440: The NHL Returns! Darren Pang's Take on the Senators; Evander Kane Files for Bankruptcy


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Hockey cranking up. The unique thing will be the back to back games. Of course the canadian division the guarantee that one of those gain team's gonna make it to at least the semifinals I was. I was kind of tepid about it yesterday. I don't know that sounds. That sounds like a free pass. You know sort of thing. But but i woke up this morning thinking about hockey starting out. That's good that's good. It might be a free pass for the canadian. Teams were terrible. But i think there's a good chunk of canadian teams. That are very good so yeah. A canadian team is an automatic for the conference. Final for sure. But it's not like it's a lesser division. That gives them a free pass. It still going to be well earned even though we're kind of putting in framing it in those terms like a canadian team is guaranteed a spot. It doesn't mean it's not going to be hard right. Darren pang yesterday. We had him on the suspended with me and rusty. You're a big part of that as well and he talked about the sense at the end of the show. So i i was telling you the clip it if you wanted to and use it but let's clipping played right here then. Oh there we go. Here is darren pang Former ottawa sixty seven's goalie longtime saint louis blues analyst and of course always keeping an eye on the ottawa senators. Here's what pinger did say on the spendable 's about the ottawa. Senators fundraisers for cronin colitis in ottawa. In writing martini. This virtual are martini madness. And because of andy scott who is one of the great agents in the game they were able to secure tim students like him on the show. chuck yeah brady. Chuck came on the show as well. And so i thought that's a good auto a boy right there so i like him. I follow auto online especially with brady. I play. I play some golf with brady in the offseason. He's here. I think he's a gamer. Russi you'd love this guy. I knew them when they're really young. I'd met them in the summer. At cam neely's golf tournament. Little kids running around. And if they're anything like their dad or They're going to just great. I mean there's what they're already by the great players but it's nice to hear that their leaders because off everyone is you know not everybody's leader. No they've been they've been brought up in this game the correct way like they like you know like we were out in calgary a couple of years ago and we you know wall waltz one of our mature scouts. Pig wallpa- keith. And so he was with us and you know he was there with matthew and and Walt set it up that the the broadcasters the trainers meet up at Joey tomatoes and he told matthew matthew come on out and meet up with the guys and then he he stood up and said he matthew like this. Is this. what it's all about you know. Take care of these guys and you know you see you see that natural progression like what wafted with trainers what the older guys how they treated trainers and then they get the next generation to treat in the way. Give them bonus money. Whatever these guys don't make a lotta money all those little things this could truck boys. They just know what to do and how to get it done. So i'm a huge fan bottle. I think they've got some great prospects. I think they drafted well. I i think they're up and coming. There's no question about that for me. And i like their coach. I'll be honest. I really like the coach. I thought that was a really good pickup He's got them in the right direction. Yeah i do you ready for that. Stevie on a boy whom shock So there he is darren pang. Is there a nicer guy. In hockey in media than darren pang no bagel. yeah i well. Gordon gordie wilson. Right woody is right up there you know we. We had him on a few shows ago on on the s. wpa and he's great. But darren i. I met him years and years ago. He's an ottawa guy radio. He's i think he went to bell high school. And i know him and i know his sister We worked with his brother to mike at At bell media. Yeah great great guy dares just wonderful you know. Invite you to listen to the show so well-spoken and he's a great analyst. You know i. I pick up his games every once in a while during a during the season pre covert. Anyway i did. And you know he's a goaltender as everybody knows and he was had a great great amateur career as a junior and midget and You know he stuck it out tons of injuries that he had That moved them up and down from the minors and then then he just couldn't hack it anymore so he went to chicago. I think in eighty four play till about ninety and that was the end but he went onto this unbelievable broadcasting career. And what what. I really like about him and i'm comparing him to a couple of other guys who i didn't like goaltenders who were analysts On hockey broadcasts is a lot of them. the the the goaltenders Thinking thinking glenn healy Who's the other guy. Steve who was around for so long. And maybe still. We got two goalies who were analyst gregg melon melon. We us yeah so millan and and healy to Think they goalies never did anything wrong when they when they were breaking down games and goals melon with hanging. Tom apologised he would always he would never say that was that was terrible. That was a bad goal. He would always say oh he'd like to have that one back. That would be the most dramatically critical thing that greg millen added a goalie. There's many things that make darren pang grape. But one of them is. He often points out. What the goal did wrong you know. It's not uncommon for them to go bad move. There shouldn't a done. The butterfly should covered the post. So he's he's really good. He's really but he's one of the most friendly guys great laugh You've got a million stories He's of. I mean you posted your whole life stevie and when you bring guests on it's great but it can be a little stressful if you i don't know how this guy's gonna react at you know we're gonna have to like pull water out of iraq here You know put going to be pulling teeth to get and that happens to everyone but all of this all you gotta do is go like this. You hardly get his last name. Oh ladies and gentlemen. we'd like to introduce darren. Hey jerry what's going on rather you know he was. He was just great anyway. I loved his take on the sense. He's he's he's he's pumped up about them So that was good. That was good through the name. The name for the the minor haughty hockey category. Let me try that again. It through the name for the minor hockey category midget out. Did you know they banned that. Now it's gone. I hope not come on scott on a little midget humor come on. Well i'm we're talking about darren pang to it. What is he four. He's five five. And you know what i didn't bring it up yesterday as i pulled off some of the info bottom off off the deadly accurate wikipedia and they. They said he was so short in that that he had a sixth hole over his head. Rush scott the best line off of the show on the suspended as you guys are russ loves a white claw during the show and darren had the red wine going and z cracked open. Easiest pouring it. Roy said something along the lines through your whole. Yeah yeah it was good anyway. It was you know he was great. Great daddy weighed in on the senate. So what do you think of that. By the way that they've changed all the names around his it's just based on age now you eighteen u sixteen and the like you know my attention span. It's funny it. Bring that up because the other the third show that we do is this is inside. Curling there with kevin martin and more hanson. And you know they're they're always talking about junior curling in you know in sports in general everyone everyone agrees that you gotta keep young people interested in the game. Hockey doesn't suffer from that but but curling does right. It's it's still has the image of an old man sport and then we're gonna lay laying a take on you eighteen. They should maybe move it to you. Twenty two and if not that maybe move it up a couple more years to you. Twenty four this. You have youth games. That started sixteen. I'm just like i totally lost on all that stuff so i. I don't know when when you look at how good the kids are now stephen that they're they're signing them earlier. They're taking their scouting earlier. They're them earlier. They're dressing them way quicker than these in the old days. That stuff doesn't mean much to me anymore. You know When you got kids playing in the nhl at what eighteen nineteen twenty right eighteen year. Yeah so i don't know i. I don't think i need the u eighteen anymore. It doesn't mean anything to me. The age i never watched and go. Yeah that guy. I'll tell you what though he's only sixteen seventeen crazy. I'm talking more about the alzheimer's would look at it and go rolling their eyes right that you've abolished a name like a midget scenario and gone with ages. Across the all ages is always going to be important to classify where kids belong But the abolition about a year ago of the name midget. Some people raised eyebrows. at it. Me personally. I have no issue with it whatsoever. I treated just like all the changes of names like washington's nfl team like edmonton cfl team I totally different. I just don't care about it enough to dig my heels in like. Oh i love the name when i don't care one way or the other what you call it so so but somebody just don't like change. I think is what it comes down to. well then. when are they going to get rid of. Its gone in midget. It's gone to all of these little tykes or whatever these call them all all that stuff you so just okay. You're fourteen year old. Said you eighteen you sixteen fourteen you twelve utan and so on okay. So let's jump in and The thing that grabbed me a little bit. I gotta say was thinking about final cuts. Because that's what it's all about today teams across the nhl right now. Getting their final rosters finalized guys on waivers final cuts and the end. It's all unique this year in that you have to variables these six men. Rosters make things very interesting in how you're going to handle them but on top of all that is yet always sucks to get cut. You've been cut from teams before we've all been cut from teams and it blows. Everybody hates it. But if you're in nhl player with an nhl dream like getting cut and not making either the main roster or this six-man taxi squad that really sucks because normally if you get cut as in nhl you're not really everybody explains where you are in the pecking order where you are on the data chart how far you are away from getting back to the nhl. You just go down to the american hockey league you put your head down and work your ass off and you hope in your mind's eye on molly one injury away from ca- call up well this here in twenty twenty one is so transparent in that. If you don't make that six men taxi squad at least then you know exactly where you are in the pecking order and that is not very close at all to a call up to getting back to the nhl. So that's one part. That sucks cut because of covid. Steve's that you're saying there's no. There's no games in the american juniors. So that's my second point is the american hockey league and the c. h. l. the major junior ranks. They will not be starting their season for probably another month. Now so you have no place to go to work your ass off and get back to the nhl. You're just gonna unless you find a gig. I guess in europe somewhere where i would imagine with their seasons in full swing. They pretty limited opportunities for guys to come over from north america. Airlift them in for what a few weeks until the other season. Start back here it's just a crappy situation to be. Cut here in twenty twenty one in the nhl well and everyone when you're talking about the dream right so so the dream the dream to play in the nfl it trump's every fact about the possibility of you making the nhl. Okay which is you. And i both know and everybody else is. I don't know you got a four percent chance. If you're one of the seven jillian hockey players okay. Who are out there trying to make the toronto the show. oh god it's less than one percent less than one percent so everyone knows that going in. Everyone knows that going in. Except when when you do have that dream and you do get called up or that you are. You do get drafted so that just goes out the window right. It's like we need need. We remind you although we're drafting you today come on up here. Put the jersey on but you got about a two percent shot now. Okay of of making making the big leagues. It's a tough pill to swallow stevie for sure. No-one no-one likes to be told. You're not good enough But it's it's the bad ass world man of professional sports right. It's i. I don't know how they do it. I hear a lot of stories and guys at traded or they get caught in the day of social media. Now they're hard to get a phone call. I don't think anymore. Tons and tons of examples of guys saying i heard about my demise on facebook or so are a twitter poster something so throw that on the heap of a of of you know wrecking you emotionally when when that happens to you. Yeah and speaking a wreck in yourself. You gotta check yourself for iraq yourself when to talk about the evanger canes story. Andrew kane is filing for bankruptcy. We'll get into details about that. After these words trucks and minivans cost less to ensure than small cars. You got a better deal on home insurance. If you have good credit the biggest insurance brokers are owned by insurance companies. I'm josh make sure you choose a broker as your best interest in mind. All insurance ontario is independent family owned and has your back. Text me at six one. Three eight six zero six zero eight to get on our team all insurance ontario. Your modern boutique broker. Well it's twenty twenty one that means kaye. Ford is now beginning. Its fortieth year helping people with their automotive needs. 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He set aside a budget to help us with painting cleaning decluttering updating our ceiling lights for us we got multiple offers and the home sold for well over asking price you should call the glenn walton real estate team today at glen walton dot com. Welcome back to the show. It's the wpa by the way. Don't forget we also produce other podcasts. As well like the sends nation podcast. The suspended mls with former montreal canadian in toronto. Maple leaf rust. Cornel inside curling with kevin martin former olympic gold medal winner. If you'd like to start a podcast whether it's for fun or to help build your business brand get in touch with us. Steve w project dot com. Is it tough day for jay bowl mr. He we coming. I think if everybody was honest with themselves. Ajay mr had that terrible terrible image. That terrible situation back in february when it had a cardiac episode on the bench in the middle of a game against the ducks and so he collapses on the bench They cancelled the game or at least postponed the game and i don't they ever made. That up is covid hit about a month later anyway. He was revived by medical personnel. Do using the whole defibrillator business and regained consciousness and three days later he had to have a one of those implants to make sure. His heart's normal rhythm is back in play and so he's placed in long term injured reserve shortly thereafter. And he didn't say the about retirement at that point and nobody wanted to say much about retirement. But i think james. We all knew that he's thirty seven. He's one stanley cup. He's actually a triple gold member Because you wanna cop an olympic gold medal and a world championship. So what else do you. I mean if you're maybe if you're twenty four and you haven't made your money and you haven't really gotten that taste of the nhl to the way of that would. This is a veteran whose accomplished everything. And now this seems like the biggest no brainer in. Nhl retirement history to me. Yeah well i was. Always you know crazy impressed when he had that incident. Okay call it a heart attack on the bench where collapse that When he was able to address the pressed whatever that was twelve hours later day. Later that If it's me it's like great career. Thanks a lot. it's been a beautiful ride. I'm out. And i love my life up to now but i just had a heart attack Okay so it's a little different steve. If you're an accountant you know saying well. I can go back and sit at my desk. But you're frigging hockey player hair. So i i. I really looked up and raised eyebrows going. This guy is not retiring right now. What what does it take you know but it gives you an idea of how much they love the game right when he when he didn't. I read his comments this morning to. They're they're kind of interesting. It's it's he makes. Some you know reference to was a great game. It was a dream come true but then there was also kind of this. Negative vibe about shit happens in your life and you gotta give it up. You know it's it's it's going to happen and You know it's come to an end so so it wasn't all roses here. You can go go redes- comments i don't know where it was where you got it from from what source. But when i was reading this guy is kinda pissed you know has to give it up it almost sound like it was sort of a doctor's order something but and we have this conversation a little bit about tom brady right. There's a guy's forty-three why why do you want to continue your career in tampa bay. I don't get it. I don't get it while it's not for us to get because we don't have the competitive fire that these guys do and that's what led them to the top of the mountain in their respective sports. So yeah even though. He's thirty seven. He's just one of those guys that You know ideally he wanted to be dragged kicking and screaming from the game or as you always talk about with rask ordinal. Sometimes you don't in a lot of cases you don't retire you get retired. Right for jabot mr medically speaking. He was He was retired. He had to buy and i bet it was his family that it was at the front of the line demanding retire. Yeah you know. What else is lots of hockey players including the great one. You know that that you and i and everybody on the outside the fan For example just talking about jay bouwmeester. It looks very clear to us. Okay you got to retire dude. You got to hang them up you gotta get you get on with your life. You're young You know you've you've come up against it here. You tempted fate here with with having a heart attack. So do you and i. It looks easy right but a bunch of guys in the nhl. It's like it's easy for you okay. But it's very difficult just as we spoke about how tough it is to make it to the to. The big leagues is really difficult for a guy to come to that day. Right to to feel comfortable with it because they fought so hard you know their whole life to stay in the league to get into the league to get drafted all that stuff. So you know a lot of veteran guys say you do it. You know easy for you. Say it but put yourself in his position and then you wake up one morning okay. I don't wanna do this anymore. And even bomb eastern. His comments said you know this is the greatest gig ever ever is playing pro hockey so they always call for their head you know and and you know when their members of parliament are cabinet ministers. You know there's there's a bunch of shit going down with cabinet ministers who've in ontario for example traveled and another in all sorts of trouble because they travel during covert call for them to quit. You know my dad was a federal member of parliament and he said man you know you you start off in student politics. You become an alderman. You become an assistant to to an mp and all the stuff you fight your whole life and when you finally get there okay it's going to be fifty two thousand people who are gonna try and drag me out of this job you know and i think the nhl so a lot like that. You know so gay. James san jose sharks vander kane is gone. For chapter seven bankruptcy kane has elicited debt of twenty six million dollars and six active lawsuits filed against him where the sharks and loving hearing that news and the stack though financially. That really grabs you. That you're twenty six million dollars in debt. The guy has already made his career earnings in the nhl. Well over fifty million dollars so before the age of thirty somehow this guy has blown through almost eighty million dollars to get where he is right now. Unbelievable how what happened. We know anymore. Details well we do. See him in vegas quite a bit. That'll do it. That's what i thought right away the other one would be. I don't know you you. You bought a bunch of real estate or something that went in the tank. Yeah plus he's active right. He's still he's still playing early. He's still got a long term contract left. He's gonna burn through boy. I mean If he does twenty six million dollars just to get the even. That's about a whole. I would guess that's close to half of the salary that he has remaining in his contract at ease and a seven year seven million dollars per season scenario. So i guess I'm guessing. I mean under bankruptcy. I guess on an the details of bankruptcy. But i do know that you're not necessarily paying everybody back at one hundred percent but it's still it. I mean god that is just such a horrible mismanagement It is a pseudo cry for help. Hopefully gets his act together because that is just nasty again to think to be aged thirty. And you've already blown through eighty million dollars in your hockey life. If you're old stevie money from this guy okay at at what point do you what what point you say. Well we're gonna start getting paid back when he stops paying back okay. Well you'll mill We haven't heard from someone. Wanna give a shout. Where's our got to know okay. Don't worry knew him for five mil okay but Where where have we heard from a vander. Cao's is five mil. No no don't worry about it. He'll he'll at one eight now. It's ten fifty at at. What point are you looking at this going. I don't think we're ever going to get paid back. I should laugh the poor probably in a terrible spot but so his bankruptcy filing also includes a one point five million dollar gambling loss last year. And that's that's part. That's what's transparent. Who knows where we are beyond that seven family dependents. Six active suits centennial. Bank is seeking over eight million dollars monthly income of ninety one thousand dollars one point two million dollar credit to sports and this one i did not know about Or forgotten about a one point eight million dollar counterclaim against a woman in a twenty sixteen battery suit so that is just some of the details of the bankruptcy filing that are in there so it so it just brutal hard to imagine. You don't hear you don't hear that very often right with with especially with the dole being so big. We had gordian right and We were talking about some some salary. Some exorbitant salary of eighty or ninety million dollar deal right and god. He's been around thirty one years. I think now doing the doing the sense right when they came gordon. Who's in florida right for the announcement at the wheel and he was. He was covering sports long before the sensor at two and i said what what was what was cooking back then gordon. We're big salaries back then. And he said i was. The biggest deal was when a guy nail down his two hundred and fifty thousand dollars pension. Yeah they used to kick in and around the four hundred game mark. I remember there are some guys that were around there. I think a guy named believe it was doug shed. He was game or two away or something like that. I think i'm not sure if he got to it or not but there was all kinds of discussion about come on. That's close enough. Help the guy out. And then gordon said now now. Their per diem is two hundred and fifty five k. Ten k. a month or whatever i don't know what it is but you know well i recall just jump in. I recall when they first came out with nhl salary disclosure. There were guys in the league when it first came in in the late. Eighties there guys in the league. Mic and twenty five grand a year. Unbelievable right larry robinson right larry. Robinson was working paving highways. That was like seventy two. This is like late eighties right right. Y'all you often hear. I know a financial adviser. A guy here in inevitably baragan he was. He was wayne's business advisor In in still does it actually needs. He's close to eighty years old. But great guy. Smart guy and you. It was explained to me. One time what happens is when these guys come into the big dole. Okay and people preach to them now. You'll hear your here a lot of talk about get you know. Get your affairs in order when you start to make this big money. Get a guy to manage your cash. Okay get a guy to manager cash and listen to them and what happens with a lot of these guys steve. Is they make the money all of a sudden. They're going to buy a bar okay. I'm going to do that. i'm gonna. i'm gonna invest in a golf course you know. The legendary stories was terrible. And for a bunch of guys and and ian always said you know those guys. Those guys started to say they're going to go into business. Okay the entertainment business or or real estate or something else that they're taking a flyer on okay that they know nothing about he said that's the equivalent of me. Jimmy lace on a bunch of skates. Saying i'm gonna go make a bunch of money in the nhl. But i don't know how to skate right and it was. You know he said there's there's some sort of lure to these guys when they make a bunch of money to to not literally gamble but but but you know not a vegas gamble but to to gamble on a lot of the other stuff you know the end up giving a lot of pressure from other people know when they make that big door to get a lot of their circle of friends coming at them to give him money to invest in money and stuff. it's always about chasing the rush right if you're a celebrity no matter what you're doing you're very famous It's about chasing the rush and if if that becomes commonplace for you whether you're an actor who's famous and everybody loves you and if you're an athlete like vander cane people cheer for you and And worship the ground you walk on you kind of lose a sense of things in the rush that you have as an nhl star. It's hard to replicate when you're not out there on the ice. And you're always chasing that rush. Some people find it in drugs and alcohol. Gambling is a big one. The rush that comes with that so it. It's tough i think. And it's hard to imagine missing something like that is tough when you're making the kind of dough that they will wonderful life and everything but it's one of those walk a mile in their shoes so used to that rush. You must be just bored out of your tree when that rush disappears for whatever reason whether it's temporarily during the off season or after your career is over drugs and alcohol that never takes anyone down. Yeah you're right. that's what. I invested in stevie. I was making pretty good dole back in the old radio days. I i got a good investment. A bunch of coke and booze every week. That'll there's a really good return on that investment stevia anyway. Hopefully the guy can come out on the better side of this god. He's got a lot on his plate there right you gave six seven different examples of. Yeah people coming out. I'm here with lawsuits family gambling debts. Well you remember a couple of weeks ago. We were talking about those youtube guys. Logan and jake paul. These guys are at their boxing. And instead of the blue evanger kane wanted to jump into the fray like. Hey jake paul. I'll yeah anytime anywhere and now you start to go okay. At the time. I was like what is he. What does he have to do with jake. Paul do they even know each other. Like what is the tie in here. He just randomly reaching on social media to fight this guy. Oh now it makes sense. You're looking for a little payday. Maybe an mop up what you owe here on the positive side. Steve wasn't vander. Cain leading the charge here at at black lives matter and social injustice in the league and racism. Yeah he was part of the hockey diversity. Alliance and as i believe right. Good luck to him. I hope he hope he can come out. Like i say on the other side on the good side of it it sounds like a full on one hundred percent addiction. People think about gambling. It's like oh it's just something fun to do but you know if you have that addictive personality. I mean gambling gambling addiction. It is a very real thing and a lot of athletes have gone through. There was a guy for the ottawa. Riders was a tremendous collegiate player and Briefly played played for awhile and the nfl. the think it was the colts. I think there are baltimore then and he came to ottawa to try and be a quarterback here in brazil was all this career but it all came apart for him because he was a gambling. Addict has guy's name was archly. Stor and It's an interesting read to hear about his life and he seems like a quality guy. Everybody liked him but once the gambling addiction took hold it absolutely destroyed his athletic and personal life. Yeah right and what happens to you. You know at the old addiction thing is what happens is when you you sort of begin to dabble in. Jeez i may have a problem here. I kind of look at it yourself. After probably and years years of denial and tons of examples. Where maybe you shouldn't be doing it so then when you turn around and face it okay. I got a problem with this. What happens to a lot of people. with addiction whatever it is pornography gambling food drugs. Booze is they begin to think. Okay i'll just will this away. Yeah i'll just say okay. Don't do that anymore okay. You're affecting your life. You're harming people job family finances and all that but but most people go through. Okay i know. I know this is wrong. I know right from wrong. And i'm just gonna stop doing this when you can't. You gotta get help you get help. It's showing time and time and time again that not many people can kick stuff on their own so it's it's a tough row to hoe. So i wish him all the best you know. I wish. I wish him all the best and hopefully can deal with it in a positive way. Yup you see some of the photos that he's put out there. In the last decade there was a famous photo that he tweeted out. I think it was or instagram. Where he's doing the phone thing. He's got an absolute massive wad of cash. Needs pretending it's his cell phone. He's also taking photos of himself. I'll just wearing his shorts and he puts a pile of cash on his back and he's doing push ups right to show he's training and working extra hard because he's putting money on his back as extra weight Those things don't exactly endear you to people But clearly he's got some issues going on hopefully he he mops it up anyway Closing today. I don't know if you've seen any of the photos of how majestic this could be but there's gonna be a lake. Tahoe event a new twist on the nhl outdoor game of the avalanche vs the golden knights. And the bruins verses the flyers and The one thing about having no fans able to go to the game it really sets up the sky's the limit for playing an outdoor game. And if the won't have to worry about all the amenities bathrooms in the like the stands. How the sight lines will be yada. Yada you just play game and you worry about you know a few cameras around and just put some boards up and it looks absolutely fantastic. The league announced a new event the nhl outdoors at lake. Tahoe and I don't know if you've seen any of the the photos but it sure looks like it's going to be spectacular. Well i do. I do know what that is like. Steve i live out west. I live three hours from the mountains. Aspirin so i got a very good idea what they're trying to do. And that's what. I used to think when they when they first started the outdoor game the the heritage classic was the first one here in edmonton and they played it. I call stadium. It was kind of cool then. Everyone jumped on board right. They did i think michigan michigan did the biggest college hockey game outdoors. Like seventy or eighty thousand people or something like oh the big houses about one hundred thousand. I think yeah crazy And i thought well if you can do outdoor games make him in nicer places you know so it's cool. It's cool that they're going to do this because it is. It is beautiful. There's there's there's lakes around banff and jasper and cameras are kenmore That that they could do this but can you imagine the logistics steve of trying to put an outdoor game together. And he's crazy. I was always impressed that they're able to pull it off. But that's a fantastic idea. That'll be the coolest thing ever to have an outdoor game in the mountains. Yeah it looks beautiful and my first thought when they were doing it was that good they can actually have it like true pond hockey. They're going to be out on on the lake. But the just on the side of the lake it'll be on the eighteenth fairway of the golf course at edgewood. Tahoe resort near the california nevada border and So that'll be. That'll be pretty cool. It will give you that pond hockey feel and like i say since you don't have to worry about fans at all it. It opens it up to a world of possibilities. And i immediately thought. Hey the canal would be amazing and one at one at have install arinc right on the rideau canal right and You know you'll need to put any grandstands because each side of the canal you put the cameras on each side of the canal. Zoom in on the action. It would be fantastic. I think that'd be the best idea ever right. That'd be the coolest idea ever or have it. What's the lake called at the end of the canal up on preston there. It goes into that lake. What do they call it down. Dow's lake yeah put it there. If had practices there. I think i think the sense of on occasion gone down there denote or practice. Yeah they sure have yeah. That's a good idea to all right. We've we've This whole situation. We've come up with the greatest idea ever and so i feel like we can't go any further. We've pete we should shut her down right there. Any final thoughts today. I do steve. We're going to do. We're gonna do an outdoor podcast. Okay we'll wait till it drops you're gonna come out here. We'll wait till it drops to about thirty below here in northern alberta. And we're gonna do some. Imagine the audience steve turning tuning in you know coming in droves to see the outdoor as wpa. I think i think There's a lot of issues there and all the tackle the one by one. I don't want to do it. it it's gonna cost money. It's going to be super cold. A ninety percent of our audiences in the city of ottawa ontario canada. Yeah no we're doing so well with good ideas and the new blue. No the reason it's a good idea because it will cost money right. You and i couldn't afford. We'll get a vendor came here to back us up on nice nice or give them a call my money phone right now. Good night everybody will see it.

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