Relationship Compromise w/ Beau Clark


Hi, everyone. I'm Stacey. Schroeder Jesus star, Bravo's Vander pump rules, and here to talk about culture reality fees, gossip relationship. Stathis podcast is a hilarious look at the world and everyone in it. I wanna give my opinion on everything and she's never want to hold back on top because that's what I do. Judge. This is straight up with staffy. Truecar's veges welcome to straight up with stuff. I'm here with Bill clo-. Did that sound sporty? Awful. Why not know it sounded like if you would've project welcome what please have woken bozo. Clo. Like to be like a one name person like despu, why? I don't know. I just I because when I hear my last name, it makes me feel living in Los Angeles walks up to you at a party and they're like, hey, I'm Bo Clark and I'm like, so does that mean you're relevant? Dropped her last name? So no, when I'm at a party, hey, are you doing? I'm John. Don, and there are bunch of don's out there or I'm just gonna make a random name, hey, if you watch, hey, how are you? I'm Stacey Strom. Schroeder. You are because there aren't that many people with the names dossey. So I. I mean, you know five, Bose, I know five, those all the both know each other. But then I found out that all my bow friends are actually not bows. That's just a nickname, so they're liars. Well as are you? Well, it's on my no, I mean, but you weren't born Bo a bogey, sorry. All right. All right. Silvio bogey. But Deti. Yes. Okay. But then yes, you changed your name legally when you? Yes, as a kid. So. All right. All right. Now what we're all bunch of fakers or all town of. I just want to be, I know, but like that it is, but it's Dushi when you refuse to say your last name, it's like just as Dushi as being like, hey, I'm doc- Schroeder are like, hey, I'm Bo Clark asked me for my last name then I'll say, hey Clark. Hey, how're you doing Bo? No. You and I were shooting a little behind the scenes thing for Bravo the other day and you pitched a fit. You're like, I don't wanna say my last name. Do I have to say this blow Clark? Do I have to say, I'm both blow Clark Clark also get blow. Blow clerk, Bo Clark. You said like it's like it's just it's just as Dushi as if like you like the fact that you like, can I please say my last name like you only? Okay. Share name. Bo. That's why I just said, I'm Madonna, I'm share. I'm Robin, you think so highly of yourself? No hate saying, I don't know why don't like to say have such a cute name though. Bo Clark? I feel like I feel like I'm gagging on like a laws. Jin Clark. Okay. Whatever CLYDE was helping me when the rest of this podcast, I'm just gonna say Clark, my anxiety now it's just gonna get now. It's just getting it now that I know you don't like it. I'm just going to make it work don't. Okay. I'm just gonna stir my spritz so contact. Good luck with that. So we just had an interesting morning. Yup, Yup. So if you follow my Instagram stories or both or both Clark's Stig, Rams story chew. I'm gonna hack into your Instagram and change it like on your thing to say Bo Clark just as though and it's so weird and annoying, like you're, you're like, so such a contrarian that like you've made your name being the middle of your Instagram? Sorry that I have a co that makes me think a little bit of my space going on. Sorry that I can dazzle yours, you know, my Spacey or I'm gonna start with my holiday owner. Yeah, hook and then have how much time say that by his her boyfriend because he's going to give you the idea. I queued it. I executed it and got a holiday, not all people can say that. So I feel like that's something I should lead with refund. Stop. Look in your vaj. Sorry. If I like my badge, I would insert animal publication and. Okay. So if you look at me or bow Clark's, Instagram stories, you might have seen recently that we've been fucking with our neighbors whom I've never met either of us have. These are the neighbors in the apartment complex next store. So it's not like in my apartment complex where, like I know all my neighbors. These are strangers. I don't know what they look like. Don't what they do. We kinda do because we saw I saw I saw well sometimes. Yeah, I, I know that there is a dude that lives there and like so for a second. But like I can never like if I saw him on the street, I wouldn't know who it was. And so this his window looks into my kitchen window. And most of you guys know that I have a clown, a really scary clown. They got from CVS like now, seven years ago that I've carried around with me to each apartment and I keep it in my window because I think it's like my security system because who fucks gonna come rob somebody who has a weird clown and a bunch of yapping dogs, brilliant. And we decided to move the clown over to the kitchen window because ONA world. Neighbors Pacific. You sell the neighbor's home and picked up the count or picked up the clown and put him on top of your kitchen sink right in front of the window. Yeah. And then I so I turned the lights on really bright and my kitchen and then like dark everywhere else in my apartment so that he could see just the fucking cleary Saul Scown all scary clown. This and I was dying laughing and both slipping the lights on off on off and on. And then all of the sudden I turn around full blown, make eye contact. I knew it was I contact, even though I can't tell you what he looks like and he pulls down his blinds, and I cried like laughing on the floor, Liz on it was on my story. It was so satisfied that needs to be a saved that a highlight or at least all reposed on mine and make it a highlight. We should start doing TBT and FBI flashbacks on our stories totally shut when there's certain things that. Need to stay. We just need to make more highlights. Yeah, you know what? Why don't we put a compilation together of the mixture of yours in mind from us doing that to our neighbors and I'll put it on my highlight. Okay. We should do like the week. We highlights every week or every two weeks we can do fun. Okay. That's too much. Okay. I was I was getting. They'd have to be like really good Instagram's obviously, obviously the highlights. Yeah, like once a week is a lot. I say if we have if we have if we have a night where we're like, oh, this was some funny ass shit. Let's make it a highlight. Okay, deal. I'll I'll heart disease. Yes. So I fell to the ground crying laughing. It was one of the most satisfying feelings I've ever gotten. I felt like I had orgasms four times in a row. It was literally like, this is I, I one I accomplished my goal. Did you give me a word look when you said that. You orgasm four times on roll like what you just give me a word look like. Wow. Oh my God. I can't do that. But a clown put in the cloud on a kitchen sink, and that's, that's what I just feel really adequate right now, but we're time we're moving on. We're moving on. We're moving on. Just, you know, don't make eye contact with me and give me a word face when you say orgasm. Four times in a row raise an eyebrow. It's like four times in a row eyebrow ROY able do do an eyebrow raise because if it wasn't for me, you would not be able to do that. And continuing. No one's even understand what that means. I have to vote doesn't like when I get both dogs are my lips injected, so I can't do that anymore. I am going to get both talks again now that filmings pretty much done. So sorry, I have just have to do it like once or twice a year. We'll talk about that. We are totally listen. I'm a woman. It's my body I can do with it. What I want a hundred percent. Okay. So the clown thing so satisfying, I recommend everyone. Try this. Try scaring your neighbors as long as you've never met them because that's what makes it so weird. This guy, he's like, who the fuck just put a clown propped up in their scary as walking clown, propped up with the lights going off and on, like think about that image. Okay. Segue into Halloween. Yes, almost October. You're welcome for getting into the spirit and there's one hundred homeboy knows what you look like. Because those blinds are like would and he can totally peak in because your lights are always on one hundred percent. He knows what you and I look like. We have no idea what he looks like. Yeah, at one time and I don't remember. He probably knows Cheinal like is I just walk around like what do walk around naked? I'm like, babe. Light putting shakedown. That's a good point. He probably knows what my penance looks like to because I'm always like, can can I at least get changed before you open up the blinds, all your neighbors, who will your one neighbors who bought a condo for one point, three million dollars and his the size of a box. Next to us, though smart neighbors look at them so many windows, and I know why would you ever buy condo where you can see through the whole entire thing? It's like in a glass box, we walked past it and we're like, oh, wow, look, you're having a party. We see what doing. I see you ching TV like, okay, get it. You love Discovery Channel. Thank you. Why did you spend his money buying this glasshouse? Hopefully not watching ninety day fiance now, like I would know they're watching house flippers when they just one point, two million dollar condo like, oh, you guys think about the next level in our apartment. So picking out jeans sucks ass. Am I right? Yes, I'm one hundred percent, right? 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Slash Stoskopf for twenty percent off everything only for the month of September. That's m. o. t. t. and b. o. w. dot com slash stocky s. t. a. s. s. i. so cut to this morning. And what's funny is it will. No, I'm not gonna say who's doing this yet. Cut to this morning and listen. I don't normally answer from numbers. I don't know. Actually, I never do. It takes a lot for that to happen. So I don't answer random calls ever ever ever ever ever. And for some reason we're sitting here Bo just cooked lunch actually from green chef. So shout out to even think they're sponsor this week, but yellow Barrio. We like a lot and. I get a three, two, three number call me. That's weird. It's not gonna answer it. Then they call me again and I'm like, okay, they're calling in rows like really persistent might something. Yeah. Yeah. So I'm like, I'll answer it. You never know. Could be somebody dying kidnapped in a trunk. They were able to get their hands on your phone number that you just you never know, and I answer Hello. Hello. And it was a guy's voice. Is the stocky Mike? Yes. This is. This is Rick Rick. Ricky I think Ricky from, no, because you're talking in your face was just big eyes and a smile, but then confusion a little bit of fear. But then also, so I'm going like what's going on is where we're your neighbors at fourteen or three where your neighbors fourteen to three and Mike. Okay. How what? And he's like we have an issue with a clown that you have in your window. And there have been multiple complaints that the clown in your window is scaring multiple children, and it needs to be taken down and I just start laughing. So I'm like, this is Zo weird. Like what? Like what the bug? What do you mean complains? And I'm like, I actually kept saying this is fucking weird. I think on the phone and then he goes. How did you? I'm sorry, how did you get my number? He's like, we, we call your business. You're you're, you're building manager and got it. Oh, you did. Oh, you did? Okay. This is after you told me the story I might. Can you put it on speaker because you're just making scary faces. She puts it on speaking weird and I'm listening. Then he goes, let me, I'm sorry, let me hand it off to somebody else who has a problem. Fuck off to somebody else and woman comes on bone like, yes, there's been their complaints and we need to be able to enter your premise immediately. Do you give us permission to enter your home listening in your like. Laughing, laughing. They kept going, we need to do you give us permission to enter to enter your premises? They keep saying it over and over again. Like the clown has got to go to get a little freaked out. 'cause it's like weird. It was on a speaker. So. And really, this is so like an alluded starts barking so I feel list started. There's outside. Yes, they kept going. Do you give us an escalating and I'm like, no, no, we don't give remission. Hang up. That was so fucking weird. It freaked me out really freaked out all the dogs are freaking out. I'm like, this is practical joke. What he thinks this is a practice and I've seen leanings. So I'm like, this is like this is like like, this is some weird shit could happen. Who knows? So I'm freaking out looking out the window. I put the clown down just in case. And I'm watching him the whole entire time forgot. I'm like, Bo. Let me just hold on. Hold on. I appreciate you being scared, but like let me list the facts like, okay, people put up Halloween decorations all the time and we're not allowed doesn't matter even if it wasn't how you can put up whatever decorations in your apartment that is, no one can tell you. That's impossible impossible for my building manager to give way member. If they, if there was a complaint for anything, they would contact my building manager who would then gone Shipton have it at night because I would. So I'm like, who is fucker? I'm going through all my friends and my this is a prank cooed it who is it on? We get online, nothing. No. Yeah. He's like, give me the number. I'm going to see the number saved in my phone. It's like one of the guys is this like Zach or something like Zach board right now, and then I go on Google, Mike, I'll just Google it and then I found out it's a landline like who the fuck has land by now this real that actually was weirder. So Mike, should I block it? Not yet. I don't know if they call again, just let it go to voicemail, but meanwhile, though still looking out all the Clark is walking around the apartment. Knives and each corner doesn't case. He's, I've seen Siegel white female seen, you know the hurt locker and all those other things to do you ever mission for us to come into the premises. Oh. The fact that he so seriously were like, no, you can't and hung up the phone. So weird jump in the middle of your king size bed and hide under the covers. So then they call again. I'm like, I'll let it go to mail and I'll see what happens. And here is this gem of waste now? Are you ready for it? Kick after. On your door because of the clown. Maybe as it up or I made you mess it up. I was just make sure that the volumes on the way don't you think I would know that. All right. You're gonna hear that again. It started off. The clown starting kick. Tell her it's Jackie. Jerry O'Connell stuffy on the cotton as for photo from you and Tom com checking, maybe I apologize. In your handsome boyfriend. Obedience. It'd be next time. I see you. Okay. Bye. That was amazing. Base near. Yes. Indeed, Jackie's Tim o. and Jerry for kin O'Connell I love always said I was as for the photo like over, you are legitimately he's like, Madonna, come being like I was the one who has you for photo like, okay, Jerry she just needs to be Jerry. He, he doesn't need. He doesn't need a lot of name. Injure. Last name do not. Jerry, he could be Jerry. He doesn't, but this is the on most unexpecting. I was literally going through people in my head that I know that could be doing this, like who the fuck is breaking me. And what is ironic? Is it Jackie? And I so on my Facebook, my strip saucy Facebook group. My podcast one didn't I tell you that people wrote in being like someone wrote in being like, I listened to Jackie's podcast, and she's making fun of people who complain about not having centrally see all of these different things that I do. Do you think that Jackie install your feuding and I'm like, and so everyone was like, are they feuding holy shit, and I got the biggest kick out of it and wrote Jackie mmediately. And I was like, we're fucking feuding. This is where she said that she mentioned something about air condition. Yeah, like she makes about Eric. You don't have shut your mouth. Yes, but. And it's just funny because that that is what Jackie and is friendship is based on Java thirty two that was kicking your badge totes thirty, but like we love making fun of each other, and she was actually supposed to do my podcast today, but because I have to go film later, I was like, good stuck with me. I was like, I'm sorry. You and let's just do it next. Jockey unite. Let's do it next week. 'cause we're like we're gonna do a damn good one where we make a list of all the things we hate about each other tourists. Yes, and Jackie. I will never be that somebody who I will never fucking feud with rest assured, but the fact that she was supposed to be here doing that. And then she had Jerry O'Connell right after you and I watched play by play. So basically your podcasts to do a podcast with Jerry. Well, I technically technically cancelled. Okay. Well, she stepped up. Yes, totally. She went up. I went down. Oh. I just, I mean, you're number one. You're always number one re look alike. That's nice. You'll never be mystique. That's true. She mystique. She, she's like. The first one I know. But what's really funny is that we just watched play by play, and I am going to campaign for you to be a guess on Jerry o'connell's Bravo show play by play because it's a bunch of dudes who watch Bravo and then talk about the shows and it's the best idea ever and you love now Bravo shows because of me. 'cause I forced to watch it just like today, I take you to Rams game and take you to Rams games right in a week, right? So this is the thing and was so we're gonna get into those thoughts on what his own play by play opinions are in terms of real housewives of Dallas since that's the one I'm forcing him to watch. Now he hasn't watched from the beginning the way that he did from New York, housewives. So he's not as committed. I have to. I have to make him start from the beginning instead of just like this past season, but we'll get into that. Are. Are you a pet owner if you are? Do you have insurance on your pet? Probs. Not. Okay. I need you to listen up if you have a pet and you don't have insurance. Okay. So this happened to bow my boyfriend a couple years ago with refund. He will refund got kidney a kidney infection, and it was going to cost him. I think it was like over four thousand dollars to have a surgery, and then he found out that, oh my God, I actually have pet insurance and he didn't even realize that he had it. 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It means compromise is going to sports games when you'd rather. Dick bath salts about salts. There's going to be like what shopping online? No meaning like you'd rather take basalt and eat some homeless perfect face. Well, not a homeless. The Miami. Yeah, I know, but I wouldn't wanna eat a homeless person's day. I had to eat anyone's vs like that would be on the bottom of my list. I mean, I don't know necessarily bath salts, but like I'm not really. You know this. I'm not sporty. I know right? Which is why I bought you. The girly est Rams LA Rams t shirts that I could find it has blue dazzled could be dazzle, I will go and get Badescu. We'll get glue and gems. I will call Kyle Chan maybe add like one really expensive jewel on that for concert. Oh, yeah. Okay. I'd wear that thing every day whom you know what you should. Do. You know how I love bedazzled shoes. You should get me some blue and yellow bedazzled shoes. How about we get some blue and yellow vans that I'll customize and then I'll sit there and bedazzle the shit out of them. If you wanna do that for me, I would love that because it's. Yeah, aware the normal shirt. As long as I have bedazzled shoes, a major custom shirt with your name. I know I love that. I love that. My name is awesome, but then this is the thing I, I realized that. So we thought it would be funny to have. We're like, okay, don't put stocks because I don't want anyone to like. I don't need to bring more dention to my dad on. It was last Sunday when we're walking in and there was so many girls. Oh my God is that Schroder only Nazi. Oh my gosh. She's a Rams van. Is that starchy five girls? I heard and you're like, oh, hi, no head down. Walk with pride. I do walk with pride, but so that's why I said, let's put Schroeder and then you're like, what? Number? And we were like sixty nine obviously because we're fourteen year olds. Sense of humor is out of jokes. And as I was walking around yesterday, the football game, I was like, I am walking around with a giant bucking target that says, sixty nine on my back and everyone like meaning it's not about being like, oh, they're Sasi. It's like. The girl that has sixty nine on her back like, oh, I didn't think about how she likes. So I'm like, oh God. Now you're of your birth or something I might now I feel expose like I feel like I'm walking around like being like, I want to have sex with you, like on the back of my, no, you don't. You just wanna sixty nine well, you know what? Everyone, but meaning like it's like, hey, man, feel free to holler at me about that. I didn't until I walked into the stadium and I was like, oh, this is this also different different tickets on Thursday night last night than we did on Sunday, right? So, yeah, we'll this thing compromise in relationships. I don't like sports, but I'm willing to do this for you because you love that LA Rams Bravo, but I but now you like it. So that's the thing. So it's not really compromise when you watch Bravo. Well, what I said in the last podcast, it's like when you're smoking joint and you get a little second second hand smoke all. All of a sudden you're like, hey, man, and that's how I am with the housewives on New York of New York. Yeah. So I'm getting you. I'm getting you. They're slowly with Dallas. It's just gonna take a little while, but. This whole sports thing, like I? Yes. Okay. So when we went to the game on Sunday, baller af really easy, private bathrooms. Cool guard. Carl shout to him, messes me and his wife is a fan of yours and watches. It was fun because it was very easy and like walk to the. I don't have to really watch the game because I can just eat drink the food with like an without names free food. I understand. I understand. Then last night we go to the game shout to charisma Thompson for being such a fucking Batta. But forgetting us tickets that were actually like really fucking good, realize amazing seats like forty, five yard line. You don't understand this, but okay. So in the middle of the field, second row right up front, except the only thing that was awkward was that we were on the opposing team side, right? See, purple, see purple Vikings to Rams people me and Bo Clark. I have a sixty nine on my back and we are in a sea of purple, and we're all blue yellow sixty nine and I'm like, I feel naked and exposed naked in frayed what is life right now? Why do I have a boyfriend? Legitimately like this is what boyfriend. This is happening. Boy, he was up if they lose. We didn't know we just got there. It mean it ended up being. Fun, of course because everyone from Minnesota's frigging night was mixed. Cedras thing like that. Where like there's certain sports fans that aren't nice. Yeah. A lot of LA fans all across the board or not. Nice. Not nice stupid, I know, but I'm saying Minnesota people gotta say you guys. Fan wise are frigging awesome. And that was such a great game last night. I know some of you don't care, but Minnesota people, you guys are frigging nice af. Well, this is the thing I went into this game being like, I'm gonna go to these games for leverage, you know, like that means that you. I didn't know. No one is really supportive, but no, my this means we're gonna watch a shit on of Dallas, housewives, like the next time that I want you to come to bed with me early. You're just going to have to do it like I'm adding. I'm adding these all up. Like I'm taking notes. I went to this game and went to this game. I did this nice thing so that I can just throw it in your face at some point and be like, do what I say. And now I think that's my theory with all women who are in relationships that pretend that that say they love sports. I think they're lying well, this is my theory of really needs to be because I know there's some girls that are lying. I know that there's some girls that hate it and then got into it. And then I know there's some girls that maybe you know, I think it's just that you liked it. You grew up liking it, you start, you hated it, but then started to like it, you still fucking hate it or you're lying, or you grew up, you're the younger sister of a family. So you grew up in the first one, so you grew up liking it? Yes, clear up with a bunch of dudes, brothers, whatever, like team sports, get a point. Yes, getting point. You love it, or they're women that never really liked it, but then started dating someone so much that they will put on a blue and smile in cheer, and then they then start liking it or the women who still just like Haiti. No matter what even when they try their like I'm trying to do very. But like still, I can't stand it. You know, zanex Patenga right now or the hose of the world that just make the rest of us look bad that are like that for sports. And I have a twenty inch waist a giant, but double d boobs and sports it as my thing and I hate girlfriends. Those are my friends that that have season tickets that when the Rams came back to l. a. they invited those girls that are like, oh my God, what's going on Mike, really, bro. I'm Rams fan. Please invite me to like the girls don't care. They don't care. So there's actually seems like there's four different times said there's four, no real listed four types. So there's a so much of a like a ties, right? I would love to hear back from your viewer like the girls or another type. There's a girl, their girl sitting next to me as Sturday. One hundred percent looked into it, and I felt like she could beat me up. She was a ravens found those girls are hard ass. Shoes ravens fan. So she had a raven. Sure. She's had a black sweatshirt with on it, the ravens with with the ravens. It's another football team on the east coast, even tell you about it, but it's okay. Okay. I just don't listen the only time I like it or the only times I like it when I have a hot dog and you had one you had to write, but like it doesn't take that long to eat a hot dog. So it's like, all right, what do I do now? And I also like it when we win and we did. So I like winning, but also last night's game was fantastic. And Sunday's game was fantastic as well. Right? S- for you. Like I enjoyed myself because I love being how, how great is it on Sunday when we're sitting next David Arquette and at the end of it, he goes to you and says, what tell me tell me David Arquette is sitting next to us at this field. Sweet. Or are you giving me the face of that? Say this. I don't remember exactly what what it was that at the end of the game, he got up and he was like, oh my God. See I wanna introduce myself to you. Yeah, no, right was really cool. It was really cool. It was like one of those moments where like why Jerry O'Connell leaving me avoi- smell saying, I'm the guy that asked to take a photo with you might know I should be asking to take a photo with you. I don't know why I didn't save that back today at our cat. I was like, literally my reaction. I was like, where did you go wrong in life to where? Like you're literally coming up to me and you watch bainer pump roles. And I hope he took that as Joe meaning as a compliment because I was like, that was my way of being like, you're so much bigger deal than me like, this is very kind of you, and he's really funny. We hadn't have taken that as a joke, not been offended, right? One hundred percent if you actually took that is awful. That would be right, right. Okay. Okay. But I should have just been like, can I have a photo with you. Not do that. I would've loved, and there was also to guard. I didn't really know what to say. I was just like, you know what I mean? When something's just so unexpected us like own. That's that's how I felt like I really when there's when there's famous people, you guys are able to be like, hey, can I get a photo especially if David cut said, oh my God, bub-bubba blah, you should be like, oh my God. Well, your blah, blah, blah. Can we get a photo and I'll be like, yes, take it for you. I should have done that. Now. I learned my lesson and I also remember I was about to reference scream. I was just going to say about to reference screaming like lava movie, but I'm like, is that offensive? Because it's one of his older movies. I don't really know how. Clubs, fun to come in. I love booties. Well, it's fun. I mean, I don't clubs. Okay. The last time I've been a Buzi bells I think was probably three and a half years ago when it opens phone with a bunch of friends. When's last time you've gone to bellows? Think what I wanna tell you not get in trouble like really, probably of remember the beginning of the year. Let's say that you went to Buzi bunch of dues, a bunch of friends that sounds like those boring experience like I'm too old now like agile, the new, you throw me under the bridge thing. I love to clubs. I loved under the bus. I love the clubs until I was like twenty club. I can go with with friends because you have an area and you can sit in. It's it's not. It's not like Nightingale where we're, it's not the kind of hiding. It's not the kind of club where I originally thought that you used to hang out before it when I first saw your Instagram. Okay. Okay, right. Okay. Where actually forget it's like across the. Treat from SoHo house. That's right. Yeah. Oh, totally. Yeah. I know that most of you guys can relate to the fact that with our diets and the way our lifestyles are, we're not getting the nutrients and minerals and vitamins that we need just with our diet k. this is something that I realized a while ago, but I've always been lazy about because whenever I go to the pharmacy and I try and go down the aisle and be like, yeah, okay. Today's day I'm gonna go and buy vitamins because I should be worrying about my health. I just get overwhelmed because there's so many different vitamins, and I have no idea what I'm supposed to take that is what made me really attracted to ritual. Okay. It's the mega three vitamin and let me explain. So ritual is vitamin that you take every day and how this started is that a group of people came together and said, okay, like let's ask one of the leading scientists. If you could create the ultimate vitamin for your wife to take every. Single day, what would you create? And that person said, oh, my God, no one in the medical industry has ever asked me that before and did it and has worked for this company ever since. And to me like that is something that makes me realize this is fucking legit. Am I right? So let me explain. This is a daily vitamin that you take that fills in all of your diet gaps. Okay. It's vegan sugar-free, non GMO gluten free and allergen free and it's a delayed release capsules. So it doesn't give you nausea or anything like that. And it's also subscription based. But with this you can stop your subscription at any time with no cost. You can posit like if you've missed a few days, you can posit to that. You're not getting too many of them delivered to your door and it's only thirty dollars a month. So you don't have to go out and buy this pill just comes straight to your door, thirty dollars a month. Do you know how much it is? If you were to just actually go to a drug store and buy a bunch of the different vitamins that you feel like you read in a magazine or something that you need a shit ton more than just thirty dollars. So this is just one pill. You have to take the omega three and it looks like a little snow globe, and it tastes like mint because it's at actually peppermint oil in it. It's fantastic. It makes me feel healthy. I've loved taking it and I've committed to it. And I really suggest all the rest of Michalis and everyone go and at least trying just like better our health. Altogether health, is it health or health's? Hells doesn't even really matter. But when you go to ritual dot com slash stocky and that's our t. u. a. l. dot com. Slash stocky s. t. a. SSI go to the website and really do your research on the website. Because before I started taking them, I really went and looked at everything and I loved that they everything about the website is so transparent. You can find out what is an exact what exactly is in every in the vitamin, every ingredient and why they're in it and where it's sourced from you don't have to wonder about anything. It's like I said, transparent is shit and knots what I love. So let's be healthy together and it was going back to football going back to compromise going back to the minds. Forget that I'm just using it as a way to just make a list of things so that I don't know. But this is this is one day. So you have two days on me two days on. And last night, Thursday rights. And then the fact that the last Monday I went to Rockin Riley's with you all night long at a bar, but there was karaoke. You know, I hate karaoke to watch fun of people who carry Okie. Jealous jealous that you can't be other people can't be like zone zone, zone. BoomTown. Now. Now my stomach dirty swirled about. It's making me feel like I'm going to go number two like like, that's how nervous it in like it makes me that anxious in God. We have so much poop are- I know for rails, take a break breaking. It's getting now. I think I'm okay. Can I can power through it? My power through it, hold it, hold it and hold it in. So I do have a question though because last night when we were at the sports game. You did keep trying to teach me things and it's really frigging confusing and you were like a did never mind even want me to tell you. No, please explain your sports. Explain the sports rules. How important is it that I learn? The sports rules won't. Okay. So it's not important that you learn the sports rules, but you know what have been great last night is that when the Rams got a touchdown, you actually clapped, but I smiled I know I smile field in a world of purple nice fans. If it was like, maybe even though I love the eagles fans and I love my eagles friends. It would have been a different environment. You could have clapped, but you didn't even clap. You smiled towards the end when you asked me to clap, started clapping. I didn't realize this was something that you are to do on my own. Will you were clapping the gas? How I feel about. The dishes. It's like, I want you to just do them on your own. I don't wanna have to ask. So the way that you feel about me clapping at a game is that you want me to do it on my own. You don't have to. So you don't have to ask me to do it. Wrote clapping equals also don't want to get in my head to make me feel that you're just bored and it's compromise. At least when I watch when I watched the New York, housewives, I put my phone down an I detention, but I was still paying attention at least, you know, right. But I wasn't on my phone because we didn't have any service. Okay. And there I was being attention. Like what is the what is? Is there a dealbreaker level that I need to be aware of? Here's the thing. Here's the deal breaker from that night was when I kept being anxious and nervous that we were ten points ahead of winning and you kept going who cares bow. It's like your ten points, you're, you're winning who cares? And then the minute. She said this Medusa what is like the unlucky charm. Monster. This imagine you're the most unlucky charm. The minute. She said that the Vikings got a touchdown, right? And then it became three points. And then of course they got the and then it was tied. You, okay. Well, you want you to be supportive. He still wine. It was a very good. I am supportive because I wear the t shirts and I go to the games and I smile, I know, but I can't wait to clap. It'd be like we do the way that you said bow Clark in the beginning of this podcast. That's what I want you to say. But instead of Bo Clark when she'd be like LA Rams who's have and that kind of voice as well, I know. But you know, I've always been like really embarrassed about like chanting and cheers if you wanna take me to week, I will women clap. I won't. Why? Because I wouldn't put. She threw that I thought it was compromise, but meaning I know. 'cause I know that like. Board, but so like I don't wanna. I'm not gonna make you be bored. I'm learning to appreciate the things about football. I e hot dogs beer and making you happy. Okay. So like and also I like competition, so like winnings fun. All of that totally cool. All right. Don't don't look deflated. I'm not deflated. I just know that my drinks done if you like, neither make another spritz e want to take a little break sees. Yes, I would. All right. I think in mean, listen, if there's anyone out there who works for the Rams help me put some more score points in my little diary so that I have more leverage. So if you have access to awesome tickets or like, I don't know like those private rooms in like, you know, like some baller ass shit at like LA Rams games reach out to bow Clark or you can reach me at stock at just Assi dot com because I love leverage and I love bribing. Are you just saying that because. Scares me whatever. She just said, don't listen to that because they'll go, oh my God, he'd rather not. This is like Sophie's choice. Do I go to the Rams game, but then what's the leverage of coming back from a game. Isn't isn't this however relationship works. Everything's all about bribery. Everything's all about leverage. It's all about extortion in some way. What have you been married and say marriage relationship at pretty sure. Sorry, I was making a drink of marriage. You probably said relationship. I'm pretty straight did. But if I said marriage. I'm just thinking about the future. In my Elvis impression was weird. Tout's merge. So when you say that your compromise can finish with football, but for real reach outs me start at just us dot com or look of the diem on Instagram about of Rams game. They have to be like really good seats. You say you're compromises watching. Bravo disagrees because you freaking Bravo now, and you like real housewives of New York so much that you follow a lot of them on Instagram. You send me updates on their Instagram, you talk about them. And when I had said before the this season finished, you would tell me to wait for you to watch episodes and just today, you said one does real housewives started get New York start again. So you can't compare football to real housewives of New York, or it will find, but look, there's a process for me to understand reality TV. This was not. I don't like it wasn't my thing. You can't put it on. So this was like weeks and months of having it around the background for me to get into it. So this is what I'm hoping for you to slowly by the end of it. All of a sudden you're gonna bleed blue and yellow, right? Just not chanting again, chanting makes me feel weird. Cheers voices shot from last night because I was screaming like a little. Girl. You know what chanting reminds of it's like, do you ever get in a car and feel deeply uncomfortable when like someone starts singing along to his song, and then somebody else in the car start singing along with them to the song and you're like, I've always felt really uncomfortable when more than one person singing along to a song time, like my sister and my cousin when we're in Italy's, just amazing. Thank of just being in a car. You're just like chilling. You're on your way to Palm Springs like no one's really making my way downtown tune you ever seen that movie white girls. I have just I'm just you're thinking way. I've been to the sky. I know you remember the rest always made me feel really uncomfortable, like singing, you know, you would think I would love it since I love musical theater and did musical theater, but I guess like I only loved being on stage when it was just me when it's about you. It's great, but not when it's like weird chanting cheering go team, let sing song at the same time in the car. It's like, no. Person at a time. You know what I mean? All right. But sometimes multiple people that time when they have shitty voices sound great. Okay. Okay. I'm gonna get you into real housewives of Dallas. All right. What episodes? Couple what I would really think I need to vested you because you haven't seen from the beginning in that as my fault. I shouldn't have just brought you in. Season three. Tell me that they are a little bit more like houswives meets like slutty girls and since they get a little nastier, they get a little more drunk than the rest of the housewives. That's not what I said at all. Actually, who told me that I don't know someone's real housewives of Dallas. It's like it's almost like rich chicks, but then they still holding onto that. I was like to say, slit already, but sorority girls, so they still get a little there. There is a little like sorority mentality like southern sorority issue type of thing. But like I'm sorry, the housewives of New York at fucking obliterated, like they drink a lot. So like I feel like the Dallas one just like to drink just as much as the the rest, they do more activities, drunk. I don't know there's there's something about it that they're a little different than this. Well, they're, they're not as proper now. Well, it's just different. It's just different because some of them are proper and some of them aren't like shadow to brandy and Stephanie, like I love them. They were when I got to do, I told you that I got to do an appearance with them and spent two days with them and in Dallas. And it was just like the Cowboys stadium. Yeah. Did a split split? It was it was where they practice. It wasn't the state something like, yeah, but it was so much fun, but they are so much fun. So like that's when I started full on like becoming obsessed in an eye binge-watch like everything and I'm like, oh my God, how size of Dallas is a hidden gem? No one's talking about who is shit more. People need to talk about it. What are they right now? Only the third season thirds. Okay. Or has like, what forgotten eleven, something crazy. I don't even know. I watched. I mean, I you show me the remember I said, we go back to the beginning. It was a square. Yeah. Even why doesn't screen a square. It's like if you watch golden girls right now, flicks they'll have like or on Hulu. They'll have like the sides with black on it because it's a square. Okay. So because I want you to eventually be on play by play a guest on play by play on Bravo, Jerry Toronto. Are you listening. I need to these guys. I'm sorry. Practicing that would we have to don't don't shoot this down, don't. Why are you shooting down? I thought you said you'd want to do something like that. I thought you said you would be interested in being a guest on that or the refund, but why. Why are you over the phone. Of course. You're on the air Grammy neograph. He's a four gram any more and I'm eight which we looked up and it's the most passionate volatile relationships. I don't really feel like it's auto. I've had a lot of all relationships. This one isn't for is for people that like they're, they're scared of failure in and even before it happens when things are good. Okay. Well, so I don't know if that's true or not, but I just read that recently, so it's true. Okay. I'm gonna put it out there so Dallas, your thoughts. From the well maybe much the last two episodes last night and it's not in my head. Are we gonna get sparkle pink food, dog food, good God. No, yes. I you buy that. Gonna buy Cameron's spy her daughters or even saying that that was the dumbest thing idea in the world, those scenes with their kids are so funny all of their kids because all of their kids are just like super honest, no, mommy, I hate, you know, mommy, you're sparkle food sucks. Nobody likes it. It's a dumb idea option. People there. The other retiring again, she's how. How is your mom with the baby? She's all she is out doing is looking on our phone. Her favorite thing is wine. She's always on her phone texting. Stephanie. She doesn't walk the baby here. Gonna take Bruin away from you. Holy bug brandies kids are bucking his stare goal. Like I need to have like real kids of housewives of Dallas because all of their children, all these houses children are so blunt and honest, and just like, fuck it. Fuck you. Buck. You mom buck, you dad, it's where you want that. So immediately focus on for us. If we're gonna, I'm saying child, no, I said, I want a show. Okay. I'm not saying I want those. Not. I know. I'm not saying I want children. Like I'm saying, I want a show about the children. What I mean? Like imagine like brandy just adopted a baby boy and she has the social. They just need to come in when they to come. The mom. If I was brandy, I'd be shitting my pants. I'd be like my kids won't shut up and stop calling me a bad mom, perma smile. I would say. My kids are dishonest like me because I'm a very honest person honest to and just bother. I'm gonna kill them with the gambling. That's what that's what our kids will be like. Kind of like when we were at the abbey the other day for. The, what's it called. Drag the drag branch drag brench where they have like the competition of like different drag competition ever. It's a competition. It's just show me down like it's a competition. No, they all get the same amount of money. Whoever wants tip them. That's true. And there was like a little girl. They're literally like a ten year old girl ten, and they went up to her and they like with a microphone and they're like, you do you love this? And she's like, yes, I love repulsed drag race, blah, blah, blah. We should mom was there and everyone was clapping. I'm like, oh my God. That is going to be our kids. We're gonna end up taking our kids here all the time. Yeah, we need to watch. I had a friend on that show. Kelly. Mantle was on one of those. I forgot which season and I've, I've known him for for can God like thirteen years now. And he is on one of that and I keep going. I need to watch rupaul drag race. We go to hamburger Mary's all the time. You go to the abbey abbey drag brunch we might as well watch that too to the list. Yeah, our kids are going to be like they're going to be at the drag shows they're going to be honest as fuck, like brandies kids. They're going to be like, mommy loves her app around spread. They also on church ING. Ninety fiancee, she shops online a lot. We're gonna very open children who are open to everybody in love. Jesus. But that'll be that's that's. The one that you're have to try and then okay, put a good influence. I'm the devil. You're the angel or one hundred percent competions. Yes. Okay. Season one stocky either things. Real housewives of Dallas. Leeann scares the shit out of me. Is that a Vira so okay. She legit scares me like I like if I met her, I would full on go into like beaten woman mode where like you just like like, you know, like when you see a dog that's been beaten cowers I think if I met Lianne leeann Lachlan I would cower 'cause I, I'm so scared of her. When I first saw her when you first showed me the from Dallas, I was like, oh my God. She reminds me of l. Vira mistress of the dark, which is an old eighties thing that I made. I made you watch the movie and it's funny l. Vira except a virus like it was comedy. She is. She's like almost like the most evil persons ever seen on Bravo necessarily. Like I like her. I love. I love to love. I love to hate her life. You hear out and you know what, though you have not even seen the first two seasons of the only seen this third season is her nicest, really, oh, my God, shut up. She gets she is. She has broken glasses. She has threatened to murder people with her hands, but like behind closed doors where she didn't know that the cameras were catching her like legitimately legitimately did not know that the cameras were there. See Murphy writing her like her microphone was still on our. Something. It's really scary. Shit. She had to go to anger management classes, breaking shit on this episodes that I was on a Awo. We just watched an episode where she, she dressed up as a dude with the mustache. I'm trying to send you out when she's the crazy one. That makes no sense. Exactly. Oh, because that's where I'm like, why is she the one who's trying to be like everyone needs? Everyone needs to get their shit together and stop being fake. I'm sick of everyone being fake around here a never this. We're gonna go, bright shit. This is you can't make shit up. You cannot make this shit up. And why are you dressed like, dude, what does that have anything to do gracious? She's pretended to be someone else and that's why should put on a different thing. But now. That logic is way too weird I did that was her. That's her commentary. So so everyone said that everyone's fake. They're trying to be someone else, but she put on g looked like a, what's his face from the dodgeball movement, Ben Stiller and that was her. And she took it off and said, this is the real me. Let's go brakes from shit to release them anger, right. I know exactly even talking about this is boring. Okay. Like from what she says, because it's so weird told me that she's the crazy person now the one is trying to like, right. So in it with a couple of question marks and see what happens in the next episode? Yeah, or the next two. Yeah, I totally agree. And I'm sorry, but her calling Deandra out for just like having only hundred dollars center. Bank account is so rooted. I'm sorry, she d- under forty, seven hundred dollars on a cowboy hat in a gene thing. Like she forty seven. I'm sorry what the fuck in. She's a very well in woman freak where you buying, but like we at totally like how. And it was like ugly. Stuff like beaver creek, sounds like like like like like location for porno. With all women? Yeah, of women on women porno where I guess. Yeah. So I guess I really wasn't that much to talk about Dow's douse needs to get a little more. It was automated with the there are no Elvira 's wedding planner. The gay wedding planner. Yeah, who looked like he had like put on self Tanner what was going on with his face? Yeah, I think it's like one of those things where someone is never before and they're like, oh my God. I'm about to film for the first time for this Bravo show like I need to make sure tan and like my bass, let me put onto makeup, and then it's like no awkwardness with with what's her name again virus leeann. So liens fiance with his patch. And I've a friend who's got an eye patch these. My friend has a lot cooler. I patch this guy, friends, I patch dazzled no. It's like made out of leather from one of the from the costume designer. From the favorites. Pirates of the Caribbean about us. I patch. Okay. This guy's got all the fuck and money's he should get a cooler. I patch, but was awkward was that the friggin wedding planner kept going. So what did you vision? What do you see on this? Do you see it was just like, you know what? I see. I know and I listened to watch what crap ins, and I heard them joking about that, and I was like, I was thinking the same thing. Everyone should go. Listen to watch with crap. It's the best fucking podcast ever. They just make fun of Bravo shows, and I was like, oh my God. You guys are literally saying everything that I was the good. You listen to a few of them and you're like, fucking amazing for me to make fun of you too. Yeah, but you even heard those. If to me. So when we get into a fight and I go home, I can just sit there and listen to make fun of you make me feel better. I'm just gonna go through my list of good things I've done for you. How many football games have I? I'm looking at a empty page. These are notes that she's flipping through that. There's an empty page Avs. Okay, so that's it for our Dallas recap. I guess it was the lamest Dallas recap because a lot not a lot of shit has gone on far. Basically, the kids are the stars of the show, the kids and sparkle food dog food to redheads sparkle food. Yeah, that's the best the best. Any last words? My friend does your friend now both like, no, I'm gonna change to this boat better. Take you folkloric to be when we get married, you just gonna make me say, Bo. I start see, take you bo-. That'll be my what. I don't know. What did they say? I don't know. I don't really know what they say. Can we just go to the court and like just have a really good party anyways and we're moving on, we'll save this time. All right, bye. Cooley sees talk next me Jon snow's.

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