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What's up, y'all at Sheboygan are faithful. How is everybody doing? Hope everyone had a legendary week? Oh boy, you know yeah, that was the rough one. But you know, of course we're going to break it down for you on the way that nine people radio can what's up Jamie? How you doing? So I have no idea. Oh, okay guy was a perfect time for my Blitz indeed an update. But So for anybody that doesn't know the Niners lost it sucked. Hello, Jamie. Hello Kim. How're you doing? So I promised her that I would that I would do it bring Jason not a game. So I have to make special announcement before the show started your boy didn't wise off and finally made the decision to make it official between me and Ken so ladies and gentlemen say hello to the Missus your girl Niner faithful everybody say hi. But like I promised her I'd make the announcement on the show. So there you go, baby. So sorry ladies your boys off the market shut up boy over there. 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That is Graphix m o n g are also we are working with our people down at boss boss man's Pizza over on the corner of Capitol Expressway and park in San Jose. That would be 418 West Capitol Expressway. Go ahead and tell them that 9 or fifty radio sent you off. We've kind of agreed to see how it's going to go and and it possibly thought about sponsoring the podcast. So go ahead and go down there and tell them that night or faithful red radio sent you they're great faithful. They give excellent service and not only do they serve burgers sandwiches, you know, your typical Pizza food beers. I you know like your boy, but yeah, you know the scene makes me drink y'all. I'm sorry. But now that we got the oh yes also. Before we get out of here. I want we're not getting out of here today, but we are going to announce that we officially have announced our second design for that are faithful radio shops exclusive club with our red is for royalty gold is for Glory T Sports. Now there are available in and and woman short sleeves, but we will be getting hoodies and long sleeves very very very soon. We also would like to thank Graphics longer for giving us the design so I'm getting into today. You know, I think it's very clear that You know, we saw why Nick Mullens was our backup quarterback. I mean, I don't have the statistics with me. You know, your war was busy trying to work out sponsors, but you know, we I mean, I think we really saw why Nick Mullens is our backup quarterback today, or at least he just looked off. I mean I called KNBR post game show and they disagreed with me but I don't care what they say and Nick Mullens came out flat the team came out flat. I want to hear about how the eagle talented. I don't want to hear about their d-line. You know, they were just clearly off today, you know, and I think this is a concern this is happened every time we've come back from a two-game East Coast Road Trip. It happened last year against Pittsburgh and against Atlanta now against Pittsburgh, we're able to pull out the win obviously against that we were not dead. This year we were not it's not to say that we shouldn't be taking over back to back east coast trips. I like the idea. Especially this season where it gave us a little bit more of a oxygen Vibe track Vibe with the shortened preseason. I think that honestly did help and it helped lead to the, you know, whooping the Giants got but it was just very clear from the beginning then Nichols off. I don't personally think that You know, that means oh my gosh, these your efforts to be our backup quarterback. You know, I had my boy Chris from the 5th down football or 5th down sports package tag me in a post and say hey CJ CJ beathard needs to start next week for y'all I said, how about we have Jimmy Garoppolo back in it doesn't matter. How long back up quarterback is cuz I think like I told people who were you know, jumping off the Nick Mullens is better than Jimmy G cool train. It's okay baby. Come back home. We accept it off, you know, sometimes you you get tempted by evil temptress and they look so good you thinking hey, you know what just might be better than the girl I have now and they're both. You know all of a sudden you find out the reason she was single am I saying that about My Girl My Girl's perfect, but you need to get yourself a sexy 9 or queen like me but so often it's just you know, it's okay come back home and realize when it's our sixth ring and on that day faithful single, Jimmy is King and so, you know, we kind of saw that you know, we did Jimmy Garoppolo but as we we try to obviously take a positive spin here. I am not a Facebook video. So we're going to go ahead and get into some of the bright spots that I thought we had in the game Depot. I mean, he's back good shape. Took his Shady both. Yes, sir. It was so good to see w i t know the field. He only had three catches for 35 yards, but That didn't matter. It was just good to see number 19 on the field that clearly had him on the pitch count. It was really clear that they were going to let him play the whole game first came back. You didn't want him to pull a hammy or aggravating injury. So get get the beginning get his feet wet. I mean the man has a plate while since the Superbowl. So I think it was important to get his feet wet. Obviously kettle corn home. I mean, what can you say about? Yes, Jamie? We're going to go ahead and talk about Brandon. I use touch down here in a second. But I mean what can you say it Accords clearly the best hiding a little league our offense clearly missed him. Yeah it obviously gone past it looked the best but I mean George could go balls-out. That's one manage that you never ever have to sit question. And so it was awesome to see number 85 and our last bites part of the game at least on the job. Defensive side of the ball is Brandon. I uke I mean, she's only had let me see. I have it written down here one rushed for 38 yards touchdown and you catch it for Eighteen with the long the 14c. I want to catch 414 one catch for 4 yards, but that touchdown I mean ladies and gentlemen my new page him for Brandon. It's no longer be a jump man. Because you know, I I put on my drink face like Jumpman Jumpman Jumpman Jumpman. I mean, it's very clear that ended are you off is the real deal Holyfield ladies and gentlemen of the Niner Empire? I mean, what do we say? The man is amazing. This is only his second NFL game or sorry Thurs FL game. You know, yes, yes, let's get the ball of the bar 11:00 some more and definitely definitely great to see I just don't know how to describe. I mean that must that might have been one of the coolest awesome touchdowns. I've seen in my life. I mean, I'm pretty sure that there's honesty is Jerry has that 100 the one where he reached out and grabbed it with one hand while running and ran it into the endzone. I'm pretty much almost everyone at Jerry Rice touchdown was a highlight touchdown, but I mean, it's nice to be able to mention a rookie in his third NFL game to be able to mention be mentioned to go in as far as any to do with nine month history or anything is is amazing definitely definitely love and some Brandon. Are you Now we have to get into the negatives, you know that nobody likes to get into it, but we got to I mean the offensive line, you know, I'm not going to hit. Hey on my big boys up front as myself playing offensive defensive line and my very very limited High School football career. That no offense of line to me is one of the hardest positions to play and and the football field. I mean you're you're constantly you're getting contact every play and it's one that very few positions on the football field that you're guaranteed to get very violent food. There's a player matter if it's a run a past whatever it is offensive line off every single play and that I took my capsule but you know, we have to be honest here on the show and the offensive line did not play great and it's really needs to be a concern considering that who we have coming to the field of jeans and two weeks, you know for game, you know with that scene from down south. I'm trying to not to cuss on the show, but we all know I hate the Rams but so It's it's a concern, you know, and it's not a guarantee that Weston Richburg Richburg is going to come back and also be a hundred percent mean the Man Poor is potentially send it and I mean that's not an injury. You just walk off and everything is Lottie. Just fine. I mean, you know, and he's got no training camp. So he's obviously going to have some real life. So it's it's a knockoff. Yeah, that's a concern. I think it's very clear that we could start to say that although I love writing skills. Well, he is not a guard he's and the Niners are doing a disservice by playing in mcgard. But of course, I agree. I mean who else you're going to go get, you know, I'm almost I'm a firm believer of everybody's replaceable. Just who are you going to go get the replaced it? I don't think there are guards that will step in and play and just as well as long as you know, or better than Daniel Paschal. Right off the street, you know, the man knows the system would know the system better. I mean, it's pretty much Brandon Daniel. Bryan skills are are starting Right Guard. Come hell or high water Trent Williams. You know, I'm not going to get too hard. Yeah, Jason, we're going to go ahead and talk about my life in a second. I'm not going to rag on Trent Williams to order me. Let's be real he's he's probably one of the best tax but on the red and gold. I think that's very clear to see that that if he plays a couple of Seasons he can be one of the month alignment in team history now overall career wise just because I'm sorry a couple of Seasons not going to replace the thirteen year career of Joe Staley, but whose profile whose number I will leave off as My profile picture all all season long because Joe is clearly the goat as far as left tackles are concerned in team history. But you know, he did have a bad game the whole team had a bad game and so he deserves to get you know highlighted as as having a poor game. I think it was just a blip and I think it's it's coming back from a long road trip. They talk about it all the time and hot key basket basketball and even baseball you come back from a long road trip and that first came home is usually a little sluggish. So I'm pretty sure he'll bounce back and have even a better game and I'm not worried about number 71 on the left side now to get to Jason's Point might be blind. She Oh boy. I love big Mike. But this is starting to be a concern. You know, I don't know if it's missing Joe Staley and it's something in his head. I personally think they shot this down again on on the game be our post game show, but I think they're smoking rocks because it's clear Mike mcglinchey is too skinny. I mean, he just doesn't seem to have the power. I mean he's getting bullrest right into the the back and I mean he wasn't the world's greatest pass in France protection, you know, the last two seasons, but it's clearly starting to be an issue in a concern and you know, somebody needs to get that man some cheeseburgers and you know what honestly I think that Joe Staley needs to come and sit down and have a talk with him and maybe work with him a little bit after practice or something. You know, Joe of course would do something like that with the team, you know, cuz Jones just not type of guy but it's clear that there's something needs to be done about Mike mcglinchey because you know are dead. game, which of course are is struggling is so reliant on our tackles and our so reliant on our tackles and our tight ends, you know George Kittle in this post game presser mentioned. George Kittle mentioned about him and Mike mcglinchey and Trent Williams all by name that need to be player Jason. I was young. I am wondering about him having an injury does not being disclosed that he was fine. So, you know, that wouldn't be surprised if he was dealing with little something something that the team, you know doesn't want to make a big deal about but that could be very possible because he just did not look like himself. He was whipping on blocks. I mean either. A holding penalty. I mean, he just simply did not look like like Trent Williams and You know there has to be something. I mean, maybe it's just a bad game. I think Trent Williams is going to be fine. Like I said, but yeah, I mean basically was not himself on Sunday and obviously saw the issues that it caused. Nick Mullens was under heavy duress all game. So and I mean this goes back to this little statistic of the week that got the Niners had given up 40 quarterback hits most allowed in the league. That is crazy. That is way too many hits. You cannot have your quarterback taking that many hits. This definitely needs to be shown up this week. If Jimmy Garoppolo plays which I'm expecting that Jimmy Garoppolo plays dead. Oh, okay. Sorry. Jason was referring to Mike mcglinchey. Yeah, you know what? Maybe maybe Mike mcglinchey is hurt. You know that I actually hope that the beat reporters asked Kyle shender that hand that when he gets to the booth tomorrow. I'm hoping that they asked him. He I hope they ask him if it's something that he's dealing with cuz he clearly as himself either. He has not been the world's best pass-blocker, but he is clearly gotten worse in Plattsburgh walking. I don't really care what guys that and says, why care, of course, we gotta stand and says, but I don't know and Shanahan we trust but yeah, I mean it's not looking so good Kyle so fine, you know we trust you. But yeah. So we're going to go to go the team has released Mohammed Faisal that is kind of a little interesting tidbit off an ounce today kind of coming out of the blue. I hadn't heard anything about that. But I think that they clearly didn't like what they saw and with Deebo coming back. I think he was Expendable. I saw your post on nine or faithful radios Facebook page and group Jason that you know your question of so we're getting rid of this the new and bringing. Say Pettis. I think that has everything to do with Dante Pettis being a second-round pick personally. I'm not saying that that's the smartest decision but they should be seeing something in him in practice. So she's not coming out to the games, but You know, it's he was never a great pass-blocker. His run-blocking was a to cheer any fairly decent at that now, yeah, it definitely my my girl and she is a concern Jason, but Mom she knew was released. I think let's also give props to Jet. I mean he have 14 carries 454 yards seven receptions for 43 yards. And I think it's clear that he warned down towards the end of the game and he's definitely not our bell-cow, which is okay. We don't need them to be our bell-cow where he most heard is quote-unquote bell-cow this team, even though we all know that the Niners like to rotate running backs, but definitely a big props to jet So I think that's so we gave up 15 hits the game, which is the most sense week 5 versus Arizona and 2018 where we gave up 16 quarterback hit and CJ beathard was our quarterback. I am concerned with the both of the Superbowl and you know, it seemed more recently that we're getting away from these wide receiver runs. They seem to be working a great and I'm not understanding you simply just go away from them in the second half. I don't know if it was something that the Eagles did to take that away. But I believe I have like to see more Jets off the reverses with Deebo and Brandon. Are you I understand you were having Depot on a pitch count, but you know definitely get the bowling of Brendan I use hands more often so long. I think the key to victory for this upcoming week is going to be getting Jimmy G. Go back to Niners are 21 and 7 in game started by Jimmy Garoppolo and there are twenty one Five and Twenty One says 2017 and game started off with somebody other than number 10 under I think that you're going to see a lot of these teams woes not all of them. But some of them a lot of them you're going with these teams woes. Start to mysteriously dissipate once we get number 10 under Center. We're going to go ahead and I think we're going to call it a wrap for Today Show, but I would like to remind everybody to get their revenge tour 2020 G available exclusively at 9 or Fayetteville radio shop links are in this is a leak is in the description. Make sure to check out Jamie doing a fantastic job today. Good morning on Empire our new daily Monday Tuesday through Saturday 9 or Morning Show, you know, just listen to it catch up on your night or news like Drinking Your Juice cup coffee the link in the description for today's episode. And of course big shout-out to Graphics mongers again longer again for Sponsoring this show we are also going ahead and thank you for putting that link page and the comments so him will be putting all the links in the comments for everybody as well because she's so wonderful. Thank y'all and before we get out of here actually got one more thing. I want to give we're going to start on losses since we don't do the kettle corn MVP of the week for the Bam Bam defensive player of the week. We are going to go ahead and start with the offensive defensive players to have hope you know our reason to have hope we're going to go ahead and come up with a better name for it. But I like to say our reason for hope this week Thursday right at I looked amazing. I like to say our defensive Reason for Hope is can we give a round of applause ladies and gentlemen? Can we give a round of applause for Sikorsky tart? We seem to have except for week 9 against the C Brewster's the she roosters. Yes last week or last year. He had the game of his life. He was all over the Peel Field and Tchaikovsky chart looked amazing. And that's why I'm having hope for this week. Remember ever won the San Francisco 49ers will always lose a game. But when they do, we're still the best team in NFL history say faithful my friends Faith love and happiness going on. Well, my bad one more thing for super duper moderator. Miss is not her faithful for Jamie Jason. We would like to thank you for tuning into this week's wage. So so then Faith love and happiness. Go Niners.

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