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The Dan Libertad Woodstock. Gotcha podcast is brought to you by the Capital One saver card or four percent cashback on dining entertainment ju- percent. A grocery stores of one percent on all of the purchases. Now when you go out you cash, what's in your wallet? Terms apply. These sees the base of the Dan lebatardshow with this to got spot Cass. As the hockey playoffs have been totally insane. And only at a thousand times better than the basketball playoffs as the basketball playoffs. Give us very little in terms of drama and enthusiasm that doesn't somehow involve Jared Dudley last night. Finally, we got a moment to moment where Damian Lillard ends Russell Westbrook. And Jim in a way that's going to echo because you rarely see the finish to a game that that one was. So let's start here for those of you are just joining us in weren't up for the late game San Gundy's in with us, and that was an assassin streak, and I also agree with Paul George that it was a bad shot and everything that STAN Van Gundy hates about today's basketball. As Lillard has been good on that shot this postseason. I think Rachel Nickell said eight of twelve on that shot while everyone in the playoffs. Has been terrible the shot went in right? Yes. Yeah. It's a good shot. It didn't. And it didn't luck its way. And that was nothing but net I mean. For damian. Listen, how good is shot is is relative to the person shooting it. I mean, we've said this for years with the Golden State Warriors and Steph curry in particular the shots. He takes a lot of them are bad shots for everybody else. But that doesn't mean they're a bad shot. I mean, the shot Lillard took is not a bad shot for him. I'm not saying it's a real high percentage shot, but it's certainly not a bad shot for Damian Lillard, a buzzer beater that wins the series that gets them to fifty points. Does it at home and the best part of the shot was right after the shot when he weighed goodbye to the entire. I'm not even sure that was the best part of the reaction the picture. They took him in the middle of the thing is going to become a mean, it's going to become a gift where everyone else's joyous. And he's like, that's right. I'm Damian Lillard. I just did that I just napped Russell Westbrook over my knee, Paul, George you could take him with you. That was the best thing, Dan is that Damian Lillard, you know, he went the whole series and even at the end it was pretty appre understated reaction. I mean, this is not a guy that doesn't the does much talking. He's not a guy that promotes himself. And if you listen to what his teammates say about him long before this series. It's incredible. And Terry Stotts said he's the best star leader in the league the way he is with his teammates, and coaches and everybody else, and I really enjoyed it. Because this guy is the tip. Asus of what we see with with a lot of the stars. Now. I mean, they get swept two years in a row. He doesn't throw anybody under the bus. He comes out in support of his coach. He doesn't demand a trade. He doesn't talk about he needs more around him. He said this is just something we had to go through. And I mean, just incredibly different than what we see from almost all of the other great players. Stan lowered is the story today. No question that game. No at don't ask why was up watching that game. But I was watching that game to have the blazers. I mean, just go on an incredible run. And then Oklahoma City comes back. And they get themselves. I think a double digit lead Paul George played fantastic. Well, westbrook. We're going to go back to having the same conversation. He did the thing last night that made Durant leave he did. Although he hit a huge three down the stretch there after Lillard came down and hit a three. So it was just a great game with a bag of fourth game. And a great game with maybe one of the best finishes we've ever seen in this stand stamping Gandhi. And with us whole show today. This is how people become stars because you rarely have that moment wants to end another team season. He's now done it twice. Right. He's done it twice. Now where it's a buzzer beater that finishes the opposing team's season. And this is an interesting stat since Westbrook told Lillard telled Lillard that he quote, I've been busting that asks for years that was January twenty second since then that's Westbrook saying it's a Lillard January twenty second I've been busting that ask for years. Damian Lillard has scored thirty one fifty thirty twenty nine twenty four and on westbound and last night at the end, they just took Westbrook off of him and said Paul please handle that because Westbrook. Can't you know, it was funny stand up absurd? And you saw this Paul George realizes that he's not defending Lillard far enough out at so he takes an extra step out. And it still wasn't for enough because Willard just took another just that bag. It was it was just incredible. And that's an incredible staff. Paul George was defending his defense. They're saying it was a bad shot. And we have that sound right here on one second. I mean, that's a bash. Care what anybody says fashion. He made it that story won't be told that it was a bash. It with that live with Watson. He's he's right that. Well, I mean, look I mean, you're not going to stop thirty seven foot jump shots. I mean, this idea that even a great defender like Paul George can take away everything from a player like Damian Lillard is not realistic. Paul George played that fine. I mean, if the shot to beat you has to be that shot over Paul George who got a decent contest on it from thirty seven feet. Look. I mean, give the guy is due and head home to Oklahoma City and get ready for next year. Paul George has nothing to be ashamed of on that last play and go into Dan's point. They really haven't had Westbrook on Lillard for much of the series. I mean as soon as Schreuder comes into the game Schreuder and Paul George guard McCullum and Lillard, and they find somewhere to hide Russell Westbrook. So. Russell does a lot more talking than Damian and Damian's gotten a lot more done. So that's sort of how that series went. You mentioned Schreuder and Damian Lillard mentioned him when he was being asked why he waved? This was an assassin streak like everything that Lillard did after this game was perfect, including the sound the series is over knows it and I'll just waving goodbye on. And after game three, you know, the Dennis Schroder was out there point to his wrist. They was out there doing all these celebrations and doing all this stuff, and we kept our composure and after one win that was what they decide to do when we was just like, okay? Well, we wanna do is win four games when we win. Those four games is not going to be nothing to talk about. So that's what that was Paul George van something though. He did he did he likes to God's that's bad shot. I don't care what anyone says can someone grab my bags. I'm done for this season. It is tough guys. It really is. I mean, Westbrook's going to get criticized, but it is tough when I realized the shooting eleven of thirty one but a guy who plays that hard gives you twenty nine points, fourteen assists, eleven rebounds, four steals to block. He's going to get the criticism. But man, I have a hard time criticizing that you were doing it last time he played a game when you ripped him up and down for hissing after going whatever it is five for twenty one was then this is now go it was a game goes a game ago at things listen their day to day in my world. They just aren't thanks. Do you keep inventory of any? Absolutely not do you want me to start doing? So you were ripping him. Nash. Right. You're the only national voice was shredding him. In fact, you with the loudest natural noise. Shredding his inefficiency in the last game. That was a game ago did that. But it is right. I wouldn't shred him. But Russell Westbrook now since Durant left has lost in the first round of the playoffs. Three straight years. His play has been a big part of that. I mean, his inefficiency is a problem. I yeah, you can talk about the triple doubles and everything else. But let's face it eleven of thirty one isn't even like an abnormally bad night for him to that point is time in a year. So that point STAN or you guys want to take guests since Kevin Durant left. This was an amazing stat. I saw the other day. I've got another good one to from Rachel Nichols here. I wanna give you, but since Kevin Durant left Westbrook. I think. The number now is sixteen basketball games in the playoffs. That Westbrook is played without advancing. Do you guys want to guess how many of those sixteen games? He's made fifty percent of his shots half of his shots. The career field goal percentage of someone like Dwayne Wade half of his shot. I'll say say one I'm going to say twelve one lot correct one. It's one is correct. That is so much lower than what our guest, and here's a stat from Rachel Nichols. Damian Lillard is eight of twelve on shots from thirty plus feet in the playoffs. Every other player in the NBA combined is six four thirty eight. So she says PG is right. It's a bad shot for nearly everyone else. Just not for Lillard. I'm STAN I don't wanna be prisoner in the moment on this though. Steph Curry's the only guy in the history of the league that I say that's not a bad shot for. Lillard already in that class based on twelve shot sample size. Well, I don't know that's not enough sample size, and I would agree with Steph Curry's, the one guy and now look from thirty seven feet. Nobody's percentage with any great number of shots is going to be very good. But Steph curry Damian Lillard, there might be a couple of other guys one thing I'll say is there's no strain on the shot for them from that distance. They're shooting their normal jump shot that other people shoot it seventeen feet. So there's absolutely no strain to get it. They're just pure distance. Makes it a little less inaccurate over time. But I know if you're the opposing coach any shot that Damian Lillard takes is not one you wanna see in in that in that situation. 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We get to listen together to what Lillard game winner sounded like in the Korean broadcast of donlevatar fans, right, obviously, I think hobbies dance, right? Oh, my doing that. Yes. Man. Absolutely not. Always always always right now. Today. Stugatz. I love my dad more than most people love their dead. Right. I'm better loving. Your dad. That sent me all the time. Lover most love in the world. Live with our show with this two guys on ESPN radio. We are contractually obligated because of our multibillion dollar deal with the draft who address this monstrosity that is this week this made for television monstrosity, I'm gonna sit this out. I love Chris Mortensen. He's one of my favorite people in the world. I do not care about the draft. It's one of my least favorite things in the world. So I will allow you guys to geek out with Chris Mortensen, and I'll just sort of hang out around it and listen to guy more no offence. I love you. I think you you know, that I love you. But I hate this thing so heads to God's ask away. The wait a minute. Wait a minute. I wanna get into next word here. Because I want to point out that was down in our nerves are draft center. It was very noisy in there. And to do this interview, I left and came back to my room to which I prove I still have cognitive skills because I love my TV blasting. I don't want people waking into my room to still all stuff. I got here. We got a lot of stuff in here. And so on that can't find the remote to turn the TV off the have this interview right now, the TV is blasting. I came up here for quiet. So what did I do to solve that problem walk outside the hallway where it's quite a little quieter? I did what happened in the nineteen sixties when we call the TV repairman and adds them to fix our TV, and he came in and he plugged the TV in and said, okay, it's fix now. I plugged unplug. The TV from the wall and kill kill the noise. They don't ask simple. They still have TV requirement. I'm talking about in the nineteen sixties, right? When we actually did as a family called up and said, you know, something's wrong with our TV. Maybe one of whatever the back came over. And he's simply plugged the TV into the wall and fixed it and in this case trying to figure out how do I get this TV to during down? I just said, wait a minute. I don't remember this. I unplugged it wall. Therefore, I have quiet and able to do this. Now, we can talk draft this more. Speaking of repairman cliff Kingsbury is in Arizona and he's trying to fix Arizona Cardinals. Who goes number one? Oh, good question. Okay. The murray. I if there only taken one. Yeah, I think there. Hey, you hired clip Kingsbury for a reason. And it's too they save what we hired him to because of Josh Rosen. But listen they fired their offense coordinator early in the season last year. They fired Steve Wilks who was a defensive guy their head coach after one year, and you can sit there and say. Why if it's such a terrible team? Well, maybe it's because they actually believe they have more talent than what the media sane. And so therefore, they want the quarterback thing to work, and they have this coach and Kingsbury who has this offense that Kyla Murray basically warn for and so I think I think that that's the way it's going to go, and I don't know that Rosen will be moved prior to the start of Thursday nights to app, but they could have marine Rosen. But yes, I do believe that kinda Murray will be I more who is the is a column Murray who's the best player in the draft. Because I have a hard time thinking, I don't know if he's going to be good. But man, he looks at the park winning Williams. Looked to be the best player in the strength. I would say based on the number of teams I've talked to just about evaluations a player that Quinton Williams is a consensus best player in the strap. And do you do the jets will take him if he's there three inches? Is the reason for the question? Well, well, I what I want to know is based at off your own evaluation. Your own is too hot. Yeah. Just watched them on YouTube. That's all I did. Okay, fine. You wanna Mel kiper retired? You're in. Thank you. I feel like I have a shot of that more on traffic. We obviously see a bunch of trades. Is there a more keen name that's already in the league that might get moved on draft to acquire some picks? Well, the one that we're looking at is today in cloudy the Houston Texans defensive and they're having trouble getting him signed. So not unlike what happened with Frank Clark in the Seattle Seahawks. You know apparent Clark onto the Kansas City. Chiefs clowney is a guy that we're going to monitor leading up to the draft because they're they're they're going to have a hard time getting the contact with him. So that's that's one in particular. We are going to have a lot of trade. I don't know if there'd be a veteran players some talk about Chris Harrison, Denver Broncos cornerback there. But I think the trades are going to be in Diana Rossini's in Washington. And I think that I think that she's pretty much hit on the head that the team that's going to kind of like explode kind of bloat this draft with a huge trade is more likely to be Washington with Daniel Snyder coveting Dwayne Haskins over how state so does that mean that they try to go one? And give up everything to go there. It's gonna be is going to be similar to what we saw the Robert Griffin the third trade where they gave up you know, to was really three months in twos. And they could end up to where the forty Niners or at three where the jets are picking jet. Certain. They're open for business. And what do you do the giants? Do. I think the giants I I simply thinking is that I don't know. I think the giants will take their quarterback. And I wouldn't be surprised if they tried to trade up a little bit to take their quarterback of choice, and everybody's kinda guess who that is. And I I still think that drew lock is probably the most undervalued of quarterback in terms of where he's going to go. I wouldn't be surprised to see the giants take drew lock. And whether that's at six whether they trade up a little bit to get them. You know, people would wanna talk about them and Haskins and endangered Jones of Duke. And then this whole thing of Dana Jones because he's just like Peyton Manning. He li-, man. That's. I don't wanna call people dumb. But it's one of the dumbest things I've heard you don't take a quarterback because you think he's Peyton Manning 'cause he's not paying many. It's not Yvonne man in either he was near cut cliff though. That's that's why everyone loves him. And by the way, I love those guys we just mentioned, and I actually like Daniel Jones. But but eighteen takes in Jones, they're gonna take him because he's Dana Joe. It's not really considered to be a great quarterback. Traff. There's a lot of questions even surrounding the guy that's a top much boards like Kylo Murray. So you would think that there would be a bigger market for Josh Rosen. Where do you think he lands, and what's the asking price? Yeah. To me. That's a great question. Because I think what you have to go back because we have a season of watching him play, and he did not play poorly this year, and what we consider a bad team. He actually hung in there. Pretty good and showed you the skills that he has an and the toughest said he has. But there doesn't appear to be a big market. And I think it goes back to the previous year's draft evaluations. There are things about Josh Rosen. Then they have nothing that nothing to do with throwing the football that basically turned them off to a lot of teams. So if you didn't like him going into last year's draft, you're not likely to like him going into this situation where he's available, and we've talked about what we just mentioned that we think that Washington is gonna go up and. And get Dwayne Haskins or at least gonna try and Diana received. His mill talked about that this morning on ESPN. But you know, you know, I thought the dolphins should should to jump on. And this is why did you wait till next year to get your quarterback? You can. I mean, the dolphins should jump on. Josh rosen. L the charges Duke with having Philip rivers and and terrar- Taylor on their roster. Just the lineup and be ready to move. And or could it be the giant? So but right now, there's nothing solid on Josh Rosen. And I've heard that they will be patient other. They are not gonna panic and give him away. Even even if they draft Carla Murray more two questions one is butter a condiment and two if you could only have five condiments for the rest of your life, which five would you choose? Wow. I will say no butter is not a condiment if I only have five and the rest of my life. I to the peppers the condiment, isn't it these that's a season. So weeding minutes unusual. I choice have a first pepper makes everything better. Does I'm with more. I will I will not do salt because of the sodium I. The three day. Visit with my doctor last week, go gotta cut down the sodium. Okay. And that's all I have to live with pepper. That's it. That's it. Tissue option. Okay. You got four of their options. They're also saw so. Yes. Yeah. Pepper sauce. I to work in a mustard a couple of things here more as we close this out because I want to ask you about rothlisburger. He just signed a two year deal to extend past the year. He's got. So the Steelers are locked into him till two thousand twenty one he's turning the ball over a lot. He's reckless. They've lost. His other skill players. What do you make of that? Gonna Antonio Brown. Speaking to me, I would say that the guy to five thousand yards. He is still. He is still a dynamic thrower of the football. And he he's not getting injured quite as much as a lot of. That's because they're often doing it isn't he's a quarterback. If you're a starting quarterback in this league. And you're still a top twelve quarterback. But she easily is you're gonna get paid a lot of money. So I have no problem with more good talking to you. Thank you apparent. But you apparently do by the way, it's not good talking to you more. Thanks for stopping by always good talking to you. All right. Thanks, guys. Seymour. Still that's one new boat time for some more -at's. You though picks game question there football draft. We know you're excited. Little Rothlisberger hogging the ball K Metcalf question. I was going to simply ruled on fire cash. More of the Dan Le Batard show with. Stugatz. Ten to one eastern on ESPN radio and ESPN news stugatz here for all your biggest achievements in life. Who's the one person? That's always been there. Unconditionally supporting you every step of the way, it's mom, you're forever. Biggest fan this mother's day show her just how much you appreciate the love with one eight hundred flowers dot com right now when you get ahead of the mother's day rush. One eight hundred flowers, we'll give you an exclusive thirty six thirty six offer thirty six bay roses for just thirty six dollars. That's only a dollar Perot's. These roses are guaranteed to make her smile roses. Are the perfect way to surprise all the moms in your life wife sister? Grandma order celebrate any spring occasion. These. Breathtaking Rojas from what I hear to flowers at their peak and shipped overnight to ensure freshness. 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We are contractually obligated at ESPN to talk about LeBron James every single day. So Dave mcmanamon did that yesterday on Jorges Sodano show? I wanna play this sound for STAN Van Gundy. And I want to ask you guys a question. I think it's very precarious right now. I think the trust that LeBron James has the Lakers organization has been damaged. Well, I'm not saying it can't be repaired. But right now, there's a top bridge that has fallen is going to be need to be put back together. And that's going to have to be approving grounds for for Geneva for rob Pelinka for Kurt Rambis for Linda Rambus, whoever else is involved in this process. Now, you know, they'll go have to be initial thing. Proven with whoever. Is hired as a coach and then this summer. So I wanna ask you and stand this questions to got stand. I given what LeBron James's success has been over the last fifteen years, and that he rightly probably thinks he's the reason for his success. Does it make sense to you stand that he would be in Los Angeles look in the mirror and say, this isn't my fault in any way whatsoever. Yeah. That makes sense. And I'm sure he is saying that I mean, he probably attributed to lot of it to the injury, which is right. But I don't think other than that that he thinks it's his blaming any looks at what a mess. This organization is right now, nobody seems to know if they're planning to hire a president from the outside if they are it makes no sense to be higher on a coach. I or to keep rob Pelinka is rob Pelinka now running the organization. I mean, it's a mess in LA. No one knows what's going on. And I'm sure that does not instill confidence in LeBron James or or anyone else be absolutely thinks. It's everyone else's fault. It's not his fault though. I mean, the broad should be signed a deal. He got hurt. I mean that happens it never happens to him. But it happened in this year. Otherwise, I think they'd be a playoff team. But he is then you have you have hitched everything to LeBron James for the next three seasons. He's still one of the best players in the world. If not the best player in the world, you do what LeBron wants you to do. You gotta keep them. Happy for the next three seasons and surround him with the people he wants to be surrounded with you just have to the Delia me is LeBron still the best player in the world stem. Now, not right now. And look, I'm a guy who's been very pro LeBrun. I I've said at times, I you know, I think he's he's the best player that we've ever had in this league. But he's not that right now, you know, and it should be expected to. Happen. This way. He's on a very slow decline. Probably slower than anybody. I've seen but you couldn't put him ahead of of James harden or Jaanus or Kevin Durant. Probably not even quiet Leonard. I mean, you know, there's a there's a handful of guys better than LeBron at this point. Why do you have to keep them happy though? He's stuck there for four years. You're gonna risk losing him at thirty eight like he's locked in. There's nothing he can really do about that chance. You have a winning. I mean. Yeah. But if you're building a team you have to build a team not worry about what's going to set. Lebron the fear that he's gonna leave in four years when he's thirty eight. And I'm with you on that. I mean, it's not about keeping him happy. I it's about getting to the point that you can win, you know. And quite honestly, I think if they can get to the point that they're winning plan at a level that LeBron been used to then he'll beat happy. Dude. So on short talking about who the bus player the leaguers, it's not LeBron anew. You mentioned several Neum's strand bud Gandhi woman, her coach of magic the Detroit persons why're, Wisconsin badgers. I want him though, who are the best player in the NBA. Start cook through. Wash. Okay. Okay. The team in the not going to definitively answer it. I've got a three way tie with with Janas James harden, and Kevin Durant. Turn loved that stand perfectly acceptable. What's better than anybody? And putting. Entertain the? Winter's here. Do things John way through was Jordan to Colby than LeBron drew saying the Braun is no longer the both thing where stuff is he even in new areas. Yeah. Well, I I would probably have him fourth. And if I have to come up with the best in the world, it would be very tough decision. But I would take on us right now slapdown stand. None of this is necessary. We don't sign a first second third or fourth. Sure to Jamie, Lillard or of poisons in that conversation Larsen. Yes. That's an official announcing of a presence. Welcome to the conversation. Come on point guards. Put it on the poll gear, my lebatardshow, welcome to the conversation, Damian Lillard. Yes. Or no. Grew to boot in with your Stanford gone. I just wish you would pick one. He did it just did he said what we're gonna pick point guards. Now, you're. Top. Well, see this is this a little bit hard because you know, depict Yana place Yana says a point guard because that's basically where he plays. But of the more traditional point guards, I would put hardened barely ahead of Steph curry and in. Chupin important. Visit what sports media meteors? No. Can you talk a little bit about the Trump turn structures? Don't important. Yeah. I mean, cherries been great and very underrated in what he's done, you know, people I think overreact to single playoff series. And they've been swept two years in a row. And so Terri was under some heat. But even with the injury to nurture kitchen everything this year. That's a very good team. That is always in contention in a very tough Western Conference Terry's been consistently among the best coaches and league among the book. Indeed, the brush the best. I mean, look to me it's a pretty easy choice. If you're going to try to identify the best it's easier than it is with the players. I mean, you can't make a case for anyone above Gregg Popovich in terms of. Coaching job over his career, which were well it might be yet. All your might be the best. Go to commercial everyone get out of here. Angel. Guy for Dan to reluctantly take part in something has to be happier. Doing I miss this too. Yeah. It's been a minute angel of nuance. And the dirty demon of debate. If that was the first time you were ever listening to our show, and we're a little confused the angel of nuance has gotten very good visually on television at flying out of the screen after every point that he has made donlevatar there's a belief that there's golden the heads of bald men so police in Mozambique are warning bulb. Mints still guts, I cut my own head off if I were bald see if there's golden there. Like money. These these live at our show with Stu gods on ESPN radio. We know for experience that when a referee mix it call that can make or break a game. Or in this case a playoff series that team on the receiving end of the penalty isn't going to be very happy about that decision. In this case, the Vegas Golden Knights who not happy you see this last night. My friend is a vice president for them. And just was crushed just crushed by this think of that name, you just out even. I didn't even give you the name on. It has your friend was the VP of the nights. I mean could've said that that was one of the talking points a match up of two former Florida panther head coach is also one of the talking points. That's right anyway, the Vegas Golden Knights. Another talking point is Dan's friend. Yes. Led by Dan's friend. They led three to nothing in game seven. They got a cross-checking checking major assess to Cody Eakin, San Jose's resulting five minute. Power play lead the four goals in four minutes within that power play to take a four to three lead the sharks would eventually win in overtime to win the series. The Golden Knights were left literally comparing their loss to the New Orleans. Saints loss of the ranch the NFC championship game. This experience was brought to you by farmer's insurance. They head of the game. Find an agent at farmers dot com. Gamma put it on the poll. Please does this shows hockey coverage amount to did you see what happened in hockey last night? How 'bout that? Is that how we cover hockey around here? If that happened in on hall or basketball all the rules would end up changing their you'd have what happened with Sean Payton, you know, echoing throughout ESPN and throughout the workweek. I mean, it's a game seven you're up three nothing. I guess about halfway through the third period. Roy. Yeah. Ninety nine point nine percent of the time that game is over five minute. Major three goals. Go to overtime now. People would say, hey, foregoes. I'm sorry. Five minute. Major four goals. You still gotta stop you. Give up a goal. You can't give a four goals down guy. You know? This was a blueprint match for the San Jose Sharks. Joe Thornton's been there for a long time. No cups this show. For Gerard Galant was doing a great job leading the biggest Golden Knights. Remember, he got left at the airport one time. And there's after they fired. And do you have the most upset or job you've ever felt by a referee? You know, do you? Remember, can you tell us what that time was. I don't know off the top of my head. Yeah. Well, I do. Yeah. As a matter of fact, so we were my first year in Orlando. So it would have been a two thousand eight playoffs and we had lost our first two games in Detroit. And we we come home. We win gained three. We've got a chance to to win game four, and we get a block charge. Call late in a game Turkoglu goes to the basket, and we had to referee raise the hand with the fist up. So he's going to call the foul on them. And then solidified the hand right behind his head in called the charge. Just sorta changed his mind here in mid motion. Yeah. That one that went upset me a little bit for Joey Crawford. I'm not I'm not going to give a name. Guy. Still an active official brothers. He might. Tell you. Chris find out who the officials were for that game. He's given us enough information will smear all of them instead of just one of them. And here's Ed Meloy being famously bad down by one hundred ninety eight inbound the love the left side, one gentleman up to the shot blocked by Marian ball arms up down the bear. Go horn sounds of the ball game as offer the timber wolves are screaming for a foul. There was none called Rubio off to love. That is unbelievable. Referees are booed as they go off the floor. David Guthrie is right there. He never guts to call. It. Also. Was it him was humorless Molloy's, Dan? I am not saying Steve Javadi that look. Referee saved. It was him. Larry. That's hilarious clip. I'd never heard that. All right. So what are we doing here? What's this list from of the worst movies ever made? Are we doing the top seventeen top ten? What are we doing? I mean, it's up to you. Jim Cada was seventeen. So I have the list for maximum here. If you wanna go seventeen let's do this. Are you ready? These things seventeen worst movies of all time in two thousand and two on this list was put up on maxim magazine. Okay. No. Oh, no kill you. Don't have a movie from the last seventeen years on here, that's a flawed wisdom while you guys you really up to date on your stuff here. That's great work from rancor dot com. But it does not include Inkatha. So we're going to go with the list. Two thousand two from maxim magazine. Sure, sure. Because you've got a lot of audience out there that were like five and six wait a minute. We perfect and at seventeen years ago, but it feels like yesterday it was back when people were buying the magazine. I think I was subscribed in good conscious. Do a list from two thousand to maximize his show ever been about good. The last seventeen years at you. At some website. Nineteen eighty five with the you know, what the heck look at that website. Tell me that does not look like it's from two thousand and two cities. Get to miss the film. Let's do this come on the seventeen from two thousand to do. Do I have number sixteen. I'm ready to go. Dan's ready to guide seventeen is the aforementioned Jim Kada, starring a gymnast. I'm Kurt Thomas who was doing things on the pommel horse that were deadly. And again, this is quoting to maximize even in two thousand and two number sixteen Stu gods. The thin red line. Number fifteen Moulin Rouge fourteen now. Number thirteen the godfather part three number twelve cutthroat island. Number eleven dirty dancing. Yeah. I totally agree. This is maximum. Remember, they're they're laying in two thousand and to put it on the poll is dirty dancing. One of the eleven worst movies of all time number ten to God, little NICKY. I haven't thought about Nell in thirty years you saying it was great. Chris Grantham Sandler as as a devil. What's me? Tim Marino's second worse leading the devil is about the devil. It was number nine Stu gods. When Harry got mail and Seattle does a spoof. Number eight. It's Pat the movie. It's the golden time in comedy number seven, The English Patient. Maksim best picture number six the postman. That was dominated certainly. Stay alive. Number four or Magadan. Number three hatch Adams. Taking any number two steel magnolias. Maksim lane. And the worst movie of all time is that many, Robin. According to maxim in two thousand and two cash. More of the Dan labor I show with stugatz. Ten to one eastern on ESPN radio and ESPN news. ESPN radio is presented by progressive insurance. I'm having struggle to join us just a minute here on the shell Pennzoil performance line. Here's your sports interrupdate. The Steelers are giving Ben Rothlisberger who turns thirty seven in March a new two year contract extension through two thousand twenty one big van. The Seahawks traded defensive end. Frank Clark and a third round draft pick to the chiefs for their first round pick twenty-ninth overall and a third round pick and a two thousand twenty second round draft pick the chiefs then signed Clark to a five year one hundred and five point five million dollar deal with sixty three point five million dollars guaranteed. See that good. And finally, a New Hampshire homeowner is under court order to clean up his yard. That's littered with thousands of boxes if he doesn't the town. We'll do it for him. And stick him with the Bill the town estimates that there are some two thousand boxes containing printers in the yard. If the whole owner fails the clean the boxes up in ten days. The town has been granted the right to clean it up. And stick the homeowner with the Bill estimated to be about fifteen to eighteen thousand dollars wedding season is upon us and the easiest way to look fresh for your big day is with the black tux dot com. The black tux has awesome suits tuxedos that you rent online to get twenty dollars off your purchase. Visit the black tux dot com and enter code, Dan. How about you leave the guys back yard alone. It's his backyard as that's him. Anyway for all the latest headlines and information tune into the sportscenter on ESPN radio all throughout the day. You want to look at the TV screen. So you could see all the boxes and his back. Yeah. Pretty certain. He put a down payment on that house. He pays the mortgage on that house. It's his house. It's his property. And if he wants to keep boxes in his backyard, then go ahead at you'd be reasonable neighbor. If some dude had two thousand boxes of printers in his back as rats crawling in and out of it. I hate when the people tell me, hey, you got clean your roof. Or hey, you gotta do the driveway your driveway. Looks dirty like, you know, what it's my house. I purchased it a clean it when I feel like cleaning it. How's that sound HOA? All right. So why? Oh, so you're just arguing with the homeowners association, which is the entire neighborhood. Yeah. I I am because what they have done. Now is ridiculous. There's a twenty five mile per hour speed limit in our neighborhood. And if you break it, so it's about you and not this pick violation, and you can't go through the gate without your your stickers won't work anymore. I mean, that's what he own emergency at home and drive thirty eight miles per hour up your house and Kwabena slot. This dude was danger. Close to being sue got. So the day because as part of the article, I read that a neighbor asked him about certain certain boxes that were starting to stack up in his backyard. And he told the neighbor a year ago, they'd be gone in a week. So Tom hammered show is gonna join us here in just a second. But first, Chris, Cody has a STAN Van Gundy investigation. Chris, Cody, what do you have? So we figured out the three refs. He was claiming. He didn't want to say the referee that he was most jobs by and but yeah, he told us the exact game that had happened in. It was game for the two thousand eight playoffs. I the pistons now Joey Crawford was on that crew. But in that last sound bite last segment. Stand says the guy is not currently active. So the two other guys city is currently economic sorry. Yes. He said he enjoyed Crawford. Isn't right? So that would make us think it's not Joey Crawford. The other two guys were Tom Washington and Mike Callahan. Coin toss. I I would say those are the three refs that were. With us now on ESPN radio. I have to get to these quotes from Damian Lillard that he gave Chris Hanes in a Yahoo interview. Have you seen this story, Tom? I'm I'm having you on to talk about someone else's writing. But have you seen these Lillard quotes where he took great delight in burying Westbrook? Quite delight. I was having quite the light reading that story from Chris Haines unbelievable quotes from Dame's. So we'll get to that in a second. But what did you make of what it is that you saw yesterday because if anyone thought before that Russell Westbrook? Former MVP the league average or of a triple double was better than Damian Lillard. They would have had their mind changed last night. Yeah. I mean, I'm I'm sitting here baffled by the okay? See game plan because I pick them to win in six games. This year is the tennis cancer turnstile defensively. I thought they would attack him Asli but Dame Lillard. I mean, Russell Westbrook missed over half his layups get zero dunks. He pulled up from the mid range rather than attacking, and I didn't think that CJ McCollum coming back from that injury with the you know, looking as good as he did. And then Dane Lillard just ruined all of that. He played incredible. And I think everyone today there's this debate that's happening on Twitter where we're wondering whether Paul George was right that this was a bad shot for Damian Lillard. And normally you would say yes that is a bad shot. I mean, it's thirty seventeen and he's taking a setback but Dame Lillard the season has shot thirty nine percent from thirty to forty feet that is one of his best shots. And so as. Fanned knows it is impossible to get a good look in that situation potential. Go ahead shot in the playoffs over the last five fees postseason the shock goes in twenty six percent of the time. So Dana Lillard is creating a shot that goes in high thirties. That's a great shot. Not a good a great shot in that scenario. So I just think that the conversation around Damian Lillard is so fascinating because he has something that for years for decades. We thought it was a bad shot in Paul George even looking at the scouting report didn't think it was a good shot. But really the numbers say the opposite. Stan what do you have for Habur show? Well, Tom, I was reading I think you pose this question. I just want to know if you have the answer was that the longest game winner in playoff history. Yeah. I think it is someone who tracks this stuff that that Reggie Miller hit a thirty nine footer to send it in overtime, but not a game winner winner. And so far I have not been cold. There's something that's been longer in that scenario. So it's it's where the NBA's knowing, you know, in the we talked about it, the the NBA is trending towards deep threes brook. Lopez didn't take three point and make a three pointer in the first six seasons of his career is now beating Dirk Nowitzki as the most three pointers taken by a seven footer in NBA history. And this is where it's going trae young Steph curry Dane Lillard taking these deep threes. So I think it's you know, Russell Westbrook doesn't have this shot and it's made him really inefficient. And Damian Lillard is now he's moving on in the postseason. I think a whole generation of players are going to watch this and say I need that Tom two guys seem to have that shot and hit them at a high percentage. Obviously, Damian Lillard at extent curry as well is there anything in the way of criticism for Paul George and what he did defensively only say this. He was playing him out. He. He realized he wasn't up on him enough. And then took a step out. And lower took a step back is Georgia to take a step back to the Logan. If you're gonna hit if you're gonna hit from that range with that type of accuracy blame who can he blame is what he's asking. I think you gotta start. You have to ten if the game changes you have to start rethinking Gordon those guys right at have. All right. Who makes someone else beat you? Can you blame? I mean, the only person you can blame is just Billy Donovan for not sending a double right? Like the game plan is to not let anybody else shoot that ball. But really he let Damian Lillard take that thirty seven footer. And instead they could've just thrown to at the ball enforce the ball out of his hands. But in that situation, and it was a great shot for gaining Lillard. And I don't know he I don't know Billy Donovan could've done anything different. But Paul, George, maybe he gives them a little less airspace in that moment. But clearly didn't know about Damian Lillard shooting percentages from that spot. I'm not making this up when I say that Stu gods. Just wrote the word Billy Donovan the words Billy Donovan down on a piece of paper. And then circled. Yeah. I did. I mean now, I have my guy to blame. It's Billy Dee. Kevin durant? Need a guy to blame staying sports radio? Stan I mean, you've been doing this long enough to there's oh, you're gonna blame someone. I don't want to do the Paul George. It was great last night. So Billy do that's fine. With that hotseat, Billy Donovan, STAN Tom are used to coach always the coach, Tom. That's who they blame. Always never the coach. That's who's standing blame. Tom never the coach. So when Golden State is minus three sixty against Houston. Are you in any way surprised Tom that that Golden State is a bigger favorite against Houston than Milwaukee is against Boston? Yeah. I mean, I think that's going to be an amazing matchup with the rockets. But you just you wonder about the playoff year. We we talk about the switch and whether teams had have this which where they can flip the switch researchers showing that there is no such thing as momentum that the second half of the season doesn't matter. It's everything resets in the postseason. So I'm a little nervous about pointing to the Houston Rockets track record against the Golden State Warriors in the regular season saying, hey, they've handled them in the regular season. This should be an even series because I just know that the DeMarcus cousins thing was weird the postseason. I think they're gonna play a better brand of basketball, and you see and against the clippers. I think they're playing better defense and overwhelming that team. So I think it's going to be much more even series than what the regular season says. But yeah, it's gonna be great. They're healthy and amino acid says it I'd rather have the rockets faith the warriors now than wait until the. Western Conference finals so being on that side of the bracket could work to their advantage because they're healthy. You can get into with the Habur show on NBC sports. That's where he's working these days the podcast the Habur show. Stan what do you have for Tom before it gets out of here? Well, I I mean, I just I would like him to tell us which second round series. He thinks has the best potential of an upset with the lower seeded team as the guy who predicted that. Okay. See would win and six Tom given. I did to Tom by the way, I had kids six too. Because of for a lot of what you said. I just thought Enes Kanter would not be able to hold up. I didn't think is defense would hold up. But none of that proved true blazer, we'll give you another chance which one which team has the best chance of an upset round two. You guys see us illegal last night. I mean, they they outscored opponents I guess the Brooklyn nets by seventy one points in forty nine minutes when they're starting lineup is on the floor. That's starting five again, seventy one points over the course of what amounts to a full NBA game in that series. So that that lineup is so good. There's so much shooting. Everything need I think Toronto is right for for an upset if you wanna call it that three over to because that that that lineup with JJ Radic Tobias Harris and Jimmy Butler. Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons to got everything you need, and they showed it against Brooklyn. And I think it's if you're going to pick and upset because I think every top four seat is dance here. So that's probably my best bet is Philadelphia. Seventy Sixers Toronto who also have an ridiculous starting lineup. The biggest threat to Golden State. You can only pick one is Milwaukee is Houston is Philadelphia. I'm gonna say a walking simply because Jaanus I don't think anyone has an answer for that guy. Like in the same way that Steph curry and Kevin Durant or unicorns. Like, there's nothing you can do against yawn essentially Kupa when they are stretching the floor with brook Lopez. It's so hard to guard. And I just don't know if there's much of a track record for what we're seeing with Milwaukee. So I would say Milwaukee the best chance both both ends of the floor their lead. The only thing that we can say weakness is Janas hasn't done it yet. But man, they get it in the regular season sixty went team elite on both ends of the floor. I would say Milwaukee the best bet now that Billy Donovan is going to get fired who's going to be the next coach of Oklahoma City. I'm not even going there. I know like, yeah. Thank you for not going. There. You kidding me? Stu gods? When a series. I mean who the bills take a number nine Tommy. Ref. We the Habur show NBC sports. Thank you for being on with us time. We appreciate it. Thanks, tom. You gotta gotta see the. Oh, you didn't know you're at better goal somebody keep an eye on decay Metcalf there then. The quotes from Lillard. We're gonna get to him next and this Yahoo storied donlevatar got all those movies where there's a guy and he walks into some cornfield, and he sees this kid play baseball like who's that? And he's in Quetta with the national. That's all was watching ROY last night. This guy hits on his guy. We need it on the or you're not surprised. Can you get settled debate about cornfields? We said in the middle of cornfield the moon would be collapsed. Campbell and dance had collapsed. Campbell's voice in a cornfield would really scare you see more the moon. Or would he scare you guts? Really not wanna talk about what we were talking about what we don't often talk about cornfields. So I figured it was an easy transition. Go ahead and sit in the penalty box cO. Wow. Just feel free to sit out there. You thought the cornfields was the place to go there in Rome BCC donlevatar show with his two guys on ESPN radio. Can I interest you guys in a story from the undefeated with the headline inside the clippers final days with Donald sterling as owner? Yup. With all the guys now willing to speak freely about what the Donald sterling stuff was. We'll get to that story in a second. But STAN it was widely regarded that the biggest clown owner in the league was Donald sterling correct before before he even got into his mess. People knew that already. Right. Yeah. That was certainly his reputation. Yes. So here's a story from Chris Hanes. And it's Yahoo. And Damian Lillard had that cool moment last night, cold and cool. And I'm just going to read to you here. Chris Haines at Yahoo. Damian Lillard invited a few people to his home for dinner on Monday. The night to watch game four of the first round series between the Utah Jazz and Houston Rockets for several minutes, the Portland trailblazers star guard sat quietly. On his sofa channeling down on fried, catfish, red beans, and rice and broccoli. And then suddenly he spoke up. I'm getting rid of these mother bleepers tomorrow is what he said following successful contested jump shots over Lillard Westbrook would occasionally trot back on defense making the rock the baby gesture for little Lillard it was not warranted. But he didn't view it as crossing a line quote. He was doing that on jump shots. Lillard said that's not when you're supposed to rock the baby you rock the baby after overpowering someone in the post he had one layup in the post on me. Look it up. I'll live with his jump shots. He wasn't rocking. No, baby. On me after Westbrook scores on a player. He often gets animated shouting and showing up opponents in this series. Was no exception quote. I'm not even paying attention to it Lillard said. But when I do see it. That's cool. He does it every game. So it doesn't bother me. I don't celebrate in someone's face and try to disrespect my opponent. But if a team calls a time out, I'll go acknowledge the crowd and celebrate with my teammates as I'm going to the bench. I'm not gonna say. Some wild bleep. I think with him. He's pounding his chest and talking bleak. And that's what gets him going. That's the difference between us Lillard showed a social media clip of him telling Westbrook. Stop running from this asked bleeping. Asked weapon. Excuse me. I'm afraid of all the cursor exam. Glad you bleeped out. Right word out the wrong way. I'm scared of something that's coming up here with bleep been there. Lillard show to social media clip of him telling Westbrook. Stop running from this bleep open as Lillard grew weary of Westbrook. Switching off him while Lillard continued to be Westbrook's primary defender, and what came out of Westbrook's mouth during a few of his post. Basket outburst was the b word something most players wouldn't dismiss without an altercation. The way I see it. It's basketball Lillard said, I ain't no b word a word mother f word. So it doesn't bother me if they think I am then we can take it off the court and find out for sure I'm not out here to prove to these dudes that I'm the heart of the hardest mother bleeper in the league because they cut me on the court. But they know where I'm from. And what I'm about this? This is Oakland. But I don't take that stuff personal. My goal is to just get the win. Who spokesman he's old school Damian Lillard, really? Stan what did you do with all of those quotes? Because clearly he's he's tired of Westbrook yet. No question. And I think he used it as great motivation, and clearly is pretty confident that he's better than Westbrook as I'm sure Westbrook is confident that he's better in Lil than Lillard. And these are those great NBA matchups. I think everybody started talking about this series when the playoff matchups came out because of these two guys in Lillard clearly got the best of it. It wasn't even close in this series fan. Understanding the Terry sites is very secure in his job the way that you speak about Damian Lillard. So so glowingly it sounds like you really would love the opportunity to coach Damian Lillard, and that doesn't really jump off about a lot of guys in the league. No, I think that there's probably a lot of coaches that would wanna coach guy like Damian Lillard. I mean, you know Meyers Leonard last night after the game was just talking. About what a great team media's what a great friend. He is how he wanted to stay in Portland and get it done there. How he never makes any excuses. And then he just said I could go on and on, you know, I don't know where to stop with this guy. He's unbelievable. And you've read these things from his teammates all year from McCullum to Evan Turner Meyers Leonard. I mean, these guys revere him, and he's just a different guy as I think Janas is you know, there's he's never like tried to run from the responsibility and complain about the talent around him complain about the coaching nothing. He's taking his losses to sweeps in a row before these years and tried to get through it and get better. I mean, that's exactly what any coach would want from his best player. I do. I am really really impressed by this guy. Did you just yawn after your own point? Did you just yawn and short? Point. I did not put it on the poll did STAN Van Gundy. Get so blue. I heard. On the poll, but I didn't young trying to choke back a cough. I'm having trouble holding back costs. That's what I tried to. Do. I did not yawn. Look a yawn. It wasn't a yawn.

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