen some challenges further back Kevin way. I think is that Andy Weeden up to up to or have we seen someone come in to the pits just barking wars chasing than the Redon. And for everybody a couple possessions on the lot from. Huntingford is not up to fourth place with a rope petite and Feth there. We've got come into fight that they're onto the back streets as we talk and definitely would like to see what happened to bark in there. We've got them. Sizing their backmarkers at the moment, Barron hick is stolen, by the way at the moment. As a cost the finish line fifty four point nine. So he's backing awful. But once again getting held up by the bike markers and Mark tick off a second of the league of bearing hickories only asked five point four seconds behind Andy winning comes across late. So he's holding our possession at the moment. Yeah. Just an infirm jobs. Birkin lost time round was around full five seconds slower than is quickest lap. So that was where we saw an off. And unfortunately Joyce in has dropped down some prices. So that doesn't that's changed things. Well, within the top ten it is still hook can than it is weighed in Huntingford Pettit. Josh Birkin, Chris Yemen's Ross Michael Craig Ashu knew Skinner, and then it is robot Ketley and Mitch Hollings base. It looks like we are about to go onto the final lap of the rice. And indeed we are and Blake it looks as if her has got this one in the back. Yeah. Like, I said, he's just kept a consistent pace reysen. He say can study not doing too risky, and he's managed to keep his place. Now polygamy. The the gap does has come. I over the last lap one one point five seconds. It came done by source fee point, seven seconds. But that doesn't really matter because I think Bernie hook has served by. Let's run the last lap and the half. So we will have crosses stuff. I usually invading to tick the check at five Chris. Yes, we will indeed Bernie hook about to cross the stone finish loin. He is ridden. A superb rice at the moment. And he comes up towards the final Kona. Now, taking it noise in steady. Of course, no need to take any risks. And there is the check at flag. The first of the season goes to Bernie hook second place with the fastest lap is going to go to map can the and finishes in third place than it is Simon hunting foot in full row pets is v. We had to change for six or is that another off coming at the final corner there. And that's one of the writers might be Ross Michael on the Seventy-nine bike. There is just pushing across the light there voice ama- national five choice Birkin who's had another we Anson, but let's on. On occa- person's back across to finish seventh place. So I'll let you run down the road across. Yes. So Joe spell can who didn't come across for. He came across pushing his bike rather than writing across Ross Marco eights, Craig Astro knights Neil skin, tents robot Ketley in eleventh. Rounding out the field was Mitch haunting Speight. Daso dominant performance by baron, a hick and the senior many motorists come to you. Did you think there was a chance for parking netter take the fight to hick with another couple of laps? He might have been cut. Trump move mistake. Then oversee the even tool gender the receiver still cut enough on her. Yeah. Very well for tomatoes racing and both Parkin's that have a couple of incidents and raise their butter. Both minds finish it, which is an absolute brilliant. But next up we're going to have the tastic AC forty rookies race one from Condon here and southwest unavailingly Beatty Saturday afternoon, So Chris is going to be looking at the the gret for the starts of anti couple of moments saying come back to the coffee. Blake game. It looked like hachi gifts that have quite and Han when it came to the qualifying time AMI seen anyone that may be able to challenge him and the race as you can see only is really to them to bail, honest. She might help the race qualifying. He was pretty far ahead gout from the rest of the park. So I think he might have it in the bike just just looking at the second to Feth blister. And the call finals like maybe a close battle between them. So only some look. Under all hottest as well. So am belief. You've got the Greta Blake. Yeah. Blake we will show up and down the park during qualifying it's managed to come full. So we never know might see him gonna come. Warm white. He wanted you. So construe through the grit that black in first we go. She gets second only same's third Fitchet for Blake Wilson fifth place. William Harris place Harrison day, seven running keen, eight plays Marco hope pace Archie, call temp places Causey Casey, sparring eleven plea is hurry paying twelve place is Joshua Williams. Thirteen play place is Jacob fourteen. Play is new. Fifteen place is dorrie sixteenth to seventeenth place. Wilson AT place bay nineteenth place column. Twentieth place Noah and last, but not least khloe twenty-first. The Greg day for the star of the AC forty rookies Cup 'em. So. Blake given this championship before does that. How does Mark as it for Nova says and people rather than kill fab for the first time? Honestly, people need a couple of years to progress. You know, get because if you stick, you know, anew, ROY. He could be quick read want him to get off, you know, by Armageddon taken out, you know, just lack of confidence because everyone's overtaken UNITA, you need those kind of steps that you know, to get where you want to go. So it's definitely a great proven grind to make your way up to higher categories AM. So we've definitely seen some fast times film, the cats and the qualifying on and the practice sessions through the weekends. As Archie Gibbs Welby started from pole possession and a couple of comments to read out this. We do Richard Williams says Bernie lot of comments coming in for blight to is on the country with us today on coal saying well done blight Russo pizza answer saying world on plate out. So great writing. And of course, Coventry as well and on some saying, yes Blake so great to have blackout. So with us, of course, Roida in the paddock and he is. Gonna be with us in the coach books through the weekend. Just see race. Conserve server through race stomach. Aleve it to the professionals maybe tomorrow, maybe tomorrow butts leeann oh hundred team for this one that I was about to go green. Yes. Or the green flag is in the air. The flag is dropped him of how to fund tacit star by all the sevens. As hey go to but Blake Wilson from thunder rule. I'd say the both of them and two first place as go through the hick chicane, and it looks like all these sems is in second position ahead of Archie gaps. Who's dropped a couple possessions from the start once again, that's us. Second possession on the grad. It just seems to always get the good run into the first corner. There you look around the finest as definitely above squabble for first possession there between Archie cabs all on Blake Welson as a head around the curve. We have allowed to have a look up the end say on only sums. But I think I think he's hold a so far, which is definitely something acute progress. Third. The rest overlap as they make the way rain Deckers onto the back section of the lab where. Ahead and to Raymond's Africa at the front is to hold the off as and to the final hairpin. We've got to Archer gaps looking at the end say all of all only sems buds. I don't think he's so far. And of course is still at Blake Wilson. And I head of all sems at Archie Gibbs look across the late in fourth place, William hottest and if. Hottest day, insect place, air Arnie car, seven the cohort and rounding keen ninth-place on writing for lob number one as Casey spotty. So it's definitely been a fantastic lap. Green star for Blake Wilson. Who started third Rendez Vati vegetable wasn't a click. Yeah. Yeah. Wow. To mostly can tell boys lap-times kids, solely go in progress in speed oversee for out the ratio, get quicker and quicker. And you never know you might be getting held for the pox stuff. When I'm when you come to Marcus, but Marcus can play massive Paul in certain races. You know, because one person the person for leaking get hold up in using clean over type. The absolutely so world coming into the final quarter once again arch against the keeps taking tight lane into the final corner. Just letting all these sums know that there are well, it looks as if a lead group of fool has become a lead group of three Wilson only SIMS on she gives split point just under one second at the moment fairly equidistant of those three Reuters, then we have loot Fitchet in fools plays William Harris fare. So a pretty close bats what's going on three. And it looks as we could. Have a battle developing that will like no fastest laps. Of course. It was only number two. So we should expect to see a foster slap that, but it looks even closer this time blight Disney as we go into the strike one more time all we close enough to see any move going into the next lap. As you can see the rule, really clump together to be honest. A thing s'amuse about to be made miss just getting you know, you follow someone for a certain amount allow c-can can falling where the weaknesses are in. You can make the move was going to say it looks as she gives seems to be paying taking time to line into that lost happen. If you seen that be a preference in the posters, just just hang up potential move. And seeing if he's close enough just looking for the, you know, the good folks, the moves you can see trying to edges way for Oviously. Just can't quite make leave yet. Does a good we battled on for night possession. Gordon? The final turn. Brandon keen keeps a shaping up. Casey, spotty is going to kiss. His body keeps shaping Brandon king. Go into the finals, turn Nestle Qadhafi expect that we moved from both of them and the next couple ops. But just looking at the GOP for forest as look at you as four and fourth place as definitely budget and up to the top three as well. Watching Archie Gibbs gopher move all all was again. Holding back butts, look, fetch it has definitely close the gap slop on as we head into the chicane as definite looking only sums as fetch it there has just slop positive so after eight point nine what am I won't faster than the top three had in the last couple of ups. Play. Choose foce have to leave us for the big did say, you know, these these Reuters are in their rookie years rookie rice is and what what we entered it. But the boys up and okay looks like on the bike. I'm not was late night will stay out here. As a second was one of the writers, thankfully, the writer as up. No case goes hand up is just pulling off this eight of the track the might be a problem with the bake there. But. Get to see is. Okay. But the leaders definitely come across the biomarkers at the moment is still good to be Blake Wilson. And the lead ahead of all these sems shaping up a move entertainment number one. I just hold back. We about Arctic apps stolen thought by looks like look fetch it has been held up the most by the bag marker. So he's lost a couple of bike lengths there. No, he he actually actually has a look Sonke has. But is she gives who has been held up the most. So we now have two groups of to the fronts, essentially, Luke Fitchet has has just set a new foster slap once again, we have a nice little going on through turn number one. Don't we think that is full rut as in for ninth and tenth spice, Casey, SMARI, and Brandon Kane. So if within the top ten battles for the league, but where they keep an eye on that by overnight. Intent those boats has always so are probably what about oh. For nine thousand. Liam and leave you with our leaders yet. It looks like coming into the bag straight. Once again, it looks like all those are good run on Blake Wilson the market in the way, the clear Wilson's cleared. The bite Mark the moment got all his aunt Arctic Epps pasta by market. But look at once again, it's been held up by the market lost a few bike lens bath farther behind the grip night, which is a shame. But the way has been the last few laps. He well close up very quickly. Once again, we've got lots that we byles Gordon on field there, which is fantastic. See can keep an eye on the about the name. Yes. It's just about to come across the line. No. And it does. And it's new as you were. But in fact, sparring is actually pulled away on this lap with just two laps to go a seven and a half. Ten jump could be enough to hold on. But we will stay still keep an eye on that one as Fitchet still holds that foster. Slop, fifty eight point nine I think he's the only ROY. That's fifty nine seconds. Actually, Simson Wilson come very close. But if you're around the circuit. Very very close at incident with Arctic ebbs they're just had to run over the cabs. But to support the both my they own so as a final on. No looking for fantastic battle to the final into the final turn crescent could be a kid be mayhem. You're well is almost like it's been addressed for her into the for the last couple of laps was going to say if you are around the second you'll see the full riders start to make their way round towards the final cool back straight. Sorry, four the final time very shortly. And just wait for them to come into view now, and we still white for the Rhonda's succumb round unto still the may. And here they are in fact, and it's very close between the top during in, particularly isn't it. Liam one cone to go who is gonna type market and the way as well to try the bag market coming died into Raymond's hairpin. And we've got a always say going for the move is going to make. But look Deb's and all three of them have managed to stay on as brilliant. When by Blake Wilson, they're all sems causes lane and second look, fetch it and thought place at Archie gaps. I unfortunately message on that putting possession and furnishes and forthwith William hottest. And that was good. We battled towards the end of the risk. Yeah. He'll be disappointed to have lost out that podium. Rhonda at the end, William Harris takes v Harrison take six on the seven Manco hoped aches, and Casey sparring, Brandon Kane Williams pain Stevenson round out, the top fifteen at thera Val Dilts round out your top fifteen. You are listening to the code fab rising championship this round number one. We are here at clan. Dow, and we are now heading into the final three rices of the dike. Yes. So it's going to be the many GP fifty race one is going to be up next. And these guys have been looking very quite vague close all weekend. So it could be expected a very very close and battle as a as a progressive the race. But come to what what you're seeing there an issue forte think about to the qualifying teams on day fifty nine point Zita was the fastest qualifying lap. But look my get the eight point nine. So as the cats seemed to grow more confident with unknown ability on the bikes just keep improving the lot on improving the risk wrath, which is what kill fabry's. And and of course, the AC for two rookies as absoulutely all up bites. So it's going to come onto the many GP fifty rates one up very soon. And they're looking like the setup ready for the start of the race. Just remember you can listen to us. Live on radio. Yes. We are live on radio streaming. We are on kill fob dot com where all over then tonight says well all over the social media's on motor sports radio, and you can definitely lesson to kill fob racing. Because if you've never if you've never listened it before our head of it before and Justin please get and taught she can find his own Facebook out racing. And with love to hear your comments about the recent is going on today. What you think the raiders what you're expecting from the racing as it progresses and to religious part of the evening on of course tomato. Yes. We've had a couple of comments from Lee any he says, good luck cheat. Number ninety one. Drug pine saying, good luck to hurry pipe. The number eleven. Get to share. These stream course found his how we are going to get more people choosing in get the word out about how good this racing championship series. Is as well it is. Of course, the only if is of course, the official road t Moto g pay 'em. We've had plenty of Reuters. Prove that in the boss by past and presence. And it is also the series to the British superbikes championship as well. So you couldn't get much better than that. For these young. Reuters who are looking to move their way up the pecking older, and essentially turn this into a food time rare one day. Or the advocate here on the by the many families are often the warm up lap, and I'm gonna give you a quick rundown of the stocking. Greg got Josh banner star on the front row of the grid starting and poll possession next to hand as kale pain. We've got look Brian on the second and third hottest in Crosby. As next time on the second. Ryan hedge coke as infect possession. Mason Johnson has also on over the third rule Sullivan Mundi as in fourth and seventh only Walker as an eighth possession there Clinton Edmonds as a ninth rolling hottest and tenth possession. Only Horner and eleventh jemmy Parker. We have an twelve possession. Tila. Sure. Campbell's next up thirteenth. How does McCain as and fourteenth? And fiftieth have been Joe Affi friend in where as sexy and renting out the bottom of the grid as what it Brady and seventeen. So as a raiders come up to take their possessions on the. For the starts all that's many GP, Fethi Raya sake. It's Bill the tensions are high plots kill cats on we believe that they're going to be ready and rating for the start of this race. And it's going to be fantastic starts to this races. So as concede. The writers the by are just lighting up just had a friend in where it's on what at Grady pill up the bag couple of weeks. Last minute warts on one hundred over to Chris. Thank you, Liam Royds. Let's get ready to go racing once end. Okay. We are about to go racing for the first time in many if they say zen. The green flag is about to be showed the ramps are already rising beverage. The green flag on it. Trump said it looks like a brilliant stuff from pine who not only takes the lead. But takes pretty comfortable one in that as well. It looked as if a Harrison Crosby when into second place again that is the second consecutive race. We have seen the two starters from second and fourth take second in to the first Kona. So Joe Spanish the immeidiately has going to have some fights back to as we are on the first of eleven laps. And it is Kyle pain. You'll race. Later, we'll confirm that paint still leads the way own where always buy side, just my eyes. They're saving me ever is very close, though particular for second place as they come into the final Kona nothing. I challenge that full. What was I think full faith price across the line? Then it is pain from coats be as we said banister is in third and Lucas Brown is fourth and I can tell you that the top full splits by just one second Jonesen fifth and hitch coke Monday them, we have woke Edmonds and parka actual Sullivan there that went for the dive bomb. Hit of Mason Johnson Ron about weight and Ryan hetch coke made his way into sex possession there. So very close racing pack at the moment. But kale pain has definitely had a bet of elite buys been closed up nearby Hudson. Joe some Crosby Georgia balanced as a head the by streets. We have. A change for the leads here as going to be and it's not as the moment with high the kale pin? Hold up this possession there on possession. Of course, we have Ryan has coke nearly touching missing Johnson. Elbow to elbow as it came into Raymond's here at the end of the LA that was very cool. It wasn't a good move for ROY n- hitch as you said almost which means it was clean move Harrison Crosby quickest on lap. And he is only nine hundreds of a second back from pain head than it is Josh Bannister and Lucas Brown as actually fooling away from the top story. So it took full becomes a top three at the moment of that said Lucas Brown is starting to fight back. Now, he is certainly not being behind and that comes at challenge full second. Is that all posts it's a Joe Spanish they're trying to go back into second. It was. But Lee saying was means it was on a successful move. So the top three still stay as they all shall I say second and third to because Harrison Crosby is now your new race leader. Yeah. Gross bay has a mice to take the lead of the race or their Kello. Pain. Doesn't look like he's holding the pace, all balanced or is and Crosby at the moment. Bubba kissy maybe with a Hudson taking all of the race kale. Pin may be able to tag onto the back of him. Enjoy balanced once again looking up the enter the final turn only looking say as a head as it went on the way to the hook chicane. But once again here, we go onto the bag stray and with Haida Joyce binds to have a fantastic run onto is not enough. In the brakes, we have Kato pain fantastic. Lily on the brakes the final here as we have hottest in crossville. Look behind them. See by goggles is once again just by looking at site, but no making enter hook chicane nila, talking the bug all. Keio pain and to the second parts of the the chicane there. I feel we have a look as Brian and Ryan heights coke. A having a good battle will four tenths between themselves drop after let's all the Walker has a drawback to eighth with hives drew Campbell poces Mckee and to eleventh possession for the render that lob so definitely some great battles as the field. Yes. Humphrey had a change for lebeau. Or was that a challenge that didn't work out Harrison Crosby and painted is about tilling away. Kalpana? Right. Well, that is something. We definitely weren't expecting a move that went Rome, perhaps as they come across the lines are Joe Spanish STA back into second. And ready putting pressure on Harrison Crosby. Pain in thud hitch coat full Brown in fifth place at the moment. Did we see any more changes for the back? This is the score so far in this lot. But jobs bond stars definitely hunting down a how does in Cruz bay further. Slop, we've hired someone stopped at the site of the track was that the number forty eight writer of only Walker this pill. So. Tournant number two. But we will find into firm confirmed not very shortly. But the leads we have just balanced Huntington house. Cosby enter the final hairpin by AllState is cool at the moment butts. Right has coke is difficult kale. Pain on hunting possession of the moment. I really really close battle. But George Baden star Ha's Fahd's go pass tires. Cosby furthering the stock at somewhere. Yes. He has. Indeed. So a lotta moves three may fall round of the circuit, actually. And Joe Spanish, the another one to do that ROY niche coke is going quickest, and he's closing in on pain. One point four seconds between our top four at the moment. It is very close. Indeed. And we just the white to see on latest come onto the back straight once again, Lucas Brown trying to get involved in this as well. He has three seconds behind. To Joan Susan an only eight tenths ahead to Hitchcock as top-four had out of the final Kona across the start finish line. And it looks as if Hitchcock the next to make a move fastest lap. And now third place and not say this stage with four laps to go. Liam he is the one to watch as Yoni as one second to Josh balanced. Yeah. Absolutely. Right. Has coke. Does. Look like he's on a move at the moment. Passed kale pin hunting there and hottest and Crosby Joe? Joyce bottom star has always been move onto the hook hairpin as we can see comedy box window all the boys had to run across the grass on lost. At the moment. I think that was Stuart Campbell actually trying to make a move and Jimmy power running over to the Bank. You stuck under the moment so fungus causing pillow back often as soon as possible to the half done and his backup on his feet. So that's always get there and mixon second now, wait because Bannister appears to just be telling away slightly now since taking the rice late someone getting delays coming of the Dow, but it was actually the Reuter who went down recovering. Yeah. Absolutely. But Ryan has coca style. Printing law pressure on how does before second possession. Just as still just moving a slightly farther ahead as the. Timesheets? We've got great battle going on between look is burden kale for fourth at fetter as. Let love three possessions. Look, really close. Final four second. Are does he made it there's been close, but say house remind still holder I sold to the final couple of lots Ryan has coke is gonna have to break a up more deeply into the final to makeup, possession offsite. Once before once ready today that said dress rehearsal to me that is let's just say how right on the brakes. Exactly, I'm going to have to go and that a time so Hitchcock just finding out that he's going to have to go even lighter on the brakes. Then what he did that without someone daring towards coroner. They'll yellow flags are wonderful one of our leaders, maybe someone farther behind we'll just have when we come through to see if there's anyone messing from the top group. But I would definitely do have someone dying at that person the law. Slop, we still have Josh balanced are holding hottest and Crosby as. Hot on the heels. I think it's close up because got the some by markers as looking close. But by Walker does pillar the way so faint a lot. No. And this is going to be. Yeah. It's actually Hitchcock whose going up to second. So right. So the pretty much changing with every laugh at the moment, I think seem that in the same place when they crossed the line next time wouldn't be wise to because curls be hitch, Colt and balanced have pretty much been trading places every single lap that they've crossed the line. If you are tuning in online, expect those changes there's places to change in a few around the circuit definitely keep your eyes on the final Cohen. Because here they come down the back straight for the final time. And which one of these Reuters is going to hit the line. I look. Once from four lunch from possession there foam Lucas Brennan. Cal pain Rana dependent a corner on say, Charles Bannister. The I Ryan has Kokin sake in hottest and Crosby and third possession. Kale pain and fourth and look who made on a day shift move to the final corner and fest place as a Selva comes across the finish line and sec place and only Walker we're expect having come across Elaine and very shortly and seventh as he does there and Tila sure Campbell comes across the lane on finishes and eighth possession. And we're just waiting on a all Horner on mckee's what they can do in the final couple op. So as come across the state till eighth all Horner and Nate on rounding out the top ten. We are we have Harbison Mckee so called they're crispy token over you know, it has to be done. Of course, when we've got a rice like this going on because pretty much every changed and guess what changed again on the loss slot hitch Hitchcock. When into second on the final lap Itoh the fastest lap on lap six as well. But two more races now remaining extreme to hundreds I and then one of the ones I'm most interested to see today. Some glad we're ending with them aside. Kells? Being quite interesting for the day. So it's gonna be a good one. But before Redan to that extreme to hundreds have and being definitely looking quite quite good all weekend. Charlie Nesbitt on the Richard Holmes Williams, I've been very close and for time, so charleena's as we know Ariston the world soon, but wretched homes Williams hoping to try and spoil that parts of if had quite a gap over the weekend from the rest of the field. So it could be a two horse race. As we go into the extreme to hundreds a believe, it could be and we have mentioned if you just shooting. You are listening to the KU fabrics championship. First round live from clan. Now. It is going to we are about SU Choon into the whereabouts who welcome onto the track seller. Say the extreme to hundreds. And this will be open at rice of the day. But it will be froth lofts rice of the of the championship. Thank you to those of you who have sent yo messages in throughout the day. If you're around the circuit fancy joining us in the country pokes come in join us. But if you're online, please do give. And please do send in your messages as well as not only to invade them out on the stream like our live around this kid as well. That was just fantastic message come in their foam and the owner of 'em from in Holcroft of the Oxford to catty says love this Saudi. I can't be there to cheer our boys on. But I am keeping a watchful eye on Ryan hatch coke on all e Walker. So am fantastic. We call minus just come in there. And this good to hear they shouldn't. And to the livestream on keep an eye on what's happening there with the young with the what the young boys, and we aren't partners, of course, with the British super bike championship. Not just that. But this is also the route to motor GP. So we have lots of talent and all classes, I see here at kill fab erasing butter. Hundred crisis got the running order for dream two hundred race and picking up. What you sent there where you have people that wrote to GP already in the foam of the British Telecom. Some of those in the paddock still some of those have been moved on. So have the logs of Mexico. Pay was doing rental workers this year and the mode three junior world championships of this championship has produced some fantastic. Reuters over the years continue to do the same as the years go on to produce some fantastic common is as well. Over the last few years have gone on to work at the highest level. But enough about that, let's go into the great for extreme two hundred round one Charlene on pulp physician, Richard Holmes Williams will be alongside Richie turn Brandon peril. Or we route to Cam Harris and Josh Ingram row. Three. Matthew boasts over and Jamie king for a full Harvey Claritin, authored frames and fellow commentator. Blake hound so wrote five Taylor Lawrence and Felix Hon movie. Rub six and then we have Liam Fabra. And show Whitaker. Umbro seven million Jackson is going to round out the from fifteenth place. This is gonna be a twelve latte rice here. The Clinton circuit looks at the rim position. So that means it's time to hand over to Liam Hogan's to talk it through the right stuff. Yeah. So the writers are ready and reading to go. The green flag is to be put up and a few seconds time. They can hear give feel the tension. Green flag is in their droves. Front sausage thought by Challah Dez. Bever torture between the third and fourth Brandon peril and Richie Turner as entered the hook care pin. But both that my brand Brandon peril as dropping by at sect possession there. But as we head into the bottom end of the circuit at charleena's brat who stole holds first possession ahead of Richard Holmes Williams with Brandon peril dropping by Reggie Turner has moved up into third place. Fantastic starts from Recchi Turner who are as well. So as we head right before the part of the lot it does look like the two from the qualifying that that seemed to dominate charleena's bets on the wretched homes. Williams have already bridge the bet of a gap as we hate to the final corner of tar of the final. Lot of the first lap Saudi on this. Charleena's bets come across all homes Williams, number twenty seven one four seven. Zoya dies a George Andrew Reggie Turner as fourth mommy Bolsover fest possession. Brandon peril that gap Evernote and to turn number one as a dentist sect place. Harvard Claridge as seventh Jamie king eight Cam hottest as number as a Nate possession on Blick Ansel as intense possession. Noor so Lopez barging born burdens we went into the first couple of corners there. Well, say charleena's pair, of course, he was out writing one of the other clauses earlier as much better start to proceedings this time, and he is being pursued by Richard by Richard Holmes Williams, they have quite a substantial but to. Joshing Joel Schengen moved up from the outside of rose three to place, but it seems to the outside all the bed applies to stop just because you have shoulder rundown. Rona you have the inside line for the right hand. But nor full than left-hander that immediately follows that is why the post side on the on the left hand side of the tribe. But so far it's been a sort of fifty fifty with how that supplied out for a post. It's as Charlie Nesbitt looking very good on this lap. His lead was one in tents lost time or just start with that and six sending this time. Yeah. Absolutely. So it looks like it's a gap over homes Williams, but they did have a massive guy over. Charleena's pets extending has ever so slightly Josh and grow as come over. And clerk place fourth. So sad talked to brush up gab third and fourth of pressure Babic, say random, Pearl and place has and got mossy Bolsover all over the back of the moment. Harvard five on the time as well. So as we say, it's charleena's, but has increased the the guy by a behalf a second. But looks like maybe there was up a moment for homes while he was on the previous lap because as you see them heading the backstreet the hanger streets. The cop is still pretty much the same at the moment. So I still can't quite close. We may actually have homes Williams closed back up as we've come across as back done to half a second. So who's a tenth faster than charleena's by on that lobbed at Gress? Yes, it was. I mean, the close hopefully down the field at the moment. Turn the likes of Paris out. So lowered score noise. Tents on eleven let's say that still the case when they crossed the line this time yet we visit. It is answer who is now six cents behind Harris. And then one point two seconds back to Lawrence dust, probably the they us about oh on track ball from the leaders who are split by half a second. So will stick with them? And that's not a half. A second. Got. Now is come into the loss cone is it. Now, that's seconds. Maybe even a second. Zanu foster slob forty seven point one. Hey and Stanton delete by by one point three seconds or not allow Pallone as up to one point eight by ever got great ball. Good on for. As Josh Shangri ahead of Reggie turn on a random peril who was up in a culture box on today will see Josh Grubman fronts. If after the battle rivalry going on friendly rivalry should say between them say with I'm rotten peril. Saying that he really wants to be Josh grim, especially on the last lap on the loss corner. Well, he might get that Sean because Ritchie's HANA is only three tenths back from Ingram. Pelican close up his well, then you have agree battle for possession at the moment. Butts ebb co two leaders biker GOP charleena's highs pull that up. But third-places looking really goods we have Jochen graffman Richard Turner was Richard turn to go for the GOP is on the brakes by we have Josh anger even later on the brakes, enter the final turn. Yes. The move that time he's this affecting the now between turn let's see. No, it's actually might even is actually yet. She Las I saw a mainly because say Perreault has similar pressure from both over. So we've we will. We did have thrown bowels. Keep an on earn. You have to because nice has pulled away from Richard Richard Holmes Williams when these guy late now, throw seconds. Yeah. Absolutely. I think it's giving guys across line that's locker St. point eight seconds. So charleena's is definitely going to go third possession. Another bow Josh Goma as we've got. We've got good Reggie Turner say, but once again, joy and grim as proven to be on the bricks and very hard to get past into to the final corner there, which is a great for us. This must be very frustrating for wretched who is feels like his quicker going into the final turn coming at the the Deckers haircut before the star of the lap. It does it does. But. A finger. You know with him note making any significant mistakes. It's just allowing him to to keep he's almost inviting virtually turn to poke something out the back here. Mike that move. So that's what he say. I'm not gonna make won't start apply. You're going to have to do something about it. And at the moment ton hasn't been able to find that little extra yet. But as I say that oh that was almost a move down. The inside turn a note looking up the inside certainly on the brakes, and it's forced Ingram to take a slutty defensive line incident one. Yeah. Broadened parallel. Also, just come over the site by safe for fethohn sex, and bouncy balls over mice that might get themselves somewhere rented LOP Brandon peril. Enter the final mice again in front of him once again, so that's definitely a bottle water for inside Klis over the next day four lobs. But as we said charleena's, but once again, just look at absolutely credible homes. Williams has dropped by five point seven seconds of God's Jochen Goodman Reggie toward about race runs. Again, wretched. Charter does not look like as close enough. And he's not know they've crossed the line already. I think that's BOS over your referring, not just. Over. Brandin coming across lane once again saved by say vetting ill and my balls overs. Actually, my two front of Brandon peril of further end Alaba so multiples over as infested Brandon peril as seques books and seventh with all battling going on Harvey Claridge has closed down a little bit. Pretended. Liam abso-. Joking Joshi Ingram, Richie Tana. We'll keep an eye on them as you said Joe keep an eye on both of verse is peril. And we only have two let's go now. So this is it once anger man, turn across the line. So we'll down the inside it was. But it was not as successful. Man across the line Ingram in town. That is them. This time all payroll and both over saved by site and to the ravens five t with caffeine from green tea leaves. It's delicious energizing and comes in three amazing flavors was zero sugar and four calories. It fits your life with its compact size import ability. It goes where you go to the campsite, the hiking trail the beach without weighing you down five our team caffeine from green tea leaks. Release your natural side from the makers of five hour energy. For more information. Visit five hour energy dot com. Calling pets material of the best even king movies pet cemetery brings things back it's deeply sinister nightmare. And now it's ninety three percent on rotten tomatoes. Cemetery by Kevin calcium. Dennis with Meyer, rated r v.

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