Deliverybros Season 2 Episode 18: Changes of Integrity means growth


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Start to join me in a diverse community. podcasters already using anchor the anchor that FM slash start. I can't wait to hear your podcast by UH and the the delivery Bros.. Testing one onto three they will sub guys. This is Anthony Anthem. Aka Mistake. Usually do a longer intro. But today Staffer media really talk about what's been going on so a lot of you don't know what's going on and why so away from me putting out a episode of this week There's been a lot of things going on recently My Publicists Ni- got into a lot of issues as of late and is also my good friend in his name is Steve. I'M NOT GONNA go into detail on what happened because I'm just. I'm just not trying to go there right now. 'cause the whole situation we've disappointing disappointing. But it was just things that morally can continue to to be a part of. I was very confused last week. what everything that went on and still trying to process was for next moved to be honest. I don't know who does that. Listen to this and I appreciate you. Whoever you are And I just want to say thank you first of all because this has been a year long journey for me with everything that's going on and not allies been tried at times because I know I know I'm not anywhere yet. But his par cash ed hostile working to get better at it every day. Because I want wants to provide good contents and bring something to the table that people can relate to. I'm still working hard on trying to bring a podcast. That's GonNa have different ideas. Conversation is supposed to be an open conversation and so I feel like I can speak openly shoe about just. The fact is a lot of changes going on My middle health is good and everything. Nothing like depressing. That I'm just I am a person that is as I get older. That integrity is more important to me than cutting corners. I have realized overused that. I'm trying to be the best meet every day. I've said that quite a few podcasts. And frankly I think this direction action going in is bigger than me just being some popular guy or having a thousand guests on or aw whatever you know. I'm doing this thing from the best of my ability because I know for a facts. There's a lot of people doing this. And I understand that maybe on won't be the next show rogue you maybe won't be famous but but there's something therapeutic about the podcast. It helps me kind of think. A Better Outlook look. Just come. Get some clarity thirties conversations. I may be have and I've never tried so hard. It's something in my life the one this podcast and a lot of you guys who have been listening on his journey for the past year you know always been quite the rise. Some of these interviews have been super awesome. Some of them have been weird and some of them were just like the W. t. f. uh-huh and it's been a journey in and spend amazing. Sometimes it's you know is this podcast is uncut unfiltered altered a lot of time. I have proper interviews because not everybody. Is You know regular people. I know when I put on a regular people. I know as you've seen it's more easy going but there are people that are click with that. I can just have a raw conversation with and really just you know. Have a basic human interaction through this podcast. I want to continue to do that. I am not giving up just because things didn't work out with this publicist this or whatever I am going to continue to strive and I hope that you guys stay with me on a ride. You might see more me. You might see a couple more guests every once in a while. I'm still trying to figure out how I want to reformat this thing I got a new logo. You can check it out also I got a new website to I know you guys are probably like. Oh you finally made. A website is still a work in progress. But what I've got thus far. I decided to go with a word for us. I think that it would be a great great format. Really you know. Start bringing in more feedback or you know maybe I could start email lists and you know you guys you know An open opportunity to you know. Ask Me Questions. Speaking of which guys feel free to message me on social media I'm not even kidding. I will talk to you. I don't care you're from a different country. I don't care if you're from here. Maybe getting English is not good as go. I've got a translator to so you wanNA listen to me. And you know you WANNA give feedback. I want that feedback. I WANNA be able to give you something better to listen to because I mean I'm trying to be the best I can because I mean I feel like I'm actually getting somewhere with. This is take time. I don't care if it's just five of you listening or as five hundred I I will love feedback from anybody cutty. Who feels like they need to talk to me about anything or just kind of shoot the shit? NEONS and a website that that's now mine on is Delivery rose podcast DOT WORDPRESS DOT com. No I am not getting paid to advertise. Were pressed but that is my website right now. I'm working on. You know maybe getting the domain fully suck the delivery rose dot com. GimMe Tom Announcer right. Now go to delivery browse. PODCASTS D. E. L. V. E. R. Y. B. R. O. S. P. O. D. WE SEE A. S. T. DOT wordpress dot com. Subscribe to subscribe to my Youtube Channel. you can find out or delivery. Bros podcast you can also find me on social media delivery Bros. pod for the that. The twitter twitter delivery Bros pod sweater Muslim donald beyond their messing around around looking at independent wrestling. This stuff as you know. He's rustling thing. I try not to make the focus strictly about wrestling. I just wanted to give you guys a piece of personality and things alike. I mean he's anime fan on podcast. I like talking to people who will join movies. leasehold been in movies filmmakers. I've had I mean you know who I've had it. You've listened or you can listen to pass up it's all to see for yourself Anybody new that's listening Welcome to the PODCAST. Course I don't want you to feel like you being singled out because I'm just talking to you know people who have been ride with me. I appreciate you going on this right to hope that you continue to enjoy whatever it out. Oh Yeah You can find me at delivery. Rose podcast on instagram. Or you can just kill them regular Anthony Anthem page. I got one for both because at the time me and my brother were doing it together but Yeah delivery rose podcast. This was And my brother resorted together for a while but of course you know. He's not he's not really into this podcast thing like myself but it's okay. I mean he comes on every once in along. We have plumbed Redo the episodes. I mean. He's got his own life right now. He's in a relationship with a pretty good guy. And and I'm wishing the best and of course you know you can find me on Anthony Anthem on instagram. As well and you defined to facebook page delivery rose or Anthony Anthony on facebook now. Another thing I want to talk about is I had a conversation with a gentleman today at my job right now. I'm doing a job where I am driving Guys who work at a railroad you know and I take them to the train yards and things of that nature based just driving around and stuff all day not a hard job upped. I'm actually very happy to have. It gives me Ta kind of do. I need to do in between dropping them off driving them somewhere and I couldn't get some other stuff done throughout the day so I'm multitasking a lot that still dj and still doing that Giga Fun. I mean right now. I'm just trying to find more enjoyable ways to use my time but at the same time still you know ride ride it out and get some work done because I mean the be honest. I'm not making anything as far as I'm not saying that to be like an asshole and I'm let that shoe do I am poor. I'm so poor. I licked food stamps for dinner. And that's a quote from Chris. Rock Rama noodles is on them. Then you I am that for but I am not GonNa Complain. At least I got some food in my stomach in Gaza finance the key me going And you know that's just how it is right now so keep it real what you. I'm poor guy doing this. podcast making things happen. But you're opening my patriotic delivery. Rose Yeah I know I know that was terrible. I think I'm just saying. Hey Yo multiple plot the patriot. I'm also on go fund me as well And you can probably find links below or in the advertisements of my post on my social media and stuff like that so so guys to all those listen even if you donate a dollar a dollar Holler Hala Hala Hala Donald Alex and if you argue my pay palace wealth or my cash which is dollar sign Anthony Anthem. Oh yeah that is my cash so feel free to cash at me. A loss about seventy already again. Okay so in the less shameless way because I feel ashamed of myself. Okay so seventy this rogue guy and it was just like a random conversation gone to a conversation about just how the the world's changing and just how the government really doesn't give a shit you know Yadda Yadda okay sorry about that actually pushed a freaking wrong button so anyway so medium conversation about you know government should and all that you know. I'm one of those people. I remain independent because I don't believe either party is right at times and I'm not really a political guy. I try not to get too political on my show because Republican Democrat or not. I'm not trying to single somebody out for their own values and beliefs your trump supporter. He's not my cup apetit. I've expressed it in a lot of different ways and I'm not gonNA lie sometimes. It's just what it is. I'm I'm not a deep until it. I still had this great it. Because he's at the end of the day I don't believe what his policies are. That's it but he's still. The president of the United understates ain't nothing I can do about it until it's time to you know go use my rights go vote so if you're gonNa vote Republican and you're GonNa revolt them is all good that I don't care just vote for who is right for you because at the end of the day is about us the people and use that all right. That's all there is to so we had that conversation we were talking about the fact that like we're just kind of going in opposite opposite ways and then on top of that. I told him when it came to you know political parties so I don't really care who's WHO's Republican Democrat. I A care about who's going to be a man or woman of the people and that's really important. Somebody that can understand and relate to. I haven't have been able to relate to any of the president's to be quite honest because the fact that one a lot of doom came for money. I don't come from money. I don't understand what a blue collar job is. A lot of them have had wealth majority in their lifetime and had never had trouble without. You know worrying about how the bills are going. Be Paid or how you'RE GONNA get food on the table EXCETERA CETERA. Only person. I think and this is my personal opinion and I could be wrong. But I've ain't Bernie. Sanders is the only person I know who knows what it's like not to have anything but I mean from what I've seen I mean he's a man of the people but the only concerns I have is is. Is he going to be a wall to you. Know be able to do the job especially at his age. He's been around for a very long time and I appreciate people like him like him and this is bigger than him. Being a Democrat is more of the fact he's relatable and he obviously cares about about other people for who they are and not to cover a skin not their income he he. He's actually somebody that actually. Actually I could feel like I could just walk to have a conversation like a regular Joe and just you know feel passionate Russian. I could feel energy or something like that. It's more just like a is more like a How can I say it? He has his energy about him. That shows that he's really passionate about what he does. What he wants to do is change thanks? I'm not saying he's GonNa Change things if he got elected. But it's important to me to find more people like that. If a Republican was like that somebody I could feel like that understood me as a person as an individual I would be down for. He could be some. You know all American American American American American American American American but he also understands me as an individual and maybe that's what other people see when they see. Donald Trump talked about that we talked about. You know being different me in a minority. We talked about police brutality. This is all like a twenty minute conversation. Me Driving Him to Israel Yard and it was a nice conversation. That's a whole important porn. Part of it is. It was the first time I felt like I could talk to somebody not be on guard. noggin yelled that. And and this is the first few months like I feel like I can actually talk about my views with somebody body. We kind of had the same common interests. He ended up being a nice guy. I mean he was like guy from a small town in Nebraska. It's funny 'cause like when he first came into car online. I was just like you know. Probably countrywide guy probably fills kind of weird being around me. Because I've had that worked at this job and he may be. I think right in there that I was doing something that I should know. Better to do with Nashville. Somebody about why the cover which I did. I'm not going to see him. I feel like everybody does it. That was my perception. At the time I thought he was going to be conversational armour because I get a lot of those guys sometimes but he was really cool. He understood my perspective understood his. I mean to do with a mall Mexican neighborhood in La so he understood what it was like the beat a minority for wanting wanting his life and the because he was saying you know this is a bad time for white males especially guys who are trying to you know understand understand everything because that's what he's trying he's trying to understand what's going on he doesn't WanNa fight ally is. It's tough when you guys right now because of the fact you know a lot of these guys who either don't realize they're privilege or they don't realize I sued by realized you know there are issues that need to be addressed and need to be more awareness Because I know is not all white males I know was all white people. I know there are some people that don't even think about it themselves. I mean this whole thing about privileges kind of bigger than privileges. More a are you opening your eyes to the fact that things are not what what they seem or are you just I mean. Are you living blind. Are you actually aware in trying to do something about about it and it was great and album not offend anybody with this conversation. This is not my point my point is is we need to have more conversations like this I feel like is important. We don't have to agree with everything everything but we need to hold ourselves in a more proper way. Daddy's conversations and understand we're individuals we can. We had the right to think what we think but at the same time. I think it's fair that we should listen to each other DESCR spectators is about respecting each other under trying to at least have empathy. If I could say anything in this podcast if is so important to me because we don't have enough of it and that's one of the reasons why we feel so divided. We're scared where we're just wondering what's going to happen tomorrow. I mean the shootings the the rallies the government the builds the life in just trying to make it and live. There's already a lot the pile on then. Maybe you're person color who lives in a rough neighborhood or your person of color who is like first generation American and your parents are immigrants. And I mean there's so many different stories here this individuals that I would love to have more conversations like this. I understand cool who you are from the inside and seriously tell me me a story you are going to get nothing below from me so this is my reach out to you. That is sincerely. I want you to box me. Here's my email address is delivery bros.. Eight one six gene dot com. Send me an email asking me questions. Look I'm not gonNA. I'm not Dr Drew. I'm not Dr Phil. Even though he's not a doctor I probably won't be able to give any advice or anything like that. That's how medically approved or whatever but ask me questions. Ask me advice or you know. Tell me a little bit about who you are. Maybe I can read it here on the podcast and we kinda come up with some thoughts because I would love to definitely opened the door for the people who listen to this to feel free to open up and you know I want to connect with you guys more. Maybe something you guys. I can make a special gas every once in a while while we can all have different conversations different takes and no. I'm still going to try to have plenty of guests on here. If I do. A Solo episode on more than usual is. Because I want to keep this going to keep this ride but I promise that I'm GonNa keep going until the wheels fall off and his bad boy. I got a new computer battery because my battery got shot out and they fully it only causing sixteen bucks. Thank you Amazon because Shit I was going to be more expensive. Got Into today's thank you Prime Amazon sponsor me damn anyone's Other than that. I mean I really didn't have too much to say today the day I usually go for an hour or something like that. Because you know I go all Ni- oh he is okay Shannon myself. I'm so sorry please. Don't delete my my show but now on the real I I just wanted to say okay. Thank you again if you have any questions. Feel free to comment if he goes to the anchor dot. FM APP. You can actually leave me a voice message via DAB INSTAGRAM facebook mean. Call me. Beat me if you WANNA reach me seriously I would like to hear from you and I would like to keep on opening doors to these conversations and really just wanted to say that was I just want to let them know update on what's going on with the changes. Ask So shout out to my good friend brandy joy of a voice. It'd be reckon with the podcast and shutouts around with a miss shot out to Jay's online who's also kept me under networks we're forever and shout to shout out to Jada JP DUB which is Juice pro wrestling podcast. I appreciate them as well. I shout out to all my friends. Sasha Russia to a nurse Corps JAG and Show just to you the listeners. Frankly I'm I'm just. I'm so happy that you guys have listened to me me even at my best in my worse because I know sometimes it's podcast. It's special eh but with guys You know what my name is. Anthony Anthem AKA BLACK FOB. You Aka the Midnight Marauder Aka. I'M A SURVIVOR AKA. I Am A fighter Aka. I got the fire and they K. I'm glad I'm Getting Desire Aka mistake. I'm sorry that was terrible with that. Guys this is an episode delivery every bro Stories so sure today but I'll be back on Friday with a new episode on so hot and on the spot and not the top up you better. Nobody's GonNa Rock. I am going to give you something that's going to go and knock your block a a. Hey okay good bye everybody. Good night. mm-hmm go to delivery rose.

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