Los Angeles Times 11/10/20


It's tuesday november tenth. I'm kyle sour offer. And here's your local news from the los angeles times presented by the salvation army in a year with fewer red. Kettles help rescue christmas for the most vulnerable to give ask your smart speaker to make a donation to the salvation army or donate salvation army. Usa dot org today will be mostly sunny and cool with a high of sixty seven and a low tonight. A forty eight our top story. Coronal virus cases are surging in la county again and that's prompting renewed alarm from health officials. They're calling for residents to redouble their efforts to protect against the spread of the virus officials urge angelenos to wear masks in public maintain physical distance from people. You don't live with wash your hands regularly and avoid gatherings any backsliding from these practices. They say could put residents health at risk and jeopardize the county's ability to further reopen businesses. Meanwhile during the seven day period that ended sunday. La county reported more than thirteen thousand cases as the highest number of weekly cases more than two months in education about two thousand los angeles county public school. Children return to classrooms yesterday. For example loss. Virgina says small district in calabasas area. Real campuses to transitional kindergarten through second grade classrooms under county approved waivers. As of yesterday the county public health department has granted waivers to seventy four elementary schools. Most of them private schools los angeles unified. The nation's second largest school system has not applied for reopening waivers. The district is instead building effort to provide one on one tutoring and small group instruction for students with special needs in business news with ski resorts planning to open soon. The season's first big snowfall has dusted california's mountains. Mammoth mountain which is tentatively planning to open on. Saturday gained a foot of fresh snow. In the san bernardino mountains. Snow valley mountain resort reported ten to twelve inches of snow between saturday and sunday mornings. A spokesman said the resort will resume snow making as soon as humidity drops. The resort has not yet set an opening date in the meantime twelve to eighteen inches of snow. Fell at big bear mountain resort. Snow summit and bear mountain resort said to expect an opening day announcement. Soon in the lake. Tahoe area resorts tentatively planned to open for the season on november twenty fifth in other news. Rock climber emily harrington became the first woman to free climb the golden gate route on the face of yosemite l. Capi ten in a single day harrington scaled that three thousand foot granite wall on wednesday reaching the top in twenty one hours thirteen minutes and fifty one seconds. Only three other people have made the free climb on the route in a day. Free climbers use ropes in case they fall but not to sent when harrington reached one of the routes most difficult sections her foot slipped and she fell sideways hitting your head on the granite wall after bandaging her wound and taking an hour. Long rest she continued to the top and finally entrance fees a national parks and forests will be waived for one day. Tomorrow in honor of veteran's day that means you can skip the thirty five dollar fee to visit yosemite and a thirty dollar fee at valley also starting tomorrow. Us military veterans and gold star families may receive a lifetime. America the beautiful pass to national parks. Farce wildlife refuges preserves and other federal lands according to a department of the interior news. Release the action is a recognition. The sacrifices made by military members and their families for these stories and more visit l. a. times dot com.

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