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Live from NPR news. I'm Janine. HERBST president trump says he's ordered National Guard troops to start withdrawing from Washington where the protests over the killing. Of George, Floyd have been peaceful. In recent days NPR's Greg reports more than five thousand guardsmen have been in the city for the past week. President Trump tweeted that it was time for the National Guard to pull out quote now that everything is under perfect control in a briefing with reporters Army Secretary Ryan. McCarthy said Guardsmen from eleven states who came to assist the DC. National Guard will be returning home. Over the next couple of days in addition McCarthy expressed relief that active duty troops who were brought to basis just outside, Washington were not needed, we came right up to the edge of bringing acting here we did. He estimated that more than forty five thousand people took part in protests Saturday with more demonstrations expected in the coming days Gregory NPR, news Washington. In Boston, dozens of faith leaders gathered for a memorial service to honor the lives of George Floyd GonNa. Taylor Ahmad Berry from member station W. G. B. H.. Raya Winter Smith has more. The Reverend Mariann Mohamed told an online audience that thousands have gathered in peace and unrest. The violence is not helpful. She said, but the anger is righteous anytime. Humans take the mice of a number humans, because they look suspicious or because of a questionable warn or even over twenty dollars. God's heart. Is Broken and so should be all of ours. Faith leader said Sunday. They'd like to see changes in state voting and policing policies starting with a civilian review board and Sunday voting for NPR news I'm Sarah Inter, Smith and Boston. President, trump approved a disaster declaration for Louisiana just ahead of tropical storm Christo balls landfall, which happened this evening NPR's Debbie Elliott reports. The storm is affecting a two hundred mile stretch of the US Gulf coast from Louisiana to Florida. Coastal communities in four states are getting high winds, heavy rain, storm surge, and the threat of tornadoes as tropical storm Cristobal moves ashore the National Hurricane Center says it made landfall in southeast Louisiana just east of Grand. Grand Isle. With maximum sustained winds of fifty miles an hour, forecasters say the flood risk will remain into Monday as the system could dump up to a foot of rain in some places, roads and highways on the Mississippi Gulf coast or underwater and officials in Florida closed a section of I ten because of high water, the storm knocked out power to thousands of customers and spawned several tornadoes in Florida. Debbie Elliott, NPR News Orange Beach Alabama. And you're listening to NPR news. China's pushing back against accusations that it delayed sharing crucial scientific information about the corona virus in January today, releasing a report claiming it sprang into action immediately. Emily Chang has more the government report. Clean China released authoritative detailed information as early as possible over the weekend head of China's national health. Commission justified the week long delay in sharing the virus genome. He said the virus was so new that there are many unknowns China to verify before it could publicize any information. NPR's emily, Fang reporting the border patrol built about two hundred miles of new border wall along the Mexican boundary, but it hasn't figured out how to keep people from breaching it from member station. K. J. Z. Z. IN PHOENIX. Michelle. Go has more. The trump administration hasn't been able to stop people from destroying the new walls in San Diego. When the administration hired contractors to build new prototypes, soldiers were able to cut through them. Then smugglers began to do so. Get asked contractors for new ideas to quote leapfrog current technology to improve on what's already going up Vicki Gal. Becca is what the southern border communities coalition which has criticized the administration's wall projects that part of leap frogging technology reads like a bad science fiction novel. The US government has built about one hundred and eighty two miles in wants to complete four hundred and fifty miles by the end of the year for NPR news. I'm Mitchell Mariscal. Asia markets trading higher at this hour. The Asia Dow up about a half percent I'm Janine herbst NPR news.

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