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On this episode of the Playbook Have Danika Patrick World renowned retired race car. Driver and Moore, and we are going to talk about the purpose and the passion that make that perfect blend especially the new Danika Rosa wine, and how she continues to infuse that purpose into her business. Join me for all this and more on the playbook. This is entrepreneurs the playbook. Each week I bring you. Some of the greatest athletes celebrities and entrepreneurs to talk about their personal and professional playbook to success, and what made them champions on the field and in the boardroom. I'm your host David Meltzer this day melted with entrepreneurs, the playbook and I have the very first two time guests over four hundred episodes, and it has to be my favorite Danika Patrick. Who is the perfect blend? And now she has the perfect one denic Arosa. Welcome back to the playbook. I've never said that before. Thanks for coming on. Yeah, thank you. So the blend I wanNA talk about first goes one that you and I kind of shares this blend of intensity and allowance, and it's a new type of lifestyle for me to be super intense to get out of my own way or superintendent to clear the connection to this great source of light love and and lessons that I feel what have been some of the lessons that you've learned in order to make this transition in blending. You're one of the most intense leads that I've ever met into now. This peaceful I call you your ferocious Buddha. And how? Able I'll be able to blend that ferociousness with the Buddha sense of neutrality and peace. You know. Being able to have an acceptance that everything is kind of happening four you not to you and being able to be more of the observer of your life, instead of the critic and the judge and the victim is kind of saying. How did I bring this on? Or what can I learn from this or looking at the good moments as being? Wow, I'm I'm so grateful that The no the hard work is off. And how can I help people as well, and how can I use my platform for good, and so having as you well know having that deeper deeper layer of purpose in a company as opposed to just make money? It's like no is. It's a help people as it to. Express your creativity what is it so having that deeper layer of purpose or vote for company or Business or project as well as than being able to observe all of the highs and lows of it all to understand that it's trying to teach me something. It's giving me something back to the hard work, and that that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, so a of people don't know that in the racing in this border raising how important your team is, and I know in the entrepreneurial world. It's quite obvious that you have to surround yourself with the right people and the right ideas. What are some of the people that you look for? To surround yourself with and more importantly either values ideas that are so important to you that you want to have on your team. Senior find people that are passionate and also people that I think somebody also look at a job as a nine to five is also a really good on someone someone that doesn't not respond just because it's nighttime or someone that doesn't doesn't respond to us because it's a weekend, but when you can find people. That are willing to do it because they love it and they do it. They do whatever it takes to get the job done i. think are really good signs as to the quality and the You know just the value that they're gonNA. Have for you and then beyond that it's just a connection, right? You just meet someone and you click and you have good conversation and it's easy and. Just like him. I think you I think when you you meet somebody that you work with you. Just I saw have to like them, and then see how they operate in the early stages of establishing some kind of relationship and and. Yeah, I think, then you're on track, and then at the end of the day. Sometimes somebody sometimes things start with somebody in you know. With all best intentions in betting out, someone is best as you possibly can, and it just doesn't work, and that's just business. In. Have you had to separate yourself from or fire? Anyone within either the racing team or your team now, yeah. And what what's I think for me? That was always the most difficult thing. Lieutenant. Fire friendly here. That I see fire friends now, which is really hard I literally I get a lot of shipboard from people. Because like what do you mean? Fire friends like if somebody bleeds me I literally I have to have people around me that feed me and I can. Literally they will bring me down. Maybe it's scars from my past, but I've learned I'm better off telling someone this is about me. I know this is all about me. This is about you, but I can't be around anymore. I don't break up with somebody this, isn't you the? But at the end of the day sometimes it is. I had to fire. Were my parents own by met your mom? She seems like she's okay with it. Yeah, it's all good, but there was a wave of rough pattern, and so I would say in fact, my advice would always be two people. If you can avoid working with your family, it's best. There's no other way. Again kind of like an early stage relationship with someone that you hire you think it's all going to be great, and so with from my specific situation, which I think is a lot of times, the situation for for young people, especially, probably in more athlete category are like that kind of world, where there's a natural break in the relationship, and there's also an understanding for the job that's being done because obviously they did it with you since you're a kid, but if you cannot work with families best, but but it really in especially in the world is four, I think sometimes it can be hard. Because who do you trust, right? Work go and so you know having those probably leads to the next, really most important element. I think with. Anyone that you work with is this immediate level of honesty and transparency so that there's no standard set where we don't have conflict You really you, you start off. You don't have her off there, but you know if there's something that bothers you from the beat very beginning, you mentioned right or they then you give them the comfort to mentioned it to you Just had like a little situation happened with mine near and dear or Die Hayley and she. You know this is our level transparency and I even thought early to ask for this, but she had an office on her on a reply for an email and you know goes for like ten days 'cause we're about to the weekend, and then we're taking a trip together. And then there's another weekend right after and I get it, but it just somehow rose the wrong way and so. I asked her if she would take it off. And she's been with me for way over a decade and so having that transparency entrust means that you know that someone's not GonNa fire you because of one little thing, because if you wait too long to critique or say something I think that can lead to Get to a place where it's kind of like if you don't remember someone's name, and you forget to ask too early in the in the beginning of knowing them, and then all the sudden like way down the line. You're like I can't ask now. Right off the Bat, those guys in industry, too, because I've been called coach more times like I know those guys at literally especially when I ran like Lee Steinberg or is moon's partner, and everybody knows lear Warren, so I was kind of like their guy, so they never listen to my name, so it'd be like Hey, coach, you know hit and you like come on Dude I've known you for eleven years, and you haven't even looked and I. It's not like I have a weird name. Right Davis. To hold his most biblical name there is. It does get difficult, also patients, wise and I think you're you're rider. Haley story is very indicative of people like you and I that we want fast and hard, and now we're willing. You're here the day before a holiday doing this, you know promoting your great wine and a lot of people want right. They would think they were above that and especially. If there was technical difficulties you had to call back in, you would definitely get Outta here. And we're trying to get into the fourth of July we are the holiday weekend. You know hopefully a couple of glasses while ready, the interview will be better. But how do we calm ourselves down on the patient side of not expecting others treating others better than we treat ourselves because I find I get in trouble with my employees, because I'm seven days a week right I. Don't believe in work I believe in activity I. I get paid for I. Love what I do and I just had to let a young lady go because she was invalid. You'll have to leave it for. She has another job and weekends were off limits, but she was a PR person like you're sending up speeches on the weekend for me I need I need you. And she was young and she didn't get it like well. You know that's a lot of hours. It. Doesn't have a clock for their job and it just the job is whatever it takes to get. It done is so important. What are your I? Mean when you look at someone would when you're trying to find people to work with for projects or hiring for something you look for the diversity is gratitude because gratitude gives if they're looking for the good stuff, the light, the love and the lessons and things I know I have somebody I can really work with and then I. Look for forgiving people so I'll ask him you know what's the worst thing someone's done to you and. And then ask them if they forgave them or Y, and then I also even more. POW is accountability. I'm sure you'll get this. You know being in your position would drives me nuts as people that go to blame same and justification, and so I'll ask an interview I'll say tell me the worst thing that's happened to you and who's accountable for it and bill if they go on and on and on about how this person screw them over there out if they're kind of blending it that why made some mistakes and they may I'm I'm fine with that, but if someone says. Hey I ask myself. What did I do to attract this to myself? But what am I supposed to learn from it? I'll literally hire on the spot so then the last one is, that must be what I can't be. I try to see in sports or their previous curricular 's or they're. They're just some people that must be what they can be so it's not even ask that they would be available you'll. You'll, it's the die. Haley's of the world who I know or even Kathy or PR. They're the people that you get emails at three in the morning, and it's like okay. We're on the same boat, and so those are the four things gratitude, forgiveness accountability, and that must be what we can be attitude, and it's harder and harder to find in younger people today off four of those things, but they're out there. It's always using. It's always you're always been hard to find her. Do you think it's harder now? I think it's always been the thing that makes it a little bit harder. Now as we went for thirteen years of really good economic growth, so we've spoiled. Entitlement in the helicopter. I don't buy into any of that man. There's some really hard hitting kids out there, but no matter what everyone's had that leverage. These young people thirty five, and under I'll just get another job, and now they're in a whole new boat, right? It's like you are grateful for any job that you can get things changed in a day for you and we went from. You know the best employment numbers ever into depression like employment numbers and I think that will change a lot of people's perspectives, really quickly someone that knows how to ride the storm out. Some knows someone has like like we've talked about many times. Someone that has that deeper meaning to why they are somewhere instead of just the money or you know something Prestige Your Attention, or something like that when they have like a deeper wholesome meaning to why they're doing a job. I think that's really important. That kind of feeds into this idea that you ride out a storm right, because then you know why you're still there, but if you only are there for money, and you think something's going wrong when you'd be like I, but when you're there because. Because you believe in a product or you believe in this person's goal in their values than you stay in your ride it out, and now you become a team now you come out the other side like look what we just did. We got through that we can get through anything and but unless they're invested like that then they don't know how red storm out. That's right in Indiana right now. It's Bobby Knight Lesson right when they ask them about when he got to championships. WHO's announce about how we got here that whole meaning and purpose behind it. What what do you see for? You is the meaning of Danika rose wine. For example you know what meaning and purpose have you given behind the company and you're bender your venture now into this. You know pretty crowded space, but. Yeah. I still I think we've got a leg up on a beautiful bottle I think that'll help in an incredible flavor, but yes, let me get to the All. It's I. Mean it's a great product and it always has to be that I remember when I interviewed John Hall Jewelry From Paul Mitchell and petroleum and other companies, and he said you need to be in the reordering business. That is the only business you should try and be in be involved in the re ordering. Now's like. Wow, that's great advice. So the product of Erupted because John Paul told me in the same sentence. I said so reordering as was the key to that he said owning the customer is that if you own the customer reorder and the really wise guys you know, but anyway go ahead. You were saying. An incredible guy I loved him he was. Obviously I was so grateful for you. To and you guys are like the top level like ones that when I'm in the conversation with you guys I'm enthralled like time is gone so but but the reordering business so. The, the product has the Stanford South, but then of course you, you know the core of it which I have to backtrack to why I started SOM-, which is my wind project that's been going on for eleven years and so I bought a property Napa back in two thousand nine and and planted a vineyard, and finally made some wine that was finally for sale in two thousand, seventeen over two, thousand, nine to two, thousand seventeen. It was still But it's it's my baby I mean it started from absolutely nothing at literally started from a dream I was like earn are an idea, a a dream scenario where I was. Looking down, look down the valley standing swirling glass of white wine at Contessa and was like ten in the morning. The fall was pulling back down into San Francisco I'm looking looking south and unlike. Man. I want to have something like this some day, and then I thought I don't have fifty million dollars yet. I literally thought yet my head. And then I realized that you didn't need to buy something that was already established in. You could buy landon than you could than you. Could custom crush it, so that's my process right now. but it was always. To the real reason, because if it was about making money. Item and gone a long time ago. Because I've spent so much money. It was because I believed in this lifestyle this This vibe this energy this this energy of creating something it being valuable and rare. Never GonNa make that vintage again. It's the effort that goes into each vintage, and then of course at the at the root of all of it, which is where it gets into all the people including myself is. Sitting there and enjoying that bottle of wine with you know friends, family loved ones out of party whatever it may be, and you know taking your device than getting rid of it and enjoying that that company that that Camaraderie that those stories in a in the old school way that we're used to actually talk to each other. We know how to communicate, but it's those moments. It's like I want the wind to facilitate those memories, those moments and memories that happen when you connect, and so for me. The wine is about 'cause I'm all. My brands always have this. Core of wellness like mental physical wellness, whether it's working out food or wine so for me. The wine has a lot to do with mental wellness. Connecting in you know I think that they talk about the blue zones even of the world being about people gathering together in having community, so it's about has generating that connection of community around you it so so that to me is the core purpose of all wine like it for myself to last night I'm sitting there, and I'm making him being artsy-craftsy, and so I said the Mama's like I'd want have some wine tonight. Do a some, so we sat there, and we just kind of you know. Craft a little bit together in hung out and drank some wine. It's like for me. That was just and then the conversation flows a little extra and. Wonderful. Lasting I always talk about finding the light love and the lessons and everything and I love. We've been enthralling member on the set. We did our first interview and we're both trying to kick us off to get started filming again. We're GONNA. Shut up, we're we're on route Loubier but this is the last. I look for light love and lessons in people as well and I would love to tell me if I have this right about you obviously very positive. You have this unbelievable powerful source within you, but the lesson that I keep hearing from the time. You were a little girl to that story about I'm standing contest I. Go now I can do this. Is that and I? Try to teach people this you cannot data. Patrick cannot out ask the universe like you're such a good. Good Askar US you. You think so big that there's nothing you know whether I hope. People realize you know you're some race car driver and you're sitting at Contessa, most people and there's millions that go through there and they love their. Why one of my favorites, but I've instead I asked big. Do the reverse, but I'd sit there going. Yeah, this is all me someday, and you manifested it, and it's so amazing. What does that mean to you? You can't out ask the universe. I think it's I'm going to hear that I think that's. The lesson in school about that like this is not something that we're taught. We're taught. Limits and boundaries were top fitting into boxes, and you know it's not productive for a potential human beings So you know for me, I would I I get excited and sad that that's such A. Foreign concept to people So I will say because I think people can understand that concept a little bit better now, but here's the here's the real magic in. Feeling like I want to have something like this someday. Is You need to really run down that peer. Visualize it you need to want it. You need to love it. You need to see it feel it tasted, but the it's the most important thing is that you feel like it's possible. Right, you feel it right because there's a lot of things you can save like I. Want this and you're like. That's not gonNA happen. Right Guy Think I wanna Doug, a basketball and I'm like that's not. GonNa Happen. And maybe that can't or maybe a can. You know what I mean. I really think all I really do believe that the universe can deliver you anything that you really really walk, but you know we've been programmed on so many levels in so many ways to. Have Boundaries and limits to what's possible and so. Maybe, I can dunk a basketball if I believe I don't believe it. People, can you say after you say? One of those dreams were? Make your big ass. Can you say with full sincerity? It's done it's done instead. I saw like in my mind. I don't go basketball. I can't really get to that point. People be happy. I can say it's done. Is I know exactly how to do that? And I know how to make tons of money, and you know I know that we haven't even seen your potential yet. I can't wait to get my first case. Denecker Rosaiah by the way I know I've ordered it. They said it's coming. Your address. The, yeah, that's the magic. The magic is like really feeling like whether it's a job or a person or Whatever it is, you have to feel like you can not only see visualize it, but like you deserve it and you hand, and so that like heart brain coke Herranz of like I get I, feel it is the magic. It's not just thinking it's thinking feeling it, and then in between for me is where I really visualize it, and then once you start visualizing it then. Like what would be called dream into it then all of a sudden you get excited about and when you start to get excited about something really wanted field tangible quality up, and then you can start to feel it. Happens in a completely different way than you think it will. Here's the thing. Here's the really crazy thing about the way that the universe works and delivers things to you is that it can be extremely fast. Like really fast, and it can also take decades. I'm. Prepared for the touch favor so rapid accurate manifestation, and I've manifested you somehow in my life and your great blessing before the holiday I know. Danika rose as going to be super successful anything. I can do as well please everyone, give it a try. You will not be disappointed just like you never are with Antica Patrick. Thank you so much. The legend Danika Patrick here with Dave meltzer entrepreneurs the playbook by hope. You enjoyed this week's episode of the playbook as much as me on a personal note, I just wanted to thank everyone for making the playbook such a success. Don't forget to continue it by sharing subscribing and listening to your favorite episodes, Dave Meltzer with the playbook.

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