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Hamlin Hey Greg you know. I've been trying very very hard in the last twenty four hours to imagine what life is like for Boston. Bruins goaltender to ask this week. After his captain revealed to the world that he is a stinky farther quoting the Dano Chara from the Atlantic Division Media Video Conference on Monday quote the way he farts. The smell is awful. He likes his chicken wings. Sometimes I have to sit behind him on the bus and I have control myself today. No Chara out into Tutu. Rask as they say now as this thinking harder. There's a couple of things about this. I that it came Adams dead on Charles Mouth who in my experience has been the most serious player of all time in fact when I asked him if his jaw was broken at a press conference during the Stanley Cup. Final this year. I am pretty sure he murdered part of my soul with his eyes so to hear him. Joke like this was pretty refreshing to. He said it on a call with noted introverts John Taveras Dylan Larkin. Not necessarily the most personalities they even broke out and laugh. Seeing GIONTA veras smile was was a welcome sight and three. If you're wondering what to life has been like good thing right before we started recording. I gotTA catch up. He was undone by this morning. He did it interview and guess what he said. What are you saying? Only thirty four when my contract expires. So it's not too old. I might play another year or two. Sorry the Detto Good Sport and again when your phone has been filled up with Gust Win? A Gust of wind poop emojis for the last twenty. Four hours you have had it to the man for at least having a sense of humor about it to harass Zia Char. I think bringing the joy of Stinky farts into our lives during these troubling times type issue. It was my jokes so sorry. I don't think that joke thank you you see. It's it's tough on the podcast because you don't know where the quotes are right. It's bad coming this is ESPN. And is we have Peter Bar head coach of the Vegas Golden Knights to tell us what life is like these days for an NHL coach plus the latest news notes from Quarantine Bill Daley talking about when the rattlers might restart plus free agency stuff plus other stuff And then also the. Hp decided to bless every hockey reiter with content this week with the annual players poll dropping including Brad Marchand winning best and worst trash talker for the second straight season all that and more on this edition of espn an ice show proper. Shall we from the ice to your ear buds? A podcast about hockey featuring things to do with hockey from your friends at Espn it's ESPN odd is with with Shitski. And Kaplan it's espn an ice the podcast. Espn talks about hockey. I'm Greg whiskey occasional. Nhl Reporter but mostly wrestlemainia reporter Kaplan National. Nhl Reporter either lapsed Fan's guide to wrestlemainia drops. This week Wrestlemainia this weekend being held Saturday and Sunday. Inside of an Empty Performance Training Center in Orlando Florida. Rob Gronkowski is your host family. Just to make sure that you're watching A. I will absolutely not be watching the needle for me. Also not watching hockey. Let's start us the first segment here to catch everybody up on what's going on first of all. Bill Daley talking late last week about. The potential for the season restart saying on the record that July. A building availability has been explored but also August building availability has been explored and saying also that the cancellation or postponement. I guess we can call it of the Tokyo Olympics creates quote a new a different kind of window for the NHL to get their stuff in at the end of July and the beginning of August. So I mean to me. Obviously that's kind of speaking about television partners and how difficult it would have been to get playoff games and NBC. If it had the summer Olympics going on but probably also means you know we feel more comfortable putting our product out there at a time when there isn't going to be this massive national obsession going on for for multiple weeks so a little bit of of foresight on the NHL's part but obviously no one knows nothing as far as when the seasons GonNa Restart right and you say foresight. I SAY ASPIRATION. It's still here these quotes and I'm saying they're looking through the contingencies of best-case scenarios because they're fully aware of how much money they're going to lose their fully aware of how bad this is the league's bottom y and there are hell bent on trying to figure out a way to do this. That said Bill. Daley also said we'll get to a point where we have to start eliminating some options of what's realistic. And in my opinion some of the things that are being thrown out there are just not realistic at all Honestly playing through August and Nick Felino is the first guy that have really heard on the record. Speak OUT AGAINST THIS. You should read our. Pm DOT COM. I think it was fascinating. But he's like at some point. We have to be realistic. Like this is a league that needs to put out its best product right before a TV deals up. We need our best players playing at their peak and to play through August. Give us a break in September October restarting November. That's just not natural on guys bodies and it's going to dilute our product and give us not a normal season next year. Which is what Gary Bettman has said is the most important thing right now and it should be. I don't think that hurting the integrity of next season to try to find some semblance of Integrity for the season is edited at all. I do think it's interesting in you and I both sort of experiences in last couple of weeks is the notion of how much of the players input is going to play into. Whatever start is if in fact they restarted they started. We've talked about how the NHLPA has to sign off on any playoff format a regular season format. They decide on but on top of that. It's pretty clear that these players either want regular season games prior to the postseason or they want. Some kind of maybe like small exhibitions season before the playoffs. Start to like none of these guys want to jump right into the playoffs to the point where comic David said. Look if you want a bunch of H. L. Guys be playing a series between the oilers and flames by the end of the series. Go ahead and let's start that rivalry series straight away when we get back because everybody's GonNa get injured. Basically I mean that's the that's the vibe being put out there by NHL players right now. Don't put us right into the playoffs. You gotta give us a little bit of runway to get there except for Nova like we're fine going into the playoffs. Teams are third and first place respectively in the Metropolitan Division Yeah you know. I think the big thing that happened last week and to your point of players having to sign off on this players are going to have to sign off on everything because this is going to affect free agency like guys situation where guys have to amend their contracts and I'm now under contract for an extra one month or two months or whatever it may be and all these different things. I think we're in a situation now where people are understanding the finances. We've had you know a week or two to sit. Look at the ball. Each team right now is now grappling with okay. We we dealt with the part. Time Warner's the part time workers and arena workers. But can we pay our full-time employees? Can we survive this without making layoffs without making salary reductions? And you know maybe. There are some veteran leaders who talked to they're gems and understand. Well it's better for everyone if we just set this up and get out there even if it's undesirable format I don't know and we'll talk about layoffs later on a little bit more but it is interesting to see the differences in how different teams in different leagues are handling this. I saw something last night where the Australian Rugby Association is furloughing or laying off. Its workers for three months at a particular time period. Three months is what he said. And I just hope at the end of this that you know teams that are laying off personnel that are reducing salaries things of that nature. There is some follow through and promise that yeah you can get your job back or yeah you're GONNA get your full salary back at a certain point on the line and in some cases hopefully made whole because the money will hopefully eventually start flowing again. You mentioned free agency. That was kind of an interesting comment from daily this week. To say the quiet out loud to be honest with you. He was talking about on a saint. Louis Radio Station Free Agency and how much time the NHL might need to pull off free agency. And he kind of Said Look. Free Agency is basically this. It's like ten days at the start of free agency and then ten days at the end. The free agency. Yeah and then you don't eat anything in between because that's when everybody goes to their cabins. Basically he didn't say that but that's kind of what he's inferring quite candidate. I mean the machinery of these teams is spinning as we talk. It's not as if there aren't any games and teams aren't still doing their homework and doing their scouting and washing tape and getting a battle plan in place for what to do during the offseason as far as improving their teams. I kinda agree with them like you. You might only need about two weeks of free agency in order to complete the process. I know that's kind of mind blowing in the minds of many people because you see that random signing on July twenty third and like oh well. It's a good thing. We had the summer for that. You don't though I mean you could just kind of in two weeks and escalate. The process of you need to think teams will adopt I. I couldn't get the fact that you he said once again. Cabins Cottages Greg cottage cottages. I'm American okay. I refuse to call a cottage. There's only one college in my life. Emily and that's cottage cheese I. We went to a cheese making class. Mentioned this on the podcast for me and Ruby. Did a few weeks ago before all this happened and remember cheese making classes and they said that if you have freshly made cottage cheese like just cottage cheese straight from the tower whatever us to make out. Geez it's remarkably better than what you buy in the store now this is again one of those fallacies room lake for the entirety of my life. I don't like tomatoes. I do not like tomatoes. Tomatoes Ruina sandwiches plank on my platform all my life. I've been told Italy. Have a fresh tomato. It will change your life. I feel like this is the same sorta thing where if you hate cottage cheese. The cottage industries like well. You just haven't had real cottage cheese but I can't imagine it's cottage cheese cottage cheese. Anything made at home is better. Because there's no preservatives. It's it is going to be more authentic product and probably will taste a lot different because cottage cheese inherently is a really really artificial product that we sometimes processed food like. I'm sure there's more preservatives and American cheese than anything else in life. Damn marriage is pretty good. I really will. It just melts. You had a big head a big debate with my friends. This weekend Cheddar the best cheese. I think I think cheeses is something first of all Ryan says. Yes I take very seriously. I think that she's I can't say one cheeses better than the other. Because I think cheese is a very situational thing for me for example. Well there's no blue cheese is probably my favorite kind of cheese. But would I sit down and be like? GimMe a block of blue cheese to eat now. I probably say Cheddar. I probably say the argument for Cheddar is that it's the most versatile. Yeah I mean I would agree with that. It is the most versatile you could use it in any number of cuisines. I mean a good Mozzarella though actually not a Muslim was tasteless. A good on like Parmesan for me might be my favorite cheese. Oh that's an interesting choice by the way if you are somebody who has access to trader. Joe's the days but I know it has it has pepper on the on the sides of it. It's the best you've ever had. You'll never use anything else for pasta. And it's four ninety nine Joe's baby again. If the draft is another. I came up recently. We're talking about what the lottery could look like. What the Order could look like what conditional ticks could look like all of that obviously is contingent on what the NHL ends up doing with season. That said I friend Craig Collins wrote recently about one idea being bandied about in the NHL which was or at least by one team. That's probably out of the playoffs. Which is the idea that the teams that are not in the playoffs? Play some sort of tournament in order to establish who gets the first overall pick. La Kings coach. Todd McLellan was asked about this very concept on a call on Monday and this was his response. I'll start with that second scenario. I'm not a fan of one back I don't think that the draft and the draft lottery was ever put in To reward a winner Of a tournament when you take the teams that don't make the playoffs so team seventeen might miss the playoff. If that's the number may miss the playoff by one point And you compare them to teams. That are at thirty one There's a big discrepancy between seventeen and thirty one. Seventeen should have a greater chance at winning and they're less likely to need the first pick overall so for me. It's counter counter. Intuitive to to do it that way it makes no sense but You know I'm only one voter. He's only one voter but I I. I think the point stands that if you are the Detroit Red Wings and you are horrible. You shouldn't have to go through Vancouver or the islanders to secure the first overall pick because the the islanders are forty one points better than the Detroit Red Wings and under this format could secure the first overall pick by beating a team. That can't win. What kind of logic is that? It's funny as Planning on asking Peter. Deboer about this Curious what a guy who has no horse in this specific race would think because the Vegas Golden Knights obviously would not be involved with us but the point of this. I think the crux of is not. If it's fair. Is it good for the League and right? Now I think what's good for the league's visibility and it can't help but think these are the ideas we're going to hear more and more of like we're not doing the award show. How can we make it a spectacle we make it a TV event? That people would watch. I think that's where we're GONNA be talking about with the draft this year to keep the NHL relevant and they can't help but wonder if Steve Mayor I can't think of his exact job. Titles what's Chief Content Officer Guy? Meets all the fun stuff. Yeah he's getting a bigger and bigger voice that's been the trend over the last two three years in the NHL that he has a big influence on things like the NHL All Star game. He's a wacky guy with a wacky ideas. He keep up with the top golf event at all star event. He's the one that's that. GotTa be behind these. I'm curious to see what else we come up with. And I think that you know this one for competitive reasons doesn't stand but I don't think we should just scoff at these. Just because they sound so different I think the NHL needs to be really creative here Because they are in a situation where they need to get on people's radars. I completely agree. I would love Steve. Mayor had a bigger role in crafting made for TV things for the NHL. I do think they have to pass the idiot test. The player conference calls over the last few days. The last ones are being held as we do this podcast today involving the Central Division. Give you hear the one favourite takeaway from any of these calls so far besides that like what one of them was actually great. Like if you can hunt down the Pacific Division call with all the California players plus Marc. Andre Fleury like really entertaining like half an hour spent to see four guys that are fond of each other kibitzing over a video conference. And that was the Ryan gets left went off and showed authorised chicken coop that he built during Corinthian. But do you have any takeaways during any of this stuff I need their moderated by NHL PR? So this is clearly saving a publicity stunt. It's just an attempt like I mentioned earlier to stay relevant give us content and keep talking about the NHL. I do think that overall it was a nice job and he did feed US content. For about a week my biggest takeaway was just the disparity between some guys have in terms of what they can work out with. Two other guys like Alex veteran is probably at the top echelon of what guys have available to them right now. His trainer comes in every year right before the playoffs luckily came in before this is living with him and working through his private Jim. That's pretty convenient Felino. How the private Jim at home he's doing zoom calls and then you get some guys who are in condos and like just sit ups and push ups more sit ups and push ups today. So that's why we do here guys saying not only do we need a couple preseason games or games for the playoffs but like give us a training camp we need it my favorite thing from the NHL players are just like us file is where they choose to set up their webcams. Tacit player is in front of a Bare Wall. So no one can stand anything. That's going on in their house but a couple of them Brady Kentucky. Being one of them who is currently cloistered in the compound. Has It in front of lake giant bookcase filled with amazing knickknacks. You could see like his. Dad's Winnipeg jets stuff up there and of course. The best ever was mark country flurry. Who Like did his video conference in front of his Jennings Trophies? I think or something. I don't even know if he has a jennings but whatever goalie trophies he has. We're up there on his shelf behind him as he did the video conference. Oh and also of course it doing his video conference in front of giant pictures of him winning the Stanley Cup with the Penguins. Which is just incredible. Seven point out. There was a big painting behind sids or photograph. It of something historical World War. Two involving Halifax yet. Well Donald Military History nut like very few things about Sidney. Crosby one of the things that we know that he has a history. He's like your dad. He's like a history chat. Not Your Dad. But dads in general history channel military history nut. It's like his favorite thing to study away from the rink and wouldn't surprise me. If that was the case one thing we should mention those that the players are obviously trying to help out as much as they can For people that are needed for first responders for everybody out there and that includes putting the word out to make sure that you are safe and sound and not trying to spread cove in nineteen to your friends that includes Shea Weber being asked by his team to make a Robo call on behalf of the government of Quebec. That folks up there are hearing when it their phone and it sounds like this ello. I'm Shea Weber. Captain of the Montreal Canadians and this is a message from the government of Quebec. To tell you about some measures. You can take to help you get through this cove in nineteen outbreak. It is very important for everyone to protect themselves against the virus. How can you do that with simple measures such as washing your hands often and coughing into your elbow? It's also essential to stay home especially if you're not feeling well please. Don't leave home unless it's for a doctor's appointment go get some fresh air daily necessities such as groceries and medications can be delivered to your door. And if you're feeling alone or isolated we encourage you to contact your friends or loved ones by phones or by the Internet's you can get more information on the website Quebec Dot ca again. This message comes from the government of Quebec in the hope of keeping you safe and helping the slow the spread of this virus. There you go. This is the greatest. Nhl Civic engagement campaign which surpasses the previous record held by Kalema car who greeted those at the Denver International Airport and show them their way to baggage claim. Look up also awesome think Steven Stamkos also has a recorded thing and the Tampa airport. I do feel like this would be more effective if he had ended it with N. If you don't follow these rules I will shoot a pocket. You personally a nice capper. But agai- stuff from Shea Weber Nice from the haves nice stuff from all the players that are stepping up and trying to make a difference right now and because it's weird times for everybody including NHL Coaches which brings us to our first guest joins us now the line and thanks for doing this. It's the Vegas Golden Knights coach. Pete the bore joining myself. Emily Kaplan here. And Pete I guess. First question is Take us through what it was like for you. When news came down that the season was gonna be paused. What were those next few days like for you? Yeah well you know what I you look for words to describe it. Surreal is probably the the best one that it's You know obviously no one has seen or been through anything like this in our lifetime. and We were in Minnesota on the road. we were. We got up that morning and coaches have gone over to the to the rink To prepare our meetings for in our Game Day skate that they were supposed to play that night in Minnesota so we were at the rink and We got a message from our general manager. Just basically saying that None of the players were. We're GONNA come over There was going to be no meetings. Help today and there was going to be no games tonight. you know as a directive from right from the NHL so we went back to the hotel and and had a team meeting with everybody and and basically made plans to to get back to Las Vegas now at that time you know I think the thinking was it might be three or four days it might be a week And then we would be able to resume But obviously that that quickly changed a much more of the long term situation. We're looking at now. I'm curious once the NHL told players. They could go anywhere. They can go back to their home. Countries they can order their off-season homes. For How many of the Vegas Golden Knights stayed in Vegas and did any players consult using? Hey what do you think would be best? I'm one of those conversations like yeah you know what it ended so quickly Really our our. Our team meeting was in Minnesota As soon as we landed back in Las Vegas the directive was to go home And to stay in the area Because like I said we you know we all thought that we might be able to resume fairly quickly at that point and And then obviously the three or four days to a week turned into the long term so we never got together again as a group. So you know. The communication with players has been really sporadic It was a it was a strange kind of ending The way it worked out and And obviously when they close the practice rinks and and things like that You know three or four days into it There wasn't an opportunity to really run into anybody so I think Within a week the directive came out that players were allowed to return home to their their countries or or their homes wherever they were and You know to be honest with you. I don't have a counter track on exactly where everybody is. It's It it. It's it's just a strange situation. What's your typical day? Like these days we were talking to Top McClellan the other night and about you know watching a lot of old games going through video going through that process What's your day like? How how much interaction are you having with other members of the Organization on the On the hockey upside. And what's what's going on there. Yeah so we have a weekly conference call with. Our coaching staff Every Thursday We've done that and Last week it was just on a on a phone conference call. This week. We're going to elevate it and get onto zoom or one of these Virtual things where you can actually see each other So we've got a weekly call with the coaching staff. And we're all working on different projects. Both you know around our own team game and some of the teams that potentially we might see in the play offs. So that's a weekly Thing that we look forward to You know the daily routine is is really preparation for that weekly meeting looking at video or whatever area each of us is studying I'm fortunate I have To basically college age boys at home one plays hockey at Boston. University other one's going to go to holy cross in the next year or so. They've got me working out. I'm probably in the best shape I've been. Yeah I've got I've been hitting Amazon prime hard and they've been delivering all kinds of equipment. Here were cottage because obviously the gyms are closed so Yeah they're they're dragging me around with them here and you obviously to my benefit. I'm curious we've heard a lot of crazy proposals of things that should happen. You know now that we're in this unprecedented time and one of the things people are discussing is what should happen with the draft lottery. And I'm just curious of your opinion as someone who doesn't have a horse of the race this year. The Vegas Golden Knights are likely not a lottery team We've heard talk about. They're having to be a tournament to decide who gets the number one pick. What do you think when you hear that You know I my first reaction. I read Todd McLellan's comments and I probably agree with todd. You know the the one the one thing I always liked Is the idea that you don't reward teams for just Mailing it in down the stretch and I think the lottery has has kinda Done that you can't just tank because You know the odds of showing that. That doesn't necessarily mean you're GONNA get the first overall pick so I think we addressed that With the lottery. I think I think having been a guy who stood behind the bench In those seasons where you are one of those lottery teams you know. You really don't want to go back and have to to play in for the first overall pick you really want those seasons to end as quickly as possible and and move onto the next year and start planning and getting ready so And I think from a fan perspective. I can't speak for them. But you know I think people are looking forward to seeing the best teams in the playoffs and playoff hockey You know I'm not sure. What the appetite for that would be from a from a fan point of view mentioned playoff hockey. I mean you guys are sitting in the catbird seat in the Pacific as season paused with the in first place a few points clear of Edmonton. What's your what's your ideal platform at. There's been a lot of of ideas being banded about about expanding the field this season to make it equitable for teams. That are on the bubble in case. We don't get a chance to complete the regular season. That's something you're in favor of. What would be the top top top top limit of teams? You'd WanNa see in a postseason you know. I don't know the answer to that. I think I think We've got a great group At the NHL level that are taken all kinds of suggestions from a coaching perspective I've got a couple of thoughts One you know. I don't WanNa be the team with a by sitting there after being off for a month or two months or three months You know having teams play two. Oh two threes and play in while you're sitting there and then and then you know there's a huge advantage to have actually having played games As opposed to sitting there and I know the by sounds like it's an advantage. It's an advantage if you if you've been playing an entire eighty two game season and you roll into that and you have a week or ten days to prepare for the next round. But when you've been sitting around for two or three months it's a disadvantage Take to get by and have to play a team. That's coming off a two out of three or something like that. So you know that from a from a strict strictly fairness point of view. You know that would be a concern for me. you know and and I think Gary Bettman said it best. You know I think if we're going to award the Stanley Cup you WanNa make sure that there's some integrity to the process and and You know that that's the most important piece. Whatever the answer is You know whoever's team goes on that cup you know there has to be enough integrity to the process and the and the decision making how we're going to do it that you know that that team's not going to have an ostrich beside it You know in the history books. Yeah the one thing I would add that the players to a man seemed to be pretty adamant about getting games in before the postseason economic dad was talking about parachuting into Edmonton Calgary series. And how murderous that might be for the players. It sounds like you're on the same page. You'd like to see maybe a few games as a ramp up for the playoffs and especially to not keep teams on the sideline while the playoffs going on. Yeah hockey's a little different than some other sports and and you know if you haven't been skating It takes it. Takes a while to get those legs your those skating legs back and the timing of of handling pucks and shooting and things like that it. It's not like a some other some other sports where maybe you can jump into that a little bit quicker or you know you can play basketball in your backyard In preparation for season in downtimes like this. We you know we. We don't have any access. I would doubt there's anybody skating right now. And you know when that carries into a month or two months or three months You know it's GonNa take some time to get that back and you've got to build that in you know we're starting to talk potentially about playing into August then. H Hollis told teams look into Bill Hillbilly through there. Let's say we get to a situation where the off season is just September. And you have to start to get an October. I'm curious from a coaching perspective. How that would alter your approach. What would be the challenges would next year be the year that we finally see the load management come into the NHL. Yeah Well I. I can imagine a playoff hockey in Vegas August. It'd be one hundred and twenty degrees would be awesome. And then you definitely have to change. You'd have to change the dress code for the players government but you know I think it would be. I think it would be awesome. I think I think people by that point would be starving for for hockey I know to a man. The players want have An ending this season and want to end it the right way. I know our group. You know you get this far into a year you can taste the Stanley Cup playoffs. And you'll end you want some closure to that so I think whether we plan in July August September I think I'm all for figuring out a way to to get some closure to this season before we roll into the next and You know as far as rolling into the next season What a great problem to have you know if if that's the case That means that we've had a Stanley Cup playoffs and Stanley Cups awarded for this year. And if it means some load management I think coaches in our league already Work with load management You know we don't healthy scratch Star players for the most part. But there's definitely load management Where you know. We dropped their minutes or we give them Extra days off at practice or keep the mafia ice on pre-game skates. There's a lot of behind the scenes stuff that maybe the fan doesn't see when they show up and sit in their in their where we're we're giving you know the key guys are the guys that are loaded up with those minutes The proper amount of rest. Yeah remember that was the thing in San Jose for you. The the practice stuff and win an older team and You know and And they were a group that loved to practice so that was a little bit Pulling teeth to get Joe Thornton. Joe Cordell ski and Brent Burns and some of those guys to stay off the ice which was a great problem to have as a coach. 'cause you know that there's such great professionals but You Know I. I thought that was that was something that I thought really benefited some of those guys last one for me. I haven't gotten a chance to talk to you since you were hired in Vegas and I found that to be fascinating because you outside of debut Vander Kane you were like public enemy number one vegas right vander. Aranda was definitely one manor is definitely have one. I was telling people it's like if LEX Luthor was all of a sudden leading the Justice League. It was incredible. What did you have any dynamic with the fans or the players? You have any heat coming into that place when you got hired you know what I thought. The players were great You know I'll be honest with you. It was a little uncomfortable walking and we. We had some epic battles with that group over the last three years You know having played them in the playoffs twice and and you know all the baggage in some of the Games we had during the regular season So you know my first meeting with the group. was a little uncomfortable but they they were great and and you know for me that showed You know why they've had the record. They've had done the things they've done since expansion. Because the you know as pros they I thought they handled that exceptionally well You know from a fan perspective honestly I got a lot of you know. Boy I hated you when you coached in San Jose but You know we're starting to get used to you. That's that's good. You know. Unfortunately we we had to take a break but I think I think the fans are so passionate and and I think that's what you see you know I think Drug Land and stuff did an unbelievable job and epic job. You know probably will go down the history of of the game For for what they accomplished with an expansion team in the first three years and what they did there. So you know to replace Somebody like that. is always tough. And and That community and those players were were You know emotionally invested with him so it wasn't easy And we tip toed around Some things but I think every day got a little more comfortable they were really receptive and and obviously winning helps and and we found a way to win games and and I think You know every day It got a little bit better. Catch we appreciate you before we let you go south to ask you one thing or recording this on Tuesday the same day the NHLPA player. Paul came out. And there's some interesting answers in there among the worst trash talkers in the league. There's some obvious candidates like Brad Marsh. Andrew Dowdy case ban but number four is nick cousins. Six nearly six percent of votes only been around for short while. But can you confirm an bad trash talker? You know what he's a I'll put it this way. He's one of these guys that you love to have on your team you eight to play against the You know he's he's. He's in the typical fashion of of those type of guys. They're they're quiet mild-mannered off the ice very late And then you know the puck drops in a switch flicks and You know it. It's their competitiveness that that That gets them in those situations so You Know I. I love the acquisition. When we got him I love What he brings. I think You need some of that especially come playoff time and It drags other people into the battle in your group And in a we're happy to have him but I'm not surprised. He's on that list awesome coach. Stay well keep doing those workouts with your son and we can't fund and we can't wait to see back at the rig soon. Thanks guys are thanks. Chip Bar of the Vegas Golden Knights. I have to say his name like Gary. Thorne would say it back in the day on. Espn because I grew up with that and he just has one of those names. That sounds good when you say it like Gary or Ram and mark from the NHLPA. Emily dropped their two thousand nine hundred twenty. Nhl Players Association poll to give content starved writers and fans something to mull over this week. Few things that struck me as interesting first off something had nothing to do with like who the best player is or anything like that when they were asked if they were in favor of relaxing the game day dress code. Nhl similar to the NBA players. Seventy three percent of them supported the idea. They should relax the code. That wasn't something I really expected. I thought these guys were cool with the way they were dressing. No I think there's a big underselling I think Kevin Hayes is the president of it. He's been really leading this charge and know how you feel Kevin Hayes he think of the great signing in Philadelphia. I'm coming around on Kevin Hayes delightful funny dude. We know that and maybe word of that team. I still don't think it's commiserate with the salary. But he clearly means something to the flyers okay my biggest takeaway is how good of a Golfer does Greg mccague have to be to guard or four percent of the votes in this poll. What Golf game did he play when he was with either the Pittsburgh Penguins I believe? Now he's on the Rangers maybe briefly with the Canes. He must have just scorched guys. Tom Doll over them for them. All to vote for him. Yeah it's pretty incredible and Joe Pavilion by the way the runaway winner in that category. Something other stuff. I found it to be interesting. That very close vote here when players were asked if they should showcase their personalities on the ice with personalized equipment only fifty three percent of the players. Polled were in favor of it. So you're looking at forty seven percent of the players said no we don't want any individuality which kind of makes sense in the sense that like the older players the ones who keep this whole hockey culture thing on lock probably are the ones saying that and the younger players like come on. Let me customize escapes which was the number one thing that the that the yes people said they wanted to do with Quinton. Sidney crosby but you know it's funny when we're talking about the funniest player though which is usually the best personality in the room all four guys. That are up there over the age of thirty Keith. Yandell Jer Dowdy Says DADDY OVER THIRTY BRAD MARTIN? I think he might be thirty. No but you're right though like that's a very good point because younger guys. Don't talk that talk hockey culture players Crosby wins three awards sid. Sid Winds most complete player. Which is health and honor and at the most interesting thing about that. By the way was the guy who did not make the cut for the top five for most complete player which was Kinda mcdavid kind of David won the best forward but not part of the top four most complete player which I thought was very interesting. Yeah I think is even more interesting. He doesn't get the completely player but when they ask is of all players past and present. Who would you? Would you pay to see play? Current player on that list is kind of Rick David with nearly eight percent of the votes. Pretty crazy like he's on the list with like Gretzky or Mario fast thing crosby also won the player. They would choose to have their team to win. One game probably choose the goalie and then he won the player his peers with low most like to see on social media. I mean I answered factor right like yeah just kind of what would sit do on social media versus the incendiary takes and awesome content that is just like bubbling up inside of them. That's probably just like. What is this Weirdo? Sidney crosby instagram story the cooking what what is it that he would do on. Social Media. I find this to be an acceptable answer. Only from curiosity standpoint. I agree we. We gotta get the trash talker. Talker was incredible Brad. Marchand won best and worst trash talker for the second straight year and drew doughty was best and worst trash talkers number two rape behind him. So do you think it's just a question that this keeps happening? Yes and no I think it's there's an overlap in their right. You can be a good trash talker and a bad trash talker. I think it's just the volume of trash talk. I think it's really when they asked the best. I think they should really be asking who trash talks. The most. That's how I took it that question as noticed with Paul and like the one that you'll find any ESPN DOT COM positive questions. The best revisiting arena locker room. We don't find out the worst. You gotTA. Spn for that. That's exactly right. Your player poll was awesome to more now coke on. That's what no cocaine cocaine didn't. They didn't sign up the cocaine question to the any a personnel to more things. The women's hockey question in which Mary flew who land the Bane of my existence won for best women's player ahead of Hillary night interesting though that they actually gave them four choices. It wasn't simply just name a fee of a female hockey player like other awards. Poulin Hillary night and Kendall Coyne scofield where the the three choices and then other was was the third the fourth choice which I thought was sort of interesting. That's all offensive about for neuro to sell right. Three choices made for them right. What I find it. I think if you could ask. Let's say one hundred percent of the NHL players in the League to name Women Talk Player. I think ninety six percent could do it. I think you'll find them really engaged. And there's a definite community in bond between both sectors and I. I do wonder if the question simply was name a female hockey player. If these three wouldn't have been the choices anyway like Ken Kendall they know from the All Star Game Hillary from like Hillary night and the national hero. So that's it'd be interesting to see exactly what those percentages would be if it was simply me female hockey player and then finally. They didn't give them options. By the way they the other votes. And Emily Mathieson AK Emily Flavor. I believe is her maiden name gets one point. Four one percent of the vote because her husband's all the Florida panthers that's true so it's all of his friends and teammates being like and she's awesome. She's a really great defender. She's on the national team. But it is kind of funny that she sneaks their congratulations to other found this really interesting so the Blackhawks always win. Desktop Jersey no matter where the polls being held whether it's amongst the players the fans whoever they're constantly winning best hockey's what I found really interesting was second place was a tie. Second place was the tie between the Toronto Maple leafs and the Vegas Golden Knights new kids on the block third day the Second Best Jersey in hockey the Golden Knights Sharp. Look it's definitely grown on me and a lot of people but like Detroit others out there that I would probably put ahead of the Vegas Golden Knights second-best Jersey tied with maple leafs so that was really interesting fashion statement. Right it is now time for our favorite segment of the week. Phil Kessel tot dogs. Now he does not love to eat hot dogs. We look at sad and straighten comedian good. It's still cuss loves hotdogs. And we're GONNA lean into hyperbole this week. Dave Hodge venerable hockey commentator host of that reporters roundtable show that everybody loves on the air anymore. It's damn shame good show. He had it all time. Take this week twitter. He said I. And perhaps you will do just about anything to pass the time these days but I will not do is pay even the slightest bit of attention to a simulated baseball game with four or have sex with a blow up doll. Which is the same thing into this before you center. All it's Dave Hodge said what I will not do is pay the slightest bit of attention to a simulated baseball game or have sex with a blow up doll which is the same thing I see the logic I do. I think that the logic is is well explained if a bit of turn a second turn it third but hey it's pretty great as far as takes go. We have listened to me before we get the headlines. A My friend. Harry wants to know if the season playoffs are finished in July or August as rumored when will next season start? And should they push back? I think the assumption at this point is yes they would push it back. How far back? I'm not sure you know. Maybe it's a early early November or late October. Start date but I do believe the players would push for some resemblance of an off season. That's more than just three or four weeks. Yeah I would agree with that and it all depends on how much they want to compress the schedule and signified goodbye bye. Weeks and All Star game if if the Games are in August and the season pushback. Obviously there's there's ways to remedy the schedule a little bit cat. Pope wants to know of the season is canceled. The sharks technically missed the playoffs. That's Peter Divorce should have asset to Peter Divorce earlier. Philosophical question did. Did every team missed the playoffs. Then or just the sharks are just. They're just the teams that are outside looking in. I think seven asked us about their features bet on the sharks and it didn't look that bad anymore and I'd have to agree right. Finally Marcus although how do you think an extremely shortened offseason impacts players like Patrick Marlowe and Justin Williams? Well I mean one way to look at is to look at exactly what Justin Williams did this season which is to bide his time until halfway in and then go. I wonder how many other players would follow that plan veteran players? If in fact we had a truncated regular season next year. Like you know why why murder your body for three months so you can just just hop in around the forty game mark and go from there right and the kid. Why Justin was able to do that. Fit in so seamlessly with the Kansas. Because he had access to ice so right now the guys have accessed is but yeah maybe timber october-november escape. They get ready. They waiver January February and says he wants me now all right fuck headlines Dateline Alberta layoffs are both the oilers and flames and the flames case. Approximately hundred and fifty employees representing about fifty percent of its fulltime workforce were given two weeks notice of a sixty day temporary layoff supplemental unemployment benefits plan in place. benefits Will Run for the period of the layoff so at least some semblance of taking care of people during this This thing but I do. Harken back to the idea of flames. Got Two hundred ninety million dollars from the city Villarino. And now they're laying off people but it's not a hundred there dateline the CA- Chuck's Brady says he and Matthew are closer to their family. Home and Saint Louis. Emily would this be the highest rated reality TV program in the history of hockey? Were filmed Keith. Matthew and Brady in Quarantine. Well yes. It was because it's only competition. Was that weirdly produced series on NBC. Sports I had wrote to the Stanley Cup. Which known it's the this would be high quality high for sure. Awesome Heap Brady said that he and Matthew are trading off time on the Peleton. That's two today really. Only you need one hour for one outright dateline sports movies. The athletic ran. Its top one hundred sports movies thing. Miracle was number five. I mean come on amazing. Hockey moments. Cinematography was incredible one all-time great performance but fifth all movie. Sports Hockey Sports Movies V. Are you saying it was snubbed or not? I thought it was smart. I am seeing. It is saying this is a hockey fan. It is way too high room for it. Maybe in my top twenty five but I don't even consider it. The best hockey movie ever made a slush. We had to consider that. The athletic employs about sixty seven percent of all living hockey journalists in the United States. Right exactly so consider when they're calculating this with the entire attic staff. It's a skewed number of hockey fans proportionate to the regular population that said I think love miracle to new ways to fifth grader. Sports movie of all time interesting list by the way if rounders sports movie so as King Kong the documentary about Donkey Kong without question if poker is a sport. So is video games. Dateline Alex veteran capital Star says his favourite. Tv show is deal or no deal. What he's doing on wine watching Howie Mandel a bunch of models briefcases for an hour long. He's obsessed with it. Emily is there a non jeopardy game? Show you're obsessed with well. I'll have to say firstly isn't they say. Russians are typically a couple years behind on their pop culture. So this track. Yeltsin said his favorite artists with eminem. But Yeah I'm a big family feud Gal had the computer game love family feud. Oh that's a great answer. That's a great answer. Thank you I. I mean prices right was always a thing for me but I don't make the time to watch it that I do make for something like jeopardy. I have to say this though. Since since changing television providers not having the game show network for old episodes of match game. Kind of a bummer. Because that would always be comfort food from me. Bad Nine Hundred. Seventy suits horrible sexual. Innuendo jokes match game. Baby Dateline Classic Games in our continuing quest to give you content and entertainment during the pause our second week of Classic Game. Look backs we did. The David Eyres game between the hurricanes. And the least I gotTa Tell You. I love this because I was. I believe I was working that night and I didn't actually see the games this was. This was the first time I sat down to watch. That train wreck unfold in Toronto of there was awesome like I really enjoyed. Watching the chaos. Play out over the course of a period of change. Yeah I had watched it live for the third period when it happened only seen clips since what struck me though it was just what a meltdown by that. Toronto Maple leafs offense and how many opportunities they had with powerplays at whatnot. How bad they were and the other thing that stuck out to me was just how much fun you could see. David start to have throughout the game and him listening and every time they'd shot of him on the bench and he was just laughing with teammates and it was a treat to watch. I recommend it for everyone and it was awesome. Awesome hearing the crowd too because like at the beginning there was a bit of bronx cheering when he would do. Rudimentary plays the puck out of the corner. Whatever and then you know as the game went on. They're getting more frustrated with their own team and at the end of the game like their leaves off the ice and then at the end of the game when airs stops the last shot on goal when the clock hits. Double Zeroes Lakers cheer from the crowd. Just a Gal Djing. What they've seen. It was really really fun to watch highly recommended it's ESPN plus and you can read mine. And Emily's guide put together for it and finally dateline me emily. What are we watching what we read? What are we streaming? Catch people up in the last week. What you've been up to I have to say I think I have a similar. Viewing habit is you. Because I've noticed you've been tweeting a lot about early season top chefs. And that's what. I've been watching that Marcel. Like one two and three right. Yeah I mean I've I. I was talking to my wife about this. The idea that like everybody's like Tiger Tiger King and I'm like there's so many things I've already watched that I would watch before indulging in some of the reality obsessions. I watched Eggert this weekend. Watch I mean half the NFL's well it's right up your alley rally but like as far as sitting down and checking my brain after after a day and yeah. GimMe Gimme We went through the entirety of season. Two top chef and by the way in case you're somebody who's wondering about these sorts of things on the puck suit my other podcast. Patriae on a top chef. Podcast with my wife. Andy and Ryan. Lambert has started so follow along the season of all stars which I highly recommend you could dive right in and pick it up. It's not you don't have to have a bunch of seasons of top chef and your belt. Pick up the show. It's very accessible especially in all star so I would like to be on that. I volunteer myself as a guest amidst. Contribute on the on the name of the pilot is on pod and we cover. We cover this season tough. So you're on will love you. Call me on the first minute. Someone tries to make rezone. Oh my God all right that is. Espn is this week. A podcast about hockey cheese top chef farts in that order. I'm Greg Gerski you can read stuff on. Espn DOT COM. Or THANKS TO PETE. Damore for joining us. I'm Emily Kaplan Yam Kaplan on twitter followers of an ESPN DOT COM. Thank you for sticking around this long. We appreciate you. We want you to stay safe. Give appreciation to our producer. Ride Matt like as well somehow is one of seven approved employees to go on the Bristol campus. Right now that Ryan. You know the number changes by the day our do you get a whole building to yourself. Can you just run through the building in your underwear to like walking on sunshine? It is becoming progressively harder to force myself to wear pants to work essentially. Espn employees. Right Matt lack. Yes GonNa say thank you because although we are in a quarantine pause I do believe. Hr continues unabated. So yeah they're probably the other six people in the building so we'll keep an eye out. Everybody will talk to you next week bye bye.

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