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Khloe Kardashian's New Face, Risqu Drake Lyrics Leaked + Brody Jenner New Lady


what's up everyone? It's chicks in the office with Rian. Fran giving you that Friday energy on a Monday. It is Memorial Day so I hope you are enjoying your day as best as you can in the circumstances but first we have to talk about our favorite brand macy's you guys know that we love them and you'll love them too and we have something super exciting coming from macy's June first but we want everyone to head on over to macys dot com slash chicks in the office in. You can see all of the that we bought on father's Day is coming up so we got our dads gifts for macy's and we put put it on the site as well and also jewelry makeup homegoods. I got a an Air FRYER which I'm really excited about. I'm GONNA do some cooking with that. Find some Buffalo CAULIFLOWER. Yes yes make us in the oven wants and they didn't turn out great. Zome excited try it in the air. Fryer chicken cutlets left. And right I make those in a pan. But I'M GONNA try to write and I got a mixer because I don't have a mixture. I'm always just like mixing shit with with a spoon level out. Mixer New Pan. So yes all these great homegoods and like I said you can find them at macys dot com slash chicks in the office friend. What has been your sodden for. Macy's macy's I've gotten so many great things for macy's or to say that they are. They do have a memorial day sale going on so you could check that out of homegoods stuff are on sale which is amazing and I would say I just got new wine glasses out. I'm super excited about. And then just the skin care stuff has been great like I've said it before But they have all the makeup brand. I love it cosmetics tar everything that I use They have and my little four zero. Rayo Still don't know how to say it will scrubber cleaner face cleaner that. I love so much. They have been probably my favorite things and also just a lot of really cute clothes in comfy clothes and Jose. I'm excited to where outs. Wc summer so bathing suits now. They have tons of really cute bathing suits so real like you said macys dot com slash chicks in the office head. There and you will see all of our favorites things. Yup and exciting news coming June first. So look for that Fran. How're you doing on this lovely Sunday morning? This may be the earliest we've ever recorded a show. I know when it was like three. Am coming back from the Jonas brothers. Yes it is a holiday weekend. I feel good. It's Memorial Day. Weekend started this summer. Obviously this is very different memorial day weekend for everyone. I think everybody's plans and activities things they planned. Everything's been changed around or reorganized. Whatever you WANNA however you want to call it for the states where things have opened up again. It's nice seeing people out and about doing things again living their life. Hopefully that will be a soon in in the safest way possible. People listen to all the guidelines and restrictions and we can continue continue on. Because I MISS. Ya Yeah I miss you too A. Although maybe we'll see even you know. Yeah wow thanks guys. You didn't say that. Welcome will you kinda before could even do assess. If I didn't say I said yes. Oh Oh oh oh. Good Sunday morning cry. Okay just can't be gone crying at all. I feel pretty great this morning. up out and about recording this podcast. I have not done anything interesting whatsoever besides watch. Tv like usual started watching the show white lines on like it's it's not favorite show but I have to know what's happening because I ran out watched enough episodes. I think like six episodes where I need to know what happens you got finish. I have to finish it so if people want to know something I recommend. Give it a shot. I strongly say that I highly recommend it a shot. See what you think. If you want to know what happens keep watching it I started. I started back. Knowle's which I am loving. It's super kids with Just right up my alley really is. It's like go girls but in the south and really cute on five episodes in some. I'm excited to finish it and it. I'm I'm enjoying it so far but like you said it's just it's so funny because there's not much going on to update people are still doing the same things. I had a birthday. Zoom for my friend. Bridget Shot Bridges Birthday. I love her so much. She we surprise birthday zoom and there was just too many people like she issue. Twenty twenty ish people may be more and it's just we've reached a point where nobody has anything to say to each other because nobody has anything new to share so half. The people were like on mute. Five of us were trying to like keep the conversation going but we talked about the weather for way too long. It was in such because these are all of our best friends. We just haven't seen each other in person in so long that it's like we don't have anything else to talk about because we're texting. I know what everybody's doing nothing. I'm going to say something controversial about birthday zooms. I see them happening constantly for the past few months. Obviously because there's no other way to get together with your friends you WanNa facetime with them or zoom with them. I'd like to opt out of that. If we were doing this round my birthday I would not want a birthday zoom. It makes me feel uncomfortable. Like you said the your best. It's like you're trying to keep the conversation going Avenue Mirror to say like ten minutes and then everybody leaves. I rather just facetime my friends individually. I'm GonNa talk to this one. I'm going to talk to that one and I'll talk to you after that but all at once. It just feels wrong because we should. You know like we want to be there but we're talking resume. Listen I understand you do it and you enjoy it. That's great have a good time. Get drunk soon with your friends do it. But I would like to not receive that for my birthday I would rather see on zoom smaller. Just hang out with pink now. This major sound mean towards friends but I think you understand what I'm saying. Yes I do. Smaller groups it works way better. Like if it's a small amount of people you don't have to worry about like talking over each other. It works way better when it's a massive group. It's it's very hard. One of the boys like started playing video games midway through. We could see him. It was it was. It was very funny ended. Lower like my friend. Bridget had to be like all right guys. Like I'm GonNa go now they. I'M GONNA go like ABC cake and Buick. My family that this was great. Thanks oh I'm cringing. I also have to add. It was cute. She loved it. She was so happy to see everyone but it reached the point. Where exactly like you can't be the first one to leave the birthday zoom? So you know. I was glad that she was like all right. Guys see later she had to end it herself. Yes exactly yeah. Yeah yeah I'd also like to add. Just in case hangs parents listen to this. We did do a birthday soon for his mom this week but I was not reference talking about half birthdays zoom when I was talking about birthdays zooms. That one was going to clarification. Hank's parents and zooms very different. Emily's zoom is way different than a friend group yards zoom. Okay let's just put that out there before offensively. Good clarification good clear. We played a game. It was a great time was great. Tom Good okay. Anyways moving on we have a quick about the call her daddy situation that we talked about last episode with Allison Sophia Fighting Alex is coming back to Barstools. She posted a thirty four minute long video on Youtube. I'm sure you guys have seen it Obviously MTM Alex side with her. Everything she laid out seems like Sophia was quite shady and we welcome her back to Marshall. I hope that's select has a good time in maybe top. I think I think looking back on. It seemed like because they had each other. They kind of like at two associating with the office Right maybe Al will interact more now. Who knows but I'm happy that she told her whole side. Because let me tell you that was like some James Charles Taty Westbrook Shit on Youtube. Yeah it really was and the video was fantastic. Like very well done. She the fact that she kept notes on. Everything was so organized shows. How obviously dedicated to to her show. She is and you know that you made a good youtube video the end. I was like yes team. Alex back pitch like let's go honestly like when she was quoting things. Sophea said that she had written down quote that I was like honestly. Let's go that's what you have to do? You have to start taking away because you know the lie manipulate but you have the receipts. Xactly she and that was exactly what I expected from her. To lay it. All out there. Teller story obviously aligned very much with what David said so. It seems like that is more the truth of of the situation. And we'll see what happens but I am like you said happy to have her back. It's going to be really interesting to see what happens in the future now but it's it's juicy and the video was great. Explanation was rates. Now you know new episode on Wednesday feel is your mortgage super pumps. We'll see like if she talks about it more on the episode or fit stress like the Youtube Video. The end of it. I don't know we'll say I honestly feel like she will thrive alone. I truly believe that. So let's see what harsher for We have some exciting exciting topics to talk about honestly. I'm thrilled about these. I don't know how they're not bad exciting but I feel passionately every one of them. So okay talk about it Drake had a song release by somebody else on instagram. That included lyrics about Kylie Jenner. Kendall Jenner G. Hadeed which many people were not happy about. We'll talk about that. Khloe Kardashian revealed a new face on instagram. Brody Jenner was seen with another blonde Young worth WHO IS LOUIS Tomlinson's Baby Mama and Cana. Mogo got an only fans at honestly. I'm hype for her. I saw I was like wooing and really excited not that. I'm going to sign up but we'll talk about it So let's get into it starting off with Drake Song. Only I think people showing up to my iphone by drake found himself in some hot water this past week because his producer played a song from deep within the future and drake files that include included lyrics about G. D. Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner Society. Got of got twins. I Got Twenty Dam and twenty days. Does Don Slam baddies in a info twenty fucking. Ged's De Daydream. Three leaders feed. He said Real Shit Kylie Jenner. That's a side piece. Yeah I got twenty motherfucking Kylie's and then he said Yeah I got twenty. Damn Kendall's young slim bodies and they invoked. Yeah Got Twenty fucking now i? I'd just like to say that. I don't think this is some great rock Larry just because it doesn't really rhyme you don't have not saying all rap Haseltine but there has to be a flow. That sounded like no flow to me. But I I'm with you. I'm with you on the Juicy Kendall because I honestly I didn't hear it actually played just earlier. Ix right and need same with both of us but reading the the Kylie Jenner Line. I feel it I feel it. Yeah made feels like Society's got twenty motherfucking Kylie's you I like that but you need to remove the Kendall digi line because now yeah that one right. It doesn't flow ugly and that Kylie Line Delivers yes. The cut line delivers enough of a punch. Okay Anyway yes anyway. Moving onto the actual problem was the fact that drake hauled Kylie Jenner aside peace. Now as we know as far as we know drake and Kylie never had a thing. Kylie's not drake side piece. Because she was with Travis. Scott Drake Travis. Scott have created music together one of the best songs. Sicko modem sure you've heard it and so I don't think that drake was insinuating anything besides maybe like a diss towards Kylie being Kylie Jenner's aside P. She's not wifey material. That's kind of how I took it but I'm also thinking about Kylie Jenner's reaction to this in. She seems like she's had no reaction. I feel like she understands the rap game and understand that sometimes they say things that they don't really mean that whoa factor like when Connie release a song about wanting to bang every single one of Kim Sisters. It's just like the wow factor in rap so that some sensationalism yes. I don't really think that Kylie Jenner would care about this once again. I don't know her personally. So maybe but she kind of seems like a person doesn't really give a shit about a lot of things And Drake release apology. Because he felt like he had to kind of have to it. Because I think when a lyric like that comes out people freak out they. They're gonNA want an explanation. He said that it was it's old. It got scrapped and never saw the light of day. It's from a few years ago. It was not supposed to play the they were going deep into the archive. Like you said. And he said lasting WANNA do is wake up. Having any friends of mine feeling disrespected so I just had to say that to start off the day is obviously drake is friends with all these people. So he made that clarification. And I feel like that's all he really needed to do Yvonne article about it and they said that a source told news. Kylie quote wasn't surprised by the Song. Lyrics has no hard feelings about it. She knew it was old. Her Drake are still very good friends and she just laughed it off more. The sources Kylie appreciated the fact that drake acted quickly to address the situation. Make Sense Kylie. She's just he's just chill chick. Yeah and I respect it. I feel like Kylie Jenner obviously billionaire. She's on top of the world. Getting Jenner is not assigned piece. No she is not. I've East show no one side plus you up if anything. She is nothing new Siamese but I think she once again like I said understands the rap game and just getting your name shouted out in a song. Yes kind of an honor. I would love to your rapper to throw rea- a song that would be awesome. So you know. While she's acid rain situation I need a bed. Ch- Yeah Addison Right. That's always second my head island but Yeah I think I think Drake's going to be fine. I for sure that their relationship is is most likely unchanged from these lyrics being released. If you have a bunch of stuff lying around the house right now. It is a perfect time to get rid of that. Let me tell you about an APP. You can use to sell this stuff. It's called macari. Macari is the selling out that makes it fast and easy to sell almost anything. Not only can you earn a few extra dollars but you'll clear up valuable space in your home with millions of people using them. Cari up in all fifty states stuff really sells. The APP has over six hundred thousand reviews on the APP store with an average four point eight star rating so. Why not give it a try? Users are selling everything from fashion to electron ix toys sporting goods. What are you waiting for? Clear out your house or find a great deal seller by almost anything on macari. You can find macari. The APP stores or macari Dot Com. That's M. E. R. C. A. R. I. Macari the selling APP Khloe Kardashian posted a picture on them and it looks like she is sporting an entirely new face. This is obviously this exploded. Everybody's talking about this picture because it does not look like chloe one thing we know for sure and we've known for a long time is that Khloe loves filters editing her face for instagram. There's tons of times. She's posted pictures of her face. I've been like. She went heavy on the face tune. Here heavy this was one that was just like over. The top. Marvin was like trying to to to look like me. She is like Moluccas face in almost like it's Kinda freaky I don't I sometimes and I wish she had surgery and whatnot and I'm yes. Obviously I think that's true but this just screamed like heavy heavy face too heavy face. You Right Khloe. Kardashian is a product of somebody who is one hundred percent addicted to face tune and goes overboard but is blinded by it and doesn't see how bad their pictures actually look. I see people all the time on instagram. Using face tune to an extent where it's like you don't really change your face. You don't realize that you changed your face that much. Like look at that picture and before you posted thank. This looks nothing like me. I can't post this right mind boggling. Every time and I think that Khloe Kardashian has fell into that trap which is Kinda sad honestly like we see you all the time on TV. We know what you look like. You're not hiding. I know. And she pictures looks right. Looks Amazing. There's no need for exactly ten city of the edits. That's why I think that face tune makes people look one hundred percent worse. I don't know why people continue to do it. Yes I understand Editing your pictures. We all editor pictures. I I love the APP. That sounds like an ad. But it's not have great Like filter dryer. I feel like people don't know about that APP that much. That's why I want to shop now. Yeah but ending your face to not look like your face is not the way to go. Khloe we once again. We know he looked like now. You've just scared. The INTERNET BODY IS UP IN ARMS. About how toby. Kardashian got a new face now. Is this new face that she's going to be sporting all the time or is this just an instagram base. I truly think that this was just a one off really bad photo. Like Joe said a bad at it. I don't think she's gone and gone under the knife during this time where she's had legitimate surgery and is debuting an actual new face feels like this one really hit hit that too hard on the on the face tune the editing situation Tristan commented on it. He's all for it. Listen I just feel like at this point. Kisses the ground that she walks on like he is always sucking up to Khloe now and I felt like that even watching this last few episodes of Kardashians that came out of just him making surprise visits in buying her gifts in everything. Like it's just it's just funny because I I think not the would ever think about it as deeply as I am right now. But it's just funny that this picture goes viral. Everyone's saying like Oh. She changed her face. Something's going on but you can count on in to make sure he's telling her she looks grace. Yeah at this point I. We can't say anything out Tristan Thompson because the whole family has accepted them back then when you do say something while Tristan Thompson big at mad it's like Oh hey if you didn't let us know about the situation of him hooking up with one of your longtime friends we may be. Wouldn't it be mad at him anyways? The KARDASHIANS hair though I will say looks very attic. Looks Hair looks a color laureus? The colors fantastic. That's like I've had a ton of I would say hair in spos- from the Kardashians during this time like I. Obviously everyone is super bored. With what their hair is now. Because we haven't been able to do anything to it. I desperately need a haircut. Ba- lake when Kylie Jenner would debut the lighter hair. That's the picture I'm taking straight to the salon after this then Khloe posted this. I'm like Oh that's the hair dakin straight to the salon after this. Yeah they're kind of the same color so they're very similar very similar either pitcher you show at the outcome. Yeah but yeah now you got be the khloe please. Yeah but but not the face. Hold Menaj yet. Yep that advice juice says tune like yeah. Yeah it's I duNno I it's I just don't understand how they keep doing it when every time they get called out for it. It's like when Kylie sometimes photoshop her instagram's at it's so blatant and people call out for it and like she deletes it in changes in puts up picture again or something. And you're just like you get caught every time. I just don't think they care because why care what people are bare millionaires Kylie. Jenner's billionaire she doesn't care about people claiming photoshop picture right picture. Of course I just want people to understand. There is normally always some kind of photoshop going on and that they don't think like Oh that's realistic right and same thing with their asses. The time we thought that maybe they could be real. And they're just not they are not real confirmed not real Tanna. Mojo has revealed on Instagram next. She will be starting and only fans and honestly I was pumped for Tanno when I saw this news because only fans just scream something. That's right Upper Ali. We've talked downtown before a lot about Tanna and Jake Paul. I have now listen. I didn't want to say it but I've gone to the other side now where I've seen Tanna post a lot of tectonics that genuinely entertain me. And I'm coming on the side. Now where I liked Hannah Mojo. Same thing Joe Jesu Josie Wa. I hate to say it. But she entertains me. I followed them both on Tiktok. I did okay. I'm supporting them. Just like Tanna with her only fans posted on instagram. Did you really think I was gonNA fumbled the only fans bag No we didn't think now because we know that only fans was made for you absolutely and she is going to be just racking in the dough from from only fans hersher. She's GonNa make so much money. I'm going in now. How many fans she has. I don't know if I could see that show. I don't know if you can do it without follower for free. What does that mean what I to Pay Dole? One that we'll don't you need I mean don't you? Don't you need to like pay the even just create an account. I don't really know that was on. I've ever swiped up on an only fans I wanted to see how many fans she had but regardless regardless she's going to be making a lot of money regardless she's not setting up for some she's not setting up only fans without knowing that she's going to be making ton of money from it exactly and that's what she kept posting about on. Instagram was how much money she was going to be. Making this and Washington do it sooner in that the other thing but Yeah probably you TANNA. Of course I mean. She's always told the line on Instagram. With what like it with the instagram guidelines and whatnot. So why not? Just take a small step over the line and make bank off vets right now. I'm not suggesting everyone goes out there and makes an only fans but if you are on the Tanimoto cost where you are already towing the line of getting naked on instagram and INSTAGRAM's stopping. You should over no only fans and then you'll get paid for it. Exactly that's what that's why they're that's why it's been created before you open up the window shades now south. If you're looking for the perfect father's Day gift guys Omaha steaks is running an absolutely amazing deal right now. Omaha steaks is America's original butcher since nineteen seventeen with five generations of quality and expertise in delivering perfectly age. Beef hand carved by master butchers in the heartland of America. Their stakes are the most tender in most favorable. You can only get shaped like this from Omaha steaks. 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Every time I've ordered it's been fantastic and everyone has loved loved the stakes in meals that you can create from the Omaha steaks boxes Brody Jenner was spotted with yet again another blonde Brianna junk worth Brody Brody Brody It's just it's funny because we talked about this last time with a you know a possibility of a kristen brody connection if Christine was to make some appearances on the hills and we had said Brody's probably No Kids Kinda guy kind of guy and of course like three days later. He's brought it with Brianna. Who has a child? She is a mom She is the mother to Freddie rain. Who is also Louis Tomlinson's child from direction You know that was always an interesting situation because all of a sudden Louis had announced he was a daddy didn't really have a girlfriend and seemed like maybe a a very short-lived relationship between Louis Brianna. But a if you go to her instagram she posts a Lotta pictures of him. In a he is so freaking cute. It's unbelievable so cute but obviously Brody Brianna hanging out all day. Daily Mail wrote that they were seen on the beaches Mahboob with friends that brody was giving her piggyback ride and then on their instagram stories. For the rest of the night there are posting the same content. They brody's posting of a giant Jenga game. She's posting of a giant Gender Games. Obviously they spend all day together and it's just funny because I said this you rea- Immediately just went issue blonde and was like obviously Rhody Jenner. Strictly dates blondes. It's incredible it's truly incredible when you look at the stats. You See. Ask girlfriends every single. One of them's blonde. Besides Jenny Bunny hills year ago. Like this guy he doesn't change it up. I respect that he has one tasty goes for it every single time. I thought he was dating. Daisy Keach but I guess not. That moved on really quick. Maybe it was just a quick bang like say and I think that You know this is just another. One of Brody's girls. We're going to see him with her. They're going to move on from it and then we'll see him with another blunt who really impressed me if he gets with a Brunette or read right. I'd like to see that. But who knows? And how old is this woman? Twenty eight Oh age-appropriate Yep like see it. I know it's it's like you said at this point like we've talked about. Oh With this person and we I always think like Oh. That's brody has a new girlfriend or whatever and none of them are ever actually girlfriends. They're just like I feel like flings. There's always a new one. Josie was a legit girlfriend. Yeah time yes. Oh not up for that. Respect Josie definitely asked. But it's it's the the the names on this one really caught my eye because as someone that has always followed the lives of the members of one direction. I was just chuckled to myself. When I saw this Combo it was just like how our obviously everybody in Hollywood whatever in small towns small town she I believe. She's a stylist. So that's probably has a bunch of a bunch of connections. Probably how she met Louis in the first place and now they're now she's hanging out. Jenner game three for her on the beach. All right. That wraps up. Today's episode chicks in the office. We hope you're enjoying your weekend Memorial Day as much as you can and we'll talk to you guys on Thursday data maple on mother set some myself. We all your favorite through this Shopping Cup series. See this water from the body Be Bird Rings. Made Mirrors The Jess Rana's sad a chance strength. Mom beyond that Wanna read Martin Out

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