113: Reality Show Has-Been Support Group: Thursday, June 25th, 2020


Good morning millennials welcome back to the morning. Toast, happy Thursday. We are almost done with the week. It's our second show in our new studio. It's wonderful because Chaman is here. He heard US singing about him on yesterday show. He's taking his rightful spot. He knew neurone morning toe studio four restart live like he's like looking my leg humping us and the second. Here's that soothing, delicious, sound good morning. Lenny's. He takes his rightful spot as the threat as the king of this castle. Yeah, and he just lays, and that's why he's the perfect currency Angel Dara, Beautiful Chairman Oh God. We're. Sorry Song when we're leaving somewhere so We can't even get in front of him. Yeah, he's GonNa. Think like it's time to go. Oh, ut, I hope everyone had a fabulous week. I'm so looking forward to this week being oh. Me? Too. I can leave Thursday since we did our first show yesterday here. It feels like a Tuesday, which is a wonderful feeling. Tomorrow's Friday. I know really all that high can cheat the week two of any big plans this weekend. I have some little plan. but I just plan on reading and being home, and just doing my thang I know I know we've been at home for so long, but I just WanNa. Say Like I still love it. I don't even know what I love anymore. That is the mantra of quarantine like I don't even know what I want. Actually I know what I want to be doing, but this New York City like I don't want to go to a restaurant I. Don't WanNa Roach vibe. Yes, I made it past primavera. Last night he saw we were face timing while I made the Primavera and. It was good. There is no roaches in it. I had chicken fingers for dinner in the air fire, so it was like totally healthy and delicious, and so pleased with my decision, and then add some ices. Are Real six year old at the country club meal yesterday like chicken fingers and Lemon I says that sounds delicious. The for dinner. He had the usual. Royal, Canaan, only the finest, the low fat gastro intestinal because he has. A predisposition to heart conditions. It's part of his breed so cute. I'm so happy he's back like there was a time when I was spending every day with him, and then there was a time when I was spending no days with him. We got a lot of comments on our youtube that people were so excited. We're back in studio and the quality is so fabulous, and now I'm just like worried because I didn't shave my legs and. What is the quality to? No I. Don't see any here's. You look to me my God. That is so sweet. Thank you so much I mean watched I got so comfortable doing zoom for my house that like when I went on yesterday's episode like I, just looked like a like an actual piece of cardboard like I was so wide, and like it was just so bad so. So now I'm like so aware of my body and everyone gave me shit. They were like your sweater and jeans in ninety degree weather, and it's like yeah, it's called being self conscious like leave me alone on being in quarantine. There's no such thing as weather so now I've been shamed into showing more skin. Wow, yeah, well I can't. I'm not complaining. The not complaining. We've fabulous show for you. Guys today of course I sound like a guy on the. Crime not comply like the weather guy. Oh little skin today. They're not complaining. We've been fabulous show for you. Guys today, of course, be going to deliver the past five. There's no TV recap this week so like. Okay, but I did watch. Bravo was just being so kind to me yesterday and they were playing like. Three Year seasons of real housewives of beverly. Hills like doritos Teddy's I seasons at it was so enjoyable. It was just like such a good time to be a house. And then they did one of those watch with the housewives, but they had Luanne and Sonia, watching an episode of Beverly Hills where the girls from beverly. Hills were in New York. And, it was hysterical. Sonja, Morgan is just like made for TV. She kept calling door it. And she like who's that girl? Oh, that's without. VP packed up plus like she. She knew a little, and it was just so enjoyable like they were being so funny, and it was actually a great concept for a show that outside of quarantine. Yeah, I really enjoyed it. It's like the people's couch, but with interesting people, the people themselves yet hug the other people, and also you know what I found out recently. Did you know that destiny from Shahs of sunset and her sister were on the couch that actually fascinating. I think you knew that, but it's probably fresh news for you, and it'll be fresh again three months also about the people's couch. Forgot what I was GONNA say, but speaking of me, forgetting things I had a therapy session yesterday, and I was telling her about my memory and she really thinks that it's like. Something I'm doing subconsciously like selective. Yeah, like to bury memories from my past or something. Wow, that's Claudia. That's deep I know it was really profound I. DIDN'T WANNA? Hear it, you know no. No doctor I just have bad memory. No, so they could come back to you. Bring back, bring him back. I, need to see some sort of like hallucinogen. Yeah who you are getting sleeve. He's ready. Spooky I'm speaking spooky staff. We also have a K. N. segment today, but it's actually not somebody unless I'm really looking forward to getting into that. Meet to also yesterday. We did a petri on episode. General, QNA, people ask him questions. We were like feeling particularly honest and we were feeling particularly raw. We were and we talked about the new studio why we move studios. It's like not that the TGIF. But it was interesting so head on over to Patriot dot com slash morning toast. If you want to hear that full story along with other tidbits about how we're doing spoiler alert, it's not well not well bitch. Ask me how I'm doing not well bitch. Entering, phase two I'm feeling back in the studio like yesterday. I felt like my life day. One had purpose I completely agree. He's a new leaf, but then I weighed myself this morning, and it's a big old leaf, and so now that's my focus. Okay well. Whatever you look! Wasn't good. Wasn't good, but thank you so she was just like. Do the damn thing I think we should get right into it into the stories that you need to know. Yes, hugh before you wake up and take a bite out of your morning coast. And I'll do it, I'll I promise I will. I will dive in I do. I don't make promises that I can't keep, but it's really important to me that I. If, you'll allow me the floor. Sure. Yes, I'm all about like open dialogue, please. 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Caitlin Jenner Goes Golfing Bachelor Peter, Webber and his family in today's most random headlines of the day ever. Caitlyn Jenner and Peter Webber are getting competitive. The seventy year old reality star took to instagram on Wednesday to share a pick herself with the former Bachelor Star and his Dad Peter Webber senior and his brother Jack Webber Group was all smiles in a self the after spending. Spending the day on the golf course Caitlin, and Peter Senior walked away from the game victorious with the former showing off one dollar prize in the picture. I just have to say like playing for one dollars like only thing rich people do. Ironically, it's so annoying. Play for real money. First of all second of all Peter's brother's named Jack Webber I feel like that is like I could build a whole TV show around the name Jack Webber. Isn't that the name of a barbecue? Weber Barbecue whenever like Jack Webber Attorney at law like something about it. It's just like a fabulous name. It's catchy, so many people sent me this photo on Instagram, and I didn't know what I was looking out for thirty minutes, because they didn't recognize his dad or his brother. Peter was just in the corner. I'm like. Why do I care about gender going to play golf? I'm like she's not wearing a mask very interesting like I didn't understand what I was looking at. At, and then I was like what the fuck and barbed mom was like commenting on it i. just it's killing me deep down to not know how these people got connected. Yeah I! I don't even want to begin to pretend like I know like I. Know that there was a spotting Peter at the same house party is Kylie one time I don't think Trudeau aided in two peter playing golf. Do you think that Caitlin is like a big fan of the bachelor? Maybe, but I don't really see that for Kaitlyn. No, not at all ACC. She's to mature. Yeah, so maybe maybe make. They are all actually because Peter is from Cher Maurya maybe they all just we belong to the same country club like maybe the country club set up like reality. TV Star has been like community community in the group. Yeah, and then from there. They took it to link or they're both from the country. Club. In Peter's dad met Kaelin. Yes, through like a support group for like reality washed up reality stars. Yeah, it's so confusing. I would love to know the actual truth. I'm sure it's not that interesting. How they all got connected I just I think it's worth noting that Keelan has food in her teeth in the photo. A little piece of it looks like bread in between her two frontier and it just it goes really fucked up a Peter. Not Sleep pointed out before she posted a photo that he knew was going to be seen by millions of people heaters in the background like he didn't know. This is all on Caitlin. She took the photo. She posted the photo and she didn't zoom. Like letter live you know when? We had the discussion a little while ago like. Switzerland her track lists for her album, and there was a song called paper rings, and we were like the whole concept is like I love you so much like a Mary with the papering like Nona. Diamond, which is like only a thing, say to prove that they're humble. That's like the same thing here. Playing for one dollar like if Ben played with his friends, each put in one hundred dollars to let you interested in working towards something like winning has meaning besides just arbitrary win, and this is just like the. Out of all of this. The thing that bothers me the most is that they played for one dollar to everyone on this courses. Rich belonged to a rich country club like let's play the money, yeah! Yeah I. Wonder what the dollar symbolizes. Maybe we'll get some answers. Yeah, have about Paulo it's just such like a quirky rich thing to do, and it bothers me so much. That would bother you. Yeah, no, not bother me. It bothers me so much. ooh, he think about Theo to look at me looks very disturbed. Alert, disturbed disturbed, whoever said that orange was the new black is seriously disturbed. Aren't new pink. Sorry, Oh my God. Are you ready for the next Taylor? Colored. listed. The next Taylor says technicolor. Yes, I'm ready. Okay. Jenny, slate and Kristen Bell's animated TV roles will be recast with black or mixed race actor, high saw this very interesting, big mouths, Jenny slate and central Park's Christian Ballard, stepping down from their roles on the animated series, which will both recast the characters with a black or mixed race actor. Jenny slate revealed the news on Wednesday explaining that she a. A white woman can no longer play the role of MRI. A biracial character on the animated netflix series created by Nick Kroll she said she has come to the season to that I can no longer play the character on the animated TV show big mouth at the start of the show. I reasoned with myself that it was permissible for me to play because her mom is Jewish and white as As am I but Mris also black and black characters on animating show should be played by black people yet I think is very noble. I do understand why she took the part like the. If the character is half Jewish like it kind of makes sense, but I'm curious I. WanNa talk about the kristen bell of it all she played. Blackhawk turn so she? Voice saying Molly Tillerson. Who's mixed race on the Apple TV plus series Central, Park Oh, so this is a different show. Yes, okay, okay, okay. Yeah, BEN LOVES BIG MOUTH SO I'm only familiar with big mouth. Oh, he tried to get me to watch it once and like. I have such a hard time as an adult like watching adult cartoons and I know that there's a huge. Demographic for it, and there are some really funny like family guy stuff, but like between like South, park and I'm not shitting on them. They're fabulous programming, but like I as an adult like I cannot watch cartoons just can't like. You can't consume everything, and not everything is made for you, and so if you're not going to do cartoons like that's fine, but you know what's weird about that is that? I am probably the biggest fan of the movie. Ted and that's really the itself McFarland. Type of humor one percent. I think you're going to take that. Somehow cartoon because it is because he's bear, but the whole movie set in Real Life Boston but I just find it interesting that that's probably my favorite movie and I've never seen any other ethnic farland's other work. Yeah, that makes sense I mean. Say in for me, so it makes sense to me, so jenny slate like I. Know She's. We talk about her all the time because she dated Chris. Chris Pine cones or and because she's the wife of the POLKA king well. That's what I was gonNA. Say Like I'm sure. She's like renowned in her field for me like she's very successful, but in my mind she will never not be Jack. Locks in the Polka King, and ever signed the Polka King as a chose movie of the week. No and we wouldn't do that to you guys because it was like an insane movie own. I love. Did we like? Loves you. It was just a very strange premise crazy. It's the craziest story ever heard, but what's crazy about? It is that it's true. It's the craziest if you're like it's about. Episode of American greed, it's about like. Bush Ponzi scheme. Yeah, that happened in the northeast about this Polish guy who came to American like literally just start taking people's money and like investing in polka bands polka singer with a Polka band member. They had the bear. Investing in more bear at one week on nominated for a grammy in like the polka category, and the grammies, and they were snubbed of course, but like just the fact, honestly the movie so good because the fact that this actually happened like in our country. In recent history is the craziest thing of time. Yeah, GB smooth was in it like it was actually really star-studded. Yeah, like if the sense interesting to watch it, but it's not mandatory viewing because a lot of you will probably be like what the fuck my watch. It's not mandatory viewing because we thought and we thought it was like fabulous, and then we made her husband's watching when we're on occasion and. And Turks and Caicos right and we thought they would love it because they're FRA. Jack Latte and they're just weird together. They're just weird. And we thought they would like it. And like they never forgave us for taking up those two hours of their life, and so we wouldn't do that to you guys, but some of you guys might really like it and it was a fabulous movie. It's just it's just insane that it happened. So that's what really carries the movie. Of course it like. If it wasn't a true story, wouldn't be interesting. Yeah, it would be like this could never happen ever so anyways Jenny slate Maybe she'll be in the POLKA king sequel. Very much looking forward to when he gets out of jail, didn't. Go. Yeah okay well. We'll spoil it another time. But I think that this is the right decision. Both of them and I look forward to seeing who cast not that I watch these shows, but you never know. Yeah. I feel like I would love to do some voice over work. Of course, it's everyone's dream job. It's like the easiest paycheck of all time. Yeah, all you have to do is talk right and also it's not just a paycheck like if you get into the animated feature. Wow, right so it's like it's all the the perks of podcasting like no makeup, but just way more money because you're working for Pixar right. I could just see me in the booth found actually I wouldn't have found soda crates carbonation. Hurts my vocal chords or character would be burpee character there we learn. The seven eleven Junky who never leaves the Fountain Soda Station and I would I would work at seven eleven and I would always be chomping on my my soda. Wow this story is just writing itself right exactly okay. Are you ready for our next story? Some people we've been talking about this week. Who are just some of our phase? And they're being sweet, okay? Who are we talking about some? News brilliant in no talking about her, so have in. It's warned Bushnell. Who Penned a tribute to her husband Chris Lean. She reveals they've been praying to start a family it was. It put every other instagram caption ever created to shame. It was the sweetest thing I'd ever seen in my life and I fucking love her and I stand, and I ship one thousand percent ot for the rest of my life. We don't usually make instagram captions stories here at the morning toast? In rule not to because it's so insane. Our rule is not to make instagram comments stories, because it's just a comment story, but. This caption in particular just struck a chord. Someone to share with you is if if you don't mind and I think it was kind of in response to like why she didn't post about Ben season like where she's at in her life. Yeah, Sushi said husband appreciation post. We got engaged about a year ago and y'all I. Don't know what I did to deserve. This man about to get personal, but I'm very excited to start a family and get asked when we are having kids all the time, but it just hasn't happened yet. She went onto share how she opened up Chris her husband about expanding. Expanding their family, she said when I was talking about it. With Chris, he said well. Have you prayed about it? I said well, yes, and he responded. Have you really prayed hard about it is that's what we really want. Pray and know it will happen in God's time if it's what he wants for us, I'll pray with you as I write this now I literally have tears streaming down my face because I cannot imagine living without you Chris. Lane I am so lucky I get to wake up next to every morning. Lucky I get to pray next to you and continuingly humbled by your heart of. Before we dive into the preciousness. That is this I just need to come out and say like. Stop asking married engaged people like when they're having children. It is the most disrespectful question like you never know. What if you know the person? Your ass against been trying and like having a hard time in your fucking digging the knife in like. Let's stop fucking asking that question. It is inappropriate, and it's none of your fucking business. Okay, sorry now back to the speech. I just this caption is. It's so beautiful. It's so. Beautiful and I feel like it's a real window into their relationship and you know they share a lot on social media, but like you really never know what is going on in a relationship, and I just feel like this was just everything. I needed to know about them like there's their religious. They're so in love. I mean I the way their relationship came. Came about with so interesting because she was just like I think hired to do or like. A friend connected them to film a music, one of his music videos in the Bahamas and everyone was like. Are they dating dating and I think we spoke about it like on the morning breath and she texted me and we're not dating like so I got the. The scoop and then later released a month later I was talking are like what's up. She's like Oh. My God I'm getting married. I left so much and I'm like. Why is like last time we spoke? You said you weren't even dating. She's no like literally. This is the man I'm GonNa. Marry him like this. which is crazy, but she was right, yeah! Yeah when you know you know when you know you now, and this was just so sweet, I love them so much and I really like they're very few people in this world, like a truly only one good things for, and these are two of them like I. Just Love Them agreed okay. Next is kind of sad so shifting gears to sad gear. US Paralympian, Angela, Madsen, have you seen? The story died at sixty after an ocean rowing accident. US Paralympian Angela Madsen passed away when she was attempting to row from L. A. TO HAWAII. This is really sad story. She was rowing. Across the Pacific Ocean. To Hawaii at six years old, or and her wife Deborah confirmed the news personal facebook posts, saying with extreme sadness I must announce that Angela. Matson will not complete her Solo Hawaii I received. Her lacks her last tech Saturday night Sunday. She was not responding to my text messages. When I checked the main message box, she had not returned any messages when I looked at the tracking did not appear that she was rowing the boat, but rather that it was drifting. Ooh, knowing she was planning to enter the water to fix her hardware to deploy the power anchor from the bow I was concerned she not. She did not tech when she got back on the boat she. She was about as far from any landis she could get, and the communication can be a challenge I was hopeful, but still had a feeling of heaviness in my chest. Wow, so, what was the point of this journey? Like? Was it to break a record or hats or just like this is, too? That's crazy. Yeah, wow, oh, my God! That's so sad! How do you communicate with someone who's in the middle of the ocean? I guess. She had her phone messages. Check the message box the INBOX voicemail. I don't know. Maybe they were using some chat app or something whether it's so sad. Really sad story wouldn't amazing woman right so that's why I wanted to highlight it hopefully. Wow. That's like so sad. I know, but I could I could flip with some other amazing women news. That's positive. SURE NASA names. Of course I saw this. It's just everything fabulous news fabulousness all about the situation oozes. NESTLINGS DC headquarters after its first black woman engineer hidden figure Mary Jackson presence. We've all seen hidden figures at this point. Mary Jackson was played by John Monet. and NASA plans to immortalize her one of their trailblazing alums by naming Washington DC headquarters complex after her. Well, this is just incredible. Say something controversial though. It's such such good news, but like I could can help but wonder if they would have done this. If like that movie hadn't been made because they were, so, they were the hidden figures like NASA was responsible. NASA Corporation was responsible for hiding these stories and I. Don't think as many people would have known about it I know Katherine. Johnson wrote a book, but I like it became this national sensation with the book and and the movie, but it's like. I don't know part of me is like a little late. Yes. I see how you could see it that way. I'm choosing to see the positive here. Also buildings are named after people all the time. NBA, don't talk about it on the show because they're not named after people who starring movies. Yeah, so there's a chance that they would have done this anyway and we wouldn't have known understood. The significance is Jackson, still alive I don't. Know. I don't about. because. I'm just curious like if she is able to see the fruits of labour right now. No, she's okay, she's she till it's like Oh. Wouldn't it have been nice for them to do this? You know when she was alive. Right and she could like finally. Get the respect. You fucking deserves legacy lives on forever forever forever and ever I. Think this is Fabulous News. I just know I'm always so cynical. Yes, of course, but I just think it was worth noting it's it's worth noting if you haven't watched hidden figures yet. You guys are missing out on. The film of a lifetime well, if you're watching the show, you obviously participate until you. Got Maybe they push back their homework and like they haven't delivered yet. Speaking of homework, we decided to just change up. Does movie of the week I wanted to tell everyone we're assigning and on Mondays and we're GONNA start recapping it on Mondays because I really like watching them on Sunday and we've been recapping them on Mondays, and that way everyone gets more time to watch it and I think that makes more sense Monday to Monday. So if you're ever looking for a recap, it's on a Monday forever looking for the new assignment, it is also on day. Great now it's time for one of my favorite segments ever created. and. It's going to be a little a little crazy today. Is it some Kelly's mindless new like the fourth of July has is A. Because, it's actually not so mindless Jackie. Kelly's you know kind of joining our crew because she found herself in a little bit of controversy. The Kelly's controversial new in Kelly's. You know mysterious news because according to. According to good housekeeping, where's Kelly? RIPA fans are asking a lot of questions about the live co host. Fans of live with Kelly and Ryan routinely routinely start their day off with Co. Host Kelly Ripa Ryan. SEACREST! I'm sorry I'm having a stroke. When the coronavirus pandemic prompted shutdowns and quarantining March, the ABC's stars reassured fans that the show would go on even if it meant filming remotely since then the Perez, been doing just that though it hasn't always been clear where Kelly's filming from in case, you're curious about Kelly's whereabouts. Here's what we found whereas Kelly Ripa filming live with Kelly and Ryan. Ryan in late May news broke that Kelly Morgan. Bela's and their three children were quarantining in the Caribbean instead of New York City so she was like shady about not mentioning that for a while right and we that was actually what spurred Kelly's mind because I reported that as mindful news. And then you're like there's always stories about Kelly Ripa now full circle. The story goes that. That the family was enjoying occasion when they were suddenly instructed to shelter in place, and that's exactly what they did. Though the talk show host chose not to disclose this information to the viewers. Until fellow ABC employees broke the story to light. Tell you this t here. We had planned trip. Our Family Kelly said and we arrived three days later. The entire world change really I mean everything. Everything shut down the government shutdown our country shutdown. I hate to use the word stuck, but we were so we decided to stay where we were Kelly went onto. Explain that she and Ryan decided to continue filming live with Kelly and Ryan in the hopes that it would bring some normalcy to their lives during an unprecedented time I. Think it's been a great benefit to each other. To have our our viewing audience, so is Kelly ripa still in the Caribbean or back in NYC, it's a fabulous question. Now it appears that Kelly back. In New York over Father's Day Weekend Hello Magazine noticed that she posted footage of Mark, wearing a mask and walking around the big apple that we can't be one hundred percent certain social media posts seems to be a sign that the couple is finally returned to their home after being away for three months regardless of her location, Kelly tends. Tends to enjoy her summer of course mindlessness, which includes having fun and save celebration her mom's birthday when Ryan asked what the plan was, she said I don't know probably just going to hang out in the driveway. If I know my mom, she doesn't really want to talk about it or address in any big way, so it's going to be a big driveway. Maybe look at her through the glass, so but this article is saying. Is that Kelly? RIPA's just like she's a little shady. She's a little shady obviously. I feel ugly like all. This mindless news was like a distraction from the fact that like her whereabouts were slightly unknown. Yeah, I mean I. Feel actually in real in the real world like I feel two ways about this Kelly. RIPA is a celebrity, but she doesn't have this like we don't have this entitlement to like. Know where she's at all times like that's a fucking business. She's with her family, but also at the same time like girlfriend. You do in everyday show. Like where are you? Yeah, where where are you at, but it's like at the same. Same Time? Sorry. I have so many feelings about this. Actually people are especially in the quarantine took to judge all your decisions and what you do with your family like you left the house. You didn't do this and so it's like. Of course you WANNA put her and her family in the center. That's actually no respect for being shady. Yeah, but I mean. She found a way to go three months in the Caribbean making it look like a New York City apartment I'm now so good for her. Yeah, I, wonder what the tea is with ABC's staffer who? Expose her. Yeah with their. She was out married no. Because she like. Yeah. No, I mean when I think of when you think of Kelly Ripa. What do you think about Kelly's mindless news now? Okay, but then if I think deeper and harder I think about like Michael Strahan, and like the like how she acted in such disgraceful way, yeah! She makes like thirty million dollars a year and she just decided not to work for an entire week because her coach decided to get a better job like yeah, good for fucking Michael Straight Michael Straight ahead. The definition of being funny, Nice, personable and good at your job. Like gets you really far. Like? He did such job on Kelly and and he got a better job like what we should not encourage people to get promotions. Yeah, and I know. She was like upset about the way that he told her, but I just think like. That's my least favorite thing like ever when people get upset like not about like the news itself. Even though that's really what you're fucking upset about how you doing. How you? Stood the news is the news. Like what's bothering you? Let's be real news like of course I mean. Don't get me wrong. I can do that all the time and like you said it's like how you set. Yeah, no I do not subscribe. It's like you should have. You should've texted. Yeah, you know. I love Kelly's mindless news. It's like some of my favorite daughter I hope to never run into her. Yeah, good thing. We run very different circles we. I think she's in the Caribbean gradulate. Kelly my listeners. We've no TV to recap like I hate that are episodes have been social recently, but it's just because we usually. We're doing the same thing, but we usually have more to talk about. Because, there's so much TV on whether it's the bachelor. Lives and fabulous things that we did, but we're not. There's none of that I did start a new book last night. Actually tune bucks, but one that I'll share is such a fun age by Kylie read Yes. Also there's this major trauma hiding. But I heard that everyone was really excited about all the sounds yesterday by everyone, I mean like one person. So, just fighting, it just means that life is here. You Guys I. His resume I can't get upset about the fact that there's like major construction because they haven't been able to construct for three months. No, but like the biggest like an actual yacht destroyed by like it was so loud like there's a ship coming in. What Book Did you start? It's called such a fun age by Kylie. Read I A lot of people. I think I think it was a racist book club. Pick, so you know. Know it's really good. Making a lot of people have already, but I just started last night. I love the way that certain. It's like such a great story. Already so I'm looking forward to it and we'll. We're doing the though redheads next week so I'll recap all of the books that redheads book for this month Maya Angelou. Oh right Oh my God. You know I started I. It's so hard to keep up with books I. Don't know how you guys do it. I don't even know what. What the book is now I, took it. Oh, okay, that's that's your excuse, so I did snag it from her. So why the kid I know why? The caged bird sings by my Angelou and there's also to new episodes of tnn shows Margaret Joseph's and her lexi have been fucking churning out in quarantine video podcast episodes, and they moved to twice a week. Watch on Youtube, or you can listen to it anyway. You've got your podcast. Having link premium guests. Great Conversation Carson Christly yeah they're talking to. To producers like they're flipping the table there, flipping my how the tables have turned on, so there's tons of new TNN content. If you're looking for more our Patriot channel, we've two more episodes coming out this so if you want to subscribe for eight dollars a month, you can get five more episodes of the morning toes. Some of them have logged. Some of them are peach our podcast. The link is Patriot Dot. com slash morning, toast eight dollars for five extra episodes, and that's all she wrote. Thank you so much for listening to the morning? 'TIL Monday morning show legal. Monday Friday ten thirty Amy's eastern time on Youtube watching US ON YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBING VIDEO THUMBS UP! World's available as podcasts we found, said spotify stitcher radio spots all the places where religion about this morning, only five star view about a beautiful setting and smart. Don't go anywhere yet. My comedy specialists out in five days. Please pre-order it. It's called disgraced queen. You can find it on itunes for preorder, or you could just have the Lincoln my bio on girls, no job. I truly appreciate the support for my debut comedy special have a fabulous day by.

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