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EP 92: Stoplight on Will Smith


Hello and welcome to another new episode. Tony the movie Guy The podcast. This week's episode is a spotlight on will smith movies. Listen to you any Antonio's they go over all. Will Smith enjoy what quarterback brand new August off the cost. Hey folks how's everyone doing tonight miss money. How are you fabulous? Tony how are Oh you good. You're about to pop quite literally about to pop. Might go into Labor right now. It could happen folks. Miss Money any are lovely and gracious Host we had your baby shower yesterday. Which is pretty awesome? It's like enchanted forest. It was amazing. We all got to attempt that bottle drinking taking game like drinking wine out of baby bottle because I was trying to nibble authorized. The frigging things is so hard it was so funny. Anyway congrats thank you. Yes baby allure coming to US soon. A heads up on that people. You may not here for me for a little while. But I'm sure Tony will carry on podcasting costing and that's because she's going to have baby. I'm going to have a better but thanks for being here. This evening. you chose this topic which is great. This is kind of of in honor of a one of our favorite actors just enact to that is so charming a but also surprisingly a could fun movie which I saw opening being night which is bad boys for life. which is the third film? In the bad boys franchise. I loved the first one. It's so corny over the ninety s astronaut. But I love so I just saw that. We both on the same day. unbeknownst to each the other day bad boys two. I'm not a fan of I think it's it's all over stylized realized action I. I don't remember vaguely as being something I could sort of enjoy but not like I think I've seen it once or twice anyway. Bad boys for life shockingly. Ainley was really entertaining very excited. Really Funny Obviously the action is very stylized. What really surprised me is? It's got some emotional. Wait wait a couple of like gut bunch you know in the field moments I was just like why would took me for surprise now. It's not to say. It's like some Oscar drama. It's it's not a little bit it's just it. It was really entertaining the whole theater. Everyone was laughing and really the really into it. So we're going to do a spotlight episode. If you haven't guessed based on will Smith and it's about time time will will. Smith is such an interesting actor because he's not one of my favorite actors twos actually and I don't know where you stand on that what you say. But he's one of the most charismatic and entertaining actors. Yeah the thing about will Smith is. I love the person maybe even more outside of his role absolutely. And that's what makes him so Karen my he so positive and he's just so funny and charming and he seems like such a good dad such a good family man and he does all these like online videos and things with his family and they have this roundtable where the old speak truth and I mean he you know he has. He's they things have like words of wisdom that really do ring true absolutely. Yeah Yeah. He's so positive especially in. This world is very negative right now. He's kind of breath a breath of fresh air and And he is just he yeah. He's so entertaining to watch What's interesting about him is like so again? I mean when did you first hear of Will Smith. When did he first come on your radar? I'm old so I didn't really watch television so I I was only allowed to watch videos. I never saw for example fresh prince right I think when he I mean you're gonNA find this pretty bad but it was probably Independence Day. Okay but that's when the world really in Yemen as well so that's not strange like that's when he everyone saw him as a big star in the eighty s he did. He was a rapper and he was jazzy. Jeff and the fresh Asia prints and they did boom boom shake shake through boom shake shake. Think I caught wind up that a little bit because of my sister. Yeah I believe my sister Julia Had had some playing and I caught wind of it a little bit and stuff like that and then magazine seeing fresh prince really on my my radar was the first time I saw independence right right. Yeah and that makes sense so then you know I mean he had like a modest hit. You know as a rapper. And then the fresh Prince of bel-air the TV show kind of the next level for nineteen. Ninety it ran for six seasons I didn't see why that was coming out. But I saw a lot later It's actually a great show so it's a really see all of it but it seems I've seen it so really funny show and also it showed you just how charismatic Harris Matic. He was but also the dad episode which is very famous. You know that. Why doesn't he love me? You know why. Why don't you want me to his uncle Uncle Phil? I mean being watched that on Youtube. It's it's an incredible piece of acting. But it's also really heartbreaking and it it just kinda shows you the potential he has as an actor but yes he did that and then in terms of movies. That's just kind of run through his filmography. You know me I like to kind of go through everything and sequence and again this is. What's interesting about will Smith? I say he's not one of my favorite actors but I've seen nine thousand nine percent of everything he's done. I think I've seen a little less than you but still a a lot right which just goes to show I guess his draw and also the fact that you know. He's been doing this for nearly thirty years. You know which that's impressive. He's that's why a lot of people kind of compared them to like a Tom Cruise. You know in terms of his box office draw and his charisma safe from someone who went from rapper dancer. TV Start v Star into movies so successfully a lot try and and fail at that grant or they kind of do it. Well I mean J.. Lo did it great right but don't even her people still don't take seriously. That's why there's this well. This controversy over are not getting an Oscar nomination because the Oscars apparently you know just couldn't take they still don't take seriously that stickiness in us right now. I get it. How hot was was cool but I saw and I was like okay? It was a good acting piece spectacular. She was the best thing about the movie. But they didn't mean that she should have gotten an Oscar nomination. I did think she was great in that but I I understand this. There's all different pots to I'm okay. Good well let's run through will Smith's filmography see. This is a spotlight on. Will Smith Nine hundred ninety two. We start with the film called where the day takes you. I've never even heard about you. Know me I like to be thorough. Nineteen ninety-three the three made in America with Ted Danson Whoopi Goldberg. I have seen it when it came out. It's been a bit of a footnote to me. It's like a comedy drama. I don't remember. I vaguely remember it. I didn't even know he was in it. Yeah he wants funny and then Ted Danson where People Goldberg with a the main stars okay. One Thousand Nine hundred ninety three and you said you just saw this. Today is one of his earliest films as a movie called six degrees of separation with Stockard channing who got an Oscar nominations ex-movie Donald Sutherland and a very young will smith is like a gay hustler. Yeah and he's brilliant in this movie. It's a quirky film. It's not particularly a feel good film. I sent it twice. I like it but I was. I remember watching. I maybe ten fifteen in years ago and I was like. Wow He's actually genuinely really goodness. Yeah you sure it Ryan was Berlin and it's very different for him considering I've seen his entire career before before this film it's a totally different character totally. Yeah I mean. He's all over the place in terms of emotions and because he's not just a a gay hustler and he's he's quite damaged. He's a damaged boy who wants to be in this wealthy world of uh-huh and he he's just he's he's A. I wouldn't say knots but a little bit nervous. Yeah Yeah and and and does some crazy weird things but it's still got the charming aspect of will smith even in the character because they still like him yeah. This is is a very underrated film. Because as I said it was critically acclaimed but I think it's a film most people haven't even seen or heard I hadn't heard of it especially as will smith vehicle But it's worth a watch definitely watch. Yeah okay good so then we go right to one thousand nine hundred ninety five and this is when like the hit start. This didn't make him an international star. But I really think it started to make people in a broader audience take notice which she's bad boys. I mean again. I watched this on just last week. Yeah I've seen bad boys a dozen times him and Martin Lawrence It's it's super funny. It's action packed. It's got so many great one liners But he again. He loses charisma. Everyone one choppy like Mike. You know it's like it's just a bad boys bad boys what you can do but I mean it's a fun. Film now is a little aged so so nineteen o nine hundred ninety five. Yeah it's still to me is because it was such early. Nineties has eighty five. And it's just it's Michael's it's Michael. Bay Is Michael based Michael Bad. Michael Betas music actually during during during the author it's very baffling motion. This amazing charisma him and Laura like so good like they hate each other but a best friends back up and give me some tropical fruit bubbalicious and some skittles skittles. Great they do they they bounce off each other really well and that's actually what I loved about. Bad boys for life is just fell right back into the characters they were they were better than ever and again. That's where some of the emotion really comes because this third phone goes places you wouldn't expect to okay good so that's bad boys bad. That boy was like one hundred million at the box office. It was a decent hit. It's not a great reviewed film in the action genre. It was very popular. It's all everyone loves bad boy and it's also funny. I mean it's actually. It's actually a very funny movie Okay good so then we go right into nineteen ninety six independence day which was just a smash hit. And you're right like so I knew of Will Smith I'd seen bad boys I I knew him as Jazzy jazzy. Jeff I'd seen some episodes of fresh prints but a independence day especially when I saw in the theater with my dad several times it. It was such an experience I adored it and I mean I loved all the cost but who stood out the most actually who stood out the most for me was him and Jeff Goldblum together together when they're smoking cigars at the end. You know like I love him and bill poems great as the president but It was is just such a great movie he again. He was so cocky so charismatic. You know still kind of playing will smith but doing so well you know again. That's the liking to Tom. Cruise like Tom Cruise or acting like but it's still so damn entertaining. You know what I mean with our. Yeah like so many. Yeah yea I think he was great I am one. What was it three? July ago we do on the big screaming rented my own big screen and we watched the extended three suggest two or three years ago. Yeah we hit jaws lost last year independence day the year before. No I think skipped a year a really but either way three-fourths the funny but yeah. The extended edition is actually really cool. It has some extra little bits and really cool. I mean independence as awesome. That's when I think the world really took notice you know. I don't know that he was an alias style yet but the well everyone know you. Who was you deny? Independence Day. Will Smith like yeah but at the time. I don't think it made in Manila. Stop because take a look of that. You've got ninety five Batboys ninety-six Independence Day ninety ninety seven men in black. That's that rests. tablist him as a leading man because then he also released an album at the same time. Here come of men which was number one for like three months it was number one uniform and fan so bad so good at the time so great. Yeah and and Tommy Lee Jones were fantastic. And again he was just so charismatic. But I think you know bad boys independent state Bam. Yeah M. I. B. Not that kind of one-two-three punch then it he was just a household name and then the music and everything album was huge. Like it was really big and then he released a whole album after that. Wilkin to Miami even though wild wild west is terrible which will come up. The song was huge. You know that was like number one in England to do feel Independence Day though is like you said it. Put Him on everyone's radar even though you're right I don't know if he was like the leading man. Yeah well well now when you think of Independent State of course you think of Will Smith which is why when they did the sequel to Independence Day. It was the dumbest thing in the world should not seek well not having will Smith Senate right exactly. It was awful but I mean men in black a great. The concept of it was so good. The thing about men in black was that it's like this pop corn film. You know some popcorn film wrapped up. That's actually quite smart. Almost brilliant Sifi right but when it is Zyppah. It's it's very intelligent. And how he plays with Cranky. Tommy Lee Jones is so brilliant in this world where basically like aliens exist exist with you in this as a police for the you know mediating aliens with humans quite brilliant Vincent Enough Rose Great and and that is the bug the bad guy M Ibiza Film. I Love I love it to really really good film and again I think we both agreed. So then he became an Ayla stauner star hundred percent like you know his name in front of movie it would buy tickets which leads to nine hundred ninety eight enemy at the state. I remember that I liked it. So that was him and Gene Hackman and that was his first starring vehicle as like will Smith and the thing about about that movie is a it was a big hair. It's actually a good movie. Maybe it's a it's it's quite dramatic telecom. Yeah exactly style films. Which is my love the riot government? Not Your Tree just Rambam action movie. It's actually like he's actually very goodness you know gene Hackman's fantastic and that and yet it's it's all about conspiracy and I don't remember mind. I think you're right. There is one. I remember that scene where he goes into Victoria secrets and the wants wants to buy a Bra. Y You know. I'm trying to find some for my wife. You know her her tits away bigger than you want right. I saw that in the theater but yet yeah but that was like him as the Star you know selling a movie and it was a big hit one thousand nine hundred ninety eight then we go into one thousand nine hundred nine wild wild west with Kevin Kline it. Well here's the thing that film. Actually it wasn't a complete bomb. It actually did make some money you know. It wasn't terrible terrible. It was it was cheesy. I don't really think they knew what they were doing. As I said the song was a huge in England anyway what was in the US I think over the years it's just gone down in St more and more. I think at the time it was exciting because it was a new mills. Will Smith righty and I want to see. And I hate to Zang's he wasn't. I mean it wasn't well with that I think so. Yeah it wasn't well received but it wasn't as far as I remember a huge tank. I think it just kind of broke even though something that maybe with marketing costs it. It got harmed. Yeah I saw it in the fair to. That's the thing I did and I you you know I think maybe I've attempted to watch it one other time but I never really gone back to it. I think it was just kind of to Hammy. It's all over the place exactly that all over the place. Yeah so he did really well like ninety ninety five ninety nine he was just on fire then like two thousand. He did a very quiet movie. I think I saw once. It's with Penelope Cruz with Matt Damon the legend of bag events. Never you ever see that. It was like this little quiet drama actually. Wasn't that bad movie. Be Matt Damon. How Goethe but then it Kinda gets a bit like spiritual and poetic? I don't remember much about it. I don't remember hating it but uh just kind of came and went that was two thousand and then we go back in so as soon as Y Two k passes then he really is kind of back in his Zeh game so then he did in two thousand and one needed Ali. Have you seen Ali. I have not about Mohammed Ali. It's a long movie I've seen I don't love it. It's directed by Michael Man who I love director He is very good. Net World Smith he got an Oscar nomination for it which I think was well deserved Obviously it tells you all about muhammed all these life as a boxer but also his connection with Malcolm X.. And things like that. It's an interesting movie. I haven't haven't seen it in over a decade. I'll admit and it's like I think it's like a two and a half hour long film But it was his first Oscar nomination so you know ban now he was just again a huge household name and like an Ayla staf light people would go to the theater to see well. Smell was just never one that particularly interested me right then in two thousand and two. They did men in black two which I didn't see in the theater I did did you. Yeah I remember seeing that when they came out back in the today actually in home. VHS which is crazy. How much time has changed? I guess almost twenty years ago I did not not like men in black two. I what was your take really second one. So that's Lara Flynn Boyle as the villain that one definitely liking it less smiled one and even maybe three but I really I loved them so much as movies that at the time I was also not quite as critical or hard to please right in in terms of film I mean three I actually really liked loved three runs right. I don't remember hating to. Okay yeah I I'm not a fan of that one I did try and say and then straight off to that two thousand and three. He did bad boys. Two which again Michael Bay directed back with Martin Lawrence. It was actually a big hit It wasn't well reviewed you didn't I just remember it being like over stylized action and over the violence and I don't remember it being very shots. But he does. I don't mind that but I just I don't remember the charisma or the chemistry between them. The lofts which the first one really had and and if you want it's on that flex I saw. Both of them are on that. I'm going to watch the second one because I just watched the first one. Yeah Yeah I'll probably do the same and then we can report back back in two thousand and three. He did a cameo in Jersey girl. I don't know if you've seen Jersey go see NOMI. I'm a huge fan of Kevin Smith A lot of people that like like this movie my wife and I love this. It's super charming and sweet. It's a really sweet Ben. Affleck kind of comedy drama. You know It's just it's a really sweet film. And he's got like this cameo the end of the movie maybe like five minutes and gives this whole monologue about being a parent and being a father and it's really cool And I've Seen Jersey got like five times I really like him Then two thousand and three. I robot that was like a big sci-fi find movie. That's what's interesting. You see a lot of films on fantastic that just kind of like I. He's right here like he elevated them like I robot was a huge hit. It's not that great lumpy. But I've seen it like three times. I've seen it two or three times but I don't love it in the theater. It was like a big summer spectacle spectacle movie but it was a row take over the world or something like that but it was. It's actually based on like a Isaac Asimov Robert Heinlein sci-fi book. It's like a very famous story uh-huh it was a will smith vehicle right. which he he could do that was his thing? You know what I mean. Okay good so next. Two thousand four shock. Tell Sean Astin animated movie. I think it's a dream want so pixar. I don't remember search stream. Maybe it's dreamworks. Yeah it's voice acting obviously and it's got like a crazy got jack black. Martin Scorsese Robert Deniro all kinds of crazy people in a lot of sweet shah. Yeah I haven't seen it in years. I remember really enjoying it when it came out. But it's funny how it's just been kind of forgotten it would rewatch though like with my my baby or whatever it was really cute right and again I think it did moderately well but wasn't fantastic. all right in two thousand awesome five. This film was huge when it came out. And I'm just noticing something at this point he's done almost every genre. Western comedy drama fiction. Well I mean genre not roll. Yeah but actually has on the body. You'll see it later. It's just a a good film or a well known one but hitch came out in two thousand and five of it now. That's the funny thing. 'cause I don't know about you. I tried watching. Ah La Okay and I figured that most women probably still adore it so when it came out I really enjoyed huge. That was a big hit with Kevin James as as well when he was a up and coming even even Mendez and that was a wrong comma. True Calm but yeah I as I said I tried to watch it. Lost feels like a bit cringing. I loved it when they came out and again I've seen a couple of times But that's like that's his real stab at Rome calm. I think he's done another the true and tried Rome. I want to say that he has. I can't think of one but it's interesting now. When ongoing through in them seeing I mean Science Science Fiction Drama Weston technically in a lot of science fiction action now ROM COM? You know an animation. As well as he's done something almost every genre which is probably why he's such a household name as well and white just. Everyone knows him because he's done a little bit of everything he doesn't have. A niche market. Doesn't just astute serious movies. You know something like that. Yeah interesting you want to say anything about hit. You'll just love it. Oh we're covering hitch. I thought we jumped back and forth forth. None of them. No I thought it was. I mean he comes out so well in it because he's so charming. Yeah and then this he really blooms because he's basically weekly a guy who's charming for his job. Trains guy aided true and then actually falls in love. I just thought it was adorable. Yeah as acute phone really good chemistry ministry. Yeah him and even Mendez had good chemistry and then Kevin James is actually quite good in that one. I didn't happen to him since all right so next. Two thousand six the pursuit of happiness. So this is his Other second big Oscar movie this foam. He almost deserved served Oscar. Oh man like like more Ali. He deserves the nomination but he didn't deserve to win pursuit of happiness. It's funny but see. This actually is a good film film. The only the war. Here's the problem this movie. It's so fucking depressing until the last minute office. Excellent but it's a minute minute but it is excellent but will smith is phenomenal in. This film. Payoff was similar to well the emotion you get. Ed and I know you don't like this film particularly was like Tom. Hanks in the when he gets rescued hostelry no from the the pirates. That have the boat. I'll captain Phillips at the end scene spoil. Yeah it's one of the best performances of hangs ever. I don't love the movie but that scene is amazed unbelievable. This relief and I stopped I over time and then same with will smith in that room when he gets the job right. Oh I agree but and will smith is good in this entire. I mean right down in the bathroom where he has to sleep in the toilet with his son and it's a young baby Jaden Smith when he's really the adorable but that I mean they play off each other so well and it's A. This is a true story about this African American businessman. Who Lost everything? He he was literally living in toilets in the subway And now he's like he's a self made millionaire. I didn't even know what not far. Man Made millionaire alienate me. Oh yeah he's he's a millionaire. You know in these hugely successful This I mean I'd love to see him do more films like this. I think this is the true like Oscar film but also performance wise will smith is phenomenal. And and here's also why it works. This isn't your normal will Smith. This isn't charismatic. Charming Will Smith. He is on the edge the entire movie not as much as long broken. You know he's he's he's uncertain but he just I don't know he's got this desperation for his mouth. Take it for something that you're right that final scene and you know when they give him the Japanese just like the way he any so humble about it and so much us and then he walks out and then you actually like show. His finally is like happiness but he's in like you know I mean he's he's crying crying but anyway you're right relief. Everything you know. Pursuit of happiness is is a must watch again. Look it's a bit hard for it to be a re. You Watch a movie that said I've seen it two or three times because it's a tough watch but he is absolutely fantastic. I think we could both say it's easily his best perform absolutely and also he on the entire movie. I don't even remember anyone else and I think his ex wife in that film is Fandy Newton but she leaves him early early in the film. It's him and Jane Smith. Yeah all right so next. Two Thousand and seven. I am legend. That is a serious movie. Here's what's so interesting as we go through this will smith movie I know he so goodness film the CGI is terrible. It is terrible arable. Does zombies a terrible but will smith is really good and his relationship with his dog. Makes this movie toss and again i. I remember this film vividly in the theater. The audience loved it. And what fucking spoilers. When is the killer? No I mean when I was full I was dying and he carries the entire movie. Does I actually really like. I am legend. It's a little heavy somebody ed like in some b movies especially I mean. I'm a big walking dead found Blah Blah Blah. I liked Zombie films. Eat got to have a little up and comedy and left it because you're already so like us there is a. That's a great bit of comedy in this where you recite. He recites like scenes from Shrek. I remember at the end of the movie. Yeah but you're right. It's I mean it's mostly and it's also there's not a lot of dialogue enough. This is him walking around. You know abandoned evacuated New York Ghandi's Aubenas that films quite scary as well. It was even though the zombies. CGI zombies a weird. It's actually got some scenes of tension that yeah yeah no. It was a good film and it did well. I'm pretty sure because it will smith because it was in that math But I mean I will always remember the film for the dog when he just holds the dog until it dies and we'll know until it turns killer fucking how and then the way he just goes on the rampage H. He doesn't care about anything anymore. They killed his fucking dog. God Damn Mother Down Anyway then Two thousand eight seven pounds and this is a movie that critically lambasted They took me many years to see it and it's actually not a bad film right. Depressing it yet. The Story Korea very depressing. And I don't remember. Yeah I mean spoilers he he gets into a car crash that kills a whole bunch of people accidentally So he basically goes around trying to redeem himself by like helping people connected to those people killed and then commit suicide the way does it is really weird head. But it's not a terrible movie. I actually was surprised. Did like Oh. It's a depressing movie for sure. It did not do well whatsoever whatsoever but then same year. Two Thousand Eight Hancock which was so fun which again this is. What's interesting about will Smith? I will tell you the end. He's done a lot of big blockbuster films that were fun but kindly throw away. I was GONNA say pop. Coney Johny throwing him charismatic. I like Hancock. Hey that I've seen the every single Wilson Smith movie in the theater better when I saw it in the theater awesome super five. Seen it twice since then and it's okay but I can't help but think when I watch it like it's kind of cheesy easy but will smith carries it. Yeah so I guess it's interesting if you compared to Korean like his to. Tom Cruise the rewatch ability on Tom. Cruise's uh-huh are alone is almost most of his films on the quality of what they are film as a whole the film. It's a whole. This is like a testament instrument to wildsmith Y will Smith is will smith because clicking carrier he totally can hancock is is actually is a fun movie and as I said I've seen a couple of times I am so you're right. I haven't really watched all this there on this kind of ugly cost and that but she she's not bad and Jason Bateman in his early roles when he kind of came back with his film career. It's just interesting but that was a huge movie hancock. It was very successful. Okay good so that's See E two thousand eight so then. Here's what strange. He didn't do anything for four years. Yeah well he he's. He's got three kids. Yeah I I didn't know what happened. That time with the family something. He took a hiatus for four years and in two thousand twelve. He came back with men in black three which I really really like men in black three. which again was a huge hit? Back in time. Yeah they go back in time. And it's with Josh Brolin as a young Tommy Lee Jones. Yeah it's all I almost like maybe even more than the first one I can really entertaining to me. Yeah but maybe the whole seventy setting and things like that and it's called the it's called the story line with what happens with will Smith and his parents and staff. I mean it's an old movie. I dot four wheelers so that that was a fun film. Interesting fact by now is will Smith is the only actor who had eight consecutive hits of films in the US. Nice that grossed. Over one hundred million dollars he overtook look at the comparisons. It's funny the only other person Tom Cruise who I think had seven an over. He overtook Tom Cruise. So yeah he was just kind of like a box office machine just entertainment value to film people. Watch it right. Yeah it's funny a true movie star you know which again is why still relevant again. I want to see him do more deep stuff but he still relevant and again it's not charm and charisma. I think we're lower grade okay. So then you go to two thousand and thirteen off Earth with Jaden Smith so I never. I saw this film. We've got Sean. I saw in the theater. I actually enjoyed it. It was a starring vehicle for Jaden Smith. It's when they were really trying to make AAC trading Smith like a big star. That didn't really happen. And the one thing it did bother me as will Smith spends the whole movie injured entrapped right and they're on the planet and His son is basically trying to save him which he does in the end But that said it was terrible. M Night Shyamalan. Lamin Lemon his career by Dan gone so much to shit that he wrote and directed this movie and there was no promotion that it was an. Isn't that funny. That's hilarious. And now he's back on. Top Nova is m night Shyamalan loon. I'll never say it right. Just M night Shyamalan. Alan is a s M night Shyamalan Shimon Alumna okay. So that's off the earth. which by the way again? It's not terrible okay Two Thousand and thirteen He had a cameo in anchorman. Two when Older News reporters battery. What the end which was kind of funny Two Thousand Rosen and fourteen. Winter's tale. Did you ever see that. I want to say it's with Colin Farrell. And it's like this fantasy of those that I saw. He plays the devil and he's in it for maybe like ten fifteen minute so he's he is bad in this movie but it's a terrible film it's a it's a bad thing I mean like I'd love to see him in a juicy is never done. That has the role. That's one thing he's never done for me. He's never the played like Tom. Cruise in collateral type. That's exactly what I thought. I'd just like to see him as as a as a hate double juicy bad right yeah. We haven't seen that totally right. Okay good move on so two thousand fifteen so this by now other than men in black like three which was pretty successful and most people like to. He's kind of being on a slump for some years. And then I think two thousand and fifteen is where he kind of started to come back back and this was a great movie. It was a film with Marco. Rubio could focus. I liked it but it's not a terrible movie was yeah it was entertained. He was really good in that. I thought it was a bit far reaching the twist and stuff was it was a bit like come on but he was good in. Yeah you know no I think this is what people don't realize World Smith is now gone and he is good. They were They will not and he kinda trained her and then she double crosses him him but then it was really really a double cross and I liked but delitzsch the almost kills himself as part of the double cross which I thought was the top and I think thank his dad like dis for him and anyway it was spoilers but it was entertainment with again. His what's interesting. It was kind of forgettable but it was was will Smith Being Chami Smith. Yeah being charismatic. She really wasn't that film then. In Two thousand in sixteen I remember the trade that for this movie and the cost was to die for and the film was such a steaming pile of shit which was collateral beauty. Did you watch that. Is I remember the Patriot film being like Kate Winslet Helen. Mirren's in it. I mean I think I don't know Edward Norton I mean it is A. Who's who of like my favorite actors didn't watch it? You hated it. It has a twist twist tie is horrible. So the whole film is he's just this depressed like millionaire business exact guy K and and he His son has died so he's in depression and he is going to these like Aa meetings and stuff like that And he He writes letters to like love and despair. And then all of these actors come together together. But they're actually actors but then they say they are the impasse on the face of love or death of dispatch in real life And then there's this girl he meets who you don't really know about animate the twist at the end of the movie. Is that this girl that he matt that he's been talking throughout the film He's completely not confronted. What happened to his son? She's his wife but he's like left her but then he kind of comes back to her and it's just the way twist is so weird and then there's also a hint that all these people actually are really eh. Those things love despair and so on. It's just it was a concept that could have worked so well and that was so poorly the executed which is very frustrating when the film was done like that when a film could have been amazing. But it wasn't he's goodness is funny that we say this but he's he's good at the end but he's I mean Michael Opinions as well. I mean the cost is endless. It's so many like six or seven actors like you love. Ah I remember that I was gonna go see it. Serena actually liked that movies yard. Remember on one of our friends actress. I think she enjoyed it but I didn't know it it. It annoyed me and it didn't crash them. Burn fat film okay fine. So then. That's collateral beauty. Then two thousand has an sixteen which was very unusual for will smith he was part of an ensemble cost for suicide squad. Yeah as dead shot and look a lot of. There's a lot of divisive opinions about suicide squad on a great movie and Cheney movie but I'll tell you this it made food bank and I think that helped him 'cause that film made like almost eight hundred million dollars. Ten twenty people had a whole row reserved. We all looked at each other and we were like that was fun. It was fun yeah board. I've watched it like three times. Not Bad. Look here's the thing in my opinion will Smith is great as dead shot. But you're right even though he's quote unquote villain. He's not he's the Anti Hero. You like him and then of course he quin Margot Robbie was fantastic as holly and I like the music. And it's got some fun stylized. I am not one of those people that detested the joker. Jared LETO. It was an interesting choice. The talk the way. They directed him a little bit cartoonish. But I didn't hate it outright. So that was odd that he chose chose to be part of an ensemble and not be starring but I think it was a smart move on his part because he really quote unquote needed hit and despite what critics said that film film was a huge hit. And if you kind of look at what's happened since then it seemed to have given them a nice boost so then you have Okay that's the off to that. So then two thousand seventeen another movie that critics which just horrible for bright came out net flicks and with Joel Edgerton Japan. And it's a film where like ORCS and trolls and loss of aries present time dragons exist in present time in Los Angeles. I love time really enjoyed bright. You watched it twice me hated that I thought it was so good and this will smith just doing what he does but again is chemistry with Joe. EDITON WHO's an author who comes. His partner was really good ones. One ferries and Pixie exceeded with guns and Gang News Fun. I really enjoy the general public. Loved it 'cause it's a Netflix move. It was a huge hit on networks. Alex and I guarantee I think that film a cinema release a theatrical release. I think it would have been a hit probably shot. Oh absolutely yeah I they were GonNa make a sequel so I I would absolutely watch it I mean and again it was just Wilson doing will Smith during what he does best. He's he's very entertaining. Okay let's see so then. Two Thousand Nineteen again. I mean this ridiculed so much and then look at what happened. which was a Latin the remake? You had guy the guy I the British actor who did like gangster movies like snatch and lock stock and two smoking barrels and will smith coming as the genie and then obviously Aladdin and Princess Jasmine. What kind of unknowns? So it was really will Smith and Guy Ritchie carrying this movie. Yeah the funny thing is I love Aladdin myself personally not everyone loved. I think you loved it. You thought it was fine. It was great right. I had major issues with Jaffar right ruin. People can stand that I felt like he seemed like go. pedia file yeah. I didn't think he was great but I didn't bother me you. It's not. I didn't like the movement. I thought the movie was well done. I liked everything systematically automatically. I liked Aladdin Jasmine. Unfortunately I just had this major issue with Jaffar. He was brilliant as the genie. Yeah that's what I was number one. It was a a huge smash made over a billion dollars So that that's just if anything that's just a good boost for for will smith of leading man and keeping them alive but also so he really made his own he did and held his own which is huge for him like a huge challenge when he's in in the shadow go of Robin Williams who was so iconic. I think admitted people like those good. What people white the most was will smith because he made it his own? It was totally his own spin. He didn't try and Mimic Robin Williams. which is so smart yeah? He's genuinely gooden. Also they kind of give them a bit more of his own storyline Lionel and twist where he kinda becomes human and you see a bit more of them after getting married and having kids and so on yeah. Look it's a remake so it's it's not going to be something amazing but he did a really good job and I think again it. Just I mean this you're right. This is what we keep repeating on this episode. It's will oh Smith because he he's just. He has charm and charisma. That makes it impossible to not like him. I think you'd agree with me on that one present because again. That movie is not amazing but it was darn okay good. So wow we're or the two thousand nineteen in two thousand nineteen nineteen also Gemini. Man came out. I never saw that actually. No I mean look it tanked and so badly I don't only listen to you. Obviously critics and so forth and rotten tomatoes but when several of my friends also say it's really did. Yeah Trey the just never looked good good for me and also angrily directing the seem so weird. The Guy who did like brokeback Mountain Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon but I guess that said angry does all kinds hindes movies. The feedback was very much. It's all over the place very weird action scenes and just didn't full to join the G I. It's the young will Smith in an old. Will Smith Liking each deal with that. If it's a good story line like I mean they did it. Well apparently in the Irishman and other things the aging process. But I just I'll give it a watch. That's what I'm saying. That's the funny thing. Just because will Smith is at. Oh can't you on I tunes me to you now. I will okay. Well we're already up to presence so then two thousand twenty bad boys for life came out which again everyone was making fun of this like. I'll come on really like seventeen minutes. Say Well I guess but The funny thing is I'm a fan of the first one but I I won't lie the TRAE. The bad boys for life didn't get me excited hi to it. Didn't look great to me. I watched it on opening night because I was near a theater. I just got off work and I was like screw it so I just just went and there was a seat available and just went and had dinner and I watched it and I was like Holy Shit. That was really fun really ticket Saturday night. I'm accent unfortunately actually had to cancel some going to watch it and then I looked to lap and then I saw A. It was a huge hit. It made like eighteen million dollars box office. And it's like seventy five percent. Yeah like it's it's just a good fun movie You know and he. He's in his fifties Martin Lawrence in his fifties. These pack tons of Martin Lawrence was is great in this too because their chemistry was great. That you know there's that you fall right into that character's us you believe completely excited sided. Yeah it's funny. It's action packed. Look at stylized. It's a you know a a a stupid kind of entertaining blockbuster. But then it's got hot and lot of hot what you know. You'll be surprised at some of the turns it takes. Okay well we did it. That's the filmography of will Smith So you know anything exciting. Coming up from Wilson no idea. Actually we know what else he's doing that I don't know if he's doing the suicide squad sequel sequel. He's in that I don't know and I mean. They tried to reboot Menem black without him. Which is a mistake I want to do you want? Don't know oh I wanted so bad. It was terrible terrible honestly. It's one of those so I watched Independence Day to for example. I got not like forty five minutes in like fuck this movie. It was so dom- see I. I have a horrible problem I have to commit. Once I thought I did Auto Independence Day too. I mean that was like ripping my eyeballs out with a spoon. No that felt like a terrible b-movie it was so oh bad and and putting the best person in that was Brent spiner the crazy scientists from the first film. WHO's in the first for five minutes? He was the best part of the second movie. That's how bad it was Goldblum like insane. A bill pullman. The president was all burnt out. Ray them off anyway. Anyway Yeah anyways so after that. That's just say agony. Yeah 'cause I love Independence Day I was very. I was very very much watching the critics in their reviews on what I saw. Is Your Chris Hemsworth. And then what's the name who I love her from four Ragnarok yeah that's Saddam would have gone so literally I was about to get tickets and then I saw a one for one awful reviews and I was like I can't do this to my the truth. There's even then not good in that. I mean they're really they're really not. I think you hate it because I watched it just for the heck of it and even though I was like Aw Yeah I have this rule where when I put on the movie unless it's the worst thing ever finish I feel obligated. I don't know why when I pay for it. I usually do but I just don't WanNa put myself through that I don't WanNa Watch it. Yeah I don't even WANNA pay five dollars for it you you know what I mean. Maybe eventually goes on Hulu. Maybe then I'll watch it. So what would you like to see will Smith. Do I think what you said other than playing really good villain which actually I'd love to see too you know I don't know if I'd want it to be like a horror type movie. I think it'd be just a really good villain bad blama even even if it's even in an action movie. Such as a Bruce Willis e type on the flame. That's just evaporate. Uh Bruce Willis one day right. We would've seen half of the movies that have gone straight to video if he was like a bad guy. Either one of those like juicy hate `table Bad guy all yeah a horror either. A crime thriller like a crime. Epic was really good. I'd love to see a straight up comedy. I was GONNA say a really good a really charming comedy. He's kind of done science fiction out of his eyeballs to romance. Hasn't but I'm not sure I know you're a really good calm. You know like he could do a love actually or this or something really fun with comedy but a really Nice Romance. That would be cool. Because he's such a musical that would be like an awful music for the Latin. It's like an actual like a rap tight musical kind of you know that's a perennial our of his films. Let's take a look 'cause I want around. How are top five? I mean 'cause I look through now and is interesting because you know he's done you know thirty forty movies and I think consensus is. It's a will smith movie. He makes entertaining films. I would say for me you know. Bad Boys is a classic and is is almost like a B movie action classic but it's still a classic Independence Day as a classic all explosions. But it's so much fun always rewatch I I am I be is a classic even though I like any of the state maybe seen it twice. It's watchable but it's it's I couldn't say Alleanza classic I couldn't say I robot as all hitch many probably consider a ROM com classic. I don't think so. The pursuit of happiness is like a classic to me. I love the pursuit of happiness. So yeah it's funny. So he's done. You know not a lot of classics. Now he's done maybe four or five kind of not consider classic movies that I would re watch for me. It's a little Smith but he's just done tons of entertaining that Said round out your top five. Will Smith movies pretty much. What you've covered the Independence Day will always be number one men in black Bad Boys I mean pretty much you. So that's three will. Oh you love hitch since probably annuity kitsch. But I'm not going to say there's something more along pursuit of happiness that's rough well but for acting. Yeah it's gotta be up their pursuit of happiness and then probably hitch. I guess I would do. Yeah probably independence. Day Two. Yeah especially in retrospect. Now he's just so damn good in that probably do independence day at the probably do men in black. I would do men in black three because I really really enjoy it. I would do bad boys and I would do. The perceive happiness is like my top five. I am legend with that Phoebe near the top as well because legit it's rough but it's good all right folks. Well that's will Smith it's World Smith movie but that's what makes him in a movie star right. He's just this charming likable guy and again. I think it helps that. He seems so great in real life and he just seems like a really positive fund fund guy. You know his family. They all seem nuts but they they seem like a happy family and pushes good Mac and he's real like they go through shit shit together and stuff and like him and his wife very open about their relationship with Jada Pinkett Smith their ups and downs in. You know. That's my queen. That's what he says. And that's interesting all right well you have fun with that. Yes good old will Smith. Yeah and I see a musical and a bad guy. Yeah that would be really cool. I really like juicy villainous role all right folks well. That's this week's episode spotlight on Will Smith. We'll see you all next time. Goodnight brought. Thanks again for listening to another new episode of Tony. The movie guide the PODCAST. I don't forget to falls in Oliver Social Media. All the links are in the show notes below and to leave your five-star Itin reviews. We'd really appreciate it. We'll see you next time bye bye.

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